October 05, 2005

When Journalists are the Enemy


Above photo taken by AP stringer Bilal Hussein embedded with terrorist forces in Iraq. Thanks for the tip from Sir Humphrey who has much, much more.

I've written extensively about Bilal Hussein and the traitors at the Associated Press who employ him. Since I know a number of soldiers from Centcom's Iraq offices read this blog, here's a hint on how to catch some more terrorists: put a bug on Bilal Hussein.

And if he refuses put him in jail and apply some extreme pressure for him to give up his sources in the terrorist organizations he is embedded with.

What is the line between spreading enemy propaganda, having contacts with the enemy, and actually being one of the enemy? In war, no such line exists. This is why, as I have argued extensively in the past, Nazi propagandists such as Joseph Goebbels were as guilty of war crimes as any of the other leaders of the Third Reich.

Propaganda is a weapon in war. Enemies with weapons can be shot. Journalists who do propaganda for the enemy are therefore legitimate targets unless they lay down their weapons.

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