Friday, June 23, 2017

Iran Just Wants Destruction of israel (07:03PM)

Ahlubayt News Agency.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The International Quds Day demonstrators announced on Friday that liberation of the occupied lands and freedom of the innocent people of Palestine from domination of the Zionist occupiers are the ideas of Iran’s Islamic Revolution and strategy of its leadership.
The statement, which was read at the end of the demonstrations, said that Quds Day is now celebrated beyond the borders of Islamic world and it has foiled Zionists' dream of dominating the land between the River of Nile in Egypt and the Euphrates in Iraq.

The Iranian nation will use all its capacity to support the Palestinian intifada and the Islamic resistance movements, it noted.

The Quds Day rally's statement said liberation of Palestine and dissolution of the Zionist regime of Israel is still the Islamic world's top priority.

It also called for return of all Palestinian refugees to their homeland and holding free referendum for determining the future of Palestine.

The statement called for unity of Palestinian groups against Zionist regime and urged the international and regional bodies to prevent judaization of the occupied lands by Zionists.

Takfiri terrorists and Daesh seditions in Iraq, Syria and Libya as well as Saudi crimes in Yemen and Bahrain are plots of Tel Aviv, reactionary regimes of the region and Washington to guarantee security of Zionist regime, it added.

The statement criticized certain regional states’ policy for normalization of relations with Zionist regime and declared support for the people of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain against their enemies

So let me translate this for you. Iran wants to destroy Israel. But they don't want to destroy Israel themselves because Israel might kick their ass. So they are more than willing to trick, I mean support, Sunni Arabs or Palestinian terrorists who also want to destroy Israel.

This works out for Iran because these wars weaken Arabs and Iran grows in power relative to to the Sunni Arab states. The minute Israel was destroyed or Iran saw a crack they would take out the Arabs and dominate the Islamic world.

Also Death to America. I almost forgot.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Taunting Secret Service is a Very Very Bad Idea (07:08AM)

I know this is three PSAs in a row, so many idiots, so little time.

Yet another Left Wing Violent Extremist.

An Edwardsville man posted on Facebook that he wanted to assassinate President Donald Trump, according to federal authorities.

Joseph Lynn Pickett was charged with threatening the president of the United States on June 15.

U.S. Secret Service Special Agent Vincent Pescitelli said Pickett threatened to “take the life of, to kidnap, and to inflict bodily harm” against Trump on Facebook, according to a criminal complaint filed with the charges. The complaint included screenshots of Pickett’s Facebook posts.


Before I die I want our president and congress to sign a treaty to never side with Russia or any enemy of the United States of America! If one will then that person deserves to be shot,” his post read. “Guess what Trump? I’m waiting for the right time...and I KNOW your (sic) Putin’s (expletive)! The secret service now has a heads up as to my plan to assassinate Trump...let’s see if they act.”
Well I guess we have the answer to that question!

Hat Tip: Sheli.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sandcrawler PSA: Helicopter Parenting Is Fascist (07:11AM)

I feel very lucky, to have been raised free range, where you were expected to go outside by 8:00, come in for lunch and dinner. Unless, you know, there was a blizzard or something.

American childhood has taken an authoritarian turn. An array of trends in American society are conspiring to produce unprecedented levels of supervision and control over children’s lives. Tracing the effects of childrearing on broad social outcomes is an exercise in speculation. But if social scientists are correct to posit a connection between childrearing and long-term political outcomes, today’s restrictive childhood norms may portend a broader regression in our country’s democratic consensus.

...Consider that practically every declining health outcome in children can be traced to the sedentary, indoor, micromanaged lives that now define American childhood.

Experts meanwhile are linking increasing rates of anger, aggression, and severe behavior problems to a lack of free play. These outcomes are consistent with evolutionary psychology theories that consider play to be a critical part of child development, teaching children to cope with, and ultimately master, fears and phobias.

Also the main thing we need to do with kids, focus on the three Rs in young kids and run their little asses off.

Then when they get to middle school, run their asses off some more. In HS, you got it, run their asses off.

But there has to be give and take, decent grades and running your ass off earns you free range time. Which you can spend on your bicycle down at the creek reading discarded Playboys and smoking cigarettes like you're supposed to.

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Kids nowadays.....Not even know how to steal Mad Dog 20/20 and Swisher Sweets from convenience store.

:: KIM June 22, 2017 11:23 AM

Not to mention one's bb gun.

:: Steveeas June 22, 2017 01:57 PM

Creek? Discarded Playboys? Cigarettes? Did we grow up together? That was my childhood from I'm guessing age 9- 17 when we switched to friends houses.

:: Kotter June 22, 2017 06:37 PM

We can't even get them to dress out for P.E. anymore...forget actually getting sweaty unless they are already the athletic type. Another new type of parent is the 'snowplow' parent. They precede their kids and mow down ANY and ALL obstacles to their complete success and happiness. They control every aspect of their kids' lives. I have a sister-in-law who is such. Her 180 lb 12 year old boy NEVER sets foot outside the house alone....EVER! If she takes him to the doctor and the doctor tries to tell her he is obese, she leaves that doc and goes elsewhere. I don't think he knows how to ride a bicycle, or skateboard or any such outside method of recreation...

:: FrustratedTeacher June 22, 2017 08:23 PM

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sandcrawler PSA: Mental Illness And You (07:53PM)

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Looks like it was purpose written to narrate the crazy behavior on the video. It's a perfect fit.

:: nadadhimmi June 21, 2017 08:43 PM

Are you sure that's a voice over from another show or the one that actually goes with this video?

:: Bill M June 21, 2017 10:24 PM

well he did warn us.
some of those images
really were disturbing.

:: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder June 22, 2017 06:55 AM

Today's Islamic Contribution to Our Culture (12:06PM)

A man at the airport shouted Allahu Ackbar and stabbed a cop ion the throat.

This is just a small sample of Islamic culture. Not a very good one. But you have to take the good with the bad and the positive contributions outweigh the bad or some I'm told.

Unless you're the guy with the huge hole in his neck, then its pretty bad. But there are 350 million people in America, the chance that you are next is small, but its not nil.

So go stuff yourself with Kebabs like a good American, diversity!

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Maybe...... everyday slashing, exploding and shooting is just small price America have to pay to live with Muslim Neighbors who bring so many other wonderful things to table?

:: KIM June 21, 2017 01:13 PM

are we sure of what he shouted?
CNN just says it was "something in arabic."
Coulda been anything.

:: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder June 21, 2017 05:26 PM


:: Fewenuff June 21, 2017 07:11 PM

This man was simply taking literally what is written in the Quran, Surah Muhammad 47:4 - "When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks..." - pretty clear what they are to do there, isn't it?

:: FrustratedTeacher June 22, 2017 08:32 PM

Brussels Attacked Again (10:04AM)

Another day another terrorist attack, ISIS death throes are intense at the moment.

A man who triggered a suitcase bomb in a failed attack at a busy Brussels train station was a 36-year-old Moroccan citizen who was known to the police but was not wanted over terrorism-related offenses, the Belgian authorities said on Wednesday.

The bomber entered Brussels Central Station at 8:39 p.m. on Tuesday, went downstairs from the main ticket hall and began shouting near a group of passengers, according to Eric Van der Sijpt, a spokesman for the federal prosecutor’s office.

He was carrying a suitcase bomb that contained nails and gas bottles, Mr. Van der Sijpt said. The man set off a partial and relatively harmless explosion.

He then left the bag behind while he went in pursuit of a station master, Mr. Van der Sijpt said, and it “exploded a second time, more violently.”

After the second explosion, the man went back upstairs, approached a soldier and screamed “Allahu akbar” (Arabic for “God is great”). The soldier opened fire, killing him. Initial reports that the man might have been wearing a suicide belt proved to be unfounded.

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Maybe .......this  part of being Progressive.....It like jogging.....West just need to get into shape of it........

:: KIM June 21, 2017 10:43 PM

Poor guy had another 'premature detonation' wonder he was so angry!

:: FrustratedTeacher June 22, 2017 08:36 PM

Imperial Good News! Turki al-Bin’ali Obliterated (09:08AM)

I just love to post happy stories. Daily Caller:

U.S.-led forces said Tuesday in a press release that they killed the Islamic State’s chief cleric in May.


Turki al-Bin’ali, the chief cleric who referred to himself as the Grand Mufti, was killed by U.S.-led coalition forces in Syria in May, according to a press release from Operation Inherent Resolve.

Bin’ali’s central job was to recruit foreign fighters and instigate terror attacks. He held the high-ranking position from 2014 until May, according to details issued by the coalition.

You know what this means don't you.

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May as well listen to it since now I will be humming 'You dropped a bomb on me' all evening!!

:: FrustratedTeacher June 22, 2017 08:37 PM

NPR's Shockingly Honest Report on Islamic Terrorism (08:52AM)

It appears the left, despite all their efforts has become, to use their term has been woke to terrorism. I mean after all the daily attacks are hard to ignore.

MARTIN: So Shankar, what would these researchers say to someone who sees these headlines time and time again over the years and the perpetrators are either Muslim or are acting in the name of Islam? Is it unreasonable for them to assume a connection?

VEDANTAM: No, I don't think it's unreasonable at all, Rachel. Many of the reasons driving these disparities in coverage are driven by fairly normal psychological processes. Kearns finds, for example, that Muslims are responsible for a disproportionate number of terrorist attacks in the United States.

They're about 1 percent of the U.S. population, but they carried out about 12 percent of the terrorist attacks that occurred between 2011 and 2015.

After all even if you just count the US the average Muslim is 825 times more likely to commit an act of terror than the Kuffar.

Which answers the question about why the coverage of 12% of attacks is 50% of media. It's because of that 825% aberration from the normal expectation.

:: Comments left behind ::

I looked at the source of the data (Global Terrorism Database), and a few things stood out for the 89 attacks between 2011 and 2015.:

1) The 12% of attacks that were perpetrated by Muslims includes the large majority of fatalities and injuries.

2) The list of 89 attacks includes a lot of hate crimes, many of which can reasonably be called terrorism (multiple murder, arson etc), but also minor stuff (hitting a store clerk for her religion and shouting abuses) that is stretching the definition of terrorism somewhat.

3) There are some attacks where the motive and the perpetrator are unknown, and there isn't any information to even imply a political, racist or religious motive.

:: Anon June 21, 2017 04:00 PM

88%? What 88%?

Terrorism all over the place according to this.

Um no...

:: Fewenuff June 21, 2017 07:11 PM

Yeah but they strait up admitted the disproportion of attacks.

Even with all the skewing they can't get rid of it.

:: Odie Wan Kenodie June 21, 2017 07:49 PM

:: meh June 22, 2017 02:04 PM

Sandcrawler PSA: Stress is Bad MKay? (08:21AM)

I've been feeling a little stressed lately and then I realized that what this blog needs is more boobies.

Boobies are the natural stress relief. Addictive yet beneficial, like The Spice.

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Windshield wipers?

Sure Doc. Smooch smooch smooch smooch, left right left right...

:: Fewenuff June 21, 2017 07:08 PM

Ah boobies!
All boobies all the time.....
Marisa Miller, Kate Upton and a bottle of suntan oil.....
I'll be in my bunk.

:: The Man from Athens June 22, 2017 08:06 AM

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Christians Denied Refugee Status by Muslim UN Refugee Social Workers (12:55PM)

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Fuck the UN!
Waste of space.

:: The Man from Athens June 20, 2017 03:59 PM

putting christians into those programs
would serve them poorly, anyhow.
Like putting them on the boats that set out
across the mediteranean, none of the
christians survive the first night.

:: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder June 21, 2017 07:26 AM

The Freedom Caucus Listed on Kill List (08:30AM)

The left wing terrorist who shot Steve Scalise had a list of people he wanted dead.

All of them were House Freedom Caucus members.

All of the Republicans on Hodgkinson’s alleged kill list are members of the House Freedom Caucus, a group that represents the conservative wing of the GOP in the lower chamber. Rep. Steve Scalise, the House majority whip and the only House member shot in the attack, was not on the list. He is also not a member of the Freedom Caucus.
These are not the victims we're looking for. Move along. Move along.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Van Hits Ten Muslim Men In Front of Finsbury Park Mosque (Attacker Identified: Darren Osborne) (07:30PM)

There are reports of a rented van crashing into 10 Muslim men outside the mosque.

A van has reportedly ploughed into a group of pedestrians outside a mosque in north London, leaving numerous casualties.

It is believed the group of around ten Muslim men were run over at the renowned Finsbury Park Mosque, in Seven Sisters Road, just after midnight.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing bystanders wrestle the suspect to the floor and pin him down until officers.

Update: More details coming in.

The Finsbury Park attacker is identified as Darren Osborne.

The man suspected of using a van to attack worshipers at a London mosque has been identified as 47-year-old Darren Osborne, a father-of-four from Cardiff, Wales. Police have confirmed that he will be charged with the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism and attempted murder.

Osborne's neighbor, 52-year-old Dave Ashford, told the Guardian he was shocked to discover that Osborne was suspected of being behind the attack...

“Someone called me and said it was him and I said ‘It can’t be’. Then I saw the picture on the news and said, 'it’s him."
As RT reports, one person died and 10 others were injured in the incident, which British Prime Minister Theresa May has called "sickening," and London's mayor has described as a "horrific terrorist attack."
Thanks to Zerohedge.

An update on Osborne here from RT 06/20/17.

The family of Osborne said he was beset by mental problems and had never expressed extremist views. He is alleged, however, to have expressed increasingly antagonistic views towards Muslims in the weeks since the London Bridge attack.

...There is no immediate evidence that Osborne was an active member of a far-right organization. He was not known to security services, according to Ben Wallace, the security minister.

...His neighbor Khadijeh Sherizi, who described herself as a white Muslim, said she could not believe Osborne was being investigated for carrying out an attack on Muslim worshippers. Sherazi told the Guardian she had never had any problems with Osborne or his family until this weekend, when he called her son an “inbred.”

...Over the weekend, Osborne had also reportedly been thrown out of a local pub for getting drunk, “cursing Muslims and saying he would do some damage.”

...Osborne was born in Singapore but grew up in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, where he attended Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College.

Also if you read further it appears he was quite a fish, even leading to reports that he has split with his wife and was living in a tent.

So it appears that what happened was he was upset about the London bridge attack to start with, went on a bender and attacked Finsbury in a drunken revenge.

If you look at a lot of copies of the videos he appears to be drunk even waving after being placed in the police van.

So the lesson? Terrorism begets terrorism. This IS the blowback we've been looking for. I'm not optimistic about this either, we've reached a tipping point where terrorism has become so normalized we'll see it happening all over from all sorts of angles.

The pooch is screwed, I repeat the pooch is screwed.

Update: Why thank you for the crazy blog money dear Reader. I needed that(below the fold).

That will go to retainer for Buddy the Dog. The color of Justice is green you know.

The rest of you slackers can donate on the upper left sidebar. Seriously I've got 27 irons in the fire. Wars within wars, plans within plans. I'm just too bashful I like to do it myself. But that was really nice.

:: Comments left behind ::

If victims were white Christians in front of Catholic Church and "Rev" Jeremiah Wright said "The Chickens have come home to Roost".....It would be ok with Progressives.......

:: KIM June 18, 2017 08:36 PM

Have to wonder if either the driver was just drunk or if it's another your the wrong sect of muslim thing again. The whole middle east is still hashing that one out after how many centuries?

:: mdb June 18, 2017 08:45 PM

Seeing on Fox/Sky News claims that there were 3 people in the van and 2 ran off after the crash. Also seeing a report that one person got stabbed after the crash.

:: mdb June 18, 2017 09:06 PM

I suppose I could be rather tasteless here and observe that one reaps what one sows.


:: JDow June 19, 2017 01:03 AM

driver was deliberate and suicidal.
which is to say,
he was respecting izzlamic traditions.

:: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder June 19, 2017 06:51 AM

No pic. of the driver?
Must be a good-muzzie-bad-muzzie thing.

JDow: It's never tasteless to state facts.

:: The Man from Athens June 19, 2017 10:27 AM

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.

:: surfer75 June 19, 2017 02:49 PM

Was this one of those "incidents" (like the London Bridge and Westminster Bridge "incidents") that are "part and parcel of living in a big city", as Mayor Khan quipped, or is this actually a "horrific terrorist attack"?

:: Spiny Norman June 19, 2017 03:00 PM

Oh, by the way, the FNM is positively giddy that, after 17 years of unrelenting Islamic terrorism, they finally have their feared "anti-Muslim backlash". Condemnation of any and all anti-moslem sentiments, even mild concern, as "islamophobia" in 5... 4... 3...

Oh, wait. They've done that for years, already.

:: Spiny Norman June 19, 2017 03:05 PM

truck drives thru crowd on London bridge and motive is unknown for days....race/nationality/religion of driver is with held..don't jump to conclusions....don't blame all for acts of a few fringe crazies....

van rams men in front of and nationality is broadcast in's immediately called a horrific act of terror...all westerners are labeled islamophobes...

hipocracy much??

:: xtron June 19, 2017 03:35 PM

I was going to say similar -- THIS non-muslim person is INSTANTLY labeleed a 'terrorist' by the brit gov, when numerous other muslims terrorists are not labeled so when obviously much more violent and premeditated.

Consider that we are only seeing the start of this barbarity and that prudence dictates that saner Americans go armed to their churches and synagogues (and whatnot), because of the expanding threat not just from murderous musselman, but also from empowered leftists.

:: bremerfargast June 20, 2017 01:53 PM

Jawa Report Hereby and Forever Claims Dibs on #Trushia (01:04PM)

Trushia: Short for Trump Russia investigation.

All forms, with a hashtag, without, on a fidget spinner. BTW our Paypal is on the upper left sidebar.

Think about it, might just be enough disk to save the entire planet!

Update: #Trussia

Well SOB!

Foiled again, by evil spelling! Spelling is a terrorist.

:: Comments left behind ::

All Your Spellings Are Belong To Us

:: free` June 18, 2017 02:31 PM


Sounded out at the draining of the Swamp

:: bremerfargast June 20, 2017 01:55 PM

Friday, June 16, 2017

Russians Attack Zombie Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (01:06PM)

Ok so we reported a rumor last week from the Syrian regime that Baghdadi is dead.

I gave it a 20% percent chance due to all the whining about airstrikes on Raqqa a couple days before.

Now the Russian at saying they also believe he's dead Jim!

And that the strike on a ISIS command was theirs, its hard to tell because the US, UK, Russia and France are all bombing Raqqa or claiming to.

So there is no proof of life from ISIS to dispute the claims. I'm hopeful. Bumping it to 40% chance.

:: Comments left behind ::

When ISIS announces his "glorious martyrdom", then I'll believe it.

:: Spiny Norman June 16, 2017 07:35 PM

"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam".  Barack Hussein Obama

"Die Abu al-Baghdadi"  Vlad Putin

Here we have a difference of opinion in the war with Islam. One wants to win, the other wanted Islam to win.

:: KIM June 16, 2017 10:32 PM

In those old soviet type apartments - you dont stop fumigating when you have only seen one dead roach

:: bremerfargast June 20, 2017 01:57 PM

A Russian immigrant I talked to once said that Russians long ago found out that 'talking' with muslim enemies was pointless and just killing them was the only solution.

:: bremerfargast June 20, 2017 02:00 PM

Ministry of Irony; Islamophobia Edition (11:40AM)

Is this real life?

It's not a phobia when they really are killing you.

:: Comments left behind ::

I thought everyone in Sweden had to spend time in the military? If he had military training, I doubt his finger would be on the trigger when posing for pictures. He does have the ISIS thing down though. Hiding behind a little kid shows he's had ISIS training.

:: Max June 16, 2017 11:51 AM

Proof point 35,999 that liberalism really is a mental disorder.

:: C-Low June 16, 2017 01:48 PM

Maybe if we are lucky the moron will shoot a bunch of his fellow nutbars before somehow managing to shoot himself in the junk and bleed out. Remove a number of roaches from the world.

:: mdb June 16, 2017 10:53 PM

Wakeup call unfortunatley may be far off.

:: bremerfargast June 20, 2017 02:02 PM

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