Saturday, December 15, 2018

al-Kabaabs Roasting On An Open Fire (08:29AM)

Superdrone nipping from a flask.

Though its been said many times, many waaaaayyyyysss!

Merry Christmas, The Force be with youuuuuuu!

The U.S. military says it has killed eight members of the al-Shabab extremist group with an airstrike south of Somalia’s capital.

The U.S. Africa Command statement says the airstrike occurred on Saturday near Gandarshe, a coastal community. The statement says no civilians were involved.

The U.S. military has carried out at least 40 airstrikes this year against the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab, Africa’s most active Islamic extremist group. It controls parts of rural southern and central Somalia and continues to stage deadly attacks in the capital, Mogadishu, and other cities.

Do you like sing alongs boys and girls?

Sure you do.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

1440th 1439th Annual Islam Hates Baby Jesus Festivities Begin in France (Update: Baby Jesus' Followers Kill Terrorist!) (07:31PM)

Iran today called France's Yellow Jacket Protests an Islamic Awakening.

The head of the Islamic Republic Judiciary has said on Monday that protests in France are part of the “Islamic awakening” and a development foreseen by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.
Also almost at the very same time. al-Qaeda's AQIM branch released a message, also in French.
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has released a statement denying that its members were killed in a Nov. 29 airstrike. The statement was disseminated via social media in both Arabic and English.

“We in [Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb] categorically deny any organizational link to those innocent Muslims targeted in Uwaynat in southwest Libya, asking Allah to cover them with His mercy and accept them among the martyrs,” the statement reads.

“We confirm what media reports said according to notables in the area, that those who were targeted were a group of Tuareg youth with no link to the organization,

A coincidence?

I think not, and if it is it has certainly inspired one French Asian Youth.

At least two people have been killed and 12 others wounded in a shooting in the eastern French city of Strasbourg.

The gunman, known to security services, is on the run and is being hunted by police. He had been injured in an exchange of gunfire with a soldier, police said.

The shooting happened close to a Christmas market near one of the central squares, Place Kléber.

France's counter terrorism prosecutor has opened an investigation.

Confirming the death toll had risen to two, French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, who is on his way to the city, called it a "serious public security incident".

The attack is terrorism and the French a seeking a known person.

WAPO updates the number of innocent's murdered to 4.

Woke yet?

The terrorist is identified as Chérif Chekatt.

The gunman suspected of killing three people and injuring 13 near Strasbourg’s Christmas Market served several terms in prison for armed robbery and is believed to have been radicalised in prison.

29-year-old Chérif Chekatt has been on France’s “S” file terrorist watch list since 2015, and his profile matches that of self-styled “jihadists” who have carried out other attacks in France.


Born in Strasbourg, he is a French citizen and has some 27 convictions in France, Germany and Switzerland to his name, according to Strasbourg's public prosecutor Rémy Heitz. In 2016, he was released from prison in Germany and, before the attack on Tuesday night, was wanted in connection with an attempted murder and an armed robbery, according to a source close to the investigation.

On Tuesday morning, police raided Mr Chekatt's home and found grenades, a .22 firearm and two hunting knives, but failed to capture him. Five associates were, however, detained.

Update 12/13/2018: The French Police approached the suspect, he opened fire, they killed him.

Well done.

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He was a known enemy of the state.
All Muslims qualify for that title.

:: John S December 11, 2018 08:52 PM

Islamist Awakening?

So theyve been sleepwalking through their barbarity ?

No its part of a awakening by people against leftists and other tyrants (like the islamist wannabe in more of the world).

But then these things are also magnets for various troublemakers and other wankers who just use it as an excuse for acting out their delusions and self-esteem building attention whorings (and doing things they know their parents hate ...)

:: Bermangood December 11, 2018 09:39 PM

I am waiting for the allah eats sh*t festival. if the mohammedins attack again in this country president trump should bomb mecca!

:: ran December 12, 2018 02:00 AM

1440 years? Whose calendar? I get about 1386 of our years and 1428 plus loose change for their calendar.

:: JDow December 12, 2018 02:53 AM
7500 iptv channels only 5 euro/usd
/europe/usa/asia/arabic/latino/russian channels....

:: kayn December 12, 2018 03:12 PM

Maybe......French have to put up with a little ......Mayhem Field a Good Soccer Team........

:: KIM December 12, 2018 11:28 PM

Technically its 1439. My bad.

Year AD/CE Year AH Muslim month
2016 1437 7
2017 1438 7
2018 1439 7
2019 1440 8

So why didn't anyone tell me I fucked up the link?

:: Howie December 13, 2018 06:43 PM

Where did they find French policemen who knew how to operate a firearm?
Or did they just deputize a couple of American tourists?

:: John S December 14, 2018 06:15 PM

Thank you for the update and [sniff] happiest of endings!!

:: Frustrated Teacher December 14, 2018 10:07 PM

Dear @Jack (01:35PM)

F*ck you very much.

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Huh ?

:: Bermangood December 11, 2018 09:35 PM

I'm guessing somebody got banned from Twitter? Or Howie is reacting to @Jacks recently trip?

:: Czarkazm December 12, 2018 09:46 AM

to hell with that guy in general for all the voices getting silenced. titania mcgrath was suspended for 12 hours and no one knows why, but at least she came back to enlighten us about the wicked patriarchy.

:: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder December 14, 2018 06:45 AM

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Taliban's Super Realistic Combat Training (09:10AM)

Complete with incoming Hellfire.

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:: Kevin Dickson December 5, 2018 09:36 AM

Couple secondary explosions there, good!

:: Nylon12 December 5, 2018 10:39 AM

No fun. Courtyard is empty when the bomb is dropped.

:: Billy December 5, 2018 01:28 PM

See, exercise is bad for you, stay on the couch.

:: aussietrev December 5, 2018 03:16 PM

Taliban go boom!

:: The Man from Athens December 5, 2018 06:11 PM

Well, let's hope they fight like they train, as the saying goes.

:: timactual December 5, 2018 09:19 PM

It's fun to stay at the Y M C A.

:: The Sausage People December 6, 2018 02:05 PM

gen. mccristol I don't know what to do in afganistan and the generals I talk to don't know what t do either! 2200 american soldiers dead and nearly 2000 american contractors. saigon now ho chi minh city soon kabul mullah omar city? america has the tiger by the tail and can't let go. all your dead taliban pictures mean squat!

:: ran December 6, 2018 03:22 PM

Lord, why are we killing these guys? It's waaaay past time to GTFO. Leave them to their own devices. These endless wars are bullshit.

:: MMinLamesa December 7, 2018 03:50 AM

fight the mothers there or fight them here.

:: Calypso Jones December 7, 2018 07:52 PM

calypso jones are you in afganistan fighting them or are you just another gung ho chicken hawk?

:: ran December 7, 2018 08:39 PM

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Hey Mr. Tally Man Tally Me Dead Taliban (09:36AM)

Add 1 Mullah.

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These guys .....they all look the same to me

:: KIM December 4, 2018 07:28 PM

over 2200 americans have now died in afganistan. 10 americans have died this last two weeks week. also nearly 2000 american private contractors have died mostly ex-military. and you think this shows we are winning?

:: ran December 5, 2018 02:39 AM

Abu al-Umarayn He's Dead Jim (08:52AM)

Feel good story of the week.

He was also in the same ISIS cell that murdered Kayla Mueller.

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Fatwa This! All She Wanted Was A Pepsi Edition (08:27AM)

Rania Youssef has gotten herself a Fatwa, I guess for choosing Pepsi or something.


I'm a Coca Cola Man myself, so I get it. Can't accuse me of Islamophobia, nope nope nope. I'm totally into their culture



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Finally their outrage is justified.

:: Czarkazm December 3, 2018 09:01 AM

Cat walk like an Egyptian.

:: Who fluffed. It Sphinx December 3, 2018 09:27 AM

speaking of bottle deposits israeli police are bringing charges against netanhayu and his wife for fraud and bribery.

:: ran December 3, 2018 02:21 PM

Maybe someone clarify situation for Mr. Kim.......Is Actress getting Beheaded for being too Chubby to wear skimpy dress.....or is Actress getting Beheaded just for wearing skimpy dress?

:: KIM December 3, 2018 02:42 PM

Good thing he isnt holding it inhis LEFT hand ...

I prefer Nuka-0Cola myself - "A little radiation a day is good for you"

:: bravenloybob December 3, 2018 06:47 PM

#2 havent you heard that the pyramids are the work of Shaitan and the Jews and must be destroyed? Egyptians were those damned people from before, so they must be expunged from ever existing so The Faithful wont be lead astray.


(((I recall the Muslim Brotherhood said they were going to tear down the pyramids - reminded me of that episode of Monty Python (PBUH) where the guy was going to eat Chichester Cathedral )))

:: bravenloybob December 3, 2018 06:53 PM

#4 Will be beheaded (or buried alive) for being exploited by Non-believers instead of being exploited by one of The Faithfu.

:: bravenloybob December 3, 2018 06:56 PM

that is quite a booty. Kardashian worthy.

:: Calypso Jones December 3, 2018 08:12 PM

Why you insult Holy Koran?
Zamzam only is allowed to drink!

:: Kafiroon December 5, 2018 12:02 PM

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Alaskans Report Slight Issue With Ground (08:38AM)

No one was killed in this week's Earthquake in Alaska, praise the Lord!

But there is a lot of damage. I kind of worry about them keeping warm as winter approaches. But my concern might be misplaced. I mean come on, its just a little shaking its not a Grizzly Bear.

I saw one video on ABC, some joker was yelling Yahooo! during the damn quake.

But just in case, we're down here in the lower 48. We don't want to offend you or anything but if you need something let us know.

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:: eran December 2, 2018 11:00 AM

What else is there to yell during a quake?
I was in Sanfagdisco, in the financial canyon, when Loma Preita hit. I had a firearm, tools, and 3/4 tank of gas. I encountered not one other person that was prepared.

Alaska is a world away from a place like SF. Sure Anchorage has it's share of east coast bums who came for the Palin welfare checks but other than that, they can take care of themselves.

:: John S December 5, 2018 10:44 PM

Rest in Peace George Herbert Walker Bush (07:05AM)

George passed away in the night. He is now reunited with his beloved.



Mr. Bush was my favorite president. A man of integrity, so rare in today's world. And he paid the price for it. When he lost to Clinton it broke my heart.

A life well lived, May the Lord keep him and comfort his family.

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He served his country in 58 missions in the Pacific Theater, and survived being shot down.

He was instrumental in ending the Cold War.

He stopped a tyrant (Saddam Hussein) from invading another country.

He and his wife Barbara served in the Executive office with distinction and honor.

While not without his flaws, he will be missed.
:: Gork December 1, 2018 10:27 AM

Rest In Peace Among the Angels Mr. President.

:: The Man from Athens December 1, 2018 03:10 PM

Thanks for the reminder of the importance and rarity of integrity Howie.

:: Czarkazm December 1, 2018 10:21 PM

Rest In Peace.
You saw enough here without peace.
Thank You for your service to this country.

:: Kafiroon December 2, 2018 08:38 AM

Amazing to watch the media fawn over this globalist/one worlder when while he was president he got nothing but media grief.

:: Calypso Jones December 3, 2018 12:41 PM

Flying a plane that was basically a deathtrap when they crashed (I recall hes 2 crew members couldt get out when he crashed when they were shot down) but then then all those guys in Tanks were in a similar position (wasnt til the 90s when I saw those serbian war vids of what happens when a tank is hit and all the ammo starts burning)

:: bravenloybob December 3, 2018 06:59 PM

#5 its because of the feud with Trump, otherwise HE would now posthumously be labeled as 'worse than Hitler' (etc...) in a leftist media propaganda barrage.

Methinks the American People wont have enough lampposts to hang these leftists betrayers from ... someday soon in the future.

:: bravenloybob December 3, 2018 07:03 PM

@#7 Bravenloybob...i'm seeing that...and trump can't do anything to please the media. EVAH. He shows up to pay respects @midnite last nite thus avoiding leftist crazed dimbulbs and the media can't stop their hate for a moment. It was touching to see Bob Dole pay his respects also. End of an era. Won't see men like that very often in this new millennial bunch coming up...maybe the dykes.

:: Calypso Jones December 4, 2018 03:44 PM

I really find it distasteful that the media refers to our former presidents and families as 'royalty'. THAT is deplorable. This remark made by Fox News host this am during the run up to the Bush funeral. President Trump's graciousness is ignored by both sides as it was ignored during that rat McCain's funeral.

:: Calypso Jones December 5, 2018 10:08 AM

I remember watching H W's press conferences, which were refreshing because he could answer questions on all kinds of topics in understandable fashion. Then the Washington Post would publish a raw transcript of his remarks, improperly punctuated and yet including every "um". Those publications were derisive, and gave a false impression, because the answers were context sensitive.

It is a pleasure to watch a DJT press conference. They remind me of HW.

Rest his sole, and God bless his current successor.

:: Valerie December 7, 2018 12:16 PM


:: Valerie December 7, 2018 12:17 PM

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

African Taliban Murders Imam From Playing Music (11:30AM)

Ahh Somalia, such a wonderful place.

Remember kids, Islam is easy, to every question there is an answer and its always the same. Kill it!

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Even if there were no jews or christians to murder, muslims always have each other.

:: gorfflora November 30, 2018 05:24 AM

Moslimes got to moslime.

:: Kafiroon November 30, 2018 10:50 AM

I'm guessing "Baby it's Cold Outside."

:: Name That Tune November 30, 2018 08:19 PM

Maybe it was that KKK bar music called "rap".
If so, they were justified.

:: John S November 30, 2018 10:37 PM

Kind of like Muslim "Footloose" but ....instead of shunning Kevin Bacon.....they cut his head off and feed his body to pigs.......

:: KIM November 30, 2018 11:35 PM

#5 no cant be pigs (to feed a body to), any muslim who even sees a pig is automatically unclean and will have to cleanse themselves

:: bravenloybob December 3, 2018 07:06 PM

And this is the drek that was imported wholesale into places like minnesota- to the point where one of their bagged hags was able to get elected to Congress...

:: SumDum Phool December 4, 2018 12:43 AM

Ministry of Boobies: Horrific Horrors Edition (11:22AM)

I've been neglecting my duties.

OMG terrible!

:: Comments left behind ::

What? No one is grateful for Boobehs?
It is the first thing you are introduced to after rudely being forced out of "home" and smacked on the butt.
No wonder we are fixated.

:: Kafiroon December 2, 2018 01:09 PM

Monday, November 26, 2018

SMOD: A New Hope (09:00AM)

There is another.

A large asteroid could be headed toward us in the near future — barreling through space on a risk trajectory that might cause it to collide with Earth.

The news comes from the Express, which cites NASA sources revealing that the space rock could end up engaged in not one, but a staggering 62 different potential impact trajectories with our planet — each of them waiting to sling the asteroid toward Earth over the next 100 years.

:: Comments left behind ::

A 100 Years? Why did you even tease us with this. That is absolutely useless for us now.

:: Kafiroon November 26, 2018 11:59 AM

Wonder if NASA has a problem with a meteor trying to colonize Earth the way they do with us colonizing Mars?

:: Kalifornia Kafir November 26, 2018 06:20 PM

a staggering 62 different impact trajectories... i should not expect journalists to understand math any better than the average drunk throwing up on a bus stop.

:: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder November 27, 2018 08:22 AM

Hopefully, NASA will research and find a solution to masturbation. It causes hair loss; it makes your dick small; and instead of going for your wife or girl-friend and bang her, you're just banging your hand. Not really a fun. A solution needed.

:: Masturbation causes hair loss and makes yourt dick smaller. Ask me Fella November 27, 2018 11:01 AM

Hopefully one will hit before the next Bill and Hilary conversation tour.

:: Calypso Jones November 27, 2018 08:32 PM

Maybe....When Chelsea Clinton elected President....Just after she sworn in.....Large Asteroid strike earth......Remember not to look back...Just head to hill country........

:: KIM November 27, 2018 10:26 PM

I head 50 megaton nuke equiv

but then those have been set off in the 60s

its where it lands, or IF not in a inhabbitted spot whether it cracks the earths crust and releases the denizens of the strange underworld of Reilley - where all the really bad irish accents live

:: hekatonkeri4 November 28, 2018 02:19 AM

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Sandcrawler PSA: Its Time (07:51AM)

Its time to celebrate overeating America. So no matter who you are, and we mean that, get out there and Overeat, Over Drink and Over Merry.

Anyway its a tradition. And its good to know that in these crazy times some things don't change at all. And never you worry, I'll be back later to ignore most everything going on in the world.

:: Comments left behind ::

Love the original best!

:: dc November 21, 2018 08:23 AM

thank you

:: ran November 22, 2018 03:47 AM

Happy Turkey Day and Thank God we are still free enough to celebrate.
No thanks to many in this country that could be named.

:: KIafiroon November 22, 2018 09:44 AM

i have this LP...

maybe i should dig it out and play it?

:: redc1c4 November 22, 2018 03:18 PM

All of you know of course that this was not a spontaneous decision to dump the garbage over the cliff.  The senior Guthrie spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to research out how Arlo could avoid the draft because he hated this country and said so to everybody.  His lawyers found the section in the draft code about unrepentant felons not to be inducted.  So the picked up the most innocuous Felony on the books to use so he could explain it away if needed as just some stupid law from the stone age and he really was a victim.  Then they set the whole thing up with the Judge, Sheriff, and District Attorney and executed it with their endorsement (with deliberately laid "evidence").  It was just ironic that Arlo was able to cash in with this.   Again children of rich liberals of the 50's and 60's get to decide what rules we are to live by and what rules they do.

:: David Mandalis November 22, 2018 06:34 PM

I've always wondered what we look like to the rest of the world. Our favorite discussion topic is "How do we stop eating so much and lose weight" They don't have the problem anywhere but here.

:: Kevin Dickson November 24, 2018 10:22 AM

We must look pretty good cause they're killing to get in here.

:: Calypso Jones November 25, 2018 10:38 AM

A few excess pounds is the curse of wealth.
The lucky poor are never in need of a diet, nor to sweat in a gym to keep the pounds off. For them being thin comes easy.
Why living in Venezuela can melt those pounds off like butter (unless you are one of those running the place, they are gaining weight).
The poor have no idea just how lucky they are.

:: John S November 26, 2018 03:29 PM

usual media regurgitating spew of lefties ... on evil white men, "holocaust", day of mourning, etc..

:: hekatonkeri4 November 28, 2018 02:23 AM

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

al-Kabaab Has Yet Another Bad Day (11:04AM)

I just love feel good stories.

:: Comments left behind ::

Good start.

:: KIafiroon November 22, 2018 09:42 AM

they want obama back

:: hekatonkeri4 November 28, 2018 02:25 AM

Monday, November 19, 2018

But Where Was Ayman? (10:52AM)

You know the Pakistanis know, but Zawahiri would rather throw his family to the dogs than face what he has coming.

AQ leadership are cowardly snakes hiding under rocks.

:: Comments left behind ::

Its only practical for criminal types to lead from the rear. You lead from the front and you quickly get your head blown off, or the bomb you are making has an accident.

Muslims have already shown elsewhere that family members are also just expendibles when they are working for satan's agenda.

:: grenderbarv November 19, 2018 09:27 PM

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