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Soon …. Soon … Soon … Soon… the blessed invasion of Manhattan September 2, 2007

Posted by inshallahshaheed in United States of Losers, Jihad, America. trackback

بســــم الله الرحمن الرحــــيم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة

اخوانــــي الافاضــل

هذاالمقطع الصوتي سيكون باذن الله في احد اصدارتنا بمناسبة ذكرى غزوة منهاتن

ودمتم برعاية الله

[There will be a special gift coming on the day of the blessed invasion of Manhattan…]

[Below is an audio preview]



1. Abu Muslim - September 2, 2007

Inshaallah we are waiting for it and the others the one before u said it will be soon Jazakm allah kger for this website

2. Sa'ad - September 2, 2007

salaam wr wb..

do we know for certain, if the Sheikh is alive or shaheed inshaAllah.

wassalaam wr wb.

3. inshallahshaheed - September 3, 2007

Walaikum Assalam WRWB,

Are you referring to Shaykh Usaamah?

If so, the answer is yes, he is alive.

4. Sa'ad - September 3, 2007

jazakAllah khair…

could u plz forward a link to any of his videos, talking about current events.

I feel as if his legacy is being kept alive (may Allah bless them for that).

wassalaam wr wb.

5. I_hate_people_of_Shirk - September 4, 2007

Brother Inshallahshaheed

I really doubt if Shaykh Usaamah Bin Laadin was behind this attack, but I have some stong suspicon that there were more to this event [consipiracy???] which is still unexplained to the public and some evidents are in possession of the U.S. Government like the Hotel videotape across the Pentagon building where the FBI had consfiscated the tape. After all, Usaamah Bin Laadin denied any involvements after the attack according to some media who said that he brought a tape of himself where he said that he was not behind this. I would like to know what you say about this?

6. inshallahshaheed - September 4, 2007

Dear Akhee,

Usaamah bin Laadin clarified his position on the attacks in many videos and audios afterwards. Then there was a video on the 19 Mujaahideen who carried out the operation and Usaamah was mentioning each of them by name and their descriptions. And then a few other videos came out showing the will of some of those martyrs. If you are interested in watching these videos, let us know.

And many within the organization as well as outside it (such as Taliban) have clarified the issue that they have indeed attacked. As for the videotape from the camera on the hotel, they haven’t discussed it to my knowledge, so we can discuss what happened based on what the Mujaahideen have reported (i.e., they carried out the attacks). So my opinion on it is that they didn’t want to show the public how easy it probably was to blow up a sector of the pentagon. Wallahu ‘Alam.

As for Usaamah saying he didn’t do the attack, I vaguely remember this from reading it in the news but I don’t see this video available anywhere… and it should be available since it’s recorded by the Mujaahideen. Now even if there was such a video, then a few things can be said about it:
1) It was a tactic that Shaykh Usaamah was using which we don’t know the reason yet.
2) He clarified his position in many authentic audio and video tapes afterwards.
3) He might have been quoted wrong or understood in the wrong light.

Remember, we base all of our reports on those who are truthful and trustworthy. We reject all these fools such as Alex Jones etc. and their conspiracy theories.

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8. Sa'ad - September 6, 2007

It’s an honor to be called a jihadist, terrorizing the crusaders inshaAllah.

wassalaam wr wb.

9. SheikBS - September 6, 2007

Brother Inshallahshaheed,

I have some questions for you, if you would be so kind as to answer them please.

1) Why would Sheik Osama Bin Laden plan and carry out the 9/11 attacks, knowing that the result would be the deaths of far more Muslims than the bodycount of Infidels, and the possible occupation of more Holy Lands by The Infidels?

2) Do you think Sheik Osama is dead or alive?

3) What do you think of the Bin Laden families connections with The Bush family? Would you accept that Osama must still have mutual contacts?

4) Would you agree that whilst many American Infidels have and will suffer due to your Jihad, that those who are directly responsible for killing your brothers are actually benefiting hugely - e.g. Dick Cheney (Haliburton), George Bush (oil) and The Jews (License to kill more Palestine brothers in Israel in the “War On Terror”) ?

Thank you and Wassalaam


10. inshallahshaheed - September 6, 2007

1) Where did you get the idea “knowing that the result would be the deaths of far more Muslims than the bodycount of Infidels…” In other words, how would Usaamah know that America would unjustly kill thousands upon thousands of innocent Muslims?

In any case, you are forgetting the huge benefit of that day. What was it? …The Muslim world, to an extent, woke up. Because of 9/11, we are now able to tell who is on the side of the army of Shaytaan, and who is on the side of the army of Allah. Because of 9/11, we are able to see who the hypocrites are and who are the true believers are. Because of 9/11, we are now able to see the criminals for who they really are and their immense hatred of Islaam; and this has been exposed greatly just from what happened that day. And now that the enemies of Islaam are in Muslim lands, more Muslims are waking up each day to rectify their lives and become Mujaahideen; something that the British wanted to get rid of - by destroying the Khilaafah - when it knew that the call for Jihaad has the ability to bring in an army of 10 million Mujaahideen. So this revival is currently going on in the Islaamic world all because of one man. And today, the enemies of Islaam are being punished for their Shirk, Kufr and Fasaad with the Rockets, Ambushes, IED’s, Missiles, and bombs of the Mujaahideen. Today, the heads of disbelief are loosing the war and are too scared to admit it; and those who have some intelligence and live in their Countries know very well that Amreeka and her allies have lost the war on Islaam.

2) He is alive; this is not simply my opinion, but this is a fact stated by those within his movement and those who work alongside his movement (but are not in it).

3) The Bin Laadin family is a huge family. So it is possible that a part of his family has connections with Bush, but nothing that we know of for sure. There are some within his family that denounce him.

Usaamah does not have mutual contact with Bush. This is a pathetic fairy tale made up by the Kaafir conspirators.

4) The Kuffaar think that they are benefiting hugely with their companies and oil, but their days are numbered as we know from the ahadeeth.