June 19, 2012

Mr. Ugly

William Masvinu.jpg
Mr. Ugly - William Masvinu

(Harare, Zimbabwe) Out-uglying several contenders, William Masvinu has won the title for ugliness in Zimbabwe.
He is now very famous but is still broke. He gets mobbed by people in town but still struggles to put food on the table. Fame without money is making him miserable.

All he has to show for his fame is a $100 prize and free hotel accommodation.

Reportedly, Mr. Ugly received $100 Zimbabwean which translates into about 26 cents in American money. One report says that the $100 was US currency which correlates to 36,000+ in Zimbabwean dollars.(More....)

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December 29, 2011

Bobby Mugabe TV Ad Prompts Outrage

(Harare, Zimbabwe) A South African restaurant chain, Nando's, produced a television commercial showing Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe as the Last Dictator Standing.

The arguably hilarious ad prompted outrage among Mugabe's supporters in Zimbabwe.
The commercial for its six-piece chicken combo depicts Mr. Mugabe reminiscing about his times with departed dictators to the song Those Were the Days.

He is shown having a water-gun fight with Muammar Gaddafi, making sand angels with Saddam Hussein and riding in a tank with Idi Amin, before awakening from his dream to find himself at a dinner table, alone at Christmas….

Fearing violence against its staff at restaurants in Zimbabwe, Nando's pulled the ad.

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January 17, 2009

Zimbabwe introduces 100 trillion note

If only we abandoned capitalism and embraced communism we'd all be trillionairess by now like in Zimbabwe.

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