February 21, 2017

Sandcrawler PSA: Venezuela Holds Fat Camp

Is Fat Camp politically correct? Should I call it something like a gravity optimization retreat or something?


A new nationwide survey shows that in the past year nearly 75 percent of the Venezuelan population lost an average of 19 pounds for lack of food.
Fantastic! What tremendous benefits communism brings!

Too bad Rusty is so consumed digging his grave with a knife and fork to travel.

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July 25, 2014

Sweet: 3 Former Chavez Associates Indicted for Drug Crimes

Payback is a bitch:

Among those arrested are Hugo Carvajal, who was Chávez’s close confidant and head of the country’s military intelligence from 2004 to 2009. Carvajal was arrested in Aruba at the request of U.S. prosecutors and is expected to appear in an Aruban court Friday.

Meanwhile, in Miami, former judge Benny Palmeri-Bacchi was arrested on his way to Disney World for a two-week vacation with his family. According to The Miami Herald, Palmeri-Bacchi pleaded not guilty to providing protection for a convicted Colombian drug trafficker.

The third former official charged in the case is Rodolfo McTurk, a former director of Interpol in Venezuela, who is believed to be still in his country. According to the May 2013 indictment unsealed Thursday, McTurk and Carvajal assisted Colombian kingpins in smuggling cocaine from Venezuela to Mexico and the Caribbean between 2004 and 2008, by bribing high-ranking military and law enforcement officials. The drugs were eventually shipped to the United States, authorities said.

Notice that this last guy is still on the run and was the former head of Interpol in Venezuala. The indictment means that an Interpol BOLO will be issued. Sweet, sweet irony.

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February 26, 2014

Video: Chavistas Beat Helpless Woman Protester With Helmets

I wonder what Sean Penn thinks of his beloved communists now? Maybe...


Details here at Breitbart.

Hat Tip: John.

Update: Just for clarity it appears the security person beating the woman is also female.

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February 25, 2014

Venezuelan Economy is Doing Very Well

If you don't count the empty shelves, capital flight, and runaway inflation.

A writer at Al Jazeera, Belen Fernandez, denounced the recent appearance of the “elite right-wing Caracas blogger Emiliana Duarte” on the Qatari network, blasting her for “launch[ing] into a sob story about having to visit 10 different supermarkets the previous year during a quest to bake a cake.” Duarte was merely cataloging the massive shortages of basic goods (rice, milk, toilet paper) that have crippled Venezuela in recent years, not engaging in a bourgeois, fascist bakeoff.
Its pretty funny to see American neo-commies stutter all over themselves to hide the shortages and political oppression of their star western communist regime where there is a shortage of everything but bullets.

I guess they thought that this time communism really would work.


Hat Tip: Some totally gorgeous, yet smart and talented, redhead.

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February 20, 2014

Meanwhile, In Venezuela

What's going on in Ukraine is all over our media. Yet they are, for the most part, ignoring what's going on in Venezuela.


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The Commies Killed Her

article-2562670-1BA8E34600000578-555_634x631.jpgDaily Mail:

Slipping away by the second, she lies cradled in the arms of the motorbike rider who faces a desperate – and ultimately futile – race against time to save her life.

Moments earlier, Genesis Carmona had been an ordinary 22-year-old woman on a street in the Venezuelan city of Valencia.

Then she was shot in the head by an unidentified gunman who opened fire at anti-government protesters.

And Oliver Stone and Sean Penn have blood on their filthy pinko commie hands.
Actress and singer Maria Conchita Alonso says movie director Oliver Stone "got paid" to support the Venezuelan government, a dictatorship being infiltrated by foreign interests that ultimately pose a threat to the United States.

“It’s a dictatorship right now in Venezuela. And it’s a danger for the United States,” the outspoken Cuban-born, Venezuelan-raised star told "The Steve Malzberg Show" Wednesday on Newsmax TV.

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February 13, 2014

Leftist Utopia Using Deadly Force Against Student Protesters

Celebrity leftists like Sean Penn, Danny Glover, and Susan Sarandon tout Venezuela as a modern, fair society that America should shrive to be like. Those same stars consider America a fascist state for treating OWS protesters with kid gloves for months on end.

Yet, like the cowards they are, these leftists disappear when the dictators they love(via Gateway Pundit) show their true colors:

Eventually I started to get the body count. I looks like the regime used storm troopers to kill 3 protesters although 1 may be a chavista. Dozens of people injured? Things are obscure because the cadena kept going on in La Victoria with a night military parade. I will have to wait more for more hardcore news, but I am leaving you with some interesting stuff. The first one is a video when someone actually gets shot. You need to pay close attention and maybe look at it twice. But you will be sensible to the extensive shots, totally overdone if coming from security forces as students/protesters where running away. [...]

Today we saw all the hallmarks of repression from a dictatorship:
- media censorship and closing of whoever had to be closed
- ignorance of the reality as the regime pretends all is fine though an official function (Titanic like orchestra?)
- brutal and disproportionate repression by police and army
- arrests by the dozen
- crimes through pro regime storm troopers
- pictures of assassinated people popping up on twitter

The video:

Update: Three Demonstrators were killed in the incident, Identified as Bassil Da Costa, another known as Juancho and one unidentified person.

A tweet of one of the fallen is below the fold although I don't know the identity of the victim.

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March 08, 2013

New York Democrat Is Honored To Be Part Of A Delegation Representing The US At Funeral Of Chavez


The funeral for former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will be held tomorrow and a New Yorker will be representing the United States at the event–Queens Congressman Gregory Meeks.

“I am honored to be a part of a delegation that will represent the United States at the Funeral of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Friday, March 8,” Mr. Meeks, a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said in a statement. “My deepest sympathies go out to the family of President Chavez and the people of Venezuela. Venezuela is an important nation to the Western Hemisphere. I remain committed to building the relationship between our nations. As always, I stand in continued support of the Venezuelan people especially at this time of mourning.”

[Read It All]

I would suggest the group 'tour' these areas while they are there. Oh wait, they are off limits..

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March 05, 2013

Non-Sarcastic Good News: Hugo Chavez Dead

He's dead!

President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela died Tuesday afternoon after a long battle with cancer, the government announced, leaving behind a bitterly divided nation in the grip of a political crisis that grew more acute as he languished for weeks, silent and out of sight in hospitals in Havana and Caracas.

His departure from a country he dominated for 14 years casts into doubt the future of his socialist revolution. It alters the political balance in Venezuela, the fourth-largest foreign oil supplier to the United States, and in Latin America, where Mr. Chávez led a group of nations intent on reducing American influence in the region.

This is the time at the Jawa where we dance!

UPDATE: Why does this clip seem so appropriate?

UPDATE: Bwahahahahaa!


H/T: @DaveedGR

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December 13, 2012

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Given Expiration Date


(Mexico City) From RIA Novosti:

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has just months to live, a Venezuelan doctor said on Tuesday.

Venezuelan doctor Jose Rafael Marquina, who is based in the United States and is known for his accurate prognoses on Chavez’s health, told RCN radio that Chavez has "between two and three months to live."(bold added)


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October 08, 2012

Venezuela "Reelects" Chavez

As Stalin is alleged to have said: It's not who votes that counts, it's who counts the votes that matters.

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May 31, 2012

Chavez Gravely Ill

Reports are this morning the Chavez's cancer has spread and the prognosis is dire.

This reporter has been told that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that has "entered the end stage". The information and the quote come from a highly respected source close to Chavez and who is in a position to know his medical condition and history. This source says the prognosis is dire and that Chavez is now not expected to live "more than a couple of months at most." Chavez is running for re-elec tion in Venezuela but several sources--including the one who revealed the exact kind of cancer-- have told me that they believe it is doubtful the dictator will live to see the results.
Inappropriate snarky comment declined.

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July 08, 2011

Michael Moore New Documentary: Imperialism Is Killing Chavez

Caracas, Venezuela -- Michael Moore has announced his latest explosive documentary: Hugo Chavez, Martyr to Socialized Medicine. As a true advocate of socialized medicine when his symptoms finally became too much for the embattled President of Venezuela he went to Cuba. From the new documentary Chief Surgeon Rafael Bernardo of the Cuban Escuela Latinoamericana de Ciencias Médicas explains: "When we first operated on President Chavez we'd thought that he was suffering from an abscessed Wish Bone. This was because of an unfortunate misdiagnosis caused by the Imperialist blockade of Cuba.
Read more about the documentary at Karl Marx Treatment Center
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June 02, 2011

Video: Antisemitism in Venezuela

No shit Sherlock:

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March 22, 2011

Down With Capitalism, Free Mars!!11Eleventy11!

mars_yankee go home.jpg

Chavez says capitalism may have ended life on Mars

Wait, what?

CARACAS (Reuters) - Capitalism may be to blame for the lack of life on the planet Mars, Venezuela's socialist President Hugo Chavez said on Tuesday.

"I have always said, heard, that it would not be strange that there had been civilization on Mars, but maybe capitalism arrived there, imperialism arrived and finished off the planet," Chavez said in speech to mark World Water Day.

Just when you think Hugo can't get any crazier he does..

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February 12, 2011

Fists Fly in Venezuela National Assembly

(Caracas, Venezuela) On Thursday, Hugo Chavez supporters brawled with opposition lawmakers during a session of the Venezuelan National Assembly.

Venezuelan lawmakers.jpg

Once the fight started, nationwide broadcast of National Assembly proceedings was abruptly halted. (VIDEO)
“In the face of the opposition violence in the AN (assembly) we found ourselves obliged to go off the air. The people ask for discussion, not more fighting,” Communications Minister Andres Izarra said on Twitter.
Heh, just when it got interesting.

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December 16, 2010

It is With Great Reluctance that Chavez Has Agreed to This Calling

Chavez loves democracy. I loves the Republic. Once this crisis has abated, He will lay down the powers the Venezuelan Lame Duck congress has given him.

And these aren't the droids you're looking for.

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December 11, 2010

Stakelbeck: Photos of Venezuelan government officials meeting with Hezbollah

Erick Stakelbeck of CBN News reports:

Last month, in a special episode of my show, Stakelbeck on Terror, a former high-ranking State Department official, Roger Noriega, shared several exclusive items highlighting the dangerous cooperation between Iran and Venezuela in our hemisphere.

In one segment, we discuss an Iranian “tractor factory” in Venezuela that is storehousing weapons. We also provide exclusive photographs of Venezuelan govt. officials meeting with Hezbollah leaders in Lebanon. Here’s the clip:

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October 25, 2010

Blog Sabbath Caption Contest Axis of Gas Edition (Bumped-Fatwas Issued)

Fatwas will be issued:


Backstory: Venezuela to invest $800m in Iran gas

Thanks to Kenny Solomon

Update: Fatwas issued:

The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa issued to Haji Wacker for:

In this week's episode of Tonto and Littleman... both of our heroes are dumbstruck at their first encounter with a western, sit-down toilet.
The "devil will do meetballs[what no meetballs? Slackers] from your bodies issued to Xenphon for:
We've secretly replaced Mahmoud's Secret Mahdi Decoder ring with a gigawatt Joy Buzzer™. Let's see what happens
The "why u insult holly quoran" fatwa issued to Bubbe for:
Da big fart went dataway.
The "mojahedin will separate your dirty head from your dirty heart" fatwa issued to Imadinnerjacket for:
Look! In the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Ahhh piss! It's a drone.
Thanks for playin evil Zionists

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September 15, 2010

Venezuela Cancels Round-Trip 'Terror Flight' to Syria and Iran


A Venezuelan airline's “mystery” flight that shuttled among the capitals of three of the world’s most terror-friendly nations — Venezuela, Syria and Iran — has abruptly canceled its regularly scheduled departures amid accusations that it was used primarily to transport spies, terrorists and lethal cargo among the pariah counties.

“I am sorry, but we are no longer flying to Tehran and I do not know when the flights will resume. It was a flight that left Caracas on Tuesdays, but it no longer does,” Jenny Gil Romero, who handles international departures for Conviasa, the national airline that operates the flight, said in a message to FOX News.

Messages to the airline seeking further information went unanswered.

Romero's comments came in response to FOXNews.com's efforts to buy tickets on the regularly scheduled, 48-hour round trip from Caracas to Damascus to Tehran, then back again.

Intelligence analysts with both the CIA and Israel said that, despite the listing of the flight as a regular commercial route and a code share with Iran air -- Flight IR744 is also Flight VO3744 -- there was no way that anyone could buy a ticket and travel without being vetted by the Venezuelan or Iranian government.And without passport controls, flight manifests and other documents, it meant some of the world's most dangerous men could travel without fear of being uncovered.

Curiously, unlike most other bookings on the national airline, calls for reservations on this particular flight were routed to a cell phone in Argentina, rather than to Conviasa's regular service in Caracas.

Read it all.

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June 24, 2010

Good News! Venezuela To Nationalize U.S. Firms Oil Rigs

Ain't socialism grand!


CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela will nationalize a fleet of oil rigs belonging to U.S. company Helmerich and Payne, the latest takeover in a push to socialism as President Hugo Chavez struggles with lower oil output and a recession.

A former soldier inspired by Cuba's Fidel Castro, Chavez has made energy nationalization the linchpin in his 'revolution'. He has also taken over assets in telecommunications, power, steel and banking.

The 11 drilling rigs have been idled for months following a dispute over pending payments by the OPEC member's state oil company PDVSA. Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez said on Wednesday the rigs, the Oklahoma-based company's entire Venezuelan fleet, were being nationalized to bring them back into production[...]


The takeover of Helmerich and Payne's rigs was not a surprise, considering Chavez penchant for nationalizations and the company's refusal to work before being paid the $49 million it has invoiced PDVSA.

No worries here, yet.

h/t Kenny

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May 24, 2010

Venezuelan "Preventive Confiscation" Program

(Caracas, Venezuela) President Hugo Chavez is disturbed that price controls on food in his nascent socialist utopia have resulted in empty store shelves reminiscent of the former Soviet Union. To correct the situation, Chavez has launched a "preventive confiscation" program, using the Venezuelan National Guard.

Armed guardsmen now forcefully seize merchandise (foodstuffs) from producers to prevent empty shelves, presumably. The official reasons for the confiscation program are arguably innovative.

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February 25, 2010

OAS: Communist Dictator Violates Human Rights


Washington (CNN) -- Venezuela routinely violates human rights, often intimidating or punishing citizens based on their political beliefs, an Organization of American States commission said in a report released Wednesday.

The 319-page report by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights says a lack of independence by Venezuela's judiciary and legislature in their dealings with leftist President Hugo Chavez often leads to the abuses.

"The report finds that not all individuals are ensured full enjoyment of their rights irrespective of their positions on government policies," the human rights panel said. "The commission also finds that the punitive power of the state is being used to intimidate or punish people on account of their political opinions. The commission believes that conditions do not exist for human rights defenders and journalists to be able to freely carry out their work."

Hope! Change!

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November 11, 2009

Communism Failing Miserably in Venezuela

Er uh, blackouts in Venezuela, really no kidding?

Via New York Times: CARACAS, Venezuela — This country may be an energy colossus, with the largest conventional oil reserves outside the Middle East and one of the world’s mightiest hydroelectric systems, but that has not prevented it from enduring serious electricity and water shortages that seem only to be getting worse.
You'd think that would be like predictable given the past performance of heavily communist policies in the past?

So look kids, this is the ordinary result of communism. I know a lot of the youngsters don't remember the actual result of severely restrictive communist economic policy. So yes I'm sure it seems so glamorous in class, but this is the hard real world reality of it. Sorry to bust your little neo-commie bubbles.

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August 31, 2009

Venezuela accuses protesters of fomenting rebellion

Attorney General Luisa Ortega, Venezuela's top prosecutor, has claimed that protesters against a new educational law are fomenting a "criminal civil rebellion" against Hugo Chavez. Ortega stated that people found "guilty" of protesting can face 12 to 24 years in prison.

Think this can't happen here in the US? Breitbart

Venezuela's top prosecutor said Saturday that recent street protests were legally tantamount to "rebellion" against President Hugo Chavez's government and that demonstrators will now be charged.

The dramatic move by Attorney General Luisa Ortega capped a week of huge street protests, mostly directed against a new education law that critics say is politically charged.

"People who disturb order and the peace to create instability of institutions, to destabilize the government, or attack the democratic system, we are going to charge and try them," Ortega said in a statement, referring to the government of leftist-populist Chavez.

William Ojeda, of the opposition A New Time party, argued that "the very right to protest is being turned into a crime."

"The justice system is now being used as a tool of political and ideological persecution," Ojeda added.

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August 01, 2009

Coming to America

Hugo Chavez's latest outrage:

Thousands of demonstrators gathered around the offices of 34 broadcasters that were taken off the air in Venezuela after President Hugo Chavez argued they abused free speech.
I guess the broadcasters weren't "fair." Maybe Venezuelans need a Fairness Doctrine. Yeah, that's the ticket, a Fairness Doctrine and some indoctrination in Politically Correct speech.

Couldn't happen here; never in a bazillion years.

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July 31, 2009

New Iron Curtain in Venezuela?

Well I don't know what else to call it, isn't Hugo one of Obi-One's buddies?

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - Venezuela's top prosecutor insisted Thursday that freedom of expression in Venezuela "must be limited" and proposed legislation that would slap additional restrictions on the country's news media.

The new law would punish the owners of radio stations, television channels and newspapers that have attempted to "cause panic" and "disturb social peace," Attorney General Luisa Ortega said.

So I guess I'll take suggestions as to what kind of curtain this is in comments. Ladies you have to help cause men don't know the slightest thing about curtains.

May the force be with you.

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April 22, 2009

Chavez Opponent Flees to Peru

Why? Their judicial system has been so politicized that the ruling party tries to persecute its political opponents for opposing Chavez - all "for the people," of course.

“The fundamental problem is that there’s no credibility in the judicial system, which is a system that’s been completely politicized,” Leopoldo Lopez, a member of Rosales’s Un Nuevo Tiempo party and former mayor of the Caracas borough of Chacao, said in a telephone interview. “This is retaliation and selective repression.”

Opposition leaders say Rosales’s case stems from Chavez’s reaction to his opponents winning elections in the country’s biggest cities and states in November, when Rosales took the mayor’s office in Maracaibo, the country’s second-biggest city. In addition to Rosales, former Defense Minister Raul Baduel, who turned on Chavez in 2007, has been detained in connection with a corruption probe, prosecutors said.

Ah, yes. The always effective retroactive "corruption probe" Didn't we have a vocal leftwing party railing against "corruption" some years back and this past year, who then went on to continue and even increase the corruption once elected?

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April 18, 2009

Obama Accepts Book From Chavez That Attacks US for Exploiting Latin America

Chavez never misses a chance to diss the US

From Breitbart

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April 17, 2009

Hope/Change!!! Viva Hugo Chavez


Presidente Obama encuentra a su amigo el presidente Hugo Chávez

h/t Ace

Flashback 2006:


Bill Ayers at World Education Forum
President Hugo Chavez, Vice-President Vicente Rangel, Ministers Moncada and Isturiz, invited guests,comrades. I’m honored and humbled to be here with you this morning. I bring greetings and support from your brothers and sisters throughout Northamerica. Welcome to the World Education Forum! Amamos la revolucion Bolivariana![...]

Let those of us who are gathered here today read this poem as “The Teacher’s Obligation.” We, too, must move in and out of windows, we, too, must build a project of radical imagination and fundamental change. Venezuela is poised to offer the world a new model of education– a humanizing and revolutionary model whose twin missions are enlightenment and liberation. This World Education Forum provides us a unique opportunity to develop and share the lessons and challenges of this profound educational project that is the Bolivarian Revolution.

Viva Mission Sucre!
Viva Presidente Chavez!
Viva La Revolucion Bolivariana!
Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

Comment there:

Rarely has such disgusting “ass kissing” of a communist dictator so voluntarily been given. You are unique Ayers - I’ll give you that!

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March 23, 2009

Chavez Calls Obama Ignorant

President Chavez called President Obama a "poor ignorant person" who should "read a little bit." Chavez was irked by an Obama comment that the socialist dictator exported terrorism. Oddly, Obama's comment comes concurrent with administration dictates to not use the words "terrorist," "terrorism" or even "enemy-combatant."

In any event, it's strange that Obama and Chavez would be trading barbs. From nationalizing industries to massively spending on social programs to increasing taxes to imposing wage and price controls, the two seem to have so much in common -- brothers on a mission. Arguably, the only difference is that Chavez is ahead of Obama on the socialist utopian timeline.

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March 05, 2009

Hugo To Seize Cargill's Venezuelan Operations

The price of oil has Hugo really hurting. So he's going nationalize steal Cargill's operations. Cargill sheepishly begs Emperor Chavez for mercy. Good luck with that....

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February 05, 2009

Attacks on Jewish Synagogue And Vaitican Office in Caracas Venezuela

More news that did not make the front page today.

via CNN: Three tear gas canisters were fired Wednesday at the Vatican's diplomatic headquarters in Venezuela, the second such attack in less than three weeks, church officials and local media reports said.

No one was reported injured, and damage was minimal.

The incident occurred just hours after the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference, which includes Catholics, issued a proclamation condemning a recent attack on the main synagogue in Caracas, Venezuela.

In that incident, about 15 armed men forced their way into the Mariperez Synagogue about 10 p.m. Friday and defaced the administrative offices with anti-Semitic graffiti and vandalized an interior room where the Torah is kept. Graffiti left at the scene included the phrases, "Damn the Jews," "Jews out of here" and "Israel assassins." The men also left behind a picture of a devil, authorities said.

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January 20, 2009

Hugo Chavez: Obama Stinks Like Bush

With his transition into the seat of power as President of the United States, Barack Obama is receiving congratulatory messages from around the world, but not from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Although Obama has promised to sit down with Chavez for a no-preconditions chummy chat session, the incoming President also said recently that Chavez exports terrorism and supports the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). As a result, South America's leading thug became puckered and said Obama has the "same stench" as President Bush.

"There is still time" for Obama to correct his views, the Venezuelan leader said, but he added: "No one should say that I threw the first stone at Obama. He threw it at me."
Chavez also said that Obama is now taking orders from the dark forces inside "the empire."

Two things. First, all the Obama campaign promises of face-to-face chats with adversaries "without preconditions" were simply horse manure having no real applicability to governing. In fact, those promises must now be rationalized away or surreptitiously retracted.

And secondly, Chavez will always be a paranoid thug and sitting down with him only guarantees the expedient receipt of his verbal horse manure. Fortunately, Chavez is consistent so no guessing is necessary -- 100% horse manure, 100% of the time.

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January 09, 2009

Israeli Ambassador Expelled from Venezuela

Chavez_Fist.jpg(Caracas, Venezuela) Right on the heels of declaring the situation in Gaza a "holocaust," President Hugo Chavez booted Israel's ambassador out of Venezuela as a protest to the Gaza offensive.

Israel's ambassador to Venezuela, Shlomo Cohen, and his staff were given 72 hours to leave the country. [...]

On Tuesday night, Ambassador Cohen received a telephone call from the Foreign Ministry informing him that an official letter was on its way, declaring him and the other six members of the diplomatic mission in Caracas persona non grata and requiring them to depart the country within three days.

Following this development, a special crew flew to Venezuela to assist in evacuating the embassy and its classified documents and equipment.

There was, however, no mention of severing diplomatic ties with Israel. (more)

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November 18, 2008

Bill Ayers Lied People Died

William Ayers was in DC yesterday talking up his book "Fugitive Days". Due to the large crowd attending, the forum was moved to a church. Talk about ironic.

FReepers were there protesting the unrepentant terrorist visit. Unfortunately I am having problems posting one of their signs - "Ayers Lied People Died". Bestest poster evah. Be sure to follow the link for the images.

Here is the vid. Parts of it are blurry but the best sentence from a dissenter - "Why did you out Valerie Plame? Say what?

Check out what greets you when looking at Ayers book at Amazon

"Just so you know...* We're sorry! Some images in this book are not displayed per publisher request."
Hiding stuff already?

Update - Protest sign. Thanks "This Ain't hell"!


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November 07, 2008

Chavez Nationalizes Mining Industry

Chavez Fist.jpg(Caracas, Venezuela) On the heels of congratulating President-elect Obama, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez celebrated by nationalizing one of the world's largest gold deposits, the Las Cristinas project.

Las Cristinas, operated by Crystallex International Ltd. of Canada, is believed to contain more than 16 million ounces of gold.

Therefore, along with the oil, electricity, steel, cement and the telecom industries, Hugo Chavez now has government-run mining.

And in other news, we learn that Venezuela will sign a memorandum of understanding with Russian-owned Rusoro to operate its mines.

Frankly, nobody should be surprised by this latest news from Venezuela. Any self-respecting police-state socialist knows that mines are needed for reeducating the more difficult members of the population. The Soviets used salt mines but gold mines work just as well. (more)

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