September 15, 2017

Bomb on London Train

Apparently the bomb caused injuries even though it did not go off as planned.

Here is a pic what's left of it.


At least 18 people were taken to the hospital, whomever planted the bomb is sill at large.

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June 06, 2017

Last London Bridge Stiff Was Youssef Zaghba

We now know the identity of the last POS.

British police named the third of the attacker who killed seven people in a knife and van attack in London as Youssef Zaghba.
The 22-year-old was believed to be an Italian national of Moroccan descent and lived in east London. The other two attackers as Khuram Butt (27), a British national born in Pakistan, and Rachid Redouane (30), who had claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan, and had recently lived in Dublin.


Zaghba’s mother lives in the northern Italian city of Bologna and he had broken off relations with his Moroccan father, the source said, confirming a report on the website of newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Corriere wrote that Zaghba was stopped at Bologna airport in 2016 when he was trying to fly to Syria via Turkey, and that Italian authorities had tipped off Britain about his movements.

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June 04, 2017

One of London Attackers Radicalized on Jihadtube

This man, was turned in by Muslims twice previously. Nothing was done.

The friend told the BBC’s Asian Network that the terrorist had been radicalised watching videos of the infamous American hate preacher Ahmad Musa Jibril.

He said: “We spoke about a particular attack that happened and like most radicals he had a justification for anything and everything and that day I 
realised I needed to contact the authorities.”

He added: “He used to listen to a lot of Musa Jibril. I have heard some of this stuff and its very radical. I am surprised this stuff is still on YouTube and is easily accessible. I phoned the anti-terror hotline. I spoke to the gentleman. I told him about our conversation and why I think he was radicalised.”

However, he said he was not arrested and was allowed to keep his passport. “I did my bit, I know a lot of other people did their bit, but the authorities did not do their bit,” the friend said.

We've all been doing our bit haven't we. We the People are not failing. We are giving our asses, nothing is done.

A simple search for Musa Jabril on Youtube at this moment returns 49,600 results.


More on Ahmad Musa Jibril here at the Counter Extremism Project.

In April 2014, ICSR researchers found that 60 percent of foreign fighters in Syria followed Jibril on Twitter.* Jibril’s followers have primarily joined al-Qaeda-affiliated groups, but some have joined ISIS as well.* Jibril has been in direct contact with several foreign fighters and families of deceased fighters.* Jibril “bridges the gap” for Westerners who may not understand Arabic, according to Shiraz Maher, one of the study’s co-authors.* Jibril “provides the political and theological justification” and “comfort” to jihadists, according to ICSR director Peter Neumann.*

Jibril’s Twitter account, @ahmadmusajibril, has more than more than 33,000 followers. His Facebook page, under the name Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibril, has more than 240,000 likes, although he has not updated it since July 2014. His YouTube page,, has more than 9,500 subscribers. Jibril also maintains a blog at Jibril previously ran a now defunct Islamist website,, which included “fanatically anti-American sermons by militant Islamic clerics,” according to U.S. authorities.* A group of Jibril’s followers created the website, which hosts lectures and articles by Jibril and his students.

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March 18, 2016

Not a Terrorist Attack in Edmonton

Looks like Choudary's pals are creating Fitna again.

A daylight clip taken from a nearby balcony appears to suggest the terrifying situation followed a disagreement in the shopping centre as a seven-strong group of men can be seen dispersing across a car park as a shot and shouting can be heard at the beginning of the footage.

The gun-toting man then chases the four boys across a nearby busy road, forcing drivers to slow down as they swerve around the group.

As one of the men, who appears to have been shot in the leg, attempts to desperately limp away from the scene others run ahead in a bid to ready a vehicle.

The attacker, who appeared to be wearing a thobe, which is an ankle-length garment, can be seen following with the weapon held out in front before he targets the injured man, who cowers next to a residential house.

Of course this really didn't happen because the UK has strong gun control measures. No one has guns.

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March 06, 2015

UK Terror Supporters Continue to Raise Funds Online

CAGE UK's bank accounts are frozen and they're being investigated for supporting terrorists -- including Jihadi John. But that hasn't stopped them from continuing to raise funds.


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October 03, 2014

ISIS Murders British Hostage Allan Henning

Jawa Report can confirm that British hostage Allan Henning has been murdered by the Islamic State in revenge for this week's vote in Parliament approving strikes against ISIS.


The tape comes within hours of reports of coalition airstrikes against ISIS in support of Kurds besieged in Kobane.

An American Peter Edward Kassig is shown at the end and is threatened with death.


The murder is carried out by the same Jihadi John.

The blood of Davbid Haines is on your hands Cameron.

Alan Henning will also be slaughtered, but his blood in on the hands of the British Parliament.

(continues) Obama, you have started your ariel bombardment in Sham(Syria) which strikes our people, so its only right that we strike the necks of your people.

Update: Some background on Henning.
The wife of British hostage Alan Henning pleaded Saturday with ISIS to release him, describing her husband as a "peaceful, selfless man" who was only in Syria to help people in need.

"I cannot see how it could assist any state's cause to allow the world to see a man like Alan dying," Barbara Henning said, according to a message released by the UK Foreign Office. ISIS refers to itself as "the Islamic State."

Alan Henning, a taxi driver from near Manchester, England, was part of a team of volunteers that traveled to Syria in December to deliver food and water to people affected by the Middle Eastern country's devastating civil war.
He was abducted the day after Christmas by masked gunmen, according to other people in the aid convoy

May he rest in peace and our prayers are with Mrs Henning and his family. May the Lord keep him and comfort his family

And let the UK know what we stand with them.



Um yeah that was me.

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September 26, 2014

Heartbreak Anjem Choudary Released From Custody

Well F*ck me a running.

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August 06, 2014

Muslims Against Crusades Spokesman Had Direct Direction From Omar Bakri Muhammed

Jihad Watch:

“Ali was said to be the spokesman of banned extremist group Muslims Against Crusades when he praised the suicide attacks on America. The radical Muslim warned of a terrorist attack on the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and called for a Burn American Flag Day in YouTube videos, the Old Bailey heard.” And like Hinda Osman Dhirane in Washington state, he called jihad mass murder attacks a “blessing.” And of course, from the jihadis’ point of view, they are blessings: they are what their bloodthirsty god wants.
Afsor Ali, 27, kept a stash of al-Qaeda documents, bomb-making plans and extremist lectures on his computer, selecting some to carry with him on his MP3 player, it was alleged.

Ali was said to be the spokesman of banned extremist group Muslims Against Crusades when he praised the suicide attacks on America. The radical Muslim warned of a terrorist attack on the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and called for a Burn American Flag Day in YouTube videos, the Old Bailey heard.

Ali was personally counselled by Bakri, the militant cleric dubbed the Tottenham Ayatollah, and recorded two of their conversations about Jihadi fighting and martyrdom.

Ali is on trial for having the al-Qaeda magazine Inspire and terrorist manual “39 Ways to Serve and Participate in Jihad” on his computers and MP3 player. Prosecutor Oliver Glasgow said he was a leader of Muslims Against Crusades and appeared in four YouTube videos under the alias Abu Assadullah promoting extremism.

Here is Abu Assadullah suggesting that Moderate Muslims are the wrong kind of Muslim, or Murtad. An offense that merits death under Sharia.

If you look at little further in the Youtube channel, you can find he is hanging out with Anjem Choudary.

Why Choudary's head has not been lodged on a post at the Tower of London is beyond me.

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November 04, 2013

Its 10:00 Do You Know Where Your Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Restricted Domestic Terrorists Are?


A terror suspect who has gone missing after changing into a burka at a mosque is being hunted by police.

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, 27, who was subject to an order restricting his movements, was last seen on Friday leaving the site in Acton, west London.


CCTV images showed him leaving with his face totally covered.

Police say Mr Mohamed, who has been linked to the Somali militant group al-Shabab, should not be approached but do not believe he poses a direct threat.

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October 15, 2013

UK Police Thwart Copy Cat Mall Attack

Disgruntled Jehovah's Witnesses, I'm sure:

British law enforcement agencies say they have averted a plot to orchestrate a large-scale terror attack similar to the assault on Kenya's Westgate mall.

Police are questioning four men in their 20s on suspicion of terrorism after they were detained on Sunday in pre-planned, intelligence-led raids.

A British security official says the men were planning a shooting spree akin to the Westgate attack in Nairobi, in which at least 67 people died....

Metropolitan Police did not identify the suspects or say what, if any, charges, they may face. But in a series of statements, the force said the men were all British nationals between the ages of 25 and 29, with roots in Turkey, Pakistan, Algeria and Azerbaijan.

h/t: TROP

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September 30, 2013

British Court Clears Way to Seize Home Used in Terror Financing

Fund the Taliban, lose your home:

Three judges said the trial of Munir Farooqi, from Longsight, Manchester, and two other men had been fair.

The Court of Appeal decision paves the way for the first ever seizure of a family home as a terrorist asset....

His trial heard that he had used the family's large Victorian home to hold meetings to radicalise recruits. One of Farooqi's sons was acquitted at trial of charges relating to his father's actions.

Following his conviction, Greater Manchester Police and the Crown Prosecution Service said they would seek to take the property because it had been used for a terrorist purpose and had been "in the possession or control" of Farooqi at the time he committed the offences.

Too bad Rachel Corrie won't be there to lay in front of the wrecking ball.

What, too soon?

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August 02, 2013

"Innocent" Gitmo Prisoner Calls on Taliban to Storm Gitmo

Moazzam Begg is held up by both the Left and Islamists as evidence that most Gitmo prisoners were just innocent guys wandering around Afghanistan herding goats when the meany-Americans profiled them and just started putting every Mo, Azziz, and Machmood in prison.

If this guy wasn't al Qaeda, how come he's so keen on al Qaeda breaking prisoners out of Iraqi jails? And why does he want the Taliban to do the same in Gitmo?

Begg is one of the jihad supporting assmaggots behind the group masquerading as a "human rights" organization called Cage Prisoners. This is a group that had Anwar al-Awlaki as their keynote speaker at a "human rights fundraiser". You know, the former external operations chief for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

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July 15, 2013

Another of Anjem Choudary's Followers Sentenced For Support of al-Qaeda

If it walks like a duck....

A man with links to radical Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary has been jailed for two years for terrorism offences.

Royal Mail worker Mohammed Benares, 45, had terror guides showing how to make a bomb and detonator and how to handle an AK47 assault rifle.

Benares, of Saltley, Birmingham, downloaded the terror material from the internet and stored it on three external hard drives. He also had links with another radical preacher, Abu Izzadeen.

The documents included online al Qaida magazine Inspire and step-by-step instructions on how to make a bomb ‘In the kitchen of your mom’ using readily-available ingredients.

The court heard that Benares had attended a demonstration organised by the Muslims Against Crusades group( Benares at 0:17) in central London on September 11, 2011 to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

The Daily Mail states in the bullet points state he had over 50 copies of "AQAP's Inspire". There are only eleven issues of Inspire though. So he must have had copies of various other al-Qaeda publications such as Vanguards of Khorasan, Shahamat or Al-Samoud.

Abu Izzadeen a revert formerly known as Trevor Brooks was recently released after serving time for terrorist fund-raising and inciting terrorism.

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July 12, 2013

1K Words on Lee Rigby Funeral

The Blaze:

British Prime Minister David Cameron joined thousands of mourners Friday at the funeral of a British soldier killed in broad daylight by Islamic extremists.


The soldier’s widow, Rebecca, walked into the church with the couple’s 2-year-old son Jack, who wore a T-shirt bearing the words “My Daddy My Hero.” Rigby’s parents and sisters were in tears.

RIP Lee and may God bless, keep and comfort Rebecca and Jack.

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July 08, 2013

Abu Qatada FINALLY Deported from UK

It's a small victory, but we takes what we can gets:

Radical cleric Abu Qatada is being held in a high security jail near the Jordanian capital Amman, after being deported from the UK....

Abu Qatada was first arrested in the UK over alleged terror connections in 2001 and has fought deportation since 2005....

Military prosecutors charged him with conspiracy to carry out terrorist acts - relating to a plot to bomb American and Israeli tourists during Jordan's millennium celebrations.

It took 8 years for Osama bin Laden's go-to man in the UK to finally be deported.

Eight. Freaking. Years.

Let's hope Jordanian prisons are as bad as my imagination envisions them.

Thanks to Laura

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June 10, 2013

Cornhole Watch: Six Man Circle Jerk Edition

Jewel Uddin, Omar Mohammed Khan, Zohaib Ahmed, Mohammed Hasseen, Anzal Hussain and Mohammed Saud have at least 18 years to get to know each other better.

Six Islamist extremists have been jailed for a total of more than 100 years for plotting a gun and bomb attack on an English Defence League rally that could have sparked spiralling communal violence in Britain.


The six travelled to Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, for the rally attended by several hundred people with a car full of weaponry including a pipe bomb, two shotguns and knives but turned up too late to carry out the attack.

As they drove home to Birmingham, one of their cars was pulled over by police because a plotter failed to fill out an online application form properly and the car showed up as *having no insurance.

Now is the time at Jawa Report when we dance.

*Grandpa always said that insurance was a Zionist plot.

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June 05, 2013

Conrnhole Watch: Another Jihadi Arrested in UK Abu Muwahhid

Brothers in UK are now under great fitnah, Raise your awareness!


Apparently his house is currently being searched. I found out because the Jihadis have already started a free Abu Muwahhid twitter tag. Because you know, there is no evidence.

If you're wondering what kind of guy Abu Muwahhid he's one of those radicals from SalafiMedia.

Here's a video from his youtube channel.

Here's his twitter feed. and Facebook.

Here is one where he calls interfaith relations a conspiracy.

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June 03, 2013

Woolwich Butcherer Michael Adebolajo Asked To Be Known As Mujahid Abu Hamza In Bizarre Cornhole Watch Appearance

Teh ghey

He's proud to be a terrorist

A man accused of murdering soldier Lee Rigby made a bizarre appearance in court today and demanded to be known as Mujahid Abu Hamza.

Michael Adebolajo, 28, constantly interrupted proceedings during the ten minute hearing at London’s Westminster magistrates’ court.

Dressed in white T-shirt and trousers, he held a copy of the Koran and had his left arm cased in plaster.

He smiled and blew kisses to a lone supporter in the public gallery and both men then pointed at the ceiling of the court in a gesture similar to the victory sign given by Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt.

[Coninue reading]

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May 25, 2013

U.K. Police Arrest 3 More Men In Connection With Savage Murder Of Drummer Rigby

drummer rigby.jpg
Drummer Rigby Image via ITV
Mujahid Adebolajo
Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale

Most likely more of al-Qaeda loving Anjem Choudary and Omar (the goat humping) Bakri Mohammed followers like the above

LONDON (AP) — British police on Saturday arrested three more suspects in connection with the savage killing of an off-duty soldier that has raised fresh concerns about terrorism.

Scotland Yard said counterterrorism officers arrested two men, ages 24 and 28, at a residential address in southeast London. A third man, 21, was arrested separately on a London street at the same time.

Police said they used a stun gun on two of the suspects. All three were detained on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder.

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May 24, 2013

Abu Nusaybah, Friend Of Woolwich Butcher Mujahid Adebolajo, Arrested After Appearing On BBC
Updated: Abu Nusaybah Also Mentored By Jihad Preacher Anjem Choudary

Abu Nusaybah, man of many wives & mentored By Anjem Choudary

Apparently, in the interview, Abu Nusaybah told BBC Mujahid was approached by M15 and they asked if he wanted to work for them. I guess Mujahid preferred his current occupation as Islamic butcher of kaffirs.

Don't wanna go finking on my akhis

MI5 asked Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo if he wanted to work for them about six months before the killing, a childhood friend has said.

Abu Nusaybah told BBC Newsnight his friend - one of two men arrested after Drummer Lee Rigby's murder in south-east London on Wednesday - had rejected the approach from the security service.

The BBC could not obtain any confirmation from Whitehall sources.

Abu Nusaybah was arrested at the BBC after giving the interview.

The Met Police said a 31-year-old man had been arrested at 21:30 BST on Friday in relation to suspected terrorism offences and search warrants were being executed at two homes in east London.

The arrest was not directly related to the murder of Drummer Rigby, it said.

Nusaybah said Mujahid Adebolajo was cornholed in Kenya.[See my update below the fold].
In his Newsnight interview, Abu Nusaybah said he thought "a change" had taken place in his friend after his detention by security forces on a trip to Kenya last year.

Abu Nusaybah said Mr Adebolajo suggested he had been physically and sexually abused during an interrogation in a prison cell in the African country.

After this, he became withdrawn "and less talkative - he wasn't his bubbly self", Abu Nusaybah added.

He said Mr Adebolajo also told him that, upon his return, he was "followed up by MI5" who were "knocking on his door".

I had posted earlier one of the two terrorists wanted to join al-Shabaab but I didn't know which one. Most likely it was him considering his 'trip to Kenya'.

I bet he is raking in the big welfare bucks[Jihad seekers allowance]. Many wives and kids, good Lord.

Update: I checked man of many wives twitter account for the cornhole comment:

He's full of shit. Yes, Kenya jails are bad but stating UK knew?

Update II: He was/is mentored by radical preacher Anjem Choudary. I thought his face looked familiar:

Nusaybah is connected to extremists formerly in the banned group al-Muhajiroun. Counter-terrorism officers turned up at reception at the BBC's central London headquarters as his interview was being recorded an hour before it was broadcast. The officers waited, then arrested Nusaybah as he left the BBC's headquarters.
He is trying to incite his akhis and make excuses for that beheading bastard of a friend of his.

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Epicenter Of Evil: Anjem Choudary's Web Of Hate
Omar Bakri Mohammed, London Beheader's Imam

Click to enlarge

I added the last name of the second Woolwich butcher to the above image. His full name is Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale

Via The Sun: Epicentre of evil- Killer is my pupil, says Choudary

HATE cleric Anjem Choudary yesterday admitted the Woolwich butcher was one of his disciples — and praised his “impeccable character”.

Bile-spewing Choudary acknowledged he helped turn Michael Adebolajo to extremism and that the machete monster was only “making his voice heard in blood”.

The preacher — still free as a bird despite brazenly inspiring terrorists for a DECADE — claimed he did not “condone” the attack that left soldier Lee Rigby dead.

Choudary said of Wednesday’s atrocity by Adebolajo and fellow fanatic Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale: “What he did was unusual and it’s not the view I propagate but those views are out there.

“Some members of the Muslim community struggle to express themselves and he is making his voice heard in blood.”

His comments come three months after The Sun secretly filmed Choudary, who is a British citizen, teaching extremists to “rise up” against non-believers.

We caught the father of four, who The Sun revealed has claimed £25,000 a year in welfare, urging fanatics not to ignore “jihad and fighting”, and labelling David Cameron the devil.

It was just the latest example of Choudary being at the centre of terror plots — leading experts to demand why police are guilty of “a gross derogation of duty” by turning a blind eye towards him.

The Sun handed cops a detailed dossier of Choudary’s terrorist training methods after publication of our expose on February 17. We met detectives at their request on March 6 and handed over reams of paperwork and DVDs of secret recordings of the preacher’s rants.

On March 26 Thames Valley Police-based officers announced they would mount no case — saying the material we provided “fell below an evidential threshold”.


Until the PC shite stops we will continue to see these Islamic bast*rds continue their jihad on infidels.

Related: London Beheader’s Imam[Omar Bakri Mohammed..ed]: "When You Meet [Westerners], Slice their Own Necks

Terrorists are not born, they are made....

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2nd Woolwich Terrorist Is ID'd As Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale
Convert To Islam, Probation Officer's Son

drummer rigby.jpg
Drummer Rigby Image via ITV
Mujahid Adebolajo
Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale

Another graduate of Anjem Choudary/Omar Bakri Mohammed jihad school.

The second Muslim convert who allegedly executed Lee Rigby in Woolwich has been identified as Michael Adebowale, a probation officer’s son radicalised as a teenager, it emerged today.

The 22-year-old British citizen of Nigerian descent and Michael Adebolajo, 28, ran the soldier down with their car before ‘hacking, chopping and cutting’ at his body like ‘crazed animals’ screaming ‘Allah Akbar!’ – an Islamic phrase meaning ‘God is great’, witnesses said.

With Rigby’s body left in the street Adebolajo ranted on film: ‘You people will never be safe’ before the pair waited 14 minutes for armed police to arrive and were gunned down waving firearms, knives and a machete.

Both have been been arrested on suspicion of murder and remain in hospital in a stable condition with Scotland Yard waiting to interview them[...]

Details about the 22-year-old are still emerging, but it is understood he and his girlfriend, a fellow convert, were well known in south-east London for handing out extremist leaflets[...]

They had been considered “lone wolves”. But MI5 and Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism officers are trying to find out if they are part of a terror cell that could carry out further atrocities.

One of the killers was picked up by police last year as he tried to leave the country, apparently on his way to join al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab fighters in Somalia[...]

Somalian terrorists Al-Shabaab last night tweeted messages of sympathy for the Woolwich butchers.

[Read it all]

His "friend" speaks out

Big "shock" my arse.

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Michael Mujahid Adebolajo: Behead Those That Insult Islam
Such A Quiet & Shy Lad Eh Anjem Choudary & Omar Bakri Mohammed?

2006: Behead Those Who Insult Islam~Mujahid Adebolajo
drummer rigby.jpg
Drummer Rigby Image via ITV
2013: Mujahid Adebolajo Is Proud Of Butchering Drummer Lee Rigby

Well, he said he would behead and that's what he tried to do to Drummer Lee Rigby.

The setting was the Old Bailey in 2006, where four men were arrested for fighting with police and photographers as they turned out in support of a fanatic on trial for calling for British soldiers to be killed.

Among those led away in handcuffs that day, still arguing that he was within his rights to urge people to “behead those who insult Islam”, was Michael “Mujahid” Adebolajo. Seven years on, Adebolajo, a British-born Muslim convert, is suspected of having answered the call to arms as one of two men who butchered Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

The attack on the soldier, following which Adebolajo talked of an “eye for an eye” [he was citing the Quran MFM talked over it..ed]as his hands dripped with blood, came seemingly from nowhere, but The Telegraph has established that the killer had in fact been well known to the police and MI5 for years. Far from being a so-called “cleanskin”, Adebolajo was a known extremist with an open MI5 file who was in plain sight all along

Again, Anjem Choudary and Omar (the goat humping) Bakri Mohammed have mentored another Islamic terrorist.


Man Beheaded in South London
Woolwich Terrorists Had Been Watched
RIP Drummer Lee Rigby Tango Down
Al Qaeda Lover Anjem Chourdary Mentored Woolwich Terrorist Michael Adebolajo
Blames British In Afghanistan For Attack (bumped)
Omar Bakri Mohammed: I Mentored Him Too!!!

ATTN: Anjem Choudary
The Very Quiet and Shy Mujahid Adebolajo
Feel Good Video Of The Day

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Feed Good Video of The Day

Mujahid Adebolajo having his ass shot off.

The mirror describes the police as using a "machine gun" which just goes to show you the ignorance that strict gun control fosters.

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February 23, 2013

British Islamists Holding Conference on Muslim "Hostages"

And by "hostages" they mean "terrorists who have been captured".

I'll just note that Mullah Krekar was the founder of Ansar al-Islam, a terrorist organization in Iraq linked to al Qaeda and made famous for beheading hostages, many of them civilians.

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December 31, 2012

Somali on UK Terror Watch List Skips Town

Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.

Detectives have asked for help to trace a man believed to have absconded from a terror control measure.

Police say Ibrahim Magag, 28, who is of Somali origin, is not considered to "represent a direct threat to the British public".

TPims replaced control orders in January 2012, amid some controversy.

Home Office minister James Brokenshire said: "We do not believe his disappearance is linked to any terrorism planning in the UK."

He added: "The Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measure in this case was intended to prevent fundraising and overseas travel."

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October 22, 2012

Video : Brand New Leather Jacket

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 10:27 AM | Comments |

September 25, 2012

Hello Abu Hamza, I'm Your Roommate Bubba

I love the smell of soap-on-a-rope in the morning:

He once described Britain as a "toilet" -- now, radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri is to be flushed out of the UK legal system and into a potential life sentence in America, the end of an era for perhaps London's most famous anti-Western preacher.

After nearly a decade of legal battles, a European court has ruled that the one-eyed, hook-handed al-Masri, who was convicted in a British court and jailed in 2006 for a variety of terror-related crimes, can be extradited to face terror charges in the U.S.

It's about time. Let's just hope he's on the next plane out of Heathrow. I have a feeling he's going to find a federal prison less comfortable than the ones in the UK.

Which reminds me of the only funny joke from the movie Mallrats. It had to do with the Ben Affleck character having a certain predilection in which he lured vulnerable young women into having sex in an uncomfortable place.

The punchline being: You mean like in the back of a VW Bug?

Yeah, that was a good line.

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April 16, 2012

Shoe Bomb Conspirator Turns State's Evidence, Sentence Reduced

I'm conflicted: on the one hand, this guy conspired with Richard Reid to blow up an airplane! On the other hand, now he's going to testify against Adis Medunjanin, who's being tried in NYC as we speak (see below).

So, worst case scenario is that Saajid Badat gets out of a British jail early while a guy who threatened America gets a longer sentence.

Yeah, I can live with that. My apologies to British readers, but this appears to be a zero sum game: our win is your loss. That kinda sucks, no?

H/T: @switch_d

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February 06, 2012

Choudary Taught 6 of 9 Convicted Plotters

He claims he had no idea that they were plotting to blow up the London Stock Exchange. Right. We believe you:

HARDLINE Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary taught six of the nine fanatics jailed last week for plotting to bomb London.

The firebrand cleric even praised the terror gang as “decent young chaps”.

Choudary claimed he had no idea they planned to kill and maim.

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Great News: al Qaeda's #1 Guy in UK to be Released

Forget sending him to Jordan, why not deport him to Yemen or Somalia? Then, send in the drones!

A British court ruled Monday that an extremist cleric described as one of Europe’s leading al-Qaida operatives should be released on bail.

After six years in custody, Abu Qatada could be freed within days for three months under stringent conditions, a judge at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission in London said.

Abu Qatada has been fighting to be released after the European Court of Human Rights ruled last month he should not be deported to face terror charges in Jordan due to concerns that evidence obtained by torture would be used against him.

I don't like torture. I don't condone it. But, you know what? I'm more concerned with human life.

When concerns about torture trump concerns for human life, they you know you are on the quick path to civilization suicide.

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February 02, 2012

Two German Muslims Sentenced for Posessing "Inspire" Magazine

Samir Khan's Inspire magazine is the gift that keeps giving, long after his death:

Christian Emde, 28, and Robert Baum, 23, both Muslim converts from Solingen in Germany, were arrested in July entering the UK at Dover port....

Emde admitted four counts of possession of copies of Inspire magazine from 2010, featuring the articles "How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom", "The ultimate mowing machine", "Technical details" and "Destroying buildings".

Baum admitted a single count of possession of Inspire magazine, featuring an article called "39 ways to participate in jihad".

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December 16, 2011

Irony: Group That Supports Government Censorship Laments Conviction of Terror Propagandist

Ahmed Faraz, who published and disseminated propaganda for terrorists in the UK, has been convicted and sentenced to three years. From his bookshop in Birmingham the material he distributed ended up in the hands of, well, just about every unsavory character in the UK:

His customers included Mohammed Sidique Khan, the leader of the July 7 bomb plot, and members of the trans-Atlantic airline gang, who quoted from his texts in their suicide videos.

His books were found among the belongings of Habib Ahmed, a key al-Qaeda lieutenant from Manchester, and Andrew Ibrahim, who planned to blow up a shopping centre in Bristol.

Among a series of raids on the bookshop was one in 2007 as part of an investigation into a plot to kidnap and behead a Muslim solider.

I'm not sure how I feel about laws banning books, but I do know I feel no remorse for this piece of crap.

I can't say the same about the evildoers over at Cageprisoners, the "human rights" group which is really a front for terror supporters. The same people who would like to outlaw blasphemy, end freedom of religion, and curtail other basic freedoms lament the state of civil liberties in the UK:

The implication of this case, which is essentially about books and ideas, presents a highly disturbing vision for the future of freedom of expression in Britain. If ideas are deemed controversial, the solution is to debate them, not ban them. Furthermore, if these books are now banned, what will the authorities do with the confiscated stock? One can only assume they will be destroyed – they will be burned.
If that's not hubristic hypocrisy, I don't know what is!

UPDATE: Randy adds some more context:

For those of you keeping track of Guantanamo detainees, this very same bookstore was once owned by Moazzam Begg -- the former Gitmo resident who now runs Cageprisoners.

So, it's not just any old jihadi bookstore.

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December 02, 2011

Awesome! Abu Izzadeen Arrested Yet Again


British police say 22 people have been arrested outside of the US embassy in London during a protest over the use of military drones in Pakistan.

Scotland Yard confirmed the arrests on Friday at the demonstration organised by a group calling itself United Ummah.

The demonstration was advertised as a gathering that would include Friday prayers outside of the US embassy to draw attention to "the murder of Muslims with drones".

The protest was actually against the strike on Samir Khan and Anwar al-Awaki. The brothers at Ansar Enlgish forum are asking we make Du'ah for Abu Izzadeen and his Akhi from Islam4UK.

Add your best wishes in comments.

Image credit Daily Mail.

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November 10, 2011

Attn: Muslims Against Crusade

You no longer exist.


Following the ban on Muslims Against Crusades, the dissolved organization that championed the condemnation of western occupation and repression of Muslims lands across the world, British Police have raided the home of Anjem Choudary and a second property in London.



Muslims Against Crusades has been dissolved as of 10th November 2011, there are no longer any members of this organisation and all affiliation to this organisation has been cancelled.


Related: Muslims Against Crusades Banned in UK **Bumped*.

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November 02, 2011

Abu Izzadeen (Trevor Brooks) Arrested Again

Trevor "Abu Izzadeen" Brooks

Anjem Choudary is claiming that Abu Izzadeen, born Trevor Brooks, has been arrested. The announcement was made on Facebook:

Abu Izzadeen has just been arrested by the khnzeer police. Please make dua that he is released asap
No official announcement has been made by either the British police or by Muslims Against Crusades, the group run by Choudary and Izzadeen. But other Facebook friends of Izzadeen are making the same claim.

Izzadeen served 3 1/2 years for supporting terrorism. Recently Izzadeen's website at Muslims Against Crusades website featured an article asking whether the assassination of President Barrack Obama was legal. This image of the President as he's about to be killed by a sniper rifle was used to promote the article.

If any one knows anything about Izzadeen's arrest, please let us know.


Update by Howie 11/03/2011: Express reports that Izzadeen was arrested for violating the conditions of his probation.

Extremists are known to be planning an event entitled Hell For Heroes – mocking the charity for injured soldiers Help For Heroes – outside the Royal Albert Hall.

It is the same location where a poppy was burned last year, prompting widespread outrage. Demonstrator Emdadur Choudhury, 26, who set fire to the poppy, was fined £50. It is understood Izzadeen, of Leyton, east London, allegedly breached rules over telling police about his home and work addresses.

The protesters, who have sought permission from police to hold the rally, aim to disrupt the minute’s silence held in honour of the war dead.

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September 22, 2011

7th Arrested in Birmingham Terror Ring

Add number seven to the six arrested earlier this week in Birmingham. WaPo:

British police say a seventh man has been arrested in a counterterrorism operation that began earlier this week.

West Midlands Police said Thursday the 20-year-old was detained in the central England city of Birmingham, on suspicion of “the commission, preparation or instigation” of a terrorism act.

H/T Aaron

As a reminder, one of the homes raided belonged to a jihadi who had served jail time for threatening to behead British soldiers.

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June 13, 2011

Good News: Up to 20 Female Suicide Bombers on the Loose in the UK

I'm not exactly sure what to make of this British tabloid article on a police sweep that netted dozens of women in the UK who were involved in what looks like a massive suicide bombing plot. There's no real time frame given for the events, but it appears that a number of women were arrested, let go, and then followed in order to map out the terrorist networks they were embedded in. After which dozens more were put under surveillance.

The scary part is that women as young as 17 were recruited as suicide bombers. I take that back, the real scary part is that the article claims that at least 20 more potential suicide bombers are on the loose and in the UK.

The thinking is that because officers feared "Muslim sensitivities" that women in burkas were much less likely to be given security scrutiny. If true, it's like the UK is living in bizarro world:

But it is feared there are at least 20 of the Black Widow bombers still at large and ready to carry out their deadly missions.

A senior security source said: “The terrorists rely on a woman in a black flowing dress not being stopped. They can’t be searched easily because of their strict rules and it’s hard to see what they are hiding under their robes.

“A lot of people would think twice about searching them for fear of offending religious rules or being accused of sexual harassment or indecency."

I know we're always being warned that if you profile people then the bad guys will just recruit people who don't meet the profile. But, then again, if you don't profile people their recruiting efforts just become that much easier.

UPDATE: Oh, this explains a lot -- Police covered up violent efforts to turn London areas Islamic

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