March 31, 2017

Extreme German Right Wing Homophobes Want Gay Teacher Fired

There are still Nazis in Germany.

“They went on the warpath,” said the managing director of the Reinickendorf kindergarten, detailing how parents organised to collect signatures against its employment of the man — who Der Tagesspiegel calls Christian Berger — demanding that he be fired.

“We are living in 21st century Berlin,” said the manager, who runs four kindergartens in the German capital. She stressed there was no way she was going to sack a member of staff because of his sexuality.

At a subsequent parent’s evening, to which Berger was not invited, a number of families warned they would remove their children from the centre’s care if it continued to employ the gay staff member.

Left wing groups surely will line up to protest these sick Amish homophobes....

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March 15, 2017

Sandcrawler PSA: Chinese Democracy

Rusty is visiting China, learning all about the Chinese Homosexual Community.

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June 14, 2016

Omar The Gay Muslim Mateen

Turns out Omar was totally possessed by a Gay Jinn.

A former classmate of Omar Mateen, the gunman who killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, believed the 29-year-old killer was gay.

A man who was in the same 2006 police academy class as Mateen told the Palm Beach Post that Mateen once asked him out romantically and said they had spent time together at gay nightclubs after classes at the Indian River Community College police academy.
Officials say Mateen shot and killed 49 people and injured 53 others at Pulse, a gay nightclub, early Sunday morning.

“We went to a few gay bars with him, and I was not out at the time, so I declined his offer,” said the former classmate said, who asked that his name not be used.

So all you homo-islam-o-gay-o-phobes need to stop talking bad about poor alcoholic Omar, I mean being all conflicted and stuff and unable to even get a hummer from the older fat guys.
The man told the Palm Beach Post that he believed Mateen was gay but not open about it.

“He just wanted to fit in and no one liked him.

Drinking in the corner alone like that.

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April 12, 2016

Muslim Reality Show Contest Turns Out To Be Gay

Rizwan hates girls!

Rizwan Shabir, 27, storms off tonight’s episode of the C4 survival series after the half-naked women got too much for him.

Female hopefuls including rugby streaker Erika Roe, camerawomen Sarah Carnie and Zoe Hines and barmaid Tilly Martin have all worn just their swimsuits on the show.

But phone shop owner Shabir decided to quit the series fronted by Grylls, above, after 11 days.

Better watch that Rizwan, your radical brothers will throw from a high place. After that, your moderate brothers will stone you.

Because everyone knows a good heterosexual Muslim would have raped those infidel slags!

But maybe I'm not being fair here. Let check out what offends Rizwan, I mean maybe they are unattractive infidel slags?

OK so a few drinks, no problem.


OK so I take it all back. For the love off all that is holy turn it off, turn it off man!

Jawa Report eye bleach file image

That's better.

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December 07, 2015

New Clinton Ad 25% Good Gay

Hillary 2016 has released a new add talking about how good she is for Gay people.

But Jawa Report still only gives her a 25% Good Gay rating.





Of course.


Bonus points for Jawas who can explain why #4 is still Bad Gay.

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October 29, 2015

Fatwa This! Islamic State! Danger! Romance!

Caption or create your own meme... Fatwas will be issued.

Probably against me, but you don't want me taking all the credit and getting all the reward.

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July 13, 2015

Same Sex Equality At Last!

Smoking Gun:

A Florida woman is facing a domestic battery charge after allegedly using a dildo to batter her female domestic partner during a fight in the couple’s residence, police allege.

After the women tussled over possession of a dress, Officer Eric Blomgren directed Kielhurn not to touch the 47-year-old Capaner-Ridley. However, “Shortly afterwards the defendant intentionally shoved a ‘dildo’ in the victim’s face and grabbed her right arm while arguing whose it belonged to,” Blomgren reported.

As a result, the cop arrested Kielhurn for domestic battery. An arrest affidavit does not indicate whether the dildo was seized as evidence.

Its not Kielhurn's first run in with the law, she was prison guard until police found 25 keys of blo in her rental car.

Ironic, anywayI bet she was popular among the inmates.

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March 30, 2015

Gay Activists Outraged Over Wedding Cake

What's good for the Goose is good for the Goose.

Atheists and homosexual-rights activists in Ireland are threatening protest marches. A local government in the overwhelmingly Catholic country has fined a homosexual baker in the village of Inch (County Clare) for refusing to produce a wedding cake featuring, on its icing, the inscription, “A man shall . . . hold fast to his wife — Gen. 2:24.”

The baker, Robert O’Riordan, says that he considers the inscription to be an implicit rebuke of his own domestic living arrangement and an imposition on his right as an atheist to refuse assent to “any material endorsement of religious ceremonies.” Mr. O’Riordan regularly bakes other wedding cakes; the difference here, he says, is that the inscription requires him to acknowledge the specifically religious nature of the nuptials, thus infringing on his freedom of conscience.

I can't believe those Nazis protected O’Riordan's rights against forced labor.

No one can make you enter a contract by force, Well except for the government who forces you to enter contracts for car and health insurance.

Spoiler below the fold...

. . . Well, Mr. Sullivan is right. Or at least he would be if he actually existed. I invented the entire story above. Sullivan does, however, have a like-minded counterpart in Northern Ireland. His name is Aidan O’Neill, and he is a “prominent human rights barrister” in Northern Ireland. He is representing the Ashers Baking Company against charges by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland that it is illegally discriminating against a would-be client who wanted a cake featuring Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie under the slogan “support gay marriage.” O’Neill argued, quite cogently, that if these charges stand, then (in the Telegraph’s summation of his report) “Muslim printers could be forced to produce cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed” or “a T-shirt company with a lesbian owner [could be forced] to print tops denouncing same-sex marriage as an ‘abomination.’”
I just want to bring a little common sense there. This law does not discriminate against gays.

It protects them. The law says that a substantial burden is required. The way this works is that if a business bills itself as specifically religious vs secular.

Lets take the example of Books a Million vs your typical Christian book store.

Books a Million is billed as Books a Million. So you might expect the find say Steven Kings novel The Stand. Whereas a Christian bookstore that is in business specifically to cater to "Christian Values" might not carry the The Stand.

If you've ever read the Stand you can understand that its not exactly Christian theology. It had situations and language that might not fly at the Christian bookstore.

So you can't walk into the Christian bookstore and get pissed off that they don't have The Stand or that particular back issue of Hustler Magazine you are looking for.

Same thing, you can hardly ask a Muslim halal bakery to bake the pork bomb for your gay Jewish wedding.

Under the Law you can still ask Chic Fillet to cater your gay wedding if that is what you wish.

See how this works?

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January 30, 2015

Confirmed British ISIS Fans Are Porn Obsessed Losers Who Can't Score Chicks

I can confirm this, in conversations with some of them when they get pissed off hey send you gay porn. Never realizing that Duh, that having gay porn on their computers makes them, gay.

Which means girls won't let them touch them, because EEEEWWWW!

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December 15, 2014

Twitter Terrorist Finds Out He Has To Off Himself

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September 03, 2014

Theh Ghey: ISIS (ISIL/IS) Perp Dressed As Female Gets PWND

Stupid shit, doesn't he look lovely in those colors?


Carry on.

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May 09, 2014

Evidence al-Qaeda in Yemen Acted on Fatwa Allowing Gay Sex to Stretch Anus For Bombs

Remember when al-Shabaab charged that one of the reasons they wanted to kill Omar Hamammi was because he possessed condoms? I do....

Anyway the Yemeni Army found evidence of homosexual activity when it raided AQAP's stronghold near Subaihi.

Its unclear if the contraceptives were being used for Halal gay sex or Haram gay sex. Either way its still like totally Eeeeewwwwww!

Hat Tip: Jane.

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February 25, 2014

Where's Rusty? Top Homosexual Edition

He's in Uganda because a tabloid there published the names of 200 potential new lovers.

A Ugandan newspaper published a list Tuesday of what it called the country's "200 top" homosexuals, outing some Ugandans who previously had not identified themselves as gay one day after the president enacted a harsh anti-gay law.

Homosexuality has long been criminalized in Uganda under a colonial-era law that outlawed sex acts "against the order of nature."

Some Ugandan lawyers and activists have said they will challenge the law in court as unconstitutional and impossible to implement.

Oh I see the problem is Christian Colonial hegemony!


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December 20, 2013

Indian Muslim Cleric Issues Fatwa Against Gays and Sluts GLAAD Silent

Jihad Watch:

Muslim cleric issues fatwa calling for homosexuals to be burnt alive, pushed from high wall or stoned.

But gay activists everywhere know that Phil Robertson is the real threat.

But its just their culture to burn gays alive, racists!

The cleric went on to state that a slut, or woman in a forbidden sexual relationship outside of marriage has no rights or claims that that a wife would have in regards to property or child custody.

I mean even less rights than a wife has now which are few. Women seldom win custody or support under Islamic common law.

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August 12, 2013

God Hates Being Lonely

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May 29, 2013

The Ghey?

(Hat Tip: IHateTheMedia) asks "Is Obama Gay?"

I've used a few of their pictures here, but also included a couple of my own.

The first sign you might be gay, is your wife looks more manly than you do:


Another sign is if you throw like a girl:


Do you flaunt and giggle?


Do you sit "pretty"?


Do you like to snuggle close to male friends?


...and hold hands while gazing into each others' eyes?


Is your wrist limp?


Do you enjoy eating provocatively in public view?


These are all signs but are not conclusive.

Remember, gay or not, you are the best you you can be!

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May 14, 2013

Meanwhile, In Syria: Allahu Gaybar

Video states "Assad" troops but any stuff coming out of Syria is subject to scrutiny.

Not to say some don't do this because, well, they prolly all do:

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April 02, 2013

Why Are Two Chicago Teachers Union [CTU] Thugs Concerned With Penis Sizes?

Jeremy Segal [aka Rebel Pundit] was assaulted covering the CTU march against school closures.

By Steve Gunn

CHICAGO – The Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago Police Department were obviously working in tandem last Wednesday, and EAGnews reporter Jeremy Segal was an unwanted party crasher.

Why else would the police arrest two union supporters for allegedly assaulting Segal during a union protest, then turn around and let them go without pursuing charges?

Segal was in Chicago Wednesday to film and interview protesters participating in a downtown rally against the planned closing of 54 public schools.

The rally was sponsored by the radical Chicago Teachers Union. Segal spent part of his time interviewing CTU President Karen Lewis, who stood mute for most of his questions, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who answered a few.

A while after his first encounter with Lewis and Jackson, Segal noticed a banner at the head the protest march representing the International Socialist Organization. He returned to where Lewis and Jackson were walking together, hoping to ask Jackson a question about the propriety of protesting with socialists[...]

Despite the obvious injustice of the incident, Segal said he probably will not pursue the matter any further.

“I wasn’t planning on it,” he said. “They didn’t hurt me. But I do think they infringed on my rights. They infringed on my First Amendment right to conduct my business. Jesse Jackson and Karen Lewis never told me to stop asking questions. None of their handlers or staff asked me to stop asking questions. If they felt I was in the wrong, they would have gone to the police to get rid of me.

“Instead they put the union muscle on me.”

[Read it all]

"Penis size"?

Lame and childish and just think, these people teach children.

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March 13, 2013

Where's Rusty?

He's been writing Dear Abby about Vinnie.

I am a gay man who has been single for seven years. I met this guy, "Mark," about 10 months ago and we hit it off immediately. We have almost everything in common except that I'm a Democrat and he's a Republican. We both know how we feel about our political differences and decided to continue dating anyway.

My problem concerns my other gay friends, mostly Democrats, who don't like Mark because he's a Republican. I have tried explaining to them that we overlook our differences and concentrate on the many things we have in common, and they should try to do the same. But they no longer invite me to gatherings and their phone calls have ceased.

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March 10, 2013

War P0rn: The Final Smooch

Not too graphic but very ghey.

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February 16, 2013

Brokeback Mujahideen Nasheed

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February 12, 2013

Iraq: What Is With Cross-dressing Terrorists?

Iraqi police nab 3 terror suspects disguised as women

The Iraqi police on Tuesday (February 12th) arrested three men wanted by the judiciary on terrorism charges in the Ur neighbourhood, eastern Baghdad.
Omar, how many times did Muhammed tell you not to wear a short burkah?

Busted again and again and again.

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January 03, 2013

Nepotism is Bad Gay

Especially in this case.

A HIGH-RANKING MTA executive helped her domestic partner get a cushy railroad job and may have run afoul of ethics regulations, an audit report states.

Sherry Herrington, the $170,000 operations chief at Metro-North Railroad praised her partner’s qualifications in an email to the human resources department without revealing their relationship, according to the report by state Controller Thomas DiNapoli’s office.

*My mental eye! It Burns!.

*Remember when two woman are in a same sex relationship if either or both are unattractive or Nepotists its bad gay. Um yeah.

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November 03, 2012

Turkey: Muslim Who Had Sex Change Operation Wants His Penis Back


No, really

A transsexual living in Mersin who underwent surgery to become a woman has requested a change in regulations so that she can return to being a man by having a penis reattached to her body.

D.K., a 34-year-old originally from the eastern province of Van who describes herself as a believing Muslim, asked the Directorate of Religious Affairs whether it was religiously permissible to receive a penis transplant from a cadaver, but religious officials said it was impermissible unless the penis originally belonged to the transplant recipient.

“I am a believer,” said D.K. “I perform my prayers like a man, not like a woman. This decision has affected me a lot. I want a legal injunction.”

Shorter: "I don't like praying in the back and/or in a separate room".


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October 26, 2012

Where's The Outrage?

From The Daily Caller via Breitbart:

“I was getting ready for work and there was a knock at the door,” Wood emailed The Daily Caller late Wednesday. “I opened it, and a guy wrapped a ligature around my neck, slammed my head into the doorway, and smashed my face into a mirror, telling me ‘You should have kept your [f*******] mouth shut.’”

“He then kidney-punched me, while at the same time saying I was ‘warned,’ and continued to beat me,” he added.

Wood told The Daily Caller that vandalism preceding the assault, along with his attacker’s statements during the incident, suggested his sexual orientation and his politics each played a role.

Wood said his attacker’s reference to a warning likely pointed to graffiti he found painted on his car last week. The vandalism included the phrases “house trained republican faggot,” “traitor,” and “ur like a jew 4 hitler.”

It seems a hate crime is only a hate crime if perpetrated by a conservative against a liberal. The hypocrisy of the left is astounding.

Wisconsin Senator Neal Kedzie's Son Viciously Beaten Over His Romney/Ryan Yard Sign
Liberal-Speak: What's The Difference Between "Gays" And "F@ggots"?

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September 04, 2012

Who Knew? Olbermann Has a Sand Fetish (Updated)

Gah: screen capture 2012-9-4-10-39-13_olbie_sand.jpg

Update: Jose, in comments: "Just for the record - this is a parody of Keith's tweet from last night at the Lincoln Memorial".

Good one @Jose_Galvan!

Update II: Olbermann just didn't get it AND he linked to the Sand image:

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August 22, 2012

Police Charge Nebraska Woman with False Report

I thought I was following up on an earlier post. But no, here's yet another Munchausen's sufferer.

CNN: A Nebraska "hate crime" that targeted an openly gay woman and that triggered responses from candlelight vigils locally to Facebook postings of support nationwide was staged by the alleged victim, authorities said Tuesday as they charged the woman with lying to police.

Charlie Rogers -- a former basketball player for the University of Nebraska who identifies herself as lesbian -- told police that three masked men entered her home on July 22, stripped her, tied her down, and carved homophobic slurs into her body before attempting to set her and the house on fire.

But the Lincoln Police Department said Tuesday that "the physical evidence conflicted with Charlie Rogers' version of events" and that "extensive investigation revealed numerous inconsistencies."

Previous: Alexandra Pennell Ain't Skeerd!

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August 09, 2012

Where's Rusty? Phobic Edition

He's busy explaining, you know, stuff.

A young man who told police he was beaten up in a would-be hate crime appeared in court today admitting that he made the entire incident up.

The story of Joseph Baken travelled from Missoula, Montana across the country when a picture of his scratched and bruised face made waves on the internet.

Now, Baken has declared in court that he made the false police report after video surfaced of him attempting to do a back flip and failing.

Nailed it!

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July 02, 2012

Is That A Tank Turret Or Are You Just Really Happy To See Me?

Andrew Sullivan proud of Anderson Cooper's gayness.


Anderson Cooper, he's not a f@ggot.

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June 24, 2012

Syrian Rebels Lose My Support

If our past posts haven't convinced you that the Syrian Rebels aren't the good guys the MSM is making them out to be, maybe this horror will:

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June 01, 2012

Green Glo-Balls Power On!


DC Comics has chosen the Superhero it will make gay. The winner is - The Green Lantern!

We really should have guessed this one. In a world where straight men prance around in tights and capes, only the Green Lantern adds a stylish puffy shirt.


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April 30, 2012

Rusty Declares War on Women
Updated: Chechen Women Killed for Loose Morals

Wait, lesbians need birth control???

UPDATE: Here's what a real war on women looks like:

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov publicly announced that the dead women had “loose morals” and were rightfully shot by male relatives. He went on to describe women as the property of their husbands, and said their main role is to bear children.

“If a woman runs around and if a man runs around with her, both of them should be killed,” said Mr. Kadyrov, who often has stated his goal of making Chechnya “more Islamic than the Islamists.”

Thanks to William Teach.

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April 09, 2012

Where's Rusty?

He's writing a strongly worded letter to the editor at Daily Caller.

“Individuals who identify as straight but in psychological tests show a strong attraction to the same sex may be threatened by gays and lesbians because homosexuals remind them of similar tendencies within themselves."
Vinnie was unavailable for comment.

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March 15, 2012

I'm Boinking Sandra Fluke UPDATE: #JollyGreenCondomsCondom

Fabulously Rich Beta Males and the Progressive Chicks Who Dig Them......


Update by SH: For such a teeny weiney (really, look at image above) Fluke's Fluker pretends his teeny weiney uses this. I wonder how much that one cost?

h/t SooperMexican

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February 28, 2012

Where's Rusty?

My sources tell me he is trying to load that 55 gallon drum into Vinnie's pickup.

And they told me they where "going fishing".

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January 27, 2012

Where's Xariif?

Congratulations to our own Xariif, who made it past this week's round on "Fear Factor"!

BTW, what they ultimately decided not to show was Xariif attempting to drink the other contestant's "punch" as well. Xariif did have one comment: "It's not quite as good as camel."

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January 17, 2012

Where's Xariif?

In case you guys are wondering why we haven't seen her in a few days...

A Los Angeles woman was arrested last week for offering sexual favors in exchange for chicken McNuggets, according to Burbank police. (Fox)

I heard someone offered her a McRib sandwich instead, but that just sent her into an enraged diatribe about the evils of the Jews and pork products. She has her standards, you know.

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December 02, 2011

Islamic Science! Letting Women Drive Makes You Gay


Repealing a ban on women drivers in Saudi Arabia would result in ‘no more virgins’, the country’s religious council has warned.

A ‘scientific’ report claims relaxing the ban would also see more Saudis - both men and women - turn to homosexuality and pornography.

The startling conclusions were drawn by Muslim scholars at the Majlis al-Ifta’ al-A’ala, Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council, working in conjunction with Kamal Subhi, a former professor at the King Fahd University.

Whereas not letting women drive promotes good relations between young men and their goats.

The study was based on an Imam sitting in a Coffee shop with a bunch of slutty Muslimas in an unnamed Arab state.

The science is settled!

I wonder how it helps the glory of Islam when the whole f*cking world is laughing its ass off?

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November 08, 2011

Toronto Phobes to Separate Buddy and Pedro


Buddy and Pedro are two male African penguins at the Toronto Zoo who seem to have a connection — a very special, loving connection — that has zookeepers wondering if their relationship is more than just a bromance.
The Toronto Zoo has decided to separate these two and cage them up with females hoping to force them to propagate their endangered species against their will. There was no comment from the scientists as to if the penguins' homosexuality contributed to their status as an endangered species.

I've sent repeated emails asking them rename the pair Rusty and Vinnie and keep the happy couple together. All to no avail.

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