July 25, 2014

Veteran Syrian Jihadis Already Beginning to Come Back to Haunt the West


A warning in Norway of an imminent terrorist attack has reinforced concern in the U.S. and Europe about the danger posed by jihadist fighters returning from the war in Syria.

Norwegian authorities said they’ve uncovered information pointing to a potential terror attack in the country within days by individuals linked to the conflict in Syria.

The warning reinforces the assessments of law enforcement and counterterrorism officials that the returning-fighter risk is real and increasing.

The good news is that most of those who go to fight won't ever come home alive. The bad news is that occasionally they do.

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May 27, 2014

Norway Arrests Three Would-be Terrorists

Yeah, we're going to see more and more of this happening:

Norway's security service says three men with alleged links to an al-Qaida splinter group have been arrested on preliminary charges of supporting or participating in a terror organization.

The PST security service said Tuesday the three suspects are Norwegian citizens aged 29, 27 and 24. The oldest was born in Somalia and the other two were born in the former Yugoslavia.

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March 19, 2014

Suicide Bomber in Somalia was Norwegian

You'll recall that one of the Westgate Mall murderers also had Norwegian citizenship. And back in 2011, another Norwegian citizen was killed in Somalia. Yesterday, another mass murder in Somalia at the hands of a Norwegian -- 20+ dead.

But don't worry, Norway has this totally under control. Whenever they know someone is about to go abroad to become a terrorist they send a social worker to talk him out of it. I'm not joking:

Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow, a 23-year-old Somalian whom Kenyan authorities believe was one of the terrorists in the Westgate mall seige, was 'well-known' to the[Norwegian] PST domestic intelligence service, its chief said yesterday....

She said: 'We had several talks with him... before he left Norway more than three years ago. Obviously we didn't succeed, but there was quite an effort put into the preventive side of this.'

And when talking doesn't work, I guess we're all just S.O.L.

Now that I think about it, it seems to me that President Obama and the Norwegians have a lot in common. Their answer to every problem is the same: when talking fails just talk some more.

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February 22, 2014

Advice to Dutch: Let them go to Syria

The benefits of jihad in Syria are many fold. First, the bad guys are somewhere else. You'd think this one would be obvious. Second, they're fighting a regime that needs to be fought. The only thing better than having an ally by your side in a fight? Letting two enemies fight instead. Last, they're probably going to die. One more dead jihadi, one less potential domestic terrorist, and in the process he takes out a member of Hezbollah? It's kind of a no brainer:

At least 10 young Dutch citizens suspected of wanting to become jihadist fighters in Syria's deadly conflict have been refused passports over the "last months", the government's anti-terror organization said on Friday.

"It is a very effective way to prevent them from leaving," Jochgem van Opstal, spokesman for the National Anti-Terror and Safety Coordinator (NCTV) agency told Agence France Presse.

The NCTV's announcement comes amid increased worries by Dutch authorities about young citizens leaving to join the jihad, or holy war in Syria.

More than 100 young Dutch citizens have so-far traveled to Syria to fight against President Bashar Assad's forces in the near three-year conflict in which 140,000 people have now died, according to NGO figures.

The counter argument here is that if they return, they are even more radical and now know a thing or two about fighting. Ok, I'll grant you that. But most of them don't come home. Also, if you make it a crime to fight in Syria you can arrest them as they get off the plane.

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November 04, 2013

(Palestinian?) Man Hijacks Bus in Norway, Kills 3

The BBC is reporting that the 50 year old hijacker of a bus in Norway who killed three people is 'foreign':

A man wielding a knife has hijacked a bus in western Norway and killed three passengers, media reports say.

The suspect, said to be in his 50s and of foreign origin, has been arrested, police told Norway's TV2 news channel.

The victims included the driver of the bus. There were no immediate details of the number of injured.

The man was overpowered by firefighters who rushed to the scene of what was initially reported as a traffic accident, police said.

DEBKA is reporting that he's Palestinian. So, terrorism? The caveat here is that witnesses also claim he was drunk.

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October 24, 2013

Norwegians Tried to Talk Kenya Mall Murderer Into Not Joining al Qaeda Linked Group

This is why Scandinavia, and perhaps the rest of Europe, is doomed: they're a bunch of pussies.

It's illegal in many countries to attempt to join al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. In the US, leaving the country to join this group is considered a criminal conspiracy to aid terrorism. That's why a number of our homegrown jihadis are sitting in prison rotting: they were arrested in transit to joining this or that terror group.

But the article below points out that the Norwegian model is to try to talk some sense into the would-be terrorist.

These would be the same people who gave Barack Obama a "peace prize". They think talking is somehow the same thing as action:

Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow, a 23-year-old Somalian whom Kenyan authorities believe was one of the terrorists in the Westgate mall seige, was 'well-known' to the[Norwegian] PST domestic intelligence service, its chief said yesterday....

She said: 'We had several talks with him... before he left Norway more than three years ago. Obviously we didn't succeed, but there was quite an effort put into the preventive side of this.'

Like the US, it's against the law to join foreign terrorist organizations in Norway. But how do they enforce the law in Norway? They talk to people.

This is the kind of insanity that leads to complete and utter societal collapse. When your enemies mean to subject or kill you, the proper response isn't sending a strongly worded letter.

Thanks to Terror Free Somalia

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September 04, 2013

Lars Vilks Attacked at Art Gallery! UPDATE: False Alarm, it was "Art"

No English news that I can see at this moment, but here's a Google translation from the original Swedish:

A man in their 70s have been arrested after an alleged attack on Lars Vilks.

He went into a gallery with a submachine gun-like weapon...

Police have cordoned off a large area around Gallery Rönnquist & Quist in Malmo after the alleged attack.

Bomb Technicians are on the way from Gothenburg.

It now arrested the man went at 15 o'clock in the gallery near Gustav Adolf Square in Malmö.

He was carrying a red briefcase and said he wanted to show his art.

- Those who take care of Lars Vilks said he may show outside bag. When he opened the bag and the bag was there any kind of firearm. It looks like an old machine gun, says gallery owner Henry Rönnquist.

Lars Vilks bodyguards then drew guns and forced the man on the street.

Too bad they didn't shoot the suspect. But, then again, this is Sweden. I'm surprised the government let the bodyguards have guns at all.

As you can see from the image above, calling what Vilks does "art" is ... er ... a stretch. But inasmuch as anything "edgy" is "art", which is more controversial today: hardcore pornography or poorly drawn cartoons of Muhammad as a dog playing soccer?

UPDATE: Speaking of edgy "art" ....

It later turned out that the gun was not real, but a work of art that man should have liked to show off, police said.
Everything is art these days. Let me suggest that showing your piece of "art" that looks exactly like a gun to a guy who has hundreds of death threats each year isn't exactly what we'd call "smart".

Now you'll have to excuse me, my bowels are telling me it's time to leave some "art" in the "porcelain art gallery".

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May 31, 2013

Norway Upholds MoToons Plot Convictions

I'd say something about cornholes, but I hear that Norwegian jails make some resort hotels seem like dumps in comparison: :

Norway's highest court has upheld guilty convictions against two men involved in a 2010 al-Qaeda plot to attack a Danish newspaper that caricatured the Prophet Muhammad.
H/T: @intelgirl111

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December 04, 2012

Video: Peaceful Nordic Socialists Fighting for al Qaeda in Syria

It's in Arabic, so I put the video below the fold, but the guy is .... Swedish. Something about Sweden being a model of a just society and/or terrorists are made through oppression comes to mind.

Check it out. The nasheed is actually not that bad, if you're into that sort of thing.

Thanks to Switch_d

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August 24, 2012

Ruthless Killer Anders Breivik: Norway Court Finds Him Sane

And sentences him to 21 yrs of cornholing:

A Norwegian court has found that mass killer Anders Behring Breivik is sane and sentenced him to 21 years in jail.

Breivik admitted killing 77 people and wounding more than 240 others when he bombed central Oslo and then opened fire at an island youth camp last year.

He insisted he was sane and refused to plead guilty, seeking to justify his attacks by saying they were necessary to stop the "Islamisation" of Norway.

Prosecutors had called for him to be considered insane.

The five judges were unanimous in ruling that Breivik was sane.

He was convicted of terrorism and premeditated murder, and given the maximum sentence of 21 years' imprisonment.

However, that can be prolonged at a later date if he is deemed to remain a danger to society.

Lock him up with Bubba and throw away the damn key...

Norway attacks: The victims

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April 16, 2012

Norway: Anders Breivik Pleads Not Guilty, Acted In Self Defense....


Gawd, but I didn't expect anything different from this animal

The man who carried out bomb and gun attacks in Norway last year which left 77 people dead has pleaded not guilty at the start of his trial in Oslo.

Anders Behring Breivik attacked a youth camp organised by the governing Labour party on the island of Utoeya, after setting off a car bomb in the capital.

He told the court he "acknowledged" the acts committed, but said he did not accept criminal responsibility[...]

At the end of the indictment, he told the court: "I acknowledge the acts, but not criminal guilt - I claim I was doing it in self-defence."

Read the rest

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February 16, 2012

Mullah Krekar Trial Finally Begins in Norwary

He's been in Norway since 1991, and he founded the terrorist group Ansar al Islam in 2001. This would be the same group that gave refuge to Ayman al Zarqawi after Afghanistan fell from which he would eventually form the core of Tawhid wal Jihad and later al Qaeda in Iraq.

Ansar al Islam also transformed itself into Ansar al Sunnah after their defeat by US backed Kurdish forces and, under that name, commenced years of terrorist attacks -- including the murders of dozens of civilian hostages.

The death penalty is too good for Mullah Krekar. Norway should be ashamed of itself for not deporting him to Iraq where he is wanted for mass murder.

Apparently, protecting a mass murdering terrorist from the death penalty is what Europeans call "human rights". -SPIT-

Prosecutors said Mullah Krekar, a 55-year-old Islamist who came to Norway as a refugee in 1991, faces several years in prison if found guilty by Oslo District Court....

In 2005, a Norwegian court declared Krekar a national security threat and ordered him deported, but later postponed the move because of concerns he could face execution or torture in Iraq.

In June 2010, Krekar said at a news conference organized by the foreign press club in Oslo that if he were deported to Iraq and killed, Norwegian officials would "pay with their lives," according to a transcript included in the indictment presented in court.

"If I die it will be the beginning of killings," he said, according to the transcript.

It makes me sick that this guy faces 8 years, max.

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January 30, 2012

Two Convicted in Norway in Terror Plot on Muhammad Cartoonist

Think global, act local .... jihad style:

Two men were found guilty Monday of involvement in an al-Qaida plot to attack a Danish newspaper that caricatured the Prophet Muhammad, the first convictions under Norway's anti-terror laws.

A third defendant was acquitted of terror charges but convicted of helping the others acquire explosives.

Investigators say the plot was linked to the same al-Qaida planners behind thwarted attacks against the New York subway system and a shopping mall Manchester, England, in 2009.

The Oslo district court sentenced alleged ringleader Mikael Davud, to seven years in prison and co-defendant Shawan Sadek Saeed Bujak to three and a half years.

Judge Oddmund Svarteberg said the court found that Davud, a Chinese Muslim, "planned the attack together with al-Qaida." Bujak was deeply involved in the preparations, but it couldn't be proved that he was aware of Davud's contacts with al-Qaida, the judge said.

The third defendant, David Jakobsen, who assisted police in the investigation, was convicted on an explosives charge and sentenced to four months in prison — time he's already served in pretrial detention.

In Norway they give you 3.5 to 7 years in prison for plotting acts of terrorism at al Qaeda's behest!!!!

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December 08, 2011

Indicted Yet Somehow Still Free Terrorist in Norway Calls for Attacks Against US

Civlian hostages shown just before Mullah Krekar's group murders them for "apostasy"

Mullah Krekar is an indicted terrorist from Kurdish Iraq who has been successfully fighting extradition from Norway to his native country where he is wanted for mass murder. Krekar was one of the founder of Ansar al-Islam, an Islamist group with close ties to al Qaeda which under that name or under it's brief stint as "Ansar al-Sunnah" murdered hundreds in Iraq, including the brutal beheadings of dozens of innocent civilians.

Despite dozens of promises from various Norwegian politicians to send him packing, Mullah Krekar remains a free man:

Norway’s Progress Party has called for the immediate arrest of Mullah Krekar after the firebrand jihadist spoke of the need for renewed terrorist attacks on the United States....

He also claimed that Islam “will control the entire world” within the next 20 years....

“They have learned nothing from the 9/11 attacks. That’s why they need two more attacks. It’s the only way the Americans will understand that we [Muslims] are people and not animals or slaves.”

Yeah, calling for another 9/11 is a real effective way at sending the message that Muslims like Krekar aren't animals.

H/T: switch_d

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December 06, 2011

3 Charged in Sweden Trying to Murder Lars Vilks

Three more men have been charged in yet another plot to kill Lars Vilks. When I first read the news I assumed that this was part of the same "Jihad Jane" plot that tried to kill Vilks. Nope, this one was by Somalis inspired by al Shabaab propaganda and by their own murderous hatred of anyone who has "blasphemed":

"The three people now charged in Gothenburg district court are suspected of preparing to commit murder in September 2011 in Gothenburg. The planned victim for the attack was the artist Lars Vilks," prosecutor Agnetha Hilding Qvarnström said in a statement.

Vilks has faced numerous death threats and another suspected assassination plot since his cartoon was first published by a Swedish regional newspaper in 2007, illustrating an editorial on the importance of freedom of expression.

The three men planned to stab Vilks to death, Qvarnström told AFP.

"When the three were arrested, they were all carrying knives. One of them had even bought his knife the same day," she said.

The men were identified in documents submitted to the Gothenburg court as Abdi Aziz Mahamud, a 26-year-old Somali citizen living in Sweden, and Swedish citizens Salar Sami Mahamood, 24, and Abdi Weli Mohamud, 26.

Hats off to Vilks, the man has cajones.

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November 18, 2011

Norway Terror Suspect Admits Training in Iran


OSLO, Norway — The accused ringleader of a terror plot in Norway has rejected charges that he conspired with al-Qaida to attack a Danish newspaper, saying he was planning a solo raid against the Chinese Embassy in Oslo.

...Davud, who came to Norway in 1999 and became a citizen eight years later, said he traveled to Iran in January 2009 and had contact with al-Qaida there about receiving training. He said he rejected that option because he didn’t want to work under al-Qaida’s leadership, and instead sought explosives training from a “private group” that he refused to identify.

I'd take this guy's claims about the Chinese embassy and most of the rest as B.S. But his explanation about his "Iranian" trip means either A. al-Qaeda was actively operating from Iran or B. the unidentified group is the Basij, a wing of the Revolutionary Guard of Iran. You know those guys standing around Iran's nuclear plants as "human shields" claiming to be "students".

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November 15, 2011

Norwegian Muhammad Cartoon Plot Trial Starts

The trial of three men in Norway who plotted to kill Kurt Westergaard, one of the cartoonists that drew Muhammad, opened today. The three claim they are not guilty, even though they had already begun to collect the chemicals for the bomb they were going to use to attack the Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

All three are immigrants who fled their repressive countries, only to come to the West only to demand that we become as repressive as the countries they fled.

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September 16, 2011

Two Arrested for Terror Financing in Finland

It will be interesting to learn a) who they were raising funds for b) if they were using Finland to collect funds from abroad before funneling to, say, Pakistan c) or if they were collecting money in Finland from some diaspora or another?

Thanks to Berger.

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July 25, 2011

Random CT Lesson from Norway #2: Carry Weapons

The jihadis exploit our Constitution against us. So it's no surprise that a right-wing psychopath would exploit lefty anti-gun hysteria to further his irrational and evil plans:

Whether Officer Berntsen tried to stop the gunman is still being debated. But facing a man carrying multiple guns and ample ammunition, there was little he could do. Like most other police officers here, he had no weapon.

By law, Norwegian police officers must have authorization from their chief to gain access to a firearm, but they have rarely needed to ask, until recently.

We have much more gun violence here, but an atrocity of this scale is unthinkable in the US. Even if there were no feckless and unarmed police around had this asshole tried this anywhere in my neck of the woods he would have found a well armed citizenry ready to protect themselves and their children.

It's tragically ironic that this nutjob correctly identified and then exploited the socialist faith in the state taking care of all of the citizens' needs -- including the essential function of defending against evil, which many in Europe have ceded entirely to their limp-wrested governments.

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A Random CT Lesson from the Norway Massacre

One man acting alone has the capability of murdering a lot of innocent people.

The next time we are told not to worry because this or that plot was the work of a lone nut and not part of some larger cell think about what this lone nut was capable of doing. In Mumbai it took 10 men two days to kill 166 people. In Norway one lone terrorist killed 76 people in only three hours.

We have to take lone nuts seriously, even if it is harder to detect them.

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June 16, 2011

Al Qaeda Affiliated Cleric Still Preaching from Oslo Home

Mullah Krekar, the spiritual leader of Ansar al-Islam, the Iraqi group which once played host to Abu Musab al Zarqawi and which is responsible for the murder of scores of civilians, is alive and well in Oslo, Norway.

As a matter of fact, the Mullah continues to preach his genocidal brand of Islam from his home. Norway refuses to extradite him to Iraq, where he's been indicted as a mass murderer, because that country has the death penalty.

Instead, he's opened an online "university" where he recently could be heard mourning the death of Osama bin Laden.

Good job Norway!

More on a recent Krekar interview at Islam in Europe.

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March 08, 2011

London: "Foreign National" Arrested in Connection With Stockholm Sploded Dope

Hmmm, could the 'foreign national' be a Egyptian? Just wonderin.


LONDON — British police said Tuesday they had arrested a 30-year-old foreign national in Scotland in connection with a December suicide bombing in Stockholm.

The man was detained in a dawn raid in Glasgow on suspicion of "aiding terrorist activities" abroad, police said. Officers were also thought to be searching two other addresses in the city.

British authorities had been investigating any links to the Swedish attack -- the country's first suicide bombing -- following the revelation that the bomber, Taymour Abdelwahab, had lived and studied near London.

"At 06:05 am (0605 GMT) on Tuesday, March 8th, Strathclyde Police conducted an operation in the Whiteinch area of Glasgow," a police statement said.

"This has resulted in a 30-year-old foreign national being arrested under the Terrorism Act. The operation centres on a previous incident in Sweden.

May be a good time to re-examine his social network

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January 05, 2011

Jyllands-Posten Cartoon Attackers Had Automatic Weapons, Silencers


Three men were arrested last week with a submachine gun, silencer and ammunition in the boot of their car after traveling from Sweden to Denmark to launch attacks in which they apparently planned to raid the offices of the newspaper and kill as many people as possible.

The arrested men are thought to have links with two men in Derby who were part of a network run by al-Qaeda mastermind Ilyas Kashmiri, one of the world’s most wanted men.

Suspected terrorists arrested on their way to launch a Mumbai-style machinegun attack on a Danish newspaper had links with a network in Britain it can be disclosed.

I fixed Pizza the Hut (SH)

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December 20, 2010

Taimour Hearts Mona

Internet Haganah's public release on Mona Thwany and her now dead and crispy husband Taimour's online activities.


It seems they were just your regular ordinary peaceful Muslims sharing ordinary and peaceful al-Qaeda stuff online. Also made me wonder how many of the downed vids they shared were of Anwar al-Awaki?

Nothing to see here, move along.

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December 19, 2010

Stockholm Suicide Bomber: Too Close For Comfort

How close did the Stockholm suicide bomber come to killing countless Christmas shoppers?

This disturbing image from Weasel Zippers indicates far too close:


Weasel Zippers has many more images.

From Daily Mail:

Peter Jonsson, a security expert and former employee of the Swedish intelligence service Saepo, said: ‘The footage shows a very focused individual, walking on a very deliberate line who was not out for Christmas shopping.

'It looks as if his equipment malfunctions in the crowd and he went back to the quiet side street to go and check on it. Obviously he would not do this on an open street where people would panic.'

So, how does the West respond to such acts? By giving Islamists money.

Islamic groups in Luton - where the Stockholm bomber, Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, was allegedly radicalized - received over £550,000 of taxpayer money since 2008 to help combat Islamic extremism. The bribes jizya grants have netted ZERO tips in return.

Remember, some Luton Islamic leaders were fully aware of Abdulwahab's radical ideology; he stormed out of one Mosque after his radical views were supposedly challenged by a Mosque chairman. But the Mosque failed to pass concerns on to the police (emphasis mine):

Mr Baksh said that in 2007 he challenged Abdulwahab, who “stormed out” and never came back. The mosque did not pass on concerns about Abdulwahab to the police.

([Update] The Luton Islamic Centre refused to participate in the grant program because leaders did not want to inform on their "Muslim brothers and sisters.")

Dhimmitude at its best.

From An “Ordinary Teenager” To An al-Qaeda Fanatic
VBIED Splodes in Stockholm (Updated/Rebumped Again) Islamic Terrorism Confirmed (Exclusive Images of Bomber Must Cite Jawa Report) Sticky

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December 18, 2010

Terrorists Love Chechen Jihad, Fat Chinese Kids Singing Whitney Houston

SOFIR has a list of YouTube videos failed Stockholm suicide bomber Taimour al-Abdally 'shared' via his Facebook account. So, what do suicide bombers share with their Facebook friends?



Besides being funny, there is a lesson to be learned here about what kinds of online and offline activities terrorists are involved in. I don't know how many times I've watched online jihadis kid each other about their favorite European soccer teams.

See: the banality of evil.

And don't forget all the porn. Massive amounts of porn! Gay, goat, and otherwise.

See also: Mrs. Terrorist's Facebook/YouTube activities.

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December 15, 2010

Thanks: Samir Khan's Magazine Helped Swedish Bomber Blow Himself Up


Since the only one killed in the failed bombing was the terrorist himself, then once again we say "thank you" to Samir Khan, our greatest ally in the war on terror:

Aftonbladet reports that, Säpo, the Swedish Security Service, think they know (SE) where al-Abdaly got the explosives.

Al-Abdaly had a bomb in a pressure cooker in the car, a tip explained in al-Qaeda's online Jihad magazine, Inspire.

More here, including a Hizb ut-Tahrir connection.

The image above is from the article they are referring to called, "Make a bomb in the basement of your mom" from Samir Khan's Inspire Magazine.

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December 13, 2010

From An “Ordinary Teenager” To An al-Qaeda Fanatic

stockholm bomber.jpg

The Stockholm bomber was once a fun-loving party guy, said friends and family. Why, he even had an Israeli girlfriend! If that doesn't prove what a good guy he was, you must all be a bunch of Islamophobes.

It's all Britain's fault that he was radicalize. It wasn't the Mosques or the violent teachings of Islam's perfect man. It must have been the stress of living among so many kufar who weren't paying jizya and made fun of Muhammad.

From the article (all emphasis mine):

“It was quite serious because some of the worshippers were starting to really listen to him.”

Mr Baksh said that in 2007 he challenged Abdulwahab, who “stormed out” and never came back. The mosque did not pass on concerns about Abdulwahab to the police.

It was serious enough to challenge him, but not enough to warn the kufar...

He added: “I heard he’d gone to the Islamic Society at the university and continued to preach his extremist views.”

A spokesman for Bedfordshire University said they could “neither confirm nor deny” that the bomber had preached there.

Two years ago the Centre for Social Cohesion think tank warned in a report called Islam on Campus that radical Islam was increasingly taking hold in British universities, with a third of Muslim students who were questioned saying killing in the name of religion was justified.

Of course, there's no danger of Muslims being killed in the name of other religions. Only Islam embraces that justification in modern times.

And this, which I found a bit amusing:

Abdulwahab travelled to Syria two years ago, where it is believed he was trained in explosive techniques.


We can only thank Allah's dark sense of humor that no one else was killed.

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AQI: "Expect More Attacks Sweden & Europe"

Well, what did you expect them to say?

An internet posting on Monday, attributed to a senior al-Qaeda leader in Iraq, warned that last weekend's deadly bombings in Stockholm were "only the beginning", and threatened attacks against Nato and Europe.

In an audio recording on the Shumukh al-Islam Islamic website, a man identified as Abu Suleiman al-Nasser, a leader of the al-Qaeda affiliate in Iraq, warned that the Sweden attacks were "only the beginning of a new era in our jihad", or holy war.

There's a reason I've had a "Terrorism:Scandinavia" category archive going back to 2005.

But the dumbass that calls himself the "Minister of War" doesn't realize that Sweden isn't part of NATO. It's a neutral country:

Suleiman, who is "war minister" of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), warned Nato countries to "withdraw their troops from Afghanistan immediately and unconditionally", and to "stop their war against Islam".
Did I mention he was a dumbass?

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September 14, 2010

Copenhagen One-Legged Bomber (Updated)

Copenhagen Bomber

We (Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet) are trying to enlist the world wide web in the search for the identity of the one-legged Copenhagen bomber. We're posting leads here:


Europol is also asking for help. It's mighty curious that this guy doesn't want to be known. I suspect that he's wanted somewhere.

Update by Allahakchew aka SH: Mystery bomber identified and is from Chechnya?..read more.

Thanks to Esther

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September 13, 2010

Copenhagen Bombing Suspect Still a Mystery

New details have been released on the Copenhagen bombing last Friday. Note that a post-splody picture of the suspect hasn't been released because the ka-boom apparently rearranged his face. One observer suggests not enough.

In any event, the wounds are not believed to be the reason the suspect continues to remain silent. He has taken measures to hide his true identity. Hmmm....

Authorities have, however, distributed a picture of his artificial leg which had the serial number removed. Reportedly, the model is sold in Western Europe.

Ominously, when the mystery bomber was apprehended, he had a map on which the offices of Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten were circled. Jyllands-Posten is presumably a target since it ran the Mohammad cartoons.

In other details, one source suggested the suspect was from North Africa or the Balkans and he was carrying a bus ticket for Belgium which would seem to indicate he wasn't on a suicide mission. Also, he reportedly speaks three languages but not Arabic. One has to wonder how the police know that.

Anyway, it's curious that the suspect has yet to be identified. Just how many one-legged, vegetarian, non-Arabic-speaking terrorists are there?

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Copenhagen Bomber

(Copenhagen, Denmark) Last Friday, an explosion in the bathroom of Hotel Jørgensen in central Copenhagen resulted in the arrest of one man injured by the blast (pic) and the determination that it was a failed terrorist attack.

Police arrested the man, reportedly carrying identification from two foreign countries, in nearby H.C. Ørsted Park with a bag attached to his waist.

The area was quickly cordoned off, and despite injuries to his face and arm the man was left immobilised on the ground for about five hours until a bomb squad robot could remove the bag and detonate it.

The detonation could be heard throughout the immediate area, but a police spokesman declined to comment on the bag’s possible contents, saying only that it was ‘no longer a concern’.

On Saturday, with evidence that the botched bombing was a failed terror attack, security was increased nationwide with particular attention directed to the Copenhagen Airport. At the hospital, the suspect refused to talk to the police.

Late Sunday, police released photos of the bombing suspect and appealed to the public for any information regarding the incident or the douchebag suspect.

The suspect is seen with a goatee and dark hair.
Officials also released the three false names the man had used: Raoul Foltz, David Francois de Vicq de Cumptich and Hans Velle.

Hotels in the Copenhagen area have been asked to check their records for guests using those names.

The suspect is about 6-feet tall and is known to speak French, German and English.

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June 22, 2010

Another Somali Arrested in Sweden on Terror Charges

Not surprising given that al Qaeda's Somalia branch once ran its website from Sweden, presumably by Somali expats.

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February 11, 2010

Cartoon of Mohammad as a Pig Writing the Koran Causes Fear of Violence

Earlier we noted that the Islamist forums were seething at a purported "fake image of Muhammad" which was reprinted in a Norwegian newspaper. Perplexing, since all drawings and cartoons are by definition "fakes".

Do I really need to elaborate on the death threats that accompanied the news? Which are only slightly more disconcerting than usual given that the person noting said alleged blasphemy about He-who-must-not-be-drawn calls himself "Pagan Slayer".

But it turns out by "fake" they meant, well, check it out for yourself:


Apologies about the resolution of the image, but what the newspaper printed was a screenshot of a facebook page.

Esther at Islam in Europe sends along this succinct summary of events up to now:

Last week Dagbladet published a story about a link from the PST (Norwegian Security Service) Facebook page to a cartoon of Mohammed, which portrayed Mohammed as a pig writing in the Koran. There were concerns that this link could cause riots in both Norway and Pakistan. The story was illustrated with a screenshot. While the PST story was ignored, and various people are now claiming it was a non-issue all along, Muslim taxi drivers in Oslo went on strike twice to protest the Dagbladet story. Several protests are planned for tomorrow.
Islam in Europe also notes that there are pleas for calm in the streets and for Muslims not to become violent.

They had to ask Muslims not to be violent ..... over a cartoon .... on Facebook!

Much much more here from the Norwegian press at Islam in Europe.

UPDATE: Thanks to Michelle for the link. Also, Zombie sends along the original pic from his Mo pic archive. Apparently the Israeli girl who drew the image was prosecuted and went to jail. Sad that Israel isn't free, either. It's a reminder of just how rare and precious freedom is.


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December 08, 2009

American, Arab Terrorists Arrested in Copenhagen (UPDATE: False Alarm)

Astute Blogger emails with the news that five people have been arrested in Copenhagen, Denmark for alleged "terrorist" activities. It's not clear whether these are eco-terrorists or Islamist terrorists. The only news reports that I can find are in Danish.

A Google translation indicates that one of the men arrested was an American citizen wanted on an international warrant for terrorist activities. Again, my first inclination would be to think eco-terrorism. There are a lot of crazies in Copenhagen right now.

But, the two men arrested with him were of Arab origin. There are Arab Greenpeace members, but as Astute Blogger notes:

A sucdcessful attack upon COP15 would be a wet dream come true for al Qaeda.

Two more women were picked up later, no note on their nationality.

If you see some English language reports on this giving more detail let me know.

UPDATE: The American arrested also appears to be of Arab descent.

UPDATE: Apparently they took the guys in, ran some prints, and the American wasn't the terrorist who the police thought he was. All of the suspects have been released.

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October 21, 2009

Norway Charges Somali Terror Fundraiser

So surprise here given that al Qaeda's Somali arm has long used Scandinavia as it's online base of operations. Terror Free Somalia:

Federal prosecutors said Wednesday they have brought charges against the 40-year-old man, whom they accuse of raising 200,000 kroner ($36,000) for the Somalia-based militant group al-Shabaab between 2007 and 2008.
More here.

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April 30, 2009

Terror in Netherlands? Two Killed in Attack on Dutch Royal Family (Updated)


UPDATE: Looks like the just some evil nut theory will hold.

Sudden jihad syndrome in the Netherlands or just some nut? Given the myriad of threats against that country over the years by violent Islamists, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if it was the former.

No reports on what could possibly have motivated someone to try to kill the Dutch Queen Beatrix and several other royal family members as they prepared to greet a crowd celebrating Queen's Day. Although all the royals seem unscathed, it appears that two four people were killed in the incident and many more hurt. What is not clear if those killed were innocent bystanders, one of those trying to kill the Queen, or both.

I'll keep scanning the media to see if more info is available.

Here's a video from Dutch TV showing the crash. You won't understand the narration but the video shows the small Suzuki Swift hitting a monument of some sort. The camera pans to the crowd where you can clearly see some injured bystanders. You can also see CPR being administered to one of the victims.


UPDATE: AFP reporting four dead, not two. Also claim that drive is still alive so all killed were victims.

Police now are saying a) it was a deliberate attack, not an accident b) there is no indication of terrorist links.

But given that the police always say that individual acts of jihad aren't terrorism, who can tell at this point?

UPDATE: Various media sources claim the killer is 38 year old man with no history of mental illness. Still no word on a name. If you find a name, do me a favor and shoot me an email.

UPDATE: One child killed and at least one -- possible two -- of those killed were police officers.

Check out this pic. Hundreds of people were there with cameras, so I suppose we will be seeing many more images like it.


UPDATE: Pic of driver. Thanks to Dan.

Klik hier voor meer gratis...

: Dan says he has a name: K.R. Tates. So, just some evil nut?

: Just an evil nut apparently. AP:
Dutch media, citing neighbors, said the assailant recently was fired from his job and was to be evicted from his home. Police identified him as a 38-year-old Dutch man with no history of mental illness or police record, but they would not release his name.

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February 16, 2009

Poison Letters sent to Israeli Embassy in Norway

Two postal workers sick. They suspect chemicals, not anthrax.

I don't see anything on Google News about this. If there are updates, you know where to send them.

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February 12, 2009

Video: Hamas Sympathizers Throw Pipe Bombs at Pro-Israel Rally

Watch the video below made by Ted Ekeroth at a pro-Israel rally in Sweden. The pipe bombs come about half way through the video.

You'll note that the reaction from the pro-Gaza crowd isn't one of horror over a-tiny-minority-of-extremists resorting to violence: cheers erupt.

No wonder the UK just deported Geert Wilders. I expect we would have seen much worse had the Labour government not buckled to the threat of Islamist violence.

Thanks to Ben.

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