January 14, 2011

Al-Qaeda Training Canadian Jihadis for Terror Attacks in Canada

From Syed Saleem Shahzad at Asia Times online.

Well-placed Taliban sources say that a group of Canadian militants is receiving jihadi training in al-Qaeda camps in North Waziristan for terror attacks in Canada, whose troops are a part of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.

Arif Wazir, a local militant of Darpakhel in North Waziristan told Asia Times Online, "In the first stage of their journey, the Canadians went to Afghanistan in February 2010; there were 12 of them. After nine months, al-Qaeda's leaders decided to send them to North Waziristan and they reached Darpakhel in November last year.

"In Afghanistan they received basic jihadi training, while currently they are busy doing some special courses. Their main learning is how to use sophisticated weapons, and how to connect with local smuggling networks in North America. They are also learning how to use ordinary material like sugar and basic chemicals to make powerful explosives. These militants will then return to their country to execute al-Qaeda's plan of targeting big cities in Canada," the militant said.

According to available information, the Canadians joined the Egyptian militant organization Jihad al-Islami (JAI), which then helped them reach Afghanistan. The head of the group goes by the alias of Abu Shahid. The 30-year-old, who sports a golden beard, converted to Islam in 2007 and joined the JAI, with which he works to collect funds for the organization. Shahid is responsible for all of the activities of the Canadians in North Waziristan. According to Taliban sources, the 12 will remain in the tribal belt until it is felt that they are sufficiently trained to successfully carry out terror activities in Canada. Shahid apparently is confident he can recruit more Canadians.

The sources gave the names of some of the Canadians undergoing training. These could not be independently verified and include: Jeam Paull (local name Sadiq Ullah), Leman Langlois (Sana Ullah), James Richard (Abdur Rehman), Otto Paul (Abu Usman), Thomas (Abdullah) and Paul Gall (Hafiz Ullah).

Various militants of other nationalities are also being trained in North Waziristan, probably the most lawless part of Pakistan. Apart from Arab and Central Asian militants, one can find jihadis from the United States, Britain and Germany.

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November 02, 2010

Canadian Jihad Supporter Beverly Giesbrecht Dies as Hostage of the Taliban [Updated/Bumped]


Indian Express:

A woman journalist from Canada, who was abducted by militants in November 2008, has died following prolonged illness in the custody of the Taliban somewhere in northwest Pakistan or Afghanistan, sources said on Tuesday.

Khadija Abdul Qahar, 55, who was known as Beverly Giesbrecht before she converted to Islam, was abducted along with her translator Salman Khan and cook-cum-driver Zar Muhammad while travelling to Miranshah in the restive North Waziristan tribal region.

Well I guess Beverly's Jihad has been totally unspun. Ironic that she went to Pakistan to prove the Taliban were just ordinary folk and ended up in her last days a prisoner there, carrying water for a crusty old mullah and waiting for her liver to fail. Which it did....eventually.

UPDATE by Rusty: I'm bumping and updating this because I think some of you probably don't know Bev and don't know the backstory.

Geisbrecht once published a website called "Jihad Unspun" under the name "Khadija Abdul Qahaar". The website was pro-Taliban. I don't mean this in the sense that many on the Left are pro-Taliban -- they support any opponents of the US -- I mean this in the literal sense: she and the website supported the Taliban.

A few years ago Beverly and a collaborator who had done work with al Jazeera began showing up on a forum that I once moderated asking for help contacting "the mujahideen". They wanted to do a documentary on "the resistance" in several countries, including Afghanistan.

So, I knew Beverly. She was not a "journalist" as the MSM is reporting. She was an activist on behalf of terrorists and Islamofascists.

She and her collaborator eventually tried to make it to Afghanistan to make contact with the people she supported, the Taliban. But, as it turned out, her own pro-Taliban narrative -- that the Taliban were freedom fighters protecting Muslims from the brutality of the Americans -- turned out to be wrong. The Taliban took her hostage and threatened to behead her.

Let her sad life story be an example to all Muslims who think that America is the cause of their troubles and the Islamists the solution. This is objectively false.

Beverly knows this now. Too bad she had to learn this lesson the hard way.

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August 26, 2010

Comedy Gold: Moonwalking Idol Contestant Indicted for Terror

Best terrorism story evah? It's like watching a real life Da Ali G show. Only, you know, funny.

His name is Khuram Sher and apparently he's the third wheel in a pretty serious domestic terror plot in Canada:

Two other alleged members of the group police believe were trying to form a local terrorism cell appeared in an Ottawa court Thursday.

Hiva Alizadeh, 36, is charged with conspiracy, committing an act for terrorism purposes and providing or making available properties for terrorism purposes.

The tall, thin Alizadeh appeared in court wearing a bushy beard and glasses, with a knitted skull cap and an open-neck checked shirt.

Misbahuddin Ahmed is charged with conspiracy and other unspecified terrorism charges. Ahmed, who was born in 1983 and stands about five feet, 10 inches tall, wore a dark, neatly trimmed beard and a beige pullover in court. [Lots more info here].

One has to wonder what the real crime was here: singing Avril Lavigne or plotting to blow up infidels?

Now, if he had only plotted to blow up Avril Lavigne we could get a twofer!

Thanks to Robert Spencer.

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May 15, 2010

Bomb Threat Aboard Cathay Pacific Aircraft to Vancouver


National Defence scrambled two CF-18 fighter jets from CFB Comox after a bomb threat was made aboard a Cathay Pacific flight enroute to a Vancouver airport Saturday afternoon.

Cathay Pacific flight number 839 was enroute when the pilot issued an alert. The Department of National Defence immediately sent its fight jets into action from Comox, B.C., say sources. The jets escorted the plane into Vancouver International Airport at around 1:40 p.m. local time.

"The CF-18 escorted the aircraft to Vancouver and it landed without incident," MacKay said.

There are unconfirmed reports the plane is sitting on the tarmac with passengers still on board. The plane has been towed to a secure part of the airport.

Update: CNN has more.
[Update 8:28 p.m. ET] The plane, which was coming from Hong Kong, landed safely at 1:35 p.m. PT (4:35 p.m. ET), said Alisa Gloag, a spokeswoman for the Vancouver Airport Authority.

Passengers were deplaned and the aircraft was being towed to another area for further inspection, said Gloag, who did not have information about how the threat was reported.

Hat Tip: Her Royal Whyness.

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July 10, 2009

Canadian sentenced for supporting al Qaida

Warsame, a naturalized Canadian citizen of Somali descent who lived in Minneapolis, was sentenced to 7 years in prison and three years of supervised release. Warsame was convicted on one count of conspiring to provide material support and resources to al Qaida. Back in May Warsame plead guilty to providing material support and resources to al Qaida and in exchange the Feds dropped three counts of making false statements to the FBI.

More at RoA

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February 03, 2009

Irony: Canadian GIMFer Claims "Free Speech" Protects Terror Support

Now, would this be the same Canada that prosecutes critics of Islam? Now a Canadian jihadi involved in the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) is claiming videos he made to support al Qaeda and which helped serve as a virtual training ground are merely expressions of "free speech".

One of the videos Said Namouh -- better known online as "Nashraf" -- made was about how to make a snowball bomb. He also was planning, with the help of two in Austria, to bomb U.S. targets in Europe. Free speech!

An interesting sidenote in the article confirms something I've been claiming since 2006: that the European based GIMF is directly tied to al Qaeda's Gaza affiliate. Apparently Said Namouh, through his affiliation with GIMF, personally helped transmit the ransom demands for British journalist Alan Johnston.

Oh, but it gets worse. GIMF is now the official propaganda wing of al Qaeda's Somali affiliate, the al-Shabaab. Distressing given that GIMF is known to be based in Europe. With known affiliates in Canada and the United States.

Globe and Mail:

The accused Maskinongé terrorist created videos with titles such as Jihad Academy and Mujahideen Secrets using a souped-up computer in his basement apartment in the sleepy Quebec town.

Said Namouh engaged in hundreds of online conversations and produced videos praising violent attacks on U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. He lauded the kidnappers of a British journalist in Gaza and allegedly helped distribute ransom demands. He threatened future attacks in Germany and Austria. In a series of chats in August, 2007, Mr. Namouh planned a trip to Egypt and Germany for a mission involving a bomb attack. In one brief online comment, he proclaimed his expertise in explosives. His handler and alleged co-conspirator sent him $800, suggesting he buy a gun....

"The debate will be whether these activities can really be described as acts of terrorism under the law," [Namouh's lawyer] Mr. Duval said. "One of my arguments is going to be about freedom of speech."

Yes, because facilitating al Qaeda is what free speech is all about.

If any one has a photo of Said Namouh I'd appreciate you emailing me.

Thanks to Kyros.

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January 26, 2009

Not Seen in MSM: Canadian Imam Praises Suicide Bombing

Click this link to see a video titled The Meaning of Jihad where the imam of the Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Toronto, Aly Hindy, praises suicide bombers. It comes near the end but the entire thing is worth watching: know thy enemy.

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January 20, 2009

"Innocent" Gitmo Canadian Visited al Qaeda Safehouse

Canadian Maher Arar was only 14 when he was caught then transferred to Gitmo. This makes him the youngest person to be held at Guantanamo. It also makes him the darling of the Canadian Left who, on cue, claim he's innocent and that his confession was coerced.

If he's so innocent, then how does one explain testimony by yet another darling of the Canadian Left, Omar Khadr, that Arar was a visitor at an al Qaeda safehouse in Kabul?

Thanks to Unattributable Maven.

UPDATE: Had to update this as I had mixed up the story of Khadr's capture with that of Arar. You Canadians all look alike to me.

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