August 25, 2015

Ann and Trump

OK so I'm not a big fan really of either. Personally but what I am a fan of is America.

If any candidate can do better, make my day.

If they cannot do better. Well i want to hire the best man or woman for the job.

At first I thought Trump a spoiler for Hillary or not really serious. But at appears he is serious. Therefore we need to be serious in our considerations.

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Americans and Briton Awarded French Legion of Honor

Yes those are our boys!

ance said a big "merci" to three Americans and a Briton who overpowered a gunman on a high-speed train, giving the four men the country's highest honor in a ceremony at the presidential palace Monday.


Spencer Stone, 23, Alek Skarlatos, 22, and Anthony Sadler, 23, three friends on a European vacation, and British businessman Chris Norman, 62, were awarded the Legion d'Honneur by French President François Hollande at the Elysée Palace.

The three young Americans, who have been as hailed heroes around the world, looked slightly embarrassed as Hollande pinned the ribboned medals on their polo shirts before embracing them and kissing them on each cheek.

Thanks to France. They were just doing what they should be doing that's all.

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August 21, 2015


Just saying.

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August 17, 2015

Muslima Kisses Policeman's Hand For Stopping her Husband From Beating Her

I'm touched obviously she knew kissing the Officer's hand would anger her husband, but felt compelled to do it anyway.

Police were called to the man's home after a report of a 911 hang-up call, Mitrovic told court. The man's wife, who only speaks Arabic, indicated through hand gestures that he had hit her in the eye.

Police were searching the man's clothing when his wife kissed one of the officers on the hand, Mitrovic said. The accused then "grabbed her by the throat and violently shoved her."

Police arrested the man and took him into custody. In an interview with an Arabic-speaking police officer, the man said "he wanted to be locked up in a mental hospital and the key thrown away as he didn't know what he would do to his wife," Mitrovic told court.

"He also said he doesn't agree with Canadian laws and that his wife is his property and he can do what he wants with her," Mitrovic said.

Now here we have a man and his entire family traumatized by and at the same time indoctrinated into a very conservative Islamic belief system, talk about your Stockholm Syndrome.
Court was told the family fled their native Iraq for Syria before arriving in Winnipeg last February. The family suffered persecution from terrorist groups including al-Qaida. While in Syria, one of the man's children was kidnapped and held for ransom.

"The family is very strong in the Islamic religion and they have very strong cultural beliefs," said defence lawyer Lincoln Atten. "The family is suffering on a daily basis. At one point, (the accused) was sleeping in a park near the home just to be close to his family."

So its good that we take refugees from ISIS. We should but now we have nine children to attempt to mold into productive western citizens and a huge job just helping the husband and the wife to adjust to the reality of life in the west.

Such ideas as, No your wife has rights, she is not your property.

No you can't beat your wife. No you can't kill your wife because she was thankful to the Officer for protecting her.

Then we have her, the gesture was nice, but she didn't have to kiss the officers hand, he is not a prince. its his job to protect you ma'am.

Because it makes no sense for them to come here and not find a better life to the extent that we can provide it. Creating Islamic ghettos is not going to cut it. In so much as the social workers tasked with fixing this family, they certainly have their work cut out for them.

Its why emigration needs controls and resources. So that we and the emigrants can enjoy the full benefits of their presence.

Another good idea would have been, you know, not leaving them to the mercy of ISIS by bugging out of Iraq. but that ship has sailed.

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August 15, 2015

IS Crosses the Red Line

I dunno maybe IS thought since the Turks were bombing the Kurds they could get away with it.

Mr. Obama are you going to let IS get away with it?

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil) used mustard agent in its fight against a Kurdish militia in Syria, testing has confirmed.

Unnamed US government officials involved in investigating alleged chemical weapon use by Isil in the northeastern Syrian city of Hasakeh confirmed mustard gas had been used, according to the Washington Post and CNN.

Mustard gas, used during World War One, can cause blisters, blindness and respiratory damage and is an internationally-banned chemical weapon.

Last month, members of a Syrian Kurdish militia, the People's Defence Units or YPG, reported that projectiles fired by Isil's jihadists had released "a yellow gas with a strong smell of onions."

I mean the American people are supposed to be friends of the Kurds, we're not going to let IS do what Saddam and Chemical Ali did.

Are we?

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Dear Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Payback is a MoFo.... we will get you just like we got Abu Sayyaf and Umm Sayyaf.

According to a Yazidi teenager who was held with Mueller but escaped, Al-Baghdadi took Mueller as a "wife," repeatedly raping her when he visited.

The 14-year-old, who referred to the rapes as “forced marriage”, talked to US officials who corroborated her account with other intelligence and passed it on to her parents, Carl and Marsha Mueller, in June.

Umm Sayyaf gave extensive information to American interrogators, the US officials said, and has been turned over to the Iraqi Kurds for trial.

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August 10, 2015

The ISIS Execution Video al-Furqan Won't Release

Although I'm sure Director Kilroy's cut would be fantastic.

The dramatic rescue operation took place last month near the Syrian border with Turkey, where an elite SAS unit had been conducting covert patrols.

Defence sources described how the SAS unit moved into a position just outside a village where ISIS members were holding the 'trial' in front of a crowd of locals who had been forced to attend at gunpoint.

The crack team considered calling in an air strike using a Reaper Drone, but the elite troops feared many of the innocent civilians who had been forced to watch the executions might also be killed.

Instead the SAS unit decided on a risky long-range kill using the team’s sniper.

...The SAS marksman, using a .50 calibre sniper rifle fitted with a silencer, killed the executioner just in time.

The source added: "The ISIS thug who was about to decapitate the father was shot in the head and collapsed.

"Everyone just stared in confusion. The sniper then dispatched the two henchmen with single shots – three kills with three bullets.

"Someone from the crowd then ran over and untied the father and son’s hands and took their blindfolds off.

Allah knows best.....

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July 25, 2015

The Only Post Jawa Report Will Ever Write About John Russell Houser

John Russell Houser committed his act of murder as a last gasp attempt to make name for himself and his evil Nazi ideology.

We don't really focus on this kind of terrorism. But say if StormFront ran into technical difficulties, fine with us. But somewhere on the far left nuts and the far right nuts converge into just plain nuts.

One day after John Russell Houser killed two people and wounded nine in a movie theater in Lafayette, La., a picture is emerging online of a man caught up with a number of far-right ideas and fascinated about “the power of the lone wolf.”
“Do not mistake yourselves for one minute, the enemy sees all posted on this website. I do not want to discourage the last hope for the best, but you must realize the power of the lone wolf, is the power that come forth in ALL situations,” Houser wrote on a forum dedicated to the New York chapter of Golden Dawn, Greece’s far-right neo-Nazi political party.
I guess after Chattanooga the freaking Nazis got afraid they were falling behind the Islamic terrorists.

My feeling is he targeted Train Wreck due to his anti-abortion views and his hatred for Jews. Which is an interesting convergence, wherever you find Jew hatred you find terrorists. You hear the media whipping up a frenzy over right wing or extreme left wing terrorism while downplaying Islamic terrorism. But that's not to say there is no danger from the Nazi types as the Lafayette attacks demonstrate. But lets file Houser right next to James Holmes and let the Lord deal with him. I am comforted by the fact that Houser is in hell right now. I hope the rest of the Nazi jackoffs are now left staring at the absolute evil they have perpetrated on innocents. Because they are going to find themselves right next to ISIS members in hell.

Both Islamic Jew haters and Nazi Jew haters are dangerous. But the media frenzy is just what this murderous loser was looking for. Screw him.

We pray for the victims and their families.

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July 23, 2015

POS of the Day Dustin Lowery

Lets make Dustin Lowery famous. I mean he seems to want attention.

A hulking restaurant patron who told South Carolina cops that he “had been joking with an African American family and calling them racial slurs” was arrested Saturday night after allegedly assaulting a female waitress who asked him to leave the eatery due to his behavior.


When questioned by police, Lowery--who smelled strongly of booze--said that he had been jokingly directing racial slurs at the other family, claiming that while “he did not know the family...he didn’t believe they minded” being denigrated.

Lowery, who works for a construction firm, claimed that he only struck Churchill after she hit him. Lowery, cops noted, outweighs Churchill by 120 pounds and is 13 inches taller than her.

A witness corroborated Churchill’s account of the encounter, saying that the diner “tried to leave without paying and was cursing and using racial slurs.”

Write an excuse for this retard below, get a Fatwa.

Update: The Why U Insult Holly Koran? Fatwa issued against Arawak for

The dog ate my brain

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The Islamic Genocide Against Middle East Christians Almost Complete

The NYT's article has some misplaced blame, making sure to never mention the elephant in the room and overusing the word extremist. The myth of the benevolent Islamic ruler's protections of Christian minorities being held up as a strong point of Islam. But if Islam was or has been so tolerant why then have Christians need the ordered protection of a dictator to protect them from the Muslim majority.

Even Lebanon which was Christian majority now finds its Christian population a 30 percent minority.

But as a last snapshot Christians in the middle east I suppose the article is useful.

Because the genocide won't be stopped, in order to stop it you would have to admit the root of the problem, that the actor committing the genocide is not the *Religion of Peace that the media sell.

There are only two places where Christians are fee to practice and live. Lebanon and Israel. With Lebanon deteriorating. There is a large Copt community in Egypt but they live under a Dhimmi pact and are subject to an array of oppressive laws and second class status.

Jesus wept.yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service

*Lets not forget Memphis ISIS doesn't ask only what we perceive as "radicals" to do such acts, to participate in genocide. No it presents itself to all Muslims, a majority will reject them but as we see they will garner enough support from among the Muslim population to achieve their goals. So can you really call a minority of around 20% a tiny minority of extremists? possibly in the US but not really in the Middle East.

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July 22, 2015

Sandcrawler PSA: Howie on Hiatus Episode II

Remember back in oh say March 2014 when I disappeared for about 6 weeks?

I get to do that again.

Of course I'm never as absent as I think or say I will be...but probably very little blogging by Howie for a while.

Don't worry I'm in good Jewish hands so you won't be rid of me that easily. I'll be back and as ornery as ever, maybe a bit older and slower but shit happens ya know.

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July 15, 2015

Sandcrawler PSA: Pluto Looks Like a Planet (Bumped For Charon)

Stop the oppression! Pluto is a planet.

NASA scientists on Tuesday morning counted down the last few seconds remaining in their mission to Pluto — a mission that took 3,463 days, or about 9 1/2 years, to finally come to fruition.


The scientists won't know, however, until 8:53 p.m. ET. That's when it expects to receive confirmation from New Horizons to learn about how the flyby went, what data was collected, and what condition the spacecraft is in.

Therefore, while the celebrations Tuesday morning marked the exact moment of the historic flyby, there was still a second celebration in order for the evening.

Update: Charon.

click for larger

The surface of Pluto below the fold.

click for larger

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Sandcrawler PSA: And Like a Bad Penny We're Back

Let the incredible suck and freefall that is Jawa Report continue. Because we're nothing if not stubborn..... and lazy.

Yea we were down, but on the bright side all four of our readers noticed.

Also, F*ck you.

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July 14, 2015

Brazilian Held in Rome For Attempted Murder in Knife Attack on Woman

Not much is known of the suspect other than he was from Brazil, Homeless and wanted to chop up an infidel girl for Allah.

A tourist was forced to her knees at knifepoint at Rome's Colosseum in a terrifying attack that recalled an ISIS-style execution.
Hundreds of horrified visitors to the Italian landmark looked on as the attacker held a kitchen knife to the neck of a 26-year-old woman and yelled 'Allah is great' and 'It is God that sends me'.

The man held Chiara Frisco hostage for several minutes as he yelled religious fanaticism at the crowd with police powerless to act.

One witness said: 'It seemed like a scene from ISIS.

'He made the girl get down on her knees like you see in the terrorists' videos, while he held a knife to her throat.

'The only thing missing was the orange jumpsuit.'

Others told Il Messaggero he was yelling 'incomprehensible things, but among them "Allah is great".'

We'll update when we find out more. But there have been cases of terrorists attempting to travel to Islamic State running out of bribe money and being unable to cross into Syria from Turkey

. Guides into Islamic State require bribe money contrary to popular perception of Jihadis that its all about Islam and they will help their brothers, actually its all about the money. Once IS and all the smugglers have all your money the promptly send foreign recruits tot he Kurdish lines for disposal.

This may be the case here. Where unable to complete his intended Jihad he jsut picked the first random pretty infidel girl available and started spouting Allahu Ackbar.....

Anyway his journey will take a slight detour through Italian prison.

But remember All suffering is for the sake of Allah so he should be thankful.

Also its good that the young lady escaped unharmed.

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A Convergence Between Liberal Commies and Islamic Terror

Of course you have noticed that politics makes strange bedfellows.

Its always the Leftist Neo-Commie Jew haters running the flotillas to Palestine. It seems a bit awkward that Atheist Liberal Commies supporting Islamic Terrorists.

Aren't they, you know opposing ideologies? Not quite, even the Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt did not reform a single policy of the centrally controlled Egyptian Qasi-Communist system.

Allah is all good so long as I still get my rent subsidy, food subsidy and fuel subsidy. Which is why the Arab Spring failed.

Not one of the new regimes threw away the old oppressive growth killing communist polices of the former regimes. Save for Libya which would keep the socialist policies of the former regime there if not for the anarchy.

So this week the arrest of Alexander Ciccolo demonstrates the same convergence in a single person. Liberal Hippie activist turns Islamic Terrorist.

I guess because if you're going to hate Jews the Islamists take it to a whole 'nother level.

El Super:

A Boston policer captain’s son has been arrested for planning pressure cooker bomb attacks. His dad had been a first responder during the Boston Bomb attacks, and this degenerate had been inspired by that to do his own.

But what you probably won’t hear is that he was a hippy liberal weirdo.

Now, if he had turned out to be a Tea Party protester, what do you think the media would have been saying?

Occupy Boston?

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July 13, 2015

Alaa Bader Abdullah al-Hashemi Executed For Murder of American Teacher

Justice is served, I'm not sure how UAE executed her. But surely it was more merciful than what Ibolya Ryan suffered.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – The United Arab Emirates on Monday put to death a woman with links to Islamic extremists who was convicted of murdering an American teacher with a butcher knife in an upscale Abu Dhabi mall.

The execution, carried out just two weeks after the country’s top court delivered a guilty verdict, marked a swift end to a case that has rattled this Western-allied Gulf country, where violent crime is rare.

The Federal Supreme Court convicted Alaa Bader Abdullah al-Hashemi, a 30-year-old Emirati mother of six, of deliberately murdering 47-year-old schoolteacher Ibolya Ryan in a mall restroom stall on the capital’s upscale Reem Island.

Authorities say the killer, shrouded in a traditional black garment and veil, later planted a homemade bomb outside the home of another American. It failed to explode.

Al-Hashemi also was found guilty of sending money to al-Qaida in Yemen and of publishing information aimed at harming the reputation of the Emirates, a seven-state federation that also includes the commercial hub of Dubai.

The verdict was not eligible for appeal.

A reminder of her murder.
She waited for Miss Ryan, 47, a kindergarten teacher, to enter the toilet - and tricked her into coming towards her by claiming she needed her help. Then she stabbed her repeatedly.
Rot skank.

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July 07, 2015

10th Anniversary London Tube Bombings

The London Tube bombings occurred just after I started blogging for Rusty here at Jawa Report. Hard to believe its been 10 years.

I just want the people of the UK to know we remember and that when they are attacked we in the US feel as if it is our own family that was attacked.

Here is a link to our first anniversary post, you will find relevant links there and also the July 2005 archive.

Bless you all and May God save the Queen.

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July 04, 2015

Happy Fourth Jawas!

Its a pleasure serving at Jawa with the Finest God Damned American Bitches and Sons of Bitches alive today!

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June 26, 2015

Ministry of Irony Three Islamic Terrorist Attacks in One Day?

The NYT's just spent this week showing us how we're all Islamophobes and that you're more likely to die in a non Islamic terror attack than an Islamic terror attack.

But then.


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June 22, 2015

Shooter Dylann Roof's Manifesto Who to Blame for Race War? Jews!

Here is the entire website of Dylann Roof.

First indication you have a serious problem is when you decide to write a Manifesto . Predictably the rant will include Jews.

Thats what racial awareness is, its viewing everything that happens through a racial lense. They are always thinking about the fact that they are black. This is part of the reason they get offended so easily, and think that some thing are intended to be racist towards them, even when a White person wouldnt be thinking about race. The other reason is the Jewish agitation of the black race.

Unlike many White naitonalists, I am of the opinion that the majority of American and European jews are White. In my opinion the issues with jews is not their blood, but their identity. I think that if we could somehow destroy the jewish identity, then they wouldnt cause much of a problem. The problem is that Jews look White, and in many cases are White, yet they see themselves as minorities. Just like niggers, most jews are always thinking about the fact that they are jewish. The other issue is that they network. If we could somehow turn every jew blue for 24 hours, I think there would be a mass awakening, because people would be able to see plainly what is going on.
I dont pretend to understand why jews do what they do. They are enigma.
In this way White Racist Neo Nazis share a common hatred of Jews as part of their racist vision.

Not unlike Islamic Hate groups like ISIS, where Kurds and Yazidis are displaced for the greater good of the Sunni Arabs. Also shared among the Nazis, lets face it Dylann Roof is a Nazi, is this statement, if we could somehow destroy the jewish identity, then they wouldnt cause much of a problem.

The same from ISIS.

Its [Islamic State's] actions speak louder than its words and it is only a matter of time and patience before it reaches Palestine to fight the barbaric Jews and kill those of them hiding behind the gharqad trees – the trees of the jews."
Unfortunately we've seen this all before.

We often like to think of Nazism as dead, except in certain backward channels, also we like to think of Islamic terrorists as a small minority.

Both are minorities, we can argue all day about the scale, but both are equally damaging and based on the same hatred of the other.

Everyone must reject absolutely 100% the murderous actions Dylann Roof, just as we must all reject the murderous actions and aspirations of ISIS.

Then there is one more thing that the Neo Nazis and ISIS both hate, America..


Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

SS Handschar Division Mufti (1).jpg

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June 15, 2015

Rachel Dolezal Penalized for Vexatious Litigation Against Howard University (Update: Lying About Father Survival) (Update :No Biological Proof She's a Kracker and SEX TAPE)

No matter what color she is at the time everyone is racist against Rachel Dolezal.

Smoking Gun: JUNE 15--The NAACP official who today resigned in the face of evidence that she masqueraded as black once sued Howard University for denying her teaching posts and a scholarship because she was a white woman, The Smoking Gun has learned.

As detailed in the court opinion, Dolezal’s lawsuit contended that Howard was “permeated with discriminatory intimidation, ridicule, and insult.”

Judge Zoe Bush dismissed Dolezal’s complaint in February 2004, 18 months after the lawsuit was filed and Dolezal was deposed on several occasions. Bush found no evidence that Dolezal was discriminated on the basis of race or other factors. The D.C. Court of Appeals subsequently affirmed Bush’s decision.

Following the dismissal of Dolezal’s lawsuit (and the Court of Appeals decision), she was ordered to reimburse Howard for a “Bill of Costs” totaling $2728.50. During the case, she was also ordered to pay the university nearly $1000 in connection with an “obstructive and vexatious” court filing that sought to improperly delay her examination by an independent doctor.

I'm sure she will now sue the NAACP for (insert several isms here.)

Because after all its documented.

Her efforts were met with opposition by North Idaho white supremacy groups, including the Ku Klux Klan, the Neo Nazis and the Aryan Nations. At least eight documented hate crimes targeted Doležal and her children during her time in North Idaho and Spokane.
Interesting how all the phantoms hating on Rachel are Caucasian? Her struggles against the evil sexist racists at Howard University are left out of her art page. Instead listing Howard University as to her credit, as in a resume.
She is also a licensed intercultural and diversity Trainer and has taught Race & Ethnicity at Whitworth University, Anatomy Drawing at Howard University
WTF is a "licensed intercultural and diversity Trainer?" Is that something I can make myself with one of those "certificates" you buy at Dollar General?

Anyway lets see what that Koran says about liars, just in the interest of cultural diversity.

2. Lying in buying and selling. (applies as she's selling herself, her labor)

(Narrated by Muslim, 106)

It was narrated that Hakim ibn Hizaam (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: ‘The two parties involved in a transaction have the option [of canceling it] until they part. If they are honest and truthful, their transaction will be blessed for them and if they conceal something and tell lies, the blessing of their transaction will be wiped out.’”

Of course any liberal Dolezal defenders of who go against that are racists and have insulted Islam!

Catch 22 baby.

Lying, it was just about survival.

This is not me quitting; this is a continuum. It's about moving the cause of human rights and the Black Liberation Movement along the continuum from Resistance to Chattel Slavery to Abolition to Defiance of Jim Crow to the building of Black Wall Street to the Civil Rights and Black Power Movement to the‪#BlackLivesMatter movement and into a future of self-determination and empowerment.

...When asked by Lauer if she would've done anything differently in light of the controversy, Dolezal said no.

"My life has been one of survival," Dolezal said. "The decisions I made have ultimately been ones of survival."


More half truths and lies at SooperMexican.

Update: Holy crap Rachel Dolezal has no shame.

Rachel Dolezal stories are coming fast and furious today as the volume of her lies are becoming apparent. In yet another example, Dolezal was interviewed for a Spokane, Washington podcast in which the former NAACP chapter president bemoans, and wants to boycott, the movie Exodus because Christian Bale is, in the words of host Taylor Weech, a "white European" playing a "north African" part.

So to summarize, the white woman who pretended she was black wanted to boycott a movie where a white man played the role of an African.

Updated II : Rachel Dolezal SEX Tape.
Rachel Dolezal once accused her ex-husband of forcing her to take part in a homemade sex tape, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

Dolezal, 37, admitted participating in 'sexual acts' on camera with Kevin Moore, who has been pictured in public for the first time since their wedding photo appeared.

However, Dolezal - a serial litigant who resigned her post as leader of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP Monday - insisted she took part in the video against her will.

His former flame furthermore accused him of being a danger to their son Franklin. The papers reveal that when the boy came home for a visit to his father's home in 2005 with a bruise on his face, Dolezal immediately reported Moore to the police.

Moore insisted, however, that the child had fallen accidentally, and police never charged him.

The divorce was finalized in April 2005 and the court agreed Moore was a responsible dad who posed no threat to his son, awarding him joint custody of Franklin, who is now 13.

The father and son were seen spending the weekend together, and they enjoyed a tender hug as Franklin was dropped off afterwards at his mother's house in Spokane.

You know who we need to find, the person in Rachel's life who has not been accused of abusing her. Because according to Rachel absolutely everyone has abused or discriminated against her.

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Future War Porn

This is what IS has to look forward to.

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Great Islamic Achievement


Saudi Arabia is on the verge of breaking a record for the most beheadings in a single year. While it is unlikely to surpass China and Iran in total executions, the kingdom is the only country to impose capital punishment by public beheading, and it is on pace to kill more people than it ever has before.
Of course Islamic State put that record to shame. Chopping off heads at an astounding rate. But those beheadings don't count as they are not officially sanctioned by FICA (Fédération Internationale de Choppity Chop Association) because Islamic State didn't pay a big enough bribe

Hat Tip: Middle East Eye.

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June 03, 2015

CAIR Florida Invest in Children

And when CAIR Florida activist Ahmad Saleem said invest in children he meant it just not in the way you expected.

el-Super: On Tuesday an enormous child sex ring was busted in Florida and one of those arrested was a CAIR official, and ran a Muslim Youth Organization.

Image credit
Ahmad Saleem left

Florida CAIR has already scrubbed the bio of the man, Ahmed Saleem, from their website, but here it is:

Apart from being the former MSA president at UCF, he was the MSA National service director, a board member of Muslim Youth Project USA, a student of many learned scholars from across the world, and is a motivational speaker who has been invited to speak throughout the country.

Mr. Saleem is the founder of Saleem Academy, an organization dedicated to empowering Muslim youth globally. Under it, he has conducted his “Inspired by the Quran” and “Muslim Youth Survival Guide” weekend seminars. In addition, he has also created many empowering online videos and courses. He continues to actively engage in any educational or community building efforts that he can to help uplift and raise American and global communities to new heights.

Orlando Sentinel:
Orlando community activist Ahmad Saleem drove to a Clermont-area house intending to meet a 12-year-old girl he had been chatting with online for sex in a vehicle with a specialty "Invest in Children" license plate, authorities said Tuesday.

But when the door opened, there were no children in sight. Instead, detectives quickly brought Saleem to the ground and arrested him. Saleem, founder of the Saleem Academy, an organization dedicated to empowering Muslim youths globally, was one of the 101 people arrested in an undercover cybercrime prostitution and child-sex sting by the Lake and Polk county sheriff's offices.

Obviously the Florida authorities are Islamophobes.

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June 01, 2015

Empathy From Another Brother

Word. Rusty. Word.

No the other Rusty.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Armageddon Imminent

The Patriot act has expired. So ya'll should board up your windows and head down to your basement because Uncle Sam has been left deaf, dumb and blind by Senator Rand Paul.

About fifteen years ago politicians told us that we had to temporarily give up just a smidgen of freedom and privacy until they won the War on Terror.

They called it the Patriot Act and even added a sundown provision to assure those of us who care about personal freedom and things like the Bill of Rights that it wasn't just a power grab.

Now 15 years or so later, Politicians are scared shitless at the prospect of giving up that extra power. They tell us that if we don't give up our freedom and privacy just a little longer then we could, you know, have another attack like say maybe the one at the Boston Marathon!

OMG! Basements! Lock and Load! The end is near! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!

Here is my freedom and privacy, take it for my own safety!

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May 30, 2015

Flag Stomper Eric Sheppard Ready to Die (Update: Busted!)

Update 05/30/25 original post below the fold....

We'd like to welcome Eric Sheppard to the showroom. Please have a seat, we'll be with you in 20 to 30 years.

Tampa, Florida -- A 21-year-old man seen in a video stomping on an American flag at a Georgia university has been arrested in Tampa on a weapons charge.

Eric Sheppard was arrested about 11:15 a.m. Thursday in the 2000 block of Balfour Court in Tampa. An arrest warrant had been issued for Sheppard since deputies found a gun that belonged to him in a backpack on Valdosta State University's campus in late April.

I for one look forward to writing the headline, "Flag Stomps Eric Sheppard". That will be teh awesome! And also my First Amendment Right too.

**** begin original post ****

You remember Eric Shepard an activist who was stomping the American flag at Valdosta State University when former Playboy Bunny and Veteran Michelle Manhart rescued a flag from desecration. An act which earned her a lifetime ban from VSU.

Its clear who VSU supports.

You will notice in this report that Shappard uses the same excuse for his racism as a feminist activist used last week.

You can't be racist or sexist against whites or males because the institutions of power are controlled by the White Patriarchy. Which in their view institutes or administrates the oppression of blacks and and women.

Thus they think that blacks and women can't be quote "racist" or "sexist" because they lack the power to take their "righteous prejudice" against men and whites institute a system of oppression against whites and males. So therefore their prejudice can't be racist.

So where do you think they come up with this silly BS? Places like VSU teach them this. But not so worry if VSU has its way we all have a wonderful future to look forward to. Not of a society where all races are treated equally and without prejudice but one where Black Supremacists and Feminists do control the institutions of power and begin their own programs of oppression against the White Male Patriarchy. More commonly known as Da Man!

Also Jews are not Jews. Free Free Palestine and all that Jazz.

So after police found a gun on Eric Sheppard's bag during a subsequent protest he was charged with a firearms violation and has been on the run. Today he sends us this love letter.

Memorandum Ultimatum

Let me Clear the Air and Set the Record Straight once and For All on Questions Inquiries Suggestions and otherwise in regards to this Entire Ordeal. We Will Determine who Is Truly Guilty and Who is Truly Innocent Throughout the Course of this Literary Revelation. Many still question the possibility of my surrendering to the people who call themselves "authorities". To Give you a Simple Answer, No! I will Not Turn Myself Over to Any White Man and I will Ensure this With my Own Will to Self-Defend and To Annihilate those Who Come After Me. These same people who you all know as "legal officials/police officers/sheriff/detectives" or any other falsified label of 'authority' only know wickedness and devilish behavior. It SHOULD be clear by now that this is a White Supremacist Nation Owned, Operated, and Controlled by White People. Yes it is ALL white people who help to maintain this wicked nation to a greater or lesser degree given the default status aided to them by virtue or vice of White Privilege. Thus all functionalities, codes, rules, policies, curriculums, cultures and social criteria created or concocted therein are Meant to Benefit Whites ALONE AND EXCLUSIVELY! The recent yet ongoing hideous & disgusting rash of white supremacist brutality (police brutality) as well as All other forms of European Aggression on Afrikan people here in Amerikkka; as well as the emanating circumstances that have precipitated into a sick/vile pattern show CLEARLY that "white" people can and will escape Just Punishment (Justice) so long as it is In alignment and Cooperation with the White Supremacist Agenda of Afrikan Genetic Annihilation of ANY form. Extreme Cognitive Dissonance causes ALL of You white people to Deny this TRUTH however when Afrikan People Drop the 'Realistics', Kick the Ballistics and Present to You the Statistics Recorded and Documented by Your Own white mathematicians and social scientist you revert to weak racist and ignorant "justifications" to affirm your false sense of correctness in the continuity of your White Supremacist Power System Structure (Racism). This rhetoric is believed to be true because it is presented under a cloak of Jingoistic Amerikkkan Nationalism. I have No Interest in Cooperating WHATSOEVER with a Nation Run by Devils, Low-Lifes and Deviants such as Yourselves. Make no Mistake about it, it is White People who I am Speaking On and Black People who I am Speaking To so as to Raise them Out of the Psycho-Hypnosis Instilled and Drilled in their Afrikan Mind by that wicked and deceitful European race who call themselves "whites". Whites who govern & operate the [in]justice system and white people in general will let your white brother or sister go free and remain operative in society for Killing an INNOCENT Black Man or Black Woman. Yet I did NOTHING of that Magnitude and My Head has Been Marked for Death. This will Cost You all YOUR Lives......What You say I am "guilty" of is Bringing a Weapon on the Valdosta State University campus, Threatening White People and All who Aid their White Supremacist Structure and Stepping on Your dirty rag that you call "Old Glory". Well it is Us the Victims of the Actions enforced under that Symbol that Will Glorify Our Triumph over Your Sick Race. Is Not a Victim of the Afrikan Holocaust (Maafa) justified in Defending themselves at Every Waking Moment when Behind European Enemy Lines? Are not the Sons and Daughters of former Chattel Slaves Rightfully Just, in Acting in a Manner to Defend those Who Enslave her/his Race and to Take back What is Rightfully Theirs? Is Not the White Race the Cause of ALL Global Oppression? Do not you Head All Global Institutions of Societal Operation? You Seem to have Forgotten, European, that You are not indigenous to this land or ANY OTHER land on the face of the planet Earth. You Acquired this Nation and All other Nations Through Afrikan-Indigenous Genocide. Cultural Thievery, Mockery and Demonization was and still is your Concrete Methodology. You have consistently invoked a Pattern of Perverted Pyscho-Sexual behavior and Persistent Brutality in every imaginable sector of society. You All assume Your Wickedness somehow vanished and dissipated yet everything you gained and passed down was/is a Result of those actions. You have still not surrendered to Your Victims, Afrikan people, the Rightful Owners of ALL that You Have. You All, European Descendants on the Continent and Elsewhere, fit the Definition Perfectly of Devils. No, not a False Spook Devil said to live underground in a fictitious fiery pit but a Devil here on Earth subjecting Afrikan people to a Hellish (Non)Existence. It is TRUE that Afrikan people are the God Body that gave you, the devils of the planet Earth, a Heaven (Civilization) which before our Presence in Europe was Completely Non-Existent. Not Only are We your Fathers and Mothers Biologically and Genetically in MOST Regards, but we are Also the Fathers and Mothers of Law, Ethics, Morality, Agriculture, Economics, Culture, Spirituality, Art, Mathematics and Every Conceivable High Science in Existence. It was Afrikan People who Pioneered Research and Explorations into these Fields of Knowledge long Before you even began to CRAWL on All Fours Much Less walk Upright and Consume Your Own Babies just to Survive in the Barren Land of Europe. Even your "strongest" argument is weak and poses no threat to Truth. Proposing "bygones being bygones" is completely Irrational, Illogical and Ignorant and only furthers the Deceit and Falsehood your Entire Existence is Built Upon. If it should be So then Forget About that questionable "jewish holocaust". Forget about your George Bush/Dick Cheney staged September 11th attacks. Forget about Pearl Harbor. Forget about the Alamo. Forget about all of Your forefathers' and foremothers' "sacrifices". Forget about all of Your Demonic European holidays and Traditions (Christmas/ Thanksgiving/ Easter). You won't because it has been inclusive in your Devilish culture. So do not Ask Us or even propose in the most subtle form that we, Afrikan People, should Forget about Our Continuous and Current Plight under Your Devilish and Heinous Rule. White People are the Swine and Parasites that have Plagued the Entire Earth. I will Warn You Once, Drop ALL Charges and discontinue your Hunt or Face That which is Imminent ...Death; both by Your Own Hand and by the Hand of Your Victims, Afrikan People. War, Rage and Complete Chaos to Overthrow and Destroy YOU along with Your White Supremacist System is the ONLY thing you deserve. Do Not Expect the Righteous to Respect your False Accusations of Guilt & Conform be it that you Have Been, Still Are and Will Be Wicked beings. It is Deeply Inscribed in Your Genetics. So Let it Be, Act in Your Nature and Face that Which every Corrupt Rulership Has Faced in History. You Cannot Escape this Divine Judgement. Warnings Had been Put Out by the Path-Layer Noble Drew Ali, Warnings Had been Put out by The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Warnings had been Put Out by The Prophet Elijah Muhammad, The Generals Malcolm X & Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad, The Oracle Dr. Frances Welsing and of course our Great Guide The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan...EVEN Michael King Jr. (Martin Luther King Jr.) began to Send you Warnings of Your Fast Approaching Destruction once he began to awaken from his Hypnosis of "Integration". We Sent You Messengers bearing this Message in Peace. You have Discarded the Message and Killed or Attempted to Kill the Messengers but Now the Army of God has Been Awakened and Will only Deliver the Edict of Death Upon Your Heads. You have had 400 Years to Take Heed to Warning Now You will Learn by Example. THIS IS INDEED A CALL TO ACTION FOR EVERY AFRIKAN REVOLUTIONARY ON THE PLANET TO KILL ALL WHITE DEVILS AND RECLAIM YOUR RIGHTFUL POSITION AS RIGHTEOUS RULERS. The Laws of The Universe are the Only True Laws and the Primary Law of Nature is Self Preservation/Self Defense. This is An Innate Existential Right irrespective of any so-called "law" that the white race authors. The white Race has Never Written/Reinforced a True Law because Law brings Balance Between ALL things. Your white "laws" bring about Injustice and Benefits Only to Your Own Race. The Universal Symbol for Justice Internationally and Especially here in Amerikkka is a Balanced Scale. However, It is shown on your Supreme Court Doors, an Imbalanced scale Signifying Disharmony and Corruption. Because My People were Made to Be Symbolically Illiterate and often Disconnect Truths, they Did Not Take Heed to This and Have Unknowingly Subjected themselves to Your False Legal Rule. But the TRUE Supreme Court of Almighty A.L.L.A.H. will not be in a Building built by the Hands of White Men but in the Streets where the Judge, Jury and Executioner Will Exist All as One in the Form of the Oppressed Afrikan People. Fires shall Consume Your Bodies, Heads Will Be Severed and Your Blood will Flow in the Streets. All European constructed policies mislabeled as "laws" are null and void and SHOULD NOT/WILL NOT BE ABIDED BY. Europeans are the Real Terrorist of Social Order and Peace & Harmony. White people are the True Armed and Dangerous Murderous Gangstas....the "Thug Life muthafuckas" of the Planet. You Will Have No Satisfaction of Any Submission From Me. Global European Oppression is not a systematic problem IT IS A WHITE SPECIES PROBLEM. You can't expect to get rid of all binding webs (Oppressive Systems) if you first do not get rid of the source of those binding webs, which is the white spider. Both the Web and the Spider will Be Destroyed. Why would I Stand Trial in Front of Wicked Devils as a Righteous Man swearing on the same false, crooked, and racist fable-mythed book called a bible promising to tell the TRUTH. Your Jesus is False, Your Nation is Wicked and Your Race is Suffering Annihilation. Yes, I am connected to the Kendrick Johnson case simply by our identical social circumstances of being born in the Hells of the Pinnacle of White Supremacy (Amerikkka). He was Crucified and So You All Seek to do the Very Same to Me. Despite what that murderous, lying bastard Brian Childress has stated this is the Truth. They have already mislabeled me an "Armed Threat" giving those timid bitch-made mignons called "police officers" even more of an "excuse" to act on their Maladapted psycho-aggressive savage nature. You call me a Terrorist and Like I so Clearly Stated on the Viral YouTube video..."I am a Terrorist Towards Lies, I am a Terrorist Towards Liars, I am a Terrorist Towards white people"....because you all are the Very Best at This. If You All could each and every one of you wicked devils would be delighted in skinning me alive, killing me and disposing of me. They would do it without hesitation if they could absolutely assure that "niggas would soon get over it". Just as the masses of us so often do in the Wake of Racial Confrontations and Scenarios such as this. This in itself is a disgust. Afrikan people have foolishly become willing participants in their own Genocide just as the fraudulent white jews of Nazi Germany had. However, I can only blame Our Race so much because the white race is at the root of our Unnatural and Irrational Thought Patterns thus they are the ones who are Ultimately at Fault. 400 Years of Psychological and Cultural Genocide And the Continuous Social Ethnocide has subjected the entire Afrikan race to P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder). THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR VICTIMIZATION BUT A REALIZATION OF WHO OUR OPEN AND NATURAL ENEMIES ARE AND A CALL TO ARMS FOR THOSE WHO ARE IN PREPARATION FOR OUR RISE TO POWER! It is 2015 on the European Gregorian Calendar and you coons & house niggas are still giving white people a pass as though they have collectively or individually done ANY good for Our race. No your "white friend"/ " white coworker"/ "white associate" is not exempt from any of the Evils that the white race has authored. No not your token Tim Wise nor Jane Elliot, those devils get no passes either! Your Liberal Alex Jones and David Icke are just as Guilty. Although they speak MILDLY against the Wickedness your Race has Authored Systematically they NEVER identify the Root of All of It as Being their Own White Race. So Yes, Alex, World War Three Is Here and It will Be the War to End All Wars.....The Final Ultimatum Between the Righteous Afrikan Martyrs and Revolutionaries and the Army of Wicked European Demons. This is What You All have Created and You Shall Eat it Whole Without Liquid and Choke on its Bitterness. There is no such thing as a "good white person". To be Good is to Be Without Sin. However Your Children are Born into Sin because They Are Inheriting a Legacy of Wickedness and Bask in its Foul Odor just as You have Always done. If ANY white has not even IDENTIFIED and fully invested themselves into Destroying the System of White Supremacy with their unearned advantage (white privilege) then they are compliant either consciously or unconsciously in Perpetuating White Supremacy (Racism). White people, given their social advantage in all sectors of society with white privilege, are the best equipped to Dismantle and Destroy this system in an Efficient and Bloodless way. However, if it is left up to US, the Afrikan victims (primary victims) of Racism (White Supremacy) then there Will Be No Compromise In Smashing Your Existence and the European Race WILL be Exterminated on ALL fronts. Do Not Underestimate the Power of your Victims. The Haitian Revolution Taught Us Well that You Can and Will be Defeated. The Ethiopian Defense against France and Italy showed us Well that You can and Will be Defeated. Ya Asantewaa and Queen Nanny of the Maroons Showed us Well that Fear is Not an Option even for Our women who have become the spoils of this War. The Vietcong Showed Us Recently that Your Overwhelming Military Forces Mean Nothing when Faced with the Revolutionary Spirit and Tactical Prowess of Afrikan People. Lest you forget that You (Europeans) are the Global Minority (1/13th of the global populous) and you are outnumbered in every region of the Earth. So that False Political Status you have put on us as "Minorities" is Really Your Own Fear....NOT OURS. WE ARE THE ORIGINAL AND ONLY PEOPLE OF GOD. If it be not by the Wrath of your Victims then Nature has proven to Also Seek your Destruction as well. Your genetics are weak and even your own population/demographic analyst accurately record and document your ever-so decreasing population here in this nation, the nations of Europe and Elsewhere. It is True what Public Enemy said in the 90's, you all Fear a Black Planet. It is Inevitable and wherever you go the natural state is to have pigment. Recessive weak-gened whites only have the capacity to produce other hideous and recessive white babies however if we lay with one of You a pigmented/colored/negroid/africoid/ black "Nigga" baby is produced. You have both Numerical and and Color Inadequacy. What lie in your genes shows in Your actions. You cannot Kill Nature. If both the Natural and Cyclical Compensation factors fail then Your Own Greed will Lynch You. The Civil War (said to have the highest casualty count of all US wars) has shown you cannot be Civilized even amongst Yourselves in the Highest Seat of Global Power. Amerikkka is still at Odds with Russia. You all are Prepared to Exterminate Each Other via Nuclear Warfare. A Fool and Their Wealth Quickly Part Ways. It is only right that You all inherit the Destruction of Your Race given what you HAVE DONE AND STILL ARE DOING AS A COLLECTIVE!

Even one of your Own Accredited Scholars, Dr. Noel Ignatiev stated in one of his last Lectures: If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world! They only murder, exploit and oppress non-whites! At least a white woman can have sex with a black man and make a brown baby but what can a white male do? He’s good for nothing. Slavery, genocides against aboriginal peoples and massive land confiscation, the inquisition, the holocaust, white males are all to blame! You maintain your white male privilege only by oppressing, discriminating against and enslaving others!" 

Another one of your own, an Anthropologist by the name of Dr. Michael Bradley states very clearly in his book entitled The Iceman Inheritance in the opening page of Chapter 1, The Problem with the World is White Men. I do not stop there; the Problem with the World is the White Family. This includes that flat-backed bitch you call your wife. Yes the white woman is a Bitch because she has been Appointed by the White Man to be the Handmaiden of White Supremacy through control of the Indoctrination Institutions which you call "Educational" Institutions. Only a Bitch would Miseducate an Entire Nation and All other Nations under its Whim. Only a Bitch would stand by Idly as her Husband Wages War on All other Nations Destroying them Through Genocide and Slavery. Yes the White Woman is the True Bitch of the Planet Earth. That rebellious deviant seed you call your child is not Exempt either for they are trained in Your Ways, which even without your Influence, would act on what is in their Nature. Taking a dog out of the Wilderness and Placing it in a Home does not make it Any Less of a Dog especially if it is Rabid like the White Race. 

The method in which you acquired and maintain this Oppressive Power will Indeed be You Alls' Greatest Downfall. As far as Valdosta, it need be understood that this city/town is one of, if not the most, corrupt small township in Amerikkka. Long before Kendrick Johnson, white beast in this town had Afrikan Chattel Slaves. This hueman capital helped to make this the highest per capita cotton producing city IN THE WORLD in 1910; although the institution was theoretically outlawed in one regard it continued in most other regards. That same wealth garnered from the Afrikan hueman labour was parlayed into the foundational base of wealth for the current functioning economy in Valdosta/South GA. It was from this corrupt city/town that a SIGNIFICANT PORTION of the capital based wealth in the Dow Jones (Major Wall Street Corporate Firm Conglomerate) had generated from. Europeans in this town secretly and deceitfully parade this fact around on a plaque downtown by the Bank of America on the sidewalk corner near the bank's back entrance. Long before Kendrick Johnson we had Afrikan & Native American genocide and mass grave disposals of these Victims. Much of which has been disrespectfully destroyed and built over. Some sites of this include the the Valdosta State University Campus and The Grove where many of its students are housed. You all wonder why Valdosta State University is failing as an Institution and a Community; those co-conspiring European (white) powers have unknowingly provoked and invoked Afrikan Spirits of Wrath upon themselves. Long before Kendrick Johnson we Experienced the savage Lynching of Mary Turner, which many of you VSU Students have become familiar with in recent years, as well as several other sick and twisted similar yet undocumented cases of Afrikans being hunted and killed by bloodthirsty European beast. What is also undocumented (or at least unreleased to the public by white people) are the names of Prominent slave owning and slave-institution investing families, among which, the Langdales headed. What a corrupt bunch of devils and cowards. Their Mass Acquired wealth is Rooted in Former Chattel Slavery and Now Modern Prison System Slavery.They too will drink their own blood by the gallon for what they have conspired to do against the Chosen People (Afrikans). The very same campus that helped to label me an "Armed and Dangerous Terrorist" has a building on its campus (The Woman's Center/Building) that was not only an organizational meeting place for Racist white women under the guise of the Wymodausis Club (Wife-Mother-Daughter-Sister Club) in which Margaret Sanger, a Devout Racist and Eugencist, was invited several times before. This building also served as a congregational house for their white male counterparts/husbands. Those husbands were more times than none affiliated or active members within the Ku Klux Klan. What better place to convene than right beside the very park (now known as Drexel Park) in which many of their advertised lynchings and Pick-A-Niggers (picnics) were held? This same campus, as I mentioned before, sits on top of slave burial grounds (Oak Parking Lot) and Native American tribal grounds (general main campus area). As for that lying deceitful crooked bastard named Brian Childress, know that if You do not come clean about the corruption which you have helped to perpetuate especially in regards to the Murder of Kendrick Johnson, then you will be put to Death! Prines and others, especially for their recent actions, will join you also! You had some nerve to come on Fox News and profess that you all "did not want to hurt me". Crackkka do you think I would trust your words and much less your actions given your Personal track record of Corruption? Hell No! On a side note let me remind you, once again since your race has a severe case of amnesia, black people committing crimes like school shootings is not our style....that is you all's sick and twisted behavior. Do not try to assess me by your own crooked and murderous actions. 

Many of you all questioned If I was a Christian? No, and for you pathetic racist devils who love to jump to ignorant conclusions, I am NOT a Muslim either. I hate All of Your (European) perverted concoctions. I could NEVER participate in the ways of my oppressor. Even the same slave/slave-master handbook which you Beat us over the Head with instructs against this (Proverbs 3:31). It is Interesting what you find in that perverted text especially once you actually READ its content Thoroughly and Completely. In another part of the bible, which again I emphasize I have absolutely no subscription to, states in Exodus 21:16 "Anyone who kidnaps someone is to be put to death, whether the victim has been sold or is still in the kidnapper's possession." You Europeans have Kidnapped us from our Land through an act of Unprovoked War, sold us to other nations and bartered amongst each other with us and we are still held captive by this wicked nation disallowed to repatriate with our Native Land (in mass numbers) and in many cases made so deaf, dumb and blind that we are convinced to believe that Afrika is what you say it is (Undesirable), but is Actually the Motherly Sustainer of All Nations on the Planet. You put forth this Blatant Lie so that you can comfortably carry on your Criminal Colonialism and Resource Exploitation there. In another part of that sick doctrine it states in Ecclesiastes 1:9: " What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the Sun." So as You have Done so it Shall be done onto You. Every iota of every act of wickedness you have Committed; you shall be forced to re-consume back into yourselves. It will be like a gallon of Poison to an Infant Child. All things function in patterns. Just as there is a consistent and unbreakable cycle to Life, Death, and the Seasons of Nature so it is with the Rise and Fall of Nations and their People. History has shown us that No Nation has withstood its imminent Demise. You are living in the Times of the Destruction of Amerikkka. In another part of this same devilish text in Revelation 16:6 it states: " Because they have shed the blood of the Prophets (leaders) and of The Holy Ones (Afrikan People), You will be given your own blood to drink like water. They deserve it.” Europeans, due to their uncompromisingly savage behaviour, deserve the Very Worst Slaughtering and Consequent Death. In one other critical part of this psychopathic/sociopathic literature it states in Matthew 26:52: "They that Live by Violence shall Die by Violence". What other ways and tactics to acquire power have you ever acted on besides violence to THE HIGHEST degree, European? Not just physical but spiritual, cultural, economic, social and political violence all synthesize to form your base of Power. Was this why you forbid us from reading this crooked, devilish book? You knew we would be the Hand of Justice and Righteousness to route out your wicked existence? You knew we were/are the chosen people who fit the description of a people being enslaved for 400 years (Genesis 15:13 and Acts 7:6) "in a strange land (Amerikkka) under a strange people (Europeans).1619 C.E. was the embarking of Jamestown, Virginia. One of you all's first criminal settler colonies here in Amerikkka which possessed Afrikan slaves.....we are only 4 years away from that 400 Year mark (2019) still branded on our backs with the status of 3/5ths, your slaves in one form or another and still also as physical slaves (incarcerated individuals) as well! Exodus 20:5, Exodus 34:7 and Numbers 14:18 ALL speak of the Children of the Wicked being visited and Punished by the Almighty Righteous in the Third and Fourth Generations. Yes 400-500 Years of Wicked White Oppression has met that Time. We Walk the Pages of Scripture and Fulfill that Prophecy which you foolishly assume is Exact history. Let there be Absolutely No Confusion; you "white" beast in Valdosta....across the Nation and Europeans collectively all over the Planet are the Neo-Babylon set to meet Your Timely and Well-Deserved Destruction. The Fall of Amerikkka is Upon You and Your Race will be No More. When my People descend upon that Hellish pit on May 23rd for commemoration of Kendrick Johnson's life and if they are met with even the slightest inclination of resistance by any pale skinned beast or aid they are more than Justified to Take your Head and post it on a stake for the Entire world to See. In direct address to my People I say to You this: Love Your Fellow Revolutionary Afrikans, Hate the Wicked Oppressive European. Act in Righteousness and Deliver Complete Compensatory, Expedited and Immediate Justice at All Times unto This Empire.

In the Words of My Ancestor El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X) as He stated in his Autobiography:

"...the collective white man had acted like a devil in every contact he had with the world’s collective non-white man.” 

In the Words of Our Fallen General Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad:

"We give them 24 hours to get out of town by sundown. I say, if they don’t get out of town, we kill the white men, we kill the white women, we kill the white children, we kill the white babies, we kill the blind whites, we kill the crippled whites, we kill the crazy whites, we kill the faggots, we kill the lesbians, I say god dammit we kill 'em all.
If they are white kill ‘em all. Why kill the women? Why kill the babies? They are just innocent blue-eyed babies? Because god dammit they are going to grow up one day to rule your babies. Kill them now. Why kill the white women? I say kill the white women because the women are the military manufacturing center. And every nine months they lay down on their backs and reinforcement rolls out from between their legs, so shut down the military manufacturing center by killing the white woman.”
Why kill the old crackkkas? The old crippled crackkkas. How in the hell you think they got old? They got old oppressing and killing black people.
Kill ‘em all. Kill the faggot. I said after you’ve killed them all...... I say then you go to the goddamn grave, and dig ‘em up, and then kill ‘em a-god-damn gain because they didn’t die hard enough!" 

In the Words of my Brotha Sara Suten Seti, "[Our] Mission is to Slay the Children of this [White] Beast One by Goddamn One!" 


-The Koven (Eric "EJ" Sheppard)

Wow he used the word Iota....

Reminds of back in the good old days when Black Panthers were working polling stations making sure that communist Frank Marshal Davis mission would be completed.

Yeah good times.


This afternoon, a perimeter was formed between Williams and Slater Streets near the University’s campus after two citizens reported seeing Sheppard, but he was not found. Now, Sheppard’s parents and police, are begging him to turn himself in.

“Son, you know we love you, and have always taught you to do the right thing and to make wise decisons. Please make the right decision and turn yourself in to either the authrorities, or to me, and we will handle this together”, pleaded Eric Sheppard Sr. on the steps of West Hall, standing beside VSU President, William McKinney.

“He has not done anything to outright hurt anybody, so I’m asking him and looking at cameras when I’m telling you, Eric, come on in. Your parents want you to come in. We want you to come in. Come talk to us. Come talk to the police. We’ll get this sorted out”, said Valdosta Police Chief, Brian Childress, at the scene of the perimeter.

Well I for one certainly hope that Eric turns himself in without incident. No really. I swear!

Never mind, kill the SOB.

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May 29, 2015

Sandcrawler PSA: Draw Mo Phoenix

Just in time for Draw Muhammad Phoenix the terrorist TriCk has opened a new twitter feed.

Possible in anticipation or for the purpose of publicizing a new attack against Draw Muhammad.

So ya'll watch your six.

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Welfare Jihadist Salahudin Ibn Ja'far Reemerges in Germany

Salahudin Ibn Ja'far talks a lot of crap about Jihad. He and his wife American Jihad Kathie have reemerged in Germany. It appears they prefer the cushy welfare state of Germany to Islamic State.

PJ Media: A 50-year-old grandmother from Indianapolis who was profiled by Fox News in 2010 is back in the news in Germany, where she now lives, for the open support she and her jihadist husband are showing for the Islamic State.


Kathie Smith, who four years ago pleaded that she was a patriotic American just exercising her free speech, has now dropped that pretense. She publicly praises ISIS, the Taliban, and senior Al-Qaeda operatives. Refugees now living in Germany from areas victimized by ISIS were disturbed last summer when Smith and her husband flew the ISIS flag outside their home in Saarbrücken.

Tsk tsk tsk, I mean what kind of self respecting Jihadi passes up the chance to enter Somalia or Islamic State and live for the glory of Allah but instead travel back to Kuffarland?

Previous: Meet Jihad Kathie (Sticky) Jawa Report Cited!

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May 28, 2015

Dawud Abdulwali Arrested in LA Fire

Speculation that because counter terrorism police arrested Mr. Abdulwali that its, you know, some sort of an investigation into Islamic Terrorism?

A 56-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of arson in connection with a fire that destroyed a downtown Los Angeles apartment complex last year, causing tens of millions of dollars in damage to the unfinished structure and a nearby city-owned building, authorities said Wednesday.

I'm the dude next to the dude disguised as another dude..

Dawud Abdulwali was detained Tuesday morning by the Los Angeles Police Department’s anti-terrorism division on a traffic violation and later booked on suspicion of arson of a structure and aggravated arson. He is being held on more than $1-million bail and is expected to be formally charged Thursday, according to a spokesman for the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

“This arrest illustrates that crime will not be tolerated in Los Angeles,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said at a news conference Wednesday outside City Hall. “We will arrest you. We will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.”

Looking around I found the above pic of him on his Google + Profile, and the quote from a Twitter account.

There doesn't seem to be any information indicating he was a practicing Muslim or even anything political other than a link to the 2010 film Inside Job. He appears to have been a tour operator at times or claims too.

Mostly humorous stuff, including a reference to an old joke about Going to Penn State but ending up in the State Pen is oddly prescient though.

So his motive at this time remains unclear.

Hat Tip: Twitchy.

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May 23, 2015

Shocking News! Hillary Knew What Jawa Readers Knew About Benghazi

So I guess Hillary was reading Jawa Report.

Recently revealed emails demonstrate that there was an alternative explanation which was also circulating throughout the Obama administration within days after the attack. According to some intelligence, the attack had been pre-planned as revenge for the death of al-Qaeda terrorist Abu Yahya al-Libi. Both the State Department and the White House decided to press the video explanation of the event instead. It took weeks before the president finally called the incident a terrorist attack.
The Benghazi attack took place on June 12 2012.

June 06, 2012 Jawa Report: Arab Spring! al-Qaeda Supporters Bomb US Mission in Libya in Revenge for Killing of Abu Yahya al-Libi
October 17, 2012: Obama Administration Had Intelligence About al-Qaeda in Libya for Months
December 31, 2012: Jawa Pic of the Year: Osama al-Libi in Tessawa South Libya

July 17, 2012: Abu Yahya al Libi aka Al Hussein Mohammad Abu Baker Qayed Funeral Pics
July 02, 2014 :Ahmed Abu Khatallah Indictment: Video? What Video?

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May 21, 2015

Sandcrawler PSA: What Did You Expect From An Arabic News Channel Really?

From a network based on Arab Culture, you know the culture where women are kept covered in black sheets and the rape victim is the one that gets the lash?

Former AJAM employee Matthew Luke’s lawsuit alleges a litany of sexist, anti-semitic, and “Anti-American” behavior from a senior employee named Osman Mahmud. Neither Mahmud nor his employer has responded to the complaint, but the Washington Post reported that he denied the claims.

Luke alleges that he was fired after clashing with Mahmud, who was promoted from video editor to Senior Vice President of Broadcast Operations in early 2015 despite an apparent lack of qualifications for the promotion (according to the lawsuit, Mahmud is “well-connected” with Mostefa Souag, an executive at AJAM’s parent company). After his promotion, Mahmud allegedly engaged in a pattern of sexist behavior, excluding senior female executives from email chains and meetings, speaking diminutively to women (one female AJAM employee told Jezebel that he routinely calls women in the office “little sister”), and, in some cases, displaying open contempt for women in more senior positions.

In one case, Luke alleges that a female executive producer was forced to write a letter of apology to Mr. Mahmud after she questioned his decision to fire one of the show’s editors (interviews with current and former AJAM employees corroborated this incident; the female producer hasn’t responded for request for comment). In another, Mahmud allegedly refused to accept technical assistance from a female engineer, insisting a man be sent in her place.

Damn apparently the feminist leftists at Jezebel are Racist Islamophobes because treating women like sh*t, its just their culture.

A fact the leftists and feminists were all too happy to overlook s long as al-Jazeera was bashing Imperialist America.

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May 14, 2015

Where's Howie? Have Loincloth Will Travel Edition

So apparently you need a permit to hunt bear, with a hatchet?

MASSACHUSETTS - A police department in North Adams, Massachusetts issued a very important safety alert Monday: don't drunkenly chase bears through the woods with a dull hatchet.

Yes, that means it actually happened.

Damn government always oppressing the common folk. I mean if you can't drink and hunt bear with a hatchet, is this really America anymore?

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April 21, 2015

Nooooooo Vinnie! Noooooo!

Not the Star Wars Spaceship Copter Guy....

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April 20, 2015

ISIS Terrorists Plug Anjem Choudary's Sharia4UK and in Sekrit Agent Manual

The boys at #cybercaliphate have done it again with a slick new How to Be Super Sekrit Terrorist manual.

A guide for jihadists in the West issued by ISIS late last month urges followers to train with Nerf guns and watch Bourne films as part of their under-the-radar preparation for terrorist attacks.

General TriCk's Battle Plan to Rule the World!
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"Many Muslims are putting alot of effort into showing the world that we are peaceful citizens, we're spending thousands of Euros to do Da'wah (invitation to Islam) campaigns to show how good we are in society, but we're miserably failing. The leaders of disbelief repeatedly lie in the media and say that we Muslims are all terrorists, while we denied it and wanted to be peaceful citizens," the manual, How to Survive in the West, says. "But they have cornered us and forced us into becoming radicalised, and that will be the cause of their defeat and be the cause for the conquest of Rome."

The people who own the media have had Europe and the Western world as their stronghold for over 1000 years, they do not want Islam to rise in their stronghold. They want to keep their authority, their adultery, wine and money and do not want to lose it. So they are doing a multibillion dollar media campaign to stop the Islamic State in the Middle East, and a multibillion dollar media campaign to stop the rise of real Islam in the West. All the major alcohol, gambling and haraam companies are funding this project because if Islam rises in the West, they will lose everything. It is a matter of life or death for both, only one will survive. Allah (God)'s last Messenger Muhammad (peace be on him) promised us we will win and finally take over Europe's capital - Rome, but only after we have taken Persia (Iran).

Bangs Yazidi slave girls behind Umm's back but tosses accusations of adultery? The hypocrites know not they say... but lets dispense with the scary terrorist narrative and get on with it.

ISIS needs Sekrit Muslime Agents in the west and offers advice on how Sekrit Agent Muslimes can disguise themselves from western intelligence. Advice such as fake mustaches, I. Shit. You. Not.


Secret Agents have to be masters of disguise. If they are a girl, they may do makeup in a style which makes them look totally different (i.e. to make their face look fatter or thinner). They may wear a different colored hair wig due to the necessity of the situation. They might put a prominent beauty spot or fake freckles on their face with a pen which makes them look totally different to who they really are. They will change their clothes style.


They might wear non prescription glasses or sunglasses. Males might wear a fake moustache or fake beard (if they have a beard they might shorten it or remove it fully). Wearing contact lenses of a different color will also work.

What are they trying to get into a gay bar?

There is quite a bit of information inciting lone wolf attacks via IED and also how to flee to Islamic State. Using one of Anjem Choudary's followers as an example.

If someone's passport has been confiscated by the authorities, then the person might try to escape the country secretly through other means. He may leave the country by bus to another neighboring country and then find a way to escape/smuggle himself to a safer land. Abu Rumaysah who was part of Shariah4UK did this in late 2013 - he escaped from the UK to France by bus (even though his passport was confiscated, there were fewer checks in buses). From France, he found Muslim contacts who smuggled him to Sanliurfa (in Turkey) and from there into Syria's border (called: Tal Abyad (Akcacale)). From there he was smuggled into Syria's city of al-Raqqah (the capital of the Islamic State).
Note of interest, now Anjem has instructions on how to overcome his lack of a passport! May he seek his Martyrdom in IS post haste! Unless you know, Anjem is FOS.

The document also describes the persecution a Sekrit Agent Muslime can expect to suffer for the sake of Allah.


Its almost as if the entire manual was written by um yeah.

Pretty funny, except this is the result of #cybercaliphate's activities.

Update: And this too.

(NYT)..on Monday, federal officials, announcing their biggest Islamic State recruitment case to date, said there was, in fact, no recruiting mastermind. Instead, for the six men arrested, there was just the camaraderie of sharing an illicit ideology, plus advice and inspiration by phone and Internet from one of their friends, a young Minneapolis man who joined the Islamic State last year.

Arrested in Minneapolis were Zacharia Yusuf Abdurahman, 19; Adnan Farah, 19; Hanad Mustafe Musse, 19; and Guled Ali Omar, 20. The two men arrested in San Diego were identified as Abdirahman Yasin Daud, 21, and Mohamed Abdihamid Farah, 21, Adnan Farah’s brother. All were charged with conspiring to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization.

Update: Well Anjem, you have the instructions?

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April 15, 2015

Space Aliens! 100% Absolute Proof

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