July 22, 2016

Roosting Chickens in Munich

There have been two shooting today in Munich, one at McDonald's and on at a train station.

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July 21, 2016

Full 07/20 RNC Speeches

Booo! Yay! Booo! Yay!!

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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July 20, 2016

Things Banned at Twitter

Banned Milo Yiannopoulos.

NPR: Twitter has permanently suspended conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, saying that he subjected other users to targeted abuse. Yiannopoulos' suspension comes amid a recent campaign in which users tweeted hundreds of racist and abusive messages at Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones.

Not banned, uncensored copies of the CIA's pet terrorists beheading a little boy.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Bigfoot More Likely to Exist Than Moderate Islamist Syrian Rebels

You've heard the BS, we need to support the moderate forces in Syria, There are none.

Yeah about that.

Videos have emerged online that appear to show Syrian rebels taunting and then beheading a boy they say is a captured Palestinian pro-government fighter.

One video shows five men posing with the frightened child, who could be as young as 10, in the back of a truck. One of the men grips him by the hair.

The same man is later filmed apparently cutting the boy's head off.

Here is the video although its pixelated I'm not going out looking for the original. I'm just not.

Nukes to end Syrian conflict, a mercy.

More here at Clarion Project.

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July 19, 2016

Video: Melania Trump's full speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention

Personally given her difficulties and nervousness during the speech, I feel Mrs. Trump passed the test. No major problems, a bit of stumbling over language.

Of course last night was all about evaluating her as a potential First Lady. She will improve, become more comfortable. She'll do.

She was good enough the liberal rags felt the need to attack her for serveral very generic political statements which they feel were "stolen" from Michelle Obama.

Here's one that wasn't stolen from Mooch. "I will never take the freedoms this country offers for granted." Whereas Moochelle hates America. Hates living in a house that slaves built .

So unless Moochelle has copyrighted "Hard Work" and "Dreams" then the left's Muckrakers need to shut it.

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Video: Melania Trump's full speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention

Personally given her difficulties and nervousness during the speech, I feel Mrs. Trump passed the test. No major problems, a bit of stumbling over language.

Of course last night was all about evaluating her as a potential First Lady. She will improve, become more comfortable. She'll do.

She was good enough the liberal rags felt the need to attack her for serveral very generic political statements which they feel were "stolen" from Michelle Obama.

Here's one that wasn't stolen from Mooch. "I will never take the freedoms this country offers for granted." Whereas Moochelle hates America. Hates living in a house that slaves built .

So unless Moochelle has copyrighted "Hard Work" and "Dreams" then the left's Muckrakers need to shut it.

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July 18, 2016

Experience Authentic Culture! Visit Turkey! Now With 100% More Pakistan!


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Yet Another Incident of Racial Harmony in Baton Rouge

America has been fundamentally changed. Awesome.

A Youtube account operated by Gavin Eugene Long and discovered by The Daily Caller reveals key insight into what might have motivated the 29-year-old black man who killed three Baton Rouge police officers Sunday morning.

Videos on Long’s account show that he was a former Nation of Islam member. He also ranted against “crackers” and made references to Alton Sterling, the black man killed by police in Baton Rouge on July 5.

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July 17, 2016

Ministry of Boobies: Die Whitey! Die!

Such a nice lady. Anyway combining current events and boobs in one post, only at Jawa.

But she only means Kill in, you know, in a positive way.

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July 14, 2016

Confirmed: Supposed Pious Jihadis Mainly Just Onine Porn Addicts

I remember back int eh day when a friend of Jawa hacked the Taliban webamaster. His PC was full of gay porn.

Computers belonging to Islamic extremists and recovered by coalition troops are often chock-full of pornography, according to a former top U.S. intelligence official.

In his new book, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, writes that extremists in al-Qaeda and specifically the al-Qaeda branch in Iraq that became ISIS were "sick, psychopathic foes."

“We were facing a despicable foe, one who would rape and pillage women and children, boys and girls, behead for fun, all while watching pornography on their laptops,” Flynn writes, after describing U.S. efforts in Iraq in the mid-2000s. “In fact, at one point, we determined that 80 percent of the material on the laptops we were capturing was pornography.”

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July 12, 2016

Feel the Bern! Bernie Sells Out Endorses Hillary
Youth Shocked!

Ah the youth, so idealistic, so full of hopes and dreams.....

Look my dear, if this is the worst thing that happens to you in life, Um you got of very easy.

Also now Hillary is in possession of all the donations you sent Bernie, all the information you have Bernie, your address, your internet cookies. All of it.

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America Replies Hamza bin Laden, Shut Up Kid!

Hazma, you ain't got a hair on your ass.

Hamza bin Laden, who is purportedly one of late al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's sons, issued a message over the weekend threatening revenge against the U.S. for the assassination of his father.

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Awesome! Refugees Bring Super Cool Tuberculosis Spike to America

I mean what we want is for America to be more like the rest of the world, don't we?

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July 08, 2016

Sandcrawler PSA: Facebook Safe And Welcoming To Everyone Facebook Pulls Image: Lets Poster off)

Facebook is safe and welcoming.


Except for yours truly, they told me I wasn't real.

Oh and I forgot, the police
. They wan't them to feel....


Safe and welcome.. don't ya'll feel safe and welcome?

Update: Facebook again refuses to remove a second copy with a meme attached. The copy and link above is the first instance or the original if you will according to Google image search.

Facebook has refused to remove a sickening cartoon of a police officer having his throat slit from a Black Panther page used by Dallas cop killer Micah Xavier Johnson.

The gruesome image shows a man dressed in black slashing a uniformed officer's throat with a knife as blood spills out of the cop's neck.

It was posted on the 'Black Panther Party Mississippi' page, which Johnson posted a twisted rant on just days before he embarked on his massacre.

The cartoon carries the words 'as a R.B.G. killer panther I pledge to defend my black community by any means necessary'.

Update: 07/11/16. Facebook has begun removing the image.

But the person who posted it has been suspended.

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Five Police Officers Murdered In Dallas At Black Lives Matter Protest
Three Shooters in Custody, Fourth Dead

I was watching as this unfolded on Twitter last night. Crazy, like the 60s. But with no brains.

DALLAS (TheBlaze/AP) – Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said 12 officers, not 11, were shot during the downtown protest march that took the lives of five officers. Two civilians were also shot, he said.

UPDATE 7:47 a.m. ET:

Law enforcement officials said three suspects in the deadly ambush against Dallas police are in custody, two men and one woman, KTVT-TV reported, adding that their names haven’t been released. A fourth suspect was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound earlier this morning after a standoff with police, the station said.

UPDATE 7:10 a.m. ET:

The shooting suspect who was engaged in a standoff with Dallas police died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound about 2:50 a.m. Friday, KTVT-TV reported. Another suspect, reportedly an unidentified woman, was in custody, the station said.

WFAA-TV made a similar report, citing police sources.

Dallas police say no explosives have been found in extensive sweeps of downtown areas, the Associated Press reported. Security was tight Friday morning with numerous streets closed to vehicle traffic in the main downtown Dallas business district hours after Thursday night’s attacks, the AP added, which claimed the lives of five police officers and injured six others.

I'll update when we find out who the shooters are/were.


One shooter identified.

More here at Heavy.comA gunman “upset about Black Lives Matter” and “recent police shootings” who opened fire Thursday night in Dallas, killing five police officers and wounding seven others, has been identified as Micah X. Johnson, the Los Angeles Times and CBS News report.



Two civilians were also wounded in the shootings. Johnson, 25, was killed when a police robot detonated a bomb near him following a standoff that lasted several hours, Police Chief David Brown said Friday at a press conference.

“The suspect said he was upset with white people and wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” Brown said.Here's his first friend.


Nice peaceful message, followed by the standard false flag disclaimer.


Micah's outfit may be because of his interest in the Black Hebrews.


But there are also Muslims as well as a few Anti-Islamists on his friends list.

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July 07, 2016

The Death of Philando Castile

I reviewed the entire video this morning. I've heard there is also video from before the shooting as well. But no video of the actual shooting incident.

Of course you are never really stopped for a busted tail light, in my state they made flipping a cigarette or a wrapper out the window a primary offence, the director of the state police explained not to worry they would only use it to stop people they had a prior interest in searching.

Anyway the video is heartbreaking as Ms. Reynolds pleads to the lord for help as the police officer repeatedy curses, damn shame when your partner has just been shot and you can hold your tongue while the person representing the authorities just stands there repeating words that used to get your punched in the mouth for saying in front of women and children.

Note the video is a flipped or mirror image, Philando Castile is on the driver's side.

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June 26, 2016

Sandcrawler PSA: Lesbians and Gays are Haram

Ask any Muslima.

Islam, its a total Religion of Peace.

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June 24, 2016

Sandcrawler PSA: The Sky is Not Falling

I'm reading a lot of panic and speculation about the UK's vote.

Believe it or not there was a time not that long ago when the UK was not in the EU, 1973 they voted to enter and 1975 when they did, but it was not till 1987 that the free movement and trade was instituted. The EU as we know it was formed in 1997 and the Euro not put out till 2002.

As you may recall the "expectation" was the world economy would take off like a rocket. But in reality it was kind of a fizzle. Inertia you know, things just stayed the same and a bunch of EU bureaucrats stood around and looked pretty. That was it.

Prior to that the UK had most favorable nation trade status with the US and everyone in the EU, Hell the UK has most favored nation trade status with pretty much everyone.

So like things worked then, probably better than now. Emigration existed but was a bit more controlled. Now its possible the French might have to show their passport at the tunnel and go home after a few weeks.

Uk companies will be free from EU regulation, but subject to UK which is pretty strict.

That is about it folks.

I actually also expected the vote would go the other way. I think its good in the long run, even the short if folks keep their cool.

I'll let you know when to panic. I swear,

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June 23, 2016

Brexit Results

Leave was ahead there, then stay, now leave is up.

BBC results page here.

Update 06/23/16 10:48 cdt: The BBC predicts the outcome is that the UK will leave the EU.

Update II 06/24 at 07:32 cdt: Its official the UK will exit the EU and also David Cameron announced he will step down.

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25 Injured in Attack on Theater in Germany

I've look around a bit, the shooter is confirmed dead, killed by German police.

I can find nothing as of yet on his identity or motive.

NY Post: A gunman opened fire​ inside a German cinema complex on Thursday​, wounding as many as 25 people before he was shot dead, according to reports.​

The mass shooting ​occurred ​at the Kinopolis theater in Viernheim, near Frankfurt.

According to Haaretz, the man stormed the theater around 3 p.m. with a gun and ammunition belt, injuring between 20 and 50 people before barricading himself inside.

After surrounding the theater, police killed the shooter, local media reported.

Later reports indicate no one was injured other than the armed person.
The armed man entered the Kinopolis movie theater in the town of Viernheim in the early afternoon and apparently fired his weapon. The man held several hostages, police spokeswoman Christiane Kobus said, but she didn't have a precise number.

Officers "successively entered the cinema and were able to locate the man and the people he was holding," Kobus said. "There was a threat situation and the man was then shot dead."

...Another police spokesman, Bernd Hochstaedter, said that "there are no indications at present of an Islamist background." Nina Reininger, a prosecutor in nearby Darmstadt, said her office was investigating but she has no information so far on the attacker's identity.

Hesse state's interior minister, Peter Beuth told the regional legislature in Wiesbaden that the man was masked and that apparently four shots were fired.

Beuth also said the man had given a confused impression, news agency dpa reported.

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June 22, 2016

Trump's Hillary Speech

Here we go.

OK, I'm going to have to bite the bullet, the best qualified candidate we have for President is Donald Trump.

Hillary has all the right connections, wink wink nod nod, but Bill can't carry her anymore. This is demonstrated as Secretary of State, maybe it was her boss somewhat. I don't know. But part of her job is to convince her boss when he's being a dumb-ass.

So I'm going to run more Trump stuff now and then, what's the saying better to go out in a blaze of glory, or some sh*t like that.

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June 21, 2016

Trump Encouraged British Alien to Attempt to Murder Him

Hey I'm just picking up on the media narrative that Trump is to blame for all the Democrats outside his rally committing acts of violence. They are only being violent because Trump Trump Trump de Trump.

A Briton who tried to grab a police officer's gun at a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas said he wanted to shoot the US candidate, court papers say.

Michael Steven Sandford, 20, did not enter a plea when he appeared before a judge in Nevada and was remanded in custody until a hearing on 5 July.
He is charged with an act of violence in a restricted area.

He had reportedly tried to seize the gun after saying he wanted Mr Trump's autograph at Saturday's rally.

He said he had been planning to try to shoot Mr Trump for about a year but had decided to act now because he finally felt confident enough to do so, court papers say.

Obviously this was an inside job. Wink wink nod nod.

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June 20, 2016

Feel Good Story of the Day: Hizb ut-Tahrir Terrorist Dies

A Hizb ut-Tahrir terrorist in Bangladesh has died when he took police to show them the terrorists' hideout.A teenager has died in police custody in Bangladesh just days after he and two others allegedly wounded a mathematics teacher from the country's Hindu minority during an attempt to hack him to death.


Golam Faizullah Fahim, 19, was suspected of being a member of the Hizb ut-Tahrir (Party of Liberation), an international group which wants to combine all Muslim countries in a unitary Islamic state.The police say he was caught in a crossfire between them and the terrorists.

Sounds good to me, case closed!

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June 16, 2016

British MP Jo Cox Fatally Shot

Reports she was both shot and stabbed. One person is in custody.

Jo Cox, the MP for Batley and Spen, has been shot and stabbed in her West Yorkshire constituency.

Jo Cox on right in red jacket
source Facebook

Armed officers responded to the attack near a library in Birstall, and a 52-year-old man was arrested in the area, police confirmed.

They added that the Labour politician had suffered “serious injuries and is in a critical condition”. A man in his late 40s to early 50s nearby also suffered slight injuries, police said.

The attack was launched after the MP was embroiled in an altercation involving two men near her weekly advice surgery, a witness told the Press Association.

According to a Labour source, Cox was shot and stabbed after she had concluded the drop-in session for constituents at around 1pm.

...Witness Hithem Ben Abdallah, 56, was in the cafe next door to the library shortly after 1pm when he heard screaming and went outside

He told PA a man in a baseball cap “suddenly pulled a gun from his bag” and after a brief scuffle with another man the MP became involved.

He added: “He was fighting with her and wrestling with her and then the gun went off twice and then she fell between two cars and I came and saw her bleeding on the floor.”

We pray for her and all in the UK.

Her Facebook page is here.

Update: The man was heard to yell Britain First during the attack the gun is described as home made.


Unblurred copy of above image here.

Update: The shouts of "Britain First" are being challenged.

Update II: British MP Jo Cox has passed away as a result of her injuries.

Jo Cox, 41, Labour MP for Batley and Spen, was left bleeding on the ground by her attacker. A 77-year-old man also suffered slight injuries.

A 52-year-old man was arrested near Market Street, Birstall, West Yorkshire Police said. The MP held a weekly advice surgery nearby.

The MP's death was confirmed at police headquarters in Wakefield.

May she Rest in Peace and our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and all in the UK.

Let me just say, this is no way to settle political scores of any kind. No matter our differences we must settle our affairs in the proper way, in the proper forum. Otherwise we become that which we fight against.

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Sandcrawler PSA" HIV May Not Kill You

But that doesn't necessarily mean you'll live long.

Looks to me like that hurt.

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June 15, 2016

Sandcrawler PSA: All of us Are Targets

Thank you Mr. Netanyahu for your support. And know we will support you in return.

Of course we would have supported each other anyway, but it speaks volumes that the Leader of Israel took time out to speak directly to the people of the US to US. Whereas most leaders had their staff write a tweet.

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Which Rose Colored Lens To Look Through on The Orlando Attack?

The media is worried about how we should view the terrorist attack in Orlando.

SHAPIRO: Well, it is the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, which looks at it through the lens of gun violence. It's also the worst terrorist attack since 9/11, which looks at this through the lens of terrorism. You can look at it through the lens of LGBT issues. This was an attack on a gay nightclub. You can look at it through the lens of ethnic identity. This was Latin night. Many of the victims were Hispanic.

And because of that, it becomes really complicated to tell this story in a way that is comprehensive and that incorporates all of those different aspects of it. So those are all angles that we're going to be looking at in the coming days as we try to tell the story of what happened here, who carried it out and who was affected by it.

All these lenses and narratives are total and utter crap.

This is not about Gay Rights, nor Latin rights, none of those silly proposals.

There is only one lens, these people were FULL citizens or guests of the United States. Who they were is of no concern. Our social contract as a nation says we defend each other. No matter their identity we should treat this as an attack on the US.

These people just want to be treated as full citizens with all the rights and protections that come along with that. They were taken down in an act of war done by a person pledging himself to a terrorist organization that is at war with the United States.


NSA should have picked up the gun buy and gave him a direct one way ticket to GITMO. Save that the response of killing him on the spot was just, the only thing better is if there had been another armed person to kill him after he shot the armed guard outside the club.

As for his father Seddique Mateen, he has already declared his sympathy to the Afghan Taliban, another group at war with the US. His asylum should have been revoked long ago.

As it stands now the MP's should be picking him and NSA and the CIA extracting every single bit of information they can from him and giving him a nice cell in GITMO as well. Deporting him back to Afghanistan now only sends him home a hero, the father of the Muj that killed the Gays in America.

All this chatter about the FBI was helpless is silly, it was inept, not helpless. We need to stop looking at terrorism as a social problem or a law enforcement problem and treat it as the war-time issue it is.

You may not want to be at war with radical Islamic terrorists who aspire to create a new yewt midevil Caliphate State. Too bad, they are at war with you and and the rest of he west. You can't change the rules, you have to deal with them on their terms and defeat them utterly.

Then you have to stay and keep stomping them into the ground every time they pop up. Both for our sake and for the sake of the future of the Middle East. Its at least as important and the stabilization of Europe after WWII.

If you are not willing to do these things, then you are willing to lose the war, lose our freedom, the freedom of every minority group in the Middle East, the freedom of Europe.

If you won't do that you sentence civilization to a second dark ages, where all our civilizations are replaced with a sixth century death cult.

Its your choice, its not a good choice, its the choice you have.

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June 14, 2016

Somali in Khaki Pants Taken Out by Swat in Amarillo Wal Mart

Judging from his dress and nation of origin I reckon he was Mennonite named Earl.

SWAT team shot and killed a suspect who took hostages at a Walmart in Amarillo, Texas Tuesday afternoon, investigators confirmed.

The Randall County Sheriff's Office announced the gunman was dead. City officials first reported an "active shooter incident" at 12:30 p.m. local time.

"We do consider this a work-place violence situation at this point," the sheriff's office said. One store employee told KFDA the gunman earlier released a worker and the store manager but was still inside the Walmart.

I mean every religion has its violent extremists. Its just because the Mennonites don't frequent gay bars much these days, so you just don't hear about it.

Update: The Mennonite has been identified.

The man was identified by police as Mohammad Moghaddam, 54. The incident began around 11:06 a.m. and was over by 12:22 p.m.
Strange name for a Mennonite?

Anyway I just want to point out here that we should not blame all Christians for the actions of one unhinged mentally ill member of one extremist group.

We would not want to provoke another Crusade nor drive away our Presbyterian allies.

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Facebook Jihad!

No I'm not kidding an act of Jihad live streamed on Facebook.

The man who killed a police commander and a woman in Magnanville, France, on Monday night threatened the Euro 2016 soccer championship in a Facebook video posted from the scene, a police source told CNN.

Larossi Abballa, a 25-year-old Islamic extremist convicted earlier for jihadist activities and under investigation by French authorities, threatened that the tournament underway in France would "be like a cemetery," the source told CNN.

At 8.52 p.m., while in the couple's home, Abballa posted a 12-minute video to Facebook, Molins said.

During the Facebook broadcast, the child could be seen on a sofa behind Abballa, who told viewers he was not sure what to do with the boy, a source close to the investigation told CNN.

The full video is available here at Heavy.com.

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Only 1.538% of Muslims at Islamic Center of Fort Pierce Have Done Jihad

Come on folks there is no there there. Why that mosque is totally 100% percent not terrorist. Well, 98.472% anyway.

It marked the second time in 24 months that someone in Rahman’s flock had committed a deadly act of terrorism. Coincidence?

Just one day before Mateen shot 102 people, he prayed at Rahman’s mosque. That was Friday night. Early Sunday morning, he called a 911 operator and expressed his solidarity with his old pal Abusalha, who shared his homicidal hatred for homosexuals. Both believed gays should be killed for their “sin,” citing sacred Islamic texts calling for the death penalty.

Where would they get such homophobic notions? Rahman insists they didn’t come from the mosque.

“There is nothing that he is hearing from me to do killing, to do bloodshed, to do anything,” he said, “because we never talk like that.”

Added Rahman: “There is no teaching of extremism in this mosque.”

Are there any other terrorists lurking in the moderate shadows there? I guess we just have to wait a year or so to see if one of them goes ape-shit. I mean after all Marteen wasn't a radical Muslim who liked terrorism, he was just a Muslim who decided to DO terrorism.

I mean its not as if they are part of some plot to take over the world.

Sources says the mosque, which was converted from an old church in the early 1990s, promotes the teachings of Maulana Abul Ala Maududi, the late Pakistani radical and contemporary of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna. Maududi preached that Islam will destroy the West. Before the 9/11 attacks, he ominously warned: “A time will come when capitalistic democracy will tremble for its safety in Washington and New York.”

He also said: “The objective of Islamic jihad is to put an end to the dominance of the un-Islamic systems of government and replace them with Islamic rule.”

“Islam wishes to do away with all states and governments anywhere which are opposed to this ideology and program of Islam,” Maududi also wrote. “Islam requires the earth — not just a portion, but the entire planet.”

Well my bad, but they didn't mention Mars they don't want to take over all the worlds.


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June 13, 2016

Muslims Who Celebrated 9/11 Attack: Omar Mateen

Its utterly unbelievable...

At a high school in Florida, students watched the horrors of Sept. 11, 2001, unfold on live TV. When the second hijacked airliner slammed into World Trade Center’s south tower, the class watched in stunned disbelief. One student, however, “started jumping up-and-down cheering on the terrorist.”

That was sophomore Omar Mateen, according to one of the accounts from Martin County High School recalling 9/11 and the reaction by the classmate who, nearly 15 years later, would carry out the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

In a phone interview, a third classmate who did not want to speak by name for fear of being bombarded by media, said he remembers Mateen acting out in class when the towers were hit because both of them were sent to the dean’s office at the same time for misbehaving.

The moment Omar Mateen cheered

“I was sleeping in class and woke up to see people jumping off buildings, so I started swearing and they sent me up,” the student said. “But Omar was saying some really rude stuff. Stuff like. ‘That’s what America deserves.’ That kind of thing. It wasn’t right.”

So WAPO has three independent witnesses but calls it unverified? WTF its beyond a reasonable doubt?

This man, who celebrated 9/11, who was investigated twice by the FBI was not in Gitmo with his Father, you openly declare allegiance to the Afghan Taliban, AQ or ISIS then you are an enemy combatant in a time of war and open hostility, that should be a one way ticket to Gitmo and the revocation of the Father's visa.

Omar, we'd just have to leave in Gitmo and try for treason, except our government doesn't seem to know what that is anymore.

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Orlando Terrorist's Father's Facebook Active


The Orland gay club gunman's father has well-known anti-American views and is an ideological supporter of the Afghan Taliban. A new message posted by the father on Facebook early Monday morning also makes it clear he could have passed anti-homosexual views onto his son.

Seddique Mir Mateen, father of Orlando gunman Omar Mateen, who died in a shootout with police after killing at least 49 people early Sunday morning, regularly attended Friday prayers at a Florida mosque with his son.

In the video posted early Monday, Seddique Mateen says his son was well-educated and respectful to his parents, and that he was "not aware what motivated him to go into a gay club and kill 50 people."

It appears that video is missing from what I can tell. But there are plenty more, Mateen appears in military fatigues and appears to suffer from the delusion that he is the rightful leader of Afghanistan.

Among recent comments is praise for the attack.


The attack by his son on The Pulse nightclub doesn't seem to have even slowed Seddique down.

Here is a video from his Youtube announcing his campaign for President of Afghanistan.

You can help out the terrorists and the Afghan Taliban by buying this shirt!


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June 12, 2016

Islamic Terrorist Attack on Gay Nightclub in Florida

Up to 20 killed and 40 wounded last night.

AP: ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A gunman wielding an assault-type rifle and a handgun opened fire inside a crowded Florida nightclub before dying in a gunfight with SWAT officers, police said Sunday. The attack left about 20 people dead and 42 others wounded.

Authorities were investigating it as an act of terrorism.

Police Chief John Mina said the shooter also had some sort of "suspicious device." He said the suspect exchanged gunfire with an officer working at the gay club around 2 a.m., then went back inside and took hostages among more than 300 people inside.

Around 5 a.m., authorities sent in a SWAT team to rescue the hostages. Police have not determined an exact number of casualties, but Mina said "approximately 20" bodies were inside the club.

Police have confirmed the suspect was er um, you know, leaning Jihadi.
Ron Hopper said there was no further threat to Orlando or the surrounding area.

When asked if the gunman had a connection to radical Islamic terrorism, Hopper said authorities "have suggestions that individual has leanings towards that."

Not to worry though, its just Ramadaan, its was a mostly peaceful mass murder, with virtually all the dead from the liberal Homosexual community. Under Islamic Sharia law they all deserved to die anyway.

Don't be such a bunch of Islamo-phobes. I mean the actual odds of you being murdered by a Jihadi really didn't go up all that much today. Just a smidgen, but who's counting?

Update: The Martry for Islam is named as

(corrected address: Omar Mateen 29, 937 SW Bayshore blvd. Port St lucie FL.

More at Heavy.com
Omar Mir Seddique Mateen has been named as the gunman who killed as many as 20 people and wounded 40 others at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, CBS News reports.

He was later killed by police after taking hostages at the LGBT club.

Mateen, 29, is a U.S. citizen from Port St. Lucie, Florida, according to CBS News. He has ties to radical Islamic ideology, CBS reports.

Port St. Lucie is about 125 miles away from Orlando.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Gunman Exchanged Fire With a Police Officer Outside the Club Before Going Inside & Taking Hostages

2: The attack occurred during Latin Night at Pulse, the one of the largest gay clubs in Orlando.

Latin night? Wow he must have been acting out of revenge for the loss of Moorish Spain, totally understandable.

Anyway the moment he met Allah.

Mateen died at the scene after he was shot by police at about 5 a.m.. He had barricaded himself in the nightclub after opening fire. Witnesses reported that some of their friends were hiding in dressing rooms and bathrooms, trying to stay safe.

Apparently Mateen had come onto the radar previously and was dismissed as just another Facebook Jihadi.
The senior law enforcement source reports that Mateen became a person of interest in 2013 and again in 2014. The Federal Bureau of Investigation at one point opened an investigation into Mateen but subsequently closed the case when it produced nothing that appeared to warrant further investigation.

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June 09, 2016

CAGE Totally 100% Broke Ramadaan

CAGE, you know the group that defends terrorists as oppressed in the UK needs to raise 100,000£ this Ramadaan.

As details emerged about the identity of "Jihadi John", the masked Islamic State militant pictured in several hostage videos, questions started to arise about Cage, the advocacy group that had been in close contact with the man now known to be called Mohammed Emwazi between 2009 and 2012.

BTW music is Haram.

The organization is doing a big social media push to con Muslims out of their money to free terrorists.

Apparently they were unable to raise enough cash with their January campaign to see them through.

They say if they fail they will be unable to continue helping terrorists. Here's to CAGE failing.

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June 07, 2016

ISIS Cyberlosers Issue Death Fatwa Against Arkansas Library Association

The Cyber Caliphate of Losers, they hate books.

ust weeks after releasing the details of 3,000 Brooklynites, a hacker collective aligned to the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) has disseminated another hit list among its supporters on the privacy app Telegram.

The 800 names did not originate from a prime U.S. metropolitan hub though, but the rural southeastern state of Arkansas. The target? The Arkansas Library Association.

ISIS released the identities of 800 library workers from backwater towns in Arkansas last month, as well as their addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. A small prize for a radical Islamist group that has plotted large-scale attacks in capital cities to further its aim of striking fear into the heart of Western “crusaders,” the association is as obscure as it is an obvious choice for ISIS to target.

The threat is being taken somewhat less that seriously.
A library director from a small town in Arkansas on the list, who requested that his name be withheld for security reasons, says that those on the list were more relieved that their financial details were not released, as opposed to their personal details, adding that his colleagues were “by and large not too concerned” and he had found it “vaguely amusing.”

“We’re not at all concerned because we don’t believe that there’s any likelihood of anybody attacking us or anything of that sort. More than anything else, we are puzzled as to how on earth they were even aware of our association’s existence,” he says.

Yeah, I totally wonder how they knew about that?

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June 04, 2016

RIP: Muhammad Ali

I figured yesterday when I read gravely ill his time was up.

Muhammad Ali, the silver-tongued boxer and civil rights champion who famously proclaimed himself "The Greatest" and then spent a lifetime living up to the billing, is dead.

Ali died Friday at a Phoenix-area hospital, where he had spent the past few days being treated for respiratory complications, a family spokesman confirmed to NBC News. He was 74.

I was very young when Muhammad Ali was at his peal, the old folks didn't like him much. But I did like him, so I kinda had to hide it a bit.

He was very personable and I think overall a good example. Who can ever forget his skill, nor the price he paid for being The Greatest.

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June 03, 2016

How Doe You Say in Chinese?

Ever notice once in a while you run across someone you shouldn't have f*ked with.

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May 31, 2016

Condell: The Moment of Truth

God save the UK!

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May 19, 2016

Morley Safer Dies

Morley Safer long time 60 Minutes correspondent has passed away.

Morley Safer, the CBS newsman who changed war reporting forever when he showed GIs burning the huts of Vietnamese villagers and went on to become the iconic 60 Minutes correspondent whose stylish stories on America's most-watched news program made him one of television's most enduring stars, died today in Manhattan. He was 84. He had homes in Manhattan and Chester, Conn.

Safer was in declining health when he announced his retirement last week; CBS News broadcast a long-planned special hour to honor the occasion on Sunday May 15 that he watched in his home.

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