March 25, 2014

This is What you Get for Thinking Outside the Box in Today's Military: A Reprimand

I don't have a lot of time to post as I'm headed out to a family vacation for spring break, but I didn't want to leave without posting about this article on Maj. Jim Gant. If the facts here are true, then the military brass really should be ashamed of themselves for the treatment this hero got.

I'm not going to post a lengthy excerpts, but I'll instead point you to the article which really needs to be read from start to finish.

The one reservation I have about the article is that it is written entirely from the point of view of one of Gant's supporters with a bunch of "declined to comment" coming from the brass that drummed him out. I had enough reservations about it that I emailed a couple of milbloggers to get their take on it. They seem to think that Gant was the real deal, and one of them said it didn't surprise him that the post-Patraeus/McCrystal powers that be treats anyone that doesn't follow the rule book like this.

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March 18, 2014

Abdul Rahman al-Qadhi of Hezbollah Like Totally 100% Dead Jim

The Red on Red violence between al-Nusra and Hezbollah is transpiring according to design.

A suicide car bomb attack has killed at least four people in a Hezbollah-dominated area of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, near the border with Syria.

Among those killed in the attack, which struck the village of al-Nabi Othman late on Sunday, was Hezbollah's local leader Abdul Rahman al-Qadhi, according to Al Jazeera's Ehab al-Okadi, reporting from Lebanon.


"The blast was carried out by a suicide attacker. Hezbollah members knew he was about to carry out the attack, and tried to stop the vehicle. That was when the attacker detonated the vehicle," a Lebanese security source told AFP.

Hezbollah-dominated areas in eastern Lebanon and south Beirut have suffered a series of deadly attacks, many of them suicide car blasts, since the powerful Shia movement acknowledged sending fighters to Syria to support President Bashar al-Assad's troops as they battle rebels.

The latest attack was claimed by Jabhat al-Nusra in Lebanon, as well as by the little-known Liwa Ahrar al-Sunna in Baalbek, a Sunni Muslim armed group opposed to Hezbollah's involvement in the Syrian conflict.


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March 17, 2014

How Badass are the SEALs? This Badass

Navy SEALS: is there anything they can't do?

A team of Navy SEALs seized control of an oil tanker from Libyan rebels, the Pentagon announced early Monday....

"No one was hurt tonight when U.S. forces, at the request of both the Libyan and Cypriot governments, boarded and took control of the commercial tanker Morning Glory, a stateless vessel seized earlier this month by three armed Libyans,” said Kirby in a statement.

"The boarding operation, approved by President Obama and conducted just after 10 p.m. EDT on March 16 in international waters southeast of Cypress, was executed by a team of U.S. Navy SEALs attached to Special Operations Command Europe,” he added.

HT HA's headlines

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March 11, 2014

ISIS Commander Abu Khaled Smoking Too Much Crack?

After making Syria into the new Afghanistan Abu Khaled, an ISIS commander, says in interview he intends to establish an Islamic caliphate in Syria:

"The aim of the ISIL is to set up an Islamic Caliphate that will attract Muslims from all over the world"
Attract Muslims from all over the world?

Surely, he just means like only the Muslims who are really super eager to be tortured and beheaded for calling their Great Aunt in Ultra Zionist Dearbornistan Michigan?

Good luck with that.

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March 06, 2014

Tales of Torture Murder in ISIS Prison

Hey but at least they didn't subject this poor fellow to loud music or nor force him to maintain an uncomfortable position.

It had been 20 days since Mohammed's arrival in Turkey, after having spent more than three grueling months inside prisons run by the notorious Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in Syria. Mohammed, 20, came to Gaziantep from the Syrian town of Al-Bab in Aleppo province, where ISIS has imposed a strict interpretation of Sharia since capturing it in September 2013. Smoking is prohibited, women must wear black niqabs and arbitrary trials and detentions take place daily.

The large bump on his forehead is one of the many scars that provide a glimpse into Mohammed’s story.

“I can still remember four Syrians from Damascus who got out of the bus and started smoking. They were immediately beaten by ISIS militants,” Mohammed, not his real name, said while smoking a cigarette in a coffee bar in the Turkish city.

...Torture methods included electricity shocks and hanging him upside down from the ceiling. The cries and screams of other inmates were constant, but he doesn’t know exactly how many people were detained, as he was put in a separate cell with only one other person. There was no electricity, only a small window without bars.

“I shared a cell with an Alawite officer. They were beating him so severely that the whole cell was covered in blood," Mohammed said. He had been forced to watch.

He added that he was forced to sleep in his cellmate's blood, who told him that he hadn’t seen his three children for more than two years.

“Outside the prison I would probably hate him like I hate Bashar, but inside the cell we supported each other. God bless him."

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February 18, 2014

Jaish al-Adl Kidnaps Five Iranian Border Guards -- Iran Threatens Pakistani Invasion


Pakistan warned Iran on Tuesday not to send troops across the two countries' shared border to retrieve five kidnapped Iranian border guards, an incident that threatens to exacerbate regional and sectarian tensions.

On Monday, Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazli was quoted as saying Iran might consider sending its forces onto Pakistani soil if Pakistan did not take the steps necessary to fight against militants.

"Iranian forces have no authority to cross our borders in violation of the international law. We must respect each other's borders," the Pakistani government statement said.

Predominantly Shi'ite Iran says militants seized the guards about 5 km (3 miles) inside Iran on February 6 in the province of Sistan-Baluchistan and took them into Pakistan.

A Sunni insurgent Iranian group calling itself Jaish al-Adl (Army of Justice) claimed responsibility for the kidnapping, according to a Twitter account purporting to belong to the group. Its authenticity could not be immediately verified.

Saudi Arabia's al-Arabiya TV broadcast this clip of the kidnapped guards.

This isn't the first time the proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia has resulted in the death of Iranian border guards. More than a dozen were murdered by Jaish al-Adl in November 2013.

In addition to the above linked Twitter account Jaish al-Adl maintains a website on Google's blogspot here. As well as a Facebook account here.

Update: Yes they're also on Youtube.

Update II: This particular kidnapping may be revenge for Iran hanging several members in early February. Looking further, the hanging post was published on February 10th, these men were taken on February 6th.

UPDATE by Rusty: I posted on this the day they got taken hostage, but can't find the post. But I think the real take-away here is that the Iranians are threatening to invade Pakistan, and Pakistan is threatening maximum resistance if they do.

The only thing that gives me wood quicker than the thought of an all-out war between India and Pakistan? An all-out war between Iran and Pakistan. If there was war between India and Pakistan at least I'd be rooting for the Indians. But between Iran and Pakistan? It's win-win, baby!

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January 23, 2014

Ok, this is kinda cool: New Uniform for Sikhs in US Army

More power to 'em...


It's all good, except ....

Muslim, Sikh, Jewish and Wiccan soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen can now request exemptions to strict military uniform and grooming policies.
And I don't really mind any of these people wearing slightly altered uniforms or maybe exempted from shaving.

But ... what about the female soldiers? What if a Muslima insists that her version of Islam requires her to cover from head to toe? That I'd have a problem with.

Yes, this exists.


Also, Wiccans have special clothing they wear? What is that, a pair of Doc. Martins, black eye liner and nailpolish ... for the guys?

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November 18, 2013

Nigerian Terrorst Group Ansaru Kisses Mullah Omar and Zawahiri's Hand

I dunno, but sounds kind of like a bad gay man crush to me.

he leader of Ansaru, a Nigeria-based jihadist group that was added to the US' list of global terrorist organizations just days ago, recently called Ayman al-Zawahiri "our good emir" and Mullah Omar the "Emir of the Believers."

Abu Usama al Ansari, the leader of Ansaru, praised al Qaeda and the Taliban's top leaders in an Eid al Adha statement that was released on jihadist forums on Nov. 14. His statement was obtained and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.

Al Ansari described the leader of al Qaeda as "our good emir, and dear sheikh, the doctor of the Ummah [Muslims community], the man of dignity and determination."

Additionally, al Ansari described Mullah Omar as the "Emir of the Believers" [the title is also known as "Emir al Mumineen," or the Commander of the Faithful]. Mullah Omar's title has religious significance among jihadists; the Commander of the Faithful is designated the leader of their Islamist caliphate. Osama bin Laden had sworn allegiance to Mullah Omar.

Like my Pakistani friend explains to me, al-Qaeda does not do Jihad "for the sake of Allah or Muslims, be because they want to be Kings, or Emirs as they are called in the Islamic world.

Its good to be king you know.

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October 04, 2013

Nicholas Oresko, Oldest Living Medal of Honor Recipient Has Passed

 photo 1230_zps2c59fbea.jpg

Image is of Nicholas Oresko and the youngest CMOH recipient Dakota Meyer

M/Sgt. Oresko was a platoon leader with Company C, in an attack against strong enemy positions. Deadly automatic fire from the flanks pinned down his unit. Realizing that a machinegun in a nearby bunker must be eliminated, he swiftly worked ahead alone, braving bullets which struck about him, until close enough to throw a grenade into the German position. He rushed the bunker and, with pointblank rifle fire, killed all the hostile occupants who survived the grenade blast. Another machinegun opened up on him, knocking him down and seriously wounding him in the hip. Refusing to withdraw from the battle, he placed himself at the head of his platoon to continue the assault. As withering machinegun and rifle fire swept the area, he struck out alone in advance of his men to a second bunker. With a grenade, he crippled the dug-in machinegun defending this position and then wiped out the troops manning it with his rifle, completing his second self-imposed, 1-man attack. Although weak from loss of blood, he refused to be evacuated until assured the mission was successfully accomplished. Through quick thinking, indomitable courage, and unswerving devotion to the attack in the face of bitter resistance and while wounded, M/Sgt. Oresko killed 12 Germans, prevented a delay in the assault, and made it possible for Company C to obtain its objective with minimum casualties.

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October 02, 2013

Bikers Terrorize Family On NY Highway (Update: Biker Family Needs A WAAAmbulance)

UPDATE III: Charges dropped against biker Allen Edwards, who was seen in the video punching the Range Rover's rear window near where Lien's 2 year old child sat. Police had received over 200 complaints about the aggressive bikers prior to the attack.

Speculation is the bikers were trying to force vehicles off the road so Hollywood Stuntz participants could perform their stunts on the empty highway. [Ed: Updated with link.]

(Alexian Lien unconscious in street after being dragged from vehicle, beaten, and slashed.)

Facebook page to support Alexian Lien HERE and HERE.

Facebook page to support Rover HERE.

Facebook page to support the biker who got his ass handed to him HERE. (Comments are great reading!)

Rest of post moved below the fold.

UPDATE II: Second rider Allen Edwards arrested , facing reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and menacing charges.

UPDATE: The rider who obstructed the SUV's path has been arrested.

Motorcyclist Christopher Cruz, 28, allegedly sparked the wild ordeal after he swerved in front of Alexian Lien, 33, on the Henry Hudson Parkway and stopped short, causing Lien to rear-end Cruz on Sunday afternoon, police said.

Cruz, of Passaic, N.J. — who was riding with a swarm of dozens of motorcycles that surrounded Lien's Range Rover — allegedly cut the driver off and caused an accident, police said.

The biker was charged with menacing, reckless endangerment, reckless driving and endangering the welfare of a child. He was waiting to be arraigned Tuesday.

One of the jerks who attacked the SUV ended up getting what he deserved pretty much.
Lien hit the gas to escape, plowing into at least three motorcycles and striking one of the bikers, Jeremiah Mieses, 26 - breaking both the man’s legs, sources said.

"The rider was bleeding out of his mouth and nose even though he had a helmet on," said a witness, who asked to remain anonymous. "He was conscious but couldn't move at all."

His dad thinks he a victim.
Meises, the 26-year-old biker, was taken to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, where he was being treated for two broken legs. Friends and family said that doctors feared the biker may never walk again.

"My son just got out of surgery. Now we have to contend with his situation that he will never walk again," Meises' father, the Rev. Edwin Mieses of Hazleton, Pa., posted on Facebook.

Well, WTF did he think would happen? Ooh he didn't think did he. Sorry Bub, tough lesson to learn the hard way, the very very effing hard way. But um, yeah.

Mieses' wife insists her husband was just trying "to help someone." Riiight. ;)

------Original Post Below--------

When I first heard about this story, I sided with the bikers. It originally came out as an SUV plowing down motorcyclists, killing one, then fleeing the scene.

But after viewing the video, clearly the bikers were out of control. Also, it is reported there were only minor injuries, with the driver of the SUV receiving the worst of it from the beating at the end.

The incident starts when one of the bikers closely (and deliberately) cuts in front of a black Range Rover and then slams on brakes in what is known as a "brake check." The SUV can't stop quick enough and taps the bike's rear wheel.

Watch the video to see what happens next:

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October 01, 2013

2 Marine Generals Forced to Retire for Taliban Attack

Two Marine Generals are on the hook for a Taliban attack on a Marine base in Afghanistan that left two Marines dead. I've no idea if these guys deserve some blame, however I will say that in general we are far too reluctant to fire people anymore.

And as I write this I know I'm typing Afghanistan but if I'm honest with myself then I'm really thinking Benghazi:

In a rare move, the top Marine on Monday forced two generals into retirement after concluding they should be held accountable for failing to secure a base in Afghanistan against a Taliban attack that killed two Marines.

Gen. James Amos, the commandant of the Marine Corps, said that Maj. Gen. Charles M. Gurganus and Maj. Gen. Gregg A. Sturdevant "did not take adequate force protection measures" at Camp Bastion, a sprawling British-run airfield in southwestern Afghanistan that was the Taliban target.

The Sept. 14, 2012, attack by 15 Taliban fighters caught the Marines by surprise and resulted in the deaths of Lt. Col. Christopher K. Raible, 40, and Sgt. Bradley W. Atwell, 27. The Taliban also destroyed six Marine Harrier fighter jets valued at $200 million and badly damaged others. It was one of the most stunning and damaging attacks of the war. Fourteen of the 15 attackers were killed; one was captured.

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September 27, 2013

Out: Flipping Bird at Commie While Flying Inverted
In: Robot Flipping Bird at Commie While Flying Inverted


The history books will record that on Sept. 27, 2012 Skynet became self-aware:

The U.S. Air Force and Boeing have sent their first unmanned F-16 jet plane into the air — a drone craft test that promises to change the shape of battlefield missions in years to come.
Yeah, I know, Tom Cruise flew an F-14 Tomcat in Top Gun. But the joke only works if you suspend belief that Tom Cruise could fly any plane.

Parenthetically, I was way ahead of the curve on Tom Cruise. While all of my friends -- some to this very day -- loved the movie, I came out of it saying, That guy, Maverick .... is he gay or what?

Thanks to BenK.

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September 13, 2013

Its a Financial War Silly: Those Who Forget the USSR Are Doomed to be The Next USSR

Now after 9/11 we needed to get some payback. I'm all for payback.

But were we ever going to turn Afghanistan into New Mexico? No probably not.

Would the toppling of Sadam Hussien result in dominoes of western freedom falling all over the middle east? Um, no. No it didn't.

In fact when the despot dominoes fall they are more often replaced with a more radical Islamic Sharia state rather than freedom. You know, like Tunisia which is probably the most successful of the Arab Spring states. Its now a state where your daughters are not safe to be let out alone.

I know a lot of folks are resisting the warnings Vladimir Putin is giving about intervention in Syria. But maybe, just maybe we should give it a little more consideration. I mean considering the USSR. You know, what USSR?

Russia cannot even keep the peace in Syria, which was a responsibility of the former USSR. Mainly because they were trolled into an overreaction and invasion in Afghanistan.

Tough lesson.

Two days ago al-Qaeda's leader Ayman al-Zawahiri said.

- Al-Qaida's leader on Friday marked the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks by calling on Muslims to strike inside the United States, with big attacks or small, using any opportunity they can to "bleed" America financially.

"We should bleed America economically by motivating it to continue its huge expenditure on its security as America's weak point is its economy, which already has begun stumbling because of the military and security expenditure," he said. "America is not a mythic power and the Americans, after all, are humans who can be defeated, felled and punished."

So there you have it, al-Qaeda's strategy is the same as the strategy that caused the fall of the Soviet Union. Russia has faced Islamic insurgency ever since, in Chechnya , Beslan . And has a lot less resources to do so since the breakup of the USSR.

Islamic terrorists allied with al-Qaeda murder Russian soldiers just as savagely as any American civilian in Iraq.

That's not to say we and Russia should not fight al-Qaeda and their allies. But we should be much smarter about it and work together much more than we have.

Because al-Qaeda does not seek to defeat either of us in a strait up battle. In fact in many cases when western forces show up, the Jihadi crowd moves on to the next lowest hanging fruit. The next anarchic region where they can impose their will free of forces that can truly oppose them. al-Qaeda are the ultimate oppressors despite their narrative, they chose to impose themselves on the people least able to defend themselves. Afghanistan, Somalia, Mali, Libya, Yemen. Wherever there is a vacuum they can fill. Most people, even Muslim peoples do not want to live under the radical 6th century butcher's state al-Qaeda is selling. Its why they prey those who can't resist.

They troll us not into acting, which we should, but into overreacting. To over expend blood and treasure in the swatting of a fly.

More war and anarchy is always in al-Qaeda's interest. So to interfere further in Syria and get ourselves expending blood and treasure on a non solution is not only folly, its what al-Qaeda wants.

If the US and Russia can work together to end the Syrian conflict, well that's not in al-Qaeda's interest. Its never in their interest for us to act smartly, but to act out of hast and emotion.

Because their ultimate defeat and our victory depends not so much on how many we kill nor how many invasions we can pull off. But on the financial health of the west combined with the long term ability to strike al-Qaeda's and their allies as needed. Denying them control and safe havens, yet not giving them a gift of a larger wars that help breed experienced and resistant Jihadist pests while also assisting them in their goal to run us broke.

al-Qaeda seeks to make us financially unable to interfere where and when needed. Deny them that and al-Qaeda and the jihadist movement become a minority that cannot win.

It certainly makes a lot more sense than doing exactly as bin-Laden and Zawahiri predicts and wants us to do.

Thanks to Intelwire.

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July 29, 2013

What Do You Mean America Not Helping in Syria?

We sent this dude? What more do you want?

A Pittsburgh man may be the latest American killed as part of the global Muslim jihad against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The man, identified as Amir Farouk Ibrahim, 32, was reportedly killed July 22 in fighting between Syrian Kurdish forces and those linked to the Islamic State of Iraq, an al-Qaida affiliate.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based Syrian opposition group, posted pictures of Ibrahim's American and Egyptian passports on its Facebook page. Ibrahim's passport appeared alongside about a dozen others belonging to men from around the Islamic world, underscoring the fact that the Syrian conflict has become a transnational one.

"The documents were found after the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) retreated from the town after intense clashes last week with the YPG (Yekineyen Parastina Gela Kurdish faction)," the Syrian Observatory wrote on its Facebook page. "We do not know the fate of the owners of these documents, whether they are dead or alive and still active in Syria."

I'd like to personally thank the Islamic State of Iraq for helping him seek Jihad in the way of Allah and to Bashar al-Assad a Kurdish militia for making sure he didn't get any bright ideas about returning to Pittsburgh.

All's well that ends well I always say.

Thanks to MAKAYA for pointing out that it was most likely a Kurdish militia who dislike al-Qaeda's um, imperialism that offed Ibrahim.

Even better, as Rusty always asks, "Why don't we give them, a state?"

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July 18, 2013

The Zimmerman We Should Really Be Talking About


rmy Staff Sgt. Sonny C. Zimmerman, 25, was killed July 16 in Mushaka, Afghanistan when a rocket propelled grenade hit his vehicle, according to the Department of Defense.

Zimmerman was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team at Fort Campbell in Kentucky.

Zimmerman was from Waynesfield, Ohio

First, we thank him for his service fighting the Taliban.

We pray God accept him and give him rest and comfort his loved ones.

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June 21, 2013

Spain Arrests 12 Recruiting for al-Qaeda


Spanish police say they have arrested eight people suspected of recruiting jihadist militants for al-Qaeda-linked groups in Syria.

The Interior Ministry said the arrests were made early Friday in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, which is located on the northwest African coast, surrounded by Morocco on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other.

A ministry statement said the group was suspected of sending dozens of potential fighters from Spain Morocco to Syria, some of whom had carried out suicide attacks. It says others had been sent to training camps.

Just then Obama walked in from the G8 summit and said, "I don't think these freedom fighters can kill infidels with those handcuffs on?"

Shut up kid.

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June 20, 2013

US Helped in Libya, Why not Syria?

Um..... uh...

Bombs destroy police station in Libya's Benghazi

The al-Hadaiq station in downtown Benghazi was completely destroyed by explosives at around 0300 a.m. (0100 GMT). The blast was so loud it could be heard across the city.

On Saturday, six soldiers were killed and five injured in clashes between Libyan special forces and armed protesters outside a special forces base in Benghazi.


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June 13, 2013

Confirmed Edward Snowden Shopping US Spy Data to China

Nope he's certainly not a hero.

Alleged NSA leaker Edward Snowden claimed today to have evidence that the U.S. government has been hacking into Chinese computer networks since at least 2009 – an effort he said is part of the tens of thousands of hacking operations American cyber spies have launched around the world, according to a Hong Kong newspaper.

The newspaper, the South China Morning Post, reported it had conducted a lengthy interview with the 29-year-old former NSA contractor, who is hiding out in Hong Kong after revealing himself to be the source of a series of headline-grabbing stories about the National Security Agency's secret, vast surveillance programs. After their unveiling, those programs were acknowledged and defended by top Obama administration officials.

The Post said Snowden provided documents, which the paper described as "unverified," that he said showed U.S. cyber operations targeting a Hong Kong university, public officials and students in the Chinese city. The paper said the documents also indicate hacking attacks targeting mainland Chinese targets, but did not reveal information about Chinese military systems.

I'm certainly now surprised that Glenn Greenwald's scoop came from a traitor. Birds of a feather you know.

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June 11, 2013

Prince Harry Wows Crowd At RAF Air Show

Who would have thought a soulless ginger would be such a badass?

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June 05, 2013

Awww Shucks

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June 04, 2013

Ben Stein: Declaring end to War on Terror is surrender

I don't agree with everything he says but the overall point is spot on.

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May 31, 2013

Obama's Sequester Cuts Wounded Warrior Caretakers

Walter Reed forced to furlough civilians caretakers:

Furlough letters are going out to civilian employees who care for the nation's wounded warriors at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda. [...]

The furloughs will begin July 8 and stem from the automatic budget cuts from sequestration.

Out of the Department of Defense's 800,000 civilian workers, about 68,000 are exempt from the furloughs. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has said furloughs will save the department $1.8 billion.

But don't worry! The sequester cuts won't affect Michelle Obama's extended vacation.

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April 24, 2013

Of Contractors and Patriots

Kate over at The Victory Blog interviews Kerry Patton, a civilian contractor in military zones who has just written a book on the real story behind the patriots who serve US interests abroad.

Go check it out.

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April 18, 2013

Strange Very Strange Indeed

Reports yesterday that a suspect in the Boston Bombing had been arrested and reports that a Saudi Student, previously declared to be cleared, is being deported raises a few eyebrows to say the least.

An expert on terrorism says the Saudi national who was the original “person of interest” in connection with Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing is going to be deported from the U.S. next week.

The foreign student from Revere, Mass., is identified as 20-year-old Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi.

“I just learned from my own sources that he is now going to be deported on national security grounds next Tuesday, which is very unusual,” Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism told Sean Hannity of Fox News Wednesday night.

Nothing on IPT site, so I would think if Emerson was really onto it, he'd run a post? Along with the reports of a non-arrest yesterday if nothing else it sure does smell kinda fishy.

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April 16, 2013

Sandcrawler PSA: Terrorist and Crazy Not Mutually Exclusive Categories

Haroon Aswat will not be coming to America to face charges related to a terrorist plot involving Abu Hamza because he is, you know, batshit crazy.

BBC: The European Court of Human Rights has ruled a terrorism suspect should not be extradited from the UK to the US due to his mental health problems.

Haroon Aswat allegedly tried to establish a training camp in Oregon with the radical cleric Abu Hamza, who was extradited to the US last year.

But Mr Aswat said conditions in a 'supermax' jail could exacerbate his paranoid schizophrenia.

Oddly enough Jihadis claiming they are crazy is not all that uncommon. and who am I to argue with that. I mean they worship a cube five times a day and want to kill innocents and Jews because its in the Koran.

if you ask me, that's pretty freaking deluxe nutbag to start with.

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April 04, 2013

Wanted Dead or Alive

But mostly dead.


Related and Cool.

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April 03, 2013

I Feel Like So Reassured

Yesterday NPR reports that so long as the joint industrial complex at Kaeson was operating normally we could "sleep well at night."

Today, um, the North closed the joint industrial complex at Kaeson. Blocking the South Koreans who worked there from entry.

So at least I know that Kim Jing-un and I both have something in common, we listen to NPR on our commutes?

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March 14, 2013

He Gets Us

He really gets us!

What did Obama and his advisors think would happen? Why that out of gratitude for America stopping its (alleged) bullying and imperialistic ways and getting on the (alleged) side of history the new regimes would be friendly. The Muslim Brotherhood in particular would conclude that America was not its enemy. You know, one Brotherhood leader would supposedly say to another, all of these years we thought the United States was against us but now we see that they are really our friends. Remember Obama’s Cairo speech? He really gets us!

More likely he’d be saying: We don’t understand precisely what the Americans are up to but they are obviously weak, cowardly, and in decline! In fact, that’s what they did say.

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March 13, 2013

Distinguished Warfare Medal Creates Heartburn

Distinguished Warfare Medal.jpg
Distinguished Warfare Medal

(Washington, D.C.) Considerable heartburn has erupted within the U.S. military regarding the new Distinguished Warfare Medal, intended to honor "extraordinary actions" of drone pilots customarily working hundreds or thousands of miles away from any combat zone.

The controversy is that the Distinguished Warfare Medal is ranked above the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart, decorations typically awarded for actions in combat.

Along with an avalanche of Whiskey Tango Foxtrots and a tsunami of outrage, troops are circulating a photo of a gold-plated X-Box controller and the skull-emblazoned “Call of Duty” medal as “prototypes” of the new award, which honors servicemembers like drone pilots and computer hackers who impact combat operations from afar.

The medal is being called the Chairborne Medal, the Distant Warfare Medal and the Purple Buttocks, among other names.

The flood of complaints has prompted Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to order a review of the new medal to determine whether the order of precedence should be changed. (More….)

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March 09, 2013

Best "COEXIST" Bumper Sticker Evah?


Thanks to John.

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March 07, 2013

We'd Like to Welcome Sulaiman Abu Ghaith to the USA
UPDATE: FBI Confirms bin Laden Son in Law in New York
UPDATE: Cooperating

Please have a seat in the showroom, we'll be right with you.

ANKARA — Osama bin Laden's son-in-law Sulaiman Abu Ghaith was seized by CIA agents and taken to the United States after Turkey deported him to Jordan this month, a Turkish newspaper reported on Thursday.

Abu Ghaith, the former spokesman of the Al-Qaeda network, was seized last month at a luxury hotel in Ankara after a tip-off from CIA and was held there by the police despite a US request for his extradition.

Turkish authorities deported Abu Ghaith to Jordan on March 1 to be sent back to Kuwait but he was seized by CIA agents in Jordan and taken to the United States, the Hurriyet newspaper said.

His deportation coincided with a visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry to Ankara as part of a regional tour, it added.

Hat Tip: Intelwire.

UPDATE II: I'm putting this update above the FBI presser below since the below is so lengthy. But don't you think this is interesting?

Osama bin Laden's son-in-law, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, has been "cooperating" and has already revealed "key intelligence" about the current status, personnel and finances of al Qaeda even before he was secretly spirited to New York City, U.S. officials told ABC News today.

"It is huge," said Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. "This is a man who is in the inner circle of bin Laden's al Qaeda operations and now we have him alive and he's talking."

Isn't that interesting? He's alive and he's talking.

Isn't this the real debate we should be having about drone strikes? That it is better to capture al Qaeda operatives than to kill them since dead men tell no tales?

This is not to say I have moral objections to killing them. Kill them all .... if we could.

But if it's a choice: kill or capture. Then the choice should be capture.

Which is why the Obama drone strike policy is morally destitute. This would be the man that objected to extraordinary rendition, black sites, and harsh interrogation.

It's immoral, in Obama's view, to send an al Qaeda operative to Saudi Arabia. It's immoral to hold them for a number of years at a black site above and beyond the reach of US courts. It's immoral to hurt them emotionally, psychologically, or physically while they are under US control.

Even when any of these things led to intelligence which helped us capture or kill other al Qaeda operatives.

But killing them? No big deal.

Hurting someone is immoral, but not killing them. But that is the morally inverted world that liberals live in. It helps them sleep at night.

Me? I don't lose any sleep knowing that a member of al Qaeda is being waterboarded or killed. Either way is good by me, with the waterboarding being the lesser of two necessary evils.

UPDATE by Rusty: Any opposed to droning his ass? I mean, after a fair trial, of course.

FBI Presser:

Sulaiman Abu Ghayth, a/k/a “Suleiman Abu Gayth,” a former associate of Osama bin Laden, has been arrested and charged in an indictment unsealed today in New York City with conspiracy to kill U.S. nationals, announced Attorney General Eric Holder, Assistant Attorney General for National Security Lisa Monaco, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara, the Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s New York Field Office George Venizelos, and the Police Commissioner of the City of New York (NYPD) Raymond W. Kelly. Abu Ghayth is expected to be presented and arraigned tomorrow, March 8, 2013, at 10:00 a.m. before U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan.

“No amount of distance or time will weaken our resolve to bring America’s enemies to justice,” said Attorney General Holder. “To violent extremists who threaten the American people and seek to undermine our way of life, this arrest sends an unmistakable message: There is no corner of the world where you can escape from justice because we will do everything in our power to hold you accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

“The arrest of Abu Ghayth is an important milestone in our ongoing counterterrorism efforts. I applaud the many agents, analysts, and prosecutors responsible for bringing about this significant case and arrest,” said Assistant Attorney General Monaco.

“It has been 13 years since Abu Ghayth allegedly worked alongside Osama bin Laden in his campaign of terror and 13 years since he allegedly took to the public airwaves, exhorting others to embrace al Qaeda’s cause and warning of more terrorist attacks like the mass murder of 9/11,” said U.S. Attorney Bharara. “The memory of those attacks is indelibly etched on the American psyche, and today’s action is the latest example of our commitment to capturing and punishing enemies of the United States, no matter how long it takes.”

“Sulaiman Abu Ghayth held a key position in al Qaeda, comparable to the consigliere in a mob family or propaganda minister in a totalitarian regime,” said FBI Assistant Director in Charge Venizelos. “He used his position to persuade others to swear loyalty to al Qaeda’s murderous cause. He used his position to threaten the United States and incite its enemies. His apprehension is another important step in the campaign to limit the reach of al Qaeda and enhance our national and international security.”

“While New York City must remain vigilant to continued terrorist threats against it, Abu Ghayth’s apprehension and prosecution promises to close another chapter in al Qaeda’s notoriously violent history of killing Americans,” said NYPD Commissioner Kelly. “This case also represents another success in the ongoing partnership between federal agents and NYPD detectives through the JTTF.”

As alleged in the superseding indictment that has been filed against Abu Ghayth in federal court:

Since around 1989, al Qaeda has been an international terrorist organization dedicated to opposing non-Islamic governments with force and violence. Osama bin Laden served as the leader, or “emir,” of al Qaeda until his death on or about May 2, 2011. Members of al Qaeda typically have pledged an oath of allegiance, called bayat, to bin Laden and to al Qaeda.

The core purpose of al Qaeda, as stated by bin Laden and other leaders, is to support violent attacks against property and nationals, both military and civilian, of the United States and other countries. Between 1989 and 2001, al Qaeda established training camps, guest houses, and business operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other countries for the purpose of training and supporting its agenda of violence and murder. Members and associates of al Qaeda have executed a number of terrorist attacks, all in furtherance of the organization’s stated conspiracy to kill Americans, including the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, which killed approximately 2,976 people.

From at least May 2001 up to around 2002, Abu Ghayth served alongside Osama bin Laden, appearing with bin Laden and his then-deputy Ayman al Zawahiri, speaking on behalf of the terrorist organization and in support of its mission, and warning that attacks similar to those of September 11, 2001, would continue.

In particular, around May 2001, Abu Ghayth urged individuals at a guest house in Kandahar, Afghanistan, to swear bayat to bin Laden. On the evening of September 11, 2001, after the terrorist attacks on the United States, bin Laden summoned Abu Gayth and asked for his assistance, and he agreed to provide it. On the morning of September 12, 2001, Abu Ghayth, appeared with bin Laden and al Zawahiri and spoke on behalf of al Qaeda, warning the United States and its allies that “[a] great army is gathering against you” and called upon “the nation of Islam” to do battle against “the Jews, the Christians, and the Americans.” Also, after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Abu Ghayth delivered a speech in which he addressed the then-U.S. Secretary of State and warned that “the storms shall not stop, especially the airplanes storm” and advised Muslims, children, and opponents of the United States “not to board any aircraft and not to live in high rises.”

Abu Gayth arranged to be, and was, successfully smuggled from Afghanistan into Iran in 2002.

* * * * *

The indictment charges Abu Ghayth with participating in a conspiracy to kill United States nationals, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 2332(b). The offense carries a maximum term of imprisonment of life. No trial date has yet been set in the case.

The charges and arrest of Abu Ghayth are the result of the close cooperative efforts of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, the Joint Terrorism Task Force—which principally consists of agents and detectives of the FBI and the New York City Police Department—the United States Marshals Service and the National Security Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. The Justice Department’s Office of International Affairs and the U.S. Department of State also provided assistance.

The prosecution is being handled by Assistant United States Attorneys John P. Cronan and Michael Ferrara of the Terrorism and International Narcotics Unit of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, with assistance from Trial Attorney Jolie Zimmerman of the National Security Division’s Counterterrorism Section.

The charges contained in the indictment are merely accusations, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

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February 20, 2013

Attn: Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, AKA The Taliban

Yeah, I like noticed you're following me on twitter yesterday. Thanks dude!

Also yesterday the Taliban's website could be found here.

Today? Not so much.


It looks like they ran into some sort of DNS issue, hmmm?


Special Thanks to Zionist Bandwidth Bitch.

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February 01, 2013

Obama Administration Cuts Breakfast For Deployed Soldiers


While their Commander-In-Chief enjoys his pampering, U.S. soldiers go without:

The Army has stopped serving cooked breakfasts to some of the U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan as part of its drawdown, a move that prompted troops to write home asking their families and friends to send care packages with cereal, breakfast bars and other foods.

The Army told the Washington Guardian the current cutbacks began Jan. 1, and affect about 2,700 soldiers deployed in forward operating bases in more remote areas of Afghanistan. asks, "How many cooked breakfasts for soldiers would Obama's 20 million dollar Hawaii vacations buy?"

(Hat Tip: IHateTheMedia)

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January 18, 2013

Why Is France fighting Alone in Mali?

You know I'm not the biggest fan of Fwance but..... while we owe our birth to Britain but our freedom we owe to France.

I know I know, we've kind of paid it back nine ways. But both the Brits and the French have helped us in Afghanistan. And its mighty white of us to lend support.

Even though France was a major influence in creating this giant sucking sound in North Africa, if they are going to try and set it right they'll need our help. After all these terrorists are at war not only with France but all of us.

If we are to have any chance to defeat the Islamists we in the west must stand together and fight hard. If no one is willing to do that the French might as well pack it up now.

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January 10, 2013

'Key Al Qaeda Paramilitary Commander' Droned Recently In Pakistan

Allahu Dronebar!!


The US killed a senior al Qaeda military commander during a recent drone strike in Pakistan's Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan.

Sheikh Yasin Al Kuwaiti, who was killed in a US drone strike on Jan. 8, was a "key al Qaeda paramilitary commander" who was "very high up the food chain," a US intelligence official who tracks the terror group in Pakistan's tribal areas told The Long War Journal. Sheikh Yasin was a top commander and trainer for the Lashkar al Zil, or Shadow Army, al Qaeda's military cadre [for more information on the the Lashkar al Zil, see LWJ report, Al Qaeda's paramilitary 'Shadow Army'].

Sheikh Yasin was also described as a "foreign tactical trainer" by Reuters and "a senior Al Qaeda operative" by Dawn on the day that he was reported killed.

[Read the rest]


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December 31, 2012

Jawa Pic of the Year: Osama al-Libi in Tessawa South Libya

1k words on the Arab Spring.

Son of Qaeda leader Abu yahya al Libi, Osama, at school in Tessawa, south Libya

Update *Dmartyr points out that it appears someone has been practicing the implementation of Sharia on old Tom there.

Missing legs, hand and ear.

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December 28, 2012

Gun Stats Liberals Don't Want You To See

While the United States is number one for the average number of guns per person, it is much safer than some countries with strict gun control laws that deny citizens the right to arm themselves.

Compare these two maps. The first shows the number of guns in proportion to the population. The U.S. (darkest color) has far more guns than any other country. The second shows the number of homicides committed with a gun, again in proportion to the population.

(Click Image To Enlarge)

(Click Image To Enlarge)

Both interactive maps, along with the data used to compile the maps, can be located HERE.

Download and save the data HERE.

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December 27, 2012

Gun Control Is BULLSH!T!

(Language Alert)

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