June 04, 2017

One of London Attackers Radicalized on Jihadtube

This man, was turned in by Muslims twice previously. Nothing was done.

The friend told the BBC’s Asian Network that the terrorist had been radicalised watching videos of the infamous American hate preacher Ahmad Musa Jibril.

He said: “We spoke about a particular attack that happened and like most radicals he had a justification for anything and everything and that day I 
realised I needed to contact the authorities.”

He added: “He used to listen to a lot of Musa Jibril. I have heard some of this stuff and its very radical. I am surprised this stuff is still on YouTube and is easily accessible. I phoned the anti-terror hotline. I spoke to the gentleman. I told him about our conversation and why I think he was radicalised.”

However, he said he was not arrested and was allowed to keep his passport. “I did my bit, I know a lot of other people did their bit, but the authorities did not do their bit,” the friend said.

We've all been doing our bit haven't we. We the People are not failing. We are giving our asses, nothing is done.

A simple search for Musa Jabril on Youtube at this moment returns 49,600 results.


More on Ahmad Musa Jibril here at the Counter Extremism Project.

In April 2014, ICSR researchers found that 60 percent of foreign fighters in Syria followed Jibril on Twitter.* Jibril’s followers have primarily joined al-Qaeda-affiliated groups, but some have joined ISIS as well.* Jibril has been in direct contact with several foreign fighters and families of deceased fighters.* Jibril “bridges the gap” for Westerners who may not understand Arabic, according to Shiraz Maher, one of the study’s co-authors.* Jibril “provides the political and theological justification” and “comfort” to jihadists, according to ICSR director Peter Neumann.*

Jibril’s Twitter account, @ahmadmusajibril, has more than more than 33,000 followers. His Facebook page, under the name Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibril, has more than 240,000 likes, although he has not updated it since July 2014. His YouTube page, https://www.youtube.com/user/AhmadMusaJibril, has more than 9,500 subscribers. Jibril also maintains a blog at https://ahmadjibrilblog.wordpress.com/. Jibril previously ran a now defunct Islamist website, AlSalafyoon.com, which included “fanatically anti-American sermons by militant Islamic clerics,” according to U.S. authorities.* A group of Jibril’s followers created the website www.ahmadjibril.com/, which hosts lectures and articles by Jibril and his students.

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April 17, 2017

Jeff Halm Declared Sith Lord

Jawa Report would like to declare Jeff Halm an official Sith Lord.

Henceforth he shall be known as Darth Republitarian.

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February 02, 2017

Taqiyya Mike Hager Didna Do Nothing Haram

In Islam telling a fib to promote the cause of the Ummah is totally 100% halal or permitted.

The problem is sometimes the Infidels and or your Imam just is not that stupid.

he leader of a mosque in Dearborn has confirmed to FOX 2 that a man who claimed his mother died in Iraq after being barred from returning to the United States under a ban instituted by President Trump this weekend, lied to FOX 2 about when her death occurred.

Imam Husham Al-Hussainy, leader of the Karbalaa Islamic Educational Center in Dearborn, says Mike Hager's mom did not pass away this weekend after being barred from traveling to the United States. The Imam confirms that Hager's mother died before the ban was put in place.

On Tuesday, Mike Hager told FOX 2 that he and his family were stopped while trying to return from Iraq to Michigan. He said that he was allowed through because of his American citizenship but his ailing mother and other family members were not. He then claimed that his mom passed away in Iraq on Saturday, as he was traveling to the United States.

The Imam, who voted for Trump, did not want to address the general unrest over the travel ban or the weekend chaos for travelers and protesters at the airports. Instead, he called for peace and patience.

It's unknown why he would lie about when it occurred. When we tried talking to him at his home and business, he was nowhere to be found.

Earlier when confronted via text about his lie, Mike wrote "Since I lost my momIi've been on heavy medication - I can't even sleep. I did not make anything up."

Nice intentional typo there. See his mom did die and stuff. Just he fibbed about the time to promote his "cause".

Allah will surely forgive a little fake news to promote the cause, no?

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December 20, 2016

Sandcrawler PSA: Snowflakes Melt

Snowflakes are beautiful, but very short lived.

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November 08, 2016

Vote: Dammit

Make America Great Jawas!

I'll run returns Tuesday and no matter how you vote, vote.

May the Lord and and Force, but mostly the Lord be with us.

Update: Dommit? WTF is Dommit?

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November 03, 2016

Cubs Win Marred By Racism and Liberal Stupidity But Mostly Liberal Stupidity


Sometimes you just want to hit your head against the desk and say “why?”

Mediaite ran a piece last night, noting how folks on Twitter had picked up on the racism at the World Series.

Surely they won't double down on that.


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July 26, 2016

Commie! Commie! Commie!

Bernie's speech at the DNC.

It seems the Commie is popular.

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July 18, 2016

CNN: The Censored News Network


CNN host Don Lemon and fiery Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke clashed Sunday night over the causes of the rising violence against police in the United States.

When Clarke began discussing a series of strong points, Lemon couldn’t handle it and had the network cut to commercial:

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March 17, 2016

Green Flash Rings in St. Patrick's Day

Or 100% proof Allah loves the Irish!

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February 04, 2016

Crowder Splains Stuff

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January 07, 2016

Breaking Rubio is Owned by Juice!

I often wonder if people know sometimes know....... Nah, nah they don't.

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October 27, 2015

Jawa Report Issues Devil Will Do Meetballs From UR Body Fatwa Against W.H.O.


Wow the Devil really will do meetballs from UR body.

Anyway we're pretty sure this is some sort of Zionist Kihnspiracy against bacon by the Chic fillet Cows.

*Therefore we beheaded and ate the Chic fillet Cows as is proscribed in the Sharia.

* But we at least had the decency to put a 22 long between their eyes before you now...

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September 25, 2015

There Could be An Upside to Trump

Under a hypothetical Trump Administration this will be White House Press Secretary.

She’s just 26 and could be on her way to the White House.

Granted, that journey to DC would require Donald Trump actually winning the election, but Hope Hicks has emerged as the gatekeeper to the field’s most talked-about candidate.

Hicks, a Greenwich, Conn., native, is The Donald’s media handler, and reportedly the only young woman in his inner circle. In a business often dominated by the same old operatives, she is a fresh face.

click for more in depth study

Or higher...


I'm failing to see the downside in this.

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September 14, 2015

Ministry of Boobies: Femen Strips at Muslim Conference

So what do Muslim men do with Topless Women? Kick and beat them.

That's pretty gay.

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May 22, 2015

Life Imitates Jawa Report: Osama bin Laden's Porn Stash Won't be Released

I hear the hot man-on-goat-on-chicken action was deemed 'too sensitive' for the general public:

the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which released the files on Wednesday, has not released all the material found in the compound. In fact, there's a rather notorious stash that the U.S. government apparently doesn't want you to see: a cache of pornography.
Thanks to Jon

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April 29, 2015

First They Came for Charlie Hebdo: Australian Paper on High Alert After Jihadist Threat

Oh, and an American fighting in Somalia made a similar threat against the US (his twitter account suspended). So, we have that going for us.

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January 08, 2015

Media Now in Full Denial of Reality Mode

So I accidentally switched on CNN last night. I guess my thumb must have slipped. Here's what I saw: Some guy moderating a "debate" between a gal who was saying that the Mohammad cartoons shouldn't have been published because they marginalized Muslims. The guy on the other side of the debate worried that yesterday's mass murder was really worrying because it might make Muslims the target of violence.

Then this morning I turned on the car and the radio was on NPR. All college professors are required to listen to NPR. It's in the job description. There was a "debate" between a gal saying that it was really hypocritical of some in the West to support the right to publish offensive cartoons because a few European countries outlaw hate speech directed at religions. On the other side of the debate was a guy saying that newspapers ought to self-censor so that we don't make Muslims angry. Making Muslims angry is bad.

In the Newspeak "debate" is defined as two sides passionately arguing over the same side of the coin.

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December 26, 2014

Islamic State of Losers Plagued By Problems of Running a State

In stark contrast to earlier reports where IS paves some roads and passed out some of the war booty, IS has run out of booty.

GAZIANTEP, Turkey — The Islamic State’s vaunted exercise in state-building appears to be crumbling as living conditions deteriorate across the territories under its control, exposing the shortcomings of a group that devotes most of its energies to fighting battles and enforcing strict rules.

Services are collapsing, prices are soaring, and medicines are scarce in towns and cities across the “caliphate” proclaimed in Iraq and Syria by the Islamic State, residents say, belying the group’s boasts that it is delivering a model form of governance for Muslims.

Slick Islamic State videos depicting functioning government offices and the distribution of aid do not match the reality of growing deprivation and disorganized, erratic leadership, the residents say. A trumpeted Islamic State currency has not materialized, nor have the passports the group promised. Schools barely function, doctors are few, and disease is on the rise.

When your only tool is a Koran, everything looks like a neck, but it will be be hard from Islamic State to murder its way out of winter.
In the Syrian city of Raqqa, the group’s self-styled capital, water and electricity are available for no more than three or four hours a day, garbage piles up uncollected, and the city’s poor scavenge for scraps on streets crowded with sellers hawking anything they can find, residents say.

Videos filmed in secret by an activist group show desperate women and children clamoring for handouts of food, while photographs posted on the Internet portray foreign militants eating lavish spreads, a disparity that is starting to stir resentment.

Bombs falling from the sly, the gutters running with blood, death, destruction and starvation!

Its Islamic Utopia!

Update thanks to pst314 for the awesome edit.

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December 11, 2014

Media Blows Lid Off of Super Secret CIA Plan to Undermine Communist Dictatorships

Wow, of all the yawners:

In early 2009, a U.S. government contractor sent a Serbian music promoter to Cuba with these covert marching orders: Recruit one of Havana's most notorious rappers to spark a youth movement against the government....

USAID's secret Cuban hip-hop project sought to spread democracy, but like other U.S. operations on the island, it was executed by amateurs.

This would be laughable if I didn't hear NPR give the subject 15 minutes straight of discussion. Oh, the horror! The abject horror of the US trying to undermine a communist dictatorship!

I guess the spin they're trying to put on this is that the CIA put innocents in these countries at risk by using USAID as a cover.

Um, well, yes, now that the media has exposed the story these people are at risk. When this was all classified information, not so much.

It's funny how the media always overlooks their own culpability when it comes to putting people's lives in danger.

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November 25, 2014

UK Report on Lee Rigby Murder Faults Facebook


Facebook was the US web firm that the UK said could have prevented the murder of Lee Rigby, according to reports, after it failed to flag a ‘graphic and emotive’ online chat to British intelligence services.

The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) criticised the company for failing to flag a conversation in which killer Michael Adebowale told another person to kill a soldier, though members of the committee as well as David Cameron have refused to name it. A number of media outlets have now named Facebook as the site at the centre of the allegations.

The ISC said that if the site had told MI5 about the threat, the killing “could have been prevented”. If the exchange in December 2012 had been picked up, Adebowale would have become a top priority for the security services, the report said.

Facebook said that it guards against terrorist content appearing on the site.

"Like everyone else, we were horrified by the vicious murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “We don’t comment on individual cases but Facebook’s policies are clear, we do not allow terrorist content on the site and take steps to prevent people from using our service for these purposes."

Which is pretty much a bald faced lie. We find that while those who oppose Islamic Terror groups are regularly harassed and banned from Facebook terrorists and their supporters find a safe haven.

Its unclear if this is because facebook fears backlash from groups such as CAIR accusing them of Islamophobia or if its part of the "Watch Only" policy that intelligence agencies espouse that actually end up being harmful in the long run. Recruits are drawn in at a much higher rate than they can be monitored.

Although now they Cyber Jihad has expanded to such a large extent from the days when Jawa Report was created that a take down policy and interfere policy would be too little way way too late.

A quick check of Facebook today show that Islamic State supporters are still on Facebook chatting away promoting IS and terrorism unmolested by the so called Facebook moderators.


134 Islamic State "likers"



So Facebook can't find the groups with ISIS, ISIL in their name?


(suspended even by twitter) Not Facebook

That took me two minutes, with time I'm sure there is more. And I don't even use Facebook anymore.

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October 27, 2014

50 Years Ago

Still relevant to this day. If you have a whole half hour to watch, go for it. If not, there are snippets all over YouFaceTube.

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October 22, 2014

Irrelevant Fat Bastard Adam Gadahn Goes Full Retard

So al-Qaeda's featured star of its new Resurgence magazine is a Jihad lazy fat propagandist hiding in an ISI bunker in Pakistan. Good luck with that.

Resurgence’s focus on China also follows al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri recently establishing a South Asia branch to try and extend the group’s operations to the Indian continent. The move was largely seen as an attempt to compete with the Islamic State for the leadership of the jihadist world.


The same competition almost certainly motivated al-Qaeda central to publish the English-language magazine as well. The al-Sahab media organization has been active since around 2001 — although its activities have rapidly diminished over the last few years — but this is the first time that it or al-Qaeda central has published an English-language magazine. However, the terrorist group’s Yemen-based branch, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), has long published an English language magazine called Inspire, which Resurgence is modeled on.

Inspire was best known for trying to motivate potential lone wolf terrorists in Western countries in the United States and Europe. Resurgence at times seems to try to emulate this approach, only with an eye toward populations mostly outside the Western world.

That al-Qaeda is attempting to use an English-language publication to motivate would-be jihadists in places like Xinjiang displays a remarkable degree of desperation, incompetence or both, none of which bodes well for the group’s longevity. Terrorist groups have a history of failing under the leadership of Ayman al-Zawahiri, and al-Qaeda central increasingly appears destined to suffer the same fate.

One of the most telling signs that Gadahn has whole lot of extra time on his hands is an article in which he quotes Anwar al-Alwaki who reasoned that if Muslim nations won't accept Ronald McDonald's Imperialism then McDonnell Douglas will send Strike Eagles to bomb innocent Muslims. He even had time to demonstrate it graphically.

No I'm not kidding.


And as an added bonus Resurgence promises even more of Fat Bastard's I'm a military genius but I'm too important for Jihad in upcoming issues!


Ass-Cloud Media, its run by Ape-Pig-Man.


*I Ass-Cloud Media, it stinks.

* as-Sahab translates as "the cloud"

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October 21, 2014

Actual Real Life Terrorists Notice Houston Baghdadi's American Jihad

This post on ISIS' Arabic forum.

click for larger

And in English for Arabic challenge folks like myself.




I'd say that ups the danger that AbdulRahman Baghdadi poses, wouldn't you.

As you recall in my last piece on Baghdadi I stated this.

If the Muslim community in Houston cannot foster and guild him correctly onto a better path, then someone else will. He will meet a real terrorist or group online who will take advantage, give him that place he is seeking and attempt to influence him to do something really extra stupid and/or dangerous.
so it appears that at least one of my fears if founded. Given yesterday's events in Canada I don't think we can afford to just let Jihadis run around.

After all Martin “Ahmad” Rouleau was being watched, but the authorities thought his only crime was the not really a crime crime of aiding the dissemination of al-Qaeda propaganda in a context of support for al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Its this context that we have said for years justifies the fighting against the propagation of terrorist materials by groups that have declared open war on the west and are also a specially designated terrorist group.

This is not banning "information" as some suggest, rather it is disabling the enemies propaganda outlet. To deny the enemy a den, where they become more radicalized and prone to act out their Jihad on innocents.

Which is right where we are with Adam "Baghdadi" although he openly declares allegiance to IS and spreads messages of support, which by the way are a specially designated terrorist group, but we wait and wait for the "real crime".

I fear pretty soon we're going to get a real crime.

This is the product of the watch only policy on online terrorism. An ever, growing, ever more radical, and ever more radical group of terrorists grows unchecked. With the end result being real world terrorism.


Houston Baghdadi's Terribly Terrifying Tour of Terror Totally Terrorizes Texas (***Exclusive Must Cite Jawa Report***)
Goatly Gets Competition or ISIS New Emir in Houston Sings Badly Very Very Badly (update :Vegas Baby!)
Houston, We Have a Problem

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October 01, 2014

Zionist Whores' Hot Decadent Sexuality Interfering With Brothers' Ability to Concentrate on Their Deen

*LOL, best interview with a Muj ever.

At 1:15 Drink the spiritual milk from the divine mammary.

Jawa Report file image of divine mammaries

Hat Tip: Tarek.

*It may be satire but sometimes real life and satire aren't all the far apart.

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September 25, 2014

Well At Least Censored31 Admits It

That he's a dead baby propaganda pusher.

Children are sent to die so that Islamist fanatics can cynically use their broken bodies in propaganda to both incite Muslims to Jihad and gain favor in the West by playing the victim.

The saddest part is if they actually cared for these poor kids they would have taken them as far from danger as they possibly can. I just post this to document Censored31's statement in case he tries to wiggle is perverted sick ass out of it.

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September 16, 2014

NYC: Muslim Day Parade 2014

For images and videos go here

You won't be disappointed, believe me. Urban Infidel does a awesome job of documenting the Islamists among our midst.

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September 12, 2014

Sandcrawler PSA: Its NOT Our War Dammit!

War is peace, ignorance is strength.

Minitrue: So this is a counterterrorism operation. Got it? A counterterrorism operation. Repeat that however many times you need to in order to drum it into your thick skulls, America.

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September 05, 2014

Boston Blogger Becomes ISIS Media Head

American Thinker:

Yet another American is suspected of joining ISIS and using skills acquired in this country to advance the goal of a global caliphate. Ahmad Abousamra, a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston with a degree related to computer technology, is suspected of being the social media manager of ISIS and is on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.
Ahmad Abousamra is a long time participant in the Cyber Jihad.

Jawa Report first ran his addition to the most wanted list in December of last year.

He is a long time associate of convicted terrorist Tarek Mehanna, who still maintains that he's, you know, totally innocent, convicted, he claims, of "thought crimes."



Thought crimes, as in when two US soldiers were dragged through the streets and burned in Iraq he called it..

nice juicy BBQ
I want ... more BBQ sauce videos
There is still an online campaign to free Mehanna.

Here are all the Jawa Report posts that reference Abousamra.

As well as Jawa Report's coverage of the arrest and conviction Tarek Mehanna

Imperial Good News: Terrorist Blogger Tarek Mehanna Found Guilty on All Counts
Arrested Blogger Identified: Tarek Mehanna.
Tarek Mehanna's Mouthpiece to Whine Free Speech And Request Dismissal of Material Support of al-Qaeda Charge.
#OccupyBoston Hosts Supporters of Accused Terrorist Supporter and Online Jihadi Tarek Mehanna.
Boston Blogger "Sought Terror Training".
Internet Jihadi Charged With Aiding al Qaeda
Muslim Blogger Arrested in Boston?
Arrested Blogger Identified: Tarek Mehanna
Blogger Terek Mehanna Arrested AGAIN!
More About Tarek Mehanna's Online Jihad
Boston Blogger Assisted al Qaeda in Iraq
Boston Area Imam Mentored Two Aspiring Terrorists
Just Another ‘Typical American Kid’ with Terror Aspirations
Witness In Terrorism Case Sentenced To Probation
Are There Any Domestic Terrorists NOT Tied to Islamic Networking website?
The New England Jihadis
NY Muslims: I Love Osama bin Laden & I'm Friends with Terrorists
How Sweet: Indicted Terrorist Writes Known NYC Terror Supporter a Love Letter
Feds Offered Mehanna Chance to Flip Prior to Arrest
Appeals Court Upholds al Qaeda Blogger's Conviction.

An example of the early work done by Ahmad Abousamra and Tarek Mehanna is here.


Another known associate is convicted terrorist Daniel Maldanado.

Maldonado pic.jpg

Both Mehanna and Ahmad Abousamra cut their radical teeth so to speak under the guidance of Sharon Imam Muhammad Masood who was later deported to Pakistan for visa fraud.

Image credit Miss Kelly

With Masood starting in on Ahmad Abousamra as early as age 14.

I would just like to add this comment from Rusty:

The charge is yet another indication that internet jihadis are often dangerous and should be taken seriously.
The online Jihad is just not speech, its often times advocacy and material support for the most extreme and terrorist organizations on Earth. Terrorists who are at war against all of us. Tolerating it as just thought crimes leads to what we have now in Syria and Iraq. Its just as, if not more dangerous in the long run as the car bomb on the field of combat.

The Jihad must have recruits it must be promoted and that is where people like Daniel Maldanodo, Terek Mehanna and Ahmad Abousamra become not just a a bother, but a truly dangerous aspect of the Islamofascist war against all who would stand against an extreme sixth century caliphate like the one ISIS is creating in Iraq and Syria.

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September 03, 2014

Pallywood: He's Not They Are Not Dead Jim

Hamas busted staging deaths for propaganda :

Update: Thanks to Phil in comments:

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August 25, 2014

Attn: ISIS (bumped)

All ur base are belong to us.

Thanks to @BemetOr8, Beer O'Clock, @meankitteh1, @wvubetasoldier.

We just want the Foley family to know the Jawas are doing what we can. May James RIP.

And it seems the world is finally coming around to our view that Islamic Terror Propaganda is something to be fought actively. We've noticed that providers, especially Google has been more cooperative in removing ISIS propaganda lately. Since Obama has acted in Iraq. Good for them. Not only are they taking down the Foley Murder videos they are erasing all traces from Google's Cache.

But lets get one thing clear, this is NOT President Obama's fault.

Evil people do evil things. ISIS are evil. We must fight evil. Its that simple.


And I also want to thank all those others across the web who are fighting this release.

There's more work to be done on this.


And down


Ha Double D!


Update: 08/25/14.


Some people are just slow learners.






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August 17, 2014

Pallywood Comes To Ferguson

A picture circulating on Twitter shows a "hot" shell casing that, I suppose, proves police are using live ammo against protesters:


Wow, @TheTechCEO found in right in front of him. It was even still hot! So, it must have really happened tonight right there in Ferguson! Good thing he took the picture to preserve the moment.

But wait, check out the dates. (You can click on either image to go to the Twitter post, if it hasn't been deleted yet.) The same image was posted a couple of months ago:


Oops. Maybe Ferguson protesters hired HAMAS' PR firm? Both these tweeters are currently covering the protests in Ferguson with an anti-police slant. With that in mind, what are the odds that one of them just inadvertently and coincidentally posted an image taken by the other two months ago?

Unfortunately, this falsehood will be a "fact" by morning, based solely on this photograph.

UPDATE: @TheTechCEO is now saying someone sent him the picture of the "still hot" shell casing he found right in front of him.


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August 08, 2014

Wipe ISIS Out. All of Them

*I've never been prouder of President Obama than right now. But Mr. President ISIS is no pushover. See Headline.

President Obama authorized airstrikes "if necessary" against Islamic militants if they move toward Erbil in northern Iraq where American military, diplomats and civilians are stationed.

During a late night statement Thursday from the White House, the president said he's okayed "targeted airstrikes to protect our American personnel and a humanitarian effort to help save thousands of Iraqi civilians who are trapped on a mountain without food and water and facing almost certain death."

Mr. Obama explained that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in recent days has "continued to move across Iraq and have neared the city of Erbil, where American diplomats and civilians serve at our consulate and American military personnel advise Iraqi forces to stop the advance on Erbil.

If you're going to use our powah, Use it very liberally Mr. President.

And you keep saying if necessary Its long past necessary, sir. Failure to crush ISIS will be a mistake we'll pay dearly for.

Update: Right on cue the ISIS supporters whine, but but civilians.

You mad bro?

*Didn't take much to reach that level, but if he bombs the living crap out of ISIS he begins filling that very large hole he's been digging.

August 04, 2014

Telegraph Gaza Photo Bullsh*t

The Telegraph posted this "remarkable" image of a missile falling on Gaza:


It is amazing until the article includes a second image from the same location. This image is even more amazing because it shows either the world's fastest donkey cart or the world's slowest missile. Look how much the foreground changes while the missile seemingly floats above its target:


The differences are apparently lost on the Telegraph journalist, who writes about the second image:

In another wider view from almost the same angle, a donkey cart has moved into focus and the cars have continued on their journey.

Oh! Its a wider view! Well, that explains the magically appearing donkey, the disappearing cars, and the bobbing Lockheed missile...

Even assuming two missiles were dropped and both were miraculously captured on camera, one had to have struck before the other. But there is no explosion in either picture indicting one had already detonated.

I'm calling it bullshit. A target may have actually been bombed where the missiles in the images are apparently headed, but these photographs are Pallywood propaganda.

Below the fold, I posted both pictures side-by-side for comparison. (It is also handy to share on Twitter or other social media.)


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July 28, 2014

Flat Fatima Attempts Big Pallywood Come Back

There's nothing like a summer blockbuster sequel. Especially when the main character is so well-known and beloved by all.


But personally, I liked the original better, even if some complained that it was all CGI with no real plot or character development.


Thanks to Fatima's Jewish agent and The Hollywood Reporter.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:41 AM | Comments |

July 24, 2014

Space Image Showing Gaza In Flames?

Astronaut Alexander Gerst tweeted a picture from space that he claims shows explosions in Gaza. But as you can see when compared to a map of the region, the "explosions" are simply city lights in Israel, not Gaza (which is relatively dark).

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

Whether this astronaut is just ignorant in geography of the area or deliberately posted misinformation is irrelevant. The pro-Palestinian sheep have already fallen into step, retweeting it 33,000 times as of this writing.

UPDATE: Times of Israel also noticed the inconsistency. They marked off Israeli cities (though they included the Egyptian city of Rafah as a part of Gaza):


But facts and accuracy are not relevant to anti-Israeli pundits.

UPDATE II: Its bad enough an astronaut exposes his ignorance on his twitter feed, but now NASA is backing his vision of Gaza in flames.

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July 18, 2014

Hamas Issues talking Points Memo To 'Social Media Activists'

Judging from their reports, the mainstream media is also embracing these terrorist-issued points.

From MEMRI via Truth Revolt:

  • Anyone killed or martyred is to be called a civilian from Gaza or Palestine, before we talk about his status in jihad or his military rank. Don't forget to always add 'innocent civilian' or 'innocent citizen' in your description of those killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza.

  • Begin [your reports of] news of resistance actions with the phrase 'In response to the cruel Israeli attack,' and conclude with the phrase 'This many people have been martyred since Israel launched its aggression against Gaza.' Be sure to always perpetuate the principle of 'the role of the occupation is attack, and we in Palestine are fulfilling [the role of] the reaction.'

  • Beware of spreading rumors from Israeli spokesmen, particularly those that harm the home front. Be wary regarding accepting the occupation's version [of events]. You must always cast doubts on this [version], disprove it, and treat it as false.

  • Avoid publishing pictures of rockets fired into Israel from [Gaza] city centers. This [would] provide a pretext for attacking residential areas in the Gaza Strip. Do not publish or share photos or video clips showing rocket launching sites or the movement of resistance [forces] in Gaza.

  • To the administrators of news pages on Facebook: Do not publish close-ups of masked men with heavy weapons, so that your page will not be shut down [by Facebook] on the claim that you are inciting violence. In your coverage, be sure that you say: 'The locally manufactured shells fired by the resistance are a natural response to the Israeli occupation that deliberately fires rockets against civilians in the West Bank and Gaza'..."

  • When speaking to the West, you must use political, rational, and persuasive discourse, and avoid emotional discourse aimed at begging for sympathy. There are elements with a conscience in the world; you must maintain contact with them and activate them for the benefit of Palestine. Their role is to shame the occupation and expose its violations.

  • Avoid entering into a political argument with a Westerner aimed at convincing him that the Holocaust is a lie and deceit; instead, equate it with Israel's crimes against Palestinian civilians.

  • The narrative of life vs. the narrative of blood: [When speaking] to an Arab friend, start with the number of martyrs. [But when speaking] to a Western friend, start with the number of wounded and dead. Be sure to humanize the Palestinian suffering. Try to paint a picture of the suffering of the civilians in Gaza and the West Bank during the occupation's operations and its bombings of cities and villages.

  • Do not publish photos of military commanders. Do not mention their names in public, and do not praise their achievements in conversations with foreign friends!

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July 07, 2014

Support Your Local Talib

So if THIS is Taliban, where do we sign up?


By Howie at 09:55 AM | Comments |

April 17, 2014

Mark Steyn on Freedom of Speech

The whole thing is a must read, here's a teaser:

I heard a lot of that kind of talk during my battles with the Canadian ‘human rights’ commissions a few years ago: of course, we all believe in free speech, but it’s a question of how you ‘strike the balance’, where you ‘draw the line’… which all sounds terribly reasonable and Canadian, and apparently Australian, too. But in reality the point of free speech is for the stuff that’s over the line, and strikingly unbalanced. If free speech is only for polite persons of mild temperament within government-policed parameters, it isn’t free at all. So screw that....

As it happens, the biggest ‘safe space’ on the planet is the Muslim world. For a millennium, Islamic scholars have insisted, as firmly as a climate scientist or an American sophomore, that there’s nothing to debate. And what happened? As the United Nations Human Development Programme’s famous 2002 report blandly noted, more books are translated in Spain in a single year than have been translated into Arabic in the last 1,000 years. Free speech and a dynamic, innovative society are intimately connected: a culture that can’t bear a dissenting word on race or religion or gender fluidity or carbon offsets is a society that will cease to innovate, and then stagnate, and then decline, very fast.

As American universities, British playwrights and Australian judges once understood, the ‘safe space’ is where cultures go to die.

Read it all.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:20 AM | Comments |

February 28, 2014

Sandcrawler PSA: Muslims Not Responsible For All Evil in The World

There's this meme going around about a crucified dog.


The problem is this is not a Muslim nor is it a result of Islamic ideology as claimed in the meme. Its from Mexico. Apparently posted to Facebook some time ago then used in this Meme in a libelous fashion against Islam.

There are plenty of authentic things in Islamic Ideology that are valid targets for criticism by western standards. For instance maybe these Sunni al-Qaeda extremists chopping off this person's hand for alleged theft.


Maybe even say Shia Iran executing people for being gay or apostasy.


Or maybe Sunnis blowing up Shiite Muslims for being the wrong kind of Muslims.

I don't really feel too bad about questioning this recent image from Syria, its been described as incredible and on PBS last night "unbelievable". I could not quite swallow the scale of it either, so I kept going till I could settle the issue of the image's authenticity for myself.

I'd rather find out I was wrong than be ignorant. Just my own personal preference.

Its a shame that its come to this. My hope for blogs was that it would allow us to cut through the fog of the mainstream chatter and create a new more accurate sense of reality. A place where we can find the accurate unfiltered information the MSM won't tell or show us. Free from the spin and political correctness that pervades our media.

Misleading memes like the one above is not what I had in mind.

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