February 08, 2018

Banned From Twitter: The Foo
Allowed on Twitter: The Taliban

Twitter has banned Politibunny.

But never fear, they are still providing service to the Taliban, we're at war with the Taliban need I remind everyone.


Update: The Foo is back!

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October 20, 2017

Sandcrawler PSA: Russians Run MSM?

So we find out this week that the Kremlintrolls interference pushed the same divisions we see in the MSM.

Pushing divisive stories about BLM and ANTIFA on the one hand while promoting the same types of stories on the far right. Even going so far as to recruiting former Occupy protest leaders to create a white nationalist narrative.

So what is striking to me is not really the Russians, whatever influence they had was a drop in the bucket compared to the MSM's amplification of the very same memes and narratives.

Its in times like these that a heavy dose of Apathy is probably the most healthy response.

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July 21, 2017

Ministry of Irony: Facebook Bans Moderate Islamic Imam for Islamophobia

You just can't make this stuff up, Muslim banned from Islamophobia in a flagging campaign by radical Muslims who think he is the wrong kind of Muslim.

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June 16, 2017

Ministry of Irony; Islamophobia Edition

Is this real life?

It's not a phobia when they really are killing you.

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June 06, 2017

Ministry of Irony :TrumpBlockGate Blogger Uses Blocklist

No kidding...

Lawyers for Twitter users blocked by President Trump after they criticized or mocked him are asking him to reverse the moves, arguing that the Constitution bars him from blocking people on the social media service.
Holly Holly Holly.

Till we called her on it, now we're mysteriously pre-unblocked whereas before we were pre-blocked. Proving the whole list thing. Actually the unblocking is the biggest giveaway.

You know what they say, its not the blocklist, it's the cover up.

Jim Treacher makes the TrumpBlockGate list too.

I’ve never interacted with this person in my life. I’d never even heard of her before yesterday. And yet the woman who made the pages of the New York Times because Trump blocked her… had blocked me. Apparently she used some sort of block list, because a lot of other people who follow me on Twitter are discovering they’ve been blocked by her too.

She has every right to do so, of course. I never would’ve cared, or even noticed, if she hadn’t made a spectacle of herself in the Newspaper of Record by howling about Trump doing the exact same thing to her.

Actually Jim blocklists are against twitter TOS yet the liberals use them very frequently to blunt the speech of conservatives.

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March 17, 2017

Shocking News! NPR Are Russian Spies!

Its Ironic how just after this story pointing out Mr. Flynn's Turkish and Russian connections, including Kaspersky Labs, NPR then runs a disclaimer about Kaspersky being one of their underwriters.

Good stuff.

Those documents were obtained from Leading Authorities, a firm that arranges Flynn's speaking engagements. It was paid more than $11,000 to arrange the December dinner event. Other documents released show Flynn was paid $11,250 by a Russian airline. He was paid the same amount by Kaspersky Government Security Solutions. The Russian cybersecurity firm is a subsidiary of Kaspersky Labs, an underwriter of NPR.
Holy Cow! I've been getting my news about Russian spies from Russian spies the whole time!

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March 14, 2017

Ministry of Irony: BDS Boycott Irony

Some Jew haters are upset that they can't get a visa to Israel, after the asked others to avoid traveling to Israel. All Israel did was hold them to their rhetoric.

Halp they are being oppressed by the Zionist Entity!

Hat Tip: Dexter.

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March 06, 2017

Sandcrawler PSA: As Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is Authorized to Lie

That is correct, James Clapper made the statement, "I can deny it" and also "Not to my knowledge".

First lets review FISA warrants, if a subject of a FISA warrant contacts you, then you become part of the scope of warrant. Given the number of foreign persons who stay at Trump tower I would be shocked if NSA is not listening to every device there.

As for James Clapper lying, its part of his Job as Director of National Intelligence to obfuscate, conceal methods. Also if it benefits the war effort or national security, he can also distribute false or misleading information or propaganda designed to serve the National Interest.

As in he can say the Benghazi attack was caused by an internet video. If he feels that's the best statement to put out for "national security reasons".

See how this works?

I seriously doubt that there was ever a FISA warrant issued against Trump himself, but once you have contact with any person who is the subject of a FISA warrant you become subject to that warrant.

Let's take Late Jawa Report pal Omar Hammami as an example. Omar as you may recall was an American who traveled to Somalia to join al-Shabaab. He was charged with Material Support and there was a warrant or him. As well as he was a combatant for Shabaab so that also gives military reason to capture or kill him.

So I believe its safe to say there was a FISA warrant on Omar. So I talked to Omar on Twitter. That means I'm subject to the warrant.

Now if they look, and I'm sure they do, all they will see is me trying to talk Omar into turning himself in and saving his new Somali children and some chit chat.

Still its will be looked at and I'm sure other analysts such as Clint Watts would be the same.

Though there is no FISA warrant for us, well that we know of, still those communications are subject to the warrant on Omar.

There are stories floating around that the Obama administration leaked such content to the Clinton campaign. Now that is probably criminal use of that intelligence, if its to gain political gain, but in today's age do I find that shocking?


What I would find shocking is that anyone is ever held to that standard. Which speaks to why we have Trump in the White House, no?

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February 20, 2017

A Day Without Jobs

Some folks took off work, you know, in a sympathy strike for illegal immigrants. To show, you know, how hard life would be without all the work that immigrants do.

Serowski, founder of JVS Masonry in Commerce City, Colorado, said his message to them was clear and unwavering:

"If you're going to stand up for what you believe in you have to be willing to pay the price."

As promised, when his foreman and some 30 brick layers failed to show up for work he fired them all with no regrets, he said.

Rumors that those 30 openings were filled by sundown could not be confirmed.
Bill McNally, owner of "I Don't Care Bar and Grill" in Catoosa, Oklahoma, said his 12 line cooks gave him no heads up that they planned to participate in the day of action. They didn't even call to say they were not coming in.

Consequently, he said they were fired just like anyone else who's a no-show for work.

"I'm on their side but we have rules at "I Don't Care Bar and Grill." If you're going to be late call in. If you're not coming to work call us. That's the American way," he said.

Six of the fired Hispanic immigrant workers told CNN affiliate KTUL they felt they had been unfairly terminated. They wanted to stand in solidarity with other immigrants but they did not think it would cost them their jobs, a translator for the group told KTUL.

Thinking, its something people should consider now and then.

I would have joined them, but I was fresh out of vacation days.

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December 27, 2016

Ibrahim Cooper Confirms Islam is Mental Illness

Ibrahim Cooper, batshit crazy.

But it was this blog that made him that way. See, we're not without achievements.

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November 01, 2016

Ministry of Irony: Google's Youtube Censors Video on Left Wing Censorship

LMAO, its as iff someone was asleep at the switch, yes yes we censor based on politics.

A video titled “The Dark Art of Political Intimidation” was posted last week by WSJ columnist Kimberly Strassel as a PragerU lecture. “Within several hours of PragerU posting the video,” said a WSJ editorial, YouTube placed it in ‘restricted mode,’ making it inaccessible to schools, libraries and young Americans whose parents have enabled YouTube technology filters.”

What the videos have done is run afoul of progressive orthodoxy. YouTube told WSJ that “video restrictions are decided by an ‘algorithm’ that factors in ‘community flagging’ and ‘sensitive content.’” In other words, the algorithm was tripped by progressives trying to limit speech and political engagement by conservatives. Flag a video enough times and the restrictions kick in. Do it often enough and YouTube is your safe space. Extra points for flagging videos that accuse the left of doing exactly what you’re doing.

The video that must not be seen is here, so long as it lasts.

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October 27, 2016

Ministry of Irony: America vs America

I'm not 100% sure that's an American missile ISIS is shooting at that Abrams tank we gave Iraq. But there's at least a 50/50 chance.

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July 18, 2016

Experience Authentic Culture! Visit Turkey! Now With 100% More Pakistan!


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May 04, 2016

Every Cliché Has Its Element of Truth (Update Or Not)

In purely classic mob style someone in Brooklyn has been Sleeping with the fishes.

Police are trying to identify the body of a man who washed up along a Brooklyn beach wrapped in plastic bags with his arms tied around his back, his feet in "cement shoes."

New York Police Department Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said Tuesday the victim had his feet "submerged in poured concrete."

He said it was obviously a homicide and officials were investigating. The man has a large tattoo of the Virgin Mary holding a rose and police hoped it would help identify him.

And obviously Catholic, completing the picture.

I'm going out on a limb here, I suspect he may be Italian, does that make me racist?

Update: Its official, I was totally 100% wrong!

A student found the remains of gang member Peter Martinez on Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn this week.

It is thought that strong currents swept the 28-year-old's body to shore.

Police sources told US media that Martinez was a member of the G Stone Crips crew.Speaking of Crips....

But hey at least I was right about "gang related" just like totally the wrong gang, I guess the Italians can take it as imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

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April 01, 2016

Heartbreak at Huffpo! Muslima Admits Slashing Her Own Face
Concocting Story of Scary White Christian in Black Hat


'She reported as she was walking northbound on Broadway, an unknown male grabbed her by the arm turned her and slashed her on the left side of her face.
'She reported that when he slashed her he made a statement to the effect that she was a terrorist, and he continued to flee northbound on Broadway.'
From the back of an ambulance, she described how she retreated to a cosmetology school she attends down the street. There she called her father, who contacted 911.
Its Trump he's behind these attacks of course!


The Trump hatred went on until.....

Police said Friday morning that a woman who claimed a stranger slashed her in the face made the whole story up.

But to their credit, Huffpo commentors didn't let truth get in the way of a good narrative.


Speaking of mental institutions.... Twitter's live feed show that people are still pushing the lie, knowing full well it is a lie.


Update: Reading further I see a lament that because this woman lied, the next time a Random White Christian in a Black Hat slashes a Muslima, no one will believe her.

A good point I suppose.

But possibly the biggest danger is, rather or not this was a lie. It will cause us damage.

This story will be passed around by well meaning partisans, and even some not so well meaning folks who know its false, yet will use it anyway.

In her own country she'd need four witnesses to prove she was raped. But her statement alone will be gobbled up in the Middle East.

The headline Woman Lies About Man Slashing Face will translate into Arabic something like, American Zionist Slashes Innocent Muslima and Lies About It.

Then, without thinking twice, they will decide to kill you.

For sure, rather intentional or not, this story will incite hatred and murder of Americans. And from terrorists who really don't care if its true or not. Even if its not true, all things are permissible in Jihad, no?

So this needs to be investigated, maybe she's crazy, but even so the damage is done.

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March 15, 2016

Ministry of Irony: Suicide Bomber in Splodes in Volkswagen

Truth sometimes its hilarious!

One man died when an explosive device destroyed a car Tuesday morning in Berlin, police said.

The blast occurred around 8 a.m. (3 a.m. ET) in Charlottenburg, a district in western Berlin, according to city police spokesman Stefan Petersen.

The man who was killed was driving the Volkswagen Passat when it exploded, said Carsten Mueller, another police spokesman. Berlin police said it wasn't clear if the 43-year-old victim -- who has a criminal history -- was the intended target of the blast.

There is talk that possibly it was a Mob hit,m but I'm going with suicide bomber because 1. no name yet and 2. its more fun.

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March 01, 2016

Feel Good Story of the Day al-Qassam Murders Gay Palestinian

I'm sure progressives will dismiss it as caused by you know, The Juice.

GAZA CITY — The death of Mahmoud Ishtiwi had all the trappings of a telenovela: sex, torture and embezzlement in Gaza’s most venerated and secretive institution, the armed wing of Hamas.

Mr. Ishtiwi, 34, was a commander from a storied family of Hamas loyalists who, during the 2014 war with Israel, was responsible for 1,000 fighters and a network of attack tunnels. Last month, his former comrades executed him with three bullets to the chest.

Adding a layer of scandal to the story, he was accused of moral turpitude, by which Hamas meant homosexuality. And there were whispers that he had carved the word “zulum” — wronged — into his body in a desperate kind of last testament.

Actually Mahmoud may not have been gay, he confessed to many things under torture of buy his group Izzedine al-Qassam, one wonders how many he did the very same thing to before he became the scapegoat. But Hamas didn't waterboard him, no they hung him in the same manner John McCain was tortured for days, just for starters.

Anyway, you reap what you sow.

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February 18, 2016

About That Wall

If walls are un-Christian then why do you think Charle Magne and Pope Leo III built the walls?

The answer to keep out Muslim invaders who took Italy in the late 9th century and forced the entire Church to either take refuge in France or stay and endure the siege and fall of Constantinople.

The Vatican was not reclaimed until 1379 during the Norman Crusades.

Ironic, no? That the wall was built to keep out terrorists? And all the candidates want to change policy to keep out both terrorists and unlawful immigrants.

The more things change..... the more times people have to protect themselves from Islamic Terrorists?

Anyway I have a hard time picturing Pope Leo III as a non Christian.

The Vatican wall should remain, as a reminder of the past, of what it took for Christians to regain their freedom and religion from Islamic expansionist oppression.

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November 25, 2015

Shocking News! CAIR Victim Arrested For Attempting to Join ISIS

Famous last words come back to haunt Saadiq Long, "If the U.S. government wanted me to question or arrest or prosecute me, they could have had me in a minute."

A military veteran and Oklahoma native who became the face against “Islamophobia” in 2013 faces charges after he was recently arrested along the Turkish-Syrian border.

Officials said the Muslim man, Saadiq Long, 45, was attempting to join ISIS.

We accept your invitation Mr. Long. Please have a seat, someone will be attending to you shortly.

Well maybe not shortly, whatever.

Hat Tip: CA Patriot.

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November 04, 2015

Fox Lake Officer Who Caused Massive Manhunbt Killed Himself in Staged Suicide

You know my question at the time was he was two days from retirement, some dudes smoking crack, drive right on on by. Why screw it all up on the last day of duty over some crackheads? I dunno.

I also thought the response was over the top. Militaristic but what do you expect from Chicago? And even then they found nothing.

In September, Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, a police officer in Fox Lake, Ill., radioed in one morning to say he was pursuing three possible suspects. A short time later, he was found with a fatal gunshot wound, sparking a massive manhunt that sent scores of police officers and federal agents sweeping through the area.

Two months later, however, police say that Gliniewicz, a man known to many as “G.I. Joe,” was not among the handful of police officers shot and killed by a suspect this year. Instead, he was among the much larger number of Americans who take their own lives each year.

Gliniewicz’s death “was a carefully staged suicide,” Cmdr. George Filenko of the task force said during a news conference Wednesday morning. “We have determined that this suicide was the end result of extensive criminal acts that Gliniewicz had committed.”

...Filenko said the investigation showed that Gliniewicz had stolen funds in his role with the Fox Lake police department, saying that police found incriminating statements, deleted messages and forged signatures during the process.

And the scam continued after his death.

Wow, just wow.

Filed under Ministry of Irony.

Update: Attempted to hire a hit man, had some cocaine, suggested planting evidence, spent the charity money on porn,wife and son reportedly targets of investigation.

She gave an interview four weeks ago on October 6th.

I know now why he killed himself.

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October 16, 2015

Ministry of Irony: German Open Borders Activist Litterally Stabbed in The Back by Muslim Immigrants

Heh...... Gateway Pundit

A high profile open borders activist was nearly killed in Dresden. He was attack by six or more Arabs and stabbed in the back outside a Pizzeria. (Stop Hate Crimes)

(OK here we go)
Twenty-nine year old ‘Julius G.’ involved himself in political activism while reading his degree in industrial engineering Technical University of Dresden. Now he may have fallen victim to his own politics, as the refugee advocate was attacked while waiting for friends in Dresden’s Neustadt, known as the city’s ‘left wing’, or ‘alternative’ quarter.

Germany’s Bild-Zeitung reports police were called to Pizza 5 on Alaunstraße on Saturday after a group of six to eight men jumped the student in the early hours and stabbed him twice in the back, leaving him in a serious condition.

Its nice to be tolerant....
West-German ‘Julius G.’ who has been a student in Dresden for five years told Bild: “I don’t know why I was attacked.

“I waited opposite the pizzeria for two friends who were buying something to eat after we had left the pub and were on our way home”.

The student didn’t think the motivation was robbery, as nothing was taken after the stabbing.

Why was he attacked in the alternative quarter? Gee I don't have any idea why Muslims would attack and attempt to murder someone in the Left Wing Alternative Quarter?

Let me think........ Um it may come to me.......

Oh yeah, maybe they thought he was Gay or Jewish? I know i'm going way way out on a limb there.

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July 23, 2015

Ministry of Irony: Syrian Christians Flee ISIS' Intolerance For Sweden Where They Encounter More Muslim Intolerance

Christians fleeing the Genocide in Syria arrive in Sweden where Swedish Muslims, many refugees themselves seeking asylum promptly persecute the newly arrived Christians.

After being threatened and harassed on a number of occasions the small group of Christians, which are likely to have been Syrian Christian refugees fleeing the Islamic State, packed and left “fearing for their own safety”. A spokesman for the government migration agency responsible for the centre they had been staying in said:
“They dared not stay. The atmosphere became too intimidating. And they got no help… They chose themselves to organize new address and moved away without our participation because they felt a discomfort”.
Remarkably, the incident has not been reported to the police. Instead migration agency officials visited the home to “provide information about Swedish law” to the “fundamentalist Islamists” there in the hope of preventing them from acting unkindly towards Christians again.
So if these Muslims were fleeing radicalized Islam what would their version of persecution of Christians be, the Kinder Gentler Radical Islam?

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March 30, 2015

Dread Pirate Robert's Lucky Day

So I'm thinking Ross Ulbricht just won the appeal of his conviction.

The federal government became owners of one of the biggest troves of Bitcoin, thanks to seizing millions of dollars in the digital currency from criminals associated with the online black market Silk Road.


Two federal agents who led the probe allegedly decided they wanted some of the money for themselves, according to a new federal court documents.

...The agents are: Carl Force, 46 years old, of Baltimore, a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, and Shaun Bridges, 32, of Laurel, Maryland, a special agent with the U.S. Secret Service.

Force was a lead agent in the case and was the main investigator communicating with Ulbricht. Force is charged with wire fraud, theft of government property, money laundering and conflict of interest.

Bridges was the computer forensics expert on the case. He is charged with wire fraud and money laundering.

Force allegedly set up fake online personas and tried to extort money from Ulbricht, including once trying to get $250,000 from him in exchange for not providing information to federal investigators, the criminal complaint says.

Using the online persona "French Maid," Force did succeed in getting $100,000 in Bitcoin from Ulbricht, which Force deposited in his personal accounts, the federal complaint says. He later used a series of Bitcoin and personal U.S. dollar transactions, including a $235,000 wire transfer to an account in Panama, to launder the stolen money, prosecutors allege in the complaint.

According to prosecutors, Force also used his position as an executive at a digital currency exchange called CoinMKT, in which he was an investor, to seize accounts of customers. He transferred $297,000 in illegally-seized digital currency to his personal accounts, prosecutors allege in the criminal complaint.

Bridges allegedly stole $820,000, using a series of wire transfers to move Bitcoin that earlier had been stolen from Silk Road in early 2013 and deposited in a Japanese bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, according to prosecutors. Two days later, Bridges signed the government's warrant to seize millions of dollars in bitcoin from Mt. Gox accounts.


They say it takes a crook to catch a crook. Its well known that a person can't be prosecuted with malice. I'd say extortion constitutes malice. Also law enforcement can not break the law to secure a conviction.

Anyway if Ross Ulbricht's conviction isn't thrown out over this then I'll eat your hat.

Doj Presser is here. The indictment is here (pdf).

Update: After reading the indictment.....

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March 23, 2015

"Death To America, Death To Israel" Chants Seconds Before Mosque Bombing

From MEMRI via Gateway Pundit:

Preacher: Our belief in Allah will increase after today. We will triumph over their deceit and their arrogance. Allah is with us...

The worshippers chant: Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse upon the Jews. Victory to Islam. Allah Akbar. Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse upon the Jews. Victory to...

An arrow on-screen points to a man walking through the crowd, a bomb goes off and worshippers cry out...

Update: Filed under Ministry of Irony.

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March 09, 2015

Iraqi Immigrant Ahmed Al-Jumaili Murdered Reward For Killers

This pisses me off.

Independent UK

Muslim Iraqi immigrant was shot and killed by an unknown gunman in Dallas, Texas, as he watched his first snowfall.

Ahmed Al-Jumaili, 36, and his brother are reported to have run outside of their apartment after midnight on Thursday to look at the snow, while his wife Zahraa took pictures. He was then shot in a hail of gunfire that left eight bullets lodged in a parked truck at the scene.

Cotner told CNN Al-Jumaili shouted “I’m hit” before running back to his apartment. He died later at Texas Health Presbyterian hospital in Dallas.

Officers “haven’t excluded” the possibility that the murder is a hate crime, Cotner told the Dallas Morning News, and police are said to be working “tirelessly” on the case.

But many have condemned the lack of media coverage initially given to the story in the US, expressing their outrage under the hashtag #MuslimLivesMatter.

Of course the leftists and Muslim activists are claiming its a hate crime because he was Muslim.

My opinion is it was just some punk thugs looking to take advantage and rob Ahmed for some crack money.

Here is a video of two men sought int eh murder with two enlarged stills.



As an American I'm outraged that this man fled Iraq only to be murdered by two street thugs.

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February 24, 2015

Taxpayer Funded Swedish Expert on 'Islamophobia' Joins ISIS

Abdul Samad al Swedi.jpg
Noted Islamophobe Abdul Samad al Swedi

We can't blame lack of a job: he had a job as a Muslim activist, paid by the generous Swedish state. So I blame the you, the 'phobes:

(Poorly translated)The Muslim the convert Michael Skråmo, in 2009 were invited to SVT [ed note: Swedish national TV], where he told Swedish viewers how Muslim phobia (Islamophobia) and hatred was spread around Europe. Now he has traveled to Syria with his wife and children to wage war for the brutal terrorist organization Islamic state.

The 29-year-old Swede, who today calls himself "Abdul Samad al Swedi", grew up in Gothenburg. He converted to Islam during a field trip to Egypt about ten years ago and has since been engaged in a series of tax-funded Muslim organizations.

Last fall, he decided to go a step further with his faith. Skråmo took his wife and four small children and traveled to Syria to fight for the terror group IS, engaged in genocide, mass rape and commit other types of bestial abuse of non-Muslim minorities in the region.

So, what was his taxpayer funded message?
Previously, the Swede have been heavily involved to counter what he described as a misleading picture of Muslims as violent fanatics. In an episode of SVT debate, which can be seen on Youtube, he attacked the malicious picture of Muslims spread in Europe.
Ironically enough, the above 'misleading picture of Muslims as violent fanatics' was posted by the guy making the accusation.

So, I'm banning him for being a 'phobe!

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February 02, 2015

Ministry of Irony: UK Muslim Activist Defines Islam as Terrorism in Attempt to Cast Boris Johnson of Islamophobia For Pointing Our Young UK Jihadists Whack to Internet Porn


General Secretary for the Muslim Women's Network Mussurut Zia slammed the Conservative politician's comments as "irresponsible" and "the definition of terrorism".

Ms Zia said the "sweeping comment" made by Mr Johnson labelled "all young Muslim men as losers".

"If you look at the definition of terrorism it is to incite fear into the hearts of people – this is what he is doing," she added.

Qur’an 8:60, “strike fear [or terror] into the hearts of the enemies of Allah

Therefore Islam is the definition of terrorism,


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January 14, 2015

Total Boatload of Irony

Um uh....


By Howie at 01:33 PM | Comments |

November 17, 2014

UAE Adds CAIR to Its List of Specially Designated Terrorist Entities


Two Islamic groups in the U.S. that portray themselves as moderate and mainstream expressed shock to learn at the weekend that the United Arab Emirates had included them in a list of terrorist organizations.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which describes itself as “America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization,” and the Muslim American Society (MAS), which calls itself “a religious community service organization,” were among more than 80 groups whose designation was approved by the UAE cabinet and announced on Saturday.

Others listed included al-Qaeda and its various affiliates in Pakistan, Syria, Yemen and North Africa; the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL); the Muslim Brotherhood and several of its U.K.- and Europe-based affiliates; and some Iranian-backed radical Shi’ite groups.

Ibrahim Cooper was of course outraged by this striking example of Islamophobia.


Maybe CAIR spent too much time talking about Islamophobic Halloween costumes and too much ignoring all but the worst instances of Islamic terrorism to suit the UAE?

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October 31, 2014

Stop the Violence! No Wait! Start the Violence!

Stop start, they both begin with ST.

Two “Stop the Violence” organizers allegedly beat one of their colleagues so severely that he vomited blood and was left unconscious in critical condition.


Nikole Ardeno and Emanuel Velez, both 30, accused their former roommate of stealing their property, and allegedly punched and kicked him in the street until he had seizures. Arrested moments later, Ardeno was still wearing the same “Stop the Violence” T-shirt she had on the night before when she coordinated a march protesting two recent shootings, Washington Police Chief Chris Luppino said.
The victim, Joshua Magraff, also is a community organizer with the anti-violence group, and shared an apartment with the suspects until recently.
Magraff had severe injuries and is in critical condition

Named Emanuel?

Obviously he was one of those Right Wing Christian Extremist types.

Hat Tip: Tim.

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October 01, 2014

Zionist Whores' Hot Decadent Sexuality Interfering With Brothers' Ability to Concentrate on Their Deen

*LOL, best interview with a Muj ever.

At 1:15 Drink the spiritual milk from the divine mammary.

Jawa Report file image of divine mammaries

Hat Tip: Tarek.

*It may be satire but sometimes real life and satire aren't all the far apart.

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September 25, 2014

ISIS Murders Iraqi Muslima For Describing Them as Barbaric

Its pretty ironic that in an effort to quell speech about ISIS barbarism ISIS resorts to, you guessed it, barbarism. Um Yeah.

The United Nations says militants with the Islamic State group have publicly killed a rights lawyer in the Iraqi city of Mosul after finding her guilty of apostasy in a self-styled Islamic court.

The UN Assistance Mission in Iraq says Samira Saleh al-Naimi was seized from her home on Sept. 17 after allegedly posting messages on Facebook that were critical of the militants' destruction of places of worship in Mosul.

Samira was so far as I can tell a fairly devout and modest Sunni woman.

The key here I believe is publicly criticizing ISIS. Especially in a forum where there are Kuffir present. In many interpretations of Sharia its unlawful for Muslims to criticize other Muslims in front of the Kuffar, so that Islam don't look bad in front of the Kuffar.

It must be done privately. Which is a pretty good excuse for any despots that might, you know, slip through the cracks. Apparently in the ME its not so much if a despot will slip through, its more a question of which despot.

But probably ISIS would have murdered her anyway even if she had spoken out in a forum other than the internet.

Remember no one kills more Muslims than al-Qaeda, the Taliban and ISIS. Hands down, nobody.

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September 22, 2014

Capitalism Wins Again Without Even Trying

Irony? Here!

Captain Obvious says, "Filed under Ministry of Irony."

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September 19, 2014

ISIS Gets Bombed By..... France?

How utterly humiliating!

France has carried out its first air strike in Iraq, destroying a logistics depot held by the Islamic State (Isis) militants.


The office of President Francois Hollande said Rafale fighter jets struck the depot in north eastern Iraq and the target was "entirely destroyed". In a statement, it said other operations will continue in the coming days.

At a news conference on Thursday, Mr Hollande said France had agreed to conduct airstrikes requested by Iraq to bolster its fight against Isis fighters who have captured swathes of the country.

To add even insult to injury, French Muslims voted 80% for Francois Hollande.



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September 08, 2014

Gargoyle Murders Woman

*Maybe Mr. Finace wasn't the Keymaster?

A Chicago mother of two was headed to lunch with her fiance in the city's South Loop on Thursday when pieces of a gargoyle fell from a church's facade and struck her in the head, killing her.

"I saw that crack on her head and thought, 'She's definitely dead,'" a witness who ran to help tells the Chicago Tribune.

Who ya gonna call?

*Its Jawa Report schtoopid.

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August 19, 2014

BrightSource Energy Creates Bird Death Star

Brightstar's new solar plant fries turkeys in midair!

Workers at a state-of-the-art solar plant in the Mojave Desert have a name for birds that fly through the plant's concentrated sun rays — "streamers," for the smoke plume that comes from birds that ignite in midair.

Federal wildlife investigators who visited the BrightSource Energy plant last year and watched as birds burned and fell, reporting an average of one "streamer" every two minutes, are urging California officials to halt the operator's application to build a still-bigger version.

The investigators want the halt until the full extent of the deaths can be assessed. Estimates per year now range from a low of about a thousand by BrightSource to 28,000 by an expert for the Center for Biological Diversity environmental group.

Brightstar explains, "And every one of those technologies(coal) has a long list of pros and cons."

Or, "With God as our witness! We thought turkeys could fly!"

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July 29, 2014

Michael Moore Gets Screwed

She's a ginger and she has no soul. But she has plenty of Michael Moore's money, so for a small fee, I'd still hit it.

Perhaps Michael Moore would have been better suited to make movies, not documentaries. After all, like actors in a film, Moore has been pretending to be something he’s not: a hater of capitalism.

Michael Moore Kathleen in happier times
just after hitting the buffet

In a 2009 interview with Larry King, Moore — famous for “Roger & Me,” “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11″ — described capitalism as a failure and voiced his own support for a socialist society.

“I don’t think I’m in that [richest] 1 percent … Even if I were, I think it’s my responsibility — my moral duty that if I’ve done well, that I have to make sure that … the pie is divided fairly amongst the people and not just a few people get the majority of the loot and everybody else has to struggle for the crumbs,” Moore told King.

However, details that have emerged thanks to Moore’s impending divorce from wife Kathleen Glynn suggest that the documentarian is not a champion of socialism but, as Jalopnik Detroit so eloquently puts it, a “filthy rich hypocrite.”

Hey a guy's gotta eat.

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July 10, 2014

Ministry of Irony: Man Who Gave Interview While Buying Herb in Spokane Fired

Um uh, some things are just meant to be bootlegged.

Mike Boyer said Wednesday that after significant media coverage of his purchase Tuesday, he received a text message from the Spokane office of temporary staffing firm TrueBlue Labor Ready ordering him to take a drug test within 24 hours. He told The Associated Press he took the test, failed it and was fired.

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June 18, 2014

@th3j35t3r Wins The Internet

Well played sir, well played.

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