March 01, 2016

Huffpo Hates??? Oh Come On One Guess


Carlos Almonte and Huffpo, not all that far apart.

How far will The Huffington Post go to legitimize and whitewash Palestinian terrorists, dehumanize their Jewish victims, and incite hatred against Israel? See for yourself in this explosive new documentary video, produced by

SaveTheWest’s examination revealed five key facts:

(1) Of the 105 Palestinian terror attacks during this period, HuffPost ignored 94 of them, meaning they never appeared on either its front page or World page, its two highest-traffic pages that deal with international news.

(2) Of the 11 stories concerning attacks that HuffPost did cover – all of which were wire service reports from the AP or Reuters – in 9 cases it manipulated either (a) the provided headline copy, to blur the distinction between Palestinian terrorists and their Jewish victims, or (b) the headline imagery, to evoke sympathy for Palestinians. In one case, it falsely implied that Israel was the aggressor. In another, it insinuated that Israeli Jews are murderous racists.

Full video below the fold.

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December 23, 2015

Sandcrawler PSA With Bonus Caption Contest: Media Bleeps Schlonged?

As I'm sure you've all heard by now Donald Trump is in trouble for saying that Hillary got boned out of the nomination in 2006.

she was favored to win -- and she got schlonged, she lost, I mean she lost," Trump said, using a vulgar Yiddish word for a man's penis
First let me point out that in this case Mr. Trump used a verbal form Schlonged, which like boned is a euphemism for sex.

Anyway last night the networks were quoting Trump but bleeping schlonged, which was I thought the whole point of saying schlonged rather than saying, you know, the F word. In fact I've never hears schlong bleeped before?

I mean what an obvious betrayal of the media's loyalties to Hillary, slipping it to Trump by adding a bleep to schlonged to make it feel more dirty.

And I seriously doubt what anyone would be offended if the shoe were on the other foot and someone says Trump got screwed out of the Republican nomination. Which at this point absolutely all his opponents, save Cruz, are tryint to do. He's being custerschlonged! (Dibs on clusterschlonged its mine!)

Anyway on to the caption contest, replace the word schlonged in Mr. Trump's quote to use a more acceptable euphemism for taking it up the you know.

Rules: Bonus for Yiddish, Cause we're Zionists and I've already taken, boned, slipped it to, and clusterschlonged.

Fatwas will be issued.

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June 14, 2015

Police Shoot, Kill Man Swinging Flag Pole

You may see this headlined elsewhere in the MSM as "Flag Waving American Patriot Gunned Down By Evil, Racist Cop."

Make your own MSM headline in comments.

UPDATE below the fold.

Behold! The leftist narrative emerging on Twitter:

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February 17, 2015

Church Set On Fire

I'm sure most of you know about the mosque fire in Texas. The national media hasn't stopped crowing about it being a hate crime for five days, even though it now looks accidental.

But did you hear about the church fire with "Allahu Akbar" spray painted on nearby buildings? No?

From Click Orlando via Gateway Pundit:

A possible hate crime is under investigation after a fire was set at a Central Florida church, where vandals also spray-painted "Allahu Akbar."

The incident happened around 3 a.m. Monday at the New Shiloh Christian Church in Melbourne. About 1,500 members attend the church.

Melbourne police said officers and firefighters discovered the blaze after a fire alarm sounded. Arson was the expected cause, police said.

Don't expect much more about this. After all, Muslims are the real victims, right?

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October 08, 2014

MSNBC Reporter Accidentally Asks A Democrat A Hard Question

She was supposed to be throwing Democratic Senator Mark Pryor some soft questions but this one slipped out. She even admits she thought it would be an easy question for him.

She asked him whether the Obama Administration has done an appropriate job to handle the Ebola crisis.

He couldn't answer because he hadn't "heard the latest briefing," which translates to "I haven't been told what to think yet."

(Hat Tip: IHateTheMedia)

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September 12, 2014

Jawa Report Only a Few Months Ahead of The Media

Behold! Seattle Police Looking for Anti Gay Terrorist July 10, 2014:

However, sources tell Q13 FOX News that Brown underwent jihadist training in California in April and they believe the two men were attacked simply because their sexual orientation offended what police say are Brown’s radical Muslim beliefs.

A nationwide manhunt is now under way for Brown, who is now the prime suspect in an armed robbery at a coffee shop in New Jersey.

And Jawa blogger Stable Hand followed up last week.
Ali Muhammad Brown, 29, of Seattle, went on a killing spree because of US killing "innocent" Muslims the world over.

Brown remains in custody in New Jersey, where he has pleaded not guilty to Tevlin's killing. It remains unclear whether he will stand trial first in New Jersey or Washington, but law enforcement officials have said he could face the death penalty for the killings in Skyway and Seattle.

Now suddenly its OMG Domestic Jihad? Maybe MSNBC should start reading Jawa Report?

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August 17, 2014

The Horror! HuffPo Reporter Finds "Rubber Bullets" On Ground In Ferguson

This was from the same reporter who was arrested in a McDonalds, accidently deleted the video of him being (he claims) wrongfully detained, and then cried about it.

SooperMexican is covering this story.


I was going to ask if there were any real men in journalism today, but since many women can tell the difference between ear plugs and rubber bullets without crying about it, I didn't want to insult them by clumping this pansy-ass loser with them.

By the way, for some great belly laughs, check out #CanAnyoneConfirm. Those guys are cracking me up!

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July 27, 2014

Media Bias? BBC: Israel Ends Truce Amid Rocket Fire from Gaza

Yes, they actually blamed Israel for ending truce despite being bombarded continually by missiles and rockets from Hamas during the ceasefire period.

The article linked in tweet had similar title until the BBC quietly changed it.

Here's a song just for BBC and you pro-Hamas supporters:

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June 17, 2014

Oliver Willis Like Kryptonite to Donuts

Media Matters has its panties all in a wad about a Muslima asking a question at a Heritage Foundation panel.

Speakers at a Heritage Foundation panel mocked a Muslim student who pointed out that Muslim Americans were not represented at the forum and stated that conservative rhetoric on Islam is often starkly negative.

On June 17, Heritage held an event to discuss the September 2012 attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya. The event was led by Andrew McCarthy, a conservative commentator and former federal prosecutor who recently released a book claiming that President Obama's response to the Benghazi attacks constitutes an impeachable offense. Several panelists at the forum have long records of inflammatory rhetoric about Islam.

Dana Milbank detailed the event in his June 16 Washington Post column:

But then they went and posted the actual video of the panel.
That description of events generated a bit of controversy last night, as many conservatives doubted the overall accuracy of Milbank’s picture.

Well, Media Matters captured the video from Heritage’s livestream, and now it is available for all to view. Watch below and decide (the main exchange starts around 4:15):

Oliver The Donut Willis chimes in about so called Religious bigotry.

Oliver, I don't think that debating a Muslima on the finer points of Islamic Terrorism constitutes religious bigotry.

But I've an actual example of religious bigotry for you.

At 29:26 they change an anti-Christ(ian) slogan, "Break the Crosses and destroy the grandsons of Monkeys." Referring to Jesus' Jewishness and Christianity's heritage as religion having its roots in Jewish theology.

But I'm pretty sure they didn't mean it like it sounds because Islam is a Religion of Peace and they respect People of the Book.

I've got a few more here. And here too.

Note that every person murdered in the above examples are Muslim. Some are Shia Muslims murdered by ISIS for being Shia, Others are Sunnis murdered for fighting against the harsh ultra brutal version of Islam that ISIS practices. Others may be Sufis or Christians whom ISIS murders on sight.

Some Sunnis in some of the videos are gathered together and given a choice to repent and join ISIS or die.

But Media Matters is too busy pointing their partisan fingers at conservatives to actually fight real religious bigotry.

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May 28, 2014

Clueless CNN Anchor Thinks FLOTUS Signs Bills Into Law

This just exposes that the media is not only clueless about how government works, but also their belief that the Obamas are some sort of royalty who share authority over their subjects.

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May 23, 2014

NBC... (Shaking My Head)

I googled "Joe Garcia" (without quotes) in Google News. This is what I got:


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May 04, 2014

Blah, Blah, Blah

No media bias here...

The story behind the video:

A Republican Senate candidate was kicked out of a local Oregon newspaper's editorial board meeting after daring to challenge a reporter who dissed a fellow candidate by writing "blah blah blah" in his notes instead of her actual quotes.

The entire argument was captured on video and posted online by the newspaper, Willamette Week. [...]

The video shows an editorial board meeting where the newspaper was interviewing Republican candidates for Senate. One of those candidates, Jo Rae Perkins, was responding to a question over the phone when [Republican candidate Mark] Callahan noticed something was amiss.

The other candidates were cowards for sitting silently by and then continuing the interviews after Callahan was told to leave.

UPDATE: The Williamette Week defends its behavior with lies. First it claims Callahan broke the rules but they don't state what rules were violated. Second, they state Joe Rae Perkins, the candidate the reporter was quoting with "blah, blah, blah," was supposed to be responding to a question about healthcare and her answer was about eliminating the U.S. Forest Service.

In fact, the question was how she would trim the federal budget, not about healthcare. You can hear the question yourself HERE. Skip to the 1:03:50 mark. (WW asks that you skip to 1:06:00 which doesn't include the question asked.)

UPDATE II: Daylight Disinfectant got a great interview with Mark Callahan about the incident. Callahan looks like an excellent candidate. I wish he were running in my state!

Good job, DD!

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April 07, 2014

CBS 60 Minutes Adds Gasoline Engine Sound Effects To Tesla Vehicles

(Hat Tip: IHateTheMedia)

CBS admitted adding erroneous audio effects to a recent 60 Minutes report on Tesla founder Elon Musk. Tesla vehicles, in fact, are electric and make little noise.

The battery-powered Tesla Model S is one of the world’s fastest and quietest luxury cars, but you might not know the latter if you watched the "60 Minutes" interview with Tesla founder Elon Musk that first aired on Sunday.

Now CBS says it regrets the "error" that led to that impression.

Following an introductory segment by Scott Pelley, whose wife owns a Model S, there is a series of shots provided by Tesla of a Model S driving down a road accompanied by the out-of-sync sounds of an internal combustion engine and the shifting of a transmission.

The Model S has neither of these things.

Here's a snippet from the CBS report:

CBS has since removed the edited audio from the segment. The interview with original sound effects can be watched HERE.

(Yes, the video above is a parody of the report. Those are not the actual sound effects CBS used.)

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December 10, 2013

Russian President Putin Scraps RIA Novosti

RIA Novosti Headquarters.jpg
RIA Novosti Headquarters

(Moscow, Russia)

The Kremlin announced Monday the dissolution of RIA Novosti, the country’s major state-run news agency, amid a significant reorganization of state-owned media assets.

News agency RIA Novosti and the state-owned Voice of Russia radio will be scrapped and absorbed into a new media conglomerate called Rossiya Segodnya, according to a decree signed by President Vladimir Putin.

The move is the latest in a series of shifts in Russia’s news landscape, which appear to point toward a tightening of state control in the already heavily regulated media sector.

Apparently, the shutdown of RIA Novosti, which 'must be carried out by the government within three months,' came as a surprise to the workers.

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October 05, 2013

BREAKING: Obama Goes For A Walk!

Thank goodness CNBC was there to cover it

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July 17, 2013

DC Intern Asks Relevant Question; Gets Mocked By Carney And Media

A 16 year old Daily Caller intern, Gabe Finger, attended a White House press meeting and asked a very relevant question: "Because of the death threats being received by George Zimmerman and his parents, is the president going to take action for their security or are they on their own?"

Jay Carney answered with the usual evasive, ambiguous response, saying he was unaware of any death threats against Zimmerman, but President Obama opposes violence and echos the statements of Trayvon Martin's family for calm reflection in the wake of the verdict.

Gabe tried to clarify the White House's stance by asking, "So they are on their own?" To which Carney replied the question was ridiculous. Maybe not so ridiculous, considering it was, in part, President Obama's involvement that further incited the lynch mob against George Zimmerman.

But even more ridiculous was the Washington D. C. media ridiculing the 16 year old intern. Not the relevance of the question he asked, but only his age:

The impropriety displayed on Wednesday by a high school-age intern who dared to ask White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a question relating to the security provided to the family of George Zimmerman knows no bounds. That is apparently the opinion of a number of members of the political press. After an intern had the temerity to ask Carney a question, the political media flew into a tizzy over the presumptuousness of the intern and turned to mocking him and the venue which credentialed him to be in the Briefing Room in the first place.

The temerity of this teen asking a tough question instead of lobbing softballs at Carney...

Tweets from reporters:



More tweets HERE. Video of Gabe asking the question below the fold.

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May 31, 2013

Hundreds Of Journalists Attacked In Egypt Since Arab Spring

And the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters are behind most attacks

Hundreds of journalists have come under attack in Egypt in the two years since a popular revolution toppled the Mubarak regime, according to a new report which experts fear could mean a chill wind blew in with the Arab Spring.

Some 309 attacks, including three murders, 100 assaults and 42 cases of temporary imprisonment are documented in a study prepared by the Almasry (Egyptian) Studies and Information Center. Three journalists have been murdered since January 2011. Prior to that, the last journalist killed in Egypt was in 1992, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

"The evidence shows that most of these assaults are being committed by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, who have established a months-long pattern of intimidating and harassing the news media," CPJ spokesman Sherif Mansour said after a recent wave of attacks on reporters.

[Continue reading]

Compare that to Holder's recent 'leak' clusterfruck of calling Fox's James Rosen a co-conspirator under the Espionage Act in order to gain access to his emails and phone lines, including his parents phone line

Fist they came for Rosen....

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May 20, 2013

Michael Clemente, Fox News' Executive VP Of News:
"We are outraged to learn today that James Rosen was named a criminal co-conspirator for simply doing his job as a reporter"...

James Rosen deserved it, per liberal assmaggots, just like they have said about the IRS targeting conservative groups.

Via FNC:

The Justice Department obtained a portfolio of information about a Fox News correspondent's conversations and visits as part of an investigation into a possible leak, The Washington Post reported Monday -- in the latest example of the government seizing records of journalists.

This follows the charge that the department secretly obtained two months of phone records from Associated Press journalists as part of a separate leak probe. The department in this case, though, went a step further, as an FBI agent reportedly claimed there's evidence the journalist in question -- Fox News' James Rosen -- broke the law "at the very least, either as an aider, abettor and/or co-conspirator."

That detail would potentially send the case into unprecedented territory. No reporter has been prosecuted for seeking information. Such cases often target the suspected leaker, but not the journalist who published sensitive or classified information.

Michael Clemente, Fox News' executive vice president of news, defended Rosen in a statement issued Monday afternoon.

"We are outraged to learn today that James Rosen was named a criminal co-conspirator for simply doing his job as a reporter,"

Continue reading]

The shocker here is that WaPo broke the story. Maybe they didn't think anyone would notice with a headline like this: A rare peek into a Justice Department leak probe

Eric nation of cowards Holder yawns at the New Black Panther's voter intimidation scandal. Yawns again at Fast and Furious gun running scandal. Yawns yet again at AP scandal. Expect him to yawn yet again at this.

Related and a must read: The Most Chilling Details From The Kafkaesque Search Warrant That Went After A Fox News Reporter

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May 04, 2013

Benghazi: Names Of 'Whistleblower' Witnesses Released


Rep Issa: GOP Oversight May 8th Benghazi hearing will be streamed live at http://Oversight.House.Gov at 11:30

May The Force Be With Them

Their identities have been a well-guarded secret, known only to their high-powered lawyers and a handful of House lawmakers and staff. But now Fox News has learned the names of the self-described Benghazi “whistleblowers” who are set to testify before a widely anticipated congressional hearing on Wednesday.

Appearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will be three career State Department officials: Gregory N. Hicks, the deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya at the time of the Benghazi terrorist attacks; Mark I. Thompson, a former Marine and now the deputy coordinator for Operations in the agency’s Counterterrorism Bureau; and Eric Nordstrom, a diplomatic security officer who was the regional security officer in Libya, the top security officer in the country in the months leading up to the attacks[...]

DiGenova told Fox News on Thursday, by way of describing his and Toensing’s respective clients: “There were people who were material witnesses, who wanted to talk to [the ARB], and they were not allowed to talk to them.

“The people that we are representing are career civil servants...people who have served the country overseas…in dangerous positions all over the world, have risked their lives and only want to tell the truth.”


God Bless them for their service and courage to come forward.

Most likely leftist and Bronco Bama's MFM are working hard to destroy the credibility of these patriots before the hearing even starts.

"What difference does it make"?~Hillary Rodham Clinton

"The future doesn't belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam"~Barack Ohama

"Benghazi happened a long time ago"~Jay Carney


People Died! Obama Lied!
Benghazi Terror Attack: I Didn't Know The Mohammed Film Maker Was In Yemen?
State Department Benghazi Review Panel Under Investigation
Obama To Ed Henry: I Am Unaware Of Anyone Blocked From Testifying On #Benghazi
UPDATE: Rep Issa Responds

Obama Administration Officials Threatened Whistle-Blowers On #Benghazi, Lawyer Says

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May 02, 2013

If The Koch Bros Buy The LA Times Will We Finally See The Obama/Khalidi Tape?

Just wondering is all

Bronco Bama & Rashid Khalidi go way back. During the '08 presidential elections LA Times refused to release transcripts of a going away party for anti-Semite, ex-PLO mouthpiece Rashid Khalidi. Then Senator Obama paid a special tribute to his anti-Semitic friend " Khalidi..

Just wondering and no, I don't want any political party to 'control' any (and all) MSM news outlet, I want honest reporting. Is that too much to ask?

One last last comment on this is Soros.

Report: Half of staff may quit LA Times if right-wing Koch brothers buy paper

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April 29, 2013

High School Hosts First Prom Ever; Leftist Media Reports It As First "Integrated" Prom Ever

The school claims it has never hosted a prom at all, much less any segregated events. The students took it upon themselves to host private parties, with most white students attending one and most black students attending another.

This year, Wilcox County School agreed to officially host a prom, which naturally will be open to all students. But the left-wing media is only reporting it as the first ever integrated prom, the implication being the school has kept students segregated up until this year:

Almost half a century after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed racial discrimination in schools and other public places, black and white students in Georgia's rural Wilcox County danced together for the first time at prom over the weekend.

In case their biased and misleading reporting didn't stir enough racial tensions, NBCNews added:

Traditionally, most students were welcome to the "black prom" but an unwritten rule kept students of different races from attending the "white prom."

"Unwritten rule" by who? The whites to keep blacks out? The blacks to promote their own segregated prom? I would find it more believable that both proms were open to others or that both had an "unwritten rule." The media just decided to praise one side and demonize the other with this ambiguous text, keeping with their leftist agenda.

A screenshot from NBCNews:


And people wonder why there are still racial issues in this age of Obama? It isn't because of any systematic discrimination. It is because certain advocates, mostly from the left, like to manufacture racism where it doesn't exist.

I'm not saying there are no racist people out there. There will always be individuals who harbor ignorant, bigoted attitudes. However, as a whole, as a society, racial discrimination has been rightly abolished.

But the left will always keep racism alive. It must. Racism and diversion are its nature. Even if it means destroying the country in the process.

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April 18, 2013

Boston Globe Reporter Baffled By 'Amazing Grace' Being Played In Boston

Some folks at Twitter try to help him understand. Personally, I can think of at least 3 reasons.

(Hat Tip: Ace of Spades)

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April 17, 2013

CNN: "Pressure Cooker Bombs Signature Of Right-Wing Extremists"

The idiots at CNN then go on to equate pressure cooker bombs with pipe bombs to make their point:

Such a formula is certainly not unique to AQAP. Variations appear all over the Internet. A senior U.S. counterterrorism investigator told CNN that pressure cooker bombs have also been a signature of extreme right-wing individuals in the United States who he said tend to revel in building homemade bombs.

For example, the devices planted by Erich Rudolph at an Atlanta park during the 1996 Olympic Games were pipe bombs filled with gunpowder and nails to increase their lethality; it also had an alarm clock as a timing mechanism. Like the bombings in Boston, those devices were concealed in a backpack, according to a Department of Homeland Security report detailing the 1996 attack.

Without exposing themselves to accusations of "racism" or "Islamophobia," CNN carefully treads around "lone wolf" incidents involving similar bombing components, such as backpacks and timers. Apparently, all these things prove right-wings extremists may be behind the bombing, despite the many coincidental Islamists using "Inspire" recipes.

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April 04, 2013

Richard Landes: Islamism Is Winning The Cognitive War Thanks To Manipulative & Gullible Journalists

I would add PC to his list.

Anyone who remembers the halcyon dreams of the 1990s, of civil society spreading the world over, heralding a new peaceful, global millennium, must marvel at the path the young 21st century has taken. Even those who paid attention to global Jihad before the millennium could not imagine how vulnerable the West would prove in the coming, wildly asymmetrical war. Those who, over the course of the last 13 years, have awakened to the ever-growing danger of Islamism and to the astonishing inability of decent people – Muslims and non-Muslims – to effectively oppose its aggressions, owe themselves a brief lesson in cognitive warfare, and a second look at the nuclear bomb of that warfare, the Muhammad al Durah affair.

All asymmetrical wars take place primarily in the cognitive arena, with the major theater of war the enemy’s public sphere. The goal is to convince your far more powerful enemy not to fight. In defensive cases, from the Maccabees to the Vietnamese, this has meant getting imperial powers to “go home.” But Islamists who want to spread Dar al Islam[is the area of the world under the rule of Islam , literally, "the home of Islam" or "the home of submission"..ed] conduct an offensive campaign: how to get your targets to surrender on their own home ground? In this seemingly absurd venture, they have had remarkable success.

The mainstream news media – their journalists, editors, producers – constitute a central front of this cognitive war: the “weak” but aggressive side cannot have success without the witting or unwitting cooperation of the enemy’s journalists. The success of global Jihad in eliciting our media’s cooperation with their goals

[Read It All]

The following video, "Pallywood," will give you a glimpse into that Palestinian propaganda machine. It is important to note that the al Durah video above was filmed on this same day and at the same location as the video below.

Pallywood, the go to place for everything the MFM/leftists want to believe the Juice do to the poor poor innocent Palis

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February 27, 2013

One Million Mothers of Homely Girls Protest GEICO


The insurance company giant GEICO has used a gecko and a pig to promote its business, but its latest commercial has the advocacy group One Million Moms claiming the ad is not cute. The ad, the group claims, is offensive and promotes bestiality.

*Men's groups were also outraged over their portrayal as disinterested pigs, The National Center For Men issued the following statement, "We would have totally hit that."

*No not really

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February 08, 2013

Leftist Media Praises Obama For Telling The Truth About Skeet Shooting; Ignores The Fact He Lied About Benghazi

When the White House released a photograph of President Obama skeet shooting, the folks over at MSNBC were giddy with excitement and praise:

But when Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday, it was revealed that President Obama had lied about his activities on the night Ambassador Chris Stevens and four other Americans were dragged from the U.S. embassy in Benghazi and slaughtered by an insurgent mob:

The attack on the consulate had already been under way for 90 minutes at that time. Neither the president nor anyone else from the White House called afterwards to check what was happening; the Commander-in-Chief had left it "up to us," said Panetta.

Panetta's testimony directly contradicts President Obama's own claim to have issued "three direectives" as soon as he learned "what was going on" in Benghazi. As he told a Denver reporter in October:

I gave three very clear directives. Number one, make sure we are securing our personnel and that we are doing whatever we need to. Number two, we are going to investigate exactly what happened and make sure it doesn't happen again. Number three, find out who did this so we can bring them to justice.

That same claim was subsequently repeated by other Democrats, including Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, who came to the president's defense. But if those directives were indeed given--and proof has never been produced--they were given long after the attack, not while the attack was going on, during which time the president did nothing.

Obama lied, Americans died. But the media is too impressed with his skeet shooting skills to notice.

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February 07, 2013

CNN Vigorously Disseminating CAIR Talking Points

An interesting CNN interview with Pam Geller from Atlas Shrugs. The clip was posted by Geller to show what CNN cut from the interview, which is significant. Everything after the 9 minute mark was cut from the aired segment.

But I found most interesting is what wasn't cut. If you listen, notice CNN's Erin Burnette forcefully injects CAIR Unindicted Co-Conspirator talking points about Islam. She insists Islam is a peaceful religion in which a very small minority of fanatics have misunderstood. She states, as though a fact, the term "jihad" means an inner struggle to better one's self. And she refuses to even call the brutal beheaders of Daniel Pearl "savages."

If this is the media's vision of Islamic jihad, it's no wonder they fight so desperately to defend radical Islamic terrorists.

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February 01, 2013

MSNBC Caught Editing Video To Fit False Narrative


To date, neither MSNBC nor Bashir have apologized for the deliberate, misleading editing.

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January 27, 2013

Sunday Times' Holocaust Remembrance: Blood Libel Cartoon

 photo sundaytimes_holocaust_bloodlibel_zps0ca27d77.jpg
Image credit: @Daniel_Brenner

This so-called media organization sucks testes, just saying.

Why can't cartoonists seem to criticise Israel without the use of big noses and blood libels? And why do the mainstream papers still publish this stuff?[...]

For some, however, Holocaust Memorial Day is transfiguring into a day that ‘the Jews’ or ‘Israel’ (for they will use these terms interchangeably), are to be attacked or set up, completely leaving behind the idea that the country came into existence in the wake of the greatest single crime in history[...]

For this is exactly what the Sunday Times has today done; not simply treading the fine line between criticism and blood libel, but indeed spitting all over it, leaving it for dust, and careering head first into anti-Semitismsville.

“Will cementing peace continue?” reads the caption beneath the image of a Quasimodo-like Netanyahu. As if this half-hearted attempt at a pun would help masquerade the overt racism within the image. No.

[Read It All]

h/t @israelradioguy

British Member of Parliament claims 'liberated Jews perpetuate atrocities', compares Mid-East conflict to Holocaust

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January 21, 2013

BBC: 'Prince Harry In Afghanistan': I Fired At Enemy

Dear BBC, that's his f'n job. He didn't go there to play nice with the Taliban

Prince Harry shot at Taliban insurgents during his time as an Army helicopter pilot in Afghanistan, he says.

The prince, whose five-month deployment to the country has just ended, spoke about his role as an Apache co-pilot gunner, and whether he had killed.

"Yeah, so lots of people have. The squadron's been out here. Everyone's fired a certain amount," he said.

"If there's people trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we'll take them out of the game."

CNN also has a piece on him as well as the Guardian.

Is a Prince not supposed to kill bad guys or would they prefer him to be butt naked in Las Vegas? MFM never fails to show their naivety when it comes to the war on terror.

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January 19, 2013

Yes, They Went There

Newsweek_obama photo Twitter_Newsweek_zpsf8e77641.jpg

<Newsweek_broncobama_secondcoming_zps1d8d450a photo Newsweek_broncobama_secondcoming_zps1d8d450a-1_zpsd19391ec.jpg

h/t @twitchy

How creepy can a publication get? Never mind, it's a given.

Update: Actually it's 'digitally produced" so I guess you could call the image a Photoshop. Don't ask me why they called it a 'cover', they are digital only now and ceased publication in December of last year.

But, in case you missed the above!


ICYMI: This week's cover features Barack Obama: "The Second Coming." Now live in the @AppStore!
Broncobamabots, hurry and get it before your fellow sheeple get one before you do!

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October 29, 2012

Pat Caddell on Jeanine Pirro 10/27/2012 RE: MSM & #Benghazi

Also this from Oct 1, 2012:

He gets it.

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September 17, 2012

YouTubeUser funkyfolk:P Wants To Take A Chainsaw & Cut Penis Off Of 'Innocence of Muslims' Filmmaker

Among other deeply uncivilized rage comments.

ObamaMedia built this: screen capture 2012-9-17-21-17-21_momovierageboy.jpg

More via Daily Caller [snippet, read it all]: Death threats, petitions swirl online after anti-Islam filmmakers identity is revealed

On Twitter, a user named Yayan E. Putra posted, “Fuck Nakoula Basseley, i want to kill you!!!” The message starkly contrasted with Putra’s brief Twitter profile, which stated simply, “A smile is the little thing that can make life easier.”

“Someone please kill him,” agreed Nelson Davis, a retired market researcher living in New York, who earlier on Sunday invited his Twitter followers to “Choose your free Obama sticker!”

Obama and the Media are now desperately trying to change the narrative - Romney said what?!?

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September 15, 2012

@PeterHambyCNN Tweets: Wisconsin Officially A Battleground State, Donate To Obama!!

I guess this joke of a "reporter" doesn't feel the need to hide his love for empty chair anymore:

Peter Hamby
"CNN Political Reporter[PR4Obama...ed]. Richmonder. Hoyas/'Skins/Reds/Bearcats/Gamecocks. Comments, rants, music tips welcome:
Washington, D.C. ·"

The link takes you to this: screen capture 2012-9-15-15-1-25_cnntweetard.jpg

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CNN: Al Qaeda's Black Flag Not Al Qaeda Flag But 'Affirmation Of Faith'

I'm sure the families of those killed will feel better knowing their loved ones were killed so devoted Muslims could affirm their faith.

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