April 21, 2016

Hate Crime Backfire of the Day


MEANWHILE, IN TODAY’S FAKE HATE CRIME HYSTERIA NEWS: “At Austin Peay University in Tennessee, the campus erupted in outrage when rainbow nooses were discovered hanging from a tree. Social media exploded and every social justice warrior on campus felt the need to express their displeasure. But later, it was discovered that the nooses were an art project by a student looking to draw attention to the high number of suicides in the LGBT community.”

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March 01, 2016

Huffpo Hates??? Oh Come On One Guess


Carlos Almonte and Huffpo, not all that far apart.

How far will The Huffington Post go to legitimize and whitewash Palestinian terrorists, dehumanize their Jewish victims, and incite hatred against Israel? See for yourself in this explosive new documentary video, produced by SaveTheWest.com.

SaveTheWest’s examination revealed five key facts:

(1) Of the 105 Palestinian terror attacks during this period, HuffPost ignored 94 of them, meaning they never appeared on either its front page or World page, its two highest-traffic pages that deal with international news.

(2) Of the 11 stories concerning attacks that HuffPost did cover – all of which were wire service reports from the AP or Reuters – in 9 cases it manipulated either (a) the provided headline copy, to blur the distinction between Palestinian terrorists and their Jewish victims, or (b) the headline imagery, to evoke sympathy for Palestinians. In one case, it falsely implied that Israel was the aggressor. In another, it insinuated that Israeli Jews are murderous racists.

Full video below the fold.

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November 30, 2015

Some Videos Just Make You Smile

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March 21, 2015

Sean Penn Watches ISIS Beheading Videos

...because he's a method actor or something. And besides, it's Bush's fault.

Sean Penn has revealed that he watches propaganda beheading videos published by ISIS out of a sense of moral responsibility.

The actor said he chooses to bear witness to the gruesome clips, in which Americans, Britons and Kurds have been graphically slaughtered, because 'real violence' is often hidden from us. [...]

Penn has voice his opinions about ISIS before - earlier this week he told Conan O'Brien that the terrorist organization was 'created' by George W Bush and Dick Cheney.

Personally, I don't need to watch these videos to know what barbarians these ISIS savages are.

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February 18, 2015

Obama To Nigeria: No Help With Boko Haram Until Nigeria Accepts Homosexuality And Abortions

Obama is taking advantage of Nigeria's fight with Islamic terrorist by blackmailing the country into changing its conservative laws regarding homosexuality and abortions.

from Gateway Pundit:

Bishop Emmanuel Badejo spoke in Rome to Aleteia, saying of the Obama administration:

"The United States actually said it would help Nigeria with Boko Haram only if we modify our laws concerning homosexuality, family planning, and birth control."

A Wall Street Journal article about an interview with Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan published last week described "various issues" supposedly keeping the Obama administration from providing more support to Nigeria in its fight against Boko Haram, but did not mention the morals issues claimed by Bishop Badejo. [...]

In August 2014, then U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman(R-TX) made a similar charge to Bishop Badejo's, saying the Obama administration was withholding aid to Nigeria in the fight against Boko Haram in part over Nigeria's "social policy."

While innocent people are being slaughtered and children are being enslaved, Obama is busy playing politics and imposing his socialist agenda.

Read it all.

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January 19, 2015

Lardass Michael Moore Trashes American Snipers

Michael Moore, America's lardass, could not resist a jab at deceased hero, Chris Kyle:

No doubt, M&M detests the blowout success of the movie about Kyle's sniper experiences in American Sniper.

Here's what the 'The Reaper,' another American Sniper, had to say about lardass:

BTW, if you haven't yet seen American Sniper, go see it. It is fantastic.

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November 12, 2014

Chicago Boasts 4 of 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in America

Of course its not the people living there, its the guns' fault /sarcasm.

Chicago also boasts long standing Democrat rule with Cook county being the only county in the state that went for Democrat Governor Pat Quinn. Not to mention the most restrictive firearms laws in the nation.

When you think of Obama's mission its to do to America what the Democrats have done for Chicago.

Um yeah.

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August 01, 2014

Confused Democrat Thinks Israel's Iron Dome Defends Against Tunnel Terrorists

At least she admits it is terrorists using the tunnels...

Democratic Kentucky Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes says Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system prevents Hamas terrorists from tunneling into Israel. [...]

Grimes' response casts doubt on her grasp of the basic facts in the Middle East.

"The Iron Dome has been a big reason why Israel has been able to withstand the terrorists that have tried to tunnel their way in," Grimes was quoted as saying.

But just so you don't think she's a total 'tard, she hopes you will put bumper stickers in your yard...


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July 19, 2014

Caution: Beware Of Flying Pigs!


End times sign? Bill Maher and liberals on panel support Israel!

(Hat Tip: Legal Insurrection)

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July 12, 2014

Pallywood & The Left

Pallywood is at it again. This time re-circulating an image of an "IDF soldier" stepping on the chest of a little girl while pointing his rifle at her face:

The original photograph dates back to at least 2011. It is a staged scene. Here is the original image:


I don't know which is worse - the anti-Israel propaganda being so freely distributed or the gullible idiots who blindly believe it without checking its veracity. (The same idiots, BTW, who will go through great lengths to disprove and discredit any pictures or videos Israel releases.)

Legal Insurrection has more.

Hooked and reeling it in!

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July 01, 2014

Looney Libs Compare Hobby Lobby Ruling With Sharia Law

Apparently, asking women to pay for their own abortions is tantamount to stoning rape victims or amputating limbs...


(Hat Tip: ZIP)

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June 27, 2014

Libyan Activist for Democracy We F*cked Up

Its not so much that you F*cked up, well kinda.

On June 25th, in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, the lawyer and democracy activist Salwa Bugaighis was killed, bringing despair to those who knew her. Bugaighis, a bright, funny, courageous woman, fifty years old, was fighting for a democratic, open society. Along with her husband, Issam, and her sister Iman, she was at the forefront of the uprising against Muammar Qaddafi; later, she sat on the hastily declared transitional council that sought to bring order to the excited anarchy that followed Qaddafi’s fall.

As that anarchy turned to bedlam, Bugaighis worked to reconcile Libya’s feuding groups—even as her life was threatened, and as other critics of the militias were murdered. She had been spending time abroad, because of such threats, but came home for the elections.Yesterday, just after she returned from voting in parliamentary elections, gunmen surprised her at her house and shot her to death. Issam, who was abducted in the incident, is still missing. A Libyan friend of Bugaighis told me, “I am shocked beyond words. Sometimes I think that we just fucked up by removing Qaddafi—that I would rather live under a dictator and not worry about the safety of my family.”

The major major F8ckup belongs to Barack Obama for handing Libya to the Jihadist, then spiking the football and walking away after Gaddafi was murdered.

And lets face it Gadaffi was murdered by Jihadists. Not by any democratic activists and those Obama's fantasy was that once Gadaffi was gone, the Jihadists would just fade into history. What an idiot.

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June 08, 2014

Raped & Brutalized By A Black Man, Liberal Activist Blames Whitey

Amanda Kijera wanted to debunk the myth that black men are "savages." So she traveled to Haiti on a humanitarian mission to prove just that. But while there, she was brutally raped by a black man.

Of course, being the progressive she is, she blamed whitey rather than her attacker.

From the US Patriot via Gateway Pundit:

The intention of Kijera's trip was to push back on the portrayal of black men as "savages" in the media. Her hope was that she would eliminate misconceptions and push back against common views imposed by "the man."

However, Kijera's trip took a turn for the worse when one of the men she had worked to protect cornered her on the rooftop, and raped her numerous times.

"The experience was almost more than I could bear," Kijera wrote about the incident, "I pleaded with him to honor my commitment to Haiti, to him as a brother in the mutual struggle for an end to our common oppression, but to no avail. He didn't care." [...]

"Women are not the source of their oppression; oppressive policies and the as-yet unaddressed white patriarchy which still dominates the global stage are," she explained. She also went on to argue that it is up to the United Nations to support people who are forced to bear the brunt of black male aggression.

Kijera makes the outrageous claim that dependency on white people causes them to act out against them. She alludes that this was the reason for her attack.

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May 28, 2014

Epic Battle Highlights: Sharpton Versus Teleprompter

Volume 2 is below the fold.

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May 01, 2014

DC Congresswoman: Invasion Of Iraq "Most Catastrophic War Of The 20th Century

World War I and World War II, meh.


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April 21, 2014

Successful American Author Whines About Lack Of Liberty

Apparently, blacks don't get the same liberty as whites in America.


Of course, it must be true since we never see any really successful, accomplished blacks. There has never been a black president, or billionaire black business women, or popular black entertainers, or...

Oh, wait. Never mind.

Tweeters respond:




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April 13, 2014

BREAKING: George Bush Uses Common Images To Paint Portraits!

OMG! The humanity! If you didn't hate George Bush before this discovery, surely you will now!

George W. Bush's solo art show "The Art of Leadership: A President's Personal Diplomacy" has just opened at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, Texas. Moving on from paintings of dogs and bath time, the exhibit features 30 oil-on-board paintings of world leaders. It appears as if they are all lazy reproductions of some of the first Google image search results.

Here's an example of the blatant, STOLEN artwork of which Bush is accused by this left-wing investigative journalist:


Oh, wait! That isn't it. Forget you saw that one. It is this one:


OH, THE HORROR! I can't believe Bush has a hobby painting portraits of world leaders and he has the audacity to use existing, popular pictures!

A real President would have loaded up a Presidential plane with a full security detail and flown - at taxpayer expense - to each country and had the leaders sit for their portraits. And then sent the wife and kids to another country for a vacation.

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February 27, 2014

Moonbat Meltdown

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

A UCLA student note taker has a meltdown moments after a UCLA Anti-Israel Divestment resolution was defeated:

These leftists don't have the mental capacity to deal with defeat. The video above shows their mentality. They are spoiled little brats who throw tantrums when they don't get their way.

They are incapable of debate, which is why they would rather stifle free speech than to challenge ideas in a fair and civilized manner.

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February 24, 2014

Oh, The Kind, Loving Left


IF you're on Facebook and feel like trolling... go for it.

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February 10, 2014

NAACP: Photo ID Required To Participate In Anti-Voter ID Protest

They require a photo ID to exercise 1st Amendment right to protest, but reject photo ID to vote in an election. That's the leftist mindset at work there...

The NAACP planned a peaceful march to protest the requirement of voter ID laws on Saturday at the "Moral March on Raleigh." Organizers said 20,000 to 30,000 Americans showed up to the protest. Rev. William Barber, president of the state NAACP, stated, "We return to Raleigh with a renewed strength and a renewed sense of urgency. This Moral March inaugurates a fresh year of grassroots empowerment, voter education, litigation and nonviolent direct action."

In a flyer sent out entitled "Important Do's and Don'ts for Marchers," some very responsible marching elements were listed for people's safety.

The most ironic recommendation on the list comes half way down, where march coordinators tell recipients:

"DO bring photo identification (driver's license, passport or other valid photo ID) with you and keep it on your persons at all times."

So, bring a photo ID to an anti-photo ID protest. Perfect.

Incidentally, you also need a photo ID to get into an Obama speech.

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November 11, 2013

Disgusting Pig Is Disgusting

I shouldn't be surprised at the amount of scum this bastard will wallow in.

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October 27, 2013

Michael Moore, Al Sharpton & Some Blonde Chick Argues Christianity Is As Bad As Radical Islam

Bill Maher, to his credit, actually makes some good points.

Michael Moore asks, "Why do they want to kill us?"

He can start HERE.

(Hat Tip: Weasel Zippers)

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September 27, 2013

Kanye West Rages At Jimmy Kimmel #NoDisrespectToBenAffleck

Kanye West lashed out at Jimmy Kimmel via twitter:

MSNBC might be pressuring new employee Alec Baldwin to tone down his act on Twitter, so thank goodness we have Kanye West. Let’s review what have we learned on Twitter today. Obama? #YouDontMessWithThat. And do not spoof Kanye West, unless you’re ready to be on the receiving end of a meltdown.

Here's the spoof that has West in a tizzy:

Yeah, that was really outrageous... /s

But at least we got a fun new hashtag out of it.

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June 20, 2013

Constitution Teacher Goes Ballistic

I don't think she quite understands the concept of the 1st Amendment...

Boy, do I feel dumb. I never knew the word "car" was two syllables. I've been pronouncing it incorrectly all these years. We are never too old to learn from fine public school educators like the teacher in this video.

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June 11, 2013

Liberal Pansies Need Counseling After Seeing Anti-Obama Graffiti

That's the title I would have used for this article (emphasis mine):


A San Fernando Valley high school has been vandalized with hate messages, including threats to President Barack Obama, authorities announced Monday.

The graffiti was discovered around 7 a.m. when staff at Leichman High School Special Education Center, located at 19034 Gault St. in Reseda, returned to campus.

The damage included pictures of bombs, anti-LAPD rhetoric, swastikas and a "KILL OBAMA?" statement scrawled across the side of a main building. [...]

School is currently out for the summer and no students were on campus when the crime occurred, Trivino said.

"Our maintenance and operations team removed the graffiti. Counseling is offered to staff," he added.

Seriously? The staff needs counseling for graffiti? Does this mean some of them will now suffer from PTSD whenever they see a mark on a wall? Will some apply for (and probably receive) disability because they are no longer able to function?

Sadly, I think so.

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May 30, 2013

Holderinsky, Keeper Of The Tablets

He is the Moses of our time.

Update View video at link above or here. It's auto start so had to remove

MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson called Attorney General Eric Holder “the Moses of our time” Wednesday on “Martin Bashir”:[...]

Wow, with an insight such as that, no wonder MSNBC is cleaning up in the ratings this month. And such a comparison makes perfect sense, considering that then-Newsweek editor Evan Thomas, back when the Washington Post owned the magazine, declared Holder’s boss to be God in 2009. Those ten commandments aren’t going to deliver themselves to us.

No matter how much others at the Washington Post may hate them[ Jaw dropper...ed]

Yeah, I wanna see Holderinsky part the Potomac when he leaves

The stupid and idiotic idol worship, it hurts...

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May 14, 2013

Soledad O'Brien: White People Who Aren't Racists Are Racists

You can't win with the left. If you talk about racism, you are a racist. If you see no racism to talk about, you are a racist. If you consider a person's race when judging them, you are a racist. If you don't consider a person's race when judging them, you are a racist.

This, of course, only applies to Conservative whites (and those 'Uncle Tom' Conservative blacks). If you are a white liberal, like O'Brien, you can prove you are not racist by accusing all whites of being racists. You know, turning on your own race to prove your solidarity to all non-white races. Unless you are a minority. Then turning on your own race makes you a racist by default.

O'Brien, just named a distinguished visiting fellow at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, told the school's Institute of Politics that she's often confronted by whites who want to take issue with her documentaries on race in America.

"People would sometimes, when I give speeches, stand up and say, 'You know, I think your black America documentaries (are) divisive. I think like, you know, listen, we shouldn't think of ourselves as African-American. We're Americans, and everybody should stop separating themselves out,'" she said in a new video from the institute.

She continued: "First of all, it's only white people who ever said that -- 'if we could just see beyond race. If only people didn't see race, it would be such a better place, and you are responsible for bringing up these icky race issues, Soledad, you should just let sleeping dogs lie.'"

O'Brien added: "I was like, again, 'OK, white person, this is a conversation you clearly are uncomfortable with, and I have no problem seeing race, and I think we should talk about race."

Got it? It's racist to talk about race and to not talk about race.

Maybe this will help:


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May 07, 2013

Millionaire Blames Slavery For Tax Bill

Lauryn Hill blames her unpaid tax bill on the slavery of her ancesters:

Fugees singer Hill, 37, was sentenced to three months' jail followed by three months' home confinement for failing to pay $500,000 to the taxman in the United States. [...]

During her trial, Hill claimed she is still forced to live under the pernicious economic hierarchy imposed by the slave trade.

She told the court: "I am a child of former slaves who had a system imposed on them. I had an economic system imposed on me."

An economic system that imposed millions of dollars into her bank account. And as we all know, "The Man" only taxes black people...

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May 02, 2013

Sandcrawler PSA: Wyoming Now Free from Rape Culture

The Other McCain:

The university campus in Laramie was gripped by fear last week:
“I want to hatef–k Meg Lanker Simons so hard. That chick that runs her liberal mouth all the time and doesn’t care who knows it. I think its hot and it makes me angry. One night with me and shes gonna be a good Republican b–ch.”
The victim of this Facebook threat cited it as “an example of rape culture,” and who could doubt she was an object of twisted GOP lust?
A student at the University of Wyoming who claimed she was targeted for a Facebook rape threat because she “runs her liberal mouth all the time” faked the threat against herself, police say. Meg Lanker-Simons, 26, has been charged with interference with a police investigation by giving false statement. . . .
... we should be grateful that Ms. Lanker-Simons has finally decided to exercise her constitutional right to be silent.
Heh, that's some first rate snark right there.

I thought about surfing up some previous examples of faked liberal hate crimes, but then I realized I didn't really give a crap.

Update: Protein Wisdom

if that means the important discussion has to occur in a community where the sexual violence, being materially absent in large part, is therefore invented by attention-seeking feminist slobs bent on demonizing an entire political group for the purposes of having those important discussions, in which men (and conservatives, mostly) are invariably reduced to latent rapists in a perpetual state of internal conflict against their base desires to overwhelm and control women through sexual violence, well, then so be it!

Consider it a thought experiment. WHY DO YOU HATE SCHOLARSHIP?

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April 24, 2013

Ben Affleck To Eat Like Peons For 5 Whole Days

Oh, the horror! Five days of pure hell to show solidarity with poor people!


The Oscar-winning director recently signed on to participate in the Global Poverty Project's Live Below the Line, a campaign that challenges average (and above-average) people to live on just $1.50 a day for five days. The initiative is meant to simulate what it's like for the 1.4 billion people worldwide who live in extreme poverty.

Eating on $1.50 per day is called a "diet," Ben.

Living on $1.50 a day would mean giving up your $17 million dollar mansion, your sports cars, your country club memberships, your healthcare plans, your home and auto insurance, your housekeepers, your lawn service, and everything else you paid for monthly, quarterly or yearly. Just because you don't physically handle more than $1.50 a day doesn't mean you are living off $1.50 per day.

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April 23, 2013

Priorities: San Francisco Restores Taxpayer-Funding For 6-Foot-Tall “The Healthy Penis” Mascot


So what if the SF gobermint is operating in the red, dickheads are more important!


The penises went into retirementin 2006, debuted again in 2009, and now are back for a third time to encourage men to get tested for STDs every six months. Those who do get tested will receive a Healthy Penis stress toy and a coupon that looks like a dollar bill – but, of course, with a Healthy Penis in place of George Washington. The coupons can be used for discounts, free coffee and other goodies at 25 local businesses.
Where's they're healthy vagina mascot?

Ooops, never mind. CODEPINK already has that vagina thingy covered:

Well then, where's the healthy boobies mascot?

Never mind, Jawa has that covered with real boobies and we don't take a penny from the SF gobermint.

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April 20, 2013

NYT Sympathizes With Boston Bombing Terrorists

They just didn't fit in...


Screenshot captured by Jim Treacher at The Daily Caller. The New York Times has since changed the headline and layout.

Apparently, the bombers had no friends because Americans have no values, and Borat never made a sequel.

My response:

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April 19, 2013

2 + 2 = Man

Shortly after the Boston Marathon bombings, Michael Moore guessed "2+2=." He later clarified by speculating the bombings were related to Patriot's Day.

This morning he broke his arm attempting to pat himself on the back:


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Google ♥'s Michelle Malkin

Progressive, anti-Christian, anti-Military search engine Google shows its love for Michelle Malkin:

(Click Image For Full Screenshot)

I'm not sure how Google selects the image to accompanying the mini-bios. At first, I assumed they just used the first picture from the Google images on that person. Not in this case. Then I checked Wikipedia, since the mini-bio was from there. But this very unflattering image of Michelle Malkin isn't there.

The image Google is using appears to be a frame grab from a video and possibly photoshopped. It is from a blog whose owner apparently hates Malkin.

Why Google chose this particular image is beyond me. It's childish and malicious. But it also illustrates the mentality, the hatred, and intolerance of the left. Michelle must be doing something right.

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March 05, 2013

Free Money!

The left is celebrating FREE money from the Government! Yay to Obama! Sharing money from his stash!


Here's another gem I had to post:


A liberal caller explains where all that "free" money comes from:

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February 21, 2013

Congressional Recognition: "I Just Gotta Keep Killin' That White Bitch"

Rapper Jay Jenkins has received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition for his "core values of hard work and integrity." Jenkin's song lyrics include glorifying drug dealing, racist rants, and gems like that in the title. He also has a "Snowman" clothing line aimed at kids. For those who don't know, his snowman logo represents a drug dealer.

Young Jeezy, we salute your dedicated community work and influence with young children. Well, I don't. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson does.

(Hat Tip: IHateTheMedia)

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February 17, 2013

Dozens Of Protesters Condemn Dorner For Acting As Judge, Jury, And Executioner

No, not really. They were protesting the LAPD for acting as judge, jury, and executioner for Dorner.

What Dorner did, in their minds, was totally justified. His victims did nothing to warrant even a charge, much less a fair trial and due process. But because they were a willing part of the system that Dorner hated, they got what they deserved. That's the leftist #OWS mentality for you.

From the AP via Gateway Pundit (emphasis mine):

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dozens of protesters rallied outside Los Angeles police headquarters Saturday in support of Christopher Dorner, the former LAPD officer and suspected killer of four who died after a shootout and fire this week at a mountain cabin following one of the biggest manhunts in recent memory.

Protesters told the Los Angeles Times (http://lat.ms/11Ndm6i ) they didn't support Dorner's deadly methods, but objected to police corruption and brutality, and believed Dorner's claims of racism and unfair treatment by the department. Many said they were angered by the conduct of the manhunt that led to Dorner's death and injuries to innocent bystanders who were mistaken for him.

Michael Nam, 30, who held a sign with a flaming tombstone and the inscription "RIP Habeas Corpus," said it was "pretty obvious" police had no intention of bringing Dorner in alive.

"They were the judge, the jury and the executioner," Nam said. "As an American citizen, you have the right to a trial and due process by law."

In the leftist utopia of these #Occutards, only those who support the regime are worthy of a trial and due process. Really, not even that. In their #Occutard world, leftwing domestic terrorists deserve nothing short of full exoneration.

Those who oppose deserve a fair public trial followed immediately by a fair public hanging.

#Occupy LA Hearts Chris Dorner

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February 07, 2013

So, George W. Bush Was Chris Rock's Daddy?

This young lady gets it:

Daddy government wants to care for you, not because they love you, but because they need to keep you under control.

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