March 03, 2011

German Terrorist Who Murdered Two US Airmen Also Buds with Jihad Kathie's Hubby Salahudin Ibn Ja'far

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The jihadi who shot four US service members in Frankfurt yesterday, killing two, left behind a Facebook account and 127 friends.
His Facebook friends can be broken down into a number of subsets:

Family, mostly not political
Friends, mostly not political
Salafist Islamists, some more political than others
Jihadis, by definition very political, and inclined towards violence

They can also be broken down by ethnicity: Albanians, Turks, Kurds (who may actually be Turks), Moroccans, and Germans (mostly converts to Islam).

Among the jihadis are some likely or confirmed bad actors. Salahudin Ibn Ja'far comes to mind...

Salahudin Ibn Ja'far is Jihad Kathie of Indianapolis' husband, you know the one that TPM Schmuckraker called me an alarmist for watching?

A little more color commentary....

A final note to his jihadi friends, some of whom may read these words: covering your tracks after the blood is spilled is too little, too late. Your buddy's killing of American military personnel has the effect of giving the military side of the American intelligence community a free hand to identify you and track your sorry asses down, one by one (unless of course you'd all like to pile into a single car - that's fine too).

Wait for it, maggots

Amin Ahki! Allah willing.

So I get vindication.

At the cost of two, maybe four of our airmen's lives lets not forget.

That. Effing. Sucks.

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December 29, 2010

Jihad Kathie, Expressing Her First Amendment Rights


"Yahoodi" = Jew.

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