February 25, 2015

NY Jihadis Travel Plans Interrupted

Damn infidels always oppressing the Muslimeen.ne of the men, Akhror Saidakhmetov, 19, of Kazakhstan was arrested early on Wednesday at John F. Kennedy International Airport, where authorities said he was attempting to board a flight to Turkey on his way to Syria.

Saidakhmetov and Abdurasul Hasanovich Juraboev, 24, of Uzbekistan and were accused of planning to travel to Syria to fight for Islamic State, also known as ISIS, Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said. The two men also had expressed a willingness to carry out attacks on U.S. soil on behalf of Islamic State, according to the criminal complaint.

Abror Habibov, 30, of Uzbekistan, was accused of helping to fund Saidakhmetov's efforts to join Islamic State, prosecutors said.The indictment.

Brooklyn ISIS Arrest Complaint by SebastianMurdock

There is not much on English social networks on a quick check but I did find Akhror Saidakhmetov's Youtube here. Also his Google+.

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February 11, 2015

Cornhole Watch Fouad Belkacem aka Abu Imran of Sharia4Belgium

Fouad gets 12 years.


he leader of a Belgian group that's accused of recruiting locals to fight for the Islamic State group has been sentenced to 12 years in jail. The judge of a court in Antwerp reportedly said in his ruling Wednesday that it was clear that Sharia4Belgium was a “terrorist organization.”


Fouad Belkacem, the alleged leader of "Sharia4Belgium," which sent would-be jihadists to the Middle East, was tried alongside 45 others in a case that is the largest of its kind in Belgium, the BBC reported. Prosecutors have accused the group of providing recruits for groups like ISIS, as the European nation remains on high alert following the discovery of a plot in January to kill local police officers across the country. Two shooters were killed in a series of raids in that operation.

"Belkacem's words can only be interpreted as a call to violence and jihad," public prosecutor Ann Fransen argued in the trial, listing a long line of speeches and videos in which the 32-year-old group leader compared military jihad to praying and fasting, Reuters reported.

You know who should be there with him?

In fact Anjem was just in Belgium over the summer, but claims he can't travel to Islamic state. But hopefully the next time he takes his summer vacation in Antwerp the Belgians will have the welcome wagon ready.

Anjem's group Sharia4UK is closely connected to all the Sharia4 groups including Sharia4Belgium.

Attn: Sharia4Belgium.
Denmark Sweeps up Sharia4Belgium
Sharia4Belgium Spokesman Fouad Belkacem Faces Charges
3 Members of Sharia4Belgium Arrested in Terror Sting (UPDATE: Members of Ansar al-Mujahideen English Forum - Once Invited Rusty to Islam! [UPDATED: 26 Arrested!] **Sticky**)
Censored31 Back!
Attempts To Blackmail Belgian Authorities Over Hate Charges Against Sharia4Belgium's Spokesperson Fouad Belkacem

Everyone Wave Buh Bye to Abu Imran (his last trip to prison wasn't enough)
Good News! Arab Spring in Belgium


Which explains why he took his vacation in Denmark rather than Belgium.

But still doesn't explain why Anjem hasn't followed his little clan of butchers to Syria, Anjem can talk the talk but he won't walk the walk to IS.

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February 09, 2015

Former Gitmo Resident Mullah Abdul Rauf (Abu Whatever Khadim) Droned

He's dead Jim!

He was a Taliban commander captured by the United States and held at Guantanamo Bay. But he was let go and returned to Afghanistan. Mullah Abdul Rauf went on to become a recruiter for ISIS in Afghanistan.


He was killed in a drone strike Monday, two officials told CNN.

Rauf and five others were killed, four of them Pakistani militants, said Mohammed Jan Rasoulya, the deputy governor of southern Helmand province. A senior Afghan security source confirmed Rauf's death.

The Washington Post, in a headline last month, called him "the shadowy figure recruiting for the Islamic State in Afghanistan."

Mullah Abdul Rauf's group had recently been the center of a spat between the Taliban and IS fighters attempting to bring the Taliban under IS control. The Taliban didn't like it much.
His name is Mullah Abdul Rauf, Afghan officials told the Associated Press on Monday. He is believed to operating in Helmand province, where coalition troops withdrew in October, according to a tribal leader in Sangin district.

“People are saying that he has raised black flags and even has tried to bring down white Taliban flags in some areas,” the tribal leader, Saifullah Sanginwal, told the AP. “There are reports that 19 or 20 people have been killed” in fighting between the Taliban and the Islamic State group, he added. Those reports have not been confirmed by Afghan authorities.

He's dead Jim!

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February 05, 2015

The Blessed Droning of al-Harith bin-Ghazi al-Nadhari

He's dead Jim!

A prominent cleric in the Al-Qaida in Yemen organization was among those killed in a drone strike this weekend, the group says. Sheik Harith al-Nadhari was among those who praised the recent attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

From the AP:"A statement posted Thursday on a Twitter account run by the group said Sheik Harith al-Nadhari was among those killed in the Jan. 31 strike. Al-Nadhari was among the group's few public faces and recently appeared in an al-Qaida video praising last month's deadly attack by militants at the offices of a satirical French magazine."

Droned Baby!


Dear AQAP we don't forget our friends. Viva Lafayette!

From what I understand there was nothing left of him and his three pals but a greasy spot. I had their names in some window here.

AQAP named the three others as Said Bafaraj, Abdelsamie al-Haddaa and Azzam al-Hadrami.

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January 29, 2015

Abu Saad al-Dagestani Rot in Hell

He's dead Jim.

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January 21, 2015

Everyone Wave Buh Bye to Zombie Abu Daigham al Baritani

Tsk tsk tsk, its what he gets for missing his mommy and abandoning his Jihad.

A British jihadist who spent six months in Syria and faked his death in an attempt to return to the UK undetected has admitted four terrorism offences.

Imran Khawaja, from Hounslow, west London, posed with a severed head before trying to re-enter the UK.


The 27-year-old admitted preparing for acts of terrorism, attending a camp, receiving training and possessing firearms in a hearing last year.

Legal restrictions have been lifted to allow reporting of his guilty pleas.

More from Capital Bay.
The court heard how, by June last year, Bhatti had convinced his cousin to return to the UK saying his parents were not well and that he should come home.

The taxi driver then transported Khawaja back to his home country, avoiding the well-worn jihadist route of flights to and from Turkey.

That day, Khawaja was reported as being killed but he and Bhatti - who was referred to in a coded message as 'butterbean' - were arrested by specialist counter-terrorism officers.

He plotted his escape from the war-torn country by asking his cousin Tahir Bhatti, 45 (above) to drive to Bulgaria to drive him back to the UK

Mr Dawson told Westminster Magistrates' Court: 'We say he went out to Syria at the end of January, he flew out on 26 January.

'He has a nom-de-guerre of Abu Daigham al-Britani. The Crown say he is a senior member of a terrorist group, Rayat Al Taweed.

'We say he is a senior member of that group because that group publishes media on things like Facebook and within that media are videos of members of that group in a training camp for example, driving in a convoy in military vehicles with anti-aircraft weapons and heavy machine-guns.

'There is one video demonstrating the finding of severed heads on the battlefield and decapitated heads.

'We say Mr Khawaja is Abu Daigham al-Britani and has appeared in many of those videos.'

Vice News has a collection of images from the group that Imran Khawaja was part of. They are a particularly nasty group. Connected to the usual UK terrorist crowd.

Abu Daigham al-Britani instead of staying in IS and achieving martyrdom and collecting on his 72 virgins will likely spend the rest of his life in UK prison, with hairy bearded men. All because he missed his mummy.

Justice, its a bitch.

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January 09, 2015

Abu Hamza al-Masri To Spend His Life Chatting With Zack Chesser Through Prison Poop Pipe

Life is cruel, oh so cruel.

Maybe he and Zack Chesser can chit chat through the poop pipe in their spare time.

Abu Hamza was tonight jailed for life with no chance of parole by a New York judge who branded him ‘evil’.

The hate cleric nodded his head and pursed his lips as Judge Katherine Forrest told him he was ‘barbaric’ because he had showed no remorse or sympathy to his victims.

Judge Forrest said that a life sentence was the only option as she could never conceive of a time when he would not be a danger to the public - even 20 years from now.

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December 19, 2014

Islamic State of Losers Lose Again

Is it just me of is ISIS making a habit of getting its ass kicked lately?Schweet!

BAGHDAD — Kurdish forces, backed by a surge of American airstrikes in recent days, recaptured a large swath of territory from Islamic State militants on Thursday, opening a path from the autonomous Kurdish region to Mount Sinjar in the west, near the Syrian border.

The two-day offensive, which involved 8,000 fighters, known as pesh merga, was the largest one to date in the war against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL, according to Kurdish officials. It was also a successful demonstration of President Obama’s strategy for battling the extremist group: American air power combined with local forces doing the fighting on the ground.

A statement released Thursday night by the office of Masrour Barzani, the head of the Kurdistan Regional Security Council, called the operation “the single biggest military offensive against ISIS, and the most successful.”

Its always nice to start off with a feel good story, don't you think?

Hat Tip: Small Wars Journal.

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December 11, 2014

French Pay for Hostage

But then, once MUJWA had given up its last French hostage, the French took their refund strait out of Ahmed al Tilemsi's ass.

French forces in northern Mali have killed a senior commander of the al Mourabitoun Islamist group who was wanted by the United States, a defense ministry spokesman said on Thursday. The United States has offered a $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest of Ahmed al Tilemsi, who took part in the 2011 kidnapping of two French nationals in Niger and of three aid workers in Algeria later that year. Al Tilemsi was a founding member of the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJWA), which merged with fighters loyal to veteran Islamist leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar to form al Mourabitoun last year.


"Last night, we launched an operation in the Gao region in coordination with Malian forces," Colonel Gilles Jarron told reporters in Paris. He added that Tilesmi had been killed and a dozen other Islamists "neutralized," but did not specify if that meant killed or arrested.

Neutralized means dead, well played France, well played.
Ahmed el Tilemsi is a founding member and military head of the terrorist group Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJWA, also known as MUJAO and TWJWA). Prior to his leadership role in MUJWA, Tilemsi was a member of al-Qaida in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), where he played a role in the January 2011 kidnapping of two French nationals in Niamey, Niger. In October 2011, Tilemsi participated in the kidnapping of three aid workers in Algeria, which left two wounded by gunfire. Tilemsi was designated a terrorist pursuant to Executive Order 13224 on December 7, 2012.

MUJWA was created in September 2011 as an offshoot of al-Qaida in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) to further spread terrorist activities throughout West Africa. MUJWA has conducted various attacks and kidnappings, including a March 2012 suicide attack in Tamanrasset, Algeria, which wounded 23 people. The United States designated MUJWA as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity on December 7, 2012, and the UN al-Qaida Sanctions Committee listed MUJWA on December 5, 2012, for being associated with AQIM.

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December 01, 2014

US Targets IS in Raqqa With Impunity

If you're living in Raqqa and expect IS to protect you, don't. GTFO because we're just getting warmed up.

A wave of US-led air strikes have struck at least 30 targets around the Syrian city of Raqa, the self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic State group, a monitor said Sunday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the strikes took place before midnight Saturday and hit 30 targets on the northern outskirts of Raqa.

They also hit Division 17, a Syrian army base the jihadist group captured earlier this year.

Last week IS taunted the US when it took down a US RQ-180 drone. Would you care to taunt us a second time?

Pretty please.

Update: Sorry the reports last week were of an Iranian drone with a pusher prop similar to an RQ-180. An RQ-180 was lost last week in Afghanistan with competing claims of mechanical failure and the Taliban claiming a shootdown.

Regardless loss of older drones is not a significant accomplishment as ISIS claims. They are built and designed with losses in mind.

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November 08, 2014

US Strikes Kill 100 ISIS Leaders and Soldiers in Airstrikes Near Mosul and al-Qaim

So like airstrikes have no effect. But they do work very well on ISIS parades! LOL.

(Reuters) - U.S. air strikes destroyed an Islamic State convoy near the Iraqi city of Mosul but U.S. officials said on Saturday it was unclear whether the group's top commander Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been in any of the 10 targeted vehicles.

Colonel Patrick Ryder, a Central Command spokesman, said the U.S. military had reason to believe that the convoy was carrying leaders of Islamic State, an al Qaeda offshoot which controls large chunks of Iraq and Syria.

The convoy consisted of 10 Islamic State armed trucks.

"I can confirm that coalition aircraft did conduct a series of air strikes yesterday evening in Iraq against what was assessed to be a gathering of ISIL leaders near Mosul," said Ryder, using another name for Islamic State.

"We cannot confirm if ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was among those present."

A Mosul morgue official said 50 bodies of Islamic State militants were brought to the facility after the air strike.

50 down 50 more to go.Also Friday, U.S. warplanes struck several targets in Iraq’s western Anbar province, Ryder said. The strikes, near al-Qaim at the Syrian border, destroyed an Islamic State vehicle and several checkpoints, he said.

On Saturday, Iraqi government officials and tribal chiefs in Anbar reported fresh U.S. airstrikes near al-Qaim that they said also targeted and killed some of Baghdadi’s top aides. The raids could not be confirmed.Chatter on social media tends to confirm the strikes hit the intended targets.

With faux outrage over civilians and reports of martyrs circulating. There is also indications that possibly there is a communications blackout possibly by ISIS or a cyber move as some reports are coming back "suspended" on twitter in minutes.

We'll find out as the fog clears but it appears to have been a very bad day for ISIS. So lets dance!

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November 06, 2014

Imperial Good News: Abu Abdullah al-Britani Dies in US Airstrike

Conservative Tribune:

Chalk up another win for the good guys. Recently, a British man who joined the Islamic State and often bragged about beheading Americans was reportedly killed on the ground inside Syria, according to Shiraz Maher of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence.

In the linked video William Hasmo Clinic's(on left) pal mocked US forces,
Saying to "bring them"
Well we brought them. LOL

A misguided young man by the name of William Hasmo Clinic who decided to convert to radical Islam and of course renamed himself Abu Abdullah al-Britani, was seen many times in online videos enthusiastically speaking about the death of of the West and how the Islamic state will “take their weaponry as booty and these people will die. You cannot come into Iraq and think that you will take it. No way. We are willing to lay down our blood on this soil.”

Al-Bratani did, in fact, lay down his blood on their soil, as he was killed while fighting for the women’s repression, statism, and senseless violence that is radical Islam.

Just keep talking sh*t ISIS just keep talking.

We'll be more than happy to feed those words back to you.

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October 31, 2014

Red on Red Jabhat al-Nusra vs ISIS Deir el-Zour

I hope ya'll are stocked up on popcorn.

he fighting has escalated between Jabhat al-Nusra, the Islamic Front and their allies on the one hand, and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) on the other, as it reached an unprecedented climax in the past few days, both in terms of expansion and violence.

he battlefields expanded from the countryside of Hassakeh, to the countryside of Deir el-Zour and Maadan, which is between Raqqa and Deir el-Zour. They also covered the town of Jarablos, in the countryside of Aleppo, and the countryside of Latakia. Many killings, assassinations, suicide bombings, executions and mutilations took place during the battles, during which the injured sometimes bled to death without being treated.

One of the probable reasons behind that is that Jabhat al-Nusra has changed its view on the legitimacy of the fighting. While it once considered this fighting a form of “sedition” that must be halted and that it shouldn’t join, after ISIS attacked and gained control of its headquarters and positions in Deir el-Zour last week, Jabhat al-Nusra issued an intense speech that was more a declaration of war. Jabhat al-Nusra was not expected to stand idly by while the fighting reached the city of Deir el-Zour, which the organization considers its capital, particularly after its losses in Raqqa, Hassakeh, and Aleppo. If Deir el-Zour is lost, nothing else would be left for Jabhat al-Nusra.

Jabhat al-Nusra has succeeded in regaining control over all its headquarters and positions which were seized by ISIS last week, most importantly the Koniko oil field. It also took control over the al-Jafra field, and the industrial area. Following the counteroffensive launched by Jabhat al-Nusra, the Islamic Front and some of the Free Syrian Army’s factions, ISIS was forced to withdraw all of its members from the countryside of Deir el-Zour and regroup in al-Shaddadi city in the countryside of Hassakeh. Local sources said that ISIS no longer has any presence in the countryside of Deir el-Zour, except for the salt mine in al-Tabani town, where its members are under siege.

ISIS for its part is accusing anyone who fights against them as being FSA or in bed with their enemies.

Crucifying and beheading opposing fighters.(graphic)

The hash for Deir el-Zour for becoming very active with reports of fighting and murders.

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October 29, 2014

Australian Terror Recruiter Mohammad Ali Baryalei Is So Thunderstruck

He's totally 100% dead Jim!

AUSTRALIA’S most senior ­Islamic State fighter, who allegedly instigated a plot to behead a random member of the public in Sydney’s streets last month, has been killed in a coalition airstrike on the Syrian border town of ­Kobane, his friends have claimed.

Authorities were working last night to verify reports that ­Mohammad Ali Baryalei was “martyred’’ three days ago while fighting with Islamic State, the terror group to which he allegedly recruited scores of young Aus­tralians. The former drug-­abusing Kings Cross bouncer would be the first Australian fighter killed in the US-led bombing campaign that has been striking Islamic State targets inside Syria and Iraq since August.


Two of Baryalei’s Syria-based friends, who were fellow alumni of the Sydney “Street Dawah” group he led, told The Australian the one-time bit-part actor was killed in an airstrike at least three days ago in Kobane.

Mohamed Zuhbi and Abdul Salam Mahmoud, who have been undertaking humanitarian work focused on the Syrian port city of Lattakia, outside Islamic State’s caliphate, said the reports of Bary­alei’s demise were true.

“It was an airstrike, not sure by whom,” Mr Zuhbi said in an ­online interview with The Aus­tralian. “I personally received news from a brother who was with him for the most part of his journey so I believe it is true.”

See that's him right there! The one running for his life.... and losing.

You're welcome Australia, it was nothing.

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October 27, 2014

Imperial Good News! Abu Dujana Confirmed Dead

He's totally 100% dead Jim!

A British jihadi from Portsmouth has been killed fighting in the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani, currently besieged by Islamic State (IS) militants.

The family of Mehdi Hassan, 19, confirmed to ITV News that gruesome pictures of his body on social media were authentic.

CCTV showed Hassan apparently travelling with four other friends from Portsmouth to Syria in October 2013.

Mehdi Hassan was a prolific tweeter.

With his very last tweet being...

Dripping irony from Abu-Dunjana's profile.


He sure did!

Hat Tip: Peiter.

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October 23, 2014

ISIS' Boasting That Airstrikes Will Have No Affect on Them Wrong Dead Wrong

The Beeb:

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 464 IS fighters, 57 other militants and 32 civilians have died.

Meanwhile, fierce fighting resumed in the town of Kobane, where militants and Kurdish forces battling for control.

Kurdish sources told BBC Arabic that IS had retaken a strategically important hilltop 4km west of the town.

Kurdish forces fighting IS in Kobane took Tal Shair nine days ago.

Reports also suggest IS fighters have been shelling Kurdish positions and attacking the town centre.

Syrian Kurdish sources told the BBC that IS fighters launched intensive attacks on Wednesday night from the southern and eastern parts of the town, in an apparent attempt to get access to the town centre.

The fighting resumed on Thursday morning after a brief period of calm, the sources added.

That a pretty good rate of kill the enemy with a very low rate of collateral damage. Although its pretty easy to pick off ISIS engaging Kobane in a siege, this dispels the myth that the US intentionally targets innocent Muslims. To the contrary we love to support innocent Muslims, but the terrorists, you know, needed killing.

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October 20, 2014

Heartbreak! Omar Brooks Still in Jail


A man has been charged with offences related to the Counter Terrorism Act following a series of arrests yesterday.

Trevor Brookes, better known as Abu Izzadeen, 39, was charged with failure to notify a change of address and giving false information to police.

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October 17, 2014

Is This A Dead Man Dr. Shackleford?

Very dead Mr. Howie.

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Islamic State of Losers Run From Kobani!

Best Headline Ever?

Islamic State fighters have been driven out of Kobani, the Kurdish town that straddles the Syrian-Turkish border, after weeks of heavy fighting, according to Kurdish sources speaking to RT.


A Kurdish commander said that ISIS retreated overnight – withdrawing by 2 km east and 9 km west.

The Kurds are now clearing the city. The Islamists have left behind suicide bombers hiding in the ruins of the various buildings in the city.

"We can still hear sporadic gunfire and explosions coming from Kobani," RT's Murad Gazdiev reports from the Turkish-Syrian border.

However, a victory announcement from the Kurdish fighters is yet to be made because the whole of the city has not been secured.

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October 15, 2014

Jawa Totally Holy Caption Contest: We Did That! Edition

the first of a hopefully long and prosperous Jawa series.

Caption this before and after image of the crispy ISIS flagpole with presumably dead burnt Mujihadin ash highlights.

Update: Fatwa Issued!

The Our Hajj Will Be Complete Once We Rape Your Women Fatwa issued against The Realist of Qld at October for

You did say you wanted fries with that didn't you?

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September 30, 2014

Everyone Wave Buh Bye to Abu Imran

Belgium sends Abu Imran aka Fouad Belkacem of Sharia4Belgium prisonn for 15 Years.

USA Today:

radical Muslim organization in Belgium was a well-structured terror group that brainwashed youngsters and sent them to fight in Syria, prosecutors said Monday as a trial started for dozens of suspects.

Eight of the 46 suspects of the Sharia4Belgium group were present for the trial's opening. Many others are believed to be fighting in Syria or to have died in the country's civil war.

The group's alleged leader Fouad Belkacem, who is in custody, was led into court by armed guards. He listened in silence to prosecutor Ann Fransen as she said that leading a terror organization carries a maximum sentence of 15 to 20 years.

The case, one of the biggest-ever terror trials in Belgium, centers on Sharia4Belgium and its efforts to indoctrinate young Muslims through social media and readings, and then send them to Syria to fight.

Previous Jawa Report Coverage:

The Jawa Report: Abdulrahman Muhajir is Sad Also Broke.
Video: Censored 31 - - Exclusive interview with Abou Imran of Shariah 4 Belgium (Updated)
Sharia4Belgium Spokesman Fouad Belkacem Faces Charges
The Jawa Report: Belgian Jihadi Threatens to Nuke France
Good News: Belgian Islamist Who Wants to Nuke France Still on YouTube


Jawa Report did our fair share to fight Sharia4Belgium.

Censored31 Back!
Attempts To Blackmail Belgian Authorities Over Hate Charges Against Sharia4Belgium's Spokesperson Fouad Belkacem

Feel Good Story of the Day Belgian Jihadi Dies in Syria Brother Arrested.

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September 22, 2014

Imperial PSA: Bombardment of Rebel Scum Currently in Progress


ISIS members, please remain seated. You can try to run or hide, but you'll just die tired.

Thanks to William.

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What A Wonderful Problem!

There's a huge argument over just who killed Boko Haram leader Shekau.

f the ongoing report from the troubled Northeast Nigeria is anything to go by, then a prominent Boko Haram Commander suspected to be the sect’s leader, Abubakar Shekau might have been killed.

However, one report that appears conflicting is whether the alleged victory was actually won by the Nigerian Army or the Cameroonian soldiers.

While troops from Cameroon on Sunday night claimed responsibility for killing Shekau with photos of the Boko Haram leader’s corpse as one of the proofs, the Nigerian Army has equally claimed that its troops killed the sect leader. The report from the side of the Nigerian troops was however not supported by images.


Well there's one Shaheed that's not smiling in his death photo. That's what happens when the Kuffar capture your dead body, there's no one to pose the stiff's smile and pointy finger.

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September 05, 2014

Unfortunate? Update: Al Shabaab Leader Ahmed Abdi Godane Confirmed Dead!

I don't think that word means what the think it means.

Never forget.

Update 09/05/2014: Emir Godane has been droned, a confirmed kill.

Reuters) - The Pentagon confirmed on Friday that Ahmed Abdi Godane, a leader of the al Shabaab Islamist group, was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Somalia this week, calling it a "major symbolic and operational loss" for the al Qaeda-affiliated militants.


"We have confirmed that Ahmed Godane, the co-founder of al Shabaab, has been killed," Rear Admiral John Kirby, the Pentagon's press secretary, said in a statement.

Since taking charge of al Shabaab in 2008, Godane had restyled the group as a global player in the al Qaeda network, carrying out bombings and suicide attacks in Somalia and elsewhere in the region, including the Sept. 21, 2013, attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, that killed 67 people.

Godane publicly claimed responsibility for the Westgate attack, saying it was revenge for Kenyan and Western involvement in Somalia and noting its proximity to the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States.

His death leaves a gap in al Shabaab's leadership and was seen as posing the biggest challenge to the group's unity since it emerged as a fighting force eight years ago.

As you might recall, it was Godane who had American Jihadi Omar Hammami murdered for speaking out against Godane acting in his own interest as a warlord rather than in the interest of Muslims or Islam.

Hammami was just American enough to call out Godane and paid the ultimate price for it.

Hammami was a fave Jihadi of mine, we may have been on different sides but I admired him for daring to speak against injustice in al-Shabaab as he saw it.

We'd tried to talk Omar into turning himself in several times, he refused and accepted his fate destiny as a Mujahideen even as al-Shabaab sought to murder him. The fate of Omar Hammami's Somali wife and children is still unknown.

Today Omar Hammami is avenged. He might have been a Muj but he was OUR MUJ and his children have an American birthright.

May Godane rot in hell.


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September 04, 2014

Imperial Good News! Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's Right Hand Man Dead as a Rock

Rumor is that Baghdadi himself is in danger as those he has hand picked to lead ISIS keep winding up dead.

Three senior members of ISIS - including the right hand man of its leader - have been killed in a US airstrike in northern Iraq, according to senior security officials.
Damaging blow: A key aide of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed by a US airstrike over Mosul, northern Iraq according to security sources.

Two days after video showing the execution of Steven Sotloff was released, US warplanes struck a damaging blow at the heart of ISIS in Mosul, killing Abu Hajar Al-Sufi, who is an aide to its chief, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.


And at the NATO summit in Wales this afternoon, Secretary of State John Kerry was seen to quietly pass President Obama a note during an address by British Prime Minister David Cameron, after which members of the press were cleared from the conference hall.

While it has not been confirmed if Obama learned of Al-Sufi's death through Kerry's note, the president was noticeably absent for the beginning of a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine commission in the early evening at the summit.

A senior Iraqi security official confirmed the news of the deadly air strike to NBC News and is the most significant blow against ISIS since the United States began air strikes last month.

Al Arabiya quoted the Iraqi Defense Ministry to say Baghdadi's aide, an explosives expert and the military leader of the nearby town of Tel Afar also lost their lives in the raid.

More on ISIS leadership here and the chart from the above image here.

Now is the time at Jawa when we dance.

Or if you're Shia.... Gimme a beat!

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August 25, 2014

Attn: ISIS (bumped)

All ur base are belong to us.

Thanks to @BemetOr8, Beer O'Clock, @meankitteh1, @wvubetasoldier.

We just want the Foley family to know the Jawas are doing what we can. May James RIP.

And it seems the world is finally coming around to our view that Islamic Terror Propaganda is something to be fought actively. We've noticed that providers, especially Google has been more cooperative in removing ISIS propaganda lately. Since Obama has acted in Iraq. Good for them. Not only are they taking down the Foley Murder videos they are erasing all traces from Google's Cache.

But lets get one thing clear, this is NOT President Obama's fault.

Evil people do evil things. ISIS are evil. We must fight evil. Its that simple.


And I also want to thank all those others across the web who are fighting this release.

There's more work to be done on this.


And down


Ha Double D!


Update: 08/25/14.


Some people are just slow learners.






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August 22, 2014

Imperial Very Good News! Assad Kills ISIS Jihadi Abu Moussa

Protein Wisdom:

“ISIS Jihadi Who Threatened To Raise Flag Of Allah In White House Is Dead”
So I guess he’ll be needing a proxy to raise that flag now.

And yes, I’m holding back the urge to say, “like, maybe Obama?”


He's dead Jim

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August 11, 2014

Kurds Kill Murderous ISIS Headchopper

Rot in hell.....

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July 24, 2014

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim IS Free!

Italy Rocks!

A Sudanese woman who was spared a death sentence for renouncing Islam has flown to Italy after more than a month in the US embassy in Khartoum.


Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag and her family were met in Rome by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who said: "Today is a day of celebration."

There was global condemnation when she was sentenced to hang for apostasy.

Her father is Muslim so according to Sudan's version of Islamic law she is also Muslim and cannot convert.

Sudan's version of Islam? How about THE version of Islam?

Anyway thanks to the Italians and we hope to welcome her home soon.

Praise Jesus!

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July 15, 2014

What Comes Around Goes Around Benghazi Terrorist Has Terrible Episode of Bad Luck

Karma just dropped a huge rock on Faraj al-Shibli's head.

Faraj al-Shibli, who was suspected of involvement in the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, has been found dead, a Libyan source and locals in the town of Marj said.


Al-Shibli, whose name is also spelled Chalabi, was last seen being detained by a local militia in Marj two days ago, a Libyan source said.

It is unclear what happened to al-Shibli since then, but his body was found Monday in the eastern Libyan town of Marj.

I hope he didn't like get Gaddafied.... Oh who am I kidding, yes I do.

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June 26, 2014

Kurds Ice UK Jihadi

Gotta love those Kurds, tell me again why we didn't just give them the entire Northern No Fly Zone when we had the chance?

A first British jihadist is believed to have been killed fighting in Iraq's civil war, intelligence officials in the east of the country have told The Telegraph.
The man has not been identified but is believed to be British of Arab origin, according to intelligence officials attached to the Peshmerga, the ethnic Kurdish forces who are holding up the advance of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham across the north and east of Iraq.

He died in heavy fighting for the town of Jalawla on Wednesday, along with dozens of other fighters, Rooz Bahjat, a senior security official said, speaking at a base in the town of Khanaqin 12 miles away.

The Telegraph was shown a photograph of the man's body. He is pale-skinned with blue eyes, but of Mediterranean appearance. He wears a long beard in the style associated with the radical Salafi version of Sunni Islam, without a moustache.

Mr Bahjat said Kurdish fighters, some of whom were themselves brought up in exile in Britain, recognised a British accent among the voices of the foreign fighters who were leading the other side of the battle.

I'm sure he has some stupid Kunya like al-Brittani. Anyone missing?

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June 23, 2014

Who Our SpecOps Troops Should Be Deploying For

Making she, her husband, and their children get out of Sudan safely. Not training Shia butchers to kill Sunni butchers.

Ibrahim, 27, refused to renounce her Christian faith in court in May, prompting a judge to sentence her to hang for apostasy. The case became an international cause, with several U.S. lawmakers and the State Department blasting the decision as barbaric. Sudan's national news service SUNA said the Court of Cassation in Khartoum on Monday canceled the death sentence after defense lawyers presented their case, and that the court ordered her release.

C'mon, Obama. You traded five Taliban commanders for one deserting traitor. You could at least atone for making sure she comes to America safe with her husband and kids.

I won't hold my breath, though.

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June 18, 2014

Cornhole Watch: Everyone Please Welcome Ahmed Abu Khattala To America

Khattala begins his tour with a nice long ocean cruise aboard a fine US vessel. We're sorry about the lack of a window in his cabin, but we were all booked up.

NY Times:

CAIRO — Ahmed Abu Khattala was always open about his animosity toward the United States, and even about his conviction that Muslims and Christians were locked in an intractable religious war. “There is always hostility between the religions,” he said in an interview. “That is the nature of religions.”


During the assault on the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, on the night of Sept. 11, 2012, Mr. Abu Khattala was a vivid presence. Witnesses saw him directing the swarming attackers who ultimately killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

aptured by military commandos and law enforcement agents early on Monday, Mr. Abu Khattala may now help address some of the persistent questions about the identity and motives of the attackers.

The motive of the attackers? Maybe Mr. Khattala's views on religion have something to do with it. I mean, "Always hostility between religions." He believes Islam is in an intractable never ending religious war with Christianity. Now where would he get a silly idea like that?

Anyway, upon disembarking from his cruise Mr. Khattala will be staying at the crossbar motel also window free. We've taken the liberty of reserving him a room for the next 20 to 30 years.

I''m sure we can make arrangements for him to stay further should he enjoy his visit as much as we all hope he does. Possibly some of his friends will also be joining him on the tour very soon. We don't want him to feel too lonely.

Its called American hospitality.

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May 19, 2014

Everyone Wave Buh Bye to Abu Hamza al-Masri

The Beeb:

Radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza has been found guilty of supporting terrorism by an American court.

He was accused of conspiring to aid organisations like al-Qaeda.

Prosecutors at the court in New York said Abu Hamza - who was tried as Mustafa Kamel Mustafa - assisted the kidnappers of 16 tourists in Yemen in 1998 and attempted to build a terrorist training camp in Oregon.

The 56-year-old had denied the charges.

However Manhattan Attorney Preet Bharara said: "The defendant stands convicted, not for what he said, but for what he did."

The Islamist preacher came to prominence in the UK for his fiery sermons outside Finsbury Park mosque; in one he praised the 11 September hijackers.

He was extradited to the US in 2012 after having been jailed for seven years for inciting murder and race hate.

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May 14, 2014

Imperial Good News: AQAP F*cks With Wrong Americans

This is just too good for the ROP Roundup, deserves its own post.

One of the two officers at the U.S. Embassy in Yemen who shot and killed a pair of suspected al-Qaida gunmen was getting a haircut at a barbershop when the attempted abduction took place, Yemeni security officials said Sunday.

...The barbershop, owned by a longtime Indian resident, is on Heda Street, a commercial road in the southern part of the city where some of Sanaa's best restaurants, supermarkets and high-end boutiques are located.

The Yemeni officials said the armed militants arrived in a battered SUV and burst into the shop shouting: "Police! Police!" The officials said one of the two Americans was having his hair cut, while the second waited for his turn.

They said one of the Americans killed both militants before the pair jumped into their waiting SUV and drove off. Owners of nearby stores rushed to the barbershop on hearing the gunshots but the Americans already had left, the officials said.

I think it just moved.....

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May 07, 2014

Islamic State of Losers Lose Homs Syria: Rebellion Crushed

End result of all that terrorist red on red infighting. Assad takes the birthplace of the rebellion.

Syria Direct:AMMAN: An agreement to allow safe passage to rebels and civilians out of Old Homs has left regime opponents divided, with some saying the battle will move to the provinces and others yearning to move on with their lives after two years of a strangling encirclement of their districts.

The estimated 2,500 fighters and citizens inside the 13 rebel-controlled districts of Homs agreed in principle on Friday to hand over to the government its territory in Syria’s third-largest city. A UN-supervised departure is scheduled to begin this week, Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi told AFP on Monday, adding that the ceasefire is holding.

With a ferocious government military campaign in recent weeks and gnawing hunger from a regime blockade in place since June 2012 that allowed almost no movement in or out, regime opponents said they had little choice but to surrender.

“We must put ourselves in the place of the people who lived in the siege and saw their children die from hunger, they saw their brothers die because of infected wounds due to shelling,” Suhaib Ali, a Homs-based FSA spokesman, told Syria Direct.

Rebels inside had little choice given “the neglect from the political opposition and the international community,” Ali said.

“What would you do?” he asked.

Pussies! You were so close to achieving martyrdom?

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March 05, 2014

Brand New Super Exciting Business Opportunity! Dead Jihadis Going For Big Bucks in Iraq!

Become a Bounty Hunter! Start Today!! Be upwardly mobile, more attractive! While Supplies Last!

Iraq's government has offered a reward of $17,200 (£10,300) for each foreign militant killed from al-Qaeda or the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), a former affiliate.

Image Credit Star Wars Report

A larger reward of $25,800 (£15,500) is being offered for the capture of militants belonging to the two groups.

The announcement was made on the website of the ministry of defence.

Al-Qaeda and ISIS have been blamed by the authorities for the surge in sectarian violence over the past year.

Iraqi government data says more than 1,000 people were killed in January.

Get rich! Buy an Aston Martin!

Get Some!

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February 28, 2014


Don't let the door hit you where Allah split you.

Under pressure, ISIS on Friday pulled out from the northern town of Azaz. A video posted on YouTube showed scenes of celebration among residents


@reyadiraq was the twtter feed that live tweeted the amputation of a man's hand in Allepo.

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February 26, 2014

Never Push The Wed One! (Updated & Bumped!

Red on Red just keeps getting better.

“Charity worker” dies while driving truckload of bombs for al-Nusra.

Probably, you know, just misunderstood, kind of like this guy.

Cousin Of 9/11 Terrorist Is Killed In The Homs Governate.

This Syrian war is really starting to grow on me.

Updated 02/26/14 at 07:39 cst: It just keeps getting better and better.

Assad wipes out 175, count em 175 al-Nusra Front terrorists.

Up to 3300 Jihadis have already bitten the dust in Red on Red fighting in 2014!

I think it just moved.

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