May 11, 2019

French Rescue Four Hostages Lose Two Soldiers

Viva Liberty!

French commandos rescued four foreign hostages including two French citizens from a militant group in Burkina Faso, France's military said on Friday, adding that two of the elite soldiers were killed in the night-time operation.

French special forces carried out the raid under cover of dark over the night of Thursday-Friday, supported by U.S. intelligence and troops from France's Barkhane operation deployed in the Sahel region to counter Islamist militants.

All four hostages were safe, President Emmanuel Macron's office said, adding that a U.S. woman and a South Korean woman were also freed in the covert operation.

I want to extend our thanks to France, our oldest ally, for their sacrifice in freeing our citizen.

Let us never forget who fights for liberty.


I cannot find these hero's names, but if anyone has the identity of those lost, please post in comments and we'll list them here.


They were identified as petty officers Cédric de Pierrepont and Alain Bertoncello. A Facebook post by the French Navy added that both men received numerous awards and recognitions throughout their military careers, such as the Gold Level of the National Defense Medal.

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October 25, 2018

Japanese Hostage Junpei Yasuda Ransomed

A Japanese journalist held for three years by Islamist militants in Syria was freed after a ransom of $3 million was paid, it was claimed yesterday.

Junpei Yasuda, 44, a freelancer with extensive experience of working in the Middle East, went missing while reporting in Syria in 2015. Japan confirmed that he had been released but denied paying the ransom.

We are glad that Junpei Yasuda is free, our joy is tempered with the knowledge that al-Qaeda in Syria is richer today than i was yesteday

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October 12, 2017

Taliban Release Caitlan Coleman and Josh Boyle

Good news.

ISLAMABAD (AP) — An American woman, her Canadian husband and their three young children have been released after years held captive by a network with ties to the Taliban.

U.S. officials say Pakistan secured the release of Caitlan Coleman and her husband, Canadian Joshua Boyle. The two were abducted five years ago while traveling in Afghanistan and have been held by the Haqqani network.

Coleman was pregnant when she was captured. The couple had three children while in captivity.

The family's current location, however, was unclear. And officials declined to say when the family planned to return to North America.

The U.S. has criticized Pakistan for failing to aggressively go after the Haqqanis.

A U.S. national security official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing operation, commended Pakistan for their assistance.

Pakistan always held the cards on this. We're thankful for their release, for the criminal kidnapping and abuse by the Taliban, not so much.

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July 21, 2017

Missing America Hostage Jeffery Woodke Still Alive

Its against Sharia to take monks or men of the cloth. Even Christian ones. But when did rules ever stop al-Qaeda.

In October it will be a year since Jeffery Woodke, 56, an American humanitarian worker, was kidnapped from his home in Abalak, Niger, by armed men who killed two guards before driving him across the desert into neighboring Mali. Since the abduction, nothing has yet been said about him by the jihadis.


Woodke, who is from McKinleyville, California, is a longtime aid worker with the Youth With a Mission charity and has been living in Niger since 1992, helping local tribes overcome drought and food shortages. On the website of The Redwood Coast School of Missions, a Christian mission based in the town of Arcata in California, he is listed as an instructor.

The FBI kidnapping notice shows a stocky man with a gray goatee and a winning smile. In Abalak, he spoke the local language, wore a turban and traditional dress, and was very well-liked. The town’s mayor reportedly said after the kidnapping it was “such a devastating shock the whole city cried.”

A U.S. State Department official speaking on background told The Daily Beast the case is being followed closely and there is “enough information to know that he is alive,” but would say nothing more specific than that.

We pray for his immediate and unconditional release.

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March 09, 2017

Pastor Raymond Koh Missing in Malaysia

Possibly someone didn't like him preaching in the majority Muslim nation? This is obviously the Sharia Police.

Habeas corpus Raymond Koh.

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February 28, 2017

Hostage Jurgen Kantner Murdered by Abu Sayyaf

RIP, and may the Lord take his vengeance on the terrorist scum that murdered him.

he Philippines and Germany condemned on Monday the beheading of an elderly German captive by Islamic State-linked Abu Sayyaf militants who posted a video of the killing after a deadline for a $600,000 ransom passed.


The video showed a machete-wielding militant behead Jurgen Kantner. The German had appealed for help twice in short video messages, saying he would be killed if ransom were not paid.

The video is here for those of you who want to see the barbarity of these butchers.

I've had my fill and usually skip them these days, though I did view this one.

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June 13, 2016

Abu Sayyaf Murders Another Canadian

Canadian Robert Hall was murdered by Abu Sayyaf today, as Ramadaan continues expect Islamic Terrorists to continue their string of bloody murders in order to prove their dedication to Allah.

The Islamic State-linked Abu Sayyaf group has executed Canadian hostage Robert Hall in the Southern Philippines after a ransom deadline expired.

Image credit BBC.

Al-Jazeera reported the death of the Canadian national at the hands of the extremist group, quoting an anonymous military source. Hall's execution by beheading was confirmed on Monday 13 June.

RIP and our hearts again go out to Canada.

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May 03, 2016

The Savage Murder of John Ridsde

Islamic State and their supporters are savages of the worst order.

Our hearts go out to Mr. Ridsdel's family and to all our Canadian friends of which we at Jawa have many..

These are never easy. In the end evil will fail as evil always does.

The link to the video is here at The Rebel.

Personally I have not watched it, I've seen way too many, so I'm skipping this one.

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April 26, 2016

Germany Pays Islamic Terrorists Ransom For Kidnapped Hostages

Abu Sayyaf released two German hostages the same day they murdered Canadian hostage John Ridsdel.

We're happy that the Germans are alive, we're sad that the money paid to Abu Sayyaf will be used to advance the cause of Islamic Terrorism thus resulting in more victims in the future.

But it was all Halal, kidnapping and murder as a tool to advance Islam, its in the Koran.

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April 25, 2016

Hostage John Ridsdel Reportedly Murdered by Terrorist Group Abu Sayyaf

RIP John; remember John's only crime was being a non-Muslim with no money.

John Ridsdel, 68, was taken from a tourist resort along with three others by the Abu Sayyaf group in September last year.

Confirming the death, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called it "an act of coldblooded murder".

On Monday a severed head was found on a remote Philippine island, hours after an Abu Sayyaf ransom deadline expired.

The Philippine army has not confirmed if it belonged to one of the captives.

The group holding Mr. Ridsdel appeared to be a small disorganized group of desperate jungle guerrillas rather than a large organized terrorist cell.

Here is our report when he was taken, the video has since been removed by we have an archived copy.

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April 22, 2016

Terrorist Connected to Murder of Daniel Pearl Arrested at Last

It only took our ally Pakistan fourteen years to locate and arrest Abdul Rehman.

KARACHI - An accused wanted in the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl (pictured) was arrested Friday in the Golimar area of Karachi, Pakistan Today reported.

Rizvia Society Police said, in a joint action with intelligence agencies, police nabbed Abdul Rehman alias Sindhi. Police recovered a pistol from his possession and shifted him to an undisclosed location for interrogation, the paper said.

Police claimed Abdul Rehman is affiliated to al-Qaeda and is a close aide of Saud Memon, accused and facilitator in Daniel Pearl murder.

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January 18, 2016

Prayers for Hostages

The Americans in Baghdad and the Australians in Burkina Faso.

Expect more of this, Iranian backed terrorist feeling emboldened and ISIS expats spreading out and using old Islamic State of Iraq tactics, bombings and the kidnapping and murder of hostages.

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October 31, 2015

ISIS Murders Four Kurdish Soldiers in Revenge Video

So ISIS seems a little pissed off about the raid on the prison. Our hearts go out to the Kurds.

A video purportedly from ISIS surfaced online Friday and shows the terrorists beheading four Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in retaliation for the daring raid by U.S.-led coalition forces last week in northern Iraq.


At the end of the 15-minute video, a masked English-speaking man delivers a warning to U.S. President Barack Obama before he executes one of the prisoners, who is wearing an orange jumpsuit.


The three other prisoners are also seen being beheaded at the end of the video and Arabic text appears onscreen. It translates as "Peshmerga soldiers that Americans came down to rescue."

Earlier in the video, ISIS also claims to show the aftermath of the raid during which 70 hostages were rescued by Kurdish, U.S. and Iraqi forces from an ISIS prison in Hawija, in the northern Iraq province of Kirkuk.




Here is the English spoken bu the first killer to Obama. He sounds American to me. But he's not very eloquent, obviously reciting a prepared statement in a halting fashion. Despite his claims of "victory" it seems we made quite the mess for ISIS.

Obama you have learned a new lesson. Six of the soldiers of the Caliphate faced Four Hundred of your children. They killed and injured them by Allah's grace. You are probably surprised by this.

Oh Crusader, it is the support of Allah.

You did not gain anything, you returned to your bases and with losses and humiliation. Obama you wage war against Allah, he supports us against you. It is the promise of Allah. Allah will never fail in his promise.

This man then beheads the first prisoner as the other three are forced to watch. Its a as gruesome a beheading as I've witnessed.


Then a warning in Arabic is given to the Kurds and the other three prisoners are beheaded. (screencap and video below the fold)


The video is available here by request.
(I'm not around to approve the requests so if you didn't get it by now, sorry.)

Its not clear if the following strike was before or after the video. But from the damage shown on the ground it may be after.

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October 29, 2015

Obama's Iran Deal Yields Fruit on Hostage Situation Iran Detains Another American


Iran has arrested another American holding dual citizenship, bringing to four the number of Iranian Americans imprisoned in Tehran after they came under suspicion by hard-line security forces.

Siamak Namazi, a businessman based in Dubai who is in his early 40s, was arrested earlier this month when he was visiting a friend in Tehran, according to a family friend who did not want to be identified. It is not clear whether any charges have been brought against him or what authorities might allege he did.

Just think how much better a deal the Iranians can get next time if Hillary is elected?!?!

Super awesome!

Hat Tip: Webradius.

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October 13, 2015

Abu Sayyaf Holding Four Canadian Hostages

The hostages demand the Philippines stop all operations against them, curiously the terrorist speaking at the end speaks in English.

Obviously these Canadians are innocent non combatants and should be released without demand, but Abu Sayyaf and other Islamic Terrorists interpret Islam as that as Kuffar, even though they are innocent< they can be used as bargaining chips, even killed if their demands are not met.

We call for their unconditional release, because under Abu Sayyaf's interpretation, their demand is comwardly, if the you are attacked in a fight and achieve Martyrdom that is a gift of Allah, no?

To murder these men asking for safety s cowardly shirk.

Thanks to Gilles.

Update: After 50k views Youtube in its wisdom decided to remove the video. Thanks assholes for flagging it off. We're on the good side.

Anyway alternate uncensored copy here.

Full report here.

The Canadians abducted were John Ridsdel, 68, and Robert Hall, 50, and the Norwegian resort owner was Kjartan Sekkingstad, 56.

Hall’s girlfriend, Marites Flor, was also abducted. She did not speak in the video.

Philippine authorities had previously said they did not know if the Abu Sayyaf was behind the abductions, nor where the hostages were being held.

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August 24, 2015

British Hostage Douglas Semple Freed

AQAP was holding Mr. Semple when the UAE was able to locate and free him.

The video was online for barely half an hour before it was removed. But Semple’s wish was finally granted this weekend when UAE forces based in the embattled city of Aden managed to rescue him in what they called a “military intelligence operation”.

Image credit CNN

British hostage freed in Yemen after 18 months of chaos and power struggles
Read more
The UAE said in a statement it had transported Semple to a safe location in Aden before flying him out on Saturday night to the Emirates capital Abu Dhabi, where he was met by the British ambassador.

It is understood he was taken to a hospital in the country’s capital and was able to speak to his wife in Britain. He will be reunited with her when he is flown back to the UK following medical checks.

The Abu Dhabi crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan called David Cameron to tell him of Semple’s release.

“I’m so pleased for the family of the British hostage in Yemen – who has been released safe and well,” Cameron later tweeted. “Thanks to the UAE for their help.”

Update: Also freed
CNN: French national Isabelle Prime, who was working for an international organization when she was kidnapped in February along with her Yemeni translator in the capital, Sanaa, was freed earlier this month.

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June 23, 2015

Hostages Stephen McGowan and Johan Gustafsson Appear in AQIM Video

We pray for their immediate and unconditional release and return to their families.

A South African man who was captured by al-Qaeda in Mali nearly four years ago has appeared in a new video pleading with government to secure his freedom.


Stephen McGowan and Swede national Johan Gustafsson were abducted at a hotel in Timbuktu in November 2011 and have since been held in the Islamic Maghreb.

In the footage released by a Mauritanian news agency, the bearded pair can be seen wearing traditional robes sitting under a tree while being watched over by three masked men dressed in black

A Facebook page in support of Stephen McGowan is here.

A copy of the video is here, please do not flag at this time. I do have a copy saved.

Again we call for their unconditional release, there is no accusation against them they are simply held for ransom or trade. From what I can tell they are treated well saving they have been deprived their freedom for four years.

Update: More on the interviewer here.

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June 01, 2015

French Hostage Isabelle Prime Appears in Video

We pray for her immediate and unconditional release.

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April 07, 2015

France Frees Hostage Sjaak Rijke From AQIM

You know the world is PFU when the French are the only ones willing to how shall we say, sack it up.

Paris (AFP) - French special forces on Monday freed a Dutch hostage who had been held by Al-Qaeda-linked extremists in Mali for more than three years, after staging a dramatic desert raid that culminated in a gunbattle with his captors.

France's defence ministry said Sjaak Rijke, a train driver abducted while on holiday in Timbuktu in November 2011, was freed during "military action carried out by the French army's special forces."

"This combat action has also led to the capture of several individuals," added the ministry, referring to the raid against Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

It said Rijke was "safe and sound."

French President Francois Hollande said the freed hostage had been transported to a safe location and that a number of suspected jihadists were killed during the operation.

He said the French soldiers were not aware of the hostage's location before the raid against the extremists near Tessalit in Mali's far north, close to the border with Algeria.

"It was a surprise for us -- for our forces -- to be able to free this hostage because we did not have information" about his presence, Hollande said, without providing further details.

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February 12, 2015

Reports: Kayla Mueller May Have Been Naive or Sympathetic Leftist

I've been reading reports and criticisms that Kayla Mueller may Have bought into the whole Syrian Dead Baby Propaganda Campaign, that she may have sympathized with the plight of the Palestinians, that it was images of terrorist loving dead baby campaigners on the internet that prompter her to go to Syria.

So f*cking what? Really.

She would not be the first nor the last person to go off to the Middle East with these views to end up learning the hard way that the terrorists really are evil.

Tom Fox of Christian Pacemakers comes to mind, Tom was beheaded in Iraq for the same thing. Going there believing that he had to help and for his trouble he was rewarded by having his head chopped off by the very people he tried to help.

The bottom line is that no matter Kayla's motivations, what Islamic state did was kidnap an innocent and hold her for ransom. They took her freedom and falsely imprisoned her. Talking nice to a falsely imprisoned person and giving them a kebab doesn't take away the fact that they are held hostage.

Nor that they died in the hands of the kidnappers. No one deserves what happened to Kayla and Tom and countess others at the hands of these terrorists.


I believe that Kayla probably did go to help suffering Syrian children.

Its a shame that those making war in Syria use the broken bodies of children that died in their war to drag people into their little death trap. I don't blame Kayla for having a heart, I blame those who took her for not having one.

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February 10, 2015

Kayla Mueller Confirmed Dead

RIP Kayla, the blame lies squarely on Islamic State, for it was they who took away her freedom. It was IS who kidnapped and held her for ransom in a criminal act against an innocent.

The Guardian: The family of Kayla Mueller, the 26-year-old aid worker held hostage by Isis since August 2013, has confirmed in a statement that she has been killed.

“We are heartbroken to share that we’ve received confirmation that Kayla Jean Mueller, has lost her life,” her parents and brother said on Tuesday.

Had Kayla been free, she had a chance. A chance that the terrorists' greed stole from her.

Our thoughts go out to her family.

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February 06, 2015

US Female Hostage Reportedly Killed in Airstrike

Jawa Report has been aware of the identity of the female US hostage for some time.

It was there to be found on the internet if you looked. Today ISIS claims she was killed in an airstrike.

Which is terrible, but not as terrible as if she had died at the hands of ISIS.

There are things worse than death.

I see several outlets have run her name already, so here is the claim.

I would want to stress that at this time the claim only includes images of a building ISIS claims she was held in. They have provided no proof of life or death.

There are some hashes on her here and here and here.

Let us also recall that ISIS lied about the Jordanian pilot being dead, she could be alive or ISIS might have already killed her and used the airstrikes as an excuse.

Thanks toLady Liberty 1885.

Update: Quite the the achiever for such a young lady.

Update: Her parents have now spoken to CNN.

Therefore I will post; RIP Kayla Jean Mueller, may the Lord keep her and comfort her family.

Kayla was nearly rescued once with US special forces finding some of her hair but Mueller had been moved.

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January 31, 2015

ISIS Murders Kenji Goto Joto

ISIS has carried out the Murder Japanese hostage of Kenjo Goto Jogo.


I can confirm this is the case. In the video Jihad John appears, it is his voice, he then speaks about the Grace of Allah, but Kenji was shown no grace. Joto is silent and stoic, a still at the end of the video confirms his death.

Our prayers go out to the people of Japan and to his family.

Evil does abide on this Earth its name is ISIS.

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.

ISIS seems annoyed that states are not recognizing the power of the group as a true state, the irony of murdering a bound journalist while hiding in a ravine seems to escape them.

The video is also very short and has a number of issues playing outside a web browser. Its fairly high resolution but appears hastily prepared with out many of the post production features. Aside from the reappearance of the al-Furqan label.

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January 28, 2015

New Deadline Set For Jordanian Pilot Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh And Kenji Goto Jogo

ISIS says that if al-Rishrawi is not at the border by sundown Thursday they will kill the Jordanian pilot.

There is no proof of life for the pilot in the video I can confirm it is Kenji Goto Jogo but there are no images but of Arabic text and his voice. The translation reads that the pilot will be killed at 5:31 but sets no deadline for Jogo.

I'm not going to run this one. I'm sick of them.

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January 27, 2015

ISIS Issues New Threat to Kenji Goto Jogo and Jordanian Pilot Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh

clock for larger

The video was released via the ISIS forum aplatformmedia and

This video is a slightly different still image of Goto reading a statement with an image of the Jordanian Pilot apparently PhotoShopped into one of the previous images of Goto holding the image of the beheaded hostage Haruna Yukawa.

ISIS says the execution of the Jordanian pilot is imminent and Goto is given 24 hours to live.

The release was quickly followed by several copies uploaded here by this Google Plus user.

A fan of Manchester United and also terrorism.




Which links to this twitter user. Followed closely by Alkhaleej Online.

Update: If AQ murders Jogo it will be the third Japanese beheaded by AQ. Recently Haruna Yukawa but in 2004 al-Qaeda murdered Shosei Koda in revenge for Japanese logistical support in Iraq. Another Japanese victim of ISIS parent Ansar al-Sunnah Saito Akihiko.

Update II: I would like to welcome all the readers from Japan, although I'd rather it be under different circumstances.

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January 24, 2015

ISIS Murdered Haruna Yukawa

Gateway Pundit had the story.

I'm looking this over at the moment. Anyway there was a delay in the release and Kenji Goto Jogo it appears is still alive.

click for larger

At first glance it appears the new video is a hasty release, without the high production value in the previous video. It is a simple audio message over a the above still image.

Our thoughts go out to the People of Japan and to the family of Haruna Yukawa.

Update: In the video, in which Jihadi John is conspicuously absent Kenji Goto Jogo in English says the captors demands have changed. The demand for ransom is dropped and that Mr. Goto will be traded for a single female captive help by the Jordanians.

I'm not sure the spelling of her name or who she is. I will update shortly on that.

I can verify that Haruna Yukawa has been murdered.

Obviously something has seriously went wrong for the al-Furqan Media cell that was running this operation. But the video appears authentic despite the obvious difficulty al-Furqan is having.

More on the demands for the Jordanian prisoner here at USA Today

Goto, again speaking to his family, said in the purported video released Saturday that Islamic State had changed its ransom demand and no longer wanted money.

"Their demand is easier. They are being fair. They no longer want money. So you don't need to worry about funding terrorists. They are just demanding the release of their imprisoned sister Sajida al-Rishawi," he said.

Sajida al-Rishawi is a female suicide bomber dispatched by al-Qaeda in Iraq to attack a hotel in Jordan in 2005, SITE reported. She survived when her explosive belt failed to detonate.


Al-Rishawi was arrested by Jordanian authorities at the time of the attack on the Radisson SAS hotel in Amman that killed 57 people, many of whom were at a wedding reception.

She was later shown on Jordanian tV confessing to participating in the attack, the BBC reports. Jordanian police said she was the wife of one of three Iraqi male suicide bombers involved in the assault.

"My husband wore one [bomb] belt and I another -- he told me how to use it," she said, explaining that he took one corner of the hotel and she took another.

"There was a wedding in the hotel. There were women and children," she said. "My husband executed the attack. I tried to detonate and it failed. I left. People started running and I started running with them."

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January 20, 2015

IS Holds Two Japanese Men Demands 100 Million Each For Their Lives.

Jawa Report has obtained a copy of the video.


In the video Jihadi John stands next to two captives, Kenji Goto Jogo and Haruna Yukawa.

He cites that Japan has given $200 million , "to kill out women and children, the destroy the homes of the Muslims." And then demands $100 million for each live in 72 hours or he will behead the two hostages.

Its unclear how these two Japanese citizens were captured.

A copy of the video can be found at Jihadica.

Some background on the hostages here.

Before his capture, Goto was an avid freelance journalist who created his own video production company, Independent Press, in Tokyo in 1996 with the tagline "The World With You".


Through this company, he sent footage of conflict zones to Japanese television networks.

Goto is a man with a great interest in the Syrian civil war and the humanitarian crisis that has unfolded in the country. Here is a Unicef lecture he delivered in Tokyo in March last year on the Syrian crisis and the reality on the ground.

The second hostage.
In YouTube footage released in August last year, the second man in the hostage video, believed to be Haruna Yukawa, was shown captured in Syria by IS sympathisers.

He was taken hostage while travelling with the Free Syria Army in northern Aleppo and because of his possession of a gun he was treated as a spy. In the footage, the militants ask the Japanese national: "You thief? Why you have gun? You kill soldier?" He replied: "I am no soldier."

His capture reached Japan and many started to dig for more information on the captive. It was discovered that he owned a company known simply as "Private Military Company" and he had uploaded Facebook videos showing himself using an AK47 in Aleppo.

We reported on Haruna Yukawa's capture here.

This video of his capture remains online.

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January 15, 2015

Vanessa Marzullo and Greta Ramelli Released

Yeah I know Italy probably paid ransom.

Two Italian aid workers who were kidnapped by Islamic extremists in Syria six months ago were released on Thursday, suggesting that Italy has continued its long-running policy of paying ransoms for captives.

"Vanessa Marzullo and Greta Ramelli are free and will soon return to Italy," read a tweet from the office of Matteo Renzi, the prime minister. His spokesman also confirmed the release.

The two young women were taken hostage in July while working on humanitarian projects in the embattled northern city of Aleppo.

So two liberals learn a very hard lesson, terrorists don't care if you care.

Possibly Italy can do what France did when it freed its last hostage held by AQIM, follow the money and kill the recipients.

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January 02, 2015

Italian Girls Appear in Hostage Video

Life is sometimes very hard on young idealists. So as a public service I just want to inform folks that al-Qaeda and ISIS are butchers, they will murder you.

A video has emerged of two young Italian women, who were kidnapped in Syria last summer, begging for their lives and warning that they are in “danger” of being executed.

Wearing black veils, Greta Ramelli, 20, and Vanessa Marzullo, 21, tell the camera: “We are in big danger and we could be killed,” in the latest hostage crisis to confront the West.

Before Being Chosen as Bound Concubines

After Bene Gesserit Training

The video message, posted on YouTube and thought to be genuine, marks a chilling start to 2015 for their families in Italy, but does at least prove that they are still alive.

The two young women, who were working as aid volunteers in Syria, were kidnapped near Aleppo last July. They had been in Syria for just a matter of days when they were seized.

This is not some liberal freaking pipe dream about Zionist Imperialist Islamophobes oppressing the noble peaceful tribesmen in their rapefest for oil, its for real evil.

Now I know ya'll want to learn the hard way .... behold the hard way.

Dude I can't believe they confiscated her colorful headband? That's so harsh.

Obviously these are naive innocents, we call for their immediate release. To kill these girls is unquestionably cold blooded murder.

The lack of watermarks and branding means they could be held by basically any terrorist or criminal in Syria. This might indicate a group of local opportunists rather than a more organized terrorist group.

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December 14, 2014

Two Islamic State Terrorist Holding Up To 50 Australians in Sydney Cafe (Update Five Hostages Escape: Demands made in Videos Plus Bomb Threats/Terrorist Identified as Mufti Sheik Haron) Terrorist Shoots Twice: Police Kill Terrorist

I'm getting reports of from as few as a dozen hostages up to 50.

We pray the standoff is ended soon, with no harm to the innocent hostages.

There are reports that two gunman have taken hostages, some of which are standing with their hands up at the windows in the popular Lindt chocolate shop, which has two or three entrances. There is also a black and white flag being held up in a window. It is believed to be the Black Standard, a jihadist flag.
Lindt Australia CEO Steve Loane told he believes there are 40 to 50 people inside the cafe, including customers and staff.
Other reports are suggesting there may only be 13 hostages.


Huddled in the dark, up to 15 hostages are tonight hoping for a breakthrough in negotiations to free them from a gunman.


Well-wishers are standing in vigil outside the exclusion zone in Sydney's Martin Place, as an eerie quiet settles over the city

Five hostages including three café staff have escaped the siege so far with their dashes for freedom captured on live television.

Another woman just escaped I see on the live feed.

There is only one gunman with up to 25 people thought to still be held hostage.

Here is a video from one of the hostages.

Gateway Pundit:

The gunman who took hostages at the Lyndt CaFE in Martin Place is known to police.
The Islamist wants officials to deliver an ISIS flag to the cafe. He also said he wants to speak with Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Hostage taker in #sydneysiege is Mufti Sheik Haron. A man who previously sent hate mail to Australian war widows ”

Sheikh Man Haron Monis...

The gunman holding up to 20 people hostage in a Sydney cafe has been named as Sheikh Man Haron Monis, aged 49.

He has been holed up in a cafe in the heart of the city's financial and shopping area for several hours, raising a black Islamist flag and using human shields in the window.

Five of the hostages have managed to escape but police say they do not know how many are still inside.

Sydney police say Monis - who claims he's planted two bombs inside the cafe and two more nearby - is well-known to them.


The videos removed above can be accessed here.

Update: Its seems the people are not listening to the Shiek.

Update: Apparent gunfire, Two shots and people fleeing.

Live feed.. One woman injured.

Two motionless hostages including one resembling the heavy set woman on the video's removed. From building. Not moving.

Reports of two persons killed.

Reports that one hostage was killed and the terrorist.

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December 04, 2014

AQAP Threatens To Murder US Citizen Luke Somers And Invade Israel

Creeping Sharia:

we give the US government three days from the date of publication of this statement for the implementation of our demands, which are known to them very well. Otherwise, the American detainee will meet his inevitable fate, and we warn Obama and the US government against proceeding with any other follies.

“Allah will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.”

Al-Qaeda Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula

The threat against Israel comes at the very end of the video.

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October 28, 2014

ISIS Tortured Hostages

This shows that Islamist criticism of American policy is a sham. ISIS not only engages in methods they believe the USA has used such as water boarding but go far beyond that into the realms of torture often used by the very middle eastern dictator's regimes they aspire to replace.

The hapless people are stuck between the butcher they knew and the next group of butchers.

NYT's The story of what happened in the Islamic State’s underground network of prisons in Syria is one of excruciating suffering. Mr. Foley and his fellow hostages were routinely beaten and subjected to waterboarding. For months, they were starved and threatened with execution by one group of fighters, only to be handed off to another group that brought them sweets and contemplated freeing them. The prisoners banded together, playing games to pass the endless hours, but as conditions grew more desperate, they turned on one another. Some, including Mr. Foley, sought comfort in the faith of their captors, embracing Islam and taking Muslim names.

Their struggle for survival, which is being told now for the first time, was pieced together through interviews with five former hostages, locals who witnessed their treatment, relatives and colleagues of the captives, and a tight circle of advisers who made trips to the region to try to win their release. Crucial details were confirmed by a former member of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, who was initially stationed in the prison where Mr. Foley was held, and who provided previously unknown details of his captivity.

The punishment for any perceived offense was torture.

“You could see the scars on his ankles,” Jejoen Bontinck, 19, of Belgium, a teenage convert to Islam who spent three weeks in the summer of 2013 in the same cell as Mr. Foley, said of him. “He told me how they had chained his feet to a bar and then hung the bar so that he was upside down from the ceiling. Then they left him there.”

ISIS murdered Russian hostage.
During the triage phase, the guards identified the single Russian hostage, a man known to the others as Sergey, as the least marketable commodity.

Identified in the Russian news media as Sergey Gorbunov, he was last seen in a video released in October 2013. Stuttering, he said that if Moscow failed to meet the kidnappers’ demands, he would be killed.

Sometime this spring, the masked men came for him.They dragged the terrified prisoner outside and shot him. They filmed his body. Then they returned to show the footage to the surviving hostages.

“This,” they said, “is what will happen to you if your government doesn’t pay.”

Word of Mr. Gorbunov's fate was unknown to myself. Why ISIS did not release this information to the public is clear, the Russians deal very harshly with those who murder their citizens, a wrath that ISIS would like to avoid.

But now that its clear I hope the Russians act, we share a common cause and you have to admire Russian "efficiency" in these matters.

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October 27, 2014

Shocking News! Boko Haram Lied to Kuffar!

Islam is a religion of truth, well you know, sometimes when they're not talking to the filthy Kuffar™.

WAPO: First, there was a glimmer of hope: Last Friday, Nigeria said that Boko Haram had agreed to a cease-fire, and that there could soon be talks to free some or all of the girls. “I can say with some optimism, cautious optimism, that were are moving toward a situation where we’d be able to, in the very near future, to be able to get back our girls," Nigeria’s Foreign Minister Aminu Wali told reporters.

However, less than a week later, things appeared to have soured. Not only were there reports that Boko Haram was still fighting past the cease-fire, there were also multiple reports that Boko Haram militants had pulled off another large-scale kidnapping. On Thursday, the BBC reported that "dozens" of women and children from two villages in Nigeria's northeastern Adamawa state had been kidnapped. Other reports put the number of those kidnapped at 60.

The reported kidnapping has led to further skepticism about the Nigerian government's talk of a cease-fire and hopes for the release of the original Chibok girls. "We are confused that hours after the so-called cease-fire agreement has been entered between the federal government and Boko Haram insurgents, our girls were abducted by the insurgents," John Kwaghe, a witness to the attack who lost three daughters, told Reuters.

You could go and read the next part where the Kuffar cling desperately silly ideas that Boko Haram will suddenly start active all honest, merciful and civilized, you know.

But I wouldn't want to waste your time.

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October 03, 2014

ISIS Murders British Hostage Allan Henning

Jawa Report can confirm that British hostage Allan Henning has been murdered by the Islamic State in revenge for this week's vote in Parliament approving strikes against ISIS.


The tape comes within hours of reports of coalition airstrikes against ISIS in support of Kurds besieged in Kobane.

An American Peter Edward Kassig is shown at the end and is threatened with death.


The murder is carried out by the same Jihadi John.

The blood of Davbid Haines is on your hands Cameron.

Alan Henning will also be slaughtered, but his blood in on the hands of the British Parliament.

(continues) Obama, you have started your ariel bombardment in Sham(Syria) which strikes our people, so its only right that we strike the necks of your people.

Update: Some background on Henning.
The wife of British hostage Alan Henning pleaded Saturday with ISIS to release him, describing her husband as a "peaceful, selfless man" who was only in Syria to help people in need.

"I cannot see how it could assist any state's cause to allow the world to see a man like Alan dying," Barbara Henning said, according to a message released by the UK Foreign Office. ISIS refers to itself as "the Islamic State."

Alan Henning, a taxi driver from near Manchester, England, was part of a team of volunteers that traveled to Syria in December to deliver food and water to people affected by the Middle Eastern country's devastating civil war.
He was abducted the day after Christmas by masked gunmen, according to other people in the aid convoy

May he rest in peace and our prayers are with Mrs Henning and his family. May the Lord keep him and comfort his family

And let the UK know what we stand with them.



Um yeah that was me.

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September 29, 2014

Another Day Another ISIS Hostage Video

UK hostage John Cantlie has appeared in a second al-Furqan video.

The context of the usual threats against America the UK and Obama.

Mr. Cantile does not appear to have been harmed, but is in danger.

We call for his immediate and unconditional release of all ISIS' hostages, maybe then the parliament might change its mind, considering that would be the act of a civilized state rather than murderous barbarians.

There is a copy here for however long it lasts.

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September 22, 2014

AQIM Heeds ISIS Call Kidnaps French Citizen


French tourist was kidnapped on Monday in northern Algeria, Al Hadath television and news agencies reported, hours after the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) urged its followers to attack citizens of France and other countries who joined a military campaign against it.

The man, aged 55, was seized by on Sunday evening as he was trekking in the Tizi Ouzou region of Kabylie, where al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has carried out deadly attacks this year.

The video is here.

Thanks to Switched.

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September 18, 2014

Hostage John Cantlie Appears in ISIS Video

Gateway Pundit:

John Cantlie is a British war photographer and correspondent who was kidnapped by British Islamic extremists while crossing into Syria on July 19, 2012, near Bab al Hawa.

As of 2014 Cantlie’s whereabouts are unknown. He has not appeared in print or on social media since late 2012 and the trial against one of his alleged captors collapsed in 2013 when he could not be summoned as a witness. His website is a dead link.

Today John Cantlie was filmed in captivity in a video released by Isis and titled “Lend me your ears”.

We demand his immediate and unconditional release.

I've a copy of the video which I will not run. But there are currently over 20 copies still up at Jihadtube by various ISIS supporters and others.

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September 02, 2014

Report: Steven Sotloff Beheaded

If true, prayers for his family.

Update by Howie: I have obtained a copy of the Site Institute's copy of the video. I can confirm that Steven Sotloff was murdered.

And he didn't do well with it, attempting to struggle.

The murder is committed by the same UK Jihadi who murdered James Foley. He complains especially about ISIS losing Mosul dam. At the end he threatens the life of UK citizen David Cawthorne Haines.


Again ISIS cut the worst parts of the video.

Jawa report has obtained a second copy of the video with no site watermark.

I'm tempted not to run it, but the link is here for those who must see the brutality of ISIS for themselves.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Sotloff family at this time and also to the family of Mr. Haines and our brothers in the UK.

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August 25, 2014

al-Nusra The Kinder Gentler al-Qaeda Franchise?

The al-Nusra Front pulles PR coup and releases American Journalist.

An American hostage held by rebels in Syria for 22 months has been freed after Qatari mediation, just days after a video showed a fellow US journalist being beheaded by jihadists.

"Finally he is returning home," US Secretary of State John Kerry said late Sunday, confirming the release of Peter Theo Curtis, a 45-year-old author and freelance journalist whose disappearance had not been previously reported.

Curtis was handed over to UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights and after undergoing a medical checkup was transferred to US representatives, the United Nations said.

That's a pretty smooth move by al-Nusra, taking advantage of the ire against ISIS by presenting themselves as the more moderate al-Qaeda.

Possibly in hopes of enlisting US help against al-Nusra and allowing the al-Qaeda Central approved version of the franchise to regain the power it enjoyed before the rise of ISIS.

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August 18, 2014

Japanese Man Captured Reportedly Executed by ISIS in Iraq

I'm reading a lot of stuff saying that Haruna Yukawa is feared captured by ISIS. Um uh, if he's not been killed by now it would be some sort of miracle.


he Japanese government is investigating a video that purportedly shows a Japanese national being interrogated by fighters of the Islamic State after being captured in northern Syria.

Officials said in a statement that Tokyo was looking into reports that Haruna Yukawa, 42, is in the hands of the jihaidist group - formerly known as Isis - and that the government is treating the case as an abduction.

It is not clear why Yukawa had travelled to Syria, but he is believed to have linked up with the Islamic Front, a rival rebel group, after entering from Turkey on the border near the city of Kilis in late July,

Pictures on Mr Yukawa's Facebook page (above) apparently show him alongside rebels and firing an AK47 machine gun in the desert. His profile describes him as the CEO of a Tokyo-based organisation called Private Military Company.

Media reports have suggested that he is a self-styled mercenary, although it appears he is more of a war enthusiast who wanted to get close to the fighting in Syria.

Well, he certainly got closer that he bargained for, here is Haruna Yukawa apparently along side Kurdish forces in Kirkuk as of July 7th.


Here is a video of him published by ISIS.

A clip of a second video oddly enough from the Syrian regime.

Here is a copy of the first video with English subtitles.

There are claims he has been executed but I have no photos of video confirmation of that.

I would expect that unless ISIS thinks it can extract ransom for Mr. Yukawa he will be executed.

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