May 22, 2014

Shameful! Gitmo Detainees Get Better, Faster Medical Care Than Our Veterans

While our veterans die waiting for medical care, terrorists are enjoying an entire medical staff at their beck and call:

By now most American have heard about the VA's infamous patient "secret wait lists" which reportedly contributed to the deaths of up to 40 veterans in the Phoenix area alone. Those patriots were American heroes who served our country proudly. Yet they were left to die waiting to see a doctor. [...]

Despite the fact that Al Qaeda terrorists carried out the Sept. 11 terror attacks, killing 3,000 people in America, the admitted co-conspirators and their roughly 150 fellow jihadists at Gitmo have approximately 100 doctors, nurses and health care personnel assigned to them.

Doctors and medical personnel are at their beck and call. Got a cold, a fever, a toothache, a tumor, chest or back pain, mental health issues, PTSD? No problem, come right on in. Military doctors are waiting to see you.

The VA and Gitmo eligible patient-to-health care provider ratios speak volumes.

While the Gitmo ratio is 1.5 to 1, for America’s 9 million veterans receiving VA health care and 267,930 VA employees, the ratio is 35 to 1.

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February 19, 2013

Unions To Opt Out Of Obamacare


(Hat Tip: IHateTheMedia)

The same unions that supported Obamacare now want to opt out (emphasis mine):

Who knew Obamacare was bad for workers? Unions, or rather the professional class of union leaders, were vehement supporters of Obamacare’s federal takeover of health care. Now that they’ve had a chance to actually read the 2,801-page bill and “find out what is in it,” they are upset and want out.

Major unions like the AFL-CIO and the Teamsters are now demanding that they be allowed to stay on their current health care plans and receive government subsidies to cover the increased costs some of Obamacare’s provisions will impose on lower-income workers.

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June 28, 2012

Big Government Health Care PSA

(Hat Tip: IHateTheMedia)

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March 13, 2012

President & CEO of Texas Planned Parenthood Arrested for Indecent Exposure

planned parenthood_thorton.jpg
Tony Ray Thornton

PeePeePee (Pervert of Planned Parenthood)

The president and CEO of the Planned Parenthood abortion business in Lubbock, Texas was arrested yesterday for indecent exposure at a local baseball field where children play.

As KCBD reports, “According to Lubbock Police, Tony Ray Thornton, 56, was arrested at the baseball fields inside of Mackenzie Park. According to the incident report, Thornton was taken into custody at 3:25 Monday afternoon. He was booked into the Lubbock County Detention Center and released from jail Tuesday morning around 11 a.m.”

The news station reports that Thornton has worked with the abortion business for several years and the Lubbock Planned Parenthood has had its share of problems.

Previously, the Planned Parenthood facility in Lubbock, Texas threw away medical records in a trash bin outside the building.

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February 24, 2012

Canadian Doctors Face Bribery Allegations

Bribe.jpg(Montreal, Canada) Enterprising patients are allegedly slipping envelopes of cash to Canadian doctors in exchange for moving up on the notorious health care waiting list. Disciplinary action is being considered but evidence is scant.

"When the patient is offering cash to the doctor, and the doctor is accepting the cash … both of them have an interest not to tell the story."
Agreed. And remember, getting government health care is arguably comparable to getting oats. If you want nice fresh oats, you pay a price. If you don't mind waiting for the oats to travel through the horse, you can scoop them up for free.

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January 24, 2012

Woman Has Two Vaginas

Hazel Jones.jpg
Hazel Jones

(High Wycombe, England) A 27-year-old local woman, Hazel Jones, has two vaginas, two wombs and two cervixes, a rare condition called uterus didelphys.

Recently, Jones appeared on an ITV television program to discuss the condition, relating that she needed to "effectively lose her virginity twice."

'Once I found out what it was I told everybody,' she told TV hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

'I thought it was amazing and it's definitely an ice-breaker at parties'

She added: 'If women want to have a look, I'm quite happy to show them, it's not something I'm embarrassed by.'

It's surprising that Jones didn't know she had the condition until she consulted a doctor at age 18.
She added that she once asked a school friend which 'hole' she should use for a tampon, but became too embarrassed to continue the conversation after her friend thought she meant she put it up her bottom.
Wikipedia estimates that one in every 3,000 women have the condition. Many don 't suffer problems. (More….)

Caution: Graphic NSFW image in extended entry.

Update by Howie: I think that image might be a bit much. So I changed the embed to a link, for God's sake whatever you do do not click it! OMG! ;)

Uterus Didelphys

Update: Here's a NSFW video of the actual girl in the story, its way way way better than the pic above, thank goodness for that. In fact I'd hit it .... twice. That first picture almost made me understand teh ghey.

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January 07, 2012

Transgender Discrimination

What to do when a transgender man needs his pap smear?

Transgendered men have been in a limbo of sorts for years, identifying with males and looking like them, but having the sexual organs of - and needing treatment for - the female reproductive system.
Transgendered female-to-male patients fear being discriminated against and being the 'subject of belittling, unprofessional conduct from both doctors and nurses, and in two per cent of cases, violence and physical harassment from staff.'

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, doctors generally should to be more sensitive to the specific needs of female-to-male and male-to-female individuals, cross-dressers, the bi-gendered, and intersexuals.

Offhand, I'd suggest the pap smear problem is not the only difficulty female-to-male transgenders experience. For example, television commercials regularly promote products which address the problem of female "freshness." It's presumed that female-to-male transgenders also need to fix their freshness.

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May 19, 2011

Agenda Project's New Mediscare Ad Question: Why Is Agenda Project Domain Registered In Portugal?

John Ryan throws gramma from a cliff:

Doug Powers @ Michelle Malkin

The Weekly Standard points out that the creators of this ad, The Agenda Project, have a stated goal to “build a powerful, intelligent, well-connected political movement capable of identifying and advancing rational, effective ideas in the public debate and in so doing ensure our country’s enduring success.” Or just portray people with different political philosophies as murderers — whichever is most expedient.
I find it curious that the "Agenda Project" Domain is registered in Portugal
Registrant City:Funchal
Registrant State/Province:Madeira
Registrant Postal Code:9000-039
Registrant Country:PT
Why? From above: "effective ideas in the public debate and in so doing ensure our country’s enduring success.” Again, why did they choose Portugal and not a US company? Inquiring minds wanna know..

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August 04, 2010

Man's Best Friend Alert: Dog chews off man's big toe, saves his life


From CBS News:

A Michigan man says he has his dog to thank for saving his life by chewing off his infected big toe as he lay in a drunken stupor.

For months, Jerry Douthett had refused to see a doctor for the festering digit, in spite of his wife's pleas and her suspicion that he had out of control diabetes.

About two weeks ago the couple went to a bar, where Douthett told the Grand Rapids Press that he drank four or five beers.

"Jerry had had all these Margaritas, so I just let him sleep," his wife Rosee, a registered nurse, told the paper. "But then I heard these screams coming from the bedroom, and he was yelling, 'My toe's gone, my toe's gone!'"

Kiko, the family dog, had suddenly become a surgeon.

"It wasn't an aggressive attack. He pretty much just ate the infection, so he saved my life," Jerry Douthett said.

He was treated at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids where physicians said he had type 2 diabetes and was suffering from a dangerous toe infection. Surgeons amputated what was left of the digit.

"Maybe he thought it was not part of Jerry's body," Rosie told the Grand Rapids television station WOOD-TV, "that it was a dead animal laying on the bed. But he chewed off the infected part so he knew when to stop, which was great."

Jerry Douthett says Kiko, a white terrier with brown ears, is a hero. Now that he knows he is diabetic, he has given up drinking.

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August 02, 2010

Praise The Fed!

H/T: Breitbart

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July 20, 2010

Swine Flu Peters Out?

When news of the H1N1 swine flu broke about 18 months ago, alarmists trumpeted loud, long and wide about impending sickness and possible death.

Although a world-wide pandemic was predicted, up to the present it hasn't materialized.

The World Health Organization's emergency committee intends to convene as early as Tuesday to review data and declare an end to the H1N1 swine flu pandemic, Bloomberg News reported, citing two people familiar with the matter.

WHO Director General Margaret Chan must determine whether the swine flu still calls for extra vigilance in the absence of any indication it has become more lethal or developed a resistance to drugs that fight it.

WHO spokesman Gregry Hartl told Bloomberg the decision would be based on the virus' pattern and that no date for an announcement has been set.

Even though it's usually better to be safe than sorry, I suggest that the swine flu threat was overly hyped at the start.

Tip: Kenny Solomon

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July 15, 2010

Another Insider Hired By Obama

Common Dreams and Billings Gazette

Fowler headed up a team of 20-some Senate Finance Committee staffers who helped draft the bill in the Senate. She was Baucus' top health care aide from 2001-2005 and left that job in 2006 to become an executive at WellPoint, the nation's largest private insurer. She was vice president of public policy at WellPoint, helping develop public-policy positions for the company. In 2008, she rejoined Baucus to work on health reform legislation.

They go on to point out that, not only is Obama's hiring policies insidious and corrupt, but the media and the watch dogs are complacent, and I would offer that the media is numbed at this point.

This story is also a telling indictment of the Washington media. You'll notice that the Obama administration's move was reported by the Billings Gazette, but ....was almost completely ignored by national Washington-based publications. That's not because D.C. reporters didn't know it was happening - more likely, it is because the political press corps in the nation's capital no longer sees this kind of revolving door corruption as even mildly problematic, much less newsworthy. That's how pervasive corruption is these days - ubiquitous to the point of invisible in the eyes of most of the so-called watchdogs.
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July 02, 2010

Get Your Free Health Care Today

Ah yes, one dream realized. Now, when are we going to take care of that "me having to buy my own gas" crap? This is getting kinda old, Obama.

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April 30, 2010

Brits Deny Health Care to the Non-Exceptional

(UK) The British National Health Service (NHS) has denied life-extending treatment to kidney cancer patients because the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) determined the patients were non-exceptional. A definition of exceptionality hasn't been reported.

Arguably, 'exceptionality' is a euphemism for cost.

Coming soon to the U.S.

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April 13, 2010

Brit NHS Drops Standards for Muslims

(London, England) The rules of the British National Health Service (NHS) now formally recognize that NHS workers who are Muslims are more equal than those who are Christians.

The Department of Health will allow female Muslim staff to opt out of a strict NHS dress code to cover their arms and protect their modesty.

But campaigners warn that the NHS is putting lives at risk because guidance that all staff should be 'bare below the elbow' was introduced after long sleeves were blamed for spreading MRSA.

The change has been brought in after some female Muslims objected to being forced to bare their arms on wards. The Department of Health has also relaxed its no jewellery rule to let Sikhs wear their Kara bangles as long as they can be pushed up to the elbow when dealing with patients.

The policy is in stark contrast to the treatment of nurse Shirley Chaplin who last week lost her discrimination battle against Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Trust which claimed the cross she wore round her neck was a 'hazard' in case it scratched patients.

Last night she accused the NHS of 'double standards.' She added: 'What can you say? It seems that life is stacked up against Christians these days.'

So, what's the NHS going to do when the unsterile practices of the Muslims and Sikhs result in death from MRSA infections? I know. They'll blame it on the Christians.

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April 01, 2010

Obi One: Hi Guyzzz

Organizing for America Obamerica

Click to enlarge

Obi One Hi Guyz vid

I refrained from posting vid, don't want people becoming nauseous. Lots of nice comments there though.

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March 27, 2010

The Tribal Update 43 - "Happy Health-Reform Holidays"

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with President Obama, in which he reveals how his latest, greatest achievement has emboldened him to forge a strategic alliance with Iran against Israel
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March 24, 2010

Il and Osama Get Free Dialysis In USA

Sorry for the headline. I'm just a little irritated today. Maybe I can get cheap medicine for that?

Anyway, North Korea's Kim Jong Il might have Kidney Failure, so says a report at Daily Mail.

What's up with the mystical kidney failure with despots? Is it like athlete's foot for runners?

I would never wish kidney failure on anyone.....except Il and Osama. Good luck with that. Please die, insha'allah! Thank you.

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March 22, 2010

Bombs, Hackers & "Urban" Terrorism

A crude bomb was found on board flight in S India, thankfully no one was injured.

In Austin, Texas a hacker disabled more than 100 cars remotely.

In Hemet, California booby traps, threats put police on high alert California Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown described this as "Urban Terrorism".

Oh, and my mood right now:

pissed off.jpg

h/t Kaye for image.

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The Healthcare Plan: A Dr. Seuss From Beyond The Grave

Potfry's done it again:
I would not like you to orate,

I would not like it on any date.

I do not like your health care plan,

I do not like it Man I am.

Click image for rest. Damn funny and so true.

Update: It was Buckley F Williams, not Potfry per Potfry.

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March 19, 2010

"Twas The Eve Of State Healthcare"

Ha! Be sure to read it all.


With non-festive apologies to Clement Clarke Moore.

‘Twas the eve of state health care, and all through the House
The bill was unread, even by the head louse.
The statists hung ’round with a faux-festive air,
Hoping their awful “dream” would indeed soon be there.

obama-white coats.jpgThe USA’s children were snug in their beds,
Unaware of the pain being laid on their heads.
Everyday people opposed to this crap,
Wondered when or if D.C.’s hypnosis would snap.

When out from O’s House there arose such a clatter,
‘Twas the President’s flacks and their usual chatter.
They showed docs in white coats supporting this trash,
nancy pelosi healthcare.jpg
Using children as props as they threw around cash.

The Speaker stood forth for her part in the show,
“It will be when we pass it that you’ll get to know,
The wonders we’re bringing that statists will cheer,
Creating more wards who’ll elect us for years.” Rest...

h/t Roger Simon @FB

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March 09, 2010

ATTN Senate Employees

Keep taking your antibiotics to ward against this virus

Just as the healthcare drama in the capitol reaches a grand finale, congressional officials are warning employees to avoid the DRUDGE REPORT!
It's a nasty virus responsible for critical thinking, hard to get rid of once exposed.

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March 08, 2010

Wrongful Boob Removal

(Windsor, Ontario) A pair of doctors and a pair of hospitals are at the center of a scandal involving the alleged wrongful removal of breasts from a pair of women.

It seems to be more than an isolated occurrence. As a minimum, it's a pair of them.

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March 04, 2010

Day by Day: "Bend Over"

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March 03, 2010

Video: Rep Mike Ross Lies Like a Blue Dog Democrat!

YouTube user RTaylor551

On April 15. 2009, I attended a town hall meeting in Warren, Arkansas, given by Rep Mike Ross (D-AR). Rep Ross said no one in Washington was talking about socialized health care. Say WHAT??? I put together the video using the audio I took at the meeting and my photos of Rep. Ross.

Dang those people who tapes meetings.....Ha!

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Bend Over America, Here Comes Your Gigunda Suppository

Gigunda is a medical term for untapered with no lube.

Take it, bitches! - Obama

Reconciliation is on you uneducated scum.

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February 18, 2010

British Hospital Going Private, NHS Bows Out

It appears the National Health Service (NHS), for the first time, will be turning a big district hospital over to the private sector.

A debt-ridden NHS hospital is to be taken over and run by a private company in what will be a groundbreaking departure for healthcare provision in England. [my bold]

Hinchingbrooke Hospital, a district general hospital in Cambridgeshire, will be run by one of five private sector organisations from next year, after the withdrawal of the only NHS organisation bidding for the contract.

Selected from five possible candidates, the successful bidder on the seven-to-ten-year contract will be announced in October. Interestingly, an NHS trust pulled out of the bidding, indicating it would cost time and money and they had better things to do with their time.

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February 11, 2010

Obi One Needs Halp!!

My inbox:

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
At least he left off the donate link this time, otherwise, same bs.
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February 06, 2010

More "Ellie Light" On The Way?

My inbox:

I clicked on Can you write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper now?

I entered a standard zip code for Las Vegas for the heck of it.

This ain't over yet folks.

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February 02, 2010

Ironical: Canadian Premier Coming to US for Heart Surgery

You know who has the best health care in the world? Canada:

Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams will undergo heart surgery later this week in the United States.

Deputy premier Kathy Dunderdale confirmed the treatment at a news conference Tuesday, but would not reveal the location of the operation or how it would be paid for.

And guess who recommended that he come to the States for the operation? His doctors:
"In consultation with his own doctors, he's decided to go that route.".....

"It was never an option offered to him to have this procedure done in this province," said Ms. Dunderdale, refusing to answer whether the procedure could be done elsewhere in Canada.

How about that vaunted Canadian health care, eh?

Thanks to Meg.

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January 24, 2010

Gibbs: "Voters In Massachusetts Voted In Support Of Obama"?!?!?!?

FNC The White House is evaluating whether to take a breather on health care or try to push for passing legislation, but is not convinced Massachusetts voters were trying to block health insurance reform by voting last week to send Republican Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Sunday[...]

Gibbs said that Brown may have campaigned on stopping the health care bill but that's not why voters elected him over Democrat Martha Coakley.

"More people voted to express their support for Barack Obama than to oppose him," Gibbs said.

Umm, k.

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December 30, 2009

A Thought

File this under "Shut up, Good Lt. It's not the time for politics, you classless moron."

Perhaps, but consider this.

Assuming El Rushbo pulls through with no major problems (we all hope, of course), shouldn't the Obamacrats be rushing out and praising the private health care system in the US based on what is happening with this incident?

After all, they're not being forced to pay for Rush's care or recovery under our current system with their tax dollars.


Just a thought.

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December 19, 2009

Nelson Sells Out, Healthcare Scam Moves Forward

Surprising few, Nebraska senator Ben Nelson has offered himself to Harry Reid in exchange for various political considerations. It remains to be seen whether Nelson has managed to outwhore Louisiana's Mary Landrieu, whose state will receive $300,000,000 of your money for her betrayal.

Photo much too disgusting for the sensitive Jawa audience illustrating the future of health care in this country.

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December 15, 2009

Zombie: Redistributing Health Care

I think there are many good arguments for universal health care. But I'm against mandatory health care on moral grounds. It's immoral to force individuals to buy something they don't want. It's also immoral to use force to take my money and give it to someone you deem more "deserving" than me.

Zombie makes a similar argument in this essay: Why America Hates Universal Health Care. Apparently he thinks it's wrong to use government force to subsidize people who engage in unhealthy behaviors.

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November 25, 2009

OMG! Pass Health Care Bill Now!

Look! Squirrel!

Swine Flu in perspective.

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November 09, 2009

That's A Nice Bill There Nancy

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October 30, 2009

Adventures in Government Healthcare: HPV vaccine developer admits drug does little to reduce cervical cancer rates

Remember back in 2007 when Texas passed a law forcing all young girls in the state to get a vaccine against HPV (which can only be obtained through sexual activity)? And anyone who dissented from having their underage daughters vaccinated for this STD was engaged in child abuse?

Well now the lead researcher in developing two different HPV vaccines has admitted there's no evidence that they reduce cervical cancer rates. Oh, and there's been no trials for girls under 15.

From the Bulletin:

Dr. Diane Harper, lead researcher in the development of two human papilloma virus vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, said the controversial drugs will do little to reduce cervical cancer rates and, even though they’re being recommended for girls as young as nine, there have been no efficacy trials in children under the age of 15.

Dr. Harper, director of the Gynecologic Cancer Prevention Research Group at the University of Missouri, made these remarks during an address at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination which took place in Reston, Virginia on Oct. 2-4. Although her talk was intended to promote the vaccine, participants said they came away convinced the vaccine should not be received.

We're from the government, and we're here to help. Run for your lives.

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August 17, 2009



I've received several emails reporting that the -- the email address where loyal citizens were to report the activities of those counterrevolutionaries not towing the party line on health care -- has become inactive.

So, being the dutiful party comrade that I am and not willing to take this counter-agitprop at face value, I sent off an email to David Axelrod The White House. This is what I got for my efforts:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 5.2.1 ... The email address you just sent a message to is no longer in service.We are now accepting your feedback about health insurance reform via: (state 14).

So, the rumor is true! Never fear loyal tavarichi, our Glorious Leader has set up a new website to report counter-revolutionary activities.

Long live the revolution!

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Nutroots Go Crazy Over Drop of Public Option

The White House floating a trial balloon saying that the public option will be "dropped"? Nutroots go crazy over the idea.

If you thought those opposed to the public option have been out of line screaming at these town hall meetings -- as goes the popular MSM narrative -- then just wait until those who favor the public option begin organizing. If they think, even for a minute, that the public option has been taken off the table just wait and see their reaction. The word crazy is too soft to describe the passion mixed with insanity the nutroots will bring to these meetings.

Mark. My. Words.

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