March 14, 2013

Ironical: Germany Bans Islamofascist Groups

Germany has banned three Islamist groups which have a goal of replacing democracy with Islamic law:

Germany said on Wednesday it had banned three Islamist Salafist groups which officials said aimed to sweep aside democracy and set up a system based on Sharia Islamic law.

The interior ministry said the bans, which come amid stepped-up observation of the Salafist community in Germany, took effect early Wednesday in the western states of Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia.

The targeted organizations are "DawaFFM" and "Islamische Audios", as well as "An-Nussrah", which is part of the "Millatu Ibrahim" group that was already banned in June, a ministry statement said.

Searches were carried out at the homes of 20 people and property was seized, it added.

The reason this is ironical is that banning political groups is itself an act of fascism, even when the groups you ban are themselves antithetical to freedom. And yes, I know the Germans ban all such movements dating back to their Nazi past, but I just like the idea of some bureaucrat deciding which political movements are okay and which are against the law.

Today a bunch of Salaafi thugs who want to ban alcohol, tomorrow who's to say it won't be the Tea Party?

Oh well, even though I'm against such move in principle it's hard to be moved to anger when the groups being oppressed kinda deserve a good ass kicking.

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January 25, 2013

Two Germans Convicted of al Qaeda Membership

Two men who met in Pakistan while training for violent jihad have been sentenced to, surprisingly, lengthy (by European standards) prison sentences:

Two suspected Al-Qaeda members were on Friday handed lengthy prison sentences by a Berlin court. One had released a video during the 2007 election campaign threatening a holy war on Germany.

The court gave one of the pair, [Yusuf Ocak] a 27-year-old [from Luebeck, Germany], nine years in prison. His 23-year-old Austrian partner [Maqsood Lodin, of Afghan immigrant background] was handed six years and nine months.

Watch out for the cornholes guys.

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August 23, 2012

Islamist Mind Games: How German Islamists Recruit Young Men For Jihad

Interesting background on a "hunter", or Islamist recruiter and another young man who became another "hunter's" prey.

The following is just a few snippets, so be sure and read it all.

Via Spiegel

Young Muslim men in Germany are systematically trying to recruit their peers for jihad using sophisticated rhetoric and psychology and by targeting vulnerable youths who are searching for direction in life. Two men who have quit the scene tell their story to SPIEGEL, providing a rare look into a dangerous underground.

He worked at his uncle's falafel stand and read Immanuel Kant, and later Plato and Nietzsche. In the end, he became a radical Islamist, recruiting new talent for a Muslim holy war in the middle of the German city of Hamburg. Djamal was the hunter.

Bora, 23, grew up on the Reeperbahn, a street in Hamburg's entertainment and red-light district. His parents are from Turkey. His mother sells Tupperware and his father has a store. For a long time, Bora didn't know what to do with himself. He wanted to have fun, but he was always searching for something meaningful. Then he met radical Islamists. Bora was the prey.

The basement bar where they are now sitting was their common territory for about a year. It was a place where hunters could find their prey.

The bar used to be a hangout for radical leftists called "Hinkelstein." First-year students would go there to listen to radical leaders, and it was a gateway of sorts on the path to the left-wing extremist milieu.

By the time Djamal had hit upon this basement bar as a place where he could do his work -- namely separating his prey from German society -- the leftists were long gone. The bar's new clientele were also looking for answers, but in the Koran instead of in the writings of Marx and Lenin[...]

Targeting Santa Claus Muslims

"Our strategy was always the same," says Djamal: sit down, start talking about God, take a look around to see if anyone seems interested, and invite "the brother" to join the group. Then a process began that Djamal and his fellow proselytizers had worked out in role-playing games in a motel room in an industrial part of Hamburg. In the exercises, one person was always the "victim," or infidel, while the others would try to "catch" him. A person is considered caught when he believes in the existence of God and starts to become interested in Islam.

Bora, the "easy prey," is part of a generation of young children of immigrants who were born in German cities and grew up there. Their parents have raised them in traditional Islamic ways, but the children tend to work out their own version of Islam. Pierre Vogel (radical cleric...ed) calls them "Santa Claus Muslims." They know that pork is forbidden for Muslims, but they've tried it anyway, perhaps at their first soccer match. They know that drinking alcohol is a sin for Muslims, as is sex before marriage, and yet they party every weekend.

[Read the rest]



Jihadists in Germany Pose Terrorist Threat to America and its Allies, says New TRAC Analysis
German Threats: Out: Nazis (I hate those guys!} In: Radical Islamists

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August 15, 2012

Busted: Germany Arrests 4 for Breaking Iran Nuclear Embargo


They are accused of using front companies in Turkey and Azerbaijan to supply the parts in deals worth millions of euros.[...]

Prosecutors say the group, which includes one German national, and three Iranian-German dual nationals, were supplying speciality valves to be used in heavy water reactors.

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July 17, 2012

Jihadists in Germany Pose Terrorist Threat to America and its Allies, says New TRAC Analysis

Like we didn't know already, but, this is a good read.

Via PRWeb

Although the current hotbed of militant Islam is generally thought to be concentrated in Yemen and Somalia, some of the most dangerous leaders and terrorist cells directed at the “far enemy” (U.S. and its European allies) are in Germany. That’s the assertion of a new analysis of the extreme branch of Islam known as Salafism that has been added to the Publishing Center in Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC), an online resource center for the study of terrorism and political violence. The analysis reveals how Germany’s Salafist groups are deeply connected to the most prominent jihadist leaders and are the perpetrators of homegrown, sophisticated plots and attacks against U.S. and European targets.

“Germany has seen a growing number of radicalized German Muslims and recent converts willing to take up arms,” said Maha Hamdan, author of the analysis and a noted researcher on Salafism and jihad. “Those Jihadists are overwhelmingly not foreign born immigrants. Many are natural born Germans who have converted from a Western religion to Islam. What is unique about these German-born converts to Islam is their attraction to militancy.”

[ Continue reading]

While reading the article I thought of this from May: German Police Suspend Officer Over Islamists (Salafists) Links.
......Questioned about his activities, Ali K. had said Muslims must put their religious beliefs before loyalty to German laws and institutions, Lindemann said, triggering concern in the police about how reliable he was as an officer.
The video below shows the same Salafist group the officer has links to. Note the al-Qaeda flags they have at app 1:04:

In the PRWeb article it was noted:

Hamdan examines the background and influence of German clerics who have established ties with the Taliban, al Qaeda and its highest-ranking leaders
Be sure and read it all.

h/t @switch_d


Land that gave us Hitler now turning out lil Osamas
German Threats:
Out: Nazis (I hate those guys!) In: Radical Islamists

German Police Arrest 3 AlQaeda Suspects (Updated)
Frankfurt Airport Shooting: RIP Heroes, Praying for Speedy Recovery to Those Who Were Injured (bumped/sticky)
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June 16, 2012

From Each According to His Abilities, To Each According to his Needs. For Everything Else, there’s Marx Card!!!


No, this is not a joke

Here it is folks, and it is not a joke! If you live in Chemnitz, Germany, and bank at the Sparkasse Chemnitz bank, you can get—-a Karl Marx Mastercard!

Read all about it here, and also here. With yet another irony, the Reuters report is written by a journalist based in Poland named Gareth Jones. A reporter by that same name in the 1930’s was one of the truth-tellers about the Soviet Union....[More...]

Coming soon to...

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May 10, 2012

German Police Suspend Officer Over Islamists Links


Berlin (Reuters) - German police have suspended an officer over links to ultra-conservative Salafist Muslims after violent clashes between supporters of the radical group and police this month.

Police spokesman Lars Lindemann told Reuters on Thursday the 31-year-old officer, identified as Ali K., had helped distribute "radical materials" promoting Islam at information stands in the western town of Duisburg.

Questioned about his activities, Ali K. had said Muslims must put their religious beliefs before loyalty to German laws and institutions, Lindemann said, triggering concern in the police about how reliable he was as an officer.

"How reliable he was as an officer". Gee, ya think?

Below is the same salafist group protesting Mohammed cartoons. They were holding al-Qaeda flags:

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February 22, 2012

Land that gave us Hitler now turning out little Osamas

Forget little Eichmanns, Germany is now the place to be for the young, urban, Islamofascist hipsters.

Given Germany's history, let's just say I'm uncomfortable with some of the ideas being spread in some if its Muslim communities.

Thanks to Lou.

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February 13, 2012

German Neo-Nazis Murdering Turkish Shopkeepers

Beate Zschäpe

(Cologne, Germany) German authorities are seeking American help in the investigation of the Zwickau-based National Socialist Underground (NSU), a neo-Nazi terror group blamed for 10 murders.

The investigators are hoping their American counterparts can provide some Internet data that will link Beate Zschäpe to the murders of mostly-Turkish immigrant shopkeepers.

Apparently, Ms. Zschäpe has been using YouTube to promote the neo-Nazis and the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation seeks all available evidence.

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September 06, 2011

German Threats:
Out: Nazis (I hate those guys!)
In: Radical Islamists

A Reuters article on the rising threat of Islamist extremism coming out of Germany. And what's at the heart of this extremism? The internet:

"The tradition of terrorism is more or less a tradition of groups. But now we see that the group is not always necessary and that the Internet functions as a kind of virtual group."

The combined effect of the online propaganda and of preachers speaking in person to audiences "makes the whole scene of jihadists in Germany more cohesive and assertive".

Just do a Google video search for Pierre Vogel and you'll be brought up to speed quickly.

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August 24, 2011

Israeli Iranian? Woman Makes Brave Escape From Homemade German Torture Chamber (Updated)

A man described as a ‘cold sadist’ imprisoned a woman in his home-made torture chamber rigged with eight bombs designed to detonate when he had finished with her.
[Photo credit: DailyMail]


HAMBURG, Germany – German police were investigating Wednesday after a woman was apparently kidnapped in the northern city of Hamburg and kept captive in a homemade torture chamber.

The Israeli woman made a brave escape from the soundproofed cell, made from a converted telephone booth, in 30-year-old Thomas Fischer's ground floor apartment -- fleeing when her captor forgot to lock the door and diving to freedom through a barbed wire-covered window

She's damn lucky she managed to escape. What the officers found sends chills up my spine:
When officers stormed Fisher's heavily fortified apartment, they allegedly found a pistol, a hand grenade and surgical equipment including a scalpel, syringes and gynecological tools with which he had experimented on a mannequin[...]

A police spokesman was quoted as saying, "The whole two-roomed apartment was rigged up as one massive torture chamber, with this big old-fashioned telephone kiosk soundproofed as the cell for his victim."

The police prosecutor said, "It is evident that the apartment was meant as a place of confinement for some time."[ More]

Wow, just wow.

UPDATE: Per, the woman was Iranian [googlish]

Friday night continued to be Thomas F. projects. Armed with a pistol, he went to the apartment of his victim. The young Iranian woman who had met the man about a work colleague opened the door unsuspectingly. Then the man pulled his weapon and kidnapping victims be so in his apartment. What the woman saw there, she must have panicked. Located in the living room of his small two-room apartment for which he pays about 400 euros rent warm, the 30-year-old had built a soundproof dungeon. Apparently the woman should take the captivity in which only 50 square meter apartment for some time.
Thanks to Black in comments

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April 29, 2011

German Police Arrest 3 Al Qaeda Suspects (Update)

On suspicion of bomb making

..The three German nationals will be arraigned on charges relating to a bomb. The arraignment will take place in federal court on Saturday in Karlsruhe.

Officials said the arrests took place in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia where the men were suspected of preparing a bomb to be used in a major terrorist attack.[More]

This German news site stated the three were Moroccans
The daily Bild reported that the three were Moroccans living in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia and were caught with "large amounts of explosives"[...]

They came to the attention of the Federal Crime Office during surveillance of mobile phone and computer communications.

Bild identified them as Abdeladim K., Jamil S. and Ahmed Sh.[More]



From Eric Dondero: Dusseldorf-City in Germany Known for Offending Islam Target of Attack

Though, there is no motive released yet for the attempted bombings from police officials, Dusseldorf has a large Muslim community that frequently clashes with local Germans.

The city hosts the annual Carnival of Rolling Caricatures (photos above). In recent years, the city has come under great criticism from groups on the left for allowing parade floats of what are considered offensive depictions of Muhammed. The German Board of Muslims criticized the “presentation of religious leaders Islam"(Source:[More]

I think those floats are cute, but that's just me.

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April 23, 2011

Female Protester Disrupts Muslim Radicals Rallying in Frankfurt


h/t 912Cyounger & BNI

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March 05, 2011

Frankfurt Airport Shooting: RIP Heroes, Praying for Speedy Recovery to Those Who Were Injured (bumped/sticky)

Airmen who were murdered by a Muslim terrorist identified:

Airman 1st Class Zachary R. Cuddeback of Stanardsville, Va.

Senior Airman Nicholas J. Alden of Williamston, S.C

RIP heroes. Our thought and prayers go out to family and friends of the fallen.


KARLSRUHE, Germany — U.S. Senior Airman Nicholas J. Alden was standing outside of a bus at Frankfurt airport when a young man first asked him for a cigarette, then whether he was bound for Afghanistan.

When Alden answered yes, the 21-year-old Kosovo Albanian fatally shot him, point blank, in the back of the head, then stormed aboard the bus shouting “Allah Akbar” — Arabic for “God is great.” He shot and killed Airman 1st Class Zachary R. Cuddeback, who was at the wheel, then shot and injured two others, German authorities said Friday.

frankfurt shooter.jpg
Police escort a man in a blue overall, believed to be a terror suspect

Gunman Arid Uka then pointed his 9 mm pistol at another airman seated on the bus but the pistol jammed, prosecutor Rainer Griesbaum told reporters in Karlsruhe.[More..]

There were 6 cartridges remaining, had his pistol not jammed...


PITTSBURGH - A U.S. airman from western Pennsylvania was shot twice in a deadly attack on a military bus at a German airport but survived, his parents said Thursday.

Kristoffer Schneider, formerly of Irwin, was in stable condition after being shot in the head and in the back, his father, Kenneth "Bruce" Schneider, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Kristoffer Schneider, 25, was undergoing surgery on one of his eyes, his mother, Paula Schneider, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The son, a married father of two stationed in England, was on his way to Afghanistan with an Air Force unit when a gunman opened fire Wednesday at close range, killing two people and wounding two others.

I haven't seen any info on the other Airmen who were also injured.

Our thoughts and prayers are also with those injured and their families. May they make a speedy recovery.

Internet Haganah has more on shooter's 'friends'/'connections'. It's a must read

UPDATE: More info on Staff Sgt Schneider's injuriesstaff sgt kristoffer schneider 25.jpg

Paula and Bruce Schneider, whose son Staff Sgt. Kristoffer Schneider, 25was wounded in Germany, stand at their home in Irwin on Thursday

In Irwin, Paula Schneider said the couple first learned that their son had been wounded when his wife, Amanda, called at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, after the Air Force provided her with limited information. They knew he had been shot in the head and back, and was to undergo eye surgery Thursday.

It was difficult not to fear the worst, but Paula Schneider said they stayed focused on one truth: "I'm just thankful he's alive. My heart goes out to the families of those who lost their boys."

The Schneiders breathed easier when Amanda called back with injury details. "He was hit in the forehead above the right eye. Luckily, it traveled down and didn't do any damage, and came out of his neck," Bruce Schneider said. "I was worried about brain damage."

Another bullet that hit Kristoffer in the buttocks must be removed but posed no major threat, his father said. Surgeons removed bone fragments from around his son's eye, but the pieces "didn't hit the optic nerve, and the swelling is coming down and is under control," he said.

Thank God

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Frankfurt Airport Shooting: Ibn Ali al-Turki (IslamicJihadi) Praises Killer of US Airmen

Oh, he also tweeted this and linked to killers photo:

arid uka_frankfurt airport terrorist.jpg
"Arid Uka's mustache physically excites me"~Ibn Ali al-Turki(IslamicJihadi)

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March 04, 2011

Frankfurt Shooter's (Abu Reyyan) Missing Facebook Friends

You can run but, you can't hide..meh

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Frankfurt Airport: Murderer of 2 American Airmen Admits To Shouting Allah Akbar...6 or 7 Times


According to the German public television broadcaster NDR, Arid Uka, the 21-year-old who shot to death two American servicemen at Frankfurt Airport on Wednesday and wounded two others, has admitted to shouting “‘Allah Akbar’ six or seven times” during the attack. An NDR press release["Motive for terrorist attack: Hate on U.S. soldiers - Assassin relates to film about alleged rape"] cites Uka’s own statements to German investigators as contained in a German police report.

During questioning following his arrest, Uka is reported, furthermore, to have told police that *he saw “terrible pictures” involving American soldiers in a video on the internet. The NDR press release continues:[More...

*Thanks to Google's YouTube:

Andrea: Frankfurt Deaths of Two US Airman-No Surprise-Inspired by Google's YouTube

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March 02, 2011

2 Killed Including US Soldier in Frankfurt Airport Shooting (Update: 2 Killed Are US Airmen - Suspect Named as Arif Uka)(Uka shouted Allah Akbar) (bumped)(Worked at Airport)

frankfurt airport_2 airmen killed.jpg

Breaking news

Two people have died after a gunman opened fire on a bus full of American soldiers at Frankfurt airport, police say.
A 21yr old suspect from Kosovo is said to have been arrested.

UPDATE: Speigel

A gunman at Frankfurt Airport, Germany's largest international hub, reportedly fired at several United States soldiers in a military bus on Wednesday, killing at least two people and seriously injuring two others. Wire reports suggest the two dead were likely American soldiers

German news agency DPA is reporting that police arrested a 21-year-old male suspect from Kosovo following the attack. A police spokesperson said it was too early to determine if the attack had been politically motivated or an act of terrorism.

Just after the attack, police still hadn't been able to determine the circumstances of the shooting. "It appears that everything happened in the bus," police spokesman Jürgen Linker told DPA.

UPDATE II: Sky News confirms 2 killed were US Airmen

FNC also stated the military has confirmed

FRANKFURT, Germany -- The U.S. Air Force says two of its airmen have been killed and two wounded in a shooting outside Frankfurt airport.

The gunman opened fire on a bus carrying the airmen as it sat outside Terminal 2 at the airport, Frankfurt police spokesman Manfred Fuellhardt said.

Kosovo Interior Minister Bajram Rexhepi says German police have identified the suspect who is in custody as Arif Uka, a Kosovo citizen from the northern town of Mitrovica.[More...]

The family of the Airmen are in our thoughts and prayers..sigh

UPDATE III: Via DailyMail

'We cannot exclude anything at the moment, ' said the minister, 'We will have to take a very close look at the perpetrator.'

Police spokesman Jürgen Linker said; 'Everything happened inside the bus.'

Eyewitnesses said the man 'infiltrated' himself among the GIs before shouting out radical Islamic slogans and then reaching into a bag for his gun[...]

Although the motives for the attack are still unclear, many Kosovans are Muslims, raising the suspicion that Islamic extremism may have been a factor behind the attack

In the States, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Patrick Meehan, said in Washington that it looked like a terrorist attack

Ummm, shouting Allah Akbar and stuff is a good indicator of what this is all about.

UPDATE IV: Daily Mail link above updated: "Uncle says he was a German-born devout Muslim who worked at the airport"

A German official told Fox News Channel that one airman was smoking a cigarette when the suspect pulled out a firearm and shot him.

Another serviceman was gunned down as he returned a luggage trolley.

The attacker, reportedly wielding a knife and a handgun, then boarded the bus and fired at the driver before being taken down by police, the official said.

The suspect's uncle, 70-year-old Rexhep Uka, said Uka was born and raised in Germany and was a devout Muslim who worked at the airport.

He said Uka's grandfather was a religious leader at a mosque in the village of Zhabar, near Mitrovica, Kosovo.

Murat Uka, who identified himself as the alleged shooter's father, says the only thing he knew about his son was that he hadn't turned up at work on Wednesday.

The Frankfurt airport refused to comment on whether the suspect worked there.

"Devout" those who show their 'prayer bruise/bump' prominently?

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February 02, 2011

Burqa Ban in German State of Hesse

Burqa Ban.jpg

(Wiesbaden, Germany) Announced yesterday, the burqa is banned from being worn by state employees during working hours in the state of Hesse.

The decision came from the office of the Interior Minister Boris Rhein.

Interior Minister Rhein said the state government was on safe legal ground because public service workers were obliged to be politically and religiously neutral. Veiled women conveyed the image that was not consistent with liberal and cosmopolitan values.

“What’s more, the burka can be understood as a sign of an attitude contrary to the values of the western world,” said Rhein.

The environmentalist Greens members of Hesse’s state parliament backed the decision.

Sign of an attitude, eh? I concur.

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