September 15, 2014

Srzly TPM?: Let's Compare ISIS To Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson

No surprise here:

BTW, this was retweeted by CAIR flak in in Florida who also compared ISIS to FOX news:

I don't remember watching beheadings on Duck Dynasty or FOX News.

Update by Howie: For retards like TPM you have to draw them a picture.

Do you see a the difference now?

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January 21, 2013

Inauguration Funnies: TPM: 'Virginia GOP Pulls Dirty Trick On Inauguration Day'..

inaugrationfunnies_liberals_zpsc31daa2e photo inaugrationfunnies_liberals_zpsc31daa2e.jpg

They worked, how dare they![PJTatler]

All eyes should have been on The Second Coming

h/t memeorandum

Even worse? Twitter has been having sporadic outages and that makes it harder for Soros lackeys to get the word out!

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October 16, 2012

DU: Romney/Neo-Cons Behind False Flag Benghazi Job

Democratic Underground thread (artist rendition)

Speaking of conspiracy nuts, it's been a long time since I trolled the Democratic Underground since there are only so many computer monitors I can safely put my fist through before Mrs. Shackleford starts to complain. Fortunately, AW1 Tim puts on a gas mask, full bio-hazard suit, and clicks on over to the DU for this little nugget of the crazy:

Republicans trying so hard to make our ambassadors killing political makes me think they were possibly behind the whole thing. Remember they have their mercenary killing machine formerly known as black water at their any whim.

Maybe that is what Romney and his billionaire jewish supporter discussed in their secret meetings. I may be wrong on this but after seeing what their killing machine did in Iraq I do think it possible they are wiling to do anything to embolden middle east turmoil.

Just me thinking out load. I hope I am wrong, but I do feel now the republicans will do anything to get elected including killing innocent people.

What i have learned about the Republicans is when they say look over here, look over there.

Okay, so every forum gets the random nut. Maybe other Democratic Underground readers shouted the guy down?

Nope. There was criticism of the comment, but not over the Romney-Blackwater false-flag killing of the US ambassador to Libya all in an effort to make Obama look bad plot. No, only the part which links the Republican killing machine to the J-O-Os gets any negative feedback (various responses aggregated).

Anti-semitic comments have no place on DU...

I said asserting that the Rmoney campaign's lies, distortions, and -- okay, possible criminal conspiracies -- are due to their support from a Jewish billionaire donor is an anti-Semitic comment.

I'm no Zionist apologist, but what is the point of emphasizing Rmoney donors' religious affiliations in this case?....

So, there you are. Today's equal opportunity crazy.

And thanks to AW1 Tim for dropping that in the comments.

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May 10, 2012

Obama's Soros-Controlled Energy Council

Via BigG

When politicians want to look busy while avoiding tough decisions during an election year, what do they do? They form commissions and councils.

And when President Barack Obama saw Americans struggling with higher gasoline and home energy prices, did he encourage more domestic oil exploration, off-shore drilling, or coal production, while lowering taxes on energy? Of course not.[...]

But to expedite this natural gas boom, President Obama recently decided to form an interagency natural gas council run by Cecilia Muñoz, a former community organizer with La Raza and White House bureaucrat with deep ties to George Soros, the billionaire investor who made his fortune in currency trading throughout the world while bankrolling liberal political efforts. Muñoz formerly led the Open Society Institute and the Center for Community Change, two organizations which are directly connected to Soros,, ACORN, and other fringe groups with a long record of opposing the development of America's oil and coal resources[...]

But if natural gas is an already cheap and abundant source of energy, why would we subsidize it?

The answer may be that the Soros Fund Management, which is Soros' investment vehicle, owns more than $90 million of shares in a Vancouver, British Columbia company which produces the same natural gas-powered engines which the act would encourage the use of[Continue reading..]

Probably related:
Friends of Ex-EPA Official Al, Crucify, Armendariz? Stop the Frack Attack Rally Planned 7/28/2012

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May 06, 2012

Friends of Ex-EPA Official Al, Crucify, Armendariz?
Stop the Frack Attack Rally Planned 7/28/2012


Let see, Al Armendariz of "crucify" fame went under the Obama Bus on April 30th after Sen Inhofe released a video of Armendariz's remarks and also announced an investigation over this incident. Before I continue, here is some background info on Mr Armendariz from Energy Indepth I think is important:.

One of Armendariz’s original claims to fame — or infamy, perhaps — was his paper in 2009, which found that “the oil and gas sector likely has greater emissions than motor vehicles” in the five counties comprising the Dallas-Fort Worth region (“emissions,” in this case, referred to nitrogen oxides [NOx] and volatile organic compounds [VOCs]). That paper, written while Armendariz was a professor at Southern Methodist University, was widely celebrated by activists, who — possibly as a “thank you” to the professor — actively pushed for Armendariz to be appointed Administrator of EPA’s Region VI office. Upon assuming office, groups like the **Sierra Club celebrated, calling it “great news” because the industry was “having an ‘oh sh–’ moment” about the appointment Other shale opponents, including area resident ***Sharon Wilson, appeared happily in pictures with Armendariz.
Back to the fracking, pun intended, rally. Note the date on the media release:"Help stop the frack attack

Calvin Tillman: 940-453-3640
Kari Matsko: 440-579-5314
John Fenton: 307 856-7098 or 307-709-2540
Don Morrison: 701-224-8587
Jason Pitt, Sierra Club[Handy Soros Guide..ed]: 202-675-6272
Lauren Pagel, Earthworks: 202-887-1872 x107
Continued below the fold, be sure to read it all so you know what the heck I am talking about:

Concerned Citizens Announce Date for the Largest Fracking Rally in Washington, DC

National Day of Action will bring thousands to Washington, DC to put the public interest before drilling industry profits

Washington, D.C—Today citizens from affected communities, together with environmental organizations and community groups, announced a call to action to demand an end to putting oil and gas drilling profits ahead of public health, clean water and air and the safety of our communities. This event will be the largest of its kind and will take place in on the West Lawn of the United States Capitol, Washington, DC from 10am to 2pm on July 28th, 2012.....

Mr Armendariz resigned on the 30th of April and two days later environmental activists connected to him announce a rally. Coincidence? I think not. The website is registered to Earthworks and lo and behold here is a statement from **Sharon Wilson, at her website, regarding Mr Armendariz's resignation. Note who she organizes for: Gas Mafia Wins Again, Beloved Dr. Al Has Resigned
“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.”Obi Wan"

Statement of Sharon Wilson (Texas Sharon),
Earthworks’ Gulf Regional Organizer, on the resignation of
EPA Region 6 Administrator Dr. Al Armendariz

Nuff said, nope, they aren't going away any time soon. Here is their list of endorsing organizations, some are global and especially looked interesting
. Every environmental group you can think of appears somewhere on the list of organizations behind this. And Soros, naturally.

Another protest to look forward too. I hope by that time Sen Inhofe's investigation is further along. Besides, what's with Obi Wan? Blasphemy!

Update: Related: EPA's Plan for Implementing UN’s Agenda 21.

h/t Deetz

Also: Discover the Networks: Fracking, the Latest Battlefield in the Green War Against Jobs[PDF]

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April 24, 2012

Good News! Obama Picks Anti-Israel Advisor To Head Atrocities Prevention Board

samatha power_democracy now.jpg

Samantha Power, to be exact[Breitbart]

....Power has made her career talking about genocide -- she won a Pulitzer Prize for her book, A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide. But her choice is ironic since she is also an ardent opponent of Israel; she has stated that Israel is not a genocidal power, but a “major human rights” abuser. She is a fan of Noam Chomsky’s, and she has been linked to George Soros Here’s what Power had to say in 2002 about America’s role in facilitating Israel-Palestinian relations:[More...]
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Nothing to see here, move along:

Power's husband, Cass Sunstein, Obama Czar:

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April 20, 2012

Media Matters' Anti-Christian Agenda Exposed

Via Erick Stakelbeck at CBN:

h/t Ace, where the commenters never fail to include, daily, "Barack Obama is a stuttering clusterf*ck of a miserable failure."

My thoughts exactly over the NonProfit4Obama bull manure.

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April 12, 2012

Soros Lackeys: Conservatives Attack Hilary Rosen For Raising Children As A Lesbian

Sound familiar?

Rosen's firm represents Sandra Fluke.

Since Rosen's put down of stay at home Ann Romney, things haven't gone too well for the Democrats.

In comes Think Progress to the rescue, or was this planned? Obama Set Up, Prepared The "Ann Romney Doesn't Work" Attack

Where Soro's lackeys were waiting for a certain someone to say something about Rosen being a Lesbian?:

@CatholicLeague: Lesbian Dem Hilary Rosen tells Ann Romney she never worked a day in her life. Unlike Rosen, who had to adopt kids, Ann raised 5 of her own.
The tweet was posted 5 hrs ago

SCOTUS is hashing over something in Obamacare, right?!?

~~Alinsky's Rules for Radicals~~

"Page updated November 5, 2011":

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September 29, 2011

Soros-Funded Group Behind Course for Journalists That Downplays 'Jihad'

Program launched to teach press about Muslim sensitivities blames 'right-wing activists.'

I thought most journalists already downplay waring jihad. Not enough for Soros/Media Matters/Center for American Progress/etc.. I suppose:

In about 30 pages of text with links to other reports and articles, journalists can go through and read about the history of Islam, Muslims in America, and how to cover stories on Islam. Besides learning basic facts about Muslims and their history, the course adds ways to put ''jihad'' into perspective, attack conservatives, and provide a list of liberal groups that can be contacted for expert advice and quotes.

The pre and post-assessments give a hint as to the nature of the course. One question asked, ''What grievances might sources associated with 'Political Islam' hold against Western journalists?'' The answer is that ''Western journalists are seen as all of the following: ''hostile to Islam,'' ''focus too much on Islamic violence,'' ''viewed as water carriers for Western government agendas,'' and ''thought to be unable to understand Islam unless they embrace Islam.''

Course instructors Lawrence Pintak and Stephen Franklin are both former foreign correspondents. Pintak serves as dean at The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University, which is a partner of the project. He also has two books on journalism and Islam and defends the biased, activist network Al Jazzera English.

This course is ''A project of The Poynter Institute funded by The Knight Foundation.'' Soros's Open Society Foundations have worked closely with The Knight Foundation. They partnered up to start the Investigative News Network, which received $200,000 from the Knight Foundation and $100,000 from the Open Society Foundations. The Knight Foundations President and CEO, Alberto Ibarguen, is also on the board for AOL and yet another key Soros backed group, the progressive investigative reporting start-up ProPublica

CAIR is joyous!

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July 21, 2011

Why Does Media Matters Hate The Jews & Israel?

Jeff Dunetz at YID With LID does an excellent breakdown

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June 27, 2011

Dear "Gen JC Christian" blogspot (Jesus' General)

Jesus General assmaggot.jpg.jpg

Or[yes that page does exist..use link given on bs warning] to be exact.

Retraction and apology requested.

He/she/it has a post regarding Islam's useful idiots boat to Gaza or what they like to call "Freedom Flotilla". He/she/it's post is titled "Kill our Citizens Please" which is in regards to jokes made on twitter about Americans on the boat to Gaza. Also this douchebag compares murdered Nuns with Pro-Pal Islamist Hamas anti-Jew supporters

Back to why I am posting this, I don't know the reason why he/she/it linked my post titled "Radical Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr thanks followers for pledging to attack U.S. military in Iraq"

Elsewhere: The proudly white Jawa reminds us that calls to murder American citizens aren't patriotic acts if there's melanin involved.
"Proudly white"? WTF is that suppose to mean douchebag? Are you calling me and fellow Jawa bloggers white supremacists?

You damn well better retract that statement and apologize. Sending your lackeys to comment pretending to be white supremacists won't work either, just sayin

You have been drinking too much of George Soros' kool aid. You claim you are a "satire" website but from the links you have that statement doesn't really hold up.

UPDATE: He/she/it doesn't have a clue, brain dead liberals are like that:

Jesus General_twitter.jpg

No retraction, apology, just more bullshit

UPDATE II: (See Howie's video above):

israel_da shizzle.jpg

JC christian_hillbilly.jpg

Ah, was that liberal retraction?

It's not nice to piss off a Jawa...especially me

To be continued.....

Assholes twitter account @JC_Christian

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April 30, 2011

Think Progress Suggesting Storm Victims Had It Coming?

Why, yes:

....The congressional delegations of these states — Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky — overwhelmingly voted to reject the science that polluting the climate is dangerous. They are deliberately ignoring the warnings from scientists.[discredited...ed]
Stay classy, Soros groupies

h/t Byron York tweet

UPDATE: Death toll hits 337...sigh and HuffPoAOL comments are pretty much the same as above.

I know this is a terrible thing to say ...aqnd I apologize in advance..b­ut the people in the south who voted for State government­s that turn their back on anything Obama wants to do ( I.e. Stimulus Money) and the Tea Partiiers. Well, aybe if you think you can do it alone or without federal funds for say Planned parenthood etc, maybe you can do it without the Government­'s money to help you here...No FEMA No­terall it was your reps ho woted to lower funding for FEMA"" I'm not saying I'm just saying"
Pretty much sums up liberals when a disaster doesn't happen in their area..

Our thoughts and prayers for the families who lost loved ones and all those affected by this.

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March 23, 2011

Lawmakers, Executives Slam Obama for Boosting Brazil's Offshore Drilling



Republican lawmakers and oil industry executives are slamming President Obama for offering to help Brazil expand offshore drilling while U.S. production struggles to get back on its feet in the wake of the BP spill.

The president, on the first leg of his trip to Latin America, said in Brazil over the weekend that his administration wants to assist the Brazilian government "with technology and support" in developing its oil reserves -- a black gold mine he said could hold twice as much oil as U.S. deposits.

"And when you're ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers," Obama said.

That message struck some at home as bizarre and misguided, considering the administration has stressed the need to wean the United States off foreign oil and move toward alternative fuels.

With U.S. oil exploration and drilling slowing to a crawl over the past year, they questioned why the president would throw U.S. weight behind Brazil, a country that also received a $2 billion loan for its state-owned oil company from the U.S. Export-Import Bank.

"We have abundant energy resources off Louisiana's coast, but this administration has virtually shut down our offshore industry and instead is using Americans' tax dollars to support drilling off the coast of Brazil," Sen. David Vitter, R-La., said in a statement. "It's ridiculous to ignore our own resources and continue going hat-in-hand to countries like Saudi Arabia and Brazil to beg them to produce more oil."[More..]

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Thanks to Kenny Solomon for pointing me to this article a couple days ago.

Let's export Ken Salazar to Brazil
[Flashback 2 years]:
Obama helps Soros drill oil in Brazil
Obama, Soros, Petrobras, Brazil & offshore drilling double standards

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March 22, 2011

The Neo-Commie Plan to Wreck the Train

Did I mention there is a Neo-Commie in the White House?

Protein Wisdom:

What we’re witnessing is an organized attempt at initiating a soft coup in the United States by way of a socialist cabal. Michael Medved might not like to hear this; Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg likely won’t, either — concerned, as they both are, about the “rightwing” “bash Obama” industry (which isn’t helping “the folks”); Jeb Bush surely doesn’t, if such a revelation means that his standing on stage with Obama in the swing state of FL to burnish his “pragmatic centrist” bona fides then looks like either betrayal of conservative principles, or a real lack of discernment and judgment; and of course, the establishment GOP, who has built its entire political strategy on the idea that Washington is and always will be business as usual (and it is — for them) probably want to skip this as well.

But those of us who met the election of Barack Obama with cries of opposition knew what was coming — all one had to do was bother to look — and we reluctantly pushed the GOP back to power in November to fight the attempt by the left to finish its takeover of our country.

Read the rest..

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March 17, 2011

O'Keefe's "Project Veritas": New Tape Shows George Soros Has Donated To NPR Before Last Year


Sting videos from "Project Veritas" brought down Ron Schiller, the president of NPR’s nonprofit foundation, and NPR CEO Vivian Schiller (no relation). Betsy Liley, NPR's director of institutional giving. is currently on institutional leave.

Will the latest tape ensure government defunding of NPR? Depends how much control George Soros has over dems/Obi One.

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February 12, 2011

"Behind the scenes' look at YouTube's content removal and deactivation policies

Video date May 06, 2010. Nothing has changed, porn still seems to be the most important 'flag'. However, I did find something interesting about this 'summit'. See below video.

Global Voices Citizen Media Summit_george soros.jpg

A Discussion of Content Moderation: Global Voices Citizen Media Summit Santiago, Chile, May 6, 2010. Victoria Grand, Senior Manager for Communications at YouTube, speaks on content moderation processes. Grand provides a 'behind-the-scenes' look at YouTube's content removal and deactivation policies. The panel discusses content removal and deactivation across a number of platforms, as well as the importance of context and transparency in dealing with activist content on these platforms.
Hmmmm, I find it very interesting George Soros "Open Society Institute' was one of the sponsors of this 'summit'. Makes one wonder why antisemitism and terrorist propaganda runs rampant on YouTube.

You can comment on the video here if you so choose.

Update: Two groups listed in the screengrab, George Soros 'Open Society Institute' and McArthur Foundation, are heavy funders for 'Net Neutrality' or better known as media-reform movement. Knight Foundation linked to Soros also along with Hivos


h/t Evil Canuck, Flippin The Raya

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February 05, 2011

Egypt: Mubarak Resigns(Error from Reuters&Al Araibya TV)/Al Jazeera's English Taqiyya continues (Update: Top leaders resign)

Update: Besides Mubarak, top leaders in the ruling party resign

Update II: Error in reports from Reuters & Al Araibya television that Mubarak had resigned

Reuters and Al Araibya television have earlier reported that President Mubarak himself had resigned from a leadership position in the NDP as well, but those reports appear to have stemmed from confusion that Mubarak is chairman over the council which resigned.

Mubarak still continues as the nation's president.

Original post:


President Hosni Mubarak has resigned as the head of Egypt ruling party, according to State television.

It comes as the country was on the verge of descending into chaos as newly appointed vice president Omar Suleiman reportedly survived an assassination attempt and saboteurs allegedly attacked an oil pipeline.

Let the games begin..

BTW, yesterdayAl Jazeera English live stream was heavy on propaganda..using FNC O'Reilly's 'that's a memo' segment regarding Muslim Brotherhood along with rolling headline "American's are creating fear mongering" and "US Networks are chastised for their poor reporting", "demand Al Jazeera English in US"

If one is to go to their Arabic website. Antisemitic/Anti-American/West abounds... assmaggots.

Al Jazeera English is also featuring 'meet ups' around the US demanding Al Jazeera channel. Islams useful idiots gladly obliging.

Speaking of useful idiots - Wadaf Khanfar, Director General of Aljazeera network, previously posted this at HuffPo:

Update: Another useful idiot "Jaba" wants Al Jazeera too[h/t Herr Wilson]

He shall be named 'Bowling for Al Jazeera". Sorry no image, so this will have to do:

michael moore.jpg

On twitter yesterday[h/t @Flippintheraya]:


Also, the missing Google exec, Wael Ghonim, is now the official poster boy for the opposition group[GOOG][h/t Andrea]

The man behind the curtain, George Soros, a couple days ago added his 2 cents worth at WaPo.

Appears to be coming together nicely, wouldn't you say?

Nothing to see here, move along..

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February 03, 2011

George Soros Article at WaPo: Why Obama Has to Get Egypt Right

Soros:[fixed links]

#1: "America's power & influence has declined"= good

#2:" Muslim Brotherhood survived in a repressive environment"= Muslim Brotherhood good

#3: Jews= bad

#4: "Muslim Brotherhood cooperates with Mohamed ElBaradei"= Elbaradei good

#5: Obama not beholden to the religious right and "religious right has vendetta against him"


#6: Israel= bad

To sum up what Soros said: Instability in the world, sun, moon, planets is Israel's fault and Obama damn well better listen to him...he paid good money for his puppet.

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November 18, 2010

Google AdSense Suspends Another Conservative Site (Updated)

Let's just say there's a pattern emerging here ......

Background on Jawa Report's suspension and the cozy relationship between Google AdSense and the liberal Huffington Post here.

Thanks to Jim.

Update by AllahSHakchew: Like I have said previously, follow the money:

Via BaltimoreSun:

I thought the above was interesting especially since Yaeli stated in comments:
Google AdSense canceled my blog's account with them without explanation during Operation Cast Lead.

Open Society Institute-Baltimore Founder George Soros Urges Google to Choose Baltimore for High Speed Internet Project[03/29/10]

Spooky dude creates profitable chaos

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:39 PM | Comments |

October 29, 2010 Thug Shows His Love For Jess Kelly(R) Supporter James Massee

Via Jim Hoft

RepubliCorp™ is a Soros-funded creation.

Click to enlarge

RepubliCorp Anthem: "We Will Own You!":

I would have pressed charges against that douchebag!!

RepubliCorp™ Facebook
RepubliCorp™ Twitter
RepubliCorp™ YouTube

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October 22, 2010

100 Journalists from George Soros

Short Wave by Chris Muir:

By Stable Hand at 07:56 PM | Comments |

October 21, 2010

Soros-Funded Documentary Embraces Left-Wing Terrorists Who Plotted To Kill Republicans

While also demonizing radical turned hero Brandon Darby who notified the FBI of the radical groups plot against Republicans at the 2008 GOP convention.

Via BigHollywood

Radical philanthropist George Soros is bankrolling a documentary that celebrates left-wing terrorists who plotted to napalm Republicans at the 2008 GOP convention in Minnesota. Even worse, you too are bankrolling the film through your taxes.

You can be sure that if right-wing terrorists were plotting to attack the Democratic National Convention, whoever foiled that conspiracy would be immortalized in film, literature and song as a savior of democracy.

“If you flip the equation around and it had been a group of conservatives threatening to use force to prevent those on the Left from meeting, everyone would expect the government to infiltrate them and they would also expect the FBI to stop them and charge them with crimes,” said Brandon Darby, who helped the FBI thwart the planned attack.

A trailer for the left-wing film Better This World suggests that it depicts David Guy McKay and Bradley Neil Crowder as idealistic activists who, according to the official blurb, “set out to prove the strength of their political convictions to themselves and their mentor.” (Note: There was a functioning trailer when I wrote this post a few days ago, but it no longer appears to be working. -MV) In fact McKay and Crowder are convicted domestic terrorists who manufactured instruments of death calculated to inflict maximum pain and bodily harm on people whose political views they disagreed with.

The movie attacks a true American hero, Brandon Darby, who undermined the conspiracy by alerting the FBI. Filmmakers Katie Galloway and Kelly Duane de la Vega twist the facts to argue that Darby, a former revolutionary activist, manipulated McKay and Crowder into becoming would-be mass murderers.

File this under assmaggots...gawd. **Spit**

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October 20, 2010

Extreme Girls: All Obi One's Radical Women


Michelle has a rejoiner to Maureen Dowd's hit piece "Mean Republican Women:

My column today is a rejoinder to Maureen Dowd’s plaintive wail about Republican Mean Girls in the NY Times on Sunday. I’ll take a GOP mama grizzly who wants government to leave you alone over a Democrat bully bureaucrat any day. As yesterday’s failed attacks on *Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell, and Sharron Angle showed, the ladies of the Right have the harridans of the Left in a frenzy. If you’re catching flak, you’re over the target.[Read the rest..]
Excellent smackdown Michelle!

*Daily Kos: Markos Is Sew Smert!!
White House, When You Do A News Dump Get Your Stories Straight[Carol Browner]
Obama Buried Damning Report[Kathleen Sebelius]
"Don't Drop the Soap" Board Game[Kathleen Sebelius]
Obi One Reaching Out Quiety To Muslims Of America[Valerie Jarret]
Envoy: Obama Is America's "Educator in Chief on Islam", Will Support Criminalizing Defamation of Religion[Valerie Jarret]

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October 11, 2010

Investigative Radio: Aaron Klein Discusses One Nation Rally & The Tea Party Movement

Click image to listen or download here

Today[yesterday...ed], on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, Aaron refrences the Democratic rally held this past Saturday. Aaron is joined by legendary stand up comedian Jackie Mason. Klein and Mason dive into a discussion over the tea-party movement.

Aaron_Klein_WABC radio.jpg

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October 08, 2010

Shadow Party: Daily Kos Wants to Googlebomb Republicans into Electoral Oblivion

soros_shadow party.jpg

Click to enlarge

Up to their old tricks again. Pajamas Media:
They’re not calling it Googlebombing, of course. Chris Bowers at Daily Kos has given their new effort a happier name: “Grassroots SEO.” The SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It’s actually search engine manipulation:

The goal of Grassroots SEO is to get as many undecided voters as possible to read the most damaging news article about the Republican candidate for Congress in their district. It is based on two simple premises:[More..]

Panic time.

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September 14, 2010

Human Rights Watch - Who's Your Sugar Daddy?

George Soros pledges 100 Million to Human Rights Watch.

Anti-Israeli secular-Jewish billionaire George Soros has pledged $100 million to the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW), a non-governmental group that claims to monitor governmental abuses of power. The grant is among the largest of its kind ever made. It will be paid in ten annual $10-million portions.

HRW's reports have been excoriated by the “NGO Monitor” watchdog organization as focusing disproportionately on Israel for alleged abuses, and for exhibiting “consistent bias, false and contradictory statements, and the use of irrelevant evidence and inappropriate methodologies.”

Soros/Obi One.......hmmmmmmmm

Thanks to Ken Solomon

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September 02, 2010

NAACP Launches Coalition Watchdog Site to "Monitor" Tea Party "Racist"

Daily Caller

The NAACP partnered with Media Matters, Think Progress and New Left Media to launch, a website that will specifically publish and monitor “racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement.”

Media Matters and Think Progress representatives said their content and reporting haven’t changed and that the NAACP approached their organizations seeking only to republish select content they’ve produced. The NAACP’s new is aimed specifically at highlighting “racism” in the Tea Party.

New Left Media, the duo of Chase Whiteside and Erick Stoll who use a “Trojan trick” to get interviews with Tea Partiers, is also a partner organization on the new site.[More..]

Racism/extremism charge is getting feckin old.

You'll be shocked, shocked I tell ya if you view this:

See photos of Tea Party extremism from around the country. View gallery
File this under assmaggots

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August 06, 2010

Jihad, As In Waging War: Saudi Columnist, Anas Zahed, Disagrees With Obi One's Counterterror Adviser Brennan/Media Matters & Other Dhimmis

Threw Media Matters in title because of their love for da Jawa's?: "Right-wing media attack Brennan over uncontroversial statements about jihad":

The Jawa Report: "This is Nuckin Futz, besides it will hurt the Islamic Terrorist's feelings." The conservative blog The Jawa Report asserted: "Good News!! Counterterror Adviser Defends Jihad as 'Legitimate Tenet of Islam'" and claimed[I claimed? It's da feckin truth] that "This is Nuckin Futz, besides it will hurt the Islamic Terrorist's feelings."
Saudi columnist doesn't appreciate anyone thinking Jihad is only personal struggle. Splodey dopes, etc. are important too!


'There Is No Islam without Jihad'

Anas Zahed, a columnist for the Saudi government daily Al-Madina, criticized Arab and Muslim intellectuals who limit the term jihad to a personal, spiritual struggle and reject its interpretation as waging war against occupation, which he said is its principle meaning.

Following are excerpts:

"Islam without jihad is the product of colonialism and is in no way connected to the Islam of Muhammad. Without question, the greatest jihad is personal jihad, and therein lies the proof that the term jihad in Islam is not limited [solely] to waging war... [But] this does not mean that the term jihad does not include many other aspects, among them those which relate to the individual's responsibilities to society, and the relations of the [Muslim] society and ummah with societies and countries that declare war on a Muslim state.

"[However,] ever since the American [declaration of] war against what is called terrorism, there has emerged a group of Arab and Muslim authors and academics who try to limit jihad to one dimension, namely to personal jihad. This is exactly what happened in India during the period of British colonialism, when the Qadian sect, also known as Ahmadiyya, emerged and rejected the principle of fighting the colonialists. [They] abolished the duty of jihad in the sense of waging war, and were content with preaching merely personal jihad.

How's the dhimmitude going Media Matters?

Good News!! Counterterror Adviser Defends Jihad as 'Legitimate Tenet of Islam'

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June 27, 2010

Americans In Kyrgyzstan Warned To Keep Low Profile, Suitcases Packed


(CNN) -- U.S. citizens in Kyrgyzstan have been advised to stay close to their homes and keep an emergency kit available during Sunday's constitutional referendum, according to a news release from the U.S. Embassy in the troubled nation.

The warning told Americans to pack enough clothes for one week, keep their gas tanks mostly full and their cell phones charged. It also said they should "keep a low profile" this weekend.

"While the embassy has no concrete information on any specific threat or plans for demonstrations, there have been rumors of possible disturbances, and unrest can erupt without notice," the advisory said.

Hopefully no harm came to anyone today.

BTW, did you know George Soro's supports Kyrgyzstan?

h/t Kenny, who has been following the situation in Kyrgyzstan closely.


"Kyrgyzstan Allows US To Keep Using Base" by tripling rent/non lethal supplies only
UN Watch's Hillel Neuer Exposes UN Silence on Kyrgyzstan Massacres


Weeks after violence, Kyrgyzstan constitution OK'd

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June 24, 2010

Judge Faces Death Threats After BP Gulf Oil Drilling Moratorium Ruling

First, today he refused to delay ruling as was requested by the Justice Dept. That's good news!

On to the death threats: BayouBuzz

New Orleans--While many Americans undoubtedly agree with the decision of U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman to overturn the Obama administration’s moratorium on deep water drilling, not everyone is happy. In fact, the Judge is now receiving death threats in the aftermath of his bold ruling.

Last night, Feldman served as a celebrity judge at a cooking contest at a school gymnasium in Uptown New Orleans. Due to the threats, Feldman was accompanied by a federal marshal security team.

It is a sad indictment of our society today that a judge with such a sterling record of integrity and service to his country would be subject to such threats. Feldman was appointed to the federal bench by President Reagan in 1983. Today, he is in the eye of a political hurricane unlike anything he has ever experienced.

Also, some are trying to smear him by using outdated information. They claim he had a conflict of interest by owning stock in Transocean, Ltd and Halliburton. Problem is, he no longer owns them.

h/t Mean Kitteh

Possibly related:

george soros.jpg

Within 48 hours after President Obama issued the six-month moratorium on deep-water drilling, the George Soros-backed Brazilian oil company, Petrobras, contacted a large New Orleans company, Laborde Marine, which services the deep-water drilling market. The company was seeking to lease all its vessels. “If the moratorium on deep-water drilling is not lifted, 33 semi-submersible rigs and/or drill ships affected will simply go to other countries where they will be well received, such as Brazil,” Cliffe F. Laborde and J. Peter Laborde, Jr. wrote in a June 4 letter to their Louisiana Senators.

Could this be merely a happy coincidence for George Soros, the major financial backer of Obama’s presidential campaign who also has $811 million invested in the Brazilian oil company, Petrobras? Wasn’t it enough of a payback to Soros when the Obama Administration loaned up to $10 billion to Petrobras? Soros, with his far left-wing organization, MoveOn, is called the Godfather of world socialism. But most relevant currently is that he has been an enthusiastic proponent of global warming and environmental liberalism. He has urged adoption of a global carbon tax. Could it be more than coincidence that his position is strikingly similar to what Obama called for in his June 14 Oval Office speech on the Gulf oil spill and future energy actions?


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April 01, 2010

Obi One: Hi Guyzzz

Organizing for America Obamerica

Click to enlarge

Obi One Hi Guyz vid

I refrained from posting vid, don't want people becoming nauseous. Lots of nice comments there though.

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March 01, 2010

Obama's Envoy To The Muslim World: A Soros Tie?

Click image for more.


No Sharia

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November 22, 2008

Good News! Arianna Huffington To Be "Queen Of Capital Hill"

"Friendship" has it's priviledges for secular progressive Arianna as well as support from George Soros.


Arianna Huffington looks set to cement her position as the Queen of Capitol Hill in the next few days.

The Times has learnt that the Huffington Post, her influential political website, will confirm within the next week that it has completed a $15 million (£10 million) fundraising from investors.

The money will finance the expansion of HuffPo, as it is known, into the provision of local news across the United States and into more investigative journalism. And it will ensure that Ms Huffington's influence continues to spread across the US political scene.

She is a close friend of Barack Obama, the President-elect - who, with Hillary Clinton, has posted on her site - and, at a dinner in London on Wednesday night, joked: “I only text three people - my two teenage children and Barack Obama.”

Hopey, changey plans for the "new media"?

h/t Leapofaith

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November 18, 2008

Obama, Soros & UBS April 16th, 2007

I was googling "Iraqi Veterans Against The War" + "George Soros" and wasn't surprised to see this article via American Thinker

New York Magazine - "Money Chooses Sides".
The investment banker Robert Wolf first met Barack Obama one afternoon in December in a midtown conference room. Obama was in town to deliver a speech at a charity dinner for children in poverty at the Mandarin Oriental—but also to pursue another, less high-minded, but more momentous, objective: to begin the process of attempting to pick Hillary Clinton’s pocket.

The conference room belonged to George Soros, the billionaire bête noire of the right. After talking to Soros for an hour about his prospective bid for the White House, Obama walked down the hall and found assembled a dozen of the city’s heaviest-hitting Democratic fund-raisers: investment banker Hassan Nemazee, Wall Street power Blair Effron, private-equity hotshot Mark Gallogly, hedge-fund manager Orin Kramer. Most had been big-time John Kerry backers in 2004. Most had a connection to the Clintons. All were officially uncommitted for 2008.[...]

Wolf was wowed by Obama that afternoon: his straightforwardness, his “bold and impressive” early stance against the Iraq war. He handed Obama his card and said, “I’d like to get to know you more.” Obama phoned the next day. “When we hung up, he said, ‘I’ll call you after the holidays,’ and I’m thinking, Yeah, right, he’s gonna call me,” Wolf says. But call Obama did. The next week, they had dinner in Washington, just the two of them, on the night that George W. Bush gave his speech announcing the surge of additional troops into Iraq. “I felt so honored to be sitting down with him for two hours on an occasion like that,” Wolf recalls, “knowing that he was going off to be interviewed on television later.”

Within ten days, Obama had announced his intention to run and Clinton was officially in. A story in the Times reported that Obama had nailed two A-list New York donors: Soros and Wolf. But though Soros’s backing was a symbolic coup, it’s Wolf who has emerged as Obama’s most copious cash collector in the city so far—hosting two high-dollar cocktail parties, making countless calls, harvesting more than $500,000. As Wolf tells me about the soirées he’s hosted, he reaches into a meticulously organized scrapbook, takes out a photograph of him and Obama grinning madly, and tells me that I can keep it. “The way Barack has taken this nation with his rock-star status,” he says, “it’s very exciting!”

Robert Wolf is the President & Chief Operating Officer for UBS Investment Bank. He also serves as Chairman & CEO for UBS Group for the Americas.

Hopey, changey has a lot of IOU's.

Possibly related - Swiss protest UBS bailout.
Statement on indictment of UBS executive Raoul Weil.
Soros called to account by US politicians over global financial crisis.

Video - 11/13 George Soros was testifying about congress perception that hedge fund industry as the main factor of collapsing the current financial market.

On September 16, 1992 George Soros was responsible for devaluing the Euro which came to be known as "Black Wednesday".

Interesting link in comments from Mongol - Soros-Funded Democratic Idea Factory Becomes Obama Policy Font

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November 11, 2008

Obama Adviser Who Met With Hamas Is Back

Six months ago Obama's foreign-policy adviser, Robert Malley, resigned from the campaign. The resignation was due to Times of London reporting that Malley had been meeting privately with Hamas leaders on a regular basis - something that Obama had publicly pledged not to do.

Now it appears Malley is back

History will record that Barack Obama’s first act of diplomacy as America’s president-elect took place two days after his election victory, when he dispatched his senior foreign-policy adviser, Robert Malley, to meet with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad—to outline for them the forthcoming administration’s Mideast policy vis-à-vis those nations.

An aide to Malley reports, “The tenor of the messages was that the Obama administration would take into greater account Egyptian and Syrian interests” than has President Bush.[...]

Within hours after Obama’s election victory, Malley was back as a key player in the president-elect’s team of advisors—on his way to Syria. Mr. Obama, meanwhile, received a most friendly communication from Hamas, congratulating him on his “historic victory.”

Maybe George Soros was just biding his time until after the election before asking favors?
A Harvard-trained lawyer and Rhodes Scholar, Robert Malley is no newcomer to the Obama team.

In 2007, Obama selected him as a foreign policy adviser to his campaign. At the time, Malley was (and still is today) the Middle East and North Africa Program Director for the International Crisis Group (ICG), which receives funding from the Open Society Institute of George Soros (who, incidentally, serves on the ICG Executive Committee).

Hopey, changey changed again.

h/t AOS

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January 24, 2008

Soros Wants Power Shift From U.S. to China

During an interview with the BBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, billionaire leftist George Soros weighed in on the power and influence of the U.S.

"I'm not looking for a worldwide recession. I'm looking for a significant shift of power and influence away from the US in particular and a shift in favour of the developing world, particularly China."
So, there you have it -- straight from Soros' anti-American lips.

Therefore, whenever you see the multitude of Soros-funded leftist groups creating havoc in the U.S. economy, culture and political system, there should be no doubt as to the intent. Soros wants to beat down the United States while championing the ChiComs.

Soros obviously doesn't support free markets, free speech nor individual liberty. Presumably, leftist American groups backed by Soros money and pushing his agenda don't either.

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