June 01, 2011

Sen. Jim DeMint Considering Entering the Presidential Race

Are you thrilled with the abundance of good options in the current crop of GOP Presidential contenders?

Yeah, me neither.

As y'all may know, there are rumors circling that Senator Jim DeMint is considering throwing his hat in the ring:

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) says he is considering running for president after frustrated conservative activists have pleaded with him to run.

DeMint told The Hill that he has discussed a White House bid with his wife and will pray on the question out of respect for his supporters across the country.

The Tea Party favorite, who had indicated he was not going to run in 2012, would significantly shake up the race if he were to jump in.

Many on the right have expressed major reservations about the GOP candidates in the race, claiming they have not energized the base and/or can’t beat President Obama.

Any of you who would like to see DeMint enter the race are encouraged to sign the petition:

To: Senator Jim DeMint WHEREAS every election for President of the United States presents an opportunity to choose new leadership while engaging in a vigorous debate on core national principles;

WHEREAS the opportunities presented by the 2012 presidential campaign should include strong, consistent and nationally-recognized leaders in the conservative movement; and

WHEREAS Senator Jim DeMint has proven himself willing and able to consistently stand on conservative principle, thereby establishing himself as one of the strongest national advocates for conservative principles;

THEREFORE, we the undersigned call on Senator Jim DeMint to place his name into consideration to serve as President of the United States in the 2012 election.


The Undersigned

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October 19, 2009

The New York 23 Race - Fred Thompson vs. Michael Steele

RedState, Michelle Malkin and many others have been doing outstanding work covering the race in New York's 23rd Congressional District.

If you haven't been following it, the race in NY-23 has Fred Thompson, Club for Growth and Bill Kristol on one side, Newt Gingrich, Daily Kos and Michael Steele on another side, and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama on yet another side.

In short, it's a free-for-all.

Much like the earlier Toomey v. Specter fight in Pennsylvania and the ongoing Crist v. Rubio fight in Florida, the fight in New York 23 represents another hard-fought battle for the soul of the Republican Party.

For those of you still on the fence about which candidate to support in the NY-23 race, I've prepared some helpful info below the fold.

On the other hand, in a fight between Michael Steele's team and Fred Thompson's team, is this really a tough call?


Website : http://www.dedeforcongress.com/

Prior public office experience : since 1998

Profession : COO for Seaway Capital Partner and Corporate Secretary for Wise Buy Stores

Education : Scozzafava holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Boston University School of Management and a Masters in Business Administration from the Clarkson Graduate School of Management.


For the Obama stimulus
For card check / Against secret ballot in union elections
Does not support 'no pork' pledge
Signed no tax pledge October 15th
For Cash for Clunkers
Does not support school choice / vouchers
Does not support teacher testing / merit pay
Does not support concealed carry
For same-sex marriage
For expanded 'hate crimes' legislation
For inclusion of sexual orientation in anti-discrimination laws
Believes abortion should be legal in all cases
For making morning-after pills available to minors without a doctor’s prescription
Endorsements / Supporters:
National Rifle Association
New York State United Teachers
Newt Gingrich
Republican National Committee
National Republican Congressional Committee
Daily Kos
(Endorsed by Working Families Party (ACORN affiliate) in prior races)
Background :
Scozzafava was first elected to the New York State Assembly in 1998. She was a Village of Gouverneur Trustee for four years and Mayor of the Village of Gouverneur from 1993 until her election to the State Assembly. Scozzafava has been appointed to serve on the Assembly Standing Committees of Ways and Means, Ethics and Guidance, and Banks for the 2005-2006 Legislative Session, and is the Ranking Member on the Assembly's Codes Committee. Previously, she served on the Task Force on Education Standards, the Nursing Shortage Task Force, the Legislative Commission on Critical Transportation Choices, and the Task Force on Integrative Medicine and Agriculture.

Scozzafava is married to Ron McDougall, the head of the Jefferson-Lewis-St. Lawrence County Central Labor Council and a UAW member.


Website : http://doughoffmanforcongress.com/

Prior public office experience : None

Profession : Accountant and Entrepreneur

Education : Hoffman holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from SUNY Plattsburgh, an MBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Connecticut (1976). He is a Certified Public Accountant.


Against the Obama stimulus
Against Cash for Clunkers
Against card check / FOR secret ballot in union elections
Signed no tax pledge in August 2009
Signed no pork pledge
For school choice
Against same-sex marriage
Endorsements / Supporters:
Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN)
Club for Growth PAC
American Conservative Union
The Conservative Victory Fund
New York State Right to Life PAC
Susan B. Anthony List
Concerned Women PAC
Family Research Council Action PAC
Police Benevolent Association of the New York State Troopers
Background :
Hoffman is a Managing Partner of Dragon Benware Crowley & Co. (www.dragonbenware.com) and oversees Hoffman Family Enterprises (www.hoffmanfamilyenterprises.com) a diverse group of companies involved in Investments, Real Estate, Construction, Hospitality and Tourism.

Hoffman served as a member of the New York State National Guard from 1970 – 1973 and the U.S. Army Reserves from 1973-1976. Hoffman held the rank of Staff Sergeant at the time of his discharge. Hoffman also served as Corporate Controller for the Lake Placid 1980 Olympic Organizing Committee, overseeing a budget of $150 million and eventually 2,500 employees and 6000 volunteers.

Hoffman's wife Carol is a highly decorated Trooper in the New York State Police.

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August 28, 2008

Say 'Hello' to FRED PAC

Posted at RedState:

We need conservatives on every level of politics winning, taking seats from Democrats and holding seats to rebuild our majorities. We need to develop and promote the kind of innovative, free market and principles-based policies that led to our great political victories in 1980 and 1994.

FRED PAC and its supporters will do all that. And perhaps most important, the support of FRED PAC will send a clear message to our fellow conservatives and supporters nationally that our causes and candidates who believe in our principles and who will defend them are in need of our help, leveraging the kind of support and activism that has served our movement well for two generations. Now it’s our turn to make it work.

The American people are waiting for us to step up, protect our values, defend our principles and our country. Together we can do something great for America. I welcome that challenge, and I hope you will join me in this effort.

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June 14, 2008

Fred Thompson on Constitutional Rights for Terrorists

I don't care what y'all say, Fred Thompson still kicks ass:

In reading the [Supreme Court's] majority opinion I am struck by the utter waste that is involved here. No, not the waste of military resources and human life, although such a result is tragically obvious. I refer to the waste of all those years these justices spent in law school studying how adherence to legal precedent is the bedrock of the rule of law, when it turns out, all they really needed was a Pew poll, a subscription to the New York Times, and the latest edition of “How to Make War for Dummies.”
h/t: HotAir.

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May 15, 2008

Fred is BACK!

The rumors of his demise have been greatly exaggerated. Via Townhall:

Our nation has some serious issues to work through for today … and for the next generation. Now isn’t the time for conservatives to be looking for a tailored message or a politically expedient route to victory if the end result is going to be the inevitable slide toward the liberalization and secularization of America, and the growth of government and loss of freedom that inevitably ensues. For us conservatives it must be about principles and policies that are grounded in freedom, free markets and the rule of law. That’s what I’ve been talking and writing about for the past few years, and that’s what I want to talk write about here on Townhall and in the new Townhall Magazine.
h/t : HotAir.

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January 22, 2008

Fred's Statement

"Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people."

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January 21, 2008

Fred and Florida

There's a lot of talk about Fred dropping out. There's a lot of talk about Fred not dropping out. I'm not sure what to think right now. I have thought about who I might be willing to support if Fred were to drop out. I haven't made up my mind, but McCain and Huck are out as far as I'm concerned. If we're going to have a Democrat in the White House, I'd rather he or she operate under the Democrat brand name.

If this poll is reflective of general sentiment, 3 of 4 FredHeads would support Romney if Fred were to drop out of the race.

If these polls are accurate, Romney is 5 points behind McCain in Florida and Fred has 8.5 points in his corner. Three-fourths of 8.5 is about 6.4.

So, if Fred were to drop out before Florida, and 3 of 4 Florida FredHeads were to actually break for Romney, Fred could very well hand Romney a win in Florida by dropping out of the race before the Florida vote.

On the other hand, if Fred stays in the race, and there's no serious shift in the polls in the next nine days, Fred might secure a McCain win in Florida by staying in.


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January 18, 2008

Fred Thompson on How to Deal With Earmarks and Activist Judges


At a rally in Clemson, S.C.:

You know the ax handle that old Buford [Pusser] used to carry? I got me one of them. I knew Buford Pusser. His daughter gave me one of those ax handles and I still got it. I thought about it many, many times. There's a lot you can do with that.
I don't care what anyone says. I love Fred Thompson.

h/t : HotAir

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January 16, 2008

Should America Kiss Saudi Ass?

Fred sez "Hell, No!"

Via Reuters:

"It's not in the United States' long-term interest to go hat in hand begging people to do things that in the end we know they're not going to do," Thompson said.

"What we need to concentrate on is diversifying our own energy sources here in this country and opening up what oil reserves that we have here ... using nuclear more, using clean coal technology more and all the other things that we can do," Thompson said.

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Fred Slams Bush Administration Over 2nd Amendment Case

You probably won't be surprised to learn that Fred has weighed in on the Bush Administration's involvement in the Heller case:

Asked his opinion of the Second Amendment and the Solicitor General’s request that the DC Circuit Court remand the appeal back to the trial court for “fact-finding”, the lawyer turned Senator from Tennessee said the Bush Administration was “overlawyering” and stated that he opposed remand and that the case should move forward to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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January 15, 2008

Fred Reached His $1 Million Fundraising Goal!!

With almost $50K to spare. Thanks a TON to everyone who contributed.

red pickup 1-15-08.jpg

Should you be inclined to bump that number a little higher, you can do so here.

SECURE the borders
KILL the terrorists
PUNCH the hippies


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January 14, 2008

Fred's Red Truck Fill-up - Only $23K to Go!!

As of this writing, Fred is only $23K away from hitting his goal of raising $1 million by midnight tonight.

Whaddaya say to dropping by Fred's site and showing some blogger love?

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Rasmussen : Fred Thompson Surging in South Carolina

rasmussen sc 1-14.GIF

From RasmussenReports.com:

Over the past several days, the only real movement in South Carolina’s Republican Presidential Primary has been a four-point gain for Fred Thompson and a five-point decline for Mike Huckabee.
Graph courtesy FredHeadsUSA.

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FredHeads Roll in to South Carolina

FredHeads, Thompson Troops and Young Professionals from all over the country traveled to South Carolina this weekend to pitch in and help Fred in his full-court press leading into the vote on Jan. 19th.

walking to rally.JPG

More pics here, here, here and here.

It was quite a time. Anyone who'd like to get involved in South Carolina this week can contact the FredHeads here.

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January 11, 2008

Human Events Endorses Thompson

I'm not sure how much the Human Events endorsement will help Fred out. The National Review's endorsement of Mitt Romney didn't seem to help out much, and NR seems to have a much wider circulation than Human Events. But I agree with the editors: Fred Thompson's certainly has the most bona fides as a conservative.

One thing that bothers me about Thompson is, as Human Events mentions, his support for the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform--a law which is clearly unconstitutional in my mind. Why do conservatives constantly bring this up when talking about McCain, but give Fred a pass on it?

Yesterday, Sen. Thompson told myself and a few other bloggers that celebrity endorsements don't usually count for much. His supporters will have to hope that this endorsement plus his performance in South Carolina last night will be enough to move him up in the polls.

Human Events:

In his Senate years, Mr. Thompson compiled an American Conservative Union lifetime rating of 86.1, which is higher than both Sen. John McCain (82.3) and Rep. Ron Paul (82.3). The Club for Growth has praised Thompson as someone who has a strong commitment to limited government, free enterprise and federalist principles.

On the issues that matter most to conservatives, Sen. Thompson’s positions benefit from their clarity. He is solidly pro-life. He said that he was in favor overturning Roe v. Wade because it was “bad law and bad medical science.” As the National Right to Life Committee said in its endorsement of him Nov. 13, 2007, “The majority of this country is opposed to the vast majority of abortions, and Fred Thompson has shown in his consistent pro-life voting record in the U.S. Senate that he is part of the pro-life majority.”

Thompson’s record is solid on voting to preserve gun owners’ rights, cut taxes, reduce government spending and drill for oil in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He has voted consistently against gay marriage. Thompson is by no means perfect. He strongly supported the McCain-Feingold bill, did not support the impeachment of Bill Clinton on perjury and more than once voted with the trial lawyers against limitations on liability in defective product and medical malpractice cases.

We like the way Thompson unhesitatingly attacks the liberal ideologues and their activists such as MoveOn.org and the ACLU, and the way he reaches out to those we knew as the Reagan Democrats.

I think its that last part that is most attractive to me. But, again, it seems to me that both Rudy and McCain also do a good job of attacking the far left as the warmed over anti-American commies that they are. McCain even goes so far as to question the patriotism of the radical left. I like that.

To be honest, my ideal candidate would be a combination of something like this:

John McCain's life story and commitment to American winning its wars, even if that means firing incompetent generals and field commanders.

Ron Paul's domestic agenda, divided by two, minus the tin-foil, and then rounded to the nearest politically realistic position.

Mike Huckabee's personality. And Huckabee's Chuck Norris.

Mitt Romney's business experience, family, and hair.

Duncan Hunter's position on immigration.

Do these add up to Fred Thompson? No, but Thompson's positions seem to be closest to my own Burkean libertarianism.

Remember, when we vote we aren't looking for the ideal--one of the reasons I could never fully swallow the libertarian pill--but rather for the best of the given choices. We are, as Trey Parker and Matt Stone reminded us four years ago, deciding between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich.

UPDATE: Yup, you're right, it's Giant Douche not Giant Douchebag.

You know what I can't stand? Giant douches in the comments section that don't understand the differences between a metaphor and name calling. Saying the choice is between a giant douche and a turd sandwich is just a metaphor for no candidate is perfect. Saying the commenter is a giant douche--that's just name calling.

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Fred Adminsters the Whoop-Ass to Huckster

Judging by the debate tonight, Fred appears to have run out of chewing gum....

h/t : Allah.

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January 10, 2008

Conference Call With Fred Thompson

A number of bloggers, including myself, are talking with Fred Thompson right now.

As you know, I've been a tepid Fred Thompson supporter for some time, so I'm pretty jazzed to get to talk to him today. I'll let you know what happens.

Check back for updates.

1:55: We ended with notice from Jon that Sen. Thompson will be on Sean Hannity's show at 3:15 ET.

I like Fred, but I wish we could have spent more time discussing issues like how his administration would treat the war in Afghanistan differently. We seem to have turned the tide in Iraq, but in Afghanistan we have been in a stalemate for a few years now.

In any event how can we expect the MSM to pick up on Fred's conservative message when we bloggers act just like the MSM and focus on the "horse race" aspects of the election rather than substance?

1:50: Matt from Townhall asks if Fred is going to get any celebrity endorsements. Naturally the conversation moves to Chuck Norris. Fred says he doesn't believe celeb endorsements, including Chuck's, don't matter that much.

1:47: A lot of talk about South Carolina, which is kind of boring. I can sense that Fred wants to talk about substantive issues, but bloggers more interested in the race. Which is ironic since the same bloggers are wondering why media isn't paying Fred more attention. When the story is the race, then, naturally the stories are about "winners" and "losers".

1:42: "It's about me. I either work or I don't....I stand or fall on who I am and what I believe." Great answer about the dog & pony show.

1:38: Dan Riehl asks a great question about Sen. Thompson's career in Hollywood and how that might effect his electability. Thompson says he won't back away from who he is and what he does.

1:35: Fred says that he supports directing the federal government to disregard earmark spending.

1:32: Fred says he's drawing the line in South Carolina and that it's his "neck of the woods." He's the "clear cut conservative candidate".

1:30: Jon Henke says Fred is going to get a "big celebrity endorsement tomorrow." Tease.

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January 06, 2008

Congrats to Fred Thompson!!!

After beating expectations and finishing third in the Iowa caucuses earlier this week, Fred Thompson just took second place in the Wyoming caucuses. This showing nets him 3 delegates--which is 3 more delegates than Rudy or McCain have.

Here's Fred from tonight's debate, calling it like he sees it...

Go Fred!!!

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December 30, 2007

The FredHeads Spend the Weekend Mixing it Up in Iowa


More photos here and here.

NOTE: Fred's Iowa HQ has plenty of volunteer opportunities for local Fred supporters. You can contact them via the FredHeads' website.

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December 29, 2007

FredHeads Road-Trip it to Iowa for Fred


A small but dedicated team of die-hard FredHeads has road-tripped from Texas to Iowa to help Fred heading into the Iowa Caucuses. Photos here.

In other news, Fred's Iowa HQ has plenty of opportunities for volunteers. Anyone interested in getting involved in "The Iowa Project" should contact the FredHeads here.

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December 22, 2007

Video : A Holiday Tribute to the Troops

Click to play

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December 21, 2007

Video : Fred's Message to the FredHeads

The FredHeads are working hard to raise resources for media buys in Iowa. Should you be inclined to help Fred get out his message, you can do so here.

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December 19, 2007

Video : Rep. Steve King (R-IA) : Why I'm a Fredhead


For those of you who aren't as familiar with Steve King or Iowa politics, King's endorsement is huge for Iowa conservatives. All the major GOP candidates wanted this endorsement, and Fred pulled it in.

How many more tricks does Fred Thompson have up his sleeve? Guess we'll have to wait and see...

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December 17, 2007

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) Endorses Fred Thompson

Via Michelle:

There is only one candidate who epitomizes the full spectrum of our conservative values. There is one who is a comfortable conservative whom I have full confidence in his decisions.

That candidate also has the fire in his belly to go the distance and the brains and resources to get there.

That candidate also meets the test of life and marriage, judges and borders. That candidate has taken solid, persistent, and principled positions consistent with the Republican platform-which we wrote to inform the candidates of the positions of Iowa Republicans.

That candidate has a record of faith, family, freedom, service, and success.

There is no question about that candidate’s position on protecting our sovereignty at the borders, in the workplace and on the streets of America. The Rule of Law will be reestablished in American life. My long and exceptionally deliberative evaluation of the Republican candidates for president has come to an end.

I will put all my efforts into and the fire into the belly of the person whom I believe destiny has called to be the next president of the United States…

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December 13, 2007

Video : Fred Thompson Laying Down the Smack on the Teachers' Unions

Amen, brother!

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December 06, 2007

Thompson: The Pro-Waterboarding Candidate

Stop the ACLU has this quote:

I would authorize that. Whatever is necessary to save a number of American lives.
Why don't you tell them what you really think Fred!

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November 23, 2007

Numbers USA : As a Candidate, Fred Thompson Has Set a "High Standard" on Immigration

From Roy Beck of Numbers USA:


When Fred Thompson came out with a detailed immigration policy this fall, I knew it was very good but was too busy leading the fight against amnesties in the Senate to give thorough attention.

Reading Thompson's full proposed immigration policy this afternoon, I am blown away by its depth, its breadth and at how it would so fundamentally change Americans' future for the better.

Read more of Roy's analysis below...

As a Senator from Tennessee in the 1990s, Thompson had a mixed record on immigration. I've studied that record and believe it reflects the problem that we saw even in some of this year's Senate heroes who also were mediocre in the 1990s -- most of them just weren't paying much attention to this issue in the 1990s (just like a lot of you have only become active on this during the last couple of years).

NumbersUSA always gives ample credit to politicians who turn from bad or mediocre records and decide to become our champions. But less-than-stellar past records require us to look for signs of sincerity and assurance that they will follow through on their promises.

With Thompson, we will be watching closely for these signs. One strong point for him is that he finished his Senate career with an A-minus performance in 01/02 term after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. And since coming out with his official stance, he has not been equivocating when asked about immigration in media appearances or in strong immigration ads.


You can read the full Thompson immigration plan at:


I hope many of you will send messages of reinforcement to the Thompson campaign (as we've asked you to do for other candidates when they do positive things). Here is a link to the websitehttp://www.fred08.com/index.aspx



I don't find any other presidential website that explicitly has the end of chain migration as a goal. I have maintained since my first books in the mid-1990s that ending Chain Migration is the single most effective action for reducing negative immigration impacts. Chain Migration breeds all kinds of illegal immigration among extended family who feel they have an entitlement to immigrate and don't wait their turn. Chain Migration multiplies the harm of every immigration action by allowing each new immigrant and refugee to eventually import huge extended families and eventually whole villages.

Thompson would restrict immigrants and refugees to bringing in their spouse and minor children. No more adult siblings, adult children or parents. Hence, no more nephews, nieces, in-laws, aunts, uncles and cousins -- unless they earn the right on their own merits. Everybody could come to visit on carefully controlled visitor visas. But if people want to live with their entire extended families, they'll need to continue to live where their extended family lives.


Since 1990, this ridiculous program gives away the opportunity for U.S. citizenship to some 50,000 people a year based on totally random luck of the draw, with no regard to the national interest, the immigrant's skills, education or humanitarian claim.

Inadvertently, the lottery rules are set up so that people from terrorist sponsoring countries are a disproportionate percentage of the winners.

The lottery is a breeder of illegal immigration as it gives false hopes to tens of millions of people around the world who play the lottery each year, many of whom eventually decide to speed up their dream by moving illegally to the U.S. and waiting to win the lottery here.

(weakness) No Explicit Goal of Numerical Reduction.

Although eliminating Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery would reduce future legal and illegal immigration by 5-8 million per decade, it would do so only if Congress and the President abstain from increasing other categories of immigration. Thompson has left this issue unanswered.. I can find Tom Tancredo as the only candidate who actually promises total immigration reductions. Tancredo urges that legal immigration be reduced from its current 1 million a year to 250,000 a year, which is near our traditional average before the last three decades of abuse.


Thompson seems to rule out any kind of amnesty that would allow illegal aliens to remain in the United States.


Thompson promotes that very term. His goal is to drive as many illegal aliens as possible to voluntarily leave the country because magnets have been removed and the chances of being arrested and deported have been increased. He does not accept that we are stuck with the 12-20 million illegal aliens.



The IRS already knows all the employees who are working without valid Social Security numbers. This provision would simply authorize the IRS to disallow deductions for wages paid to those particular employees, thus increasing the costs of hiring illegals.



"Complete the implementation of a system to track visa entrants and exits, as has been required by federal law for more than ten years, and connect it to the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC), in order to curb visa overstays and permit more effective enforcement."


"Adding resources for the Department of Justice to prosecute alien smugglers, people involved in trafficking in false identification documents, and previously deported felons. ... Maximizing efforts to prosecute and convict members of criminal alien gangs, such as MS-13 and affiliated gangs. ... Implementing fully and making greater use of the expedited removal process already allowed under federal law."



Cut off discretionary federal grant funds "as appropriate to any community that, by law, ordinance, executive order, or other formal policy directs its public officials not to comply with the provisions of 8 USC 1373 and 8 USC 1644, which prohibit any state or local government from restricting in any way communications with the Department of Homeland Security regarding the immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of an alien in the United States."

"Deny discretionary Federal education grants as appropriate to public universities that violate federal law by offering in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens without also offering identical benefits to United States citizens, regardless of whether or not they live in the state, as required by 8 USC 1623."

"Deny discretionary Federal grants as appropriate to states and local governments that violate federal law by offering public benefits to illegal aliens, as prohibited by 8 USC 1621(a)."

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November 21, 2007

Fred Thompson : The Second Amendment Protects More Than a Right to Self-Defense

I'm sure the lefties, control freaks and anti-gun bedwetters won't like this one bit, but as a gun owner and student of the Constitution, I love this quote:

The Second Amendment does more than guarantee to all Americans an unalienable right to defend one’s self. William Blackstone, the 18th century English legal commentator whose works were well-read and relied on by the Framers of our Constitution, observed that the right to keep and bear firearms arises from “the natural right of resistance and self-preservation.” This view, reflected in the Second Amendment, promotes both self-defense and liberty. It is not surprising then that the generation that had thrown off the yoke of British tyranny less than a decade earlier included the Second Amendment in the Constitution and meant for it to enable the people to protect themselves and their liberties.

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Rudy's Electibility : Myth vs. Reality

Conventional wisdom : Rudy is the one candidate who can beat Hillary.

Reality : In a head-to-head match against Hillary in Florida, Fred outperforms Rudy.


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November 19, 2007

Video : Pajamas Media Interviews Fred Thompson on The War on Terror


Cross-posted at FredHeadsUSA.

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November 06, 2007

"_________ is Too Important to be Left to the States."

Jonathan Adler on Fred Thompson's federalism:

Many politicians say such things. President Bush, for one, spoke quite a bit about the need for state flexibility when he was a Governor and a candidate, but seems to have forgotten about such things over the past six years. It appears Thompson actually means it, however, as he stuck to his federalist guns even when confronted with issues where many "conservatives" abandon federalism and embrace federal power. He even endorsed state autonomy where such a position meant rejecting policy positions favored by significant portions of the GOP base....

I have no idea whether Thompson's positions will help or hurt his electoral chances. But I also suspect I am not the only one who finds this apparent commitment to principle refreshing.

I think Jonathan raises a good question. In this modern age, where the federal government appears to be "the solution of first resort" for political activists left, right and center, is there still a place for a consistent champion of federalism?

Few, of course, are openly opposed to federalism across the board. Most political activists are OK with decentralization except as to their pet issue, "X". While state-level decision-making is all fine and good for most areas of law, "X" is invariably "too important to be left to the states."

It wasn't that long ago that the proponents of nationalization were found almost exclusively within the ranks of the left. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. These days, if you're FOR or AGAINST something, you apparently want a national resolution of the issue. It's no longer enough to answer the question for yourself, for your community, or even for your entire state. These days, once you've made your decision on an issue, you're likely to be bound and determined that the ENTIRE COUNTRY goes along with it.

"X" can be anything. Examples include: children's health care, personal injury law, primary education, family law, traffic regulations, wills and estates, protection of snail darters, drug policy, marriage, matters of life and death, stem cell research, etc., etc. Time and again, we hear the refrain, "X is just too important to be left to the states."

At one time in the not-too-distant past, there were a whole lot of Americans who believed "X is too important to be managed by federal bureaucrats." Are those days behind us?

Follow-up question: for any of you who are fond of the "X is too important..." argument, how am I, a third-party observer with no particular dog in the fight, supposed to decide which of the "too important" issues and pet projects really are "too important for states," and which aren't?

UPDATE: Hot Air has video.

Remember, you can vote once a day. Please Vote Jawa! .

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November 04, 2007

Fred Addresses the Human Life Amendment

I agree with Fred 100% on this. Allah Bryan wonders:

...will this become a problem with social conservatives?
I think it's clear enough that it already is a problem for at least a certain segment of social conservatives. The bigger question is: how big a segment?

Are the social conservatives really going to turn their backs on a 100% pro life candidate because he's committed to federalism?

Viewed from another angle, are social conservatives going to back a pro-choice activist over a rock-solid pro-life candidate so long as the pro-choice activist promises the right legislative goodies on the back end?

If so, what sort of message are they sending to young politicians hoping to make a future Presidential run?

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October 31, 2007

Fred : Drivers Licenses for Illegals are "a Recipe for Voter Fraud"

Posted at Fred File:

While Hillary Clinton was speaking out both sides of her mouth at last night’s debate over the issue of drivers licenses for illegal aliens, what went unsaid is that this is a recipe for increased voter fraud. Under the federal “Motor Voter” law (the National Voter Registration Act of 1993), states must provide applicants for drivers licenses with the opportunity to register to vote.

Giving legal drivers licenses to illegal immigrants is wrong and would provide them the opportunity to register to vote in our country. People who are not citizens of the United States should not be encouraged by pandering politicians to further break our laws and risk the health of our political system.

Read the rest of Fred's commentary on the subject here.

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October 23, 2007

Mark Krikorian on Fred's Immigration Plan

Posted at The Corner:

Thompson’s new immigration platform is more hawkish than I expected. Not only does he understand the attrition argument, but his specifics are pretty good too: mandatory electronic verification of all new hires, enable Social Security cooperation with immigration authorities, withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities. And in what seems to be a first for a major presidential candidate, he calls for ending chain migration by discontinuing all family-related immigration except for the spouses and minor children of American citizens (as well as eliminating the visa lottery).
h/t : Ace.

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Fred Set to Roll Out His Immigration Enforcement Plan

Via FredHeads USA:

Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson is choosing a county with a large farmworker population to announce an immigration policy Tuesday that will include stripping federal grant money from cities and states that don't report illegal immigrants...

A major part of the plan will be to reduce the number of illegal immigrants by increasing enforcement of existing law. Sanctuary cities, where city employees are not required to report illegal immigrants to federal authorities, would lose discretionary federal grants, said a campaign source who didn't want to be named because the plan hasn't been announced.

Thompson will also call for stronger laws to force employers to verify that workers aren't illegal immigrants, a more rigorous system to track who is coming in and out of the country and a plan to increase prosecution of "coyotes," smugglers who bring illegal immigrants across the Mexican border, the source said. He will also talk about border security.

Full AP article here.

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October 11, 2007

FredHeads Giving Out FREE Fred08 Bumper Stickers

Fred08 stickers.JPG

Details here.

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Fact-checking the Dearborn Debate : Fred Dead-on, Rudy Out-to-Lunch

Via Factcheck.org:

Former Sen. Fred Thompson got the facts straight for his GOP debate debut Oct. 9. But former Mayor Rudy Giuliani added to a lengthening string of exaggerations and misstatements...
Full story here.

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October 10, 2007

Blogger Roundup on Fred's Debut Performance

Dean Barnett sez:

I thought Fred did well. Yes, it does look like he should switch from decaf to double espressos, but he has an extremely likable low-key manner. He also appeared well-informed and capable on the issues, which probably came as a mild surprise to some people. (Okay, I’m one of them.) Based on his performance yesterday, Fred isn’t going anywhere. He’s definitely one of the three guys with the chance of being the Republican nominee.
Ed Morrissey:
Thompson stomped Matthews into a laughingstock. In the rest of the debate, Thompson showed that he was comfortable and prepared, even for the silly attacks from other candidates. Mitt Romney went into a long, telegraphed, and obviously gag-written punch about how the debates resemble "Law and Order" and how Fred shows up last, which Fred neatly returned by feigning surprise that he wasn't the best actor on the stage -- jabbing at Romney's perceived plasticness....

Fred's in now, and he will find new momentum after this performance.

Posting at The Corner, E.M. Zanotti blogged it from Dearborn:
The general feeling around here is that Fred Thompson pulled out a narrow win over Rudy and McCain, though a few hardcore Mitt supporters are attributing that to low expectations. I have to disagree. Mitt looked scripted, and even if it was calculated, Fred looked free and easy by comparison, and stayed consistently on message. To be fair, Mitt is getting rave reviews as well. It seems his opening line about "tax hikes" resonated well in Granholm country. Analysis on McCain may have to wait until the public sorts out his position on unions.

Mary Katherine:

For the record, I think Fred's not great, but fine tonight. That may be all he needs, especially given the cheap shot Chris Matthews took at him after his answer on government intervening in the Chrysler labor dispute...

Bottom line: Fred was fine, but a little flat. He perked up toward the end, and I think will continue to perk up as he gets more debates under his belt. He needs to attack his answers a little more and fill up the time he's given, but he left people with a couple good laugh lines and good, basic assurances of his free-market conservatism. Probably a win for him, overall.

Allah agrees:
Fred did well here, especially in parrying Mitt’s “Law & Order” thrust. Like MK says, not a great performance but good enough overall.
The Lizardoids apparently agree that Fred won it.

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Video : Fred on the Islamic Fascist Threat

More from Fred on Iraq below the fold...

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October 02, 2007

AllahPundit : "It’s game over, man."

I like AllahPundit. I like him a lot. Frankly, I think he's one of the smartest bloggers out there, but on this score, he's out to lunch:

The numbers I saw for the GOP yesterday were $10 million for Mitt (plus $7 million more out of his own pocket), around $9 million for Rudy, and $8 million. [Hillary] raised as much money by herself as our big three did combined. Couple that with the fact that some pro-life grassroots activists are already promising not to volunteer if Rudy’s the nominee and I fear we’re looking at a very harsh reality:

It’s game over, man.

OK, I'm going to make some predictions right now:
1. Fred Thompson will be the GOP nominee.
2. It won't even be particularly close.
3. Fred Thompson will beat Hillary in the general election.
Even though I suspect Allah is a few rungs higher that I am on the I.Q. scale, I'm willing to put cash money on the table at even odds on predictions 1 and 3.

Whaddaya say, Allah? A little friendly wager?

UPDATE : In the comments, Christoph suggests I wager Allah an iPhone. Works for me.


Looks sweet, don't it?

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