September 17, 2014

Gen. Martin Dempsey Cites Importance of Countering Cyber Jihad

Allowing AQ and ISIS perpetual cyber haven on the internet is a bad idea.

Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, characterized the risk of Americans coming back to the United States after fighting for Islamic State in Syria or Iraq and launching an attack as “significant.”

“Given what they’ve already demonstrated in terms of brutality and utter disregard for human life, other than those who adhere to their ideology, whatever weapons system they would have in their possession – there’s no doubt that they would use it, including weapons of mass destruction,” he said.

Noting that military officials have been in close contact with both the U.S. intelligence communities and U.S. law enforcement, he said the risk of those in the U.S. becoming radicalized would increase until ISIS’ “momentum is reversed” and U.S. authorities are able to counter their ability to recruit and put out propaganda on social media and the Internet.

The cyber Jihad, it really is that dangerous.

So in my book "Counter" means offense and disruption of AQ and ISIS internet activities. Not just collecting blips to fill up a cloud of hard drives.

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September 15, 2014

if ISIS Isn't Islamic The Pope Isn't Cathlolic

Or some variation on that here at New Republic:

s ISIS slaughters its way though Syria and Iraq, it became inevitable that we’d hear from apologists who claim that ISIS is not in fact “true Islam,” and that its depredations are due to something other than religious motivation. Those motivations, say the apologists, are political (usually Western colonialism that engenders resentment), cultural (societal tradition), or anything other than religion.


These apologists, of course, which now include President Obama, are motivated by a desire to avoid criticizing religion at all costs—especially Islam.....

Actually, what people like Obama, Paul, Volsky, and Jenkins consider “true” faith is this: “faith that promotes the kind of behavior that I like.” So, as do all believers, the apologists pick and choose from scripture the dictates that they find congenial, ignoring the bad ones.

Like Rusty once said, Islam is what Muslims believe it is, so to the extent that Muslims in ISIS and those who support it believe it represents Islam, it represents Islam. Its that simple.

Read the rest.

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September 11, 2014

At Last (update not quite) (Update II: That's Better)

After steady complaints finally cleaned up the last of the Steven Sotloff snuff videos.


Thanks to


If anyone sees any more copies, comments. We'll do our best to have it removed.

Update: See comments for additional targets.

Updated 09/11/2014: Jawa readers found three additional copies. Agains thanks to

Update 09/12/14: Two more down. Thanks to Steve.

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September 09, 2014

Motley Crew of Counter Cyber-Terror Hacktivists Ass Rape ISIS Twitter Jihad

Join the Counter Cyber Jihad Today!


Update: ISIS doesn't grant anyone free speech, but they demand that Twitter carry their beheading videos or else Fatwa.

An ISIS-affiliated group has threatened to assassinate Twitter employees that close down their accounts.

Users linked to the extremists tweeted a series of messages on Sunday urging 'lone wolves' in the US and Europe to make the firm their target.

One of the calls is believed to have come from Al Musra Al Maqdisia, or The Supporters Of Jerusalem - a Jerusalem-based group that pledged its allegiance to ISIS in February.

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Attn: Youtube User Khaled Alshehri






You've been, Thunderstruck!


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September 04, 2014

Attn: Youtube User sad3576







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August 25, 2014

Attn: ISIS (bumped)

All ur base are belong to us.

Thanks to @BemetOr8, Beer O'Clock, @meankitteh1, @wvubetasoldier.

We just want the Foley family to know the Jawas are doing what we can. May James RIP.

And it seems the world is finally coming around to our view that Islamic Terror Propaganda is something to be fought actively. We've noticed that providers, especially Google has been more cooperative in removing ISIS propaganda lately. Since Obama has acted in Iraq. Good for them. Not only are they taking down the Foley Murder videos they are erasing all traces from Google's Cache.

But lets get one thing clear, this is NOT President Obama's fault.

Evil people do evil things. ISIS are evil. We must fight evil. Its that simple.


And I also want to thank all those others across the web who are fighting this release.

There's more work to be done on this.


And down

Ha Double D!

Update: 08/25/14.

Some people are just slow learners.




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Attn: Abu Bakr Al-Janabi


All your Jihad R belong to US.



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August 22, 2014

Marine Vet’s Viral Post Warning ISIS: ‘Attack Us and There Will be No Mercy’

To all you ignorant Islamic extremist f—-. As I sit here watching you execute women, children and men in the Middle East I chuckle. Why do I chuckle you may ask? Well let me explain something to you idiots who think you are so tough. You are scaring a population that doesn’t know how to fight, you’re bullying the weak.
What did Saddam’s troops do when we came to town? Surrendered, twice… All your threats of coming to America and raising your flag over the White House amuse me more than you could ever understand. In 2012 there were 21.2 million veterans in the United States. Do you understand what that means? That means there are millions of pissed off veterans who have been dealing with years of abuse from their government stabbing them in the backs and having to watch friends die because you Islamic idiots can’t seem to act like human beings and stop terrorism and violence.

Read it all

Well said sir, well said.

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Hamas Splodey Dopes Courtesy Of The Juice

Splodey Dopes ver 1.1.png
Allahu Snackbar!!

Mazel tov!

Update: A blast from the past: In documentary, killed Hamas commanders boast of tunnels' success

Splodey dopes sploded:

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British Muslimah Wants To Be First Woman To Behead Western Prisoners

uk bitch wants to behead westerns.jpg
Khadijah Dare with her Swedish ISIS bitch husband, Abu Bakr

Okay bitch

Writing under the Twitter name Muhajirah fi Sham, which means ‘immigrant in Syria’, she posted a slang filled message that said: “Any links 4 da execution of da journalist plz. Allahu Akbar. UK must b shaking up ha ha. I wna b da 1st UK woman 2 kill a UK or US terorrist!(sic)”.

She recently sparked outrage when she posted a picture of her toddler son posing with an AK47 rifle.

Dare, who has urged other young women from London to join her in Syria, is thought to have converted to Islam in her mid-teens.

She locked her twitter account apparently from the publicity she has received.

Oh well, stupid bitches gonna stupid bitches I guess.

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Jihad In America Cornhole Watch: Ali Muhammad Brown

Ali mohammed brown.jpg
Bitches mug shot

Ali Muhammad Brown, 29, of Seattle, went on a killing spree because of US killing "innocent" Muslims the world over.

SEATTLE (CBSNewYork/AP) – Prosecutors in Washington state filed a third aggravated murder count against a man also charged with murder in New Jersey, alleging the four killings are part of a “bloody crusade” to punish the U.S. government for its foreign policies.

King County prosecutors charged Ali Muhammad Brown, 29, with first-degree aggravated murder Wednesday in the April 27 shooting of 30-year-old Leroy Henderson in Skyway, south of Seattle. Read the rest

He murdered a college student in New Jersey who had the audacity to stop for a red light. He also murdered 2 young men in Seattle and used a "gay site" to lure them. (Where is the outrage from LGBT outlets?)

He could be charged with terrorism. Why this hasn't peaked the interest of more MSM outlets is beyond me, oh wait. Silly me. Islamophobia!!

Mohammed said he killed 4 in Wash., N.J. to gain revenge against U.S."

According to a criminal complaint filed in King County, Brown took responsibility for each shooting and told investigators he carried out the killings to gain retribution for lives lost during U.S. military action in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

"My mission is my mission between me and my lord. That's it," Brown said during a jailhouse interview in New Jersey, according to the court filings. "My mission is vengeance, for the lives, millions of lives are lost every day."

Bubba is waiting for you Muhammed!

Allahu Snackbar!!

h/t ROP

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August 19, 2014

Attn: Youtube User الراية السوداء



Note to myself.

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August 15, 2014

Attn Youtube User النذير العريان الحجازي


You've been Thunderstruck!

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August 13, 2014

Attn: Youtube User zrdswq AKA ابو لقمان المغربي

You mad bro?



Took his ball and went home? No not quite yet.

Update: Google Plus down too.


Thanks to Tactical Shit.

Next and next!

You still mad bro?

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August 07, 2014

Attn: Youtube User Ar Raqqah Media




Double Loser!


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Attn: Youtube User Alshhdaa Roh


Up yours.

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Attn Youtube User alansary


Ur mah biyatch!

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July 11, 2014

I Totally Forgot Mocking The Muj

Yeah on my earlier post I totally neglected to mention the effectiveness of a good internet PWN! But these Kurds seems to be doing a good job of it.

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US Intelligence Keep Tweeting #ISIS

A pretty good article on ISIS and twitter here.

Radical Islamists in Iraq are using social media to spread fear and propaganda in a way no terrorist group has done before.


Fighters from the Islamic State (also known as ISIL or ISIS) have shared Instagram pictures of gory executions, and have posted YouTube videos showing a beheading while tweeting "This is our ball. It’s made of skin #WorldCup." Seemingly without break, their Twitter accounts spew a mixture of carnage and preaching, peppered with weird jokes and gruesome taunts.

And American officials want them to keep it up.

An employee with a major social media company told Mashable that U.S. intelligence officials approached the company and asked that the ISIL accounts not be taken down, despite the often bloody and threatening content.

The article goes on to explain why intelligence analysts want the accounts up.
The reason? American intelligence officials are monitoring the ISIL accounts, trying to glean information about the deadly group and its strengths, tactics and networks.

Social media "is one of the many sources" American analysts monitor when "assessing the fluid ISIL situation," a U.S. intelligence official told Mashable on condition of anonymity.

"Whether or not it makes more sense to be trying to quash this kind of communication so they can’t get their message out, intel folks would always want them to have it more open," said Jason Healey, a founding member of the Pentagon's first joint cyberwar unit and now director of the Atlantic Council's Statecraft Initiative.

All very well and good. But I think they are missing the point of take-downs and counter terrorism phyops.

True there should be a balance between counter messaging and quashing the message. But after you have gathered all the intelligence on a person with that handy dandy thingy called the Save Button and fed it into your little analysis tool. From that point forward what is the balance of harm done vs. intelligence gathered? You have the his network mapped. Now the user is gaining prominence and credibility. He's recruiting, he's promoting the terrorist message. And you're doing what? Watching a slow motion train wreck?

And that's where I get off the intelligence train, The article makes it sound as though all intelligence analysts think this. That's true of the majority. But the majority's bread and butter is always more info. They don't want to miss one valuable byte. I don't want to say their only motivation is money, but they are making a living and like most humans they want to make the money and gather intelligence the easiest way possible.

Anyone who has spent time building a social network or website knows, when a takedown happens and you have to rebuild that network or website the replacement rarely if ever achieves the reach and popularity of the original network.

So there's a point to counter messaging, takedowns, and psyops. Remember once you gather that initial picture of a network, from that point forward the balance of harm vs good in leaving an account diminishes while that user's credibility and reach increases.

Its a huge pain in the ass for the online Jihadi and quite an annoyance to intelligence analysts. People are basically lazy and the analysts don't want to go through the pain of relocating a particular subject and remapping his new online system any more than the Jihadi wants to start over from scratch. But you have his network saved remember. He'll come back and reestablish his network connecting with what he considers the most important nodes first. So that in itself tells you a lot about his community. On the downside he'll try to harden his online presence and become a more resistant user.

In my opinion the watch and do nothing policy fails in the long run. Are Jihadis being created and recruited faster than you can watch and gather intelligence? I think the last few years in which the watch only policy has garnered favor makes clear the answer is yes. Islamic terror is spreading faster and faster around a much larger community. Although its main presence has left the internet for the most part in favor of Middle Eastern cell phone networks.

Takedowns and psyops do however serve a purpose. They show your dominance in the online battle space and hurt the credibility, reputation and reach of your target.

Now I would never suggest that we set intelligence totally aside in these matters. It must by necessity always come first. But neither does a takedown necessarily have to be harmful to intelligence. Lets take the example of Revolution Muslim. Was the loss of several of their websites targeted by Jawa Report really that much of an obstacle?

Was the loss of the al-Buruj website, several of their backup and reconstituted websites a problem when it came time for law enforcement to go after the members of that radical group?

Thanks to the handy save button thingy, no. We've NEVER went after any target without first doing the obligatory due diligence.

The fact that Zack Chesser, Younnes Abdullah Muhammad, Yousef al-Khattab and several other members are now sitting in federal pound me in the ass prison is the proof in the pudding so to speak. Look at that network now. At one time the leading Jihadi online network in America now relegated to send second hand posts of Younne's letters to an obscure, unnoticed and unpopular website.

Revmos days of preaching Jihad and terrorism in America ARE OVER!

Now I'm not naive enough to think that the exact same strategy that worked on the domestic group will be enough to work on the huge overseas group ISIS.

And the US does do counter messaging on social media.

If through intelligence we can locate an AQ propagandists phone and send a Hellfire his way. I'm all for it. To what extent we can counter and disrupt ISIS and other terrorists messaging though psyops and takedowns we should. So long as we've used that save button thingy first.

The intelligence analysts will grumble a bit, about having to, you know, work. But behind the scenes I think they also cheer for a good PWN or takedown as well.

Will adding more spyops and takedowns to the mix be enough, well I'm pessimistic now? Online terrorism has grown to such an extent, whereas in the beginning it was a fairly small community, these days the targets are too numerous to mention. Could we have stopped it? We'll never know but anything that would have slowed it down or deterred followers and recruits could have helped. Its a bit late now, despite our repeated warnings and advocacy of a stronger online response.

I feel the advocates of the watch only policy bear a bit of responsibility for that, for now the Genie is truly out of bottle, we're paying a huge price for them to never miss a byte of data, no?

Hat Tip: Instapundit.

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July 08, 2014

Khalife Ibrahim Issues Fatwa Against Darth Odie

As some of you may recall, I've been polluting ISIS hashtags in my spare time. Mainly with show tunes. Because Bernadette is like teh hot!

But now, now I can like totally retire.

I would like to extend my thanks to my parents, Corvair, George Lucas and alcohol for making this, the greatest moment of my life, possible.


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July 01, 2014

Give A Hoot Do Pollute

It seems ISIS' CalamityWillBefallUS hashtag terror campaign has fallen victim to so called internet trolls.

There's a bevy of infidels just slinging insults, posting show tunes and impersonating Abu-Omar al-Baghdadi

Oh of course there is still some Anti American propaganda in the feed, and that's where YOU come in. Bury that sh*t where it belongs. Make this the All American Boy From NYC Hashtag.

Yes CalamityWillBefallYOUISIS.

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June 30, 2014

Attn Youtube User Islam iTube


Only one who gives orders is boss.

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Attn Youtube User aljhad100 AKA اصدارات الجهاد

Cyber Jihad Denied!

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June 27, 2014

Attn: Youtube User ترجمان الأساورتي للإنتاج الإعلامي


Buh bye.


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ATTN: Youtube User Dima Khemisset


Up yours.

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March 20, 2014

Report: Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov is dead

Unconfirmed for now....get ready for MC Hammer's happy dance

(CNN) -- Chechen warlord Doku Umarov, one of Russia's most wanted men, has died, a Chechen jihadist website said Tuesday.

The Kavkaz Center website said Umarov would be replaced as leader of the Islamist group Caucasus Emirate by Ali Abu Mohammed.

Umarov's forces have claimed responsibility for several deadly bombings, including in Moscow. His death has been reported several times by the Kremlin-backed leader of the Chechnya region, but never before by Umarov's sympathizers.

The report of Umarov's death has not been independently confirmed.

The website did not say when or how Umarov had died. It called him "a martyr."

Someone will update this post with Mr.Hammer when its confirmed...


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December 26, 2013

One Less Website for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria: did look like this:


Now it looks like this:


Just for the record, I am the responsible party. Go on and issue that fatwa. It's spelled S-H-A-C-K-L-E-F-O-R-D.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:43 PM | Comments |

September 27, 2013



Its not just me.

Somali Memo is a Shabaab favorable propaganda site. Ahmed Godane a specially designated terrorist used the site to release a threat.

Hat Tip: JΞSTΞR™ and several others who spent part of the day pointing out to the provider that they were in violation of the law by providing services to specially designated terrorists and groups by hosting Shabaab propaganda.

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September 23, 2013

Everyone Wave Buh Bye to @HSM_Superstars


Much to their surprise , murdering unarmed innocents at shopping mall NOT making al-Shabaab more popular.

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September 19, 2013

Cornhole Watch: Romain of Ansar al-Haqq Forum is a French Jihadi board similar to the English Ansar al-Mujahideen.


France has arrested the webmaster of a jihadist site on charges of "provoking" terrorism, prosecutors said Thursday just as the government warned hundreds of homegrown Islamist militants were signing up for Syria.

The 26-year-old, identified as Romain, was detained Tuesday for his role as administrator of the Ansar al Haqq website, a "reference" for the radical Islamist movement, and as a translator of magazines put out by militant group Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Paris prosecutors said.

The announcement comes as French Interior Minister Manuel Valls warned that more than 300 nationals or residents were either fighting in Syria's devastating civil war, planning to go or had recently returned from there.

A quick search or traceroute on that site says its registered by Enom to.. domain name record

Ahmed Sifaoui
St denis, St denis 93200 FR
More here on him at Internet Haganah.

Don't worry Jihadi's I'm sure Ahmed can be trusted not rat on you. ;-) Not like it matters though. Zionists are everywhere!

Hat Tip: El Grillo.

Made my day.

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Jihadis Suffering Baby Death Porn Withdrawl Symptoms


Not to mention Censored31 still hasn't made bail.

Life is good, except for JΞSTΞR™ stealing all my bitches.

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September 06, 2013

Shabaab Loses Twitter

Business Week:

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The flagship Twitter account of al-Shabab, Somalia's al-Qaida-linked terror group, was closed Friday for the second time this year, less than 24 hours after a U.S.-based terrorism expert reported violations of Twitter's terms of service.

The closure comes only days after al-Shabab claimed a failed assassination attempt against Somalia's president and tweeted that the next time the president wouldn't be so lucky.

Al-Shabab uses Twitter mainly to make claims of enemy kills and to spread its view of events in Somalia and East Africa. A United Nations report on Somalia released last month said U.N. experts believe the person running the English-language account is a British member of al-Shabab.

Thanks to....

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September 03, 2013

Cornhole Watch: Censored31 Edition

La Capitlale'

Thursday Afettat Kamal was arrested after threatening Mons written three teachers Antwerp. It turns out that the man is a bosses Sharia4Belgium, this movement of Salafist extremists. The Montois was also present on the Internet where it broadcast videos, photos and extremist texts. He lived quietly in the floor of Roeulx.


Before yesterday, the Antwerp police went to Mons to stop Kamal Afettat. The man threatened three teachers of kindergarten and primary school in Antwerp.

In summary, in June, a scandal in Antwerp school. Several rumors of abuse of children enrolled in "From Blokkendoos" grow the business to close its doors and send their children on holiday earlier. An investigation was opened.

From the beginning, Kamal Afettat interested in the case, we specify our colleagues from Nieuwsblad. He contacted the parents involved and publish the names of teachers mentioned on his blog, Censored31. He did not stop there as he threatened the ladies on their Facebook profile.

This isn't the first time the long time terrorist supporter has been arrested. He's also a long time nemesis and troll here at Jawa Report.

We feel a very personal and heartfelt satisfaction each and every time he is subjected to a full body cavity search.

He's been running posts about supposed child abuse by Belgian officials for some time now. With several, in this reporter's opinion, to be attempts at blackmail. Repeatedly threatening to publish damning photo evidence "Unless".

Its one of his Anti-Semitic Khinspiracy theories. Belgian authorities have repeatedly investigated and found no wrong doing.

You too can rub it in here.

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August 13, 2013

ATTN: Youtube User Aldawla Baqiya




Thanks to Censored31.

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July 22, 2013


Its not often that gets owned. But when it does.


Dance do the Jawas.

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One Time I Seen on Jerry Springer

Transcript of conversation between Begolly and a Confidential Informant in prison.

There's this guy who got married to a whore. You know what, speaking of whores, one time I seen on Jerry Springer, this guy got married to a prostitute. Oh well what can you do.


It goes downhill from there, Goatly then talks about hiring a crackhead to murder his mother because she accused him of being a killer.


Thanks to Internet Haganah.

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July 16, 2013

Cornhole Watch: Goatly aka Emerson Begolly Gets 8/12 Years


A western Pennsylvania man who pleaded guilty to using the Internet to promote terrorist attacks against American military and civilian targets has been sentenced to 8 ½ years in federal prison.

Twenty-four-year-old Emerson Begolly of Redbank Township was sentenced Tuesday on one count of solicitation to commit a crime of violence. Authorities say he posted on an Islamic extremist Web forum he moderated.

His public defender asked for leniency in exchange for information Begolly has allegedly provided in other terror-related investigations.
Oh my! He snitched on the Muj..... wonder what Allah's punishment for that is?

Jawa Classic footage of Goatly in action.

See the Jawa Report's Goatly says Jawa Called me a Fag archive.

Super Sekrit Zionist message: And every rock was soaked in blood

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Heartbreak Co-Conspirator in Jihad Jane Case Can't Pray in Irish Prison Because of the Porn

I've waited a very long time for this.

An Algerian man jailed in Ireland and wanted by the United States on terrorism charges filed a damages suit against the Irish state on Tuesday, saying his prison conditions were "not even suitable for animals".

Ali Charaf Damache is wanted by the FBI for conspiracy in a foiled international plot to murder a Swedish cartoonist whose depiction of the Prophet Mohammad with the body of a dog caused outrage in Muslim countries.

"Cork Prison is not even suitable for animals," Damache, 47, told the High Court. "There was a television and radio (in my cell). When I practiced my prayer they (cellmates) deliberately put the volume up (and) they put pictures of naked women on the wall. I can't pray in a place where there are naked pictures..."

Oh the horror, if anyone has, you know, contact with some of Damache neighbors, ask them to put this one up for us.

Damache said he had been unable to wash before prayer and handling the Koran, as his faith requires, and was usually allowed to shower and change his underwear just once a week

Also I hear there is a rumor he's keeping hashish in his rectum. Better check that.

Damache was convicted in the Jihad Jane plot. Another accomplice Jihad Jamie (aka Jamie Paulin-Ramirez married Damache upon her arrival in Ireland only to find that Damache was only interested in the Muslima as a sex slave.

Hat Tip: El Grillo.

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