May 28, 2014

China Has Mass Sentencing of Islamist Separatists in Football Stadium

Is this something?

a spectacle designed to show their resolve against terrorism, Chinese authorities held a public sentencing in a football stadium in the northwestern Xinjiang region of 55 people convicted of violent crimes.

More than 7,000 people filled the stadium stands in Yili prefecture during Tuesday’s sentencing and videos were distributed by police Wednesday to Chinese media. It was an unusually public display in a country where court proceedings are normally closed to the public.

I dunno, it just seems so ..... Communist. The kind of thing you might have seen Mao, Stalin, or Castro do. Like a deleted scene out of Red Dawn (original version, the other version doesn't exist in my mind). But I guess we need to be reminded from time to time that the Chinese really are still Communist. And that much of what passes for "China" is really occupied territory, and not a nation-state. This is what you do to let the locals know who is in charge.

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May 22, 2014

31 Killed, 90+ Wounded as Lutherans Massacre Civilians in China

Did I say Lutherans? I think I meant to say Presbyterians. Actually, the article doesn't describe the Uyghurs as Muslim until the 17th paragraph:

A series of explosions tore through an open-air market in the capital of the volatile western Chinese region of Xinjiang on Thursday, killing dozens of people and wounding many more, state media reported...

Two SUVs slammed into shoppers gathered at the market in Urumqi at 7:50 a.m. Thursday, and explosives were flung out of the vehicles, China's official news agency Xinhua said.

The vehicles then exploded, according to Xinhua, which said at least 31 people were killed and more than 90 wounded.

Here's where CNN finally informs the reader that the suspected assailants were of the ROP persuasion, but only does so in the context of describing the conflict in ethnic, and not religious, terms:
The knife-wielding assailants in the Kunming attack and the people in the car that hit Tiananmen were identified as Uyghurs, a Turkic-speaking, predominantly Muslim ethnic group from Xinjiang.
Ethnic tensions between Uyghurs and Han Chinese people, millions of whom have migrated to resource-rich Xinjiang in recent decades, have repeatedly boiled over into deadly riots and clashes with authorities in recent years.
I'm guessing these people have legitimate grievances against the Chinese government. This is China, where the polite word for non-Han people translates roughly as "foreign devils" (or so I'm told by sources I consider credible). So, maybe the primary motivator in this and other attacks are ethnic and not politico-religious. But I never hear about the other dozen or so ethnic minorities in China blowing a bunch of civilians up as a form of 'protest'.

Sometimes we see patterns in things where there are none because we are looking so hard for them. But the opposite is also true: sometimes we fail to see the pattern because we are looking for something -- anything -- to explain the thing in a way that won't shatter our own naive assumptions.

Here's a pic someone tweeted from China. Most of the victims are described as being elderly shoppers in the market to buy vegetables for the day's meals. Warning: it's fairly graphic.

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December 14, 2013

China Fakes Moon Landing!

Here's the image of the Chinese unmanned spacecraft landing on the moon every one is all upset about.

bigfoot is real photo.jpg

They obviously used the same sound stage at Area 51 that they used to fake the Kennedy Assassination. Nice try a-holes! Next they'll try to tell me the Chinese are actually lending the US money.

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November 25, 2013

Uighur Jihadists Confirm They Were Behind Tienanmen Square Attack

They've just confirmed what we've known all along:

A video posted online by the Turkestan Islamic Party showed the organisation's leader Abdullah Mansour speaking in Uighur, said the Washington-based SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadist forums.

In an eight-minute message, Mansour, his face obscured, described whose who carried out the attack as "mujahideen", SITE said. He warned that Uighur fighters would target the Great Hall of the People on Tiananmen Square, where the ruling Communist Party holds its meetings.

Mansour was quoted as saying: "Chinese unbelievers, know that you have been fooling East Turkestan for the last 60 years, but now they have awakened.

"The people have learned who is the real enemy and they returned to their own religion. They learned the lesson."

Why do I have a feeling that these people are about to learn a lesson of their own?

Related: Islamist Terror Attack at Tiananmen Square Kills 5

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November 16, 2013

Chinese Jihadis Bring Axes to a Gun Fight

Eleven dead in Xinxiang province, native home to much of China's Muslim population. But if you look below the eleven figure, you realize nine of them were the attackers killed by bullets, while only two of the attacked killed by knives and axes:

At least 11 people were killed in an attack by a group of armed men against a police station in Serikbuya, a town in the autonomous Chinese region of Xinjiang, located approximately 400km southwest of the region's capital, Urumqi. According to the official state press Xinhua, nine men armed with axes and knives managed to kill two policemen and wounded two more before being shot down by other officers.

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November 14, 2013

Philippines To China...

Thanks, but no thanks.

( – China on Wednesday increased its offer of aid to Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines after an earlier pledge of $100,000 prompted derisive headlines and commentary about a lost opportunity to show goodwill in a region troubled by its belligerent behavior in the South China Sea.
With a U.S. aircraft carrier group making way towards the Philippines in a powerful show of humanitarian support, Beijing’s embassy in Manila announced that China would provide relief supplies worth 10 million renmimbi ($1.6 million), including blankets and tents.

Um, dear Commies, it cost us more just to move that carrier group to the Philippines than it did for you to offer even this.

Okay, Filipino and American friends, let's show the ChiComs how much we appreciate their effort!

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October 30, 2013

Islamist Terror Attack at Tiananmen Square Kills 5

An image from al Qaeda's Inspire magazine encouraging readers to use trucks to drive into crowds of people

The major caveat here is that this is the Chinese government calling the attackers "terrorists", so the-boy-who-cried-wolf rule applies.

Of course, the moral of that story is that sometimes there really is a wolf.

And, contrary to popular mythology, China isn't a homogeneous country. It's not a nation state: it's an empire. An empire where the Han majority rules with an iron fist over dozens of other ethnic minorities. And some of those minorities are Muslim:

The fiery car blaze at Tiananmen Square that killed five and injured dozens was a premeditated terrorist attack, Chinese police said on Wednesday after making five arrests in connection with the case.

The five suspects arrested, as well as the driver and two passengers that died in the blaze, were all identified with names that suggested they were ethnic Uighurs, a predominantly Muslim ethnic minority from China's restive far-western province of Xinjiang.

Police also found flags with jihadist and extremist religious messages, appearing to support early reports that the apparent suicide attack may have been a particularly audacious act of religious and political protest at the symbolic heart of the capital.

I'll also remind our readers that al Qaeda has urged its sympathizers to use low-tech terror weapons such as vehicles to kill and maim. The image at the top of the page is from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's Inspire magazine. I don't know exactly what jihadi material was found with the suspects, but if I were a betting man I'd put a few dollars on Inspire magazine.

Thanks to Ninja Pundit

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March 17, 2013

China: One-Child Policy Ending

China One-Child Policy.jpg

(Beijing, China) After 40 years with a one-child policy, Chinese leaders have discovered a serious consequence.

More than half a billion birth control procedures, including at least 336 million abortions, have been performed in the name of the one-child policy, China's Health ministry revealed yesterday.
[Note: Sadly, simple arithmetic indicates 1,500 abortions have been performed in China every hour of every day for four decades.]
Official statistics showed that in addition to the terminations, Chinese doctors have sterilised 196 million men and women since 1971.
As a result of the family planning policy, Chinese demographics have been skewed and the working age population is decreasing. A smaller workforce is considered a serious threat to the Chinese economy.

Therefore, the Chinese National Population and Family Planning Commission has been dissolved.

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October 01, 2012

Good News: China Hacks White House

Not just the white house, the computer that's hooked up to the big red button.

Hackers linked to China’s government broke into one of the U.S. government’s most sensitive computer networks, breaching a system used by the White House Military Office for nuclear commands, according to defense and intelligence officials familiar with the incident.

One official said the cyber breach was one of Beijing’s most brazen cyber attacks against the United States and highlights a failure of the Obama administration to press China on its persistent cyber attacks.

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July 31, 2012

China Going to the Moon

Mainly to rub in that we can't....

China will next year attempt to land an exploratory craft on the moon for the first time, state media reported, in the latest project in its ambitious space programme.

If successful, the landing would be China's first on the lunar surface and mark a new milestone in its space development. It is part of a project to orbit, land on and return from the moon, Xinhua said.

China said in its last white paper on space it was working towards landing a man on the moon, although it has not given a time frame.

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May 22, 2012

China Marine: A final performance for 4th Marine Band

From 1927 to 1941, members of the 4th Marine Regiment were stationed in Shanghai, China, protecting American citizens and their property in the Shanghai International Settlement during the Chinese Revolution and the second Sino-Japanese War.

At a time when the Marine Corps was smaller than the New York City Police Department, China was arguably the most desired duty station in the Corps.[More...]

On Nov. 29, 1941, the final element of the 4th Marine Regiment marched to the city's waterfront led by the 'Last China Band,' bound for the Philippines. It would be their final performance. World War II and Korean War veteran, retired Master Sgt. Donald L. Versaw, describes the scene on the streets of Shanghai that day.

Learn More:

Video by:
Sgt. Andrew Milner

God Bless our heroes..

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March 20, 2012

China Selects Female Astronauts

Chinese female astronauts1.jpg

(Beijing, China) Two "divine" Chinese females have been chosen to be part of the seven-person space mission crew scheduled for launch later this year.

Each female astronaut was selected based on having a flawless physique, pristine teeth, and absolutely no body odor. China is preparing for "long and tedious" space journeys with female astronauts joining men to "smooth out any tension."

Whether in space or not, I suggest most men are particularly fond of flawless women smoothing their tension.

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March 02, 2012

Awesome: Chinese Hackers Took Over JPL

That would be NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Thanks to Star.

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January 19, 2012

Me Chinee, Me Play Joke, Me Put

A virus to get information about your DOD access card.

Okay, that doesn't rhyme like the old joke we heard as a kid, but I'd rather have peepee in my coke than the ChiComs pulling this off successfully.

Oh, Hell, what am I complaining about? The ChiComs are our friends!

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January 09, 2012

Insh'allah: China vs. Pakistan? (bumped)

We hear of the strategic alliance between Pakistan and China from time to time. Most recently, rumors of this alliance surfaced with reports that remains of the helicopter that crashed during the bin Laden raid had been turned over to the Chinese.

What we don't hear much of, though, is how Pakistan's reluctance to confront it's own Islamist militants threatens China. China faces it's own Islamist insurgency in several regions where the Han (ethnically Chinese) are the minority among a see of Muslims. Some of these groups have terrorist training camps in Pakistan, the most notably of which is the Turkestani Islamic Party.

So, there may be some merit to speculations that China is thinking of intervening:

China allegedly demanded to set up military bases in FATA or in the Federally Administered Northern Areas (FANA) that borders Xinjiang province (Asia Times, October 26, August 10, 2011). After the bombing, the Chinese government reportedly deployed at least 200,000 security personnel to pursue Uyghur terrorists in the region, more than the 140,000 coalition troops currently in Afghanistan (Asia Times, August 31, 2011). China also is revising its anti-terror law to possibly allow military intervention abroad (Xinhua, October 27, October 24, 2011). One official commentary warned that “If the violent forces in Xinjiang gain ground, China may be forced to directly intervene militarily in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but this is clearly not the situation China would like to see” (Xinhua, September 27, 2011; “China and Pakistan: Evolving Focus on Stability within Continuity,” China Brief, November 30, 2011). While these reports may be speculative, taken together, they suggest Beijing’s concerns—especially with a less active U.S. presence in Pakistan—may be rethinking fundamental tenets of its security policy.
As reluctant as I would be to see Chinese troops anywhere abroad, I'd rather see the Chinese fighting -- and dying in the process -- Islamist terrorist than Americans.

H/T: John Xenakis

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December 16, 2011

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Underway

Chinese Aircraft Carrier-1.jpg

China's first aircraft carrier, the former Soviet Varyag warship, has been filmed underway. The ship is conducting trials in the Yellow Sea.

It's predicted to take a couple years before the ship is fully operational with a functioning air wing.(more….)

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August 22, 2011

Proof the Chinese Government Sponsoring CyberWar


As if we didn't already know this, now we know:

A standard, even boring, piece of Chinese military propaganda screened in mid-July included what must have been an unintended but nevertheless damaging revelation: shots from a computer screen showing a Chinese military university is engaged in cyberwarfare against entities in the United States...

The screenshots appear as B-roll footage in the documentary for six seconds—between 11:04 and 11:10 minutes—showing custom-built Chinese software apparently launching a cyber-attack against the main website of the Falun Gong spiritual practice, by using a compromised IP address belonging to a United States university. As of Aug. 22 at 1:30pm EDT, in addition to Youtube, the whole documentary is available on the CCTV website.

The screenshots show the name of the software and the Chinese university that built it, the Electrical Engineering University of China's People's Liberation Army—direct evidence that the PLA is involved in coding cyber-attack software directed against a Chinese dissident group.

I grabbed the screenshot above from the video which can be found here.

Follow the discussion here.

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August 14, 2011

Cathay Pacific Cockpit Sex Case - Updated

Cathay Pacific Airlines has completed its investigation and identified the participants. Chief Executive Officer John Slosar said the pilot and flight attendant involved have been fired.

"I find any behavior that recklessly soils the reputation of our company or our team members as totally unacceptable," Slosar said.
Given the biologically messy nature of sex in general and expected spillage, it's likely the company's reputation wasn't the only thing soiled. Heh.

* * * * *

Cathay Pacific Investigates Cockpit Sex
[Previous 8/7/11 post bumped]
(Hong Kong) Cathay Pacific Airline has launched a full investigation into leaked photos allegedly showing a flight attendant giving a knobber to a pilot aboard an aircraft.

The photos appeared in local Chinese-language media. The woman looks like she's wearing a Cathay Pacific flight attendant uniform as she administers oral sex to a man who reportedly is a pilot. (Full story)

Leaked photo in extended entry -- possibly NSFW.

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March 30, 2011

China Cracking Down on Pro-Democracy Activists, Blogger Missing

Nice, and one of the guys who has disappeared is Australian blogger.

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March 29, 2011

The Strange Case Of China's "Ghost Cities"

Or as they're known here, Detroit. Ba dump bump.

No, seriously, watch the video at the link. It's almost 15 minutes long but it's worth it. Especially the part where the dude demands the Chinese government do something about his housing situation because housing should be a basic human right.

Did he not get the memo that he lives in a Communist Worker's Paradise? And did ACORN and the SEIU invade China? I have to laugh, because I keep thinking of Rush Limbaugh's schtick of taking down our adversaries by exporting our Liberalism to them.

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January 25, 2011

ChiCom Annual Propaganda Meeting

Chen Kuiyuan -- Li Changchun -- Liu Yunshan
Chinese Propaganda Ministers

(Beijing, China) The annual meeting of China's propaganda ministers was held earlier this month and tersely reported by Xinhua News Agency. Three leaders attended --- Communist Politburo Member Li Changchun, Propaganda Department Minister Liu Yunshan and Dean of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Chen Kuiyuan.

Notably, the attendance of Chen Kuiyuan was unusual since he is not a regular participant in formal propaganda proceedings.

Chen Kuiyuan is strongly associated with China’s hardline left, and his presence in the official news photo from Xinhua is for media insiders in China a tangible sign — a flesh-and-blood cautionary note about the need for media to fall into line in 2011.
Speculation of enhanced media freedom in China appears to be in error.

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January 19, 2011

Watching Obi One/Hu's Presser?

Helps to know Chinese.


Update: Copout by Hu "due to the translation problem I didn't understand that question" in regards to human rights.

Hu basically said keep out of our business regarding human rights.

Update II: Related: Revelations of Torture Spur Wife of Chinese [Christian] Lawyer to Action[Read it all]

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November 19, 2010

Yemeni Mens' Volleyball Team Distracted By Hot Chearleader's Sexuality

Hot Chicom sexuality distracts Yemeni mens' team during match against Indonesia.

Bikini-clad cheerleaders have been blamed by the Yemen beach volleyball team for their defeat during the Asian Games.

Yemen beach volleyballer Adeeb Mahfoudh has now accused the squads of being distracting, and partly to blame for their defeat to Indonesia.
"They had an effect on how we played," he said. "I think they had something to do with our losing the match.

But the coach apparently very much enjoyed the game as he says
These girls are very beautiful. With them here, more people will pay attention to beach volleyball," Mr Mahfoudh added.
"If I can, I hope to watch them perform at the next match.
Well I think the Yemeni's can figure out just why the Indonesians were not so distracted

For research purposes I googled Hot Yemeni....

Example Hot Yemeni

vs. Hot Indonesian....

Example Hot Indonesian.

Er, I think that demonstrates for sure why they Yemeni men are so distracted. So to assist in their training I've added some distracting images at the Moisture Farm to help desensitize them. But you Yemeni girls need to pick it up if there is any hope of improvement.

click this distracting image for more distracting images

What did you want anyway?

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October 08, 2010

This Year's Nobel Peace Prize Winner Actually Deserves One



OSLO, Norway – Imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo won the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for using nonviolence to demand fundamental human rights in his homeland. The award ignited a furious response from China, which accused the Norwegian Nobel Committee of violating its own principles by honoring "a criminal."

Chinese state media immediately blacked out the news and Chinese government censors blocked Nobel Prize reports from Internet websites. China declared the decision would harm its relations with Norway — and the Nordic country responded that was a petty thing for a world power to do.

This year's peace prize followed a long tradition of honoring dissidents around the world and was the first Nobel for China's dissident community since it resurfaced after the Communists launched economic but not political reforms three decades ago.

Liu, 54, was sentenced last year to 11 years in prison for subversion. The Nobel committee said he was the first to be honored while still in prison, although other Nobel winners have been under house arrest or imprisoned before the prize.

Well they couldn't hardy give it to Obi-One again.

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June 23, 2010

China Is Going Green By..

Cutting production of chopsticks.

Oh noes, not the chopsticks!

Will they follow Japan with the chopsticks bra recycling?


h/t Kenny Solomon

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February 25, 2010

DOD Caught On Tape Selling America's Secrets To China

File this under assmaggots.


(CBS) "60 Minutes" has obtained an FBI videotape showing a Defense Department employee selling secrets to a Chinese spy for cash. The video, which has never been made public before, offers a rare glimpse into the secretive world of espionage and illustrates how China’s spying may now pose the biggest espionage threat to the U.S.

h/t Brad Thor

Video below fold:

Watch CBS News Videos Online

For non-assmaggots I was also part of the Dubai Assassination Squad

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February 10, 2010

Images: al Qaeda in China Have Guns & Flags & Stuff

Interesting video of al Qaeda linked fighters in China's Xinxiang province. These are not ethnic Turks out for an independent Turkestan.


Thanks to Abu-Ahmad for the screenshots.

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February 09, 2010

Spy for China Gets 15 Years

Dongfan Chung.jpg(Santa Ana, California) In February 2008, Boeing engineer Dongfan "Greg" Chung was arrested for economic espionage and spying over almost 30 years, passing information to the People's Republic of China.

Data from the NASA Space Shuttle program to the B-1 Bomber to the F-15 to the B-52 to the Chinook helicopter were stolen and given to the PRC.

In July 2009, Chung was convicted.

Yesterday, 73-year-old Dongfan “Greg” Chung was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney to 188 months in prison, more than 15 years. Judge Carney said he wanted to send a message to China to stop sending spies to America.

Chung has always maintained that he was not spying, rather he was writing a book.

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February 02, 2010

China Spying on Ex-Gitmo Uighurs

(Stockholm, Sweden) According to the Swedish Intelligence Service, SÄPO, foreign spies and espionage operations are rife in Sweden with between ten and twenty foreign governments carrying out spying work. At least ten foreign diplomats since 1995 have been booted from Sweden for spying activities.

Although it's been confirmed that up to a score of nations spy in Sweden, recent news reports have focused on the efforts of the Chinese who seem particularly obsessed with chasing and watching Uighurs (Uyghurs) worldwide with a major focus being ex-Gitmo detainees.

A Chinese man will go on trial next week, charged with spying on Uyghur refugees in Sweden.

The man, a Swedish-based Uyghur journalist is accused of passing on detailed information to Chinese authorities regarding refugees in Sweden from China's Uyghur minority, including former prisoners of the US Guantanamo Bay facility who were found to be innocent.

Although the extent of the linkage between al-Qaeda and the Uighurs is not clear, China arguably treats all Uighurs as dissidents or terrorists. Even so, the Chinese allegedly were able to get one Uighur to spy on other Uighurs.(More ....)

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February 01, 2010

Jihad in China: Attack on Plane

None dare call it jihad. And why should they when the Chinese government itself suppresses that angle? And by suppresses I mean suppresses. Not "suppresses". You know, the way the left often uses the word to describe our own government and necessarily inserted into quotation marks

Also, you don't mess with China. Cristy Li notices this in the Shanghai press:

Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs in China, attempt to destroy a China Southern airliner, by lighting a fire in the lavatory on Saturday.

The flight departing for Wuhan, was forced to make an emergency landing returning to Diwobao International Airport in Urumqi, capital city of Xinjiang.

Two passengers a man and a woman were removed from the aircraft by Chinese Authorities.

Cristy has more.

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January 25, 2010

China accuses US of waging cyberwar

Financial Times

“The US was the first country in the world to introduce the concept of cyberwar; it has introduced and developed a new kind of army, a cyberarmy, and even set up a hacker brigade,” People’s Daily said in a vitriolic editorial. “US intelligence agencies can, through technical means, fully monitor, follow and erase online information harmful to the US’ national interest. It is really ridiculous that under such circumstances, it demands other countries to allow the free flow of information on the net.”
Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black.

A couple of weeks ago, the FBI released a report which stated that China has an army of 180,000 hackers whose sole purpose is to attack America's cyber grid.

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January 01, 2010

China's Army Sends Armoured Vehicles To Iran

Looks like China has joined the mad mullahs fight against pro-democracy protesters.

(the information about the armoured vehicles in this text has been confirmed by multiple sources):

Finally, with the arrival of the first shipment of armoured vehicles, China has officially joined in to repress the Iranian people, most likely to prevent the downfall of the “Supreme Leadership” and its own illegitimate interests in the region. The vehicles are built by military complex of Dalian DES-516B. Here is the description of the manufacturer:
Dalian Eagle-Sky Co.

Tel: +86-411-8681-3362
Fax: +86-411-8681-3763

The armoured anti-riot vehicles have a capacity of 10,000 liters to shoot cold and hot water, and three 100 liter tanks to shoot burning chemical liquids. The water is mixed with paint or tear gas that cannot be washed away. Each vehicle has two guns for shooting liquid up to a distance of 70 meters- it is controlled from inside the cabin. The price tag for each unit is 650,000 dollars. Also, a lot of extra burning liquid, paint, and tear gas was purchased.

It took four months for the delivery of the armoured vehicles, and since the Iranian regime was in a hurry, they had them delivered from China’s army organization- this is rare! China’s government was in as much of a hurry to get these to Iran.

Other developments:

Injured students of mashads universities disappear
Three students of Mashad Azad University Martyred

Iran News Agency - December 31, 2009

Iran News Agency’s correspondent: Based on received news, yesterday, three students at Mashhad’s Azad University were martyred by plainclothes forces. Two boys were killed by a knife and a girl was thrown off the third floor of the dormitory.

- Arash Azizi, Persian2English

Maryam Zia, childrens activist arrested

Gawd I hate the mad mullahs of Iran

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November 23, 2009

China Jails Earthquake Blogger

Another reminder that China is still a communist country and its population is considered to be more oppressed than even that of Iran.

Via CNN: Beijing, China (CNN) -- A Chinese blogger who helped victims of a devastating earthquake has been sentenced to three years in prison, his attorney said Monday.

Huang Qi received the maximum sentence for "illegally holding secret state documents," according to his lawyer, Mo Shaoping.

The U.S. State Department had protested the blogger's jailing, saying his activities support China's efforts to institute the rule of law.

Huang was detained in June 2008 after working to help families of children killed in the May 12, 2008, Sichuan earthquake because of the collapse of poorly constructed school buildings, State Department spokesman Gordon Duguid has said.

Well apparently Ob-One's visit to China really helped this man. Way to go Obi....
end sarcasm.

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November 16, 2009

Taking Chinese Cyber-Espionage Seriously

What the Chinese have done, are doing, and why US corporations should take the threat seriously.

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October 15, 2009

Obama loosens missile technology control to China

"It's as though Commerce's mishandling of missile-tech transfers to China in the 1990s never happened," said Mr. Sokolski, a former Pentagon proliferation specialist. "But it did. As a result, we are now facing much more accurate, reliable missiles from China."

Might as make money from what the Chinese have been stealing from us since the 90s. [sarc off]

From Washington Times

President Obama recently shifted authority for approving sales to China of missile and space technology from the White House to the Commerce Department -- a move critics say will loosen export controls and potentially benefit Chinese missile development.

The president issued a little-noticed "presidential determination" Sept. 29 that delegated authority for determining whether missile and space exports should be approved for China to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke.[...]

Henry Sokolski, director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, said restoring Commerce Department control over the sensitive experts is a "step backward."

"It's as though Commerce's mishandling of missile-tech transfers to China in the 1990s never happened," said Mr. Sokolski, a former Pentagon proliferation specialist. "But it did. As a result, we are now facing much more accurate, reliable missiles from China."

Mr. Sokolski said he expects the U.S. government under the new policy to again boost Chinese military modernization through "whatever renewed 'benign' missile technology" is approved.

Read it all.

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Top Chinese general to visit Pentagon

"We will show him a great deal of how our military operates in this country,"

China's top general is scheduled to visit the Pentagon and other top US military sites at the end of the month. Do you think this is such a good idea especially since China is the number one threat to US dominance in the Pacific? Breitbart

General Xu Caihou, vice chairman of the People's Liberation Army central military commission, will hold high-level meetings from October 24-31 and visit military commands and bases across the United States, press secretary Geoff Morrell told a news conference.[...]

During his tour, the Chinese general was due to visit sites from all the US armed services, including the US Naval Academy in Maryland, US Strategic Command in Nebraska, Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, the US Army's Fort Benning in Georgia, the North Island Naval Air Station in San Diego and US Pacific Command in Hawaii, Morrell said.

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August 04, 2009

China: Hookers more trustworthy than politicians

Both take your money and screw you. But with prostitutes that's what you wanted. Breitbart

Prostitutes are considered more trustworthy in China than government officials and scientists, a recent survey of more than 3,000 respondents showed.

The online survey of 3,376 Chinese showed that 7.9 percent of respondents considered sex workers trustworthy, putting them in third place after farmers and religious workers, the Insight China magazine said on its website.

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