May 02, 2017

Sandcrawler PSA: Canadian National Center for Truth and Reconciliation is The Borg

The Borg exists.

Troller told CTV Winnipeg that he received a call from someone at the Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) office who told him that two people called the MPI and complained that his license plate was "offensive" to minorities. Troller also stated that he received a letter telling him to immediately "surrender" the license plate.

"We've become way too sensitive," Troller said. "You can't say anything anymore to anybody."

Ry Moran of the Canadian National Center for Truth and Reconciliation disagrees.

"For basically the entirety of this country's history, indigenous peoples have been forcibly assimilated through really extremely destructive means and ways," Moran said. "Words like that, meant or not, have an actual impact on many people."

Become one with the Canadian National Center for Truth and Reconciliation.

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October 26, 2016

Things That Make Canada Great: Everyone In Brantford Ontario Sloppy Drunk 4:45pm (Shocking Update of Irony! Hillary Sloppy by 4:30: Bumped!)

So Vinnie I hear is on vacation in Brantford, surely just a coincidence or something.

According to Brantford police, an officer was parked on Murray Street around 4:45 p.m., when he saw a man staggering towards him.


When the officer spoke to the man, he indicated he believed the cruiser was a taxi and demanded a ride home," a police news release reads. "Police attempted to located a sober person to take the man to, however were unable to do so."

That's right, not a sober person to be found... 4:45 pm... Or Paradise as we American's like to call it.

Update: So I guess when Hillary wins, her first state trip will be to... Yyou guessed it, Brantford Ontario.

Hillary Clinton campaign aides had a frantic email exchange in August 2015 over who should call the candidate to “sober her up some” at around 4:30 in the afternoon.

According to documents published by WikiLeaks, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta emailed communications aide Jennifer Palmieri with a question at around 2:00 p.m. “Should I call her and talk this through or better to leave with you?” Podesta wrote. “I’m worried she’ll get on with Cheryl [Mills] and we’ll end up in a bad place.”

Palmieri wrote back more than two hours later with a response: “I think you should call her and sober her up some.”

Once again America outdoes our Northern Neighbor.

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October 13, 2015

Abu Sayyaf Holding Four Canadian Hostages

The hostages demand the Philippines stop all operations against them, curiously the terrorist speaking at the end speaks in English.

Obviously these Canadians are innocent non combatants and should be released without demand, but Abu Sayyaf and other Islamic Terrorists interpret Islam as that as Kuffar, even though they are innocent< they can be used as bargaining chips, even killed if their demands are not met.

We call for their unconditional release, because under Abu Sayyaf's interpretation, their demand is comwardly, if the you are attacked in a fight and achieve Martyrdom that is a gift of Allah, no?

To murder these men asking for safety s cowardly shirk.

Thanks to Gilles.

Update: After 50k views Youtube in its wisdom decided to remove the video. Thanks assholes for flagging it off. We're on the good side.

Anyway alternate uncensored copy here.

Full report here.

The Canadians abducted were John Ridsdel, 68, and Robert Hall, 50, and the Norwegian resort owner was Kjartan Sekkingstad, 56.

Hall’s girlfriend, Marites Flor, was also abducted. She did not speak in the video.

Philippine authorities had previously said they did not know if the Abu Sayyaf was behind the abductions, nor where the hostages were being held.

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March 09, 2015

Bibeau Video and His Mother's Response

The Ottawa Citizen:

The mother of Parliament Hill gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau says she is “saddened” by a video her son prepared before his attack and hopes others who might be lured to extremism will “truly say no” to the “world of prejudice, hatred, and rejection of diversity” that her son proposed.

Susan Bibeau’s comments come after the public release of a cellphone video her son made on Oct. 22 shortly before he shot and killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial and then stormed Parliament Hill, where he was killed in a gun battle in Centre Block.

Mrs. Bibeau’s letter is printed in full at the Citizen here is a select quote.
In essence, the reason of my writing is to invite all to think, and to truly say no to the world my son was proposing. A world of prejudice, hatred, and rejection of diversity. I am afraid that my son succeeded, not only in taking the life of a person but in spreading his message of hate. I am afraid that someone will want to be like him, to them I would say please stop and think of your family. It is easy to choose death, living is much harder especially for those who are left to pick up the broken pieces. If you want to build a holy state how can that be built on the broken lives of your family? For the rest of us, I am equally scared that Michael succeeded in making all of us harder...
Islamic State, it sucks.

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November 06, 2014


Follow your dreams, you can reach your goals. I'm living proof.

A retired U.S. Marine who stood guard at Canada’s National War Memorial last week to honor fallen Cpl. Nathan Cirillo says he has been receiving threatening phone calls ever since.

Maj. Fox Sinke, a dual Canadian-American citizen, donned his Marine uniform and sword and went to the memorial to stand guard Friday after Cpl. Cirillo was shot and killed there Oct. 22, the Marine Corps Times reported.

Maj. Sinke said he received at least two phone calls on Tuesday from Arabic speakers who screamed at him and hung up.

“The only words I recognized were ‘kill you,’ because I’ve heard them before,” he told the Times.

I was kind of hoping that one of those scum-of-the-earth radicals would show up and take me on because, to tell you the truth, I have always dreamed of being able to confront an evil-doer and run him through with this damn sword.

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October 27, 2014

Terrorists Will Never Beat Canada

And old friend of Jawa Report offers her commentary on the recent attacks ion Canada.

Life Freedom Family: The majority of Canadians did not personally know Cpl Cirillo or WO Vincent, but we mourn them. We mourn them not just because they were great men of courage, but because we see in them our brother, our father, our husband, our friend. We mourn them because their lives ended too soon. We mourn them because it is men like Cpl Cirillo and WO Vincent who make Canada great. As Cpl Cirillo’s family said in a statement late Friday afternoon, he was “Canada’s son.” This is why, on Friday, with but a few hours notice, thousands of Canadians lined overpasses stretching from Ottawa to Hamilton to pay their respects. I also stood on one of these overpasses with my son. We stood with people from all walks of life, with policemen, firefighters, paramedics, veterans, young, old, people of many races and religions, all to recognize Cpl Cirillo’s ultimate sacrifice. From this overpass, at the height of rush hour in the largest city in Canada, we watched the 401 come to a standstill and the entire Westbound lanes clear as the Ontario Provincial Police escorted Corporal Cirillo to his final resting place. People clapped, people stood at attention, some shed a tear. One thing is clear: For every one of us that terrorists kill there are a thousand more. We are not scared. We are not afraid to fight. You will never beat us.

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October 23, 2014

Stand With Canada (sticky)

A moment of recognition, thanks and prayers for our bothers and sisters in Canada.


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October 21, 2014

Dead Quebec Terrorist Who Murdered Canadian Soldier Was Arrested Trying ti Join Syrian Jihad But Then Released

The schtoopid, it hurts.

You can’t detain people merely for having radical thoughts, the RCMP said Tuesday as the force tried to explain how a suspected homegrown terrorist ended up committing a hit-and-run that killed a soldier Monday.

For four months, Martin Couture-Rouleau was investigated by the RCMP, who suspected the converted Muslim Quebec man had become radicalized. They even arrested him when he tried to fly to Turkey this summer.

Trying to join ISIS is not just having radical thoughts, we need to treat it as the serious crime that it is. Akin to Treason or Aiding an Enemy of the State during wartime.

Its a problem because no country is willing to recognize ISIS as a belligerent state actor and declare war on it.

They are more than willing to let you die in order to give themselves political cover and a reason to conduct a non-war to gain the power to not win the war.

But none of them are willing to actually win the war and return you your freedom after. Its perpetual incompetence and dhimmitude as far as the eye can see.

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October 20, 2014

Breaking Two Canadian Soldiers Run Down in Apparent Domestic Terror Attack (Update: Radicalized Muslim Martin “Ahmad” Rouleau Killed By Police in Attack) (Update II: One of The Canadian Soldiers Injured in Terrorist Attack Dies of His Injuries)

al-Qaeda and ISIS has been asking for acts like this in various online magazines and videos.

Toronto Star
MONTREAL—The suspect in a hit-and-run that injured two Canadian soldiers in Quebec — an incident identified as a possible terror attack — is fighting for his life in hospital after being shot several times by police.


The shocking incident, which occurred at about noon Monday in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, also sent the two Canadian Armed Forces personnel to hospital with one fighting for his life and the other having suffered minor injuries, according to the Quebec provincial police.

The two soldiers were reportedly walking through the parking lot of a shopping centre located less than three kilometres from the Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean, the French-language university run by the Department of National Defence, when they were run down by a driver.

A police chase ensued and the car drove into a ditch after the driver lost control of the vehicle, police said.

The good news is whomever did it is Dead Jim!
Witnesses who spoke with the TVA network Monday afternoon said they saw a man emerge from the flipped vehicle that was lying in a ditch on the side of the road. The man had his hands in the air and was walking toward police when at least one officer opened fire on the suspect. The witnesses said they heard up to seven gunshots.

TVA also showed images of a knife with an elaborate handle lodged into the ground near where the incident occurred.

So we're not really sure of the motive, the knife may have been the reason officers opened fire. Normally I might be skeptical of trigger happy police but in this case, meh.
A police spokesperson confirmed that the two injured pedestrians were members of the military but said it was too early in the investigation to comment on suggestions it may have been a terror attack.
We'll know more about motive once the dead perp is identified, it would however fit with recent threats against any nation who opposes ISIS.

Hat Tip: Life Freedom Family.

Update: Confirmed stiff was a terrorist.

The driver of a car who rammed two Canadian Forces members near Montreal before being shot dead by police was known to counter-terrorism authorities who believed he had become radicalized, the RCMP said on Monday as they continued to investigate the possible terrorist attack.

“This individual was known to federal authorities including our Integrated National Security Investigations team in Montreal who along with other authorities were concerned that he had become radicalized,’’ the RCMP said in a statement. The force declined further comment.

The 25-year-old, known as Martin “Ahmad” Rouleau, allegedly hit two members of the Canadian Forces as they were walking in a strip mall just outside St-Jean-sur-Richelieu at about 11:30 a.m. Police chased the man more than four kilometres until his car flipped into a ditch.

The man then exited his car, allegedly holding a knife, and police opened fire, seriously injuring him, said Sûreté du Québec Sgt. Joyce Kemp. He was transported to hospital, but police later confirmed he had died.

The suggestion the incident was an act of terrorism was first raised in the House of Commons by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who said he was aware of the “extremely troubling” reports and that authorities were investigating.

He called himself Ahmad LeConverti on Facebook.

There is still a copy in the google cache.

From what I can tell he was a member of an Anti American Facebook group called United Slaves of America.


Another image from his Facebook.


Update II:

Our prayers go out to the family and to all of Canada.

Also my apologies that your loss for standing with America against ISIS has gotten little or no notice in the American press.

I didn't hear it on NPR, I don't see it on CNN, I don't see it on ABC, CBS. no not even FOXNEWS.

LT_-_Sylvester_Jr (1).jpg

Update III: This image of the stiff Jihadi via Blazing Cat Fur.


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May 26, 2014

Canadian Museum Honors Palestinian Terrorists

An art exhibit by a pro-Palestinian artist is glorifying several terrorists, some of whom murdered children in cold blood:

Toronto-based artist Rehab Nazzal created the exhibit, called "Invisible," which includes a piece called "Target," comprised of a series of projections against a white wall depicting what the artist calls "assassinated Palestinian figures." The exhibit booklet says the projections - which are flashed quickly on the wall making their written descriptions difficult to read - are of "lost artists, activists, writers and leaders." [...]

The pictures include the face of Salah Halef, or Abu Iyad, who founded the Black September terrorist group, which murdered 11 Israeli athletes and officials at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany.

Also projected on the wall is the face of Dalal Mughrabi, who led a 1978 bus hijacking in Israel that murdered 38 people, including 13 children.

Another mass-murderer honored by the exhibit is Khalil Nazzal, who was the mastermind of the Ma'alot school massacre that took place exactly 40 years ago this month, in which 22 children and 3 adults were murdered. According to the Israeli Embassy, the creator of the exhibit, Rehab Nazzal, is a relative of Khalil Nazzal.


(Hat Tip: TROP)

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March 13, 2014

Thank You Canada: The Withdrawal from Afghanistan Begins

It's a bittersweet moment, the lowering of the Canadian flag in Afghanistan. They're leaving after being part of NATO's post-9/11 mission for 12 years. On behalf of those that care, let me say thank you for your sacrifices on our behalf. This war was not yours to fight, but you fought it anyway:

After more than 12 years and under a blanket of security in Kabul, Canadian military operations in Afghanistan came to a formal close this week. As the Canadian flag was lowered at NATO headquarters in a low-key ceremony, officials looked back at a mission that began in 2001 and cost the country 158 military lives.

Two Canadian civilian contractors, a diplomat and a journalist also died during Canada's involvement in Afghan operations.

Canadian troops were active in the restive Kandahar province in the south of the country, dubbed the "home of the Taliban," from 2006 and have latterly been involved in training Afghan National Security Forces in the capital, Kabul.

Over 40,000 Canadian troops have been rotated in and out of the country since NATO's ISAF operations began -- the largest deployment since the end of the Second World War. The remaining 100 Canadian military personnel will leave the country by the end of the week.

I tend to give Canada and Canadians a lot of crap for no other reason that I can, but when it comes right down to it our two countries are really one nation separated by a border drawn by the former imperial master of us both. You're like the kid brother we tease but we really love. And when the fit hit the shan on 9/11 you were there to help us punish the wrongdoers. Thanks again.

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January 11, 2014

Details on the AQ Linked Plot to Derail Toronto - New York Train

It's a pretty in depth story, but worth the read as it gives some pretty good detail as to how the FBI & RCP worked together to arrest the pair of would-be jihadis attempting to derail a passenger train. Among the details in the story:

An RCMP constable and an FBI employee known as Tamer both infiltrated the alleged conspiracy early on and proved “very effective,” according to police.

In addition to Mr. Esseghaier and Mr. Jaser, two others were identified by police during the investigation in relation to terrorist activity but have not been arrested.

For Mr. Jaser, acquiring a rental house and land was “integral to his planning of terrorist acts,” the RCMP alleged.

Mr. Esseghaier had traveled to Iran prior to his arrest, the documents indicate. The RCMP has said the train plotters received “direction and guidance” from Al-Qaeda “elements” in Iran.

Al Qaeda training in .... Iran. The area they went ofor training was actually near the Afghan border. It's not clear to me whether the implication is that the Iranians are letting AQ do their thing here or if this is one of those instances where the Iranians would like to have AQ out of the area but just don't really have real control over the territory. Or, maybe, some mixture of both.

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September 30, 2013

Canada Revokes ISNA's Charitable Status

It's a good start and I hope the IRS does the same. The next step would be to prosecute them as a terror front:

The Canada Revenue Agency has revoked the charitable status of an Islamic group after it says it distributed over $280,000 to an agency allegedly linked to a terrorist organization in Pakistan.

The CRA announced Friday it will strip the Islamic Society of North America Canada’s Development Foundation of its charitable status.

After a nearly two-year-long audit of its books, the CRA said it found evidence linking the group to an organization that funds a terrorist organization in Pakistan.

Maybe if the IRS were less focused on the Tea Party we could get them to look into ISNA, ICNA, & CAIR more carefully?

Thanks to Seamus O'Toole

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August 19, 2013

Canadian Government Assures Hostage's Parents that Muslims Won't Rape Their Daughter

Denial: it's not just an American phenomenon:

Back in Canada, [hostage Amanda] Lindhout’s family feared she was being sexually assaulted, but Canadian officials assured them Muslims were unlikely to do such a thing.

She says one captor, however, routinely snuck into her room and forced himself on her....

The kidnappers blamed Lindhout for the escape, even though it had been [another hostage, Nigel] Brennan’s idea. The next day, in a prayer room, they put a sheet over her head, stripped down her clothes and took turns violating her body.

How ignorant was this poor woman who went to Somalia as an independent journalist? Her gig before that was working for the Iranian government's Press TV. It was only months into the gig that she realized that she was producing Iranian propaganda.

I don't mean to blame her for her own victimization. Clearly, the responsible parties here are the Somalis that took her hostage. Killing them wouldn't be justice enough. But to go into a country like Somalia and believe all the warm and fuzzy things you were taught in college about the innocent and noble oppressed people in the world just isn't smart. I'd just as soon hire cult deprogrammers to kidnap my own daughter before letting her go off to a place like Somalia.

Thanks to Jennifer

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May 10, 2013

FBI: Terror Suspect Ahmed Abassi Allegedly Plotted To Poison The Air Or Water Supply

Update on my previous post on this jihadist:

Abassi studied Chemical Engineering at a Quebec University

A man arrested in a U.S. terror plot in New York April 22 was a graduate student studying chemical engineering at Laval University in Quebec City, CBC News has learned.

Ahmed Abassi's major is "particularly chilling" in conjunction with other evidence presented against him by the FBI, said CBC's Greg Weston.

The FBI alleges Abassi was plotting to kill upwards of 100,000 people by contaminating the air or water supply in a major U.S. city. However, the plan did not materialize any further than discussions.

Abassi is also being linked to Chiheb Esseghaier, one of two Canadian residents recently arrested in Canada in connection with an alleged plot to derail a Via passenger train.

The RCMP said it worked closely with the FBI during the RCMP's investigation into Esseghaier and his co-accused, Raed Jaser. The FBI's parallel investigation led to the charges against Abassi.

"Through our efforts, we assured that at no time did this individual pose an imminent threat to public safety in Canada," said Sgt. Greg Cox.[More..]

Nothing to see here, move along. OBL is dead and al-Qaeda is on it's heels.

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May 09, 2013

FBI: Tunisian Man, Ahmed Abassi, Charged With Visa Fraud Related To Terrorism
Ahmed Abassi Knew Via Terror Plotter Chiheb Esseghaier

In fact he more than just knew the VIA plotter, feds say he radicalized Chiheb Esseghaier. Chiheb Esseghaier & Raed Jaser were arrested in Toronto for plotting to detonate a bomb on the VIA trestle linking New York and Ontario at Niagara Falls. So I suppose we can surmise, he is the 'third suspect' arrested in the VIA terror plot.

Full press release is below the fold.

...As alleged in the indictment unsealed today in Manhattan federal court and other documents filed in the case:

Abassi, who previously resided in Canada, traveled to the United States in mid-March 2013, where he remained until his arrest. While in the United States, Abassi, who was under surveillance by law enforcement agents at all times, maintained regular contact with an FBI undercover officer (the UC) and also met with Chiheb Esseghaier in New York City. Esseghaier, who was recently arrested in Canada and is currently incarcerated there on terrorism charges, was previously radicalized by Abassi. During Abassi’s discussions with Esseghaier and with the UC, which were recorded by the UC, Abassi discussed his desire to engage in terrorist acts against targets in the United States and other countries and his intention to provide support and funding to organizations engaged in terrorist activity—including the al Nusrah Front, which is recognized by the U.S. Department of State as an alias for Al Qaeda in Iraq—and to recruit other individuals for terrorist plots. In particular, Abassi discussed with the UC a number of individuals known to Abassi and/or to his associates, whom he described as like- minded and who, in his view, would be willing to engage in terrorist activity[...]

The indictment charges Abassi with two counts of knowingly making false statements in an application to the immigration authorities for a green card and work visa in order to facilitate an act of international terrorism. Each count carries a maximum term of 25 years in prison.

Let the cornhole watch commence..

Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York; George Venizelos, the Assistant Director in Charge of the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); and Raymond W. Kelly, the Police Commissioner of the city of New York (NYPD), today announced the unsealing of charges against Ahmed Abassi, a Tunisian citizen, for fraudulently applying for a work visa in order to remain in the United States to facilitate an act of international terrorism. Abassi was arrested on April 22, 2013, and was presented and arraigned on May 2 before U.S. District Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum. Judge Cedarbaum has scheduled a conference in the case for 3:00 p.m. today.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said, “As alleged, Ahmed Abassi had an evil purpose for seeking to remain in the United States—to commit acts of terror and develop a network of terrorists here, and to use this country as a base to support the efforts of terrorists internationally. Thanks to the extraordinary vigilance of our prosecutors and law enforcement partners, Abassi has been thwarted and is being prosecuted for his alleged crimes. Protecting the residents of the Southern District, and all Americans, from terrorists is the number one priority of this office.”

FBI Assistant Director in Charge George Venizelos said, “As alleged, Mr. Abassi came to the United States to pursue terrorist activity and support others in the same shameful pursuit. What Mr. Abassi didn’t know was that one of his associates, privy to the details of his plan, was an undercover FBI agent. The FBI and its Joint Terrorism Task Force partners will continue working tirelessly to protect the country from those who seek to do us harm. “

NYPD Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said, “The allegations in this case serve as still another reminder that terrorism has not abated, that we must remain vigilant, and that when we do, terrorist plots against us can be thwarted.”

As alleged in the indictment unsealed today in Manhattan federal court and other documents filed in the case:

Abassi, who previously resided in Canada, traveled to the United States in mid-March 2013, where he remained until his arrest. While in the United States, Abassi, who was under surveillance by law enforcement agents at all times, maintained regular contact with an FBI undercover officer (the UC) and also met with Chiheb Esseghaier in New York City. Esseghaier, who was recently arrested in Canada and is currently incarcerated there on terrorism charges, was previously radicalized by Abassi. During Abassi’s discussions with Esseghaier and with the UC, which were recorded by the UC, Abassi discussed his desire to engage in terrorist acts against targets in the United States and other countries and his intention to provide support and funding to organizations engaged in terrorist activity—including the al Nusrah Front, which is recognized by the U.S. Department of State as an alias for Al Qaeda in Iraq—and to recruit other individuals for terrorist plots. In particular, Abassi discussed with the UC a number of individuals known to Abassi and/or to his associates, whom he described as like- minded and who, in his view, would be willing to engage in terrorist activity.

On April 12, 2013, Abassi and the UC discussed Abassi’s efforts to recruit others for terrorist plots and that he might be able to obtain immigration documents to remain in the United States, purportedly in order to work for the UC’s U.S.-based company. In reality, Abassi made clear that he wanted to obtain immigration documents and to remain in the United States so that he could engage in “projects” relating to future terrorist activities, including recruitment. Thereafter, Abassi made false statements on two immigration forms, under penalty of perjury, and subsequently mailed those forms to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for processing.

* * *

The indictment charges Abassi with two counts of knowingly making false statements in an application to the immigration authorities for a green card and work visa in order to facilitate an act of international terrorism. Each count carries a maximum term of 25 years in prison.

The charges and arrest of Abassi are the result of the close cooperative efforts of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force—which principally consists of agents and detectives of the FBI and the NYPD—and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Mr. Bharara also thanked the National Security Division and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for their ongoing assistance.

The prosecution is being handled by the Office’s Terrorism and International Narcotics Unit. Assistant United States Attorneys John P. Cronan, Michael Ferrara, and Benjamin A. Naftalis are in charge of the prosecution.

The charges contained in the indictment are merely accusations, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

h.t Robert Caruso

Canadian VIA Terror Plot: Terror Suspect Chiheb Esseghaier Appears In Court
States Terror Charges Don't Matter, 'Criminal Code' Not Based On Holy Book..

Canadian Terror Plot: Chiheb Esseghaier Used Al Qaeda Flag As Avatar For Linkedin
Canada: Major Terror Plot (Perps: Chiheb Esseghaier & Raed Jaser) Thwarted
Bumped: Perps Were Receiving Support From Elements of Al Qaeda In Iran
Targeted U.S. Train

Canadian VIA Terror Plot: Suspect Chiheb Esseghaier's Parents: 'Son Was Radicalized In Montreal Mosque'

By Stable Hand at 02:16 PM | Comments |

April 24, 2013

Canadian VIA Terror Plot: Terror Suspect Chiheb Esseghaier Appears In Court
States Terror Charges Don't Matter, 'Criminal Code' Not Based On Holy Book..

And, he has the prayer bump to prove he is really into the Quran.


It also appears he is really into wanting to kill innocents by detonating a bomb on the trestle linking New York and Ontario at Niagara Falls. In defense of al-Qaeda's brand of Islam, of course:

TORONTO - In a shocking and rambling statement, terror suspect Chiheb Esseghaier told a Toronto court Wednesday morning that he doesn’t recognize the Criminal Code under which he faces five serious charges, including conspiracy to commit murder for the benefit of a terrorist group.

The devout Muslim suggested he is only governed by the “holy book.”

“First of all my comment is the following,” the 30-year-old Montreal PhD student said in his first Toronto appearance. “Because all of those conclusions was taken out based on Criminal Code and all of us we know that this Criminal Code is not holy book, it’s just written by set of creations and the creations they’re not perfect because only the Creator is perfect so if we are basing our judgment ... we cannot rely on the conclusions taken out from these judgments.”[More...]

The 2nd perp, Raed Jaser, is in "a state of disbelief", per his lawyer.

The other suspect, Raed Jaser, 35, appeared briefly in a Toronto courtroom, dressed in a dark dress shirt and wearing a black skullcap.

A publication ban was imposed on proceedings.

Jaser’s lawyer, John Norris, told reporters later that his client was “in a state of shock and disbelief” and planned to defend himself “vigorously” against the charges. Jaser has spent 20 years in Canada and has deep roots in the country, Norris said.

Also, in the above article, it was noted:
The RCMP-led team expects to make more arrests in the alleged terrorist plot. Meanwhile, the CBC is reporting that police and intelligence agencies on both sides of the border were monitoring a “broader network” of suspects beyond the pair arrested on Monday.

Canadian Terror Plot: Chiheb Esseghaier Used Al Qaeda Flag As Avatar For Linkedin
Canada: Major Terror Plot (Perps: Chiheb Esseghaier & Raed Jaser) Thwarted
Bumped: Perps Were Receiving Support From Elements of Al Qaeda In Iran
Targeted U.S. Train

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April 22, 2013

Canadian Terror Plot: Chiheb Esseghaier Used Al Qaeda Flag As Avatar For Linkedin

Update on my previous post regarding the major terror plot thwarted in Canada. Chiheb Esseghaier & Raed Jaser planned a terror attack on a rail line between Toronto and NYC.

There was a specific route targeted, not necessarily a specific train, Strachan said, although she declined to reveal the route. According to a Reuters report, U.S. law enforcement and national security sources said the alleged plot targeted a rail line between Toronto and New York City[...]

Police have been investigating since August 2012. International intelligence sources tell CBC News that Canadian law enforcement agencies were ready to shut down the alleged plot and make the arrests months ago.

But partly at the urging of U.S. intelligence agents, the investigation was left open.

Sources said that while the U.S. law enforcement agencies were co-operating in the investigation of the alleged train plot, they also wanted to know who else might be involved.

The CIA has been particularly interested in the al-Qaeda operatives in Iran supporting the alleged terrorist plot in Canada.

Intelligence sources say the Boston Marathon attacks changed everything. It is unclear if that pushed the Americans to urge Canada to shut down the alleged train plot or if it compelled Canadian authorities to simply act on their own.

In the presser today it was noted the perps had received support from elements of al-Qaeda in Iran.. Chiheb appears to really heart al-Qaeda, and not afraid to show it on his Linkedin profile:

Radio-Canada, CBC's French service, has learned that Chiheb Esseghaier studied at University of Sherbrooke, before moving to Institute National de la Recherche Scientifique in Varennes, Que., for doctoral research.

The two men are expected to appear at Old City Hall courthouse in Toronto tomorrow

I saw Chiheb in a group image here, but the page has since went down the memory hole.

CBC cropped the image from the site:


Here is Sasquatch, ooops I mean Chiheb from earlier today:


UPDATE: One of them is from Tunisia and the other from the United Arab Emirates per The Montreal Gazette. That would make Raed Jaser from the UAE as Tunis is mentioned on Chiheb Esseghaier's Linkedin profile.

They were told that one of the suspects is Tunisian and one is from the United Arab Emirates.

The suspects have been in the country legally for a "considerable period of time" but are not Canadian citizens, the RCMP said.

I sure as hell wish some of the media would finally learn what the al-Qaeda flag looks like. This is how it is described in the article:
The page[Linkedin..ed] carries a photo of a black flag inscribed with the Islamic declaration of faith
Shakes head..

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March 22, 2013

Remember When Canada Used To Send Suicide Bombers To The US To Blow Up Buses And Pizzerias?

Then the US erected huge walls to keep the Canadian terrorists out and Canada was all like, "OCCUPIERS!" and the US was like, "SELF DEFENSE!" and Canada was like, "DISPROPORTIONATE FORCE!" and the US was like, "LEAVE US ALONE!" and Canada was like, "DEATH TO AMERICA!"?

Yeah, I don't either.

At his press conference Thursday with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, President Barack Obama chose an unusual example to drive home his belief that peace between Israelis and Palestinians is possible. [...]

"I mean, you know, the United States and Canada has arguments once in a while, but they're not the nature of arguments that can't be solved diplomatically." (Source)

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November 14, 2012

Toronto: Anti-War Afghan-Canadian Women Disrupt Remembrance Ceremony

These women should go back to Afghanistan and scream at the Taliban, just sayin.

Via The Blaze:

Canadians honored the nation’s 158 soldiers who have died in the Afghanistan war during a remembrance ceremony in downtown Toronto on Sunday. It was not a political event by any stretch of the imagination.

But that didn’t stop two women, who claimed to be “Afghan women,” from screaming at the participants at the ceremony, making known their opposition to Canada’s involvement in the war. The incitement led to a chaotic scene where fists were thrown and police intervention was needed

Sun News report:

Remembrance Day protest an insult to Canada's war dead:

Video of the beotches:

Probably related:
Toronto War Memorial Vandalized: 'Canada Will Burn, Praise Allah'..

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November 13, 2012

Toronto War Memorial Vandalized: 'Canada Will Burn, Praise Allah'..

What religion could this be?

TORONTO — Police are investigating after a war memorial was vandalized on Remembrance Day in Toronto.

The Victory Peace memorial in Coronation Park was defaced with the words “Canada will burn praise Allah” written in what appeared to be black marker.

City workers were called in to clean the bronze memorial, built in the 1990s[...]

The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations says it condemns the vandalism, calling it “senseless” and “ignorant.”

Shorter CAIR.CAN: Good job akhis!

CBC is stating the vandalism will be treated as a hate crime.

"But police aren’t drawing any conclusions on who may be responsible"

"The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations released a statement saying that both "Islam and Canada’s proud heritage are denigrated by this ignorant act."

Shorter CAIR.CAN: Good job akhis! Praise Allah!

Dear Canadian readers, I hope those responsible for dishonoring your heroes are apprehended and not treated with kid gloves by Islams useful idiots, the PC crowd.

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September 05, 2012

Assassination Attempt at Canadian Political Rally

An Anglophone, that's an English speaker, opens fire on a Francophone, French speaker, after she wins an election.

A masked gunman opened fire during a midnight victory rally for Quebec's new premier, killing one person and wounding another. The new premier, Pauline Marois of the separatist Parti Quebecois, was whisked off the stage by guards while giving her speech and uninjured.

Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere said the 62-year-old gunman, who has not been identified, opened fire in the back of the hall while Marois was giving her victory speech to hundreds of supporters at the Metropolis auditorium. She had just declared her firm conviction that Quebec needs to be a sovereign country before she was pulled off the stage.

"What's going on?" Marois told her security detail as they grabbed her arms and took her off the stage during the celebration of her party's victory in Tuesday's provincial election.

The gunman then fled outside where he set a small fire before he was captured, police said.

Police said they didn't know the gunman's motive. As the suspect was being dragged toward the police cruiser, he was heard shouting in French, "The English are waking up!"

Marois returned to the stage after the shooting and asked the crowd to peacefully disperse and then seemed to finish her speech. She left the hall amid a tight cordon of provincial police bodyguards.

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August 20, 2012

The Not-So Subtle Bigotry of Lowered Expectations for Muslims

Apparently the police in Toronto don't believe Muslims are capable of controlling themselves:

A cyclist who attended the Al-Quds Day rally at Queen's Park in Toronto Ontario on August 18 2012 was nearly charged with incitement to riot for merely carrying an Israeli flag by Toronto Police Services. He did nothing more than carry an Israeli Flag.
Check out the link, there's a video.

If I was a Muslim, I'd be pretty offended.

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June 13, 2012

Montreal Teacher Shows Class Gay Porn Actor's Murder Video

gay model cannibal.jpg
Taken into custody June 4th

The teacher was promptly suspended.

All 30 students voted to see the video and had a lively discussion after the viewing.

A Montreal teacher has been suspended after showing pupils a video said to show the murder of a Chinese student.

The online video appears to show the stabbing and dismembering of a man. Police believe it shows suspect Luka Magnotta, killing Jun Lin, his lover.

School officials condemned the teacher's actions and were treating the incident "very seriously".

"Mom, Dad you wouldn't believe what I watched today at school"!!!!!

My gawd...

Update by Howie.

If you think serving gay snuff porn is bad way to do business. I mean this is just so beyond reasonable to hand this sick person a platform.

The site this video most likely came from is

Their Hosting Provider is

OrgName: ISPrime, Inc.
City: Weehawken
StateProv: NJ

Comment: Please send abuse complaints to:

Their contact page.

Their TOS

Our Transmissions

Any material, information or idea you transmit to or post on this Site by any means will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary, and may be disseminated or used by ISPrime or its affiliates for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited to, developing, manufacturing and marketing products. Notwithstanding the foregoing, all personal data provided to ISPrime will be handled in accordance with ISPrime's Online Privacy Statement. You are prohibited from posting or transmitting to or from this Site any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, or profane material, or any other material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under the law.

The DNS is registered anonymously.

But the name server is controlled by Cyberwurx they can suspend and lock the DNS if it violates their TOS or the law.

You can also petition your officials to act in this matter. I mean what do the Chinese think about us serving a snuff vid of one of their citizens for a buck?

You'll need a link to complain about ....

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June 03, 2012

1 dead Six 7 injured in shooting at Toronto's Eaton Centre (Updated x3)
Victim identified as Ahmed Hassan

Via CP24

Toronto police are on a manhunt, seeking a suspect who shot and killed a 25-year-old man and wounded six others, including a 13-year-old boy, at the Toronto Eaton Centre Saturday evening.

The shooting happened at around 6:20 p.m. Saturday inside the food court. The food court was packed with shoppers at the time.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair said police do have a description of the suspect and will release it to the media once it is confirmed through video evidence and witness interviews. Another police official told CP24 he would try and get the description out some time Sunday morning.

[More, including videos]

Blazing Cat Fur asks Eaton Centre Shooting: Why Have Police Pulled a 'Hoodie" Over the Suspects Identity?

The Star

Marcus Neves-Polonio, an employee at the Eaton Centre food court near the Dundas and Yonge Sts. entrance, described the male shooter.

“The shooter was yelling, going crazy,” he said. “It was just nuts.

Neves-Polonio, who said he was crouching barely a metre away from the fracas, said the shooter was wearing a dark hoodie and baggy pants

Twitter: #EatonCentre and Toronto Eaton Centre Shooting
Photos from the scene

Our thoughts and prayers for those affected by this terrible tragedy.


Update: 1 dead and 7 injured:

Const. Victor Kwong listed the genders and conditions of all eight victims and the ages of three, which are as follows:

Male, 25, dead
Male, 20, critical condition
Male, 13, critical condition
Female, no age given, serious condition
Male, no age given, serious condition
Female, no age given, serious condition
Pregnant female, no age given, went into labour after being knocked down
Female, no age given, grazed by bullet

Toronto Blue Jays player Brett Lawrie was at the mall when this happened. His twiiter account here

Update: Victim was identified as Ahmed Hassan

Investigators have identified the 24-year-old as Ahmed Hassan and say both he, and possibly one of the other seven people injured in the Saturday shooting, may have had gang affiliations. Police were pursuing a suspect, but they remained tight-lipped on his identity.

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May 18, 2012

Evil Incarnate: Canadian Bus Beheader Ate Flesh of Victim
Update: 4 Years Later He is Now Allowed on Outings

Update on Rusty's post from 2008

Police have identified the man who murdered and then beheaded a passenger on a Greyhound bus yesterday as 40-year-old Vince Weiguang Li, of Edmonton. The victim was 22 year old Tim McLean who witnesses say was asleep when Li attacked him with a knife.

Here's a piece of information not making it into the MSM who are describing what Li did to the body only as "desecration": Li ate some of his victim's flesh.

From a police scanner recording of an officer at the scene describing events as they happened:

[Li is] at the back of the bus, hacking off pieces and eating it[Police scanner audio below fold...SH]
Now this man is being allowed to slowly integrate into the community, or whatever the hell you want to call it. Canada has gone effin mad!

Via SUN News: He took a life and they're forgetting

h/t Odel Roo

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April 11, 2012

Canada: Dear Mayor of Fredericton, New Brunswick & Vagrant Web (Bumped-Update)

The owner of Vagrant Web has replied to my post. I want to thank Carter McLaughlin for looking into this and clearing this up. Our finest and bravest certainly will thank him:

I was made aware of your blog post and the reason behind that post by tweets to my personal Twitter account, @carter_vagrant. I did not notice and did reply to any tweets to the @vagrantweb account because of the reasons I will mention below.

I previously developed and released a social media sharing plugin for the Joomla CMS called "VagrantWeb Social Buttons". This plugin was a simple content sharing plugin released on the Joomla Extensions Directory. As part of the settings, you could enter your own Twitter account to be tagged, much like Sharethis plugins add the "via @sharethis" tag to the tweet. The default setting on the plugin was set to "via @vagrantweb".

Regrettably, this plugin appears to be used by nefarious and hateful organizations on their websites, as by design.. the plugin was available to anyone and everyone. I of course, do not condone, and in fact, condemn the use of this plugin by any hateful, illegal group.

It's highly regrettable that my companies name has been attached in any way to content being shared on Twitter that is of this horrible nature.

This plugin was deleted by myself from the Joomla Extensions Directory and is not supported in any way.

Please share this with your blog followers.

In peace,

Carter McLaughlin
Owner, Vagrant Web

I would also like to thank @Flippintheray for directing my tweets, and link to my post, to @carter_vagran.

Now, if Twitter would only do the right thing by suspending all of the Taliban twitter accounts THEN we wouldn't be having this problem to begin with..

I know...

************Begin original post

Taliban spokesperson, Tariq Ghazniwal ( @ghazniwaltariq), proudly uses a Canadian web hosting company, Vagrant ( @vagrantweb) to spread the Taliban's propaganda on twitter.

It's bad enough he (and others) is even tweeting on twitter let alone using the above web host's via @ in his tweets:


My tweets to the company have resulted in zero, zilch reply so I went the round of the Mayor of Fredericton, NB ( @bardwoodside), where the web host office resides. Zero, zilch, nada except for a PM thanking me for following him.

That's like not giving a d*mn about Canadian/American soldiers killed or injured by the Taliban.

The finest and bravest in the Canadian/American military deserve better than this. The Mayor, web host AND Twitter need to get their heads out of you know where...


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December 12, 2011

Canada Bans Veil from Citizenship Oath Ceremony

It's a good first move, but as Newt Gingrich recently reminded us: sometimes, they lie:

New Canadians will have to remove garments that cover their faces when undergoing an oath of citizenship, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Monday.

The minister told a news conference in Montreal that the ban includes the Islamic niqab or burqa. It takes effect immediately.

And before we get the usual "stop all Muslim immigration", let me ask you what we should do with the thousands of Muslims who fought alongside us in Iraq and Afghanistan who's families are threatened in their home countries?

Should we just hang them out to dry? Or might it not be a good idea to help them immigrate to the US, where they might be able to continue to help us?

As one Iraq vet once told me about a Muslim who he helped immigrate to the US, "He risked his life for me. What have you ever done?"

Thanks to @WilliamAmos

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October 18, 2011

Palestinian envoy, Linda Sobeh Ali, booted from Canada

She got caught trying to spread anti-Semitic propaganda. Claimed she never watched it. Not. I believe it's from either the Palestinian Authorities TV channel or Hamas TV. No way will you find anything on either channel that isn't anti-Semitic.

The diplomatic cold shoulder was sparked when Ms. Sobeh Ali took to Twitter this month to circulate a link to a video posted on YouTube, telling her followers on the social-media message system to "check this video out."
The video shows a Palestinian girl, in tears and shouting with passion, reciting a poem in Arabic, "I am Palestinian." The English subtitles on the video include a passage where millions are called "to a war that raze the injustice and oppression and destroy the Jews."

When Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird learned of it about two weeks ago, he instructed his deputy minister, Morris Rosenberg, to call Ms. Sobeh Ali in to complain, and the Canadian representative in the West Bank, Chris Greenshields, to protest to the Palestinian Authority.

"Canada expects the Palestinian Authority to appropriately deal with this serious transgression," Mr. Baird's spokesman, Chris Day, said in an e-mail. "We have taken the decision to limit communication with this official until a replacement is selected."...

Good on Canada

BTW, her twitter and Facebook page is no more..


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October 01, 2011

Canadian Writer: No Such Thing As ‘Islamaphobia’

Via Big Peace:

Muslimah representing CAIR has their talking points down pat: "There is under reporting in the Muslim community of discrimination". It irks CAIR reps to all get out when someone mentions statistics that prove there is more discrimination against Jews than Muslims.

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August 28, 2011

Blazing Cat Fur Offending The Modesty Of Muslimahs At Al Quds Rally

Well, not offending their modesty, just documenting them and others at From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free aka Jerusalem Day aka BDS aka Al Quds Day rally complete with Hizbollah flags. The Park Guard was way out of line trying to stop this, and not too bright to boot!

Scaramouche, Sassywire and I (Blazingcatfur) were asked not to film the Muslimas attending the Al Quds Rally at Queen's Park in Toronto by a Queen's Park "Special Constable" which is a fancy name for security guard.

We were told it would offend the modesty of the Israel hating crowd. Evidently it's just fine for Muslims to wave Hezbollah Flags and hurl Blood Libels at Jews, but god forbid you film the chick waving the the flag of a banned terrorist group in Canada.

More at Blazing Cat Fur

UPDATE: Must read: Snippet

Ontarians who were under the impression that they live in a free society where they can use cameras in public places may be surprised to learn they are not free from harassment by agents of the Province.

Well-known Canadian political blogger Blazing Cat Fur was at Queen's Park Sunday afternoon to record the al Quds Day rally held by CASMO, a Khomeinist hate group that has posted anti-Israel videos to its website by the neo-Nazi former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

A Queen's Park Security Guard, an employee of the Provincial civil service, attempted to get BCF to stop filming since it was "offensive" to the Muslim women who had gathered to denounce and vilify Israel in front of the provincial legislature while waving the flag of a banned terrorist organization.

Wanted to clarify what I omitted from post, it's in bold above. Still a must read, the update at the end concerns boobies!

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August 24, 2011

Canada: Muslim Author Beaten Unconsious By Islamists

Because he insulted Islam

Although being brought up in a Muslim household, Author Paris Dipersico questions the very existence of God and says: “Islam is a religion of ‘peace’ and Muslims will kill you to prove it.”[Read the rest]

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August 09, 2011

Vancouver Muslim woman imported African woman, kept her in slave like conditions

Spoils of war as sanctioned by Mohammed?

The Arab slave trade was most active in West Asia, North Africa and East Africa. By the end of the 19th century, such activity had reached a low ebb. In the early 20th century (post World War I) slavery was gradually outlawed and suppressed in Muslim lands, largely due to pressure exerted by Western nations such as Britain and France. *However, slavery claiming the sanction of Islam is documented presently in the African republics of Chad, Mauritania, Niger, Mali and Sudan.
The victim came from unnamed area of *Africa, didn't realize the conditions she was forced to live under was not normal and against the law.
[Infidels Are Cool]WEST VANCOUVER — A West Vancouver woman has been charged with human trafficking in connection with a case in which a young woman was allegedly brought over from Africa and forced to work in demeaning and slave-like conditions in a lavish West Vancouver home.

Mumtaz Ladha, 55, is wanted on a warrant for hiring the 21-year-old African woman, police said Monday afternoon.

Police said Ladha allegedly promised the victim a work visa and a job at a Vancouver-area hair salon, but instead forced her to work 18 hours a day, seven days a week, in her home.

“This was work well beyond what you would expect reasonable working conditions to be in Canada,” said Const. Michael McLaughlin, a federal spokesman for the RCMP’s E Division. “Things like hand-washing underwear of all the people in the house, hand-washing cars, hand-washing the cars of guests who came over.

“She wasn’t given enough food. In some cases, she was forced to eat whatever was left over from a meal — table scraps, in other words. She had no money, her identity documents weren’t with her, and it’s our information that she was often only allowed to sleep when the other people in the home were all sleeping.”

The young woman was brought over during the summer of 2008 and lived in a “state of fear” for about one year at Ladha’s home, McLaughlin said.

In June 2009, she learned the conditions she was living under were not acceptable and sought help at a women’s shelter

The victim is safe and living at an undisclosed location. Unfortunately, the Muslim slave owner, Mumtaz Ladha is on the lamb. Most likely she is out of the country and aided/abetted by her Muslim friends/family..

h/t CO2HOG

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July 12, 2011

Toronto School Board: WTF Is This About?

Toronto- Misogynistic Islamic Mentality in a Public School_.jpg
Photo credit: Toronto Star

Velvet Hammer

The tacit endorsement of Islam by the Toronto school board.

The girls are being segregated during Muslim prayers, that as I have mentioned in the title, are being held in a PUBLIC SCHOOL “mosqueteria”, if you will.

The article that accompanied the photo below, gives as the reason the girls in the back are being segregated from the group is that they are having their periods. But if you notice, [all] of the girls are separated by rows of bleachers from their male classmates. How embarrassing for them to have their periods made public! And that menstruating girls are deemed so unclean that they are not even allowed to participate in the prayers with those of their own gender is all the more disturbing. Then again, what about Islam is not disturbing?

Bibles are banned but this is permitted? WTF is up with that?

I have an idea - "you masturbated akhi, go sit with the unclean Muslimahs"

Update by Howie: More here at Blazing Cat Fur!

Yes, I know, males and females are separated in mosques but this is a fecking school for gawds sake. Payed for by the taxpayers...

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June 12, 2011

Canadian Boat to Gaza - a video tribute

Double feature!

BTW, did you know the US boat to Gaza is called The Audacity of Hope? [HA Green Room must read]

Image source: Electronic Intifada

To see list of passengers on the Audacity click here. <----please click, official website, maybe they will enjoy the above videos!

Sea Hitler" related:

Random Furballs ...Mister we could use a man like Prince Philip again
Sea Hitler Lawsuit – Canada’s Gaza Boat Sued For A Cool Million
"Your tax dollars ensure the "Sea Hitler" Fundraiser is held in a safe place!"

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May 25, 2011

Video: Caldwell & Coren on Obama's royal gaffes

h/t dagawaker

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