April 26, 2014

Britain: The Face of Shiny Happy Slavery to the State

I love the UK. In fact, I'll be going there once again two weeks from today. I love the history. The cultural variations found all over the island. The people -- who are, in my experience, generous and warm at the personal level.

The British people live in a democracy. Yet, like most of Europe, they are slaves to the state. Many examples of this illustrate the point, but here's an example I saw while skimming the news this morning:

The Electoral Commission has been forced to make an embarrassing apology after allowing an extremist party to use a slogan featuring murdered soldier Lee Rigby.

"The party description 'Remember Lee Rigby' that was registered for use at the European Elections in May by 'Britain First' should never have been permitted.

I'll admit that the slogan is in bad taste. It probably shouldn't be used.

But whenever a political party has to seek permission from the government for its own slogan then we are not headed toward slavery, you're already there.

A happy and content slave with a kind and generous master is still a slave.

This is the model the Left in America would have us follow. Not theoretically. Not is some slippery slope way down the line kind of way. They want this here, now, concretely, in actuality.

Oh, wait, you think all this "the Federal Elections Commission must reign in the Koch brothers" rabble-rousing is just all fun and games?

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September 17, 2013

Creepy Northampton clown terrifying residents by standing around on street corners staring at passers-by


According to the Northampton Herald and Post the clown has appeared in several locations in the Abington and Kingsley areas of the town. On each sighting, he or she has worn the same white face makeup, red wig, all-in-one suit and oversized bowtie.

He is also sometimes seen carrying a clown teddy.

The newspaper also reports that the clown knocked on someone's door and offered to paint their window sills despite having no painting equipment. She reported the men to police for their suspicious behaviour stating they looked like clowns. The article stated: “A number of sightings of people dressed as clowns have also been reported across Northampton in recent weeks”.

The newspaper reported: "He doesn't juggle. He doesn't twist balloons into animal shapes. He just stares."

Creeps me out..

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June 02, 2013

Brit Muslim Convert: 'I Am Going To Kill Prince Harry'...

Ashraf Islam

No one can say this convert (aka 'revert' as some Muslims believe everyone is born a Muslim) is very bright

A WHITE Muslim convert walked into a police station and told cops he was going to kill Prince Harry, it was revealed last night.

Ashraf Islam made his chilling threat a day after the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, South London.

Islam, 30, is now facing ten years in jail after admitting threatening to kill soldier Harry, 28, who is third in line to the throne[...]

Scotland Yard allegedly later found a laptop belonging to Islam showing internet searches for kidnapping, guns and vans.

His internet history is also said to show he had been on terrorist and firearms websites.[More...]

Most likely another student of radical preachers Anjem Choudary and Omar, the goat humpiing, Bakri Mohammed.

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January 20, 2013

Anjem Choudary Leads Protest Against Mali Campaign
"Hollande a Son of Pharaoh, Islam Will Dominate France"..

Image credit: Zionist Bandwidth Bitch

Al Qaeda supporting Shariah4[insert country here] Islamists protest France's involvement in Mali:

@anjemchoudary's twitter account

Anjem appears to be having a problem at his website. The press releases won't load

Such a shame.

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January 02, 2013

Islamist/Global Terrorist: Prince Harry Is Drunk When He Shoots At Us

What, didn't he like Prince Harry's butt naked photos with butt naked women?

Terrorist propaganda via The Telegraph: Prince Harry is a 'jackal' killing innocents, says feared Afghanistan warlord

One of Afghanistan's most feared warlords has launched a withering attack on Prince Harry, who has spent Christmas serving in the country, labelling the prince a 'jackal' who was 'drunk' while hunting innocent Afghans.

In a rare and exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who has been designated a global terrorist by the United States, heaped insults on the British Royal and pledged to carry out more attacks before the UK's withdrawal in 2014.

Speaking from an undisclosed location the warlord accused Britain of dragging "herself into this unjustified, useless but cruel conflict to please the White House. The British did not gain anything instead they lost blood and treasure."

"I do not understand how the British public accept their children being sent to certain death in order to please American generals.

Britain's MoD spokesperson was outraged about the pedophile war lord's accusations/insults. Absurd
The suggestion that any member of the UK armed forces deployed on operations operates under the influence of alcohol is simply absurd - not least because the consumption of alcohol by UK military personnel is not permitted under any circumstances while deployed in Afghanistan." a Ministry of Defence spokesman said.
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar on the killing of bin Laden:
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.jpg
Click for video

Like Howie posted in September: Another Good Reason to Nuke Stuff.

Nuff said

What is the Daily Telegraph doing promoting Gulbuddin Hekmatyar?
Afghan warlord 'aided Bin Laden'

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October 22, 2012

Cornhole Watch: Terror Trial Begins in Britain

Current image of above perps here

Mujahidiots wanted to be splodey dopes

London (CNN) -- Three men accused of plotting a suicide bombing campaign in Britain went on trial Monday.

If authorities hadn't foiled the plan, the scale of the terrorist attack might have been bigger than the 2005 London bombings that killed more than 50 people, prosecutor Brian Altman said. One of the alleged jihadists described the plot as "another 9/11," he said.

Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali [pictured above...ed] were arrested in September 2011 in what authorities called a major operation.

Altman told jurors that the men planned to use up to eight bombs inside rucksacks in suicide attacks aimed at causing mass casualties.

In the house where they allegedly researched and experimented with bombs, investigators found an audio recording of slain al Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, Altman said.

If they were found guilty of engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts, they would face maximum sentences of life in prison. All three men deny the charges.[More..]

h/t Shelle

UK: Terror Suspects "Had Made" Martyrdom Videos
7th Arrested in Birmingham Terror Ring[As a reminder, one of the homes raided belonged to a jihadi who had served jail time for threatening to behead British soldiers]

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September 09, 2012

UK: British Mosque Leaders Agree To Marry Girl Of 12
U.S. Rep Ellison: "Republicans Are “Party of Hate” For Banning Shariah Law in Platform"....

"Secret marriages: Some Muslim religious leaders consent to marry a girl of 12 if she consents - and her parents keep it a secret":

British Muslim mosque leaders are agreeing to carry out secret marriages with child brides as young as 12 in the UK, it emerged today.

According to the newspaper, the reporter[undercover] was told by Imam Mohamed Kassamali that 'under sharia [Islamic law] there is no problem' in marrying a 12-year-old.

But while he declared Islamic Law dictated a girl should see 'her first sign of puberty at the house of her husband', he admitted they would all get in to trouble if she went to police saying she was forced into the marriage[...]

When approached by the newspaper he insisted he would only have carried out the ceremony if it was allowed under British law and if both parties had not been coerced into the marriage[..]

The current British law allows for Imans to carry out religious marriage ceremonies of consenting brides and grooms aged under 16 so long as they don't have sex until they are 16.

Under Sharia law both parties must to consent to the marriage and they can then live as man and wife and have sex irrespective of age.

But under British law, the legal age of consent is 16, so a husband could be prosecuted for rape if he has sex with a girl under that age - even if it is his wife.

[Read it all]

The above is an example of what Rep Ellison supports - Shariah law. Is it any surprise CAIR darling Rep Ellison slammed Repubs for "banning Shariah". The following is the section he opposes:
We The People: A Restoration of Constitutional Government[#16 below...ed]

American Sovereignty in U.S. Courts (Top)

Subjecting American citizens to foreign laws is inimical to the spirit of the Constitution. It is one reason we oppose U.S. participation in the International Criminal Court. There must be no use of foreign law by U.S. courts in interpreting our Constitution and laws. Nor should foreign sources of law be used in State courts’ adjudication of criminal or civil matters.

[Continue reading]

For Ellison, it boils down to this:

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel=bad
Jerusalem is the capital of a fictitious state called Palestine=good
U.S. Constitution=bad

Nuff said.

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August 22, 2012

Not Everything That Happens in Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas

Butt nekkid Prince Harry photos published online

Pictures showing Prince Harry and a young woman naked in a Las Vegas hotel room have been published on a US website.

The two photos of the 27-year-old royal, on gossip website TMZ, were taken on a private break with friends over the weekend.

The site reported that the prince was in a group playing "strip billiards".

St James's Palace has confirmed the prince is in the photos but has made no further comment about the images.

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January 22, 2012

US drone strike in Somalia kills Britain-linked al-Qaeda agent

Al Qaeda just lost another senior leader...this one is going to sting a little.


A US drone strike killed one of the most senior al-Qaeda agents in Somalia, a Lebanese jihadist who grew up in Britain and who was believed to have helped plan the World Cup bombings in Kampala, it was confirmed on Sunday.....

Bilaal al-Barjawi, who reportedly lived in West London until moving to East Africa seven years ago, died when three American-launched missiles hit his convoy of vehicles as they drove south of Mogadishu, the Somali capital.

He had been fighting alongside Somalia's al-Shabaab Islamists since 2006 and was previously al-Qaeda's head of intelligence in Kenya, authorities said.

He was seen as second-in-command to Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, who directed al-Qaeda's bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

Al-Barjawi reportedly worked for a West London refrigeration and air-conditioning company before moving to East Africa. The Foreign Office denied reports that he was a British national.

Al-Shabaab celebrated his death in a statement on a jihadist website, using his alias Abu Hafsa.

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October 08, 2011

Good News: Abu Izzadeen Freed from Prison Early

The streets of London just got a bit less savory:

Abu Izzadeen, a radical Muslim preacher who was jailed after footage was uncovered of him calling for the beheading of any Muslim in the British army, has been freed early from jail.

Izzadeen, 34, whose real name is Trevor Brooks, led a group of Islamic radicals who stormed the moderate Regents Park Mosque in central London and then forced back police who tried to evict them...

A second generation Jamaican, Izzadeen, walked out of jail on Saturday because of the amount of time he has already spent in prison. He had one year cut off his sentence by the Court of Appeal, reducing it from four-and-a-half to three-and-a-half years.

A number of his fellow activists could also immediately walk free.

And I was having such a nice day at the zoo!

H/T @TerrorHack

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October 06, 2011

Radical Preacher Anjem Choudary: Is the Assassination of Obama Legal? ***Bumped***(Rebumped/Email Address Corrected by iWeb)

A group of British Islamists, Muslims Against Crusades, may have just stepped over the line of "free speech". Notice the "red spot" on Obama's forehead and the image of a sniper on the left.

Anjem Choudary, one of the groups leaders, knows damn well radical Muslims are upset over the killing of bin Laden and Awlaki. He is using this to light a fire under them. And that, my friends, is sedition and solicitation of murder:

President Barack Obama is treading on very thin ice. In the space of less than half a year he has proceeded to murder what are probably two of the most influential Muslim men in modern day history: Sheikh Usamah bin Laden (rh) and the US citizen Sheikh Anwar al Awlaki (rh)

His brazen attacks and cowardly drone strikes have shattered any hope of reconciliation, for he has made it clear: America is out to shoot and kill and is taking no prisoners. No negotiations, no rule of law, no due process – nothing.

Human rights and justice have lost all relevance in Obama’s war, as assassination takes over as his preferred weapon of choice. He has managed to convince the whole world that he is right, that murder, rape and torture can be justified as long as you can be labelled as the enemy. Are his actions to be taken as an example for other US citizens to imitate? In light of this we would like to introduce a new question into the psyche of the West by asking: “Is the assassination of President Barack Obama now legal?” What we mean by this is, if the President of America were to be caught off-guard in Washington or St Louis, would his death be justified given his new criteria in light of his horrific track record against Islam and Muslims and his own confessions?

If the answer is no, then we ask, why not? And if the answer is, yes, then we ask how many people would be likely to want to repeat the horrors of 1963 against this very evil man?

No one should threaten my president and get away with it. Just sayin' ...

UPDATE: File a complaint with their provider, be sure and be polite:

IP address:
Server Location: Montreal, Quebec in Canada
ISP: iWeb Technologies
Email: abuse@iweb.com

Updated by Howie: A little birdy tells me that iWeb told them that their published contact info was bogus/incorrect and they will fix it right away.

Anyway I've updated the email address in this post to be the correct email address or so I'm told.

That's a nice bug to have. Makes working in the abuse dept. a breeze.

(foot tapping)

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NGO Monitor: Livni Trip to Britain Represents Delegitimization

Had the UK not passed amendments to the “Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill 2010-11 Livni would have been arrested.

Jerusalem - Following the passage of amendments to the UK’s “Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill 2010-11,” which now requires the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions before an arrest warrant is issued for a privately-instigated prosecution, opposition leader Tzipi Livni will arrive in Britain on Thursday, October 6 for meetings.

“Tzipi Livni’s trip to Britain is a significant achievement against political advocacy NGOs that had hijacked the UK legal system for their own agenda,” says Anne Herzberg, legal advisor for NGO Monitor. “NGOs such as Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Yesh Gvul, Al Haq, and Al Mezan, and their British partners Daniel Machover, the Hickman & Rose Solicitors firm, and Irvine, Thanvi, Natas, and Imran Khan & Partners initiated highly politicized PR stunts in the form of meritless legal cases, all under the guise of ‘justice’ and ‘human rights.’”

Lawfare, which attempts to label Israelis as ‘war criminals,’ is part of the broader Durban strategy, led by NGOs, to delegitimize and politically isolate Israel.

Not surprisingly, George Soros funds some of these anti-Semitic groups
Daniel Machover (co-founder Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights and head of civil litigation for Hickman & Rose Solicitors) – in concert with the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) and Yesh Gvul – submitted evidence files to the Anti-Terrorist and War Crimes Unit of the London Metropolitan police regarding former IDF Southern Command Chief Maj. Gen. (res.) Doron Almog. When police declined to act on the files, lawyers applied for an arrest warrant. Almog traveled to London, but did not leave the plane once he learned of the arrest warrant (Aug. 2005). An unsuccessful suit was filed in 2004 against Shaul Mofaz. PCHR is funded by the EU, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Ford Foundation, Open Society Institute, Oxfam NOVIB; Yesh Gvul’s funding is completely non-transparent.
Good on the UK, this is a step in the right direction.

Another step in the right directionthe UK could do is arrest members of the Muslims Against the Crusades for sedition and solicitation of murder. MAC stepped over the line with their press release: "Is the assassination of Obama legal"?

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August 11, 2011

Video: Britain is a riot

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July 29, 2011

Anjem Choudary: Sharia Poster Boy

gang of bearded apes member uddin_.jpg
Anjem's "Gang of bearded apes" member Jamaal Uddin

Money quote: "Puffed up bearded blowfish, and that's just the women" - lulz.

h/t Raultalbot7

Anjem's website here. The Islamotards making the shariah posters are here: Muslims Against Crusaders.

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July 21, 2011

UK Islamotards: The Islamic Emirates of Britain Project

the islamic emirates project_muslims against crusades.jpg
Muslims Against Crusades aka Islam4UK aka Shariah4UK aka....

I previously posted on this: UK Islamotards: Stickers4Shariah


A Muslim group in the United Kingdom has launched a campaign to turn twelve British cities – including what it calls "Londonistan" – into independent Islamic states. The so-called Islamic Emirates would function as autonomous enclaves ruled by Islamic Sharia law and operate entirely outside British jurisprudence.

The Islamic Emirates Project, launched by the Muslims Against the Crusades group, names the British cities of Birmingham, Bradford, Derby, Dewsbury, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Sheffield, as well as Waltham Forest in northeast London and Tower Hamlets in East London as territories to be targeted for blanket Sharia rule.

Jamaal Uddin

The project, which uses the motto "The end of man-made law, and the start of Sharia law," was launched exactly six years after Muslim suicide bombers killed 52 people and injured 800 others in London.
Radical preacher Anjem Choudary

A July 7, 2011 announcement posted on the Muslims Against the Crusades website, states:

"In the last 50 years, the United Kingdom has transformed beyond recognition. What was once a predominantly Christian country has now been overwhelmed by a rising Muslim population, which seeks to preserve its Islamic identity, and protect itself from the satanic values of the tyrannical British government.

The last paragraph in the article shows how ludicrous the "project" is:
Meanwhile, Britain is struggling to combat a cycle of Islamic honor-related kidnappings, sexual assaults, beatings and murder that is spiralling out of control.

According to the London-based Association of Chief Police Officers, up to 17,000 women in Britain are victims of honor-based violence – forced marriages, honor killings, kidnappings, sexual assaults, beatings, female genital mutilation and other forms of abuse – every year. This figure is 35 times higher than official figures suggest, and British detectives say it is "merely the tip of the iceberg" of this phenomenon.

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May 21, 2011

Brits Cost For Camp Al Qaeda? $811 Plus Change

Via MirrorUK:

British Muslims paid £500 a time to fly out to Al Qaeda ­training camps in Afghanistan.
Leaked documents [wikileaks..ed] reveal how dozens of young men joined the terror network after visits to the London mosque where hook-handed Abu Hamza preached.

They were introduced to al-Qaeda “fixers” who gave them a visa and ticket to ­Pakistan.

Recruits were then taken to camps over the Afghan border where they were trained how to use weapons such as AK-47 rifles and rocket launchers – and ­become suicide bombers.[More]

Hmmm, wonder if they got a keepsake key holder?

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April 28, 2011

Omar, The Goat Humping, Bakri Mohammed Group (Muslims Against Crusades) Cancels Royal Wedding Protest

Image credit: MAC
Press release today[yesterday..ed] by MAC states "that the threat of an imminent attack against those protesting the royal wedding on 29th April 2011, is too strong to substantiate the presence of any Muslims within the locality. In light of this, Muslims against Crusades, would like to announce that in line with the very real possibility of a large scale attack on British soil, that we are left with no other alternative but to cancel the planned demonstration on 29th April 2011."
No, they chickened out..

"PRESS Release 27th April 2011 - MAC @ Westminister", lol 'press release':

h/t JW

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April 18, 2011

How NOT to Protest

Britain: Stealing the Koran from your local library, then burning it in protest of poppy burning.

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April 10, 2011

Seriously Good News! French Interior Minister to Islam4UK's Anjem Chourdary: Take a Hike, Permanently

Choudary image credit: Evil Canuck

Via Telegraph

Anjem Choudary, head of the outlawed Islam4UK which advocates Sharia law, was turned back as he tried to join an illegal protest against the measure in Paris on Saturday.

He was served with a legal notice informing him that the French Interior Ministry was banning him permanently.

Abu Izzadeen and Omar Bakri, who are similarly controversial figures based in Britain, also tried to get to the event but were stopped by police.

Omar the goat humping Bakri Muhammed

France is on a high state of alert after al Qaeda issued warnings that it would attack the country following the introduction of the ban, which imposes fines of £130 to women caught wearing Islamic veils.

Men who force their wives or daughters to cover up illegally will face up to a year in prison, and fines of up to £25,000.


A Homage to Abu Izzadeen and His Body Parts[<---click archive to understand video]:

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April 03, 2011

The Heroine of Helmand: Young military police officer makes a record 17 Taliban arrests in single DAY

heroine of helmand.jpg

Must suck to be the Taliban knowing a young woman ownd them!

She left school hoping to join the police and fight crime in her home village.

But because Sophia Turner was not yet 18, she was deemed too young for her local force.

So the determined teenager signed up with the Army’s Royal Military Police instead – and has become a Helmand heroine after notching up a record number of Taliban arrests in a single day.

During a recent operation, 5ft 3in Lance Corporal Turner, now 20, arrested 17 male insurgents who had been plotting to murder and maim British troops and civilians in the most dangerous province in Afghanistan.

The fanatics were caught near Lashkar Gah wearing stolen Afghan National Police uniforms, driving a stolen police vehicle and carrying a vast haul of weapons, ammunition and bomb-making equipment.

As the Red Cap on duty, the young woman had to take command of a unit of 100 experienced soldiers.

She organised the soldiers to carry out a fingertip search of the mud-walled compounds where the captured Taliban lived and patted down the insurgents to make sure they were not concealing weapons or drugs.

L/Cpl Turner, from Seven Sisters, near Neath, South Wales, then had to formally arrest the insurgents, handcuff them and take their fingerprints and samples of DNA before arranging for them to be taken into custody.[More..]


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March 29, 2011

'Game Over': 78% of British Muslims Want Limits On Free Speech When It Comes To Criticizing Religion


I would say something negative to the Brits for allowing this to happen but I won't. Why? Because the don't hurt my Muslim feelings movement is slowly gaining ground right here in America thanks to CAIR. CAIR doesn't represent all the Muslims in America but to hear them tell it, they do. That's the danger.

CAIR also has useful idiots such as Turban Durbin. He has countered Rep King's hearings on the danger of radicalization of Muslims in the U.S. with: Hearings on Muslims Rights

Nuff said.

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March 26, 2011

British Columnist Under Investigation For Criticizing Terrorists (Update: What Say U LGF/CJ?)

God forbid if one criticizes terrorists

In Great Britain, the historic cradle of liberty and sanctum of freedom of expression, it appears that you can no longer refer to Arab depravity in the slaughter of an Israeli family — including a three month-old baby — as they slept without someone going to the police to get you arrested for racism.

This is what happened to me[Melanie Phillips]. I wrote on my blog about the ‘the moral depravity of the Arabs’ who had murdered Udi and Ruth Fogel and their three children, 11-year-old Yoav, four-year-old Elad and three-month-old Hadas in their home in the Samarian neighbourhood of Itamar, near Nablus, by cutting their throats while most of them were asleep.

I also pointed the finger for this atrocity at the ‘savagery’ of the Palestinian Authority, whose educational materials along with the mosques and TV stations under its control incite frenzied hatred of Jews; which teaches its children that the highest aspiration is to murder Israelis; and which glorifies those who perpetrate such unspeakable acts by naming squares and public places after them.

Next thing I knew was that the Guardian ran a story saying I was being investigated by the UK Press Complaints Commission, which had received two complaints about my remarks – and I had also been reported to the Bedfordshire police for racism.

This came as something of a surprise. If I was indeed being investigated, no-one had seen fit to tell me about it. Indeed, at time of writing I still have not heard whether either of these bodies is investigating these complaints at all.

Stranger still was the involvement of the Bedfordshire police. I do not live in Bedfordshire, an area north of London. I have never had anything to do with the place. What could my remarks about the Itamar massacre possibly have to do with Bedfordshire?

Image for dhimmis

A clue lay in the involvement in the Guardian story of a prominent British Muslim activist named Inayat Bunglawala. It was he who had reported me to the Bedfordshire police – and he lives in Bedfordshire.

[Read the rest]

Apparently Muslims4UK have more pull than Islam4UK. They are like CAIR, are they not?

BTW, can someone please point to me where it says Islam/Muslim is a race..

UPDATE: Will Charles Johnson chime in? He apparently received a death threat in 2006 by said Inayat Bunglawala and did a lengthy post on it. Will he acknowledge said death threat or will he scrub his site? I dunno, he wrote "us off" quite awhile ago for being right wing extremists...

Thanks to "guest" and "Another guest" for heads up.

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March 02, 2011

'British martyr' in new al-Qaeda video on web heightens concern over UK attack

musa the british_.jpg


The video features a man identified only as “Musa the British” who is seen wearing an Afghan-style hat and reading a prayer book.

He is sitting crossed legged on the floor against white-washed walls, wearing glasses and holding a set of prayer beads.

The script at the top of the screen reads: “May Allah have mercy on him,” indicating that he has died, although there is nothing to show whether he was shot or launched a suicide attack.

The security services are now trying to identify him to confirm whether he is British and discover if he may have been accompanied by other British radicals in Pakistan.[...]

The latest video is designed as a recruitment video for suicide bombers and militants, featuring image after image of dead fighters, accompanied by a song glorifying their activities, that can be watched on a mobile phone.

It has been credited to both Hittin Media and Nida ul-Khurasan [call to Afghanistan] two sites associated with al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

The video first appeared in August last year but has been released in the last few days with English subtitles which identify one of the martyrs for the first time as “Musa the British.”

The video is accompanied by a nasheed [Islamic song] in urdu, suggesting it was made in Pakistan.


h/t B'Emet Or

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February 18, 2011

Tweet On Twitter Gets Twits All A'twitter

Don't insult their pedophile prophet on Twitter. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

Posted yesterday afternoon, it read: "Says in the Holy Qu'ran Mohammad used to get his neighbours to vote by AV which of his 4 wives he'd shag each night."

Of course he should have been sacked. Mohammed didn't believe in voting. Stupid dhimmi.

H/T Drawing Muhammad.

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January 26, 2011

British Men Killed in Terrorist Attack at Moscow Airport Named



A British businessman killed in the Moscow bombing had sent out invitations to his wedding days earlier, his family said yesterday.
Gordon Cousland.jpg
Gordon Cousland Image credit: Daily Mail

Gordon Cousland, 39, was ‘desperately looking forward’ to marrying his fiancée in April, his brother said. The couple had a six-month-old baby daughter.[...]

A second British-based businessman from the BA flight, City executive Kirill Bodrashov, 38, also died.

Kirill Bodrashov with girlfriend Elvira Muratova and son
Kirill Bodrashov.jpg
Image via Kirill Bodrashov's Facebook page

Read the rest


Related: Kirill Bodrashov's girlfriend was at the airport with him. She survived the attack but is in intensive care.

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January 23, 2011

Britain: Filming A Dawah & All I Got Was This Lousy 'I Will Kill U" Death Threat

@ app 2:14

Doing 'dawah' on a sidewalk, isn't like you are invisible - 'dawah dude'...what are you hiding?

I will say the first 'dawah dude' was trying to break it up. He best check 'his friend' out .........just sayin

Update: Mugshot of 'I will kill you" Muslim dawah person

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January 11, 2011

Britain: ANOTHER Nine Pakistani Muslims 'Asians' Arrested For Underage Sexual Grooming Offences

Via Un:dhimmi

Another case of Rape Jihad from Absurd Britannia?:

A top level inquiry is being carried out by police into claims that a gang of Asian men groomed girls as young as 13 for sex. It is understood that some of Greater Manchester Police’s most senior officers have met to discuss the allegations.

We understand that so far 14 girls have been identified as potential victims. The girls claim they were plied with drink and drugs and then taken to flats and houses for sex.

Police said the girls are all white and aged 13 to 15 and at least one had been in the care of Rochdale Social Services. It is understood some of the girls were missing from home. An inquiry was started after some of them alerted police.

Details of the investigation were revealed just days after former home secretary Jack Straw sparked controversy when he said some Asian men were targeting young white girls in an unrelated case.

The investigation was launched by officers in the Rochdale division but has now been passed to GMP’s Major Incident Team because of the serious nature and potential volume of the offences.

Pretty disgusting to say the least, especially when they won't use the forbidden word Muslims.

Also, please read Un:dhimmis: Muslims also Targeting Hindu & Sikh Girls in Sexual Grooming Cases

Related: Muslim Sexual Grooming. Also Malak ul-Yameen (Quran 4:24 - right hand possessions)

Hmmm, when they aren't 'sexual grooming young girls' they sexual groom 'young boys' ( aka Bachi Bazi)

Related video below fold regarding women/Muslim pedophilia, according to the Quran:

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December 01, 2010

Oh Noes!!! Time for Plan C Revolution Muslim

islamic revival_2010.jpg

Omar the goat humping Bakri Mohammed & Sheikh Faisal needs a new sooper sekrit venue

Will Paltak still host it?:

LONDON, Nov. 29 (UPI) -- A secret conference by radical Muslims featuring two hate-preaching clerics was canceled by organizers after British police became aware of it, officials said.

Omar Bakri and Sheik Faisal were due to appear by video link from overseas at the Islamic International Revival Conference on Saturday in London's East End, The Sun reported.

Alligator tears....bwahahahahaha

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November 16, 2010

Muslim Defense League - November 20th

Do we have any Jawas in London?

The Mulsim Defence League, also known as MDL or Mucho Dick Lickers (yes, I know, it's childish), will be demonstrating in London on Saturday November 20th at 1 PM. Location is Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square.

It will be interesting to see who turns as well as if the English Defense League, also known as EDL or Extra Dashing Lads (what? You try and see how easy it is!), decides to show up to counter.

Please send pictures.

H/T: Akhi on Facebook

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October 25, 2010

Tony Blair's Sister-In-Law Converts To islam; Already On Page 60 In The Quran


From BigPeace:

She decided to become a Muslim six weeks ago after visiting the shrine of Fatima al-Masumeh in the city of Qom.

‘It was a Tuesday evening and I sat down and felt this shot of spiritual morphine, just absolute bliss and joy,’ she told The Mail on Sunday.

When she returned to Britain, she decided to convert immediately.

‘Now I don’t eat pork and I read the Koran every day. I’m on page 60.

Wow, already on page 60 after only 6 weeks. That's, what? A whopping 1.4 pages a day?! Careful you don't overdo it and hurt yourself, Lauren...

More... Lauren Booth making blondes look dumb

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October 04, 2010

France Seeks Extradition Of Al Qaeda Suspect In Italy

raya_we are ghey.gif
Photoshop: WhoCaresAnymore

Riahd Hennouni, a French citizen of Algerian descent, was previously arrested a month ago but Italy didn't announce the arrest until yesterday.


Paris, France (CNN) -- France has requested the extradition of an al Qaeda suspect arrested in Italy, a French court official said Monday.

Didier Allard of the Palais de Justice appeals court identified the man as Riahd Hennouni, and said an anti-terror judge in Paris had requested his arrest.

Paris has not yet heard back from Rome about its extradition request, Allard said

In other possible related news: Japan joins Britain & US/issues travel alert

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July 27, 2010

UK Prime Minister Cameron Playing To The Audience?

Did I miss something? Is he having a bad day or is he teh new Stoopid?


David Cameron will today demand an end to the anti-Muslim 'prejudice' which he claims is blocking Turkey's membership of the European Union.

He sounds like the NAACP.


"The situation in Gaza has to change," he said. "Humanitarian goods and people must flow in both directions. Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp."

I respectfully disagree, you idiot. People must flow in each direction? No.

"Hi Mr Cameron, this is Israel calling, hope all is well. Piss off and mind your own business" - Israel

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June 19, 2010

Sen. Nelson: Obi One May Not Have The Constitutional Authority But He Has Moral Authority

h/t Kenny Solomon

Related, sorta:
Daily Mail: Revealed: Why President Obi One Loathes the British...his grandfather was tortured in a high-security Kenyan prison

[...]The young future U.S. President was brought up in Hawaii and Indonesia.
In his best-selling memoir, he chronicles his emotive journey to find his roots in Kenya back in 1988.

He describes flying from Heathrow Airport to Nairobi, sitting next to a young Englishman — who gave him his own disparaging view on Africa’s problems.

He recalls: ‘Beside me the young Brit was snoring softly now, his glasses askew on his fin-shaped nose. Was I angry at him? I wondered.’

Arriving in Kenya, he heard at Granny Sarah’s knee the family folklore, and the story of his grandfather’s humiliation at the hands of the British.

What’s clear is that this episode, and Britain’s colonial rule, has left a deep scar on the Obama family.

One of the first things Obi One did was return the bust of Winston Churchill.
A bust of the former prime minister once voted the greatest Briton in history, which was loaned to George W Bush from the Government's art collection after the September 11 attacks, has now been formally handed back.

The bronze by Sir Jacob Epstein, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds if it were ever sold on the open market, enjoyed pride of place in the Oval Office during President Bush's tenure.

But when British officials offered to let Mr Obama to hang onto the bust for a further four years, the White House said: "Thanks, but no thanks.

Who knows........

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June 18, 2010

Radical Preacher Zakir Naik Barred From Entering Britain

zakir naik_radical preacher.jpg


An Indian preacher who has expressed radical views about Islam, including some that praise Osama bin Laden and that appear to justify acts of terrorism, was barred on Friday from entering Britain. Home Secretary Theresa May said she had barred Zakir Naik, 44...
Muslim outrage in Britain in 5...4....3...2...

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June 10, 2010

Prince Charles Leaps The Grand Canyon

By associating environmental protection with Islamic principles. Huh?

Speaking at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, the Prince unsuccessfully rambled, IMO:

Prince Charles yesterday urged the world to follow Islamic 'spiritual principles' in order to protect the environment.

...man's destruction of the world was contrary to the scriptures of all religions - but particularly those of Islam.

Ah yes, the religion of peace to rescue the environment. Do it for the kids.

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March 19, 2010

Worst Employer Evah: 'I'd Rather Employ a Pedophile Than a Hero': Company Boss,Webeurope's Karl Winn, Compares British Troops to Child Molesters in Rant at Job Agency (UPDATED)

Webeurope_karl winn.jpg
Click for website

UPDATE below fold, his press release on the matter

Naturally, this is giving the ehadi's more propaganda, damn arsehole

Via Daily Mail

A company boss has compared British soldiers to paedophiles and drug dealers after refusing a request by a recruitment service to provide jobs for former troops.

Karl Winn, 60, said he would rather 'recruit ex-drug dealers, convicts and child molesters' than employ former servicemen or women.

His comments came after he was contacted by Forces Recruitment Services and asked if he would consider taking on ex-soldiers at his net design company Webeurope.

Mr Winn, of Taunton, Somerset, wrote back: 'Personally, I'd rather recruit ex-drug dealers, convicts and even child molesters rather than consider anybody who has been in the pay of the British Government.'[ read the rest]

File this under assmaggots.

If anyone knows more about this dude please email me/us.

I am a assmaggot

Karl Winn, Webeurope's founder and principle owner, has for many years supported numerous organisations (NGO's), such organisations include: -

* The International Human Rights Network - Supporting others in applying Human Rights Based Approaches to UN Agencies, countries, and organisations.
* Film Makers Against War - FAW seeks to educate and raise awareness of UK and international war law
* Art and Sacred Places - Encourages the interaction of art and religion by commissioning artists to make work in sacred places.
* Relatives for Justice – A northern Ireland based organisation that supports and campaigns on behalf of the families of the 367 men, women, and children, who have been killed by members of the British Military and Police services. The campaign seeks to bring the perpetrators of such killings before the courts.

Statement By Karl Winn

For the record, I have employed ex-Military staff. This was not my issue in my private email exchange with the MD of Forces Recruitment Services Ltd. What I objected to was being asked to give preference to employing ex-British Military personnel under their "hire-a-hero" scheme, simply because they have served in our Armed Forces.

I admit that at one point in this private exchange I did say I would prefer to offer employment to criminals because they had at least been investigated and brought before the courts to be held accountable for their actions. I regret making those comments if they were to be made public, as i would have made my point in a more tactful way, but it was said in private, and it was made clear that this was my personal view.

My policy is, and remains, to give jobs to people based on their merit as individuals, and not simply because of their service in the armed forces.

Contrary to popular sentiment serving in the British Military is not in itself “brave” or “heroic”, and it certainly isn’t in support of “democracy”, least of all ours.[I would like to see him put his ass on the line...ed]

The reality from the north of Ireland, to Afghanistan and Iraq, is that the British Military have committed crimes against unarmed civilians. The perpetrators of such atrocities however remain unaccountable for their actions, safe in the knowledge that the principle policy of the British Government is to ensure their protection from prosecution.[terrorist talking points, hence assmaggot reference..ed]

British Military involvement in the north of Ireland has resulted in 367 direct killings by the British State of unarmed, men, women, and children. The victims’ families still campaign for these cases to be thoroughly investigated, and those responsible brought before the courts, in order to achieve justice and closure.

The Dublin and Monaghan bombings – the greatest single loss of life during that 30 year conflict in Ireland - the British Government refused last year to hand over documents that were requested by the Irish TD Bertie Ahern on the role of the British Military in the bombing that killed 33 people in Dublin in 1974.

All the way through to our disgraceful and dishonest presence in Iraq and Afghanistan (see yesterdays report on the murder of 8 Iraq civilians while in British Military "custody"). The British Military has a legacy of unlawful killings that need thorough investigation.

It is simply not good enough to argue that such victims "were Catholic, or Nationalists / Republican" or even "Muslim", and therefore the victims’ families are not worthy of justice and closure. If we truly value democracy and justice we need to ensure we are not selective in its application.

The "war-on-terror" is a lie, and anybody who cares to examine the actual facts will know it. If anything it is not the Taliban that is a threat to our democracy and civil rights it is the British State.

Sadly, the British Government has used the lie of a “war on terror” to justify their support of US strategic ambitions in the illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. It will give no comfort to the parents who have lost a son or daughter in this conflict when the British Military withdraw from these countries and history exposes this lie for what is it.

Readers who wish to respond to the above statement please email me at karl.winn@webeurope.co.uk, Alternatively I can be contacted by phone on 07979-234666.



Extract from a Press Statement issued by Relatives for Justice on 13th March 2010

"'Webeurope .. have heard at first hand the true extent of the role of the British army, the trauma, hurt and anguish caused - importantly they have acted to heal, support and address in their own way the awful legacy left behind as a direct consequence of British state violence in our country. 'For that we are greatly indebted to them and in particular Karl Winn whose commitment to non-violence means, human rights, social justice, compassion and humanity are an example to us all.'

"Social Justice, we hear that word a lot from Dems/ Obi One

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March 03, 2010

Iranians Expose George Galloway's Hypocrisy

How anyone can take this man, if you can call him that, seriously is beyond me. Oh wait...he is wearing pink. I wonder if Code Pink gave him this leo--tard.


h/t Tom

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March 01, 2010

UK: This Secretive Agenda Must Be Taken Seriously


Or the UK will have istan after its name.[Telegraph]

Radical Muslims, in their unguarded moments, are unrepentant about what they believe to be their religious duty: the replacement of secular, tolerant and liberal democracy in Britain by a rigid theocracy, in which the country is governed by Islamic law.

Those who aspire to that goal are usually, and correctly, dismissed as a tiny minority who are unrepresentative of the moderate majority of British Muslims.[??..ed] But it would be wrong to dismiss the extremists as insignificant. The evidence we publish today suggests that at least one such group has infiltrated parts of the Labour Party, and has taken over important aspects of the running of the London borough of Tower Hamlets.

If the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) was open and frank about its aims, voters would be able to make up their own minds about whether they wanted to see its members in any form of government in Britain. It is part of any democratic system worthy of the name that those who abide by the rule of law are entitled to campaign in elections, even if we find their beliefs objectionable. But some members of the IFE demonstrate in private that they have an agenda that they are not willing to share with the electorate.

They have also demonstrated that they are unwilling to abide by the procedures which are essential if elections are to be free and fair. As we report today, Jim Fitzpatrick, the MP for Tower Hamlets, believes that the party has been infiltrated by radical Muslims – just as it was infiltrated in the 1980s by the Militant Tendency. The IFE denies any such campaign. But its denials would be more credible if, in public, the IFE was not presented as simply a "social welfare organisation" committed to "community cohesion" and "tolerance" – while in private, it shows itself to be committed to replacing democracy by a theocracy based on Islamic law.
Yes, these groups are good at Taqiyya (lying for the sake of Islam) while in public as they are here in the U.S.

Enemies from within.

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