July 20, 2016

Sandcrawler PSA: Bigfoot More Likely to Exist Than Moderate Islamist Syrian Rebels

You've heard the BS, we need to support the moderate forces in Syria, There are none.

Yeah about that.

Videos have emerged online that appear to show Syrian rebels taunting and then beheading a boy they say is a captured Palestinian pro-government fighter.

One video shows five men posing with the frightened child, who could be as young as 10, in the back of a truck. One of the men grips him by the hair.

The same man is later filmed apparently cutting the boy's head off.

Here is the video although its pixelated I'm not going out looking for the original. I'm just not.

Nukes to end Syrian conflict, a mercy.

More here at Clarion Project.

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February 04, 2016

ISIS Savage Child Abuse Continues

Sigh, I hate these.....

in a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State, an ISIS boy soldier of African descent beheads an official with Jabhat al-Shamiya, or the Levant Front, for failing to implement sharia law. According to international terrorism watchdog group Terror Monitor, the victim is an alleged "religious jurist" named Muhammad Tabsho. Terror Monitor further reports that the boy executioner has been identified as the son of Abu Darda, who was killed by a United States airstrike in Aleppo, Syria.


In the video the boy executioner informs the U.S. in English that ISIS will "destroy" the rebel groups it supports in Syria, like the Levant Front. The Levant Front is a coalition of Aleppo-based Syrian Civil War rebel factions formed in December 2014. It is made up of Islamist and apolitical organizations all with the goal of overthrowing Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Addressing the United States further, the boy executioner says, "You can’t escape from coming on the ground. I wish I meet on you on the hills of Dabiq." According to Islamic eschatology, Dabiq is where the Muslim version of Armageddon is prophesied to take place. ISIS is trying to draw the United States and its allies into a ground war at Dabiq to force the fulfillment of this prophecy.

Jawa Report as obtained a copy of the video from the usual places.

We'll make a fun uncensored copy available by request only. (HERE)

(images below the fold, one is graphic so don't look at it, nor do I recommend watching the video really. But if you must.







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October 31, 2015

ISIS Murders Four Kurdish Soldiers in Revenge Video

So ISIS seems a little pissed off about the raid on the prison. Our hearts go out to the Kurds.

A video purportedly from ISIS surfaced online Friday and shows the terrorists beheading four Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in retaliation for the daring raid by U.S.-led coalition forces last week in northern Iraq.


At the end of the 15-minute video, a masked English-speaking man delivers a warning to U.S. President Barack Obama before he executes one of the prisoners, who is wearing an orange jumpsuit.


The three other prisoners are also seen being beheaded at the end of the video and Arabic text appears onscreen. It translates as "Peshmerga soldiers that Americans came down to rescue."

Earlier in the video, ISIS also claims to show the aftermath of the raid during which 70 hostages were rescued by Kurdish, U.S. and Iraqi forces from an ISIS prison in Hawija, in the northern Iraq province of Kirkuk.




Here is the English spoken bu the first killer to Obama. He sounds American to me. But he's not very eloquent, obviously reciting a prepared statement in a halting fashion. Despite his claims of "victory" it seems we made quite the mess for ISIS.

Obama you have learned a new lesson. Six of the soldiers of the Caliphate faced Four Hundred of your children. They killed and injured them by Allah's grace. You are probably surprised by this.

Oh Crusader, it is the support of Allah.

You did not gain anything, you returned to your bases and with losses and humiliation. Obama you wage war against Allah, he supports us against you. It is the promise of Allah. Allah will never fail in his promise.

This man then beheads the first prisoner as the other three are forced to watch. Its a as gruesome a beheading as I've witnessed.


Then a warning in Arabic is given to the Kurds and the other three prisoners are beheaded. (screencap and video below the fold)


The video is available here by request.
(I'm not around to approve the requests so if you didn't get it by now, sorry.)

Its not clear if the following strike was before or after the video. But from the damage shown on the ground it may be after.

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March 09, 2015

Israeli Foreign Minister Suggests Treating Terrorists Like Terrorists Treat Others Hilarity Ensues

Never has there been such an outcry over actual beheadings like the outcry over the suggestion of beheading terrorists in Israel.

For this foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman wins troll of the day.

Those with us, should receive everything” in terms of rights, he says, according to Channel 2. “Those against us, it cannot be helped, we must lift up an ax and behead them — otherwise we will not survive here.”

He says Israel is too “stupid, stingy, and soft” on the matter.

During this election campaign, Liberman has repeatedly called for the death penalty for terrorists.

“Israeli citizens who raise a black flag on Nakba day — from my perspective, they should get out of here, and I would willingly and with great pleasure hand them over to Abu Mazen [Abbas],” he adds, referencing his plan for land swaps in the event of a future Palestinian state, which he has argued should absorb Arab Israelis.

Its quite amazing that the suggestion of an execution caused so much outrage. Israel has only executed on person, by hanging, in its entire history. While IS and other terrorist proudly and openly butcher people every day.

Your thoughts betray you.

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January 31, 2015

ISIS Murders Kenji Goto Joto

ISIS has carried out the Murder Japanese hostage of Kenjo Goto Jogo.


I can confirm this is the case. In the video Jihad John appears, it is his voice, he then speaks about the Grace of Allah, but Kenji was shown no grace. Joto is silent and stoic, a still at the end of the video confirms his death.

Our prayers go out to the people of Japan and to his family.

Evil does abide on this Earth its name is ISIS.

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.

ISIS seems annoyed that states are not recognizing the power of the group as a true state, the irony of murdering a bound journalist while hiding in a ravine seems to escape them.

The video is also very short and has a number of issues playing outside a web browser. Its fairly high resolution but appears hastily prepared with out many of the post production features. Aside from the reappearance of the al-Furqan label.

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January 29, 2015

Condemned Al-Shadadi Resident Resists His Murder by ISIS Savages

A video from Al-Shadadi in ISIS controlled territory shows a crowd gathered in the square where a man is beheaded by ISIS goons.

n yet another disgusting display of the subhuman monstrosities of which ISIS is capable, they’ve taken to yet another barbaric beheading of an innocent man. This time taking place on a public street after a crowd had come together to bear witness to the event, the Syrian man is pinned down and releases a few blood curdling screams before being decapitated for disobeying their Islamist rules.

The incident took place in a town of about 25,000 people called Al-Shadadi. As the prisoner remains at his knees secured by a handful of terrorists, he pleads with the crowd to come to his aid, but it appears they’re too afraid to do anything to help.

In some recent ISIS execution videos published recently byu the official media houses show large crowds that are treating the executions like great entertainment.

In this video the crowd is much less so. But still does nothing, possibly out of fear and the fact that ISIS confiscates all weapons except theirs. So to make any resistance by the locals very difficult,.

The man's resistance is heroic... But in the end he is beheaded in one stroke. IN such cases the victim's head can live for up to 30 seconds.

The video is below the fold. In passing it would be a great mercy to everyone present if these events were treated as the target rich environment they actually are.


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January 24, 2015

ISIS Murdered Haruna Yukawa

Gateway Pundit had the story.

I'm looking this over at the moment. Anyway there was a delay in the release and Kenji Goto Jogo it appears is still alive.

click for larger

At first glance it appears the new video is a hasty release, without the high production value in the previous video. It is a simple audio message over a the above still image.

Our thoughts go out to the People of Japan and to the family of Haruna Yukawa.

Update: In the video, in which Jihadi John is conspicuously absent Kenji Goto Jogo in English says the captors demands have changed. The demand for ransom is dropped and that Mr. Goto will be traded for a single female captive help by the Jordanians.

I'm not sure the spelling of her name or who she is. I will update shortly on that.

I can verify that Haruna Yukawa has been murdered.

Obviously something has seriously went wrong for the al-Furqan Media cell that was running this operation. But the video appears authentic despite the obvious difficulty al-Furqan is having.

More on the demands for the Jordanian prisoner here at USA Today

Goto, again speaking to his family, said in the purported video released Saturday that Islamic State had changed its ransom demand and no longer wanted money.

"Their demand is easier. They are being fair. They no longer want money. So you don't need to worry about funding terrorists. They are just demanding the release of their imprisoned sister Sajida al-Rishawi," he said.

Sajida al-Rishawi is a female suicide bomber dispatched by al-Qaeda in Iraq to attack a hotel in Jordan in 2005, SITE reported. She survived when her explosive belt failed to detonate.


Al-Rishawi was arrested by Jordanian authorities at the time of the attack on the Radisson SAS hotel in Amman that killed 57 people, many of whom were at a wedding reception.

She was later shown on Jordanian tV confessing to participating in the attack, the BBC reports. Jordanian police said she was the wife of one of three Iraqi male suicide bombers involved in the assault.

"My husband wore one [bomb] belt and I another -- he told me how to use it," she said, explaining that he took one corner of the hotel and she took another.

"There was a wedding in the hotel. There were women and children," she said. "My husband executed the attack. I tried to detonate and it failed. I left. People started running and I started running with them."

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January 16, 2015

The Beheading of Laila Bint Abdul Muttalib Basim


Authorities in Saudi Arabia publicly beheaded a woman in the holy city of Mecca this week, according to footage sent to MEE on Thursday and local media reports.

Laila Bint Abdul Muttalib Basim, a Burmese resident of Saudi Arabia, was convicted of torturing and killing her seven-year-old step-daughter and executed by the sword on Monday.

Footage of the execution shows Basim being dragged into a street and held down by four police officers.

“I did not kill, I did not kill,” she is heard to shout repeatedly.

Basim then screamed as a sword-wielding man struck her neck. Second and third blows completed the beheading and authorities swiftly removed her body from the road moments later.

A Ministry of Interior statement said the execution had been done to protect “security”.

“The Ministry of Interior announces this news to confirm that the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, may God protect him, is greatly concerned with restoring security and realising justice,” read the statement published by SPA.

“It implements the rulings of God against all those who attack innocents and spill their blood. The government warns all those who are seduced into committing similar crimes that the rightful punishment is their fate.”

In the above text you can replace the word God with Allah.

The second flogging of Raif Badawi has been postponed "for medical reasons" after an international outcry for him. He was convicted of insulting Islam for posts he wrote on his blog. The video of his first flogging is here.

The video of the beheading is below the fold.

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October 31, 2014

Red on Red Jabhat al-Nusra vs ISIS Deir el-Zour

I hope ya'll are stocked up on popcorn.

he fighting has escalated between Jabhat al-Nusra, the Islamic Front and their allies on the one hand, and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) on the other, as it reached an unprecedented climax in the past few days, both in terms of expansion and violence.

he battlefields expanded from the countryside of Hassakeh, to the countryside of Deir el-Zour and Maadan, which is between Raqqa and Deir el-Zour. They also covered the town of Jarablos, in the countryside of Aleppo, and the countryside of Latakia. Many killings, assassinations, suicide bombings, executions and mutilations took place during the battles, during which the injured sometimes bled to death without being treated.

One of the probable reasons behind that is that Jabhat al-Nusra has changed its view on the legitimacy of the fighting. While it once considered this fighting a form of “sedition” that must be halted and that it shouldn’t join, after ISIS attacked and gained control of its headquarters and positions in Deir el-Zour last week, Jabhat al-Nusra issued an intense speech that was more a declaration of war. Jabhat al-Nusra was not expected to stand idly by while the fighting reached the city of Deir el-Zour, which the organization considers its capital, particularly after its losses in Raqqa, Hassakeh, and Aleppo. If Deir el-Zour is lost, nothing else would be left for Jabhat al-Nusra.

Jabhat al-Nusra has succeeded in regaining control over all its headquarters and positions which were seized by ISIS last week, most importantly the Koniko oil field. It also took control over the al-Jafra field, and the industrial area. Following the counteroffensive launched by Jabhat al-Nusra, the Islamic Front and some of the Free Syrian Army’s factions, ISIS was forced to withdraw all of its members from the countryside of Deir el-Zour and regroup in al-Shaddadi city in the countryside of Hassakeh. Local sources said that ISIS no longer has any presence in the countryside of Deir el-Zour, except for the salt mine in al-Tabani town, where its members are under siege.

ISIS for its part is accusing anyone who fights against them as being FSA or in bed with their enemies.

Crucifying and beheading opposing fighters.(graphic)

The hash for Deir el-Zour for becoming very active with reports of fighting and murders.

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October 29, 2014

Yet Another Beheading

OK so a dude dude IN NY cuts of a Lady's head, drags her into the street, punts her head, and jumps in front of a train killing himself?

Um, yeah. It happened.

Update: Ok... so um, he beheaded his mother. and punted her head down the street.

Cold man, cold.

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October 03, 2014

ISIS Murders British Hostage Allan Henning

Jawa Report can confirm that British hostage Allan Henning has been murdered by the Islamic State in revenge for this week's vote in Parliament approving strikes against ISIS.


The tape comes within hours of reports of coalition airstrikes against ISIS in support of Kurds besieged in Kobane.

An American Peter Edward Kassig is shown at the end and is threatened with death.


The murder is carried out by the same Jihadi John.

The blood of Davbid Haines is on your hands Cameron.

Alan Henning will also be slaughtered, but his blood in on the hands of the British Parliament.

(continues) Obama, you have started your ariel bombardment in Sham(Syria) which strikes our people, so its only right that we strike the necks of your people.

Update: Some background on Henning.
The wife of British hostage Alan Henning pleaded Saturday with ISIS to release him, describing her husband as a "peaceful, selfless man" who was only in Syria to help people in need.

"I cannot see how it could assist any state's cause to allow the world to see a man like Alan dying," Barbara Henning said, according to a message released by the UK Foreign Office. ISIS refers to itself as "the Islamic State."

Alan Henning, a taxi driver from near Manchester, England, was part of a team of volunteers that traveled to Syria in December to deliver food and water to people affected by the Middle Eastern country's devastating civil war.
He was abducted the day after Christmas by masked gunmen, according to other people in the aid convoy

May he rest in peace and our prayers are with Mrs Henning and his family. May the Lord keep him and comfort his family

And let the UK know what we stand with them.




Um yeah that was me.

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September 13, 2014

Another Beheading

SITE is reporting that Islamic State of Losers has beheaded British aid worker David Haines.

Threatening to behead British hostage Alan Henning.

Update by SH: 1st: Our thoughts and prayers are with David Haines family and friends.

2nd: One video down Twitter beotch who retweeted this is none to smart...heh:


If you see any more please let us know in comments. Thank you and I'm sure his family will definitely thank you.

Update by Howie: https://archive.org/details/SebuahPesanUntukSekutuAmerika


Its seems that @UFajrun is a slow learner.

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September 03, 2014

Dear ISIS (ISIL/IS): Steven Sotloff Was Israeli

Israeli media gag order was lifted today and notes Mr Sotloff made aliyah (immigrated) to Israel in 2005.

American journalist Steven Sotloff, who was brutally beheaded by the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, took great risks to keep his Jewish faith in captivity, a former fellow-captive of the murdered journalist told Yediot Aharonoth.

However, it turns out that Sotloff was in fact Israeli.

A media gag order on the issue was released on Wednesday, allowing publication of the fact that Sotloff made aliyah (immigration) to Israel in 2005 by himself, and studied at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya.[...]

Heroically maintaining Judaism under captivity

Sotloff reportedly made sure to fast in secret during Yom Kippur and even prayed in the direction of Jerusalem, as is customary in Jewish prayers, despite the risk he faced if his Islamist captors ever found out he was Jewish.

One of Sotloff's fellow captives, who was subsequently released, told the paper that he feigned illness in order to escape his captors' suspicions.

"He told them he was ill and didn't want to eat, even though they brought us eggs that day," the witness told Yediot Aharonoth, "It looked like he was praying in a hidden way towards Jerusalem. He noted what way the Muslims were praying in and changed his direction slightly."[ More]

Yeah bitches, you blew it and he won!

Some people are commenting (His family is not pleased with Obama) that Mr Sotloff was beheaded on the same day Mr Foley was. Wrong! In the Foley beheading video Mr Sotloff was pretty much clean shaven including his hair. In the Sotloff beheading video his beard was starting to show as well as the hair on his head growing back.

Tip of the hat to @El_Grillo

I would like to remember Steven Sotloff this way:


Long time Jawa readers will recognize the "Death to all Juice" meme.

RP Steven Sotloff.

Update: Apparently he was a grandson of Holocaust survivors who immigrated to Florida.

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September 02, 2014

Report: Steven Sotloff Beheaded

If true, prayers for his family.

Update by Howie: I have obtained a copy of the Site Institute's copy of the video. I can confirm that Steven Sotloff was murdered.

And he didn't do well with it, attempting to struggle.

The murder is committed by the same UK Jihadi who murdered James Foley. He complains especially about ISIS losing Mosul dam. At the end he threatens the life of UK citizen David Cawthorne Haines.


Again ISIS cut the worst parts of the video.

Jawa report has obtained a second copy of the video with no site watermark.

I'm tempted not to run it, but the link is here for those who must see the brutality of ISIS for themselves.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Sotloff family at this time and also to the family of Mr. Haines and our brothers in the UK.

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August 28, 2014

Possibly Allowing the Kurd to Go it Alone is a Bad Idea


Hat Tip; Some sick Jihadi f*ck.

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August 22, 2014

British Muslimah Wants To Be First Woman To Behead Western Prisoners

uk bitch wants to behead westerns.jpg
Khadijah Dare with her Swedish ISIS bitch husband, Abu Bakr

Okay bitch

Writing under the Twitter name Muhajirah fi Sham, which means ‘immigrant in Syria’, she posted a slang filled message that said: “Any links 4 da execution of da journalist plz. Allahu Akbar. UK must b shaking up ha ha. I wna b da 1st UK woman 2 kill a UK or US terorrist!(sic)”.

She recently sparked outrage when she posted a picture of her toddler son posing with an AK47 rifle.

Dare, who has urged other young women from London to join her in Syria, is thought to have converted to Islam in her mid-teens.

She locked her twitter account apparently from the publicity she has received.

Oh well, stupid bitches gonna stupid bitches I guess.

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August 19, 2014

ISIS Murders American Journalist James Foley

American Journalist James Foley has been murdered by ISIS.

In a statement citing Obama's authorization of airstrikes in support of Iraq and the the Kurds ISIS has murdered American Journalist James Foley in an act of revenge.

Jawa Report has obtained a copy of the video and can verify that James was beheaded.


From James' family's website:

Journalist James Foley disappeared in northwest Syria on Thanksgiving Day, November 22 2012.
Jim is the oldest of five children. He has reported independently and objectively from the Middle East for the past five years. Prior to his work as a journalist, Jim helped empower disadvantaged individuals as a teacher and mentor assisting them in improving their lives.

The family appeals for the release of Jim unharmed.

The Foley Family

Our hearts go out to the Foley family in this most terrible time.

At the end of the production they are holding another prisoner one, Steven Joel Sotloff. Although my copy has not hint of his fate. It appears they will murder him next if their demands that US back down are not met.

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March 05, 2014

In The Name of Allah

The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful......

Syrian Christian Forced To Convert To Islam, Then Beheaded Anyway
In the video the Muslim judging the Christian man forbids the Muj from shooting him as this would be "mercy to him".

Which is why I wrote the post the way I did, Ironic the claim of Allah as merciful seems to have fallen deaf on these particular Muslim ears.

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February 14, 2014

IMAGES: ISIS Proudly Beheads Alawites in Azaz, Syria

Last week the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) took over the Alawite town of Azaz. Today they are proud to announce that they murdered four Alawite "dogs" by beheading them and then desecrating their bodies. It's not clear what their 'crime' was only that their 'plot' was 'thwarted'.

I'll remind you that it is the jihadis themselves posting these images. These aren't people pointing out war crimes. These are people proudly putting their murders on display.

In this particular instance, they also have replaced the head of one of the victims with .... something. It looks like a toy, or maybe something else designed for a child or a woman and which, apparently, the jihadis thought was pretty funny. Any one with the stomach to look at the pic below have a guess as to what that is?

Update by Howie: These tweets lend weight to this report from Syrian Observatory which recounts the murder of 21 people by ISIS.






Source: here, although I suspect the Twitter image won't last long.

H/T: B'emet Or

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November 15, 2013

Al Qaeda: "Oops, Our Bad. Next time we'll make sure we're beheading the right infidel"

Or, al Qaeda finally beheads someone who probably deserved it:

Militant Islamist rebels in Syria linked to al-Qaeda have asked for "understanding and forgiveness" for cutting off and putting on display the wrong man's head.

In a public appearance filmed and posted online, members of Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, one brandishing a knife, held up a bearded head before a crowd in Aleppo. They triumphantly described the execution of what they said was a member of an Iraqi Shia militia fighting for President Bashar al-Assad.
But the head was recognised from the video as originally belonging to a member of Ahrar al-Sham, a Sunni Islamist rebel group that often fights alongside ISIS though it does not share its al-Qaeda ideology.

After inquiries, an ISIS spokesman admitted he was Mohammed Fares, an Ahrar commander reported missing some days ago.

Also, I hereby give you permission to laugh.

Thanks to Harry.

And yes, I really was out of town yesterday. I don't know what Howie's excuse was. He sent me a garbled text. Something about "rest stop" and "bail money". I couldn't make heads nor tails out of it.

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October 16, 2013

Video: Jabhat al-Nusra Murders Soldier by Beheading

These guys are already on the State Department's list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, but it serves as a reminder of just who we're dealing with here. Also, Salaafi Islamsists who believe that they are the "good guys" would do well to watch and learn just who it is they are supporting.

If you have the stomach to watch it, I'll direct your attention to the crowd. Notice the kids watching the murder unfold as the terrorists scream Allahu akbar!

Also, contrary to the user on Liveleak who posted it, this is not the Free Syrian Army (FSA). This is Jabhat al-Nusra, an al Qaeda affiliated group. In recent months we've seen cooperation between the FSA and the Salaafi jihadis break down to such a point that they are now literally at war witch each other.

I add this only as a note of caution. Many of the atrocities we see coming out of Syria are posted by Syrians with an agenda, with pro-Assad forces trying to make the claim that terror groups like this one and ISIS are part of the FSA.

WARNING: Graphic video below the fold.

Link to video, I'm having trouble with the embed.

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June 27, 2013

Syria: Rebels Behead Two Civilians in Khan Al Assal, Aleppo

Fucking Bronco Bamma's freedom fighters.

If he had any sense he'd order a damned BLU-96 Fuel-Air Explosive Bomb be dropped into the middle of that crowd.

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June 19, 2013

Man Faces Charges for Beheading Muslima in UK

Daily Mail:

A 20-year-old man has appeared in court charged with the murder of a young woman who was beheaded in a knife attack.

Aras Hussein appeared at Sheffield Magistrates' Court today accused of murdering Reema Ramzan, 18.


Miss Ramzan, who was from the Darnall area of Sheffield, died on June 4 following an incident at a property on Herries Road, in the city.

Detectives said she suffered a severe knife attack resulting in fatal injuries, including the severing of her head.

According to previous reports Aras Hussein and Miss Ramzan were in a relationship and living in the same flat.
Neighbours said they heard screams as 18-year-old Reema Ramzan died in “horrendously violent” circumstances at her flat in Sheffield, South Yorks.

Emergency services said the murder scene was among the worst they had ever witnessed.

They said the woman had been “repeatedly slashed” in the attack on Tuesday.

After the murder Hussein stabbed both himself and five emergency workers as he was taken into custody.

Hat Tip: Creeping Sharia.

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June 07, 2013

Debating Beheading

Or discussing the relative merits of savages:

Here is the problem when it comes to the aftermath of events such as beheading of one of our soldiers in Woolwich recently. It is not that almost every Muslim community spokesperson didn’t come out and say that the beheading was bad. That is what they have done before and will continue to do after – and quite rightly so. It is of course a pretty low place to position the bar. Applauding anyone for coming out against beheading is just a symptom of a malaise: “Hurrah – you’re for us keeping our heads.”
There is a video of some Belgians fighting with al-Nusra in Syria murdering a captive by beheading. They're not very good at it. But that doesn't stop the Allahu Ackbars.

Its AQ Iraq redux.

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May 24, 2013

Epicenter Of Evil: Anjem Choudary's Web Of Hate
Omar Bakri Mohammed, London Beheader's Imam

Click to enlarge

I added the last name of the second Woolwich butcher to the above image. His full name is Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale

Via The Sun: Epicentre of evil- Killer is my pupil, says Choudary

HATE cleric Anjem Choudary yesterday admitted the Woolwich butcher was one of his disciples — and praised his “impeccable character”.

Bile-spewing Choudary acknowledged he helped turn Michael Adebolajo to extremism and that the machete monster was only “making his voice heard in blood”.

The preacher — still free as a bird despite brazenly inspiring terrorists for a DECADE — claimed he did not “condone” the attack that left soldier Lee Rigby dead.

Choudary said of Wednesday’s atrocity by Adebolajo and fellow fanatic Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale: “What he did was unusual and it’s not the view I propagate but those views are out there.

“Some members of the Muslim community struggle to express themselves and he is making his voice heard in blood.”

His comments come three months after The Sun secretly filmed Choudary, who is a British citizen, teaching extremists to “rise up” against non-believers.

We caught the father of four, who The Sun revealed has claimed £25,000 a year in welfare, urging fanatics not to ignore “jihad and fighting”, and labelling David Cameron the devil.

It was just the latest example of Choudary being at the centre of terror plots — leading experts to demand why police are guilty of “a gross derogation of duty” by turning a blind eye towards him.

The Sun handed cops a detailed dossier of Choudary’s terrorist training methods after publication of our expose on February 17. We met detectives at their request on March 6 and handed over reams of paperwork and DVDs of secret recordings of the preacher’s rants.

On March 26 Thames Valley Police-based officers announced they would mount no case — saying the material we provided “fell below an evidential threshold”.


Until the PC shite stops we will continue to see these Islamic bast*rds continue their jihad on infidels.

Related: London Beheader’s Imam[Omar Bakri Mohammed..ed]: "When You Meet [Westerners], Slice their Own Necks

Terrorists are not born, they are made....

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2nd Woolwich Terrorist Is ID'd As Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale
Convert To Islam, Probation Officer's Son

drummer rigby.jpg
Drummer Rigby Image via ITV
Mujahid Adebolajo
Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale

Another graduate of Anjem Choudary/Omar Bakri Mohammed jihad school.

The second Muslim convert who allegedly executed Lee Rigby in Woolwich has been identified as Michael Adebowale, a probation officer’s son radicalised as a teenager, it emerged today.

The 22-year-old British citizen of Nigerian descent and Michael Adebolajo, 28, ran the soldier down with their car before ‘hacking, chopping and cutting’ at his body like ‘crazed animals’ screaming ‘Allah Akbar!’ – an Islamic phrase meaning ‘God is great’, witnesses said.

With Rigby’s body left in the street Adebolajo ranted on film: ‘You people will never be safe’ before the pair waited 14 minutes for armed police to arrive and were gunned down waving firearms, knives and a machete.

Both have been been arrested on suspicion of murder and remain in hospital in a stable condition with Scotland Yard waiting to interview them[...]

Details about the 22-year-old are still emerging, but it is understood he and his girlfriend, a fellow convert, were well known in south-east London for handing out extremist leaflets[...]

They had been considered “lone wolves”. But MI5 and Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism officers are trying to find out if they are part of a terror cell that could carry out further atrocities.

One of the killers was picked up by police last year as he tried to leave the country, apparently on his way to join al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab fighters in Somalia[...]

Somalian terrorists Al-Shabaab last night tweeted messages of sympathy for the Woolwich butchers.

[Read it all]

His "friend" speaks out

Big "shock" my arse.

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May 22, 2013

Man Beheaded in South London

Details are sketchy at this time but it appears the Sharia Patrols are on the job again.

A man wearing a Help for Heroes T-shirt has been hacked to death by two machete-wielding assailants in broad daylight in south-east London.

Image of 2nd attacker via LiveLeak & twitter[check out both links]

The two knifemen are understood to have been shot by armed police, although Scotland Yard will still only confirm officers had been called to reports of ‘an assault’ on John Wilson Street at around 2.20pm.

Eyewitness James Heneghan told LBC 97.3 he and his wife had witnessed two men hacking at a third man with two large kitchen knives.

‘We saw the whole incident,’ he said fighting back tears. ‘They were hacking at this poor guy, hacking him, chopping him.’

Mr Heneghan claimed one of the suspects had pointed a gun at his wife before they jumped back into his car and called the police.

He went on to claim that after the men had attacked the victim they dragged him into the middle of the street ‘like a piece of meat’.

A group of women then rushed to the victim to shield him from further attacks, Mr Heneghan continued, as the two knifemen stopped a passing bus and encouraged passengers to take pictures of them while they posed with their knives.

Reports are that the police shot the two murderers.

This eyewitness account.

Twitter user Boya Dee has claimed he witnessed the horrific attack.

He wrote: "Ohhhhh myyyy God!!!! I just see a man with his head chopped off right in front of my eyes!

"Mate ive seen alot of s*** im my time but that has to rank sumwhere in the top 3. I couldnt believe my eyes. That was some movie s***.'

"The two black bredas run this white guy over over then hop out the car and start chopping mans head off with machete!!

"People were asking whyyy whyyy they were just saying we've had enough! They looked like they were on sutn! Then they start waving a recolver

"Then thats how u know they were on sutn cos they actually went for armed feds with just two machete and an old rusty lookin revolver.

'"he first guy goes for the female fed with the machete...Then the next breda try buss off the rusty 45 and it just backfires and blows mans finger clean off..."

Here's a little background on Islamic terrorist activity in Woolwich area of South London.

Update: More images from the scene here.


Update II: This is horrific. Upsetting eyewitness account (AUDIO) by witness to the Woolwich beheading.

Thanks to Jester.

Update III: Attackers shouted Allahu Ackbar! Anjem Choudary totally confused as to why his peaceful fans would do such a thing. Anjem says cause is British troops in Muslim lands. Whereas the cause is actually Muslims in English lands. They need to go home and butcher each other rather than bring their Religion of Peace™ to our lands.

Update IV by SH: Perp looks like a Somali[longer video] or from Kenya and is a UK citizen. Only time will tell.

The perp in the video is named Micheal Adeboloja known by Muslim name Mujahid, those who know him say he is revert(converted to Islam from Christianity) and a natural born British citizen.

Update V: Micheal Adeboloja is confirmed and is of Nigerian descent.

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March 20, 2013

Duh! Syrian Rebels Often Murder Prisoners


Syrian rebels routinely kill captured soldiers and suspected regime informers, human rights monitors said Thursday, warning of mounting war crimes committed by those trying to topple President Bashar Assad.

Reports of rebel abuses come as the Syrian opposition appears to be gaining momentum in a 2-year-old conflict that, according to the U.N., has killed more than 70,000 people.

While we often her in the press about these types of murders, yes killing POW's with no formal trial is murder, we seldom really know what that means. Its very similar to what happened in Iraq as al-Qaeda's fighters moved to take part in that conflict. Its horrid

To find out what its really like watch the vidoe below the fold. My advice don't watch the video below the fold. Just don't.

If you are under 18 or have a weak stomach, or don't believe that, you know, there is such a thing as an Islamic Savage just don't watch it.

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January 11, 2013

This is Sharia

Sharia is like when you have your slave nanny beheaded.


Rizana Nafeek was a child herself -- 17 years old, according to her birth certificate -- when a four-month-old baby died in her care in Saudi Arabia. She had migrated from Sri Lanka only weeks earlier to be a domestic worker for a Saudi family.

Although Rizana said the baby died in a choking accident, Saudi courts convicted her of murder and sentenced her to death. On Wednesday, the Saudi government carried out the sentence in a gruesome fashion, by beheading Rizana.

But the Neocommies at CNN talk about about the need for better laws to protect workers rather than the absolute barbarity and injustice of Islamic Sharia law because if they did, then someone might want to implement a little absolute barbarity and injustice on them.

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December 10, 2012

Horror Video: Syrian Child Beheads Pro-Assad Prisoners

I thought since the death of Mullah Dadullah, a Taliban leader who often used children to do the beheading for him, that I'd never ever see this again.

Sadly I was wrong.

UPDATE by Rusty: Full video & screencaps below. STRONGEST POSSIBLE CONTENT WARNING.

The video shows at least two people being murdered through beheading. A portion of the video shows what is clearly a child or very young man participating.

If the video really is what it claims to be, let me note that this would be evidence of a true war crime. People are being murdered. And the people doing the murdering are proud of it. They made this video. They are proud of their deeds.

But I'll also note that there's no way to confirm who these guys are who are doing the beheading or who the victims are. It purports to be a video made by the Syrian opposition but it is being circulated by pro-Assad forces as evidence that those they are fighting are terrorists.

In the past, we've seen several videos posted by pro-Assad forces making similar claims which were obviously fake.

I'm not saying these gruesome murders were staged, it's just that when you're dealing with al Qaeda sympathizers on the one side and with a Baathist dictatorship on the other, then the normal rules don't apply. Both sides suck.

Video below. I only post these kinds of videos to show you the reality of the kind of people who are fighting today in Syria.





Vidcap 1: Syrian child beheads captive

Vidcap 2: Victim's head on display by barbarians

Vidcap 3: Bodies of two victims on display by terrorists

Vidcap 4: Mutilated body of beheading victim proudly displayed

Previous:Taliban Child Beheading Uncensored Video Frames *Bumped*

Hat Tip: Partisangirl.

UPDATE: We've tracked down what appears to be the original source of the video to "Syria Tube", which appears to be an official YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter page of the Assad regime.


The question remains: where did they get it? If this was a jihadi video, then you'd expect it to be all over the forums. I haven't seen it.

Update by Howie: I'd just like to add the thought that most of the video's being exchanged in Syria are probably via smart phone networks and not the internet per se. The regime obviously is capable of monitoring these networks. *Its Jihad 4G if you will.


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November 28, 2012

Afghan Teen Beheaded For Refusing Marriage Proposal


Afghan police have arrested two men accused of beheading a teenage girl with a knife in northern Kunduz province, officials say.

Prior to the attack, the girl's father had rejected a marriage proposal for his daughter.

"Our investigation shows those who killed her were people who wanted to marry her," police told the BBC.

F'n savages should be castrated with a nail file.

h/t Blazing Cat Fur


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October 09, 2012

al-Qaeda Arabian Peninsula Beheads Three Muslims


Al Qaeda militants have beheaded three Yemeni men in the provincial city of Maarib after accusing them of spying on their operations, a tribal source close to Islamist militants said on Tuesday.

The headless bodies of three men who formerly cooperated with al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) were found at dawn dumped in the streets of the provincial capital east of Sanaa, the source said. He described the executions as a message to tribes not to work against al Qaeda.

The men had been accused of planting tracking devices and providing Yemeni and U.S. intelligence with information which led to the killing of several al Qaeda members.

Apparently al-Qaeda is upset over this story.
The national intelligence agency PET was directly involved in the hunt for one of the world's most wanted terrorist leaders – al-Qaeda's Anwar al-Awlaki – before he was killed in a US drone attack in September of last year.


Morten Storm, a 36-year-old PET agent working with the CIA, told Jyllands-Posten newspaper that he infiltrated al-Awlaki’s inner circle and was responsible for the series of events that led to the al-Qaeda leader’s demise.

“I helped the CIA and PET track Anwar so the Americans could send a drone after him,” Storm told Jyllands-Posten. “That was the plan, which was created by the CIA and PET.”

So now they are just killing random people who use the internet and have thumb drives because they are unable to get Murad Storm.

Hat Tip and thanks to WebRadius.

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May 26, 2012

Lawyers Suspect Kenyan Police in Terror Abduction

So, what's the problem?

Human rights officials accused the Kenyan police Friday of eliminating suspected terrorists after armed men dragged a terror suspect out of a car. He was the third terror suspect to be abducted since April.

Lawyer Mbugua Mureithi said Sylvester Opiyo, also known as Musa Osodo, is the "usual suspect" in terror-related investigations. Opiyo was abducted by armed men Wednesday after the car he was traveling in with five other people broke down in western Kenya, Mureithi said. Police have denied they are holding him.

"When the police begin to say we are not holding that person, that is a very dangerous sign . People are never seen again when police say they don't know where the suspects are," Mureithi said[..]

Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe said Friday the allegation that police are responsible for executions and abductions "is the work of fiction."

The three abductions are not the first time Kenyan police have been accused of extra-judicial actions against security threats. In 2007 the government-funded Kenya National Commission For Human Rights documented the executions and forced disappearances of more than 500 youths associated with a gang known for beheading its victims and running extortion rackets.

Police say Opiyo is one of hundreds of Kenyan youths who are sympathetic to the Somali militant group al-Shabab, which has vowed to attack Kenya in retaliation for its troop deployment.

Shame on the Kenyan police if this is true!

I fibbed on that last part. I don't like the African Taliban and their sympathizers, especially when they behead people. Missing could mean the African Taliban has them or something or dead. Yeah, dead is good.

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April 11, 2012

al-Qaeda Beheads Woman in Yemen

Nasser Arrabyee:

Al Qaeda beheaded a woman for not being a good Muslim in the south eastern town of Rada'a, said local sources on Wednesday.

Al Qaeda fighters stormed the house of Mrs AlSharifa Amer, in Bani Zeyad, Rada'a, and slaughtered her and took the head and hang it in front of the house of Mohammed Mohammed Al Awbali. Mrs Amer is locally known as a popular doctor who treats sick people by herbs .

The sources said that Al Qaeda considered the woman as an enemy of Allah for being a "trickster".

I would like to say this is a rare public murder by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, but its not especially of late.

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December 10, 2011

Inevetable: Fake bin Laden Death Video Making Rounds

Someone sent me a video making the internet rounds and currently posted at the snuff video site Documenting Reality and labeled "UBL Death Video" purporting to show the dead body of Osama bin Laden.

It's a fake.

Unless you are under the impressionNavy Seals or maybe the autopsy team on board the aircraft carrier where bin Laden's body was taken speak Arabic to each other and can't resist chanting allahu akbar, then I'm not sure how people are getting suckered in by this one.

It's a common practice for hoaxers to take previously circulating video and then just relabel them. Just two weeks ago I noted that a video an old al Qaeda beheading video was making the rounds relabeled as they Syrian regime murdering protesters.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:18 AM | Comments |

November 01, 2011

Saudis Behead Man for Sorcery

The story and the video is here at Weasel Zippers.

7th-century punishment in a 21st-century world.
If you think what the Saudis do to prisoners being executed is brutal savagery, you should see how less organized Muslim terrorists do it.

By Howie at 10:14 AM | Comments |

October 05, 2011

Police Capture Beheading Murderer in Philippines, American Hostage Released

I hope they have the death penalty in the Philippines:

Philippine police have arrested an Abu Sayyaf gunman who allegedly helped behead seven Filipino workers while singing a militant song in a grisly 2007 crime, officials said Wednesday....

Mawalil appeared in a video circulated by Abu Sayyaf militants showing them beheading six road project workers and a factory worker while singing a song in a Jolo jungle in 2007. The video helped authorities identify and capture Mawalil in Sulu province's Jolo town, two security officials said.

In related news the same group released an American hostage a few days ago:
Muslim militants freed a Filipino-American woman after 2 1/2 months in captivity in the southern Philippines but are still holding her 14-year-old son and a relative, authorities said Monday.

Gerfa Yeatts Lunsmann was dropped off by boat late Sunday at a wharf and walked to nearby Maluso township on southern Basilan Island, where a patrolling police team picked her up, said military spokesman Lt. Col. Randolph Cabangbang. She was handed over to FBI agents in the Philippines.

Keep those members of her family still in captivity in your prayers.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:18 PM | Comments |

September 27, 2011

Syrian Activist Murdered, Sister Beheaded Mutilated

Assad is a butcher.

Zainab Alhusni was a simple seamstress in Syria, well-loved by all her neighbors and friends. Now, in a tragic turn of events, she has become a symbol of the cruelty gripping that conflict-wracked nation.

Her older brother, Mohammed, became a well-known activist in the family's hometown of Homs in western Syria, often leading the demonstrations against embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and treating the wounded.

On September 10, the family says, Mohammed was wounded in a demonstration. He came back to his loved ones a corpse. The family believes he was tortured to death.
In a statement posted to YouTube, another brother, Yousif Alhusni, describes multiple gunshot wounds to Mohammed's chest and a single shot through his mouth.

"His arms were broken and there were cigarette burns to his face," he adds.
The family went to collect Mohammed's body from a hospital when doctors told them another unclaimed body with the label "Zainab Alhusni" had been kept in the morgue's freezer for some time.

When the family received the body, her head and arms had been chopped off. Chunks of her flesh were charred, appearing in places to have been melted or burned down to the bone.

The videos are below the fold. Extremely graphic.

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May 14, 2011

Man Who Beheaded Woman Claimed to be Prophet from God?

I've been watching this tragic story of the beheading of a woman on the Canary Islands.

First reports were that the attack was out of the blue and that there was no motive for the attack. Today we have more details. The man had been harassing the woman for some time prior to her murder, she sought police protection, they moved the man along.

And also he claimed to be a "prophet from God."

The British woman beheaded in a supermarket on the Spanish island of Tenerife was named as it emerged that she had complained of being harassed moments before she was attacked. Jennifer Mills-Westley, 60, from Norwich, was killed on Friday in a frenzied and unprovoked knife attack in the town of Arona, part of the Los Cristianos beach resort.

The attack began in a supermarket. Witnesses say the assailant grabbed a knife from inside a shop and stabbed the dead woman at least 14 times. He then decapitated her, carrying the severed head out into the street claiming to be "a prophet from God".

Local media reported that he left the supermarket shouting: "I am God's avenger and I come to mete out justice."

Now how would someone get a silly idea like God wants me to behead people from?

I'm stumped.

I've been wondering if there was any connection to Islam or just a sick mind demented by death porn, you know the kind that terrorist groups post to the internet. There is a second group of sick bastages that don't watch that stuff for any reason other than they get off, twisted on the stuff.

We'll continue to watch the story to see if there is any connection. If anyone has more information on the perp please email us.

By Howie at 09:19 PM | Comments |