April 04, 2015

Zawahiri's Failure is Complete

Sources within Ahrar al-Sham stated that their allies in Jabhat al-Nusra have told them that AQ leader Ayman al-Zawahiri will relinquish his authority – or what left of it – over AQ branches globally and absolve them of their allegiance to him. The move was in response to the rising power of Islamic State in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya and Nigeria as well as new IS incursion into Yemen. AQ and Zawahiri can no longer offer any meaningful leadership...

Flatting Jawa Report File Image of Zawahiri

...AQ is no longer an asset when it come to local conflicts in Syria and Yemen, instead it is a hindrance and a liability.

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November 06, 2013

AQIM Proudly Murders 2 French Journalists

Let me point out that it is al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) themselves claiming they murdered the two journalists. They're proud of it:

A website frequently used by jihadists published a statement from al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in which it claims responsibility for the slaying of two French radio journalists who were kidnapped and killed just outside the northern Malian city of Kidal last Saturday....

The statement said: "The organization considers that this is the least of the price which President Francois Hollande and his people will pay for their new crusade."

Thanks to @DaveedGR

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April 30, 2013

French Forces Arrest French Jihadist Gilles Le Guen (aka Abdel Jelil) In Northern Mali

France 24

French jihadist Gilles Le Guen, suspected of taking part in the attack on the Algerian gas plant in January, was arrested by French forces a few days ago in northern Mali, a French military spokesman reported on Tuesday.

The attack on Algeria's In Amenas gas plant saw 38 hostages and 29 assailants killed over a four-day period.

French Col. Thierry Burkhard said Tuesday that Gilles Le Guen was arrested this week north of Timbuktu, the fabled city which had been his base for some two years.[More..]

The article further noted, in a video posted last year, he said he is married with three kids and converted to Islam in 1980

Talk with the community or by a ▶ ▶ ▶ "Like" or ▶ ▶ ▶ "I do not like", comment and Subscribe to my YouTube channel ▶ ▶ ▶ http://bit.ly/NZcJvw (10 October 2012) The man who calls himself Abdel Jelil and affirms French support international jihad, called Francois Hollande to stop any intervention in the Sahel, the risk of causing a humanitarian catastrophe.

h/t @El_Grillo1

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April 23, 2013

Spain Arrests 2 Men Suspected Of Links To Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)

Nou Mediouni age 23 & Hassan El Jaaouani age 52

Apparently the two were like the Boston Bombers, but weren't like the Boston Bombers because they weren't brothers or from the Caucasus.

Strange explanation of how they were like but not like the Boston Bombers.

The perps were radicalized on the net

Madrid (CNN) -- Spanish police arrested two suspected terrorists with apparent links to an al Qaeda-affiliated group Tuesday but said they had no indication of an imminent attack.

The Interior Ministry identified the suspects as Nou Mediouni, from Algeria, who was arrested in the north-central city of Zaragoza, and Hassan El Jaaouani, from Morocco, who was detained in the southeastern city of Murcia.

Spanish police worked with their counterparts in France and Morocco to carry out the latest arrests, the Interior Ministry statement said.

The statement said the two suspects have a "profile" that is similar to the two suspects in the Boston Marathon attacks.

However, that similarity is based only on how the two suspects in Spain were "radicalized," by going to online forums and chat rooms, and also in the suspects' alleged interest in pulling from the Internet information on bomb-making[Samir Khan's "Directions on How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom" from AQAP's Inspire magazine. ..ed], said an Interior Ministry spokesman, who by custom is not identified.

The pair, who are from different countries, are not brothers and, unlike the two suspects in the Boston Marathon attacks, have no roots in the Caucasus region, he said.

The two are suspected members of a radical cell close to the terrorist organization al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, the Interior Ministry said.

Became radicalized on the net?

Who woulda thunk.

Update: Googlish

Mediouni[L. above] was regular user of an online forum from which responsible for Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) with which allegedly is linked, recruited people with more radical profiles.

Meanwhile, Jaaouani, 52, was linked with common criminals and now no job.

Like Mediouni, this alleged member of AQIM have been involved with the same responsible for the terrorist organization located in Mali and in charge of recruiting Islamic terrorists in Spain.

came to contact, explains Interior, with one of the people directly related to the kidnapping and murder of two French citizens in January 2011.

If anyone is interested, AQIM's mouthpiece is also on twitter: @Andalus_Media. Apparently the media head had a "news conference' aka Q & A thingy. You can read the questions/answers here[PDF].

Became radicalized on the net.

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March 24, 2013

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) Replaces Sploded Leader Abou Zeid With Yahya Abu Hammam aka Jemal Okacha

Zeid pre-sploded

Okacha soon? to be sploded, Allah willing

[Zeid image credit: The Daily Star]
[Okacha image credit: Bill Roggio]

Okacha was put on the US list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists in Feb of this year. So he is no stranger to the US although it took them long enough to put him on the list.

ALGIERS (Reuters) - Algerian Djamel Okacha has replaced Abdelhamid Abou Zeid as leader of al Qaeda-linked group AQIM in the Sahara region, Algerian Ennahar TV said on Sunday.

Abou Zeid was killed by Chadian soldiers in northern Mali a few weeks ago.

Okacha, also known as Yahia Abu El Hamam, joined AQIM northern Mali in 2004, a security source with knowledge of AQIM told Reuters.

"He was present at the attack against a military barracks in Mauritania in 2005, and he was also present in the killing of an American in 2009,"

the source said, referring to aid worker Christopher Leggett.[More]
A member of Okacha's AQIM group who murdered Leggett was given the death penalty in March of 2011
The [Mauritanian] court handed Mohamed Abdallahi Ould Ahmednah the death penalty for murdering the 39-year-old American. Sidi Mohamed Ould Bezeid was jailed for 12 years and Mahmoud Ould Khouna for three years, both for complicity.
Time to send Okacha to splodey status me thinks.

BTW, France confirmed the death yesterday of Zeid so this development confirms the above.

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March 02, 2013

Head of Chadian Army Claims Troops Killed Moktar Belmoktar

Jihadi Hearted One eyed bitch 'Mr Marlboro' For Attack On Gas Plant

If this report is true F*ck Yeah!

The head of Chad's military has announced on state television that Chadian troops deployed in northern Mali killed Moktar Belmoktar, the international terrorist responsible for the attack on a natural gas plant in Algeria that resulted in the death of dozens of foreigners. The French military, which is leading the offensive in northern Mali, says it cannot confirm the information.


Yesterday, Rusty posted that the French commandos eliminated Abou Zeid, one of AQIM top commanders .

As usual, 48hr rule on the one eyed al-Qaeda bitch.

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March 01, 2013

AQIM Commander Killed in Mali

Two posts in a row where the French take on terrorists? I blame the sequester.

If anyone deserved to die, it was Abou Zeid:

ne of al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb’s top commanders was killed by French ground forces at the foothills of the Adrar des Ifoghas, a region in Mali’s extreme Northwest, where other top AQIM leadership and numerous French hostages are believed to be located...

Abou Zeid himself was one of AQIMs top three commanders and the unofficial governor of Timbuktu before it’s liberation at the hands of French and Malian forces last month. Zeid was also known by experts as the organization’s most radical and violent leader opposed to the more “fight and plunder” mentality of the other remaining commanders, Mokhtar Belmokhtar and Abu Musab Abdel Wadoud. (Yes, you two are next, in case you were wondering.)

France is killing hostage takers rather than paying them off? I need to wake up.

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February 12, 2013

You Keep Using that word "Freedom". I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Here's the English translation of Dr. Eyad Qunaibi's speech outlining why the al Qaeda affiliated Islamist rebels who recently had their asses handed to them by the French are really fighting for .... wait for it ..... FREEDOM.

You know, the "freedom" to burn books. The "freedom" to kill apostates. The "freedom" to force women to cover their faces. FREEDOM.

The video is titled "Mali and the troch (sic) of freedom".

Naturally, it's hosted on Google's YouTube. I've embedded it below if you're interested what the enemies of liberty are saying.

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February 11, 2013

Book: Benghazi Was Part of Larger War Against AQIM

I haven't yet read the new book by Jack Murphy and Brandon Webb, Benghazi: The Definitive Report, but I plan to. I'm reading reviews of the book by the New York Post and The Daily Mail both of which suggest that Ambassador Chris Stevens wasn't in the loop about a low level JSOC war against Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb's (AQIM's) Libyan affiliate. The gist being that his murder was in retaliation for the assassination of several AQIM leaders:

The central premise of 'Benghazi: The Definitive Report' is that the attacks were precipitated by secret raids JSOC had performed in Libya. An attack on the Islamist group Ansar al-Sharia days before September 11 may have been the final straw.

Heavily-armed militants with Ansar al-Sharia attacked the consulate on September 11 as retaliation, the book claims. Ambassador Chris Stevens and Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith died of smoke inhalation when insurgents set fire to the consulate.

After the raid, the militants launched a second attack against a CIA annex across town. It was there that CIA security contractors Ty Woods and Glen Doherty - both former U.S. Navy SEALs - were killed when their position took a direct hit from an enemy mortar....

Webb and Murphy claim that the 'inside' story of the attack - as told by their connections in the CIA and special operations units of the military - show that Brennan never warned the CIA or Stevens about ongoing U.S. military operations in the country.

Had the State Department and the intelligence community known about what was happening, they would have stepped up security in Benghazi and could have prevented the tragedy.

Has anyone read the book? If so, are the reviews cited above an accurate portrayal of the book's central thesis? Also, how believable is the evidence they author's present?

Thanks to Laura

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January 28, 2013

There's a Joke in Here: "Al Qaeda Retreating from French ADVANCE"

Though, I still haven't thought of a good punchline:

French air strikes destroyed the home of the leader of an Al-Qaeda-linked group in northern Mali as French-led forces advanced Sunday on the Islamist stronghold of Timbuktu.


The overnight strikes in Kidal came 24 hours after French-led troops seized Gao, the most populated town in Mali's Islamist-controlled arid north, which is roughly the size of Texas.

How sorry is your insurgency when the French are kicking your ass?

Update by Howie: Standard Yoda schtik added.

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January 16, 2013

Taliban Spokesman @zabihmujahid Weighs In On What's Happening To Their Buds In Mali


h/t @azelin

@zabihmujahid uses 'TwenthIt'

Much like how al-Shabaab uses TwitLonger cuz http://alemarahnews.com/ is not available, thanks to the Jawa Report.

Sadly, thanks to dhimmi providers, http://shahamat-english.com is available, again

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Al Qaeda Linked Group From Mali Claim They Are Holding 7 Americans, Among Others..
After Taking Control Of Algerian Gas Field(Update)

The group said the attack was in revenge for Algeria's support of France's operation against Al Qaeda-linked Malian rebels groups far to the southeast

A group called the Katibat Moulathamine, or the Masked Brigade, called a Mauritanian news outlet to say one of its subsidiaries had carried out the operation on the Ain Amenas gas field, taking 41 hostages from nine or 10 different nationalities.

The group's claim could not be independently substantiated and typically there would be fewer than 20 foreign staff members on site on a typical day, along with hundreds of Algerian employees[...]

In a statement BP said the site was "attacked and occupied by a group of unidentified armed people," and some of its personnel are believed to be "held by the occupiers."

The number and identities of the hostages was still unclear, but Ireland announced that a 36-year-old married Irish man was among them, while Japan and Britain said their citizens were involved as well. A Norwegian woman said her husband called her saying he had been taken hostage.

In addition to the two foreigners killed -- one of them a Briton -- six others were wounded in the attack, including two foreigners, two police officers and two security agents, Algeria's state news agency reported.

[Continue reading]

Lovely, just damned lovely.

Update: US officials have confirmed at least 3 or maybe more US citizens are being held hostage by a al-Qaeda terror group run by a one eyed bitch

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January 12, 2013

French President Raises Terror Threat Level

After Mali & Somalia military action

The French president says the country will raise its domestic terror threat level after military action in Mali and Somalia, promising to increase protection at public buildings and transportation networks.

President Francois Hollande said Saturday he had ordered increased security after the French military operations in the two African countries against Islamist forces.

France has some of the world's most recognizable monuments and a wide-ranging national transportation network; like the U.S., it also has an organized government response if there are specific fears of a terrorist attack.

French aircraft and troops are backing soldiers in Mali who are trying to push back Islamist offensives; in Somalia, French commandos launched a failed raid to rescue an intelligence agent held hostage there for three years.[...]

For the past nine months, the Islamic militants have controlled a large swath of northern Mali, a lawless desert region where kidnapping has flourished.

"French armed forces supported Malian units this afternoon to fight against terrorist elements," Hollande said in Paris.

He did not give any details of the operation, other than to say that it was aimed in part at protecting the 6,000 French citizens in Mali, where seven of them already are being held captive.


In November of last year Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb's (AQIM) leader Abu Musab Abdel Wadoud was interviewed by Terror TV's Al-Jazeera. He stated "French intervention in Mali will seal the fate of their hostages". Surprisingly, for France, they ignored the propaganda.

Somalia: French Soldier Killed In Failed Hostage Rescue
Islamist Groups Present In Northern Mali[A good breakdown of the 4 terror groups]

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December 03, 2012

Good News: Top AQIM Commander Quits
Bad News: Thinks AQIM's Vision of Islamic State in Northwest Africa Too Limited

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb's goals of a unified Islamic state throughout Nortwest Africa is .... too small? WaPo:

“It’s true,” said Hamaha. “It’s so that we can better operate in the field that we have left this group which is tied to the ‘Maghreb’ appellation. We want to enlarge our zone of operation throughout the entire Sahara, going from Niger through to Chad and Burkina Faso.

Hamaha said, however, that while he and Belmoktar have left the North African branch, they remain under the orders of al-Qaida central.:

I guess by "al Qaeda on the run" President Obama means that they're running faster.


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November 05, 2012

Morocco: 'Terror Cell' Busted

Daily Star

RABAT: Morocco said on Monday it has arrested eight people suspected of plotting attacks against strategic sites, less than a week after the kingdom announced it had dismantled a "terrorist" cell.

The latest arrests targeted a group called Ansar al-Sharia in the Islamic Maghreb, dismantling the cell whose eight members planned to "commit acts of sabotage against strategic sites," said an interior ministry statement.

The cell's targets included "sensitive buildings, security headquarters and tourist sites in several Moroccan cities," it added.

The suspects "were developing contacts with terrorist groups linked to Al-Qaeda," whose North African franchise[AQIM..ed] is active in the Sahel region and in northern Mali, the statement said.[More...]

Libyan Ansar al-Shariah[Partisans of Islamic Law] is responsible for the attack on the Benghazi compound and bragged to AQIM about it.

No bronco bamma, al-Qaeda is not on it's heels.

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June 20, 2012

Good News: Libyan Weapons Falling into hands of al Qaeda

I'd do a sarcastic "hooray Arab Spring!!!" post, but the truth of the matter is that Ghaddafi had American blood on his hands and I really don't care who put the bullet in his skull.

Just remember that in international politics no one has friends, only allies. And allies, by definition, are those with mutual interests.

So, pointing out that that the weapons of what used to be the Libyan Army are now falling into the hands of al Qaeda should not be misinterpreted as regret that Ghaddafi is now teets up, six feet under.

No, stories like this just confirm what we've all known for so very long, but very few are brave enough to admit: the Muslim world is one f*cked up place:

"The breakdown of security in Libya has generated a significant flow of militants and weapons and has decreased legitimate cross-border traffic at a time of great economic fragility and turbulence," said Dory, the deputy assistant secretary of defense on African affairs.

Many of those weapons, the Pentagon fears, are ending up with al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) the branch of the terrorist network in North Africa, especially in Mali, which in recent months has seen a coup and a separatist effort.

Thanks to Howie.

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May 31, 2012

Nigeria: Abducted German Engineer Killed by AQIM in Failed Rescue Attempt (Updated)

Details of the rescue attempt are still sketchy, Edgar Fritz Raupach was abducted in January by al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghrab aka AQIM (kidnapping is their modis operandi). Last month, these terrorists released this video showing Mr Raupach pleading for his life:

Via BBC.

A German engineer abducted in January by gunmen in northern Nigeria has been killed during a failed rescue bid, security sources say.

Edgar Fritz Raupach was seized in the city of Kano.

In March, a British and an Italian hostage were also killed during a similar attempt to free them by British and Nigerian forces.

The latest developments came as the authorities said an Italian engineer had been kidnapped western Nigeria.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.

May these terrorists be sploded, soon

Video: Save My Life: Message From Edgar Fritz Raupach Prisoner Of Al-Qaeda

Update: According to this it wasn't a rescue attempt, the bast**ds stabbed him to death thinking it was a rescue attempt:

KANO, Nigeria (AP) — Kidnappers stabbed a captive German engineer to death Thursday as soldiers unaware of the hostage's presence raided a home in northern Nigeria, officials said, five months after his abduction by proclaimed al-Qaida-linked terrorists.

The killing of Edgar Fritz Raupach came as authorities acknowledged the kidnapping of an Italian working for a construction company, part of an increasing number of abductions targeting expatriates working in Nigeria's north and central regions.

Soldiers launched a raid Thursday morning in Kano, the northern city where gunmen abducted Raupach on Jan. 26 following a major terrorist attack there that killed at least 185 people. The mission targeted a home that soldiers suspected held "an ongoing meeting of senior commanders of the terrorist element," military spokesman Lt. Iweah Ikedichi said in a statement.

Like I said, bast**ds.

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April 20, 2012

AQIM Set to Claim Victory in Prisoner Swap for Prisoner Who Was Already Set to be Released

A prominent jihadi on twitter claims that a woman convicted in Germnany of helping the al Qaeda linked Islamic Jihad Union is being released. German news sources confirm the report.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) had demanded the release of Filiz Gelowicz, who goes by the jihadi name Umm Sayfullah al-Ansari , in exchange for the release of hostage Edgar Fritz Raupach. This is from the message released from AQIM:

We demand that you release the sister ‘Umm Sayf Allah Al-Ansariya’ from prison and compensate her financially for the damages she faced due to your injustices, and award her the freedom whether to stay [in Germany] or receive political asylum in a country that protects her rights and dignity. And in exchange for that we will release your citizen.
Umm Sayfullah was part of the Saurland Group which planned to blow up US bases in Germany. Her husband had gone to Pakisstan to receive terror training from the IJU.

AQIM only made those demands last month. But the deal is she was set to be freed on parole this month anyway.

In other words, they demanded the release of a prisoner who was already set to be released.

For once, it looks like this "prisoner swap" might actually work out to our advantage.

Thanks to Aaron Zelin for clarifying that for me.

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April 04, 2012

Video: Save My Life: Message From Edgar Fritz Raupach Prisoner Of Al-Qaeda

He was kidnapped in January of this year by AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb)[sorry bout that] Kidnapping is their modis operandi. The video, with a message of their demands, is posted on the jihadi forums [yes, they are back up, hence the statement repeat]

...."This is a special message to the old lady of Germany [Chancellor Angela] Merkel... you should learn from what happened in France,"
Full statement posted below fold:

Let's hope he is released unharmed, negotiating with terrorists is a no win situation..

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

أطلقوا سراح"أم سيف الله الأنصارية" نطلق لكم أسيركم
ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــــTo the German Government:
Release ‘Umm Sayf Allah Al-Ansariya,’ We’ll Release Your Prisonerـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــــ

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate

Praise God that said: And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah and of tho se who, being weak, are illtreated. Men, women, and children, whose cry is "Our Lord! rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from Thee One who will protect; and raise for us from Thee one who will help", and prayer and peace upon our master Muhammad and upon his pure family and companions, and thereafter:

We heard about the tragedy that the oppressed Muslim sister ‘Umm Sayf Allah Al-Ansariya’ (Phyllis Loftis) is living in the prisons of the Crusader Germany, and we were saddened, just as every free Muslim was saddened, by the confirmed news that mentioned her facing a very bad treatment, such as forcing her to take off her Hijab and humiliating her dignity with insults and beating, and forbidding her from the basic rights. And these are numerous injustices the country that claims to respect human rights is practicing against a weakened woman whose only crime is that she supported the just affairs of her Muslim Ummah.

And we, from the base of supporting the weakened Muslims in earth’s east and west, and in seeking to defend the oppressed, inform the country of Germany the following:

One. We inform you that your citizen ‘Edgar Fritz Raupach’ is held captive by the Mujahideen of Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb.

Two. We demand that you release the sister ‘Umm Sayf Allah Al-Ansariya’ from prison and compensate her financially for the damages she faced due to your injustices, and award her the freedom whether to stay [in Germany] or receive political asylum in a country that protects her rights and dignity. And in exchange for that we will release your citizen.

Three. We warn you that the correct course of the negotiations file over this prisoner requires speed from you and not avoid preservation of his life. Also on this occasion, you should learn from the recent lesson taught to Britain by the Mujahideen…as the disingenuous act of her government and the wrong course of the negotiations file caused the death of the British and Italian captives.

Four. We have attached along with this statement a video-recorded outcry by your prisoner in which he demands you to preserve his life.

And in the end, we call upon the family and friends of the hostage, and the German public opinion, to mobilize quickly and pressure the German government to force it to end the suffering of the oppressed Muslim sister, whose release would be the only guarantee to preserve the life of your prisoner and his free return to you.
(Translated by Al-Akh القرطاص, from Al-Fidaa Network )

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March 26, 2012

al-Qaeda's Presence in the New Libya

Combating Terrorism Center at West Point:

Since the uprising against Qadhafi began in February 2011, Libya has become a source of attention for jihadists and grave concern among regional and Western leaders. There are clear signs of jihadist efforts to infiltrate Libya, and even signs of some possible success for al-Qa`ida in establishing a limited presence in Libya. Security officials must be vigilant for signs of support for al-Qa`ida among Libyan militias and further expansion of the group’s reach, especially evidence of training and indoctrination of Libyans by al-Qa`ida-linked figures.

It appears that AQIM in particular has chosen to profit from the Libyan unrest by seizing weapons, but have remained ensconced in safe havens in northern Mali and Algeria. The same cannot be definitively said for other al-Qa`ida-linked figures, who are accustomed to operating clandestinely when setting up funding and operational networks and may be doing the same in Libya. Given al-Qa`ida’s expressed interest in the country and the key role Libyan militants have historically played in the organization, this concern cannot be easily dismissed.

Read the rest.

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January 24, 2012

al-Qaeda Plot Against US Ships Fails


Algerian security foiled a terrorist al-Qaeda plot to carry out suicidal attacks on U.S. and European ships in the Mediterranean from the eastern costs of Algeria.

The aborted plan, which was to be implemented by al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb, aimed at destabilizing Algerian national economy as well as attracting expansive media coverage, sources told the Algerian newspaper Echorouk.

According to the sources, a cell working under the leadership of the spokesman of al-Qaeda’s wing in the Maghreb Qassemi Salah al-Din, also known as Mohamed Abu Salah, is behind he plot.

The cell, sources add, purchased a boat with a powerful engine and was planning to load it with explosives. A suicidal operative was to sail with the boat towards the targeted foreign ships. The terrorist who was to carry out the operation was granted the right to choose the target.

But that's not all. The plotters were all active on various Jihadi forums and websites.
The cell involved in the plot was made up of three members — H. Rabeh, T. Belal, and M. Tarek — who all hail from the city of Annaba in northeastern Algeria.

Investigations revealed that the three cell members used to frequent internet cafes and browse Jihadist websites and used fake names. After arousing suspicion with their strange behavior, electronic crime authorities started tracking them down.

According to the investigations, members of the now disbanded cell were originally recruited by now detained terrorist A. Soufian, also known as Abu Muslim al-Jazaeiri and who also hails from Annaba.

Soufian was in touch with terrorist Daghdagh Ahmed, also known as Abdel Illah, the head of the political and foreign relations committee in al-Qaeda.

Based on the detainees’ confessions, Soufian is trusted in all Jihadist forums for the inciting articles he posts on websites popular among Jihadists especial Menbar al-Tawhid and al-Jihad, run by Abu Mohamed al-Maqdissi, one of the most prominent jihadists known for inciting terrorist activists.

Now is the time at Jawa when we dance.

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January 12, 2012

AQIM Threatens to Murder Hostages

I don't believe we should desecrate the bodies of any one, not even Taliban scumbags. The guy responsible should have his weekend pass revoked, or maybe busted down a stripe. But let's put this into perspective, while the world is outraged today over the alleged incident how much front page coverage is this going to get?

Al Qaeda's North African wing said it will kill its European hostages if France and its allies attack its bases in northern Mali, according to a statement carried by Mauritania's ANI news agency on Thursday.
Yeah, pissing on a dead terrorist is bad form, but murdering civilian hostages is a war crime.

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December 12, 2011

Mauritania: Don't Pay Ransom for Hostages

It's almost as if you reward a behavior with money that that behavior will not only continue but get worse:

Mauritania on Sunday urged that no ransom be paid for European hostages held in the Sahel region by Al-Qaeda's North African wing, at a meeting of European and African defence ministers.

Twelve Europeans, six of them French, are now being held hostage in the arid and poor region south of the Sahara by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and by a breakaway faction of the militant group.

"I ask everyone to work to dry up the sources of terrorism and to push the kidnappers into a corner by not paying ransom," said Mauritania's defence minister, Ahmedou Ould Ideye, at the opening of the meeting.

France replied by saying it would keep all avenues of returning the hostages open, and then quickly surrendered.

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November 09, 2011

Sweet: AQIM Says It Has Some of Libya's Missing Weapons

This is unsurprising, yet still bad news:

"We have been one of the main beneficiaries of the revolutions in the Arab world," said [AQIM leader] Belmokhtar, an Algerian national.

"As for our acquisition of Libyan armament, that is an absolutely natural thing," he said, without elaborating on the nature of the weapons purportedly acquired.

It's not good, but I'll note that neither was the status quo with Gadhaffi in charge of an oil wealthy nation with lots of weapons at his disposal. State sponsors of terror, like Gadhaffi, are much more dangerous to US interests than groups like AQIM.

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November 01, 2011

Good News: New Libyan "Government" Posts al Qaeda Video

Img. credit: Aaron Zelin

I haven't spoken much about the uprising in Libya because, frankly, any one who wanted to kill Gadhafi -- friend or foe -- is someone I'm not going to be too critical of before the deed is done. Moreover, the idea that Islamists wouldn't be part of any coalition opposed to Gadhafi is unimaginable. But being part of a coalition speaks little about an overall movement.

So, it's not that I have been skeptical of reports that al Qaeda sympathizers were in the midst of those opposed to the Libyan regime -- clearly, they are -- it's just that I didn't think that this was necessarily an indication that the whole movement was tainted.

But this report over at al-Wasat is pretty disturbing:

the admin of the official Facebook page of the Libyan uprising (17 February Intifada) posted AQIM’s most recent video message from Shaykh al-Hasan Rashid al-Bulaydi. This is no doubt a worrying sign.
Indeed. And combined with that old al Qaeda in Iraq flag being flown in parts of Libya then I think it's time to worry.

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October 06, 2011

Algeria: Eight al-Qaeda terrorist killed, 4 arrested including Libyan citizens

A million dollars worth of Libyan anti-tank missiles were seized.

Algiers, 6 Oct. (AKI) - Algeria says it killed eight Al-Qaeda terrorists and wounded another three in a military operation along the border with Niger, according to a local news report.

Algerian authorities said the operation dismantled a major network that smuggled arms from Libya. Four people were arrested, including some Libyan citizens.

Algerian authorities also said the group had documents related to al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) No mention of finding any of the surface-to-air missiles missing from Libya though.

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September 27, 2011

Spain: Police Arrest 5 Algerians Suspected of Financing Terrorists (AQIM)

al qaeda maghreb.jpg

Madrid, Spain (CNN) -- Civil Guards arrested five Algerian men early Tuesday in northern Spain on suspicion of providing logistical and financial support for Islamic terrorist activities, Spain's interior ministry said.

The suspects, aged 36 to 49, allegedly supported "terrorist groups that operate in the Algerian area of the Maghreb, specifically for al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb,"[AQIM flag above R..ed] a ministry statement said.

They also had suspected links to Islamic militants in Italy, France and Switzerland

"Financial support"? I suppose AQIM hasn't made enough money from hostages so they needed another outlet for finances
Spanish authorities have said repeatedly in the past few years that the group known as al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is of key concern, because of its operational base in northern Africa, just across the Mediterranean Sea from Spain and southern Europe.

Last week, Civil Guards arrested a *Cuban man on Spain's Mallorca Island in the Mediterranean for allegedly recruiting and indoctrinating others for Islamic terrorist activities.

Stay tuned..

*More on Cuban man arrested, and released but must check in, here on forum

UPDATE: Those arrested are, googlish translate: Mohamed Talbi, Hakim Anniche, Mounir Aoudache, Abdelghaffour Benchohra Bensaoula and Ahmed

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September 23, 2011

Morrocco says thwarts "assassination cell"..

Three arrested including an "active blogger" on jihadist websites

RABAT (Reuters) - Moroccan security has arrested three people, including an active blogger on jihadist websites, who had planned to receive training at an al Qaeda camp abroad in order to carry out attacks in Morocco, the Interior Ministry said on Friday.

The suspects, who were to be trained in camps of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), had "planned to assassinate members of the security services in order to seize their weapons and use them in planned sabotage acts", the state news agency MAP said, citing a statement from the Interior Ministry.

MAP said the cell was led by "one of the most active individuals on jihadist websites with links to al Qaeda and who managed to forge close relations with leaders of terrorist organisations in Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Iraq and elsewhere"

Aaron notes they called themselves Al-Battar Brigade.

Should prove interesting to find out who this active jihadist blogger is..

h/t Berger

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September 16, 2011

AQIM Threatens US Embassy

I'm becoming more and more bullish about our chances of deteriorating AQ Central's operational capacity.

But AQIM? Not so much.

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May 01, 2011

President Obama Holding Press Conference: Update Osama bin-Laden Dead! Updated No Dead Osama Image ..... yet (Update: OBL buried at Sea, Computer recovered)

Something important appears about to be breaking.

Stand by...

Update: Osama Bin-Laden is Dead!!!!!



President Obama will give a statement in a few minutes.


Update II: Sources say we are in possession of his body and his identity is confirmed.

Live CNN Feed here.

Update by Vinnie: Reports have him being killed in a mansion outside Islamabad. Waiting to confirm.

Multiple news outlets reporting that this was a ground operation and that Bin Laden was taken out by a sniper.

UPDATE by SH: In Obama's speech, he stated U.S. special forces[UPDATE: Navy Seals...F*ck Yeah!] took out OBL, after firefight. Hence, the reason we have his body.

A tribute to our finest and bravest who carried out this operation, God Bless You!!

Updated again by Howie: Great news. He was shot in the head by a Navy Seal.

Update (AP): Maybe it wasn’t a drone strike after all:

CBS: Osama was “shot in the head.”

Well we'll always swear it was by a Jawa..


UPDATE: Reports state one of OBL's sons was also killed.............AND a female human shield. How very cowardly of alQaeda..use a woman...pussies!

UPDATE again by SH: Reports state OBL has been buried at sea...

Sux al-Qaeda members and supporters can't go to a designated burial ground for OBL......NOT Swim in the fecking sea and find him somewhere if you want to mourn...just sayin..

Watch out for sharks and stuff...

Update by Matt Damon: THE HUNT ENDED TODAY!

Update by Jane: First vid of compound here, computers recovered.

Update: Video of the outside.


A crowd cheers and chants in excitement at the corner of Vesey St. and Liberty St. next to Ground Zero after hearing that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Bin Laden planned the attacks on Sept 11, 2001 and has been hunted by American forces in the years since. He was killed by a raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan near the country's capital. The Freedom Tower, the skyscraper being built where the World Trade Center towers once stood, is now 60 stories tall and was light up and visible from the street. Eventually the Freedom Tower will be the tallest building in the country. Sgt. Randall A. Clinton.

Dag nabbit the Dead Osama image wasn't "real". Shucks.....

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April 28, 2011

Al Qaeda (AQIM) Releases Another Video of French Hostages Kidnapped Last Year (Update: Video added)

Via AJ

Al-Qaeda's North African arm has released a video showing four French nuclear workers kidnapped last year in north Africa urging France to pull its troops out of Afghanistan.

A copy of the video, distributed on Tuesday by SITE, a US-based terrorism watchdog, shows a series of photographs of Pierre Legrand, Daniel Larribe, Thierry Dol and Marc Furrer with armed men standing behind them.

Over the photos is recorded an audio track that appears to be the men reading a prepared statement, one by one.

"We urge the president of the French republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, to respond positively to al-Qaeda's demand he withdraw French troops from Afghanistan, as the French have really no interest in the war in Afghanistan," they say.

According to the voices, the recordings were made on April 11, 12 and 13.

Reacting to the video, Laurent Wauquiez, France's minister for European affairs, told the French news network BFM-TV that Paris would "not allow its foreign policy to be dictated by kidnappers".

Not good.

Prayers they will be released unharmed and returned to their families..sigh

UPDATE: Video:


AQIM to hostages, say cheese

Just really like the gif's


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Morocco: Explosion Hits Cafe, 14 Dead



A massive explosion ripped through a cafe popular among foreign tourists in the Moroccan city of Marrakech on Thursday, killing 14 people and wounding 20 in what the government called a suspected criminal act.

If confirmed as terrorism, the blast in the iconic Djemma el-Fna square would be Morocco's deadliest bombing in eight years.

The explosion just before noon tore the facade off the two-story terracotta-colored Argana cafe, leaving awnings dangling. Panicked passersby dragged away bodies and tried to put out flames with fire extinguishers, witnesses told The Associated Press.

Interestingly, a muji at Ansar jihadi forum linked to this video purportedly from Rabat, Morocco. A muslimah is blathering on about releasing her husband and other prisoners. (Googlish translate of video description: Cry from the Oppressed in the cries of their husbands, demanding the release of her husband and all detainees)

Notice the al-Qaeda flag.

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March 26, 2011

Good News: AQIM May Be Acquiring New Weapons

I've had a bad feeling about the whole "no fly zone" business since the beginning, and this doesn't make me feel any better about it.

"This is very serious. AQIM is becoming a genuine army, the best equipped in the region," he said.

The foreign policy of the Obama administration is nothing short of


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March 09, 2011

Samir Khan AKA Inshallahshaheed Begs American Muslims to Blow Themselves Up


Come on Sammy, what is wrong with you and Anwar al-Awaki?

Wired: Tomorrow, Rep. Peter King convenes his hearing on the radicalization of the American Muslim community. One group is hoping all the scare talk about the — complete with some serious and “expert” scare talk about all those jihadis among us. But there are some other experts out there with a very different perspective on the subject: actual domestic radicals. Turns out, American jihadis are really disappointed in American Muslims for their utter disinterest in al-Qaeda. And no wonder: more than 99.9 percent of U.S. Muslims want nothing to do with the radicals, new statistics show.

Unfortunately, no homegrown terrorists seem willing or able to testify, either because they’re subpoena-shy, in federal prison or playing a high stakes game of hide-and-seek with American drones in Yemen. They’re a chatty bunch, though, and have left a record of their thoughts on Muslims and their representatives here in the United States.

Take Samir Khan, for instance. Before fleeing to Yemen to edit the jihadist magazine Inspire, he freelanced media support for al-Qaeda from his home in North Carolina via the internet. Khan was quick to bemoan American Muslims’ disinterest in his concept of jihad, playing it off as the product of distraction rather than disagreement.

“It is the culture of hating death and loving wealth,” Khan wrote of American Muslim culture in a post to his “Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge” blog, using a play on Osama Bin Laden’s classic catch phrase. “They don’t want to fling themselves into the spears of the enemies when they could be playing their PlayStation 3 or enjoying their favorite television show or sport whilst eating their favorite dinner meal.”

It was a sentiment he later echoed in the pages of Jihad Recollections, an English-language screed Khan published with fellow extremists. It became the template for Inspire. “Their Islam is limited to the more ‘acceptable’ parts of the Qur’an and Sunnah, whilst they shun Islam’s more controversial or antagonistic teachings,” Khan wrote of those promoting “moderate” Islam. “We find many of our fellow Muslims in America that are absolutely blinded by the inspiring play of American politics, the comfortable practice of ‘moderate’ Islam, and the denunciation of the Islamists.”

Yes American Muslims, join the Jihad. But note that all the people urging you to martyr yourself for al-Qaeda have never ever ever done a suicide attack. Some have been captured fighting or were killed by American forces, most just get arrested and imprisoned. But go back and look at the propaganda, which of these talking heads ever ended up in a Martyrdom video by suicide?

Answer: Not one!

Samir Khan AKA A Martyr Allah Willing has spent a lot of time glorifying the death of this or that poor Muslim sucker whom they sent to murder their fellow Muslim brothers. Its about time he put his money where his mouth is, Allah willing of course.

It seems that Allah is willing, Samir Khan not so much.

And after that aks yourself why Ghadafi released all those al-Qaeda just when he got really worried you might become free?

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January 08, 2011

AQIM? Gunmen Abduct Two Frenchmen In Niger


Heavily armed members of Niger's security forces were combing the centre of the capital Saturday after gunmen abducted two Frenchmen from a restaurant in front of shocked diners and staff.

Two armed men burst into the Toulousain restaurant in the city centre when it was crowded with diners late Friday and forced the two men to follow them, staff and diners told AFP.

They were taken to a four-by-four vehicle with Benin plates in which other armed men were waiting and then driven off at speed. The incident happened between 10:30 pm and 11:30 pm (2130 and 2230 GMT).
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A security source in Niger confirmed the abduction, while a police source said that one of the two abducted men had arrived that same day to attend a wedding.

A French foreign ministry spokesman in Paris told AFP late Friday: "We are aware of this information, we are fully mobilised both in Paris and in Niamey to check it."[...]

Witnesses said both abductors wore turbans and one customer at the restaurant said the two had fair skin and had spoken Arabic.

"When they came in they fell on the two Frenchmen and they shouted, 'You and you, follow us'. In their rush, one of the attackers lost his turban.

French & African hostages are still being held by AQIM, who abducted them last September.

Let's hope they all will be released...unharmed.

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December 28, 2010

Meet Jihad Kathie (Sticky) Jawa Report Cited!


A 46-year-old Indiana grandmother is under investigation for her possible ties to suspected and convicted international terrorists, FoxNews.com has learned.

Muslim-convert Kathie Smith, 46, a U.S. citizen living in Indianapolis who has blogged about her granddaughter, last year married a suspected German jihadist, and has been flying back and forth between the U.S. and Germany as recently as two weeks ago.

A pro-jihadist video featuring Smith and her husband – alongside photos of members of the Islamic Jihad Union charged with plotting failed terror attacks against U.S. targets in Germany -- is being investigated by the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center. The center is a counterterror intelligence clearinghouse staffed by law enforcement officers from local and federal agencies, including the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

...On Facebook, he is "friends" with the notorious Al Qaeda English-language online magazine Inspire, thought to be principally authored by American-turned-Muslim radical Samir Khan. Salahudin also has used his online posts to call for the deaths of U.S. citizens, military and government leaders, and recently joined in on another user’s thinly veiled threats against Condoleezza Rice, according to postings discovered by FoxNews.com and screen shots provided by the Jawa Report, a watchdog blog that has been following the online activities of Smith and her husband.

Read more:

Here's the video in question. I've quite a bit more here. Will add some updates.

Jihad Kathie's husband is also known as Salahudin Ibn Jafar in many places. He's a longstanding Jihadi propagandist and al-Qaeda supporter. What kind of folks does he hang out with. Well, despite his furious scrubbing of his Scribbed account the last few days. And it was way late scrubbing. We can see some familiar faces.

Among them Yousef al-Khattab of Revolution Muslim as well as Samir Khan of al-Qaeda.


He follows.

His followers.

So somewhere this dude is running around Germany with Jihad on the brain, a large assault rifle and feeling the heat.



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November 06, 2010

Anatomy of The Fed Ex UPS Bomb Plot from Yemen

Internet Anthropologist:

It seems that the UPS/FEDEX attack has historical roots and much more sinister tactics than have been disclosed.
The address names on the UPS and FEDEX package were Pierre l'Ermite and Diego Gelmírez and the street address was that of only one synagogue in Chicago. Whom are they?

Pierre l'Ermite, is AKA Peter the Hermit, 1050-1115, a French monk. In 1095 he instigated the First Crusade. With help from the Byzantine emperor Alexius I he and his irregular band took Jerusalem.

Diego Gelmírez of Santiago de Compostela conceived of a N African invasion route intending to unite the reconquest of Spain (from Muslims) with the Crusades to the Holy Land, forming a single Mediterranean-wide crusading theatre. He was one of the most famous Spanish monk-warriors leading the expulsion of Muslims from Spain.

Why a package on two different carriers? To increase the chance of success in case one was discovered, and, to double the potential effect of a tactic that would likely be closed off after the attack.

Interesting, but why address that to a Synagogue? I mean those dudes we're Jewish?

Oh yeah, never mind.

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October 11, 2010

French & African Hostages: AQIM Demands 7 Million Euros/Release of Jihadists & End of Burqa Ban

abdelhamid_aqim_shit head.jpg

Alternate headline: ROP needs money, mujahideen & women bags:

Via Telegraph

The group is also demanding 7 million euros (£6.1 million) and the release of Islamic militants being held in France as part of their conditions[Why did they leave this out in the headline?...never mind....ed]

Seven captives – five French citizens and two Africans – were abducted in Niger a month ago before being taken to neighbouring Mali.

The kidnappings marked an escalation of tensions between Paris and al-Qaeda's north African network, known as al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which executed 78-year-old French hostage Michel Germaneau in July.

But a French intelligence source yesterday described the terms for the hostages release as "unrealistic

Let's hope they don't give into demands, to do this leads to more hostage taking.

It is rather ironic they demanded this now, especially after the failed US attempt to rescue aid worker Linda Norgrove. Also, as somewhat stated in the article, France also attempted to rescue hostage Michel Germaneau and failed . Later AQIM murdered him. Some reports say he was murdered before the rescue attempt.

Remember, it isn't those who fail in attempting rescue that kill hostages it is the animals who kidnap them in the first place.

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September 30, 2010

AQIM To Hostages: Say Cheese


Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has released a video showing hostages they kidnapped in Niger.

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — A tape released Thursday on a jihadist forum shows the first images of a group of hostages including five French citizens since they were seized two weeks ago in Niger by an al Qaeda offshoot and taken into the desert.

The four-minute tape shows still images of the hostages sitting cross-legged in the sand with a gently sloping dune behind them. French officials believe the seven hostages are now in the bordering West African nation of Mali.

The hostages were grabbed in the middle of the night on Sept. 16 from their guarded villas in the uranium mining town of Arlit in Niger where they were working for French nuclear giant Areva.

The French Foreign Ministry said the tape was encouraging because the images show the hostages alive.

Giving in to terrorists demands=more hostage taking. AQIM make monies this way. Not that I don't have feelings for those who where kidnapped, I do. I pray daily for their safety.

Someone has to hold the trump card, but it shouldn't be AQIM. Just sayin.

Thanks to Mean Kitteh

France Accuses Spain of Financing Terror Through Ransom
AQIM Claims Abduction Of French In Niger

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