November 15, 2017

This Isn't The Coup We're Looking For

Move along. Move along.

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February 07, 2014

Heartbreak! Christians in Central African Republic Expel Muslims

Via Yahoo the tragedy of Muslims being expelled from the Central African Republic.

BANGUI, Central African Republic (AP) — Thousands of Muslims fled for their lives from the capital of Central African Republic on Friday, with Christian crowds cheering as the truckloads of Muslim families made their way out of town. One man who fell off a truck was subsequently killed and his body mutilated, highlighting the savagery faced by those Muslims who stayed behind.

n recent weeks, angry mobs have set fire to mosques and have brutally killed and mutilated Muslims. On Wednesday, one Muslim suspected of having aided last year's rebellion was attacked for 15 minutes with knives, bricks and feet. Uniformed soldiers then paraded his body through the streets before it was dismembered and set ablaze.

The AP story lends a lot words to the fate of Muslims but only a small mention of the Muslim violence against Christians that preceded the latest violence.
An alliance of Muslim rebel groups from the north united to overthrow the president of a decade last March, though their grievances were political and economic — not religious.

The rebels known as Seleka were aided by Chadian and Sudanese mercenaries, and quickly became bitterly despised by Christians in the capital after the fighters went on looting sprees, raping and killing civilians at random

Here is a description of one of these looting and raping sprees that Muslims carried out.
The Seleka, a predominantly Muslim rebel coalition led by Djotodia, overthrew former President François Bozizé on March 24. A September Human Rights Watch report details the Seleka’s deliberate killing of civilians – including women, children, and the elderly – between March and June and confirms the wanton destruction of more than 1,000 homes, both in the capital, Bangui, and the provinces.
You know, Muslim Raping & Looting is just good clean fun. Expelling them so they can no longer go a killin and rapin is the like totally the worst oppression imaginable!(choke, gag, gasp)

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December 30, 2013

Muslim Seleka Rebels Chop Off Children's Heads

Its a good thing these weren't Muslim children or else I'd have to withstand billions of graphic internet posts of their mutilated corpses talking about what a horiffic crime it was.

According to Unicef, at least at least two children have been beheaded, and one of them mutilated, in the violence that has gripped Bangui since early December.

"We are witnessing unprecedented levels of violence against children. More and more children are being recruited into armed groups, and they are also being directly targeted in atrocious revenge attacks," said Souleymane Diabate, Unicef representative in CAR. "Targeted attacks against children are a violation of international humanitarian and human rights law and must stop immediately. Concrete action is needed now to prevent violence against children."

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October 15, 2013

Heartbreak! Hundreds Possibly Thousands of Boko Haram Terrorists Die in Nigerian Custody

The deaths of hundreds of people in detention facilities run by Nigeria’s military Joint Task Force (JTF) must be investigated as a matter of urgency, Amnesty International said today.

Amnesty International has received credible information from a senior officer in the Nigerian Army that over 950 people died in military custody in the first six months of 2013 alone. Most of the reported deaths occurred in facilities used by the military to detain people suspected of being members of or associated with the armed Islamist group Boko Haram.

On to the good parts.
According to former detainees interviewed by Amnesty International, people died on an almost daily basis in both Giwa and Sector Alpha from suffocation or other injuries due to overcrowding, and starvation. Some suffered serious injuries due to severe beating and eventually died in detention due to lack of medical attention and treatment.

These interviews also revealed that in some cases detainees in these facilities may have been extrajudicially executed. Some described soldiers taking detainees from their cells threatening to shoot and kill them. In many cases the detainees never returned. Others were reportedly shot in the leg during interrogation, provided no medical care and left to bleed to death.


NPR reported on this this AM and mentioned there at the very last that Boko Haram is responsible for the murder of thousand of "civilians". Go ahead and replace the word "Civilians" with "Christians" and then you have an accurate statement.

To be fair NPR is aware of Boko Haram's butchery against Christians and churches. But today's narrative is about "Muslim victims" in India and Nigeria. So can't muck that up.

As for the current tragedy befalling Boko Haram fighters dying in Nigeria.

Um..... we hope Nigeria keeps up the good work. Because some people just need killing, I count Boko Haram among those.

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October 04, 2013

Imam w/ Links to Shabaab Murdered in Kenya: Riots, Churches Burn

It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. The real problem here is that his radical followers are accusing the police of gunning the Imam down. I've no idea if this is true, but this is Kenya where police hung around after the mall massacre looting the place -- so it's plausible. The former head of the mosque where this guy preached was killed by the police last year which set off weeks of riots:

Ibrahim "Rogo" Omar and three other people were shot as they drove home on Thursday night after preaching...

Mr Rogo was alleged to have links with al-Shabab and some Muslims accused the Kenyan security forces of killing him - an allegation they strongly denied.

Mr Omar is seen as the successor to Mr Rogo, as he preached at the same mosque - and after his death Mr Omar was given the nickname Rogo.

Correspondents say the Masjid Musa Mosque is known to attract some radical followers.

Muslim cleric Abubaker Shariff Ahmed, known as Makaburi, said the police were behind these killings.

Hold your breath. This could get ugly:
Young Muslims set fire to a church, burned tires and clashed with police in Kenya's main port city of Mombasa on Friday, after the killing of an Islamic cleric his followers blamed on security forces.
These things never end well. Expect it to get worse before it gets better.

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May 05, 2013

Rep Issa On Face The Nation Discussing Benghazi 'Talking Points'..

This is not the flag you are looking for: A video is what you seek

As a reminder, and to those who haven't read this before, former Ambassador Pickering, who was on the State Departments initial 'accountability' review board, previously has called Americans racist and Islamophobes

America is a seething hotbed of “Islamophobia,” filled with ignorant racist rubes who irrationally fear the benign Muslim religion, according to the Obama administration’s lead investigator into the Benghazi atrocities.

So said former Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering in more polished, diplomatic language during an Oct. 23 panel discussion at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C[...]

Pickering’s pontifications came two and a half weeks after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton named him to head a State Department “Accountability Review Board”.

Just thought I would throw that out there.

"What difference does it make"?~Hillary Rodham Clinton

"The future doesn't belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam"~Barack Ohama

"Benghazi happened a long time ago"~Jay Carney

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April 30, 2013

French Forces Arrest French Jihadist Gilles Le Guen (aka Abdel Jelil) In Northern Mali

France 24

French jihadist Gilles Le Guen, suspected of taking part in the attack on the Algerian gas plant in January, was arrested by French forces a few days ago in northern Mali, a French military spokesman reported on Tuesday.

The attack on Algeria's In Amenas gas plant saw 38 hostages and 29 assailants killed over a four-day period.

French Col. Thierry Burkhard said Tuesday that Gilles Le Guen was arrested this week north of Timbuktu, the fabled city which had been his base for some two years.[More..]

The article further noted, in a video posted last year, he said he is married with three kids and converted to Islam in 1980

Talk with the community or by a ▶ ▶ ▶ "Like" or ▶ ▶ ▶ "I do not like", comment and Subscribe to my YouTube channel ▶ ▶ ▶ (10 October 2012) The man who calls himself Abdel Jelil and affirms French support international jihad, called Francois Hollande to stop any intervention in the Sahel, the risk of causing a humanitarian catastrophe.

h/t @El_Grillo1

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April 23, 2013

Libya: French Embassy In Tripoli Hit By VBIED
Update: Video Of Aftermath

One resident stated: "It was a big mistake to site the French embassy in our neighbourhood"

A car bomb has exploded outside the French embassy in the Libyan capital Tripoli, wounding two French guards and several residents.

The blast in Tripoli destroyed the embassy's ground-floor reception area and perimeter wall, as well as damaging neighbouring homes and shops.


French President Francois Hollande called on Libya to act swiftly over this "unacceptable" attack.

It is the first major attack on a foreign embassy in the Libyan capital.

Tuesday's explosion happened shortly after 07:00 (05:00 GMT) in a smart residential area of Tripoli.

One of the embassy's guards was severely injured while the other suffered lighter injuries. Several residents were also slightly hurt.

One young girl suffered a spinal cord injury and was being transferred to neighbouring Tunisia for treatment, her father told the BBC[...]

Many neighbours who gathered in the street to survey the damage were shaken and upset by what had happened, our correspondent says.

They told her that there was a lack of proper policing for such a potentially high-profile target

"It was a big mistake to site the French embassy in our neighbourhood," a local resident said.

I'm sure the jihadi will be caught like those responsible for the Benghazi terror attack were, oh wait...

Update: Here is another image taken shortly after

Update II:

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March 02, 2013

Head of Chadian Army Claims Troops Killed Moktar Belmoktar

Jihadi Hearted One eyed bitch 'Mr Marlboro' For Attack On Gas Plant

If this report is true F*ck Yeah!

The head of Chad's military has announced on state television that Chadian troops deployed in northern Mali killed Moktar Belmoktar, the international terrorist responsible for the attack on a natural gas plant in Algeria that resulted in the death of dozens of foreigners. The French military, which is leading the offensive in northern Mali, says it cannot confirm the information.


Yesterday, Rusty posted that the French commandos eliminated Abou Zeid, one of AQIM top commanders .

As usual, 48hr rule on the one eyed al-Qaeda bitch.

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February 26, 2013

Priest Killed, Church Burned at Music Festival for Muslim-Christian Tolerance

Tolerance: I do not think that word means what you think it means:

Catholic priests say they are living in fear after a clergyman was murdered on the final day of a music festival promoting religious tolerance.

Father Evaristus Mushi was shot dead by two men on motorcycles on the last day of the Sounds of Wisdom festival in Zanzibar and his death has prompted concern that religious tensions on the holiday island are increasing.

H/T: Blazing Cat Fur.

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February 22, 2013

Terrorist Still Blowing Shit Up & Killing Innocent People In Mali

Shit for brains, I swear

GAO, Mali (Reuters) - Five people were killed in a remote Malian town on Friday in car bomb attacks by Islamists on Tuareg MNLA rebels with close links to French forces, a spokesman for the Tuareg fighters said.

Violence in northern Mali underscores the risk of French and African forces becoming entangled in a messy guerrilla war as they try to help Mali's weak army counter bombings and raids by al Qaeda-linked Islamist militants.

Friday's car bomb attacks in In Khalil, 1,700 km (1,000 miles) northeast of the capital Bamako, came a day after a car bomb killed two people in the northern city of Kidal and French and Malian troops killed 15 Islamists on the streets of the city of Gao.[More...]

Never ending murder and mahem by al-Qaeda linked assmaggots.

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Mali jihadists launch 5 suicide attacks in 2 weeks

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U.S. Embassy In Senegal Warns Of Bomb Threat To Dakar

"Al-Qaeda is on it's heels"~Bronco Bama

DAKAR (Reuters) - The U.S. Embassy in Senegal said on Friday it had received information of a bomb threat to the capital Dakar.

In a text message to U.S. citizens, the embassy advised its nationals to stay away from the city centre until further notice but did not give any further details.

A Senegalese security source confirmed the threat and said the authorities had taken "necessary measures".[More...]

Meanwhile, in other West Africa news: 100 US Military Personnel Deployed To Niger

h/t @BlogsofWar

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February 13, 2013

Kenya: Family Of Hostages Held By Al Shabaab Crying For Help

Sadly, unless they are rescued, they most likely will be killed. The savages of the African Taliban enjoy killing innocents:

Nairobi — Twenty-six-year-old Komora Yesse is an emotionally wrecked man.

His brother's heart-wrenching fate is due to be sealed within the next 20 something hours, in the war-torn Somalia.

So as the clock slowly ticks towards midnight Thursday, he will have to keep checking social networks to know whether or not the Al Shabaab terror group makes good its threat to execute his elder brother, Edward Mule and registration clerk Fredrick Irungu.

"It is very sad. It is hard on my mother because of the pain of losing a child. It is hard on my sister, his wife, my father and me. We just want to talk to him again. All I think of is Mule," says Yesse.[More...]

Al Shabaab's Twitter account was suspended shortly after they posted images of a French commando who was killed in a failed attempt to rescue hostage Denis Allex. Also, they linked to a download for the below video of the Kenyan hostages. They also tweeted a ultimatum:

twitter_hsmpress_kenyanprisoners_zpse9e064d0 photo twitter_hsmpress_kenyanprisoners_zpse9e064d0-1_zpsd820f11d.jpg

They have since opened a new Twitter account - @HSMPRESS1. I don't see anything on it regarding these hostages and most likely they are careful not to do so. There is also another Twitter account here, but most likely a supporter and not a spokesperson for al-Shabaab.

Tomorrow will tell the tale, sigh. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the hostages.

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January 24, 2013

UK: Imminent Threat Against Westerners In #Benghazi

But, but, al-Qaeda has been decimated and on the run~Bronco Bama

USA Today

LONDON (AP) — Britain urged its citizens Thursday to immediately leave the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi in response to what it described as an imminent threat against Westerners.

The warning comes a day after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton testified to the Senate about a deadly September attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi that killed four Americans, including the ambassador to Libya. It also comes as French troops battle al-Qaida linked militants in Mali, and follows the deaths of dozens of foreigners at the hands of Islamist extremists in Algeria — though it remained unclear if those two events were linked to the U.K. warning about Libya.

Britain's Foreign Office on Thursday described the threat as "specific and imminent" and urged all British nationals still in Benghazi to "leave immediately.[More...]

h/t @Geraldanthro

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Somalia: Al Shabaab, On Twitter, Threatens To Kill Kenyan Hostages
Update: Kenya Won't Negotiate With These Bitches

First, Al Shabaab (aka the African Taliban) tweet a link to the download:

alshabaab_twitter_kenyanprisoners_zps27530343 photo alshabaab_twitter_kenyanprisoners_zps27530343.jpg

Next, it appears on JihadTube:

Then the threats:

twitter_hsmpress_kenyanprisoners_zpse9e064d0 photo twitter_hsmpress_kenyanprisoners_zpse9e064d0-1_zpsd820f11d.jpg

Twitter yawns over TOS violation as they did when Al Shabaab, aka @HSMPress, threatened to kill French hostage Denis Allex if France attempted to rescue him. He died and Al Shabaab tweeted several images of a French commando who was killed in the failed hostage rescue operation.

I suppose we should start calling Twitter JihadTweet or JihadTwitter or TwitterJihad, much like we call Google's YouTube JihadTube.

Update: Kenya officials respond to the above threat We will not bargain with al-Shabaab

* Says government "cannot negotiate with terrorists"
* Nairobi says hostages are non-combatants, not POWs
"not POW's", exactly.

Update: If you so choose, tweet this article to @hrw and/or contact them here and ask why the silence on these hostages and the death threat. If Jews were involved it would be all over the news.

Update: OWND:

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January 23, 2013

Some In Amenas, #Algeria Attackers Are Placed At #Benghazi


ALGIERS — Several Egyptian members of the squad of militants that lay bloody siege to an Algerian gas complex last week also took part in the deadly attack on the United States Mission in Libya in September, a senior Algerian official said Tuesday.

The Egyptians involved in both attacks were killed by Algerian forces during the four-day ordeal that ended in the deaths of at least 38 hostages and 29 kidnappers, the official said. But three of the militants were captured alive, and one of them described the Egyptians’ role in both assaults under interrogation by the Algerian security services, the official said.

If confirmed, the link between two of the most brazen assaults in recent memory would reinforce the transborder character of the jihadist groups now striking across the Sahara[More...]

Well hell, no surprise here. Those who took part in the attack in Benghazi saw the weak response from Bronco Bama and his administration. Video!!

Primer on Jihadi Players in Algeria and Mali, Pt4[final]: Ansar al-Din
Primer on Jihadi Players in Algeria and Mali, Pt3: Movement for Tawhid and Jihad in West Africa
Primer on Jihadi Players in Algeria and Mali, Pt2: Belmokhtar & Those Who Sign With Blood
Primer on Jihadi Players in Algeria and Mali, Pt1: AQIM

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Muhammad Al-Zawahiri at Cairo Demo: If France Doesn't Withdraw from Mali, It Will Come to Bitter End

[Related: Like Al Qaeda[Insert Group Names Here], Egyptian President 'Condemns' French Military Intervention In Mali]

In pictures, a good time was had by all at the protest. Al Qaeda #1 will be so proud of his brother, Muhammad, for bringing together all these ROPMAers:

احتجاجات السلفيين والجهاديين أمام السفارة الفرنسية رفضا للحرب على مالى

احتجاجات السلفيين والجهاديين أمام السفارة الفرنسية رفضا للحرب على مالى
احتجاجات السلفيين والجهاديين أمام السفارة الفرنسية رفضا للحرب على مالى

Continued below fold:

احتجاجات السلفيين والجهاديين أمام السفارة الفرنسية رفضا للحرب على مالى
احتجاجات السلفيين والجهاديين أمام السفارة الفرنسية رفضا للحرب على مالى
احتجاجات السلفيين والجهاديين أمام السفارة الفرنسية رفضا للحرب على مالى
احتجاجات السلفيين والجهاديين أمام السفارة الفرنسية رفضا للحرب على مالى

Muslimahs from The Muslims Brotherhood's "The Sister Brotherhood" were there too!

احتجاجات السلفيين والجهاديين أمام السفارة الفرنسية رفضا للحرب على مالى
احتجاجات السلفيين والجهاديين أمام السفارة الفرنسية رفضا للحرب على مالى
احتجاجات السلفيين والجهاديين أمام السفارة الفرنسية رفضا للحرب على مالى

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Livestream: #Clinton Testifies Before Senate Committee On #Benghazi Terror Attack

clinton_benghazi_senate photo clinton_benghazi_cspan_2_zps0ff8e8e5.jpg

Click image above or here to watch.

Clinton: "No, I didn't tell Susan Rice to go on the Sunday talk shows" "I wasn't involved in the talking points process"

Clinton continues to "hint" she requested more monies and was denied. Her budget was too low or something. Strange, the State Department had no problem sending extra security to Barbados on the anniversary of 9/11[State Dept. Confirms: Marines on 9/11/12 Were Protecting U.S. Embassy--in Barbados ]

Nor did the State Department have any problem cutting Libya security while Vienna Embassy gained Chevy Volts. A party was held and champagne was enjoyed by all

Green Embassies Gala

Yet to be answered, or even asked directly - why was the Mohammed video used as reason for attack. Why was the video maker arrested in front of MFM? Why is the video maker spending 1yr in prison?

I stand corrected, [sorta..he only asked about the protest..hence video] Sen Johnson did ask about the video protest and Hillary brought her claws out "What difference at this point does it make?" Whether it was a protest or not.

Senator McCain: The answers that were given the American people...were false" "People don't bring RPG's and mortars to spontaneous protests"

Senator Turban Durbin now bringing up Iraq and the WMD's:

turban durbin.jpg
"Americans lost their lives. We could have a hearing about that!" He also commented about the budget and everything else to avoid talking about Benghazi.

Sen Rand Paul to Clinton: "If I had been President at the time...I would have relieved you of your post." He also shocked her by asking whether weapons from Benghazi were being moved to Turkey and possibly Syria. She was speechless for a moment then said she had no idea or something.

This hearing has been a sham, kid gloves were worn by almost all senators. MFM will most likely report faulting those bad rethuglicans for not giving Sec Clinton more monies!!!

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January 22, 2013

Like Al Qaeda[Insert Group Names Here], Egyptian President 'Condemns' French Military Intervention In Mali

Click image for history of The "Brotherhood"

Of course Morsi would agree with terror groups on this. He is a member, in good standing, in The Muslim Brotherhood

[TheRightScoop]Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi has broken ranks with the international community at large over France’s intervention in Mali, saying he was opposed to the action out of fear it would sow seeds of unrest in the region.[More....]

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January 20, 2013

In Amenas, #Algeria Hostage Crisis Reportedly Comes To A Violent End
Update: Report: 5 Terrorist 'Taken Alive'

Violence, thy name is radical Islam

ALGIERS, Algeria – Algerian bomb squads scouring a gas plant where Islamist militants took dozens of foreign workers hostage found "numerous" new bodies on Sunday as they searched for explosive traps left behind by the attackers, a security official said, a day after a bloody raid ended the four-day siege of the remote desert refinery.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation, said the bodies were badly disfigured and difficult to identify.

"The bodies could be either Algerian or foreign hostages," he said.

Algerian special forces stormed the natural gas complex in the Sahara desert on Saturday to end the standoff, and the government said all 32 militants were killed. Earlier Sunday, Algeria's chief government spokesman said he feared the toll of hostages -- which stood at 23 on Saturday -- would rise as the special forces teams finished their search.[...]

In the final assault, the remaining band of militants killed seven hostages before 11 of them were in turn cut down by the special forces, Algeria's state news agency said[More...]

Report: Hostage taking terrorists came from seven countries. Note the bold[Note: 48hr rule]
The militants who seized hostages at the In Amenas gas facility in southeast Algeria included nationals of seven countries – Tunisia, Egypt, Mali, Algeria, Canada, Nigeria and Mauritania. The group was trained in Nigeria.

It crossed into Algeria through Libya with the aim of seizing a large number of foreign hostages and transferring them to Mali in an attempt to force France to stop its military intervention in that African country.

BBC also noted the above:
Officials said the army launched its assault after Islamist militants began killing foreign hostages.

Mr Said said he very much feared the death toll "would, unfortunately, be revised upwards".

He added that the militants were from six different countries, "nationals of Arab and African countries, and of non-African countries".

Evil bast*rds:

The full extent of the militants’ chilling intent and the horrors inside the facility began to emerge yesterday. According to the eyewitness account of an Algerian cook, working at the compound, the kidnappers grabbed one British hostage and forced him at gunpoint to call for other Westerners to come out from where they were hiding. Once his colleagues had given themselves up, the Briton was shot in cold blood. “They threatened him until he called out in English to his friends,” said the man named Chabane. “A few minutes later, they blew him away.”
I can't find the link, but, I also read the above cook said the Brit was forced to call out "you're safe, they only want to kill Americans"

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected by this.

Update: Hmmm: Hostage-takers 'taken alive' at gas plant

Five suspected members of the Islamist group which held foreign and local workers hostage at an Algerian gas plant have been arrested, reports say.
Everything you wanted to know about jihadi players in Algeria & Mali is right here

In Amenas, #Algeria: One American Dies In Hostage Siege
#Algeria Hostage Crisis: Terrorist Want To 'Swap' 2 Americans For 2 Jailed Terror Figures, Blind Sheikh One Of Them Update: Lady Al Qaeda Is The Other One
In Amenas, #Algeria Hostage Crisis: Does This Really Hep?
#Algeria: Some Hostages, Including Americans, Escaped Captors
Unconfirmed Report: Several Hostages & Their Kidnappers Killed In Algerian Airstrike FRANCE 24: Hostages Forced To Wear 'Suicide Belts'?

US Officials Confirm Americans Among Those Held Hostage by Al Qaeda-Linked Group in Algeria
Al Qaeda Linked Group From Mali Claim They Are Holding 7 Americans, Among Others..
After Taking Control Of Algerian Gas Field(Update)

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January 18, 2013

In Amenas, #Algeria: One American Dies In Hostage Siege


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Texas resident Frederick Buttaccio

May he RIP


Fox News has confirmed that one American has died in the hostage standoff at an Algerian gas complex. Officials told the Associated Press the deceased American is Texas resident, Frederick Buttaccio. It is unclear how he died.

The officials say Buttaccio's remains have been recovered and his family has been notified. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

Earlier Friday, the State Department confirmed there are still American hostages being held by an Al Qaeda-linked group at the gas plant, deep in the Saharan desert. When asked about a report that the group wants to trade hostages for terror figures jailed in the United States, spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said: “The United States does not negotiate with terrorists.”[More...]

Damn, just damn.

#Algeria Hostage Crisis: Terrorist Want To 'Swap' 2 Americans For 2 Jailed Terror Figures, Blind Sheikh One Of Them Update: Lady Al Qaeda Is The Other One
In Amenas, #Algeria Hostage Crisis: Does This Really Hep?
#Algeria: Some Hostages, Including Americans, Escaped Captors
Unconfirmed Report: Several Hostages & Their Kidnappers Killed In Algerian Airstrike FRANCE 24: Hostages Forced To Wear 'Suicide Belts'?

US Officials Confirm Americans Among Those Held Hostage by Al Qaeda-Linked Group in Algeria
Al Qaeda Linked Group From Mali Claim They Are Holding 7 Americans, Among Others..
After Taking Control Of Algerian Gas Field(Update)

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It's Friday After Prayers Day In #Egypt: Jihadis, Islamists Call For Demonstration Outside French Embassy In #Cairo



Several Islamist and jihadi groups have called for a demonstration outside the French embassy in Cairo, in protest over France's campaign against jihadis in Mali. The demonstration is slated to be held January 18, following Friday prayers[today..ed]. The groups, which include the General Islamic Movement (Al-tayyar al-islami al-'am), a coalition of Islamist groups; the Hazem Abu Isma'il Ultras; and the Salafi-jihadi movement, have issued their calls via their Facebook pages, among other venues[...]

The Salafi-jihadi movement, for its part, confirmed that its leaders and members will attend the demonstrations. A statement on their websites read: "At your service, Mali, the state of Islam! The infidel states of the West continue to pick fights in our Muslim countries with the soldiers of the devil, hoping to extinguish the light of the state of Islam, but how wrong they are! If Allah sows [something], who can reap [it]?"

The Salafi-jihadi leaders who confirmed attendance include Muhammad Al-Zawahiri[al-Qaeda #1' bro..ed], Ahmad Salama Mabrouk, Mirjan Salem, Tawfiq Al-'Afani, and others.

The attack on our embassy in Cairo on 9/11/2012, Muhammad al-Zawahiri's group called for the release of the blind sheikh. The terrorists in Algeria also want him released, among another yet unnamed one, in exchange for 2 Americans still held captive. Coincidence? I think not.

I wouldn't be surprised if Zawahiri's group and the others, again, demand the release of the no eyed bitch during the Islamic Rage boys demonstration today.

Update: Al Qaeda flags were numerous at the protest:

احتجاجات السلفيين والجهاديين أمام السفارة الفرنسية رفضا للحرب على مالى

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#Algeria Hostage Crisis: Terrorist Want To 'Swap' 2 Americans For 2 Jailed Terror Figures, Blind Sheikh One Of Them
Update: Lady Al Qaeda Is The Other One

The one eyed bitch wants the no eyed bitch released? Screw that!sheik_abdel_rahman.jpg

A U.S. Air Force aero evacuation plane is in the process of rescuing Americans and others who were taken hostage by an Al Qaeda-linked group at a gas plant in Algeria. The rescued hostages will be flown to a U.S. facility in Europe.

An American from Texas remains missing[Houston engineer..ed] after an Algerian military raid on the terror group reportedly ended the hostage standoff at the remote gas plant in the Saharan Desert.

Britain's Foreign Office said Friday the hostage crisis "remains ongoing," but gave no further details.

Militants reportedly want to swap two Americans for jailed terror figures, a Mauritania news site reported. One of the two, Omar Abdel Rahman, masterminded the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.[More...]

The Egyptian President, among others, also want the blind sheikh released. I wish the no eyed bitch would die already.

Update: The other terrorists they want to swap for is Lady Al Qaeda aka Aafia Siddiqui:

In Amenas, #Algeria Hostage Crisis: Does This Really Hep?
#Algeria: Some Hostages, Including Americans, Escaped Captors
Unconfirmed Report: Several Hostages & Their Kidnappers Killed In Algerian Airstrike FRANCE 24: Hostages Forced To Wear 'Suicide Belts'?

US Officials Confirm Americans Among Those Held Hostage by Al Qaeda-Linked Group in Algeria
Al Qaeda Linked Group From Mali Claim They Are Holding 7 Americans, Among Others..
After Taking Control Of Algerian Gas Field(Update)

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January 17, 2013

In Amenas, #Algeria Hostage Crisis: Does This Really Help?

ukcameron_algeria_zps25a5e6a9 photo ukcameron_algeria_zps25a5e6a9-1_zps60f61244.jpg
UK PM on Cover of Friday's British Daily

Hostages, including American/Americans, are still being held by followers of the one eyed bitch.

Now is not the time to lay blame. Terrorist are propagandist and they will eat this shit up.


Update: Besides, three terrorist leaders were sploded in the rescue attempt. One of them is called bucktooth akhi aka Abu Al-Baraa:

So the fate of those still held hostages is prolly a given. The UK doesn't need to give them a reason for the prolly a given. I will hold my thoughts on bronco bama's Al Qaeda is decimated and on the run dhimmi comment until the fate of the hostages is known. Think Benghazi and how well the bronco bama administration reacted...

Ah shit, forget what I said about don't give them a reason. They (the terrorists) don't f'n need a reason to kill the remaining hostages. That's why they are called terrorists! F 'em. and I laugh at the bucktoothed akhi very timely splodin. May he rest in pieces..

SplodeyDopesver11_zps6fbc2692 photo SplodeyDopesver11_zps6fbc2692-1_zps73a324c9.jpg
Herein lies buckthooth akhi

I won't hold my breath waiting for bronco bama to be outraged, just sayin.

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Child Abuse: Terrorist Groups Use Children To Engage In #Mali Fighting


Because the terrorists are cowards

Bamako/Dakar — Children are playing a major role in the Islamists' war effort, say eye-witnesses and human rights groups, who report children are taking an active part in fighting, patrolling, scouting combat zones, and staffing checkpoints.

Oumar Diakité, a resident of Konna in Mopti Region, central Mali, which Islamist groups tried to capture on 11 January prompting intervention by French forces, told IRIN: "Young children have been recruited. These children are sent on scouting missions to collect intelligence... And during clashes, they put these children - often just Koranic students - into the front line." Konna has still not been recaptured, according to French military sources.

Children have been seen staffing checkpoints in areas that came under aerial bombardment from French forces, according to a 15 January Human Rights Watch (HRW) communiqué.

Diakité told IRIN: "They [recruiters] make them believe that if they die they'll go straight to paradise because they are defending God's will. I know a woman who had her son in the ranks. Luckily we were able to find him and save him just in time."

In and around the northern city of Gao the mothers of children who were recruited have been trying to find their children, said residents.

HRW says children as young as 12 have been seen taking active part in fighting, many of them carrying AK-47s or hunting rifles. According to them, Islamic groups Ansar Dine, Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO), and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, have recruited, trained and used several hundred children in their forces since April 2012.

Recruitment ramped up a couple of months ago, said Dufka.[More...]

Hamas also uses children as human shields. Like other terrorists groups mentioned here, Hamas also pimps children out to fellow 'akhi'

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Algeria: Some Hostages, Including Americans, Escaped Captors
Unconfirmed Report: Several Hostages & Their Kidnappers Killed In Algerian Airstrike
FRANCE 24: Hostages Forced To Wear 'Suicide Belts'?

Leader of terrorist kidnappers: Mokhtar Belmokhtar aka **Mr Marlboro aka One eyed bitch
Goats beware: Jihadi on the forums are getting off on Mr Marlboro's image

Update on US Officials Confirm Americans Among Those Held Hostage by Al Qaeda-Linked Group in Algeria


An Algerian security official says at least 20 foreigners have escaped from the natural gas plant deep in the Sahara desert where Islamist militants are holding dozens of hostages.

The official said those escaping included Americans and Europeans. He did not give any further details.

'Some' of the Americans who escaped reportedly have called their families. This has not been confirmed. "US officials" have spoken about the phone calls. There are also reports a Irish hostage has also contacted his family to say he was safe and free. [Update]Newstalk has confirmed this, he is 36yrold Stephen McFaul

Also, Reuters is reporting Thirty-four hostages and 14 of their al Qaeda-linked kidnappers were killed on Thursday in an air strike by the Algerian armed forces The report could not be verified as one of the kidnappers stated that to Mauritania's ANI news agency.

The spokesman for the kidnappers has also said they would kill the rest of the hostages if the Algerian army approached. The terrorist are demanding France stop their attack on their terrorist buds in Mali.

Update: 48hr rule. Reuters now reporting 6 hostages and 8 terrorists died in Algerian army's airstrike. And, remaining hostages are two Americans, three Belgians, one Japanese and one Brit.

Image credit: FRANCE 24's liveblog[Note: I removed prior image]

Update II: FRANCE 24 apparently has spoken to one of the hostages, a French national

He said the militants simultaneously stormed the gas plant as well as the workers’ living quarters. “They came in and once there was daylight, grouped us all together.”

He said the attackers were heavily armed and forced several hostages to wear explosives belts. They threatened to blow up the gas field if Algerian forces attempted to enter the site.

FRANCE 24 could not verify if the testimony was made under duress

Update III: ABC is reporting, per Panetta, "there may be seven or eight Americans among" those held by the terrorists
Algeria troops had surrounded the compound in the Sahara desert, where hostages from the U.S., Algeria, Norway, Japan, France and other countries are being held by terrorists who claim to be part of Al Qaeda and are led by a one-eyed smuggler known as **Mr. Marlboro.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told ABC News that as many as 100 hostages are being held, and that there may be seven or eight Americans among them. The kidnappers have released a statement saying there are "more than 40 crusaders" held "including 7 Americans."

Related: New statement from Katībat al-Mūwaqa’ūn Bi-l-Dimā’: “Claiming the In Amenas Hostage Operation”

Update IV: "We'll kill infidels": Algeria gunmen told hostage

(Reuters) - Islamist gunmen who seized hundreds of gas plant workers in the Sahara told Algerian staff they would not harm Muslims but would kill Western hostages they called "Christians and infidels", a local man who escaped said on Thursday.

In a rare eyewitness account of Wednesday's dawn raid deep in the desert, a local man employed at the facility told Reuters the militants appeared to have good inside knowledge of the layout of the complex and used the language of radical Islam.

"The terrorists told us at the very start that they would not hurt Muslims but were only interested in the Christians and infidels," Abdelkader, 53, said by telephone from his home in the nearby town of In Amenas. "We will kill them, they said."[More...]

h/t @DreamMalar

Update V: Via FRANCE 24 liveblog:

Mauritanian news agency ANI says Abu al Baraa, who led the attack on gas field, has been killed. Al Baraa appeared on Al Jazeera earlier Thursday demanding the Algerian army pull out from In Amenas to allow negotiations.

[48hr rule..ed]Algerian security source says 30 hostages killed, including seven foreigners, among them two Japanese, two Britons and one French national. Eight Algerian hostages were killed in the operation. (Reuters)

According to an Algerian security source, the dead militants include a Frenchman, a Malian, three Egyptians, two Algerians, two Tunisians and two Libyans. (Reuters)

Algerian state news agency APS quotes official say saying military operation at In Amenas gas facility over.

Update VI: Donald Douglas at American Power blog has also updated through out the day. I would also like to thank him for linking me.

Related: In Amenas, #Algeria Hostage Crisis: Does This Really Help?

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January 16, 2013

US Officials Confirm Americans Among Those Held Hostage by Al Qaeda-Linked Group in Algeria

**Mokhtar Belmokhtar aka Mr Marlboro aka One eyed bitch

At least 3 Americans, maybe more.

Dear Obama, Al Qaeda is not decimated nor are they on the run!

U.S. officials have confirmed that Americans are among the hostages held following an attack by al Qaeda-linked insurgents on a BP joint-venture natural gas field in Algeria.

A senior intelligence official told ABC News that it currently appears three U.S. citizens are being held. However, the official cautioned that the numbers can change as can the overall number of hostages.

While the total number of hostages remains unclear, a number of reports have said as many as 41 hostages were being held. An official at BP told ABC News that there are approximately 700 local staff and contractors at the facility and 20 international BP staff and contractors at the In Amenas gas field in eastern central Libya.

In a briefing, State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland condemned the attacks and confirmed that U.S. citizens are among the hostages.

"In order to protect their safety," said Nuland, "I'm not going to get into numbers, I'm not going to get into names, I'm not going to get into any further details as we continue to work on this situation with Algerian authorities and also their employers."[...]

Al Qaeda linked militants called the Khaled Abu al-Abbas Brigade claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was retaliation for Algeria letting French jets use its airspace during its ongoing military operations in Mali. The news agency Agence France Presse (AFP) said it had received a telephone call from a person or persons who described themselves as hostage takers, and said, "We are members of al-Qaeda and we came from northern Mali. We belong to the Khaled Abul Abbas Brigade led by **Mokhtar Belmokhtar."

Last fall, Mokhtar Belmokhtar broke away from AQIM, the North African wing of al Qaeda, after other militants questioned his possible connection to weapons and drug smuggling, but remains affiliated with al Qaeda. He announced the formation of his new group in a video released on the web in December. [More...]

Prayers for their quick release, unharmed. NO payoff, released...period.

Al Qaeda Linked Group From Mali Claim They Are Holding 7 Americans, Among Others..After Taking Control Of Algerian Gas Field

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Al Qaeda Linked Group From Mali Claim They Are Holding 7 Americans, Among Others..
After Taking Control Of Algerian Gas Field(Update)

The group said the attack was in revenge for Algeria's support of France's operation against Al Qaeda-linked Malian rebels groups far to the southeast

A group called the Katibat Moulathamine, or the Masked Brigade, called a Mauritanian news outlet to say one of its subsidiaries had carried out the operation on the Ain Amenas gas field, taking 41 hostages from nine or 10 different nationalities.

The group's claim could not be independently substantiated and typically there would be fewer than 20 foreign staff members on site on a typical day, along with hundreds of Algerian employees[...]

In a statement BP said the site was "attacked and occupied by a group of unidentified armed people," and some of its personnel are believed to be "held by the occupiers."

The number and identities of the hostages was still unclear, but Ireland announced that a 36-year-old married Irish man was among them, while Japan and Britain said their citizens were involved as well. A Norwegian woman said her husband called her saying he had been taken hostage.

In addition to the two foreigners killed -- one of them a Briton -- six others were wounded in the attack, including two foreigners, two police officers and two security agents, Algeria's state news agency reported.

[Continue reading]

Lovely, just damned lovely.

Update: US officials have confirmed at least 3 or maybe more US citizens are being held hostage by a al-Qaeda terror group run by a one eyed bitch

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January 13, 2013

Obama Claims “We Made Sure Al Qaeda Can’t Attack Us Again”..

Right After They Attacked Us

Click image or link above for article

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January 11, 2013

Good News! Al Qaeda Announces Formation Of It's Student Wing In Top Sudan University

Nothing to see here, move along

January 10, 2013 (KHARTOUM) – The organization Al-Qaeda in Sudan announced yesterday the birth of its student wing in the University of Khartoum in a new sign of growing extremist influence in the country.

The Main Street in Al-Wasat complex in Khartoum witnessed a public address on Wednesday afternoon by what appeared to be Al-Qaeda sympathizers who spoke on "The preceding Jihad in the Land of Two Niles".[...]

They denied that Al-Qaeda group is being pursued by the Sudanese security and rejected their labeling as extremists saying that the US is behind this adding that they adhere to the Quran and Sunna of the Prophet.

h/t @ChallahHuAkbar


Sudan: Students - 'Al-Qaeda Members At Sudan's Khartoum University'
US adds 2 Sudanese al Qaeda operatives to list of terrorists

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January 09, 2013

Up To $5 Million Reward Each For Sudanese Terrorists Mohamed Makawi Ibrahim Mohamed &
Abdelbasit Alhaj Alhassan Haj Hamad

Yesterday the State Dept announced Terrorist Designations of Abdelbasit Alhaj Alhassan Haj Hamad and Mohamed Makawi Ibrahim Mohamed

The U.S. Department of State has designated Abdelbasit Alhaj Alhassan Haj Hamad and Mohamed Makawi Ibrahim Mohamed under Executive Order 13224, which targets terrorists and those providing support to terrorists or acts of terrorism. As a result of this designation, all property subject to U.S. jurisdiction in which Abdelbasit and Makawi have any interest is blocked and any assets they may have under U.S. jurisdiction are frozen. U.S. persons are generally prohibited from engaging in transactions with them. This action will help stem the flow of financial and other assistance to these terrorists.

Abdelbasit and Makawi participated in an armed attack in Khartoum, Sudan on January 1, 2008, which resulted in the deaths of a U.S. diplomat serving with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), John Michael Granville, and Adbelrahman Abbas Rahama, a Sudanese USAID employee. Abdelbasit shot Granville and Makawi killed Abbas Rahama during the attack. Both Abdelbasit and Makawi were convicted of murder and sentenced to death in a Sudanese criminal court in 2009. In 2010, they killed a Sudanese police officer and wounded another while escaping from prison. They remain at large.

The attack occurred when Granville and Abbas were leaving a New Year’s Eve party in Khartoum. Abdelbasit shot Granville and Makawi killed Abbas Rahama during the attack. Both men and two co-conspirators were convicted of murder and sentenced to death in a Sudanese criminal court in 2009. In 2010, they killed a Sudanese police officer and wounded another while escaping from a maximum security prison through a tunnel. One of the other escapees was captured; another was reportedly killed in Somalia in May 2011.

Up to $5 Million each has now been offered in the Rewards for Justice Program.

Click images for more:

Mohamed Makawi Ibrahim Mohamed

Abdelbasit Alhaj Alhassan Haj Hamad

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November 13, 2012

#Benghazi: US Foreign Policy and the Influence of Shariah Doctrine


At 12:30PM on Tuesday, November 13 at Hillsdale College in Washington, DC, the Center for Security Policy is pleased to present a live-streamed panel discussion with three of America's top experts on the shariah doctrinal threat to national security. Dr. Andrew Bostom, Diana West and Stephen Coughlin will be joined by Frank Gaffney to discuss, "Benghazi: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Influence of Shariah Doctrine."

Featuring nationally-recognized experts and authors:

* Dr. Andrew G. Bostom - author of Sharia versus Freedom (Prometheus Books, October 2012). Dr. Bostom's earlier publications include The Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History and The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims. He posts regularly at

* Diana West - author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character (St. Martin's Press, April 2013). Ms. West's earlier publications include The Death of the Grown-Up: How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization and Shariah: The Threat To America: An Exercise In Competitive Analysis (Report of Team B II). She posts regularly at

* Stephen Coughlin - author of Catastrophic Failure: The Big Lie in the War on Terror (Center for Security Policy Press, January 2013). Mr. Coughlin's earlier publications include Shariah: The Threat To America: An Exercise In Competitive Analysis (Report of Team B II) , and "To Our Great Detriment: Ignoring What Extremists Say About Jihad." His popular series of educational video lectures on Shariah doctrine can be viewed on YouTube.

* Moderator: Frank J. Gaffney Jr., President and CEO of the Center for Security Policy

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November 09, 2012

Tunisia Arrests Ansar al-Sharia Member Bilel #Chaouach In Connection With US Embassy Assault
His Mother Is 'Proud', Calls For Jihad

Via Thomas Joscelyn at the LWJ

The Tunisian government arrested Bilel Chaouachi, a Salafist imam who has openly praised Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri, earlier this week. Chaouachi was allegedly involved in the storming of the US Embassy in Tunis days after terrorists struck the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

"Bilel Chaouachi is suspected of involvement in the September 14 events of the attack on the embassy and the American school, but before that there is another case pending against him for incitement to violence," Tunisian Interior Ministry spokesman Khaled Tarrouche explained, according to Kapitalis.

he 26-year-old Chaouachi has been cited as a theology "student" in various press accounts because he attended a theological graduate school in Tunis. But identifies him as a "a member of the salafist Ansar al Sharia group."

[Read The Rest]


"The mother of Bilel Chaouachi Salafist attacks on Ennahdha and calls for Jihad":

In a video recorded by a Salafist group, the Salafist Bilel Chaouachi mother arrested yesterday Tuesday, November 6, gave strong criticism against Ennahdha, calling it a "great enemy" to the end of the recording[...]

Speaking directly to members of Ennahdha, she said: "You do not try to enforce Sharia, but it will be done in spite of you and whatever the cost. Your democracy is only kufr and not follow you. You are wandering in and we on the right path. "

Ms. Chaouachi then addressed the Tunisian mothers to express "great happiness" may feel a mother who offers his son Jihad. She ended up calling the Salafi sheikhs to join on the same line together to fight "the enemy."

Remember, Bronco bamma said: "Osama bin Laden is dead and al-Qaeda is decimated."

Umm, no.


Meanwhile in Pakistan
Report: Smoke Billowing Around US Embassy in Tunisia
US Embassy Tunisia: Emergency Message For US Citizens
Rage Boys: Obama, Obama, we are all Osamas

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August 07, 2012

Nigeria: Islamists Kill 19 Cross Worshipers

ROPers strike again

Gunmen stormed the church near the city of Okene in Kogi state and fired on worshippers, they say.

The pastor was among those killed when the assailants fired Kalashnikov assault rifles, the officials add.

It is not clear who carried out the attack but militant Islamist group Boko Haram has carried out numerous raids on churches and other targets in Nigeria.

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July 30, 2012

Mali Unwed Couple Stoned To Death

Ah, Taliban style Shariah law strikes again

The man and woman were buried up to their necks, then pelted with stones until they died.

The northern half of Mali has been overrun by rebels - Tuareg and Islamist - following a coup in Mali's capital.

Aguelhok in the region of Kidal was one of the first to be captured by Tuareg separatist rebels.

The Islamists in Aguelhok stoned the couple to death in front of about 200 people, officials said.

"I was there. The Islamists took the unmarried couple to the centre of Aguelhok. The couple was placed in two holes and the Islamists stoned them to death," a local government official told the AFP news agency.

"The woman fainted after the first few blows," he said, adding that the man had shouted out once and then fallen silent.


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July 06, 2012

Kenya: Arrested Iranian Agents 30-Bomb Plot

They planned on using one hell of a lot of BOOM, 15 kilos of RDX worth.

They scoped out multiple targets:

The pair made notes during drive-by surveillance in the Kenyan capital but did not take photographs for fear of raising suspicions, police said[...]

Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammad and Sayed Mansour Mousavi were arrested after Kenyan police linked them to a package containing explosives delivered to a warehouse near Mombasa, Kenya's main coast city.

The pair planned to detonate up to 30 bombs targeting British, US, Israeli and Saudi Arabian interests, including tourist facilities and commercial and government buildings, investigators believe.[...]

"They were driving around Nairobi, they went past the British High Commission, they went past the [Nairobi Hebrew Congregation] synagogue in town, they went to the Israeli embassy. It is very clear that they were casing these places, that they were up to no good. From what we saw, their intention was clear to plan and execute terrorism attacks."

In other Iranian terror news, this one a bit closer to home, there are Iranian Missile Sites in Venezuela.

Comforting, no?

iran_private port_chavez.jpg
Image credit: el Nuevo Herald

Iran has it's own "private" port in Venezuela

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Libya Election Materials Destroyed In Ajdabiya Fire

libya election box.jpg

Arab spring!!

A fire has destroyed election materials in Libya, days ahead of the first elections since Col Muammar Gaddafi was toppled as leader last year.

Libyan officials said the fire had destroyed ballot boxes and papers at a depot in the eastern city of Ajdabiya.

A security source said the fire is being investigated as a suspected arson attack, according to Reuters.

It comes less than a week after the ransacking of electoral commission offices in Benghazi, north of Ajdabiya[More...]

Don't like the candidates? Burn the ballots/ballot boxes.

At least they didn't burn the candidates, yet.

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June 21, 2012

South African Couple Rescued from Somali Pirates


Thanks to Terror Free Somalia, here's a press release from the interim Somali government, the forces of which have just rescued a South African couple held hostage by pirates in Somalia. You'll have to excuse the English in it, but I'm pretty sure that by "two couples" they mean two people, one couple.

The names of the two rescued hostages are Deborah Calitz and Bruno Pelizzari. They were kidnapped while sailing off the Somali coast back in October of 2010. There's no indication of al Qaeda in East Africa's involvement here, so by "terrorists" I think the Somali government means lawless elements in general:

Mogadishu, Thursday, June 21,2012 – The acting Prime Minister of Somalia and Minister of defenCe, Hussein Arab Isse displayed Buruno and David, two South African couples who were held captives by terrorist groups for more than a year.

Arab Issa said the two were rescued in an operation carried out by the military and security agencies in an early morning raid which resulted in their release. Minister for defence stated that the Somali National Army (SNM) have the capability to carry out effective and coordinated military rescue operations.
Mr. Arab Issa thanked the Minister of foreign affairs of Somalia Abdullahi Haji who was involved in the arbitration between the government of Somalia and South Africa the release of the two hostages.

The two South African couples will be flown home from the Aden Ade International Airport in Mogadishu. Arab Isse stated the Somali government’s dedication and commitment to fight terrorists.

Minister of foreign affairs expressed his happiness in the successful operation of the Somali National Army in which the two South African natives were freed and pledged that the SNA will rescue other captives.

“We are happy that we have been rescued by the government of Somalia. We owe them our lives. We have been in the hands of the terrorist for almost two years”, David said in an address to the media.

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