November 05, 2012

Voter Fraud Watch: Group of Veterans, Former SEALs Planning to Watch Polls For Possible Voter Intimidation

Via Fox News Insider:

h/t @BradThor:

I pity the Black Panthers MT @American__Mom: Veterans, Former SEALs Planning to Watch Polls for Voter Intimidation
Their website here

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Video: @ProjectVeritas_ October Voter Fraud Investigations Cause Media Uproar

Campaign director in Texas gets fired, Congressman's field director resigned, Houston OFA office gets shut down. Coverage from FOX News, CNN, local affiliates of CBS, NBC, FOX, and more., Maddow Blog and even weigh in on a positive note with these investigations.

New Black Panthers NAACP Takes Over Houston Polling Station, Advocate For Obama
NC: Dead People Voting, One Man Brags On FB About Voting Multiple Times For Obama

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November 01, 2011

Government Held Gun to Lenders Heads

So they could be made to lend to ACORN's constituency.

At President Clinton's direction, no fewer than 10 federal agencies issued a chilling ultimatum to banks and mortgage lenders to ease credit for lower-income minorities or face investigations for lending discrimination and suffer the related adverse publicity. They also were threatened with denial of access to the all-important secondary mortgage market and stiff fines, along with other penalties.

The threat was codified in a 20-page "Policy Statement on Discrimination in Lending" and entered into the Federal Register on April 15, 1994, by the Interagency Task Force on Fair Lending. Clinton set up the little-known body to coordinate an unprecedented crackdown on alleged bank redlining.

The edict — completely overlooked by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and the mainstream media — was signed by then-HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros, Attorney General Janet Reno, Comptroller of the Currency Eugene Ludwig and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, along with the heads of six other financial regulatory agencies.

Of course a lot of the mortgage mess started in Chicago where Citibank was forced to issue a heap of bad loans or face #occupation.

Hat Tip: Insty.

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February 15, 2011

Dallas County Official Isn't Quite Sure What a 'Mullah' is, but He Knows it's Racist

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price (something of a local legend in Texas) last made national news headlines by claiming that the term 'black hole' is a racist smear.

Commissioner Price is back in the headlines today after descending into a shouting match in the Commissioners' Court, calling a local pastor in his court 'fat boy' and telling a group of local citizens, 'All of you are white. Go to Hell' (Click image for video):


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October 10, 2010

My Inbox:

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My replies, when one isn'tenough:




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September 29, 2010

ACORN Gone You Say?

Think again. Defunding ACORN expires October 1st, google it.

"The Top" by Chris Muir:

daybyday_the top.jpg

Now maybe you will realize why Nancy Pelosi said " I will still be Speaker in 5 weeks.

Sneaky botox beotch.

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August 13, 2010

Heartache: ACORN Loses Federal Appeal


Friday the 13th strikes again! Decision Reversed Barring Congress From Withholding Funds.

Note to ACORN - remember these names - Andrew Breitbart, Hannah Giles & James O'Keefe.


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March 15, 2010

A Turd by Any Other Name

Is still a POS...

CHICAGO -- Affiliates of the once mighty liberal activist group ACORN are remaking themselves in a desperate bid to ditch the tarnished name of their parent organization and restore federal grants and other revenue streams that ran dry in the wake of a video scandal.

The letters A, C, O, R and N are coming off office doors from New York to California. Business cards are being reprinted. New signs with new names are popping up in front of offices.

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March 08, 2010

"Dishonesy R Us" Workers Get Busted


What's wrong with voting more than once, filing out multiple voter registrations for the same person or voting by a felon?

Felony Voter Fraud

h/t Doug

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March 02, 2010

ACORN Supporter Won't Prosecute ACORN

The Brooklyn DA who decided not to prosecute ACORN in the James O'Keefe prostitution sting actively sought out the ACORN/Working Families Party endorsement. Can you say: conflict of interest?

Thanks to J.

UPDATE: Ace makes a pretty good case that there was nothing to prosecute here. But given the ACORN endorsement, it still smells bad.

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Shocking! NY Prosecutor Declines to Charge ACORN


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Employees at the U.S. liberal grass-roots group ACORN who were caught on video giving tax advice to a couple posing as a pimp and a prostitute have been cleared of criminal wrongdoing, New York prosecutors said on Monday.
Background here.

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January 27, 2010

My O'Keefe Theory

Since everyone else is running with their smears, hopes, fears, rampant wild speculation (a lot documented at Patterico's site), etc., I thought I'd throw our what I think is a somewhat reasonable theory as to what James O'Keefe and company were doing in Sen. Landrieu's office.

Looking at the affidavit, I noticed an interesting fact on page 2, section 6:

BASEL requested to be given access to a telephone in the office, and WITNESS 1 allowed him access to the main telephone at the reception desk. WITNESS 1 observed BASEL take the handset of the phone and manipulate it. BASEL also tried to call the phone with a cellular phone in his possession. He stated that he could not get through.
Now. If Basel is telling the truth, then it lends credence to the fact that people calling the reception desk telephone at Landrieu's office could also not get through to the main phone.

As such, I am postulating that the group was trying to document (with video camera) that Landrieu's office had either disconnected or re-routed the phones to deflect incoming calls - hence, why they couldn't get through. There have been anecdotal reports that Landrieu's office has received complaints that it has been inaccessible by phone, particularly around the time when she was bought off by the Democrats for the now-infamous Louisiana Purchase.

The "listening device" with the guy in the car? Perhaps he was recording the audio in the office without being there so that any denials or spin from the staff regarding what happened would be documented. I don't know. Perhaps he was calling in and trying to reach the phones in the office. Perhaps the two "phone repair guys" intended to try to reconnect the phone and maybe document that it was in fact disconnected or re-routed.

If we're all going to wildly speculate, I think this wild theory makes the most sense to perhaps explain an undercover operation of this kind. The intent was to document that Landrieu's office phones weren't inaccessible because they were busy - they were inaccessible because her office had made the phones inaccessible.

It would also partially explain O'Keefe's cryptic Tweet of "I am a journalist. The truth will set me free" and response of "veritas" the press upon his release last night. Once his side gets told, I think the facts will make him look less pernicious than he does now.

Don't mistake me - I'm not trying to rationalize this. Their lying to get into the office almost certainly ran afoul of the law. However, the trumped up "wiretapping" and "infiltration" and "bugging" nonsense does not appear anywhere in the FBI affidavit, despite hysterical claims (mostly from the left) to the contrary. But if that's all they get, than this was a pretty ballsy operation for a relatively small payoff, IMHO.

Time and a fair legal process will tell.

What do you think? Reasonable, or totally off the wall?

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January 22, 2010

ACORN: The "Pimp & Prostitute" Sued In Philadelphia Federal Court

This sux balls.

Via America's Right

Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe III, the independent filmmakers behind the series of videos which swept the nation in 2009 and exposed internal corruption and illegality within ACORN Housing Corporation, were sued today in federal court in Philadelphia by an ACORN employee featured in one of the pair’s films.

The plaintiff is Katherine Conway-Russell, a Philadelphia resident who has worked for ACORN since March 2008 as an office director. It was Conway-Russell who met with Giles and O’Keefe, posing as a prostitute and pimp as they had in ACORN offices nationwide during other installments of the undercover video series, for a private interview in her office at ACORN’s facility in Philadelphia on July 24, 2009. This is the first such suit filed against the filmmakers by an individual ACORN employee[...]

Judge for yourself in the video below by Giles and O’Keefe. Note that some of the audio is muted because of another lawsuit, this one filed in September 2009 by ACORN itself against not only the filmmakers, but also against Andrew Breitbart, whose site was integral in the dissemination of the videos.

Sux to be caught on tape eh Katherine!

h/t Doug Giles

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December 09, 2009

Abortion is Kind of Like Cutting Your Fingernails

Planned Parenthood encouraging women to have abortions on video because, hey, you know what, it's not biggie right?

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November 23, 2009

ACORN Document Dump Scandal, Part II The Evidentiary Stage

obama acorn.jpg

Update on Howie's post Dear ACORN: Its not the Scandal, its the Cover up.

Via Big Government

In seven out of eight offices, ACORN employees attempted to aid and abet O’Keefe and Giles’ illicit “scheme” to establish a brothel for underage illegal-immigrant prostitutes from Central America. .

That phase has been tabled for a future date, as I forthrightly stated last Thursday evening to Attorney General Eric Holder on FOX NEWS’ Hannity show.

The next phase will be the evidentiary phase. Starting with, but not limited to an extraordinary document dump at the San Diego office that was one of the offices O’Keefe and Giles exposed, causing the firing of a single employee[...]

Last night, I hosted a three-hour show on KFI 640 AM, the largest radio station in the country, and use the opportunity to announce the existence of 20,000 deeply sensitive and highly political documents discovered in the dumpster behind ACORN in San Diego on October 9, nine days after ACORN was announced to be under state investigation[...]

Listen to the entire interview with the private investigator who filled his Suburban with the documents in the following audio. It is explosive radio that hopefully shows the proper authorities that ACORN is making a mockery of this country’s laws and judicial process.[ Ed - Listen here]

I am listening right now and it boggles the mind what he discovered.

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Dear ACORN: Its not the Scandal, Its the Cover Up

Via Big Government:

On October 1st, 2009 California Attorney General Jerry Brown announced that an investigation had been opened into ACORN’s activities in California, resulting from undercover videos showing employees seemingly offering to assist the undercover film makers with human smuggling, child prostitution and even tax advice to boot.

Although ACORN has denied any wrongdoing, some of the employees involved were terminated, and ACORN has publicly stated that they would fully cooperate with any investigations that followed.

Shockingly, we now learn that the ACORN office in National City (San Diego County) engaged in a massive document dump on the evening of October 9th, containing thousands upon thousands of sensitive documents, just days prior to the Attorney General’s visit.

...Documents shared with include information exposing not only the inner workings of ACORN in California, but also personal, sensitive information belonging to employees, members and clients of ACORN. ACORN and its few remaining defenders insist that the “good” ACORN provides outweighs the transgressions exposed in the recent undercover video sting. But, ACORN’s massive dumping of these documents and the cavalier manner in which it betrayed the trust of its supporters betrays that talking point.

Click for larger

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November 11, 2009

Lies, Damned Lies and California Attorney General Investigations

Via Big

On October 15th, local ACORN spokesman David Lagstein was the special guest of the East County Democrat Club in El Cajon, CA. Lagstein is ACORN’s chief organizer in the San Diego area. The meeting was held at Coco’s Restaurant, a very public venue. Because of ACORN’s close ties to the Democrat party, Mr. Lagstein clearly felt he was among friends. These two clips suggest the investigation of ACORN announced by California Attorney General Jerry Brown already has a pre-determined outcome.

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October 07, 2009

ACORN Voter Registration Subject to Partisan Discrimination

Via Atlas Shrugs:

In February of 2008, Fathiyyah Muhammad of Jacksonville, Florida, heard that ACORN was paying three dollars for each vote you could register. Fatiyyah claims she registered voters for Acorn there (at three dollars each), but that the group threw out her votes and fired her when she brought them GOP registrations.

...Fathiyyah Muhammad is a Republican who voted for Obama

OMG! That takes me completely by surprise. Shocking!

Hat Tip: Larwyn.

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October 06, 2009

Louisiana's ACORN Chapter Rotten

Well I guess if your specialty is voter fraud in order to skew elections and strong arming banks into making bad loans, its a small step to imagine that maybe you deserve to take the 5 mil.

Seriously is there anything about ACORN that's not all icky and nasty?

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September 29, 2009

Shocking! Obi-One Close to ACORN

OMG! Who'd have thunk that the teh messiah has close ties to ACORN?

Via National Review: With the revelation that White House Director of Political Affairs, Patrick Gaspard, has close ties to Bertha Lewis and to ACORN, Matthew Vadum and Erick Erickson appear to be onto something significant. While the Gaspard matter needs further investigation before we form any hard conclusions, it certainly seems to confirm that President Obama’s ties to a whole series of ACORN-controlled organizations are neither minor nor by any means long-past.

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