March 12, 2019

Dream on Abu Abd al-Azeem

The fall of The Islamic State of Losers is so entertaining.

"Tomorrow, God willing, we will be in paradise and they will be burning in hell," said an Islamic State member whom the video identified as Abu Abd al-Azeem, whose speech is peppered with Koranic recitations.

"The infidels laughed at, humiliated us in this world, but war has its ups and downs and the battle is not over," al-Azeem said, adding that IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the only Muslim leader on earth today.

Azeem, wrapped in a thick winter cloak, sits on the ground around a steaming cooking pot. Next to him is a bored-looking boy of around 10 years old, peering out from a thick coat hood.

That is the product that Jihadism brings to the Ummah.

So sad, they were laughed at and humiliated. Sniff sniff....... it is sad that tehre is so little time left to laugh at and humiliate these savage merciless losers.

See you in Hell!

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