June 08, 2018

Sandcrawler Suggestions: US to Drop ISIS Fighter Back in Syria, Please Add Go-Pro Live Feed

Some people and outraged, you know, that the US is going to release an ISIS Jihadi who just happens to be a dual US/Saudi citizen back in Syria where he was found, sans papers, but with $4100 US dollars and prior notification of Kurdish forces.

The Trump administration is planning to release a suspected ISIS fighter in Syria with more than $4,000 in cash and a new cellphone, a Pentagon official said in a court filing released on Thursday.

“Upon his release, the Petitioner will be given $4,210 in cash, the same amount he had in his possession when was captured,” the Pentagon official, Mark Mitchell, said in a declaration filed in U.S. District Court in Washington. “He will also be provided a new cellular phone (in its original sealed packaging), which he can activate and use if he desires to do so. He will be provided sufficient food and water to last for several days.”

Seems fair to me..... but I do have a problem.

I feel we're not exploiting this incident to its fullest potential. I suggest we attach a go-pro to him and kick him out of a camera equipped plane with a parachute.

We can call it Survivor: Syrian Jihadi Edition, I mean I think that would be a popular show! We can make it a series where we test a new Jihadi's fate every week.

It will be Yuge!

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