April 08, 2018

Damascus Chemical Attack

It may very well be that there may have been something that happened.

President Trump on Sunday promised a “big price” to be paid for what he said was a chemical weapons attack that choked dozens of Syrians to death the day before, and a top White House official said the administration would not rule out a missile strike to retaliate against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

In a tweet, Mr. Trump laid the blame for the attack partly on President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, the first time since his election that he has criticized the Russian leader by name on Twitter. Mr. Putin’s forces have been fighting for years to keep the Assad government in power amid Syria’s brutal civil war.

I'm not doubting that pretty much any side could have done this. Assad is a likely candidate as any.

I know its horrific, but we just stated we're moving out of Syria, several times. What we mean by that is we're moving East of the Syrian border. This attack seems designed to ensure that does not happen, which makes Iran even more likely as Assad. Iran who is on our side in Iraq, but not anywhere else, remember?

I'm not sure what the correct answer here is. The urge to escalate the situation, not good. Doing nothing, its a good choice not to get distracted.

Its clearly an in your face challenge. The wise choice for me is not to let them prompt us into something we'd like to avoid. Hold Putin accountable, demand Assad's head on a platter.

But do be cautious.

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