March 01, 2018

Message A Terrorist: Keyes Edition

So it looks like Bernard is in trouble.

An American citizen from California who was radicalized by online propaganda traveled overseas to try to join a branch of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Libya, U.S. prosecutors said Tuesday. Bernard Augustine was jailed without bail on Tuesday during an initial court appearance in federal court in Brooklyn.


A few days before he left in 2016, Augustine texted an unidentified relative, "If I ever get lucky enough to live in the khilafah, I'll burn my own passport, lol," according to a criminal complaint. He made it as far as Tunisia but was detained by authorities there before he could carry out his plan, the complaint said.

Augustine, 21, is from the town of Keyes in California's Central Valley. His lawyer, Samuel Jacobson, declined comment.

Since he's being held without bail I'm not sure when he'll get a chance to read it but have a heart and message Bernard.

Also Bernard, Jihadology is not a site for terrorists its a site about terrorists, dumbass.

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