January 22, 2018

Who's Interests?

A nice argument for why its not in the National Interest for the FBI to look bad. So therefore we shouldn't question the FBI because its important.

Which sound kind of like the argument Stalin used in the USSR, you know these people question me, so...... it makes Russia look bad...... Pow!

So its in the People's interest that the FBI or for that matter the State Dept, or the EPA or the Congress or even the President is held to account. Always....

Because if they are not held to account when they do wrong, that damages their credibility more than anything, so holding them to account is not only in the people's interest its in the National Interest.....

Make whatever arguments you want pro or con, I don't care but our government and its agencies can never be beyond reproach, if they are, there is no America anymore.

At that point you might as well move to Cuba and just drink frozen fruity things on the beach.

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