November 08, 2017

The Key


For most people, both Donald Trump’s campaign and success came out of nowhere.

But not for Anne Sorock of The Frontier Lab.

Anne started writing for Legal Insurrection in April 2012 and was a regular contributor for many years. Over time Anne focused more and more of her time at The Frontier Lab, and now writes for us only sporadically.

...Anne: That was the functional part — being an outsider would allow him to do what previous candidates, and all candidates being considered, were incapable of. And that was absolutely reject the king-makers at CPAC and in DC in general.

There was so much anger I had been cataloging at those in charge. There was a seething sense of being disrespected by those in charge. One of the insights from my research at the time was that when people were asked to “choose the lesser of two evils,” they were basically dropping like flies from the Republican label. They might vote that way, but they resented it even more each time. They were looking for an anti-hero.

WAJ: What were their issue differences with the CPAC crowd?

Anne: It was outside of the issue spectrum completely. There was a shift away from one-off issue concerns (taxes, health care, even jobs) in favor of the underlying heart foundation for those issues. Another event that those leaving the Republican label had in common (and yet remaining to vote that way) was an incident of perceived betrayal by the GOP establishment. Individual after individual had an anecdote to relate of an extremely negative interaction with a party official or candidate. Those peddling the issues simply looked down upon them and that showed

The natives, we're restless. we're forgotten, we don't matter. We're Chattel. We're taken for granted that we'll get up tomorrow and slog it out again for less and less to give the elite more and more.

So "we" blew it up.

What I see coming next is an entire drop out by conservatives. Where young people won't put forth effort, they won't sacrifice and push, because the return is the same. You can work your ass off and end up broke on social security and medicare Or looking around me, you can lay on your ass for 40 years and get the exact same thing.

So why put out the effort if there is no return? Bust your ass for an ever shrinking net buying power. That is crazy, not the people.

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