October 24, 2017

Islamic Snuff-O-Gram Losing

Islamic State's propaganda is not only boring in HD, its now entered a LaLa land of wishful thinking, excuses and reminiscing the good old days

But that's only part. Their ability to insert beheading videos into your kid's #Barbi feed is greatly diminished.

Now-a-days, IS floods of information warfare campaign has significantly crumbled. The groupís online propaganda and media reach is gradually decreasing. Social media accounts have dropped and IS rapid success on online has seen a tremendous slowdown. High value ISís propaganda department leaders has taken off from the online battlefield one another by U.S.-led airstrikes.

IS astonishing propaganda mechanism has remained regular operational in Telegram with daily dozens of mirror accounts to reliance to survive before shot down but their active Twitter and Facebook accounts has no longer been able to sustain more than one hour. IS dramatic vicious online operation has slowed down but they are still been able to wage online war to spread barbaric acts of violence, fear & terror across the globe. Extensive coverage of ISí activities in mainstream global media also serve its objectives.

They are making their last stand on Telegram,which gives them some encryption, unless, you know. but also all the cats are herded to one platform.

The end is near, not only is ISIS losing the battle, the world is moving on. Though they still have a lot of support the days of an ever increasing popularity are over. Long term there will be low level Islamic insurgencies for some time.

In a way al-Qaeda and ISIS have become a victim of their own success, now they are passe' normal. People are used to the attacks. Its a fact of life.

But their goal of a global sixth century caliphate is now a pipe dream. They are now the Poodle Skirt of Islam.

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