October 16, 2017

This Isn't the NFL We're Looking For

You know I'm not boycotting the NFL, and I don't care who kneels or who matters. Or what Trump tweets or doesn't.

I've been passing up NFL games for the same reason I've been dumping all those RNC fundraising letters, I hear they are raising more sough than ever though.

See its flipping 2017, not an election year and I as an America would like at least one (insert expletive or your choice here) day without the RNC, Trump or anyone else begging me for money or trying to sell me tickets to see dear leader.

The same goes for the NFL, I would like to take three hours to just tune out of life, including politics, all together and just sit there, brain dead, 3/4 drunk and wathc some big guys smash each other in the mouth for a while.

Its like a Calgon bath, for men.

But no, they went and ruined that too. Hell you can't even watch the Tonight Show or whatever the hell they call that crap anymore. I mean used to you could depend on a large breasted woman in a cocktail dress and few jokes at her expense right after the weather.

Anyway I'm not watching any more football till the politics are gone and it goes back to just hot cheerleaders, beer commercials and violent hits.

America, they've ruined it.

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