August 08, 2017

On Techy Chicks

Women are really not biologically suited to be engineers, but then again neither are men.

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Kids, I've flown from one side of this galaxy to the other, and I've seen a lot of strange stuff, but I've never seen anything to make me believe that there's one all-powerful Force controlling everything.

Then came Google.... but I digress.

I find that women who are engineers are often very good ones. But good engineers are rare no matter the sex. Me, I hang on by the skin of my teeth most of the time ;-) All I have is talent and not all that much of it. But some...

But out of the general population the number of people who have talent as coders is relatively small. That's not to say that coding and creating software is something that is beyond most people to try out. But to be good there has to be a certain innate talent to start with.

What I see is a push in general top move more people where the jobs are. That is of course often technical fields. I also see a push for girls and women to try tech. Which is perfectly fine, everyone should explore their talents and find where they fit.

But, I think sometimes we create the expectation that yes you can, then reality hits when you find out, no, no you can't.

Tech is a bitch, the machine doesn't care one bit who you are or what your political leanings are. It does exactly what you say, maybe not at all what you wanted but exactly what you say. It takes a certain determined mindset to beat the machine.

So I've seen this many times with both women and men who go into tech, then find its not their cup of tea. That does not mean that they are dumb, its just their aptitude may not be suited to it. I'd say we have close to 50% women. But just this year I had two interns one male one female. The male didn't have "it". He's gone she just walked in. She will make it, though I think she has other talents that might take her further than engineering.

So expect the machine to treat you very very equally, it does what it does. Look around an advanced math class, you'll see some very talented women but probably even today there will be a few more men. The roles might be reversed in some other fields.

So ladies, if you are interested in tech, give it a shot. Men too. But first you have to have an aptitude for it. The machine does not give a rats behind about your social justice theory and it never will. That is a cruel reality that bites both men and women.

So don't create an unrealistic expectation that any woman or any man can be a software engineer. Its unfair that young ladies are told they can do this, because social justice, with no thought of what her talents and aptitudes are. Same with a young man, to tell him he can do tech because of his Y chromosome. He is as likely to fail as she.

I'll let you morons argue about the various talents of the sexes on average. But good luck convincing the machines.

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