July 21, 2017

Anons Stomp Snuff-O-Gram

If you click on the counter terrorism category at Jawa you'll notice a lot of activity of late.

See there is this cell that is part of what the analysts call the Upload Brigades, this particular group runs a took that basically spams the crap out of twitter with ISIS snuff porn.

The main group operating against this is the OPISIS anons. They made the Guardian.

These hunters plug a gap in social media companies’ ability to keep terrorists off their networks by obsessively tracking and reporting Isis’s most prominent recruiters and propagandists across private messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp and public networks like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Some of them also provide valuable tip-offs of credible threats to law enforcement.
I don't really have any comments other than two critiques.

The anons are a little fast on the draw, sometimes things don't last long enough to really analyze and dig out the targets from the bots. Which doesn't bother me so much as it does others.

Also, where were you back in 2004-2006 when this could have been nipped in the bud? Well maybe you were still kids. But its nice to see people realize, even if it took the attacks in Paris that ISIS needs fought online as well as the meat world.

But I will say this. Their technical ability has been very effective at blunting the twitter campaign. To the point where Snuff-O-Gran gets all pissed off and talks back. Telling us to go to hell.

So the few accounts that I've worked on and monitored have had a huge drop in their reach. While the botnet is resilient and recreates itself daily its effectiveness and spreading the snuff porn and ISIS propaganda has been hit hard.

Even the analysts who don't care much for the anons report to me a decrease on several platforms not just twitter.

So credit where credit is due, there is no perfect way to combat this. The contributions they are making, I'll take it. Its about time. To date there has been this attitude that taking out their operations hurts intelligence, while at the same time leaving them creates recruits faster than we learn. The result is you identified and prosecuted two and in the meantime they created more new Jihadis that you can shake a stick at.

The only thing missing is more people waking up and joining the effort to stop Islamic terrorists from pushing their death porn and the accompanying brainwashing on our kids and young Muslims all over the world.

You CAN make a difference. If you see terrorist productions, flag them, kill them, stop them.

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