June 29, 2017

Imperial Good News! Tarik Chadlioui Arrested in Birmingham For Online Terrorist Activities in Support of Islamic State

Know the powah of the Dark Side!

A radical cleric living in Birmingham has been accused of using YouTube videos to recruit and lead an Islamic State group terrorist cell based in Spain.

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Tarik Chadlioui, 43, was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday as police in Spain said they had seized four of his alleged acolytes in Majorca.

Spanish authorities alleged Chadlioui was a “well-known” radical cleric who recruited fighters for Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (Isil) and allegedly acted as the “spiritual leader” of the group.

Benjamin Joyes, representing the Spanish authorities, told Westminster Magistrates: "It is alleged that the requested person with several others as a member of an organisation gave support to the terrorist organisation Islamic State by means of propaganda and incitement of new members to join the organisation.

Dressed in a traditional Arab robe and speaking through an Arabic interpreter, Chadlioui spoke only to confirm his name and address.

Anti-terror police used a European arrest warrant to detain Chadlioui in the Sparkhill area of Birmingham as part of a wider investigation into support Isil, also known as Daesh.

A 28-year-old Spanish man was also arrested in the German city of Dortmund.

Spain’s national police said their investigation had been running for two years and began “when a series of videos were discovered on a website which showed the process of indoctrination, recruitment and subsequent journey to Syria of a young Muslim living in Spain. The film promoter was identified as a Salafist imam."

Online he is known as Hārūn ArRašīd or always some variation of Harun.

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I can't be sure if those are operated by he or his supporters. One was arrested in Germany. So it remains to be seen how active this node will be after these arrests.

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