June 28, 2017

African Taliban Complains About Defectors Speaking to Press

Shabaab are crooks and liars, Omar Hammami found out. Now others are leaving and telling the truth about Shabaab. That they are not in it for Islam nor Sharia nor the welfare of Somali Muslims, they are in it to be the premier scumbags and reap the spoils they steal from Muslims and others.

Pajama's Media:

Al-Shabaab issued a lengthy slam against a report that the group decried as fake news, laying out a Sharia case against using anonymous sourcing and trying to shore up their defense with a list of terror leaders who think they're great.

The terror group is taking issue with "Why My Wife and I Left Shabab in Somalia," a two-part Skype interview featuring two Europeans, unnamed and with their faces covered and voices altered, who described life with the terror group and their imprisonment upon attempting to flee Al-Shabaab. The interviews were posted by New Yorker Bilal Abdul Kareem, who runs a video channel called On the Ground News.

Shabaab expresses "dismay" that the lengthy interviews were "nothing more than unsubstantiated allegations and sweeping statements that sought to delegitimize the Mujahideen of East Africa by portraying them as an oppressive band of crooks and criminals," and accused "brother Bilal" of deviation from "the expected journalistic integrity and Islamic etiquettes required from a Muslim reporter."

Shabbab doesn't like these videos? Say no more.

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