June 23, 2017

Iran Just Wants Destruction of israel

Ahlubayt News Agency.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The International Quds Day demonstrators announced on Friday that liberation of the occupied lands and freedom of the innocent people of Palestine from domination of the Zionist occupiers are the ideas of Iran’s Islamic Revolution and strategy of its leadership.
The statement, which was read at the end of the demonstrations, said that Quds Day is now celebrated beyond the borders of Islamic world and it has foiled Zionists' dream of dominating the land between the River of Nile in Egypt and the Euphrates in Iraq.

The Iranian nation will use all its capacity to support the Palestinian intifada and the Islamic resistance movements, it noted.

The Quds Day rally's statement said liberation of Palestine and dissolution of the Zionist regime of Israel is still the Islamic world's top priority.

It also called for return of all Palestinian refugees to their homeland and holding free referendum for determining the future of Palestine.

The statement called for unity of Palestinian groups against Zionist regime and urged the international and regional bodies to prevent judaization of the occupied lands by Zionists.

Takfiri terrorists and Daesh seditions in Iraq, Syria and Libya as well as Saudi crimes in Yemen and Bahrain are plots of Tel Aviv, reactionary regimes of the region and Washington to guarantee security of Zionist regime, it added.

The statement criticized certain regional states’ policy for normalization of relations with Zionist regime and declared support for the people of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain against their enemies

So let me translate this for you. Iran wants to destroy Israel. But they don't want to destroy Israel themselves because Israel might kick their ass. So they are more than willing to trick, I mean support, Sunni Arabs or Palestinian terrorists who also want to destroy Israel.

This works out for Iran because these wars weaken Arabs and Iran grows in power relative to to the Sunni Arab states. The minute Israel was destroyed or Iran saw a crack they would take out the Arabs and dominate the Islamic world.

Also Death to America. I almost forgot.

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