June 09, 2017

Zawahiri Out From Under His Rock

You may be reading that Zawahiri released a new message.

Here it is for as long as it lasts.

Update: So far as I can tell its is Zawahiri's voice, he sounds short of breath but I can't tell if its just the production, age or illness.

Also he seems to be addressing the recent spat between SA and Qatar, or possibly the splintering of Jihadi groups. Begging them to come together as one and make war on everybody (West East Christians, Chinese, Hindus, Shia, Secular or Nationalist Sunnis) till the Caliphate is restored. By restored he means until they conquer all former Muslim lands including Israel and Spain.

Because under his interpretation of Islam only Islamic conquest is valid, any land ever taken by Muslims under conquest is theirs, and any land taken from Muslims by conquest is an unjust stealing from the Ummah.

Of course from there the rest of us are next.

Update: The speech doesn't seem to play well. (below the fold)

Maryama ganaane3 hours ago Oh God, protect our Sheikh and our Amir and our beloved in God ... God, O Assad of Islam, our Sheikh Dr. Ayman, we see God we love you in God Reply 2  Suria hims Suria hims2 hours ago Crown on our heads, our sheikh and our wise, the wise man Ayman al - Zawahiri Reply 1  John Patrick John Patrick4 hours ago I bear witness to God that I love you in God, O Imam, may God reward you and seal you well Reply 1  Suria hims Suria hims2 hours ago I love you my brother Reply 3  Abu Turki ابو تركي 5 hours ago Ok, I have declared a union with the Islamic state and I am trying to resolve the dispute, especially that you were the one who ignited it and I refer to the right Reply  John Patrick John Patrick4 hours ago He called on them to cooperate against the Americans but they refused Reply  Abu Suhaib ابو صهيب 5 hours ago We congratulate the mujahid al-Mujahid, the great Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri, may God preserve him ... by the month of Ramadan ... How much do we crave for your words and guidance? Reply 3  John Patrick John Patrick4 hours ago Believe and God the same as my feelings Reply 1  Suria hims Suria hims2 hours ago Yagali believed how much we need his directions and his words at this difficult time wise nation bless God and benefit him Reply 2  Yousif Saddik Yousif Saddik5 hours ago This dementia is from Haradh before the battle of Mosul in weeks in his speech (God God in Iraq) Mujahideen to go out on the Islamic state and the formation of factions and new groups. !! Reply 2  Thba7 Shmry Thba7 Shmry5 hours ago Yousif Saddik They are the ones who went out on it O literature Reply 4  Yousif Saddik Yousif Saddik5 hours ago Al-Golani said on him the curses of Mahabeel al-Qaeda that the front of the monster Sham is nothing but Breaking a legitimate relationship in front of the refill We will still enjoy some in secret Al Qaeda sought this hidden hidden relationship But Gulani changes the name of his group to escape the shame of betrayal Just as a prostitute has changed her clothes with a vengeance and a vengeance It is a taboo about people I am All the people of the city knew that they were selling their honor for a satanic whim And so on The Giulani hid his divorce paper from the base of evil On a night they did not mention God The boy 's boy is the treacherous traitor And he gave him the heat of the heat after he was full of his savagery The important Al-Zawahiri suffered from treacherous treachery and realized that there was a bullet between the legs of these heretics Try to get up But Because the Hull thinking in the vagina of Baghdadi him He swallowed bitter bitter and scents Which Jolani gave me Nor should I be flattered by al-Awadi and his followers And the Julani took advantage of the treacherous treachery He announced the divorce and the pledge of allegiance to the apostate Abu Jaber The masquerade party ended in Sham Show less Reply 1  Yousif Saddik Yousif Saddik5 hours ago Al-Zawahiri says that the Commander of the Faithful Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Had warned him not to accept the betrayal of the treacherous treacherous Golani And that this will cause a great rift But Zawahiri heard the words of the hyenas He walked in their steps and stretched his face under the soles of Golani Before the traitor has a cover and robe Then he warned him again Sheikh Adnani said to him I have made yourself a joke and made the boy treacherous manipulating your manipulation of the boys ball all of this After Zawahri said about the Islamic state that he was a descendant of Ibn Malgam The important Did not respond explicitly stated that he sees the Islamic state Kharij Zawahiri did not succeed in his war The reason It became a ride for the Golani and the royals They were riding back to reach their goal Zawahiri himself is the best riding companion When he realized that his mouth did not affect He stirred up his packmates and flirtatious girls They also did not succeed The Islamic state remained like the mighty mountain and the mighty sea The hardness of all that is caused by adversity increases And the destruction of the ravaged whenever the strife Then Zawahri used his last papers before burning completely He said to the Mujahideen of the Islamic state that they are Baathists The villain was not long Until he found his face and falsified it The flare of the descent All his miserable campaigns lost What was the Golani soldier betrayal and the dog running behind the Awakening But to drink it from the same cup that he tried to give him to the state But with the men of the caliphate, he provided a good service for the abayas of the virgins But Zawahiri put a cup of bitter and evil Zawahri is still a paralytic poison He did not utter from time We thank God who responded to the prayer of Sheikh Adnani in them Show less Reply 2  Yousif Saddik Yousif Saddik5 hours ago Al-Zawahri tried all kinds of infidels he possessed Proof of the subordination of the Islamic state to him It is impossible When he failed to launch a trivial campaign to overthrow the Islamic state And make the issue of allegiance one of the first starting points And he began to fret and tremble He says that the pledge was made and they betrayed the covenant and contract of Mullah Omar Of course, without any evidence proving the state's allegiance to him or the Taliban Zawahri accused the abbot of his followers and opponents of the Islamic state That his cry and his wailing are the source of his concern for allegiance But It turns out that he is a liar who is more flattering than a price When the Golani came, which he had promised to fill Then he took off his sale and bought it and separated from it Al-Zawahiri did not cry openly and did not listen to the Golani and did not mention the characteristics of treachery and treason I applied to his mouth despite the Nkoth Golani and break it without permission and not informed of the old sheikh And it becomes clear to the deceased and my father That Zawahri's enmity was not for God But envy in his chest echoed back Had it been a distant measure, God would have prescribed it To the factor of the Golani divide his sins on the State of Islam, even falsification But Because the slap is loud and because he does not want to admit the futility of his action Silence And when the mediator of the Jerusalemites spoke and exposed them He pointed out that Julani and his brothers hyenas They were only liars who manipulated him and Zawahiri manipulated the boys with the ball Abu garbage was quick to mend the scam And he said to them, Cover them with filth So as not to confuse us Ibn Awad and his supporters ..

Thus, like the elders of the tyrants, they cover the feces of their masters with each other's feet
And people smell the infamy that swells from them
They reckon they are doing well
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