June 06, 2017

Surrender? LAMO

Hey Laughing Boy, Islamic State wants Christians to surrender to Islam, again.


Before the Islamic State was even able to take credit for Saturday’s terror attack in London, its supporters took to cyberspace praising the attacks and calling for Christians to surrender.

The religious overtones in the responses to the attack were stark, according to a report by the Middle East Media Research Institute. Much of the support came over pro-ISIS channels on Telegram, a messaging app used as a forum for the group and its followers. One supporter called for “worshippers (sic) of the Cross” to submit to the caliphate.

“The only solution for you is to pay the jizya willingly while subdued,”

How about this. I get that some of my Christian brothers have went all limp wristed but I lived under the threat of Global destruction already. If we are to go down, how about we take you with us. Every last one of you.

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