March 06, 2017

Sandcrawler PSA: As Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is Authorized to Lie

That is correct, James Clapper made the statement, "I can deny it" and also "Not to my knowledge".

First lets review FISA warrants, if a subject of a FISA warrant contacts you, then you become part of the scope of warrant. Given the number of foreign persons who stay at Trump tower I would be shocked if NSA is not listening to every device there.

As for James Clapper lying, its part of his Job as Director of National Intelligence to obfuscate, conceal methods. Also if it benefits the war effort or national security, he can also distribute false or misleading information or propaganda designed to serve the National Interest.

As in he can say the Benghazi attack was caused by an internet video. If he feels that's the best statement to put out for "national security reasons".

See how this works?

I seriously doubt that there was ever a FISA warrant issued against Trump himself, but once you have contact with any person who is the subject of a FISA warrant you become subject to that warrant.

Let's take Late Jawa Report pal Omar Hammami as an example. Omar as you may recall was an American who traveled to Somalia to join al-Shabaab. He was charged with Material Support and there was a warrant or him. As well as he was a combatant for Shabaab so that also gives military reason to capture or kill him.

So I believe its safe to say there was a FISA warrant on Omar. So I talked to Omar on Twitter. That means I'm subject to the warrant.

Now if they look, and I'm sure they do, all they will see is me trying to talk Omar into turning himself in and saving his new Somali children and some chit chat.

Still its will be looked at and I'm sure other analysts such as Clint Watts would be the same.

Though there is no FISA warrant for us, well that we know of, still those communications are subject to the warrant on Omar.

There are stories floating around that the Obama administration leaked such content to the Clinton campaign. Now that is probably criminal use of that intelligence, if its to gain political gain, but in today's age do I find that shocking?


What I would find shocking is that anyone is ever held to that standard. Which speaks to why we have Trump in the White House, no?

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