November 01, 2016

Ministry of Irony: Google's Youtube Censors Video on Left Wing Censorship

LMAO, its as iff someone was asleep at the switch, yes yes we censor based on politics.

A video titled “The Dark Art of Political Intimidation” was posted last week by WSJ columnist Kimberly Strassel as a PragerU lecture. “Within several hours of PragerU posting the video,” said a WSJ editorial, YouTube placed it in ‘restricted mode,’ making it inaccessible to schools, libraries and young Americans whose parents have enabled YouTube technology filters.”

What the videos have done is run afoul of progressive orthodoxy. YouTube told WSJ that “video restrictions are decided by an ‘algorithm’ that factors in ‘community flagging’ and ‘sensitive content.’” In other words, the algorithm was tripped by progressives trying to limit speech and political engagement by conservatives. Flag a video enough times and the restrictions kick in. Do it often enough and YouTube is your safe space. Extra points for flagging videos that accuse the left of doing exactly what you’re doing.

The video that must not be seen is here, so long as it lasts.

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