August 29, 2016

Crooked Hillary Endorsed Anthony The Wiener Weiner As Huband For Huma

So that Hillary sure knows how to pick em.

n another message, he blamed her for keeping him awake the previous night. “I did not sleep well . . . Horny as f–k,” he wrote.

He even confessed to masturbating while thinking about her, calling her “literally a fantasy chick.”

“And I mean literally. So now you know how I got to sleep last night,” he wrote, adding a purple demon emoji.

After she sent him a cartoon image of a pump bottle of hand lotion and a box of tissues, he responded with a graphic, homemade text-and-emoji image of an ejaculating penis.

“OK…..Enough of that!! she wrote.

“Yeah. I taxed myself too much on that one. So anyway, what are you wearing,” he wrote back, adding a winking, tongue-out emoji.

So Hillary gives Bill an intern who saves his DNA, Anthony deletes his twitter after a woman saves all his sexts for months and sells them to the NY Post.

LMAO. The more things change, the more times Anthony shows is wiener.

Update: Huma Dumps Weiner.

Hat Tip: Jammie Wearing Fool, ironic that a Jamie Wearing Fool annouces the divorce of the biggest Jammie Wearing Fool ever.

Also if you think this is funny.

Then again Jawas, we are not human so we're all good here.

Ya'll stop laughing!

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