August 25, 2016

Awesome! Turkey Sends Ground Forces Into Syria in US Led Operation

I have a very bad feeling about this.

Turkey sent more tanks into northern Syria on Thursday and demanded Kurdish militia fighters retreat within a week as it seeks to secure the border region and drive back Islamic State with its first major incursion into its neighbor.

Turkish special forces, tanks and warplanes on Wednesday entered Jarablus, one of Islamic State's last strongholds on the Turkish-Syrian border, in a U.S.-backed offensive. Gunfire and explosions echoed around hills in the region on Thursday.

President Tayyip Erdogan and senior government officials have made clear the aim of "Operation Euphrates Shield" is as much about stopping the Kurdish YPG militia seizing territory and filling the void left by Islamic State as about eliminating the radical Islamist group itself.

Turkey, which has NATO's second biggest armed forces, demanded that the YPG retreat to the east side of the Euphrates river within a week. The Kurdish militia had moved west of the river earlier this month as part of a U.S.-backed operation, now completed, to capture the city of Manbij from Islamic State.

I've always said that Turkey wants to use ISIS, to become the savior so to speak of the region from ISIS. By that they intend to regain some of what was lost in WWI.

One thing for sure first Turkey is going to screw over the Kurds and ask ISIS militants to come in from the cold, as if they ever were in the cold.

Then they are going to screw over Obama and John Kerry. In fact they are already screwing US over. Lets face it this is not a US led operation, Turkey is calling the shots and insisting the US screw over the Kurds as the price for so called incursion against Islamic State.

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