August 22, 2016

ISIS Using Child Bombs Usual Dead Baby Porn Pushers Silent

Remember Arabs and Muslims love their children., they make such good bombs, not to mention the dead baby propaganda they use to guilt the West.

So remember the next time you see a dead child in an Arab/Muslim conflict his mother had no higher hope than for him to die for sake of Allah.

A young boy carrying a suicide vest in Kirkuk, north of Baghdad claims he was kidnapped by armed ISIS terrorists who strapped on a suicide vest and ordered him to attack.

TV footage of the dramatic incident shows Iraqi security forces disarm the young boy, who was aged around 12, before bundling him into a truck.

The incident happened one hour after another suicide bomber targeted a Shiite mosque in the city.

So are the usual dead baby porn pushers outraged by this?

Nice, way to avoid the fact that Muslims are using children as bombs while getting in a propaganda point at the US. See that dead baby was useful!

How about my fave terror apologist and Jew hater? Maybe he's outraged?

Nope, oh well its good that he blamed the Zionists, otherwise I'd be worried he was sick.

I'll look at some more dead baby porn pushers later and see if I can find one that directly blames the terrorists for killing babies, but don't hold your breath.

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